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Using Kink to Seduce Aunt Karen Ch. 02

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To say I had difficulty falling asleep would be quite the understatement. First off, I was lying in a puddle of pussy juice from rubbing my overworked clit all night. Second, I had all these images in my mind that just would not go away. I actually had licked my Aunt Karen’s huge nipples while she was asleep! And filmed it! I had taken pictures and video of my Uncle Todd’s fat cock without him even knowing! And all this debauchery was swirling in my brain…

big cocks, tremendous loads, hot videos, erect nipples, butt plugs, June’s nasty talk… when was I going to experience some of this fun stuff? Why was it that all the married, old people were having all the fun?

You would have thought the next morning may have been slightly awkward, but it was like nothing had even happened. My Aunt and Uncle were up early and working outside. I awoke around 10 and leisurely made my way to the kitchen for some cereal. Uncle Todd was the first to come in from outside. He was, of course, very gracious in helping me find whatever I needed for breakfast. I found myself, however, stealing glances at the bulge in his shorts. I knew that there was a big, fat prick in there and I couldn’t help but think that just last night he was shooting streams of his cum into Aunt Karen’s mouth and on her titties.

“How did you sleep last night, Hannah? I’ll tell you, when your Aunt has a couple of glasses of wine, she sleeps like a log! We had a lot of fun catching up with you last evening. By the way, is there anything else I can get you for breakfast?”

“Nope, I’m good, thanks. Uncle Todd, I, likewise, had fun catching up with you guys as well, but I didn’t sleep well. I seemed to have had a lot on my mind.” Little did he know that I was horny as fuck all night prancing around pretending to be some amateur pornographer! As we were talking, Aunt Karen came in from outside. Hmm, no trace of sticky cum on her face or in her hair. No evidence, I thought to myself.

“Good morning, Hannah! Did you find everything for breakfast? What else can I do for you?”

“I’m fine, thanks”. Again, I was saying one thing and thinking another. She was in a thin, loose, white top and, of course, she was braless again. Her nipples were calling my name! The only thing I could think of, as I made small talk, was the video on my phone of my hot tongue swirling around those love buds with Uncle Todd’s spent cock in the background. Unfortunately, she had shorts on so no free shots of her bald pussy, at least for now. She was probably out in the garden taking it up the ass, I thought to myself, half laughing out loud. Aunt Karen looked at me quizzingly as she got a big glass of orange juice out of the fridge.

“Hannah,” Aunt Karen began, “we’re going into Little Rock this afternoon to do some food shopping and run some errands. You’re welcome to come or you can hang out here in the house. Whatever you’d like to do.”

Just then my phone buzzed. A text message. “I think I’ll probably hang out here for the day. I have some things I’d like to catch up on. Do you mind if I use the desk in the office to do some work on my laptop?”

“No, No, be our guest. Whatever you need should be in there.”

“And Aunt Karen, maybe pick up some more wine for the weekend?” I said with a grin.

“Sure,” she laughed. “We’ll be gone for a couple of hours, but first I need to get out of these yard clothes. If you think of anything you need, give us a call.”

After my leisurely breakfast, I went out to the front porch to call some friends and answer my text message. It was from June!

“Check your email,” it read.

Hmmm, I thought to myself as I rocked gently back and forth on the porch glider. How deep should I get into this thing? On the one hand, it was exciting and I felt more alive than ever. On the other hand, I felt like my young, wet cunt was starting to run my life! As I pondered what I should do, my mind drifted to images of Mike’s hot cum-covered cock. Without even realizing it, I slipped one finger inside my loose running shorts. I was hot just thinking about June’s email and soon I found my slippery, engorged clit and, of course, it felt wonderful between my fingers. What the hell, you only live once! I hesitantly decided to throw caution to the wind. I went into the house and retrieved my laptop and returned to the front porch. Occasionally, a Mom and kids would stroll by the front of the house. If these soccer moms only knew what my week had been like! I opened up the email from June. There was a zip folder attached to the message.

“Hannah, thanks for the hot night… you were terrific! Mike couldn’t believe what a big nut he spurted onto your picture. He’d love to do it in real life! In the meantime, I think we should work on your sexy Aunt and Uncle… what do you think? Consider and let me know. I have a plan. Attached are some shots and the first step of the plan, if you’re interested. Have fun! June.”

