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Unusual Circumstances Ch. 02

Category: Incest
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These stories will follow the views and perspectives of individual characters, sometimes switching between them. I apologize for any confusion this may cause and I hope to clearly distinguish between each character when I make the transitions.


My name is Kailee, and I just graduated from high school.

The night started off just like I thought it would. My sister came home for a little while to visit and congratulate me, my entire family was there and all my friends. However, my sister had been acting a little bit off since I’d taken off my graduation gown and I was a little concerned about her. When it looked like she was about to pass out I excused us both and took her over to a seat then went to get some water.

When I came back I made a rather startling discovery and promptly rushed her out a nearby back door. So, here we are, looking each other square in the eye and she’s just told me that I’m the cause she had an orgasm in the middle of my graduation ceremony.

“Kailee, you know I’ve always been too shy to try and hook up with a guy…I’ve been going crazy from loneliness recently, so much so that I’ve begun fantasizing over both men and women, dreaming about the things that get done to both of them and wishing it was me…”

Tears sparkled in her eyes as her body slumped against the wall in shame and desperation.

“You’re just so beautiful…I don’t know why but you turned me on so incredibly much…I…I just…I couldn’t help myself…”

Still getting over the shock of having my own sister tell me that I had just made her have a ground-rocking orgasm left me with a bit of a confused look on my face. I admit, I had sometimes wished my older sister and I were closer, but my thought had never quite passed into that range. I was embarrassed, shocked and a bit flattered all at the same time.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me Carla?”

“I didn’t realize it until tonight…you’ve always been my little sister…but tonight…tonight you became a gorgeous young woman…”

Stunned, I walked a little closer to my older sister and quietly whispered, “You really think I’m that gorgeous…?”

My sister’s eyes blinked rapidly as she tried to clear the budding tears from her eyes and thought about what she should say. Finally her answer came to her mind and she built up the courage to say it.

“Oh God yes Kailee!” she gasped. “You’re so incredibly beautiful and sexy!”

My heart exploded into a rapid beat and my knees quivered a little bit as I leaned my head onto Carla’s shoulder. The sound of her breathing filled my ears and I became aware that instead of hatred, fear and disgust at what she had just said was instead happiness, comfort and relief. It was as if a giant dam had just been broken down between us and all the feelings both of us had always had for each other but kept back were finally being released.

“Oh God…oh wow…” I muttered as I leaned against her shoulder. “Ooo, wow…”

“Kailee? Kailee, are you all right?” asked Carla in a worried tone, her hands coming up to rest on her younger sister’s arms.

My head turned slightly at her touch and I found myself looking directly at her full, naturally rosy lips. The gentle scent of perfume and natural shampoo tickled my nostrils as her hair brushed past my nose. The scent of this fully mature, gentle and loving woman whom I’d known my entire life finally dawned on me and incited within my body a cascade of feelings.


Oh God her lips look so fantastic…

“Kailee? Sweetie?”


“Are you all right…?”

I couldn’t take it anymore…my head felt like it was spinning off my shoulders and the butterflies in my stomach felt like I would take off at any moment. I slowly moved my head slightly to complete the gap between our lips. Our lips met in a slow, sensual and gentle kiss that lasted far longer than any siblings should ever share.

Both of our legs went weak at the hesitant contact. Only our lips met as we shared our first kiss together, slowly savoring and experiencing the feelings of another living being within our embrace. The heat of our bodies began to grow and merge together as we held each other’s arms and only unwillingly broke our kiss.

The gasps we both shared as we looked into each others flushed faces said it all. We’d both felt the electricity jumping between our bodies, the older, more mature longing of my sister melting into the raw feeling of my own longing for my first sexual experience. Another, slightly faster kiss was shared between us, this time both of us holding each other’s cheeks as we more passionately kissed, the tips of our tongues lapping against each other across our lips.

Again, we separated, our breathing ragged from the excitement of our first contact.

“Oh my God Kailee…I’m so soaked right now…”

“I know…I am too…but we can’t do anything…not here…”

“I know…I know…nngh, I’m going to go crazy…”

“Hang in there sis…I know you can manage…we should go inside before someone comes looking for us…”


A gentle, soft kiss was exchanged before we wrapped an arm around each other and headed back inside. My head was pounding from the implications of what had just happened, but it didn’t matter to me. My sister was the only person who had ever truly understood me. The fact that we now shared such a wonderful and incredible part of our lives with each other was extremely satisfying to me. The rest of the evening flew by, my sister and I never very far apart, always sneaking glances at each other and exchanging furtive smiles whenever we caught the others eye.

Little did we know that we had only opened the door to the most amazing experiences either of us would ever have the chance to be a part of.

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