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Temptation’s Sweet Cheeks

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“Sweet Cheeks was a name well chosen, I see.”

“Yes, Mistress, you know this boy well.” His voice held that wry tone, that suggested his smart ass nature, a quality that could border on bratty, but nearly always was humerous.

The long shadow of the woman in the business suit, fell over the barely clad sunbathing vision, who lay upon his belly, his tanned arms and legs making a subtle X upon the resort’s chaise.

She set a briefcase down on the pool table, as her dark emerald eyes gazed over the nearly deserted pool, before pushing one hand through the long, dark auburn tresses, and allowing a small twist of her lips to play across her features, as she returned her gaze back upon the man on the chaise.

Her eyes began a careful appraisal of him, taking in all the nuances. He was exactly as he had described. He was a classically handsome, lithe man. Well kept for his Forty years. Salt and pepper hair, a nice tan, on the small to medium build, and nicely muscled. For a professional man, he had seen the inside of a gym. He reminded her of a rooster, perhaps that was the Italian in him.

But, it was his mind that made her get on a plane and fly, or perhaps his voice. He was on vacation, and she sorely needed one. The quiet man, never thought she would come. Not really. They had both met their share of wannabe’s and insincere online romancers. Or people who claimed to be one way, and were in reality, something quite different. But, here she was. And he looked damn good.

“I always wanted to come to the Keys.. how fortunate to have my own private cabana boy for the weekend. A margarita on the rocks, no salt.” Only this time, she was not being a smart-ass.

He lifted slowly from the chaise, pushing upwards, a perfect pushup, letting her watch the rippling muscles of his arms and back. He knew exactly what he was doing, and caught that appreciative smile which was sent over his chest. She was older, and larger, but he was no sissy boy. Anyone in his vanilla world, would be shocked at his secrets, and that was part of the attraction for her. But then, there had to be more than that. As he came around, his face came close to her stocking covered knee, his lips barely grazing across the cap, causing a soft growl to escape her lips. She crossed one knee over the other, her black pumps glinting in the light, as she studied him.

Impudent Boy!, she hissed, and reached down to cup his chin with her hand, as he sank down into a wide kneel before her, his tanned thighs splayed ever so widely before her. His nostrils widened ever so slightly, his breath quickening at her touch. So you remember what nadu means, hum?, clearly appreciative of his form.

“Sorry Mistress, this boy begs your forgiveness, he is just so excited to finally see you.”

“Go get the drink, and be pleasing, slut, or I will make you read another John Norman book aloud to me. I brought several more for you.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

She glanced around the pool again, pleased it was deserted, and wriggled her toes. Dam but they hated the confines of the four inch heels, but she also knew, it made her almost six feet tall, and he was merely 5’6 in barefeet. Leaning back in the chair, she unbuttoned the sever black suit, with the sage green chemise beneath. No sense attracting unwanted attention with leather nor excess accessories. The bags had been deposited in the room next to his, and a comely Hispanic maid had been instructed to discretely set up a few things for her, in exchange for a rather large tip.

He walked well, knowing she would watch his every move. He had selected a basic black swim trunk, that was by far too loose for her tastes. As he approached, he noted she had slipped her right foot out of the shoe, and her toes curled slightly stretching in the black stockings. He could only imagine what held them up. He knelt slowly before her, his thighs again splaying wide as he looked up into her green eyes, his own soft browns, glittering with several underlying emotions. His back was slightly arched, as if in offering his chest to her, his chin up, and the drink was held between his thighs, as he slowly brought it upwards, pausing for a moment near his heart, before dipping his head to place a kiss to the bowl of the glass. Slowly he extended the drink in his hands, as he lowered his head.

“This boy hopes you find the margarita refreshing and to your liking, as well as the boy who offers it to you.”

“Mmm.. Very nice, slave boy.” Reaching down, she slid her hand along the outside of his, caressing easily, before wrapping around to take the drink, and study him over the rim. “So, tell me slut… what have you been doing on vacation?”

“As you asked, Mistress. I have been doing my”… He glanced around nearly sheepishly, his cheeks pinking up, and looked up to her – “exercises, twice daily.”

“Is that so?”

Grinning, she nodded, clearly pleased and took a sip. “Your stamina should be quite high…Anyone can sprint, but to last a marathon, takes practice.. There is a time and place for both.. Now..did you buy the toy, I asked you too? And, did you meet any one of interest?”

“Yes, Mistress.” His voice was smooth, honeyed even. He had the ability to change inflections, and when he murmured, “I’ll be a good boy,” it nearly always made her smile.