I shook with anticipation as I unzipped the folder. A list of over 50 images opened on the screen. What would they show? With June, there was no guessing. It could be any person or any hole, but it wouldn’t be boring! As I opened the first image, my eyes widened and my pulse raced as I tried to keep calm. I tried to hide my excitement from any passersby, not that they could see what I was looking at, but still I was nervous about looking at June’s photos in “public”. Picture number one revealed Mike’s huge prick with a large cock ring enveloping his shaft and his big balls. Pre-cum pooled over his piss hole. Butterflies were flitting in my stomach as I opened number 2. It was a screen capture from last night’s movie with Mike’s big load caught in mid air as it headed directly toward my selfie. “Oh God,” I murmured to myself. I wished that was my real mouth and not a picture. I couldn’t take it anymore and I retreated inside the house where I could be a little less inhibited, but not before noticing a good looking, auburn haired woman, probably in her late 30s, making her way into the house up the road. Hmmm, pretty, I thought to myself.

Once inside the house, I continued opening photos, taking plenty of time to work my soaking pussy in between each one. I rolled my clit between by thumb and forefinger. It was sensitive from last night but I couldn’t help myself from playing with it. At the end of the pictures was a text file and a movie. The text file read, “Hannah, leave your laptop out in the open with this movie in plain sight. No red blooded male can resist snooping a young girl’s computer. We’ll see how horny your Uncle and Aunt really are. If they bite, we’ll move in! Have fun!” Well, I had to preview the movie before I would let my Aunt and Uncle see it, that’s for sure.

As the movie opened, June sat on a couch dressed in a very pretty but sexy, tight-fitting, dark business suit. “Hannah,” she began, “I’m so glad you were able to share your fantasy about having sex with an older couple. Hopefully, it will happen soon. In the meantime, this should give you something to think about.” June then filmed as she moved into the bedroom where Mike sat on the bed. A young girl sat next to him, innocently. “Hannah, this is our 18 year old babysitter, Anita. She’s a cheerleader at our local high school. She looks very innocent, but you’ll soon see she’s quite like yourself.” This must have been her cue as Anita looked into the camera and spoke.

“You like older couples, like me? What do you want to see, Hannah? You want to see me suck Mr. Fisher’s big cock? You want to see me eat Mrs. Fisher’s pussy while Mr. Fisher fucks my young cheerleader butt? How about something real dirty, huh? Make sure you work that pussy, girl, while I get busy.” With that being said, Mike placed his hands behind the girl’s head and pulled her face onto his cock. Anita was on all fours on the bed, her muscular ass pointing directly to June who was holding the camera. She had on a pair of black yoga pants which clung tightly to her ass cheeks. She looked like a model from a Buttman movie.

“Yea, fuck her face Mike. Hannah, look how wide she has to open her mouth for Mike’s bulging prick. Sexy, isn’t it? Ooooh, and I like this,” as the camera shifted toward the girl’s voluptuous derriere. “What do you think, Hannah?” The young girls muscular butt strained against the form fitting material. June’s hand smoothly circled the girls buttocks, intermittently, moving in over the girls pussy lips which would elicit a muffled moan from Anita. “She’s moaning Mike. Let’s see how much she moans with a hot tongue in her holes.”

“Yea, baby, give me that camera so you can get those pants off that ass,” Mike growled. The camera zoomed in to reveal June’s ruby red fingernails disappearing underneath the waistband of Anita’s yoga pants and, slowly, June pulled the pants down to the girl’s knees, revealing the most beautiful bubble butt ass I’d ever seen, even nicer than mine! “Get your hot tongue in there, baby. Make this slut squirm.” June looked directly into the camera lens while placing her long tongue into Anita’s shit-box. She worked her tongue as deep as it would go and when it reached its’ limit, June used her hands to gape Anita’s butt-hole and sink her tongue even deeper. Anita was moaning more now as she concentrated on relaxing her sphincter. She had to take her mouth off of Mike’s cock to talk to June.

“That’s it Mrs. Fisher. Your tongue is wicked. I’ve been thinking about that tongue swirling around my rosebud all week. Matter of fact, I’ve been finger fucking my ass in front of the mirror all week waiting for you. I really think, though, to get me ready for Mr. Fisher that you’ll have to really get me wet, if you know what I mean.”