He was blushing profusely now, and she slid her stocking covered foot slowly up the inside of his thigh, stopping on occasion to run her large toe over his flesh, as she slowly reached the bottom of his trunks. “Yes, to which?” Her full lips twisted into a curl as she watched him squirm, knowing it would have been difficult for him to walk into a toy store and buy, the little remote controlled vibrating egg as she instructed. But he clearly had, had a conversation with the maid, for her nipples had told the story, when the woman laid eyes upon her, upon check in. Carmella, her name tag read, with the ample assets.

The arch of her foot slid dangerously upwards against the inside of his thigh, searching, as she watched him, pleased to see the effect she was having upon him

“I..I got the toy Mistress.. and.. I told the maid…that we might be looking for some discrete service. She seems to meet all your requirements, and is eager to please.” He added, as he blushed further, knowing the woman before him had a serious set of requirements. He would not speak of the collars he had also secretly coveted, knowing this trip would decide many parameters. She was pet shopping… and he was Mistress shopping. He sighed softly, the sound full of longing, as he arched ever so slightly into the sole of her foot, which by now was clearly caressing his turgid flesh. It was hard for him not to look around.

“Slut… if I tell you to get the bottle of oil from my purse and massage my hands and fingers…slide your trunks down, and get back upon that chaise on your hands and knees….”

“I would do it, of course Mistress…” He offered up quickly.

“Good thing…airport security is a bitch, I had to make a stop at the drug store for all my favorites after I picked up the car. But a tube of KY, a bottle of astroglide, my hand sanitizer….all might make some airport security guard want to pull me into a private interrogation, none of which I had time nor patience for… Get the oil…Slut.”

“Yes Mistress!”

He was rather graceful as he unfurled from the widespread nadu she had kept him in, and moved to her purse, to retrieve the item, before returning to her. Another couple, had come to the pool, and for the moment, she motioned him to sit upon the chaise and offered her well manicured hands to him, her middle fingernail, oddly short. “Oil them well slut,” she said as she turned and nodded to the middle aged couple. As he leaned forward to take her hands…to give her a hand massage…she leaned in close and began in that soft, sultry contra alto voice.

“Do you have any questions about this weekend, boy?”

She watched the care he took with moisturizing her hands…as he brought one closer…his tongue slowly bathed her fingers…before he suckled ever so gently upon the middle one, a bold move, and his eyes playfully gazed upwards to hers.

“No Mistress, you were clear on the expectations for the weekend. I am your toy for 48 hours… and if it goes well, we shall see about… your further consideration of my being collar worthy.”

She nodded and watched him, as she squirmed ever so slightly from the heat, either the one from the hot Florida sun or the one he was building deep within. He had the kind of eyes, a woman could get lost in. He was attentive, playful, imaginative, pleasing, and genuinely wanted to serve. Not to mention, intelligent, funny and dam sexy. She never had a real life toy before. Several broken versions of the online caliber that never went anywhere. And one misguided dalliance with a dominant man. But that was a long time ago. She liked him, he was different from the initial onslaught of submissive men that immed her when she first became a member of the small online group at a certain website. But then, he was professional, in sales and a Sox fan. How could she not? The others were fairly shallow by comparison, most just looking for kinky sex. And very few who knew what a Gorean Free Woman was.

“Perhaps we shall see just how well you suck, slut boy. Pick up my bag and follow me.”

She led him into the atrium of the hotel, and to the glass elevator. the black heels clicking upon the cool tile floor. Once inside, she turned to look out, and he slid beside her. One hand slowly stroked down his spine, her hand splaying beneath the elastic of the trunks, cupping him, as she kneaded his ass. Inhaling deeply, he smelled of tanning lotion, and the sea, fresh, warm and oily. Leaning over she grinned, and whispered into his ear. “You do, have a nice ass…and for this’s mine.”

Moving slightly behind him, she pressed his bare chest to the glass window of the elevator, her thigh slipping between his, as she murmured hotly into his ear. “Spread.” As he shifted…her fingers moved down the crack, the pad of her middle finger beginning to tease and torment his tight puckering. “Mmm.. should I take you in the elevator? And claim you as my bitch boy for all to see?” Her voice was calm and rich as she teased. But the pressure never let up…she continued to probe and press until just the tip of her finger…was inside him.

He was, rock hard, and breathing erratically. How could she take him in public? She said they would take it slow!

“Yes Mistress! Oh, Mistress! This boy is yours, however you see fit! Oh!”

He couldn’t help it, he shuddered and arched, his ass pressing closer. Her free hand reached up and pinched his nipples hard, first one, then the other as she pressed her lips to the shell of his ear.

“Gives new meaning to “Babes in toyland” doesn’t it? Sooo many choices…. my finger… a vibrating egg… a dildo….a strap on? mmmm… Perhaps tomorrow…we will go back to that toy shop you found…and you will tell the girl… you liked the egg soooo want something bigger…hum?”

He nearly died at the thought of saying that to someone, and his mortification was his mistresses gratification. “Yes, Mistress…as you wish..”

The door opened, and she slipped out, turning and making her way to her room, as she opened it and held it open for him, before locking it, and letting her eyes roam over the room. Carmella, the maid had indeed been busy. The room was not quite a dungeon, but it had all her favorite components. Restraining ties were placed on the four poster bed, several things were arranged neatly upon a table near the bed, mask, a crop, an ostrich feather duster, blindfold, latex gloves, a razor, shaving cream, several toys, and bottles of liquids. There was also a small bottle full of blue pills, velvet cords, nipple clamps and condoms. This will do, she announced and turned sliding her feet out of the pumps, her eyes once again roaming over him.

“I wish to play with you for a while… pet. Strip and kneel on the bed…”

She slowly shrugged out of the black jacket, her black skirt slowly wriggled out of, as she stood in the thigh high stockings the sage green chemise, and the long flowing auburn tresses which framed her face. As she approached she spoke to him softly, running her hands over his body, exploring, before ending in a firm, unexpected hard open handed slap to his ass, leaving her hand print.

“Whose slut are you, boy?”

“Yours…Mistress..” He trembled quietly.. as he watched her, reach for the toy she had sent him out for…. she turned it on…a soft vibrate…and slowly coated it in astroglide as she ran it over his spine…shoulders… chest…abs…down his thighs…over his balls, alongside his cock, and finally over his ass, Her finger began to slowly work him, as she leaned over, once again letting his mind loosen his body. “Slave boy… you will please me this taking me to dinner.. wearing your toy…deep inside.. and I will control the vibrations….”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Was all he had time to cry out…as her finger carefully slipped deeper into his unused sheath. Pressing downwards, she began to torment him. “The egg, will go deep inside…you will feel the vibrations. Perhaps I will command you to come, while we eat dinner. Perhaps I shall sit across from you and slip my foot into your lap…We have reservations at The Dock… Perhaps I shall lean against the rail..and let your hard meat slip between my bare thighs… and rub myself upon you…”

“But first, it has been a long trip.” She withdrew her finger, once again. “I am going to shower.. and you may shave me…Your other cheeks…will look good between my thighs…for an appetizer.”

His eyes danced mischievously, and when she returned clad in a towel, he had the warm moist towels, and they razor waiting. As she lay, he spread her legs, tenderly and began the slow steady strokes to remove all of her unwanted hair. When he was finished, he settled carefully between her thighs, as his expert tongue went to work on pleasing his Mistress in the most intricate of ways. She had thought of him for weeks, spoke to him, his voice alone capable of making her wet. Her first climax was quick and hard, and lasted several moments. His fingers explored her, tentatively as his mouth once again enclosed to suckle upon that tender bud. One hand slipped beneath her….and she felt his pinky boldly explore her… as she lifted her hips to grind slightly against his mouth, a finger from each hand filled her front and aft… as he began to slowly take her. One thing, was for definite, she was not….getting out of bed..without being fully satisfied. An hour later, she awoke from a deep, albeit short nap, to see his bronzed body spread out, resting. A quick kiss was placed to one of his nipples, and she went to shower again. He slipped into the shower as she left, her fingers sliding down his chest and abs, as she smiled wickedly.

“Be lucky I am not slipping a ring on you, instead of your new toy.”

While he was in the shower, she had him lean against the wall, and slowly inserted the egg, letting it burrow, a small cord making the extrication process easier, later.

When they left…they could have been business associates or friends…they were dressed casually, and for all practical appearances, were about to embark on a very vanilla dinner date.. but for the fact, her hand, kept moving to a remote kept in her purse, and his beautiful eyes would widen and turn to look upon her adoringly.

They would have two days…and there were so many things, she wanted to do with him. Shared fantasies they had spoke of. She would drive him to the edge and back away, several times… and when he finally did come, he was spent, in oblivious bliss.

That night, she sat out upon the balcony, as he slept, watching the skies as she thought. One group might claim, “There are no Gorean Submissives”…and another might say, “There are no real life slaves”.. but for a woman who claims to be a Gorean Free Woman, she had found her first kajirus. A term that defies classification. And he had been well worth, the wait.

At least that’s how the scenario plays out in my head, a few deviations now and then. Would he be attracted to me at forty-six and fluffy, that freckling Irish skin? Will reality conspire to ruin my carefuly crafted illusion? Dressing for the gym, I grin and think about the call I will have with him tonight, and wonder if he will like my story. And how the weather is, in Florida.

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