“I told you she had a dirty mind like you, Hannah,” June said. Mike held the camera on June’s face as she removed it from the young girl’s asshole. June stood up and slowly squatted over the girl’s ass. “Hannah, I think she wants something else hot and wet in her crack. Something I want to give her.” The camera then panned down from June’s face to her well-trimmed pussy. June spread her large, meaty pussy lips with her fingers and moaned, “Oh yeaaaaahh,” as a stream of hot piss poured out onto the young girl’s ass. The piss splashed all over Anita’s buttocks as June tried to direct her stream onto the girl’s asshole. There was a look of complete rapture on June’s face as she continued to squirt pee on the girl’s anal entrance. Mike stuck his cock back in Anita’s mouth and began to stroke it harder. Anita worked her mouth as deep as she could over the mammoth dick, sucking hard on the head when she pulled back. Mike began to groan.

“Ohhh baby, that is so hot I’m going to blow my load!”

“On her ass… wait till I”m done pissing!” Mike moved behind his wife, the camera focusing on June’s ass while she pissed very sexily onto Anita, clenching her butt cheeks as she drained her bladder. “Okay, baby, give me that camera. I want to see those huge ropes of hot jizz fill up her crack. Jack it slow, baby, jack it slow. Let me focus on those big balls and that gaping piss slit of yours. I want to slurp it out of her ass with my piss, baby. Yea… do it, do it now!”

“Ooooaaghhh,” Mike groaned as he slowly fisted his huge prick. The engorged head was practically purple when he slowed up to the point where you knew it was coming.

“Shoot it,” yelled Anita. “Shoot it, Mr. Fisher. Give it to me and let your nasty wife slurp it up! Your nasty wife who likes to pick up young girls on airplanes!”

“Mmmm,” June responded softly, but seductively, “do it for Hannah, Mike.” Suddenly a stream of white, hot cum erupted onto the young girl’s hairless asshole. Mike continued to spew stream after stream of goo onto the girls beautiful round behind. The load was so thick it seemed to be piling up, almost like whipped cream. As Mike’s orgasm subsided, the last few drops of cum dripped from his cock-head. June shuddered in the background as her non-camera hand was working deep in her pussy. She slowly held her cupped hand up in front of the camera and the pussy juice just dripped.

“Baby?” June softly asked her husband.

“Yea?” he replied, a look of tired satisfaction on his face .

“I would like YOU to lick up that lovely mix of piss and cum on Anita’s ass and share it with us!”

“Ohh, that would be so nasty, Mr. Fisher. Please do that for me. That would make for such a hot movie!”

Mike pursed his lips and his eyes widened. June stabilized the camera to get the best angle. She told Anita to spread her ass cheeks which she readily did. Mike wagged his tongue and he started low near her pussy and worked his way up. The thick cum load was piling up on his tongue and it started to spill out the sides of his mouth.

“Oh my God… I’m going to cum again!” and the camera shook as June shuddered once more. By the time she regained her composure, her husband Mike had a mouthful of cum and piss.

“Anita, lay down on your back while I put this camera on the tripod,” June spoke breathlessly.

June positioned the camera and proceeded to lie beside Anita. Both June’s and Anita’s pussies were dripping with various bodily fluids. Both women’s bodies were amazingly sexy, but in different ways. June’s big tits fell to the side while the tight 18 year old’s smaller breasts sat more upright. The next thing to enter the camera frame was Mike, his mouth wide open with a pool of his own hot cum and his wife’s hot piss. His semi-erect, still dripping cock swayed back and forth as he positioned himself above the two women.

“Me first,” shouted Anita.

“You heard the lady,” June chimed in. Mike then pursed his lips and slowly dripped the sexy mixture into his babysitter’s mouth. She didn’t even choke. She simply waited for her mouth to fill before she got up on all fours.

“Wait!” June exclaimed. She ran to the refrigerator and removed an ice tray. She lay back down on her back. “Okay, now!” Anita dribbled her mouthful into June’s mouth, the excess coating June’s full, pouty lips. “Mmmmm,” June moaned and then she slowly took her turn and drooled the cum into the ice tray. “For safe keeping, Hannah!” she said as she winked into the camera. The three then kissed each other using their tongues to taste the remaining residue of the day’s activities. “Mmmm, well Hannah, how did you like it? We’ll send the remaining part of the day in a later movie. Until then, I hope you find an older couple of your own!” And the movie faded to black.

I continued to stare at the computer in amazement. I couldn’t believe what I just watched! Needless to say I completely soaked my underwear and Aunt Karen’s couch pillow that I had been humping while watching June’s threesome. I flipped the pillow over, hid it under some other pillows and hoped for the best! I didn’t know what to do. Should I really try and seduce my Aunt and Uncle? The idea sounded good. Have Uncle Todd and Aunt Karen think that I wanted sex with an older couple. But how could I get them to watch the movie? Also, was it too graphic for them? Would they ever look at me the same way again? Would they tell my Mother? To be honest, I didn’t care. My actions seemed to be driven by my 20 year-old hormones and not by anything close to rational thinking.

Uncle Todd and Aunt Karen returned home in the early evening and after putting away groceries, we had a very casual evening with pizza and a cold beer for dinner. We watched television and chatted a little bit about their afternoon. They informed me that they had met some friends in town and that they’d be coming over for dinner tomorrow night. It sounded like a winner to me as maybe I could keep their wine glasses full and their spirits high! My sex drive seemed to be stuck in high gear since the movie, so, of course, my mind was working overtime in hatching a plan that would get my Aunt’s face into my pussy. I figured that I would leave the movie that June sent in a folder on the desktop of my laptop, which I would leave open on Uncle Todd’s desk. The folder was termed, “Flight Attendant.” I figured that would get his attention if he was so inclined to snoop on my computer. Later that evening I told my Aunt and Uncle I needed to do some email. I went into the office and opened my laptop. After 15 minutes of playing Candy Crush, I put my screen to sleep.

“Aunt Karen, Uncle Todd, I’m going to bed. I’d like to get up early and take one of the bikes for a ride along the town’s bike paths if that’s okay?”

“Hannah, that’s a great idea! The bikes are in good shape, ready to go. There’s a town trail that’s 10 miles long and it’s a really nice ride. Todd will get the maps and the bike lock for you. We’ll probably be up early but if you get up earlier, feel free to take off.”

“Okay, thanks, good night all.” I then headed to my bedroom, which happened to sit in the house directly above the den. I figured I’d at least be able to hear if there was any activity in the office. As I got cleaned up for bed, I continued to wrestle with the fact that what I was doing was wrong on so many levels. But it was so damn HOT! I rationalized it to myself that it was only sex and that it would only be temporary. And practicing the art of seduction was actually quite fun and exciting, especially with June pulling the strings! As I lay in bed reading through some People magazines that were on the shelf, I heard some footsteps in the den below. Then I heard the wheels from the desk chair. Someone was sitting at the desk! My heart was pounding. I dare not go back downstairs, however, what I would do to be a fly on the wall! I tried to calm down and concentrate on the article I was reading. Actually, the article in People was about beach bodies and it just got my blood hotter, something I clearly didn’t need!

I dozed off while watching the late night news, only to awaken in the middle of the night to answer Mother Nature’s call. While returning to my bedroom from the bathroom, I glanced downstairs and everything was dark. I tiptoed down the front steps and headed to the den. I figured I’d get a glass of water in case anyone heard me, just in case. I was still half asleep when I stumbled into the den. My laptop was gone! I awoke in a hurry! My Aunt or Uncle must have it I thought. I quickly ascended the stairs with my water wondering what to do. I went into my bedroom and thought for a minute. My curiosity got the best of me and I quietly walked to my Aunt’s bedroom. The door was completely closed which was unusual. They usually left it slightly ajar. I slowly turned the doorknob and peeked inside… Hoohoo! My laptop was open and on the bed. They obviously had been looking at it together! They seemed to be asleep and under the covers so I couldn’t tell what they were doing while watching June’s antics. I tiptoed back to my bedroom after closing the door. I fell asleep quickly with a smile on my face. I love it when a plan comes together!

I was up the next morning at around 6 am. I threw on some of Aunt Karen’s biking clothes and grabbed some fruit and a muffin as I wanted to get my ride in early. My Aunt and Uncle were still in bed. Saturday was their sleep-in day they had informed me. I glanced into the den and my laptop was on the desk. “Hmm, I wonder when they moved that back down here,” I pondered. I couldn’t help but take a peek at the ‘recent items’ in the Finder menu. Not only had they viewed the movie, but they had looked at June’s photos as well! I wondered what was going through their mind. Clearly, they must have been interested or they wouldn’t have looked at all of that hot porn. I had to giggle to myself as I imagined them looking at the photo of June with a big, thick dildo gaping her ass open. No soft-core porn there! I jotted down a quick note indicating that I’d be home around noon and took off on the bike.

The long ride did me a world of good. It cleared my mind and the ride along the bike path was very relaxing. I stopped at a snow cone stand along the path and chatted with some of the other bikers. One lady who I was chatting with seemed familiar and when she removed her bike helmet I immediately recognized her as the auburn haired lady who lived near Aunt Karen. She said she knew my Aunt and Uncle, but not well as she was relatively new to the area. After a bit more small talk, she casually noted that she had a small pool and that I was welcome to use it while I was in the area. She said the two properties actually bordered each other, but because of the gardens and some woods, you couldn’t really tell. She was going home to get some sun, but I decided to continue my ride.

I finished riding around 10 and I rode the bike directly to the garage on the side of the house. I removed my dirty riding shoes outside and entered the back entrance into the kitchen. The house was quiet and I figured my Aunt and Uncle were still sleeping. “Probably bonking all night looking at June’s photos,” I reasoned. As I quietly moved upstairs, I heard noises coming from the other spare bedroom that wasn’t being used. The door was partially open and I heard them talking at full volume, obviously unaware that I was home. At first, I listened from outside the door.

“What’s she doing now, babe?'” my Uncle asked.

“She’s got her hand in her bottoms and her big fuckin’ tits are flopping all over the place. Now keep eating that pussy. You can look in a minute!”, my Aunt countered.

What in the world were they doing I wondered? After all, my laptop was still down on the desk so they weren’t looking at it. There wasn’t a television in that particular bedroom so it couldn’t have been porn.

“Now she’s got her bottoms off and she’s working that pussy. She is so sexy. Mmmm, keep doin’ it, keep licking that clit. I’ll tell you when to stop. Don’t make me cum yet. Okay, your turn, Todd, you watch and I’ll suck you.”

This was all too mystifying. I had to see. I gently nudged the door to the point where I was able to see my Aunt and Uncle’s reflection in the bedroom mirror. Their backs were to me so they couldn’t see me, but I could see them and what a show! They were spying on someone through a telescope! I just assumed they looked at stars with that thing since my Uncle loved astronomy. My Aunt was now on her knees sucking Uncle Todd’s fat dick as he looked through the lens. His dick looked incredibly thick, like a beer bottle, and probably 7 inches long.

” Work the cock, Karen. Work it, yeaah. Oooh, she’s putting nipple clamps on now. Now, she’s pulling on the chain connecting them. Shit! I can’t see what she’s doing now because that mop of red hair is in the way.”

Red hair? Were they spying on the bike lady I had been talking to earlier this morning? It had to be her. Unbelievable! My Aunt and Uncle were closet perverts! I could not believe my ears. They were switching places again and I ran to get my phone. This was simply too good to not capture on tape! I got my phone out of my room and got recording before I stepped back out into the hall. I heard my Aunt’s voice now getting louder.

“Now she’s up on her hands and knees but I can only see her tits hanging down. I would so love to suck on those nipples after yanking that chain for awhile. I’m getting close, babe, close to giving you the squirt that you love. Put two fingers in and suck my clit. Suck it harder. Ummph. ummm, yeaaaaah. Drink it up!” my Aunt bellowed.

She then squirted her ejaculate into my Uncle Todd’s mouth and, subsequently, collapsed onto the bed, her body racked from pleasure. My Uncle, meanwhile, took his place at the eyepiece of the telescope, his hand slowly stroking the thick sausage-like cock. I couldn’t believe my luck. Maybe seducing my Aunt and Uncle wouldn’t be too difficult after all. On top of that, my Aunt was a squirter, something I simply couldn’t master at this early point in my sexual career.

“What’s she doing now, Honey?” my Aunt moaned from her fetal position on top of the bed. “Has she started to do any of that kinky shit yet?”

“She just got off her pool chair. She’s standing by the pool. I think she’s getting ready to take a piss into the pool. Oh yeah, there it is. Let it go… she’s pissing into her pool. Fucking hot. Just like that slut on Hannah’s computer last night!”

What!! That was the first mention of my laptop. Now I knew they looked at the video and the pictures. And that they were turned on by them! But, I was not only focused on my Uncle but also by the kinky bitch next door. I thought she was just a nice lady when I met her on the bike trail today. Maybe I would have to take her up on that pool invitation! I was brought back to reality by my Aunt’s voice.

“You getting close, Honey? You getting ready to spew that load?”

“Pretty close, babe. Where do you want it? Usual place?” my Uncle asked.

“Yep, you know what to do,” my Aunt said dreamily.

My Uncle continued to peer through the telescope, but his pistoning of his cock took on a new urgency. I was confused as to where he was going to cum, because my Aunt wasn’t moving out of her position on the bed and my Uncle wasn’t moving any closer to her. He started to grunt and he moved slightly away from the telescope.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, there it is. There it is, Honey!”

My Uncle started shooting all over the glass of the full-length window! He shot several very thick streams onto the glass and then proceeded to smear them all over with the giant head of his prick. A thick glob remained attached to his cock-head and he was eventually able to flick it onto the window.

“Mmmm… looks good enough to eat,” my Aunt purred from the bed, now slowly playing with her bald pussy. “And I think I’ll do just that.”

Aunt Karen slowly got off of the bed and kneeled down in front of the cum-smeared glass. Uncle Todd went back to the telescope. I bit my lip in order to stay quiet. My phone was practically overheating with the content I was recording! Aunt Karen wagged her tongue back and forth teasingly to Uncle Todd who laughed.

“You want to see the double headed dildo, babe?” Uncle Todd asked, straining to see Aunt Karen and the neighbor slut at the same time.

“Not now, I have a load to eat,” she said very emphatically, licking all the cum from the glass in what was one of the hottest sexual displays I had ever witnessed. It took her a couple of minutes to finish before she leaned over, placed Uncle Todd’s cock in her mouth and gave it one last, long, loving suck.

“Alright, I have to go get some Windex and get these windows clean before Hannah gets home,” Aunt Karen stated.

“Shit, shit, shit!” I thought to myself. I hurriedly scampered down the stairs being as quiet as possible. I made it down the steps and loudly opened and closed the entrance door, heralding my return from my bike trip. “I’m home;” I yelled, making sure there was no doubt that I was downstairs.

In a few minutes, Aunt Karen descended the stairs carrying the Windex.

“Washing windows?” I innocently queried.

“Just cleaning up a bit,” Aunt Karen added, acting completely innocently.

As we discussed my ride and the nice redhead I met, I couldn’t quite help but notice Aunt Karen stealing glances at my crotch. I wasn’t sure what she was doing but after the show she just put on for me i was not putting anything past her or my Uncle. She offered me a glass of lemonade and I sat down at the kitchen table. I tried to get her to admit that she was looking at my laptop so I could proceed more easily with my seduction, but it wasn’t happening. Why was she looking at my crotch I wondered? We discussed the dinner menu for the evening and which wine we should drink first. Eventually, I informed her of my desire to hit the shower. As I began to disrobe in the bedroom, I glanced in the mirror and noticed a big wet patch of pussy juice which had darkened the crotch of the blue bike shorts I had on! Ha! Usually, I would have been embarrassed in that situation, but not after witnessing what I had just seen. I, actually, felt quite in control. I seemed to be getting more comfortable in my role as seductress. A wicked idea crossed my mind as I took the bike shorts off. I decided to leave the shorts on the floor in the shower. If my perverted relatives were as kinky as it seemed, they’d be sucking the juice out of those shorts in no time!

After my shower, I felt whipped and laid down on the bed for a couple minutes before lunch. As I lay there, I got out my phone and watched Uncle Todd ejaculate on the glass over and over again and it gave me an idea. I edited the video to about 1 minute in length. I opened my contact list and found June’s number. I typed in the following message, “June, what do you think of my Aunt Karen and Uncle Todd? Do you think I have a chance?”

As I attached the video clip to the text, I heard my Aunt Karen in the bathroom, the bathroom with the bike shorts on the floor! Perfect.

And the next thing I did was hit Send.

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