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J and V Between Scenes

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Whenever I need to come, I just have to think back to those busy few days on the set, when both J and V touched my life in a most special way.

That had been when I worked in the Industry as a sort of creative script consultant – a job I set up to both enhance the actor’s methoding, and therefore cut down on the studio’s worries. I was a sort of go-between, acting as interface between Director and producers on one side, and of course all the actors on the other.

That one day, I was in J’s trailer early in the afternoon, preparing with her for a scene to be shot early next day. It was more a pre-focus chat, just something I liked to make available if needed – a preparatory run through to the real-thing pre-shoot psych-up, before doing the scene. The mood was therefore light and casual, an atmosphere played up to by a warm spring light coming in a flood into the trailer from the forest outside.

She was sat, well, semi-reclined really in her easy chair with her legs stretched out before her – relaxed, dressed still in the jeans and blouse from the previous scene, done and wrapped little earlier.

She kept her eyes closed whilst gently massaging her temples, as my voice read on ahead for her through the work at hand. I was sat opposite, leant forward with a copy of the script casually folded open to the right spot in my lap, and taking every opportunity I could of eyeing her sleek form up and down, all stretched out and alluring before me.

I had always had a thing for her, but after two weeks of relatively close proximity on this shoot, my need had grown to explosion point. Even after just ten minutes in her presence, my nipples were swollen and making me aware that they were so dangerously sensitive, that I just knew I would need to attend to myself shortly afterwards, a state not being helped by every slight stroke of contact against the inside of my loose shirt, as I turned the pages, and…fidgeted ever so discreetly.

Predictably the mood was good, even if J’s expression kept slipping back into that vaguely troubled look she had, a thing which she did so endearingly I felt, and which she had created over the past few years into something of a trade-mark on-screen.

As I read and watched her, I felt the need grow, and contemplated calling a swift break early instead of waiting, all so that I could go to the toilet and play with myself quickly – it wouldn’t take long, I just knew it.

Instead, I managed to finish up reading, leaning back easily and taking a slight thrill in knowing that my nipples now pressed against the shirt’s light fabric, would certainly be visible in their hardness – I didn’t care, these people were used to being adored, and if they weren’t okay with the fact that other people got off on looking at them, then they shouldn’t be working in this end of the industry.

‘So – what was it you in mind for playing this particular scene?’

J frowned as if upset mildly at being pulled back from some nice thoughts.

‘Oh – hell. I just need to go to the bathroom first!’ She was up in a single move and gone off down into the trailer’s mid-section. Upon hearing her movements around inside there, I slipped a hand quickly down inside my jeans, opening my legs and leaning back further – enjoying the excitement of that intimate, sliding touch whilst knowing she was so nearby. It added to the thrill doing myself in the place she was living in.

Of course I was sat more correctly by the time she returned – still cross-legged, but more demurely so than seven seconds earlier, with a leg over each armrest and my hand massaging openly between them. She looked at me briefly while sitting down, her glance flicking up my body: ‘You want a quick break first? Looks like you could do with it.’

I kept my calm, not really sure if she meant what it sounded like she meant – these things are very prone to misconstruction.

‘No, I’m fine thanks.’

‘You sure…?’ She hesitated briefly. ‘I always find that I concentrate better without, y’know – such distractions getting in the way.’

I smiled, relaxing and feeling a little silly at assuming she had been talking about masturbation: ‘Ah well, I am not the one who is concentrating the hardest here. I’ll live.’

‘Yes but that’s my point. I need to relax, I always do so before a scene, even in rehearsal – and I don’t want you thinking I’m weird or something.’


J looked exasperated for a second, tossing her hair back with decision, gesturing so characteristically, with her hands ending claw-like before her, wrestling the words forcibly out of thin air.

‘Look, I just have to have a little play with myself beforehand, and I don’t like doing it in the bathroom – it’s a child-memory hang-up thing. I just tried back there, but it didn’t work.’ She glanced at me intently. ‘I’m sorry but I didn’t get time before you got here, so I’d feel more comfortable if you were just okay about this, or even if you did it too – that’s why I asked, ‘cause I’d be able to get on then and prepare this scene just fine.’

Without too much of a pause I looked at her and smiled quite naturally. ‘Sure, I don’t mind.’ The smile was more for myself at being doubly caught out… ‘Any good analyst should allow a client full freedom to express themselves, however they want – just like Frank Zappa said, “as long as it doesn’t cause a murder”.’

She looked at me a little strangely, at which point I realised that as a professional New Yorker, she might have a different perspective on analysts than I. It was my turn to gesture vaguely. ‘Please go ahead – and I will join you if that makes things better.’

She nodded and reclined back, closing her eyes as both hands unbuttoned her jeans smoothly, opening them all the way down to the crotch, now beautifully visible – the tight and alluring curved bulge of her Mons Veneris temptingly visible now that she had parted her legs a little, allowing a hand to move itself more easily down inside.

I just watched her for a moment, concentrating on absorbing all the details before me for as long as I politely could – I daren’t let slip that I was getting off on this as much as I was; yet at the same time it was difficult not to show that I was unable to believe my luck.

Her legs parted further as I watched, hand moving clearly now inside her jeans, eyes closed and lips suggesting with subconscious mimicry of those other lips, now under her fingers’ touch. I opened my own jeans, and slipped a hand down inside them to feel my very own wet self, imaging that it was her hand doing the touching.

Vying with what I was seeing before me, was a certain other scene rehearsal worked out earlier with V – a personal adaptation of the one in the script. He had wanted to run it by me and asked for a special run through, to help with mental preparation for a difficult scene still days away on our schedule, and I smiled to myself as I stroked now thoroughly wet fingers up and down the opening furrow between my lips – we would need to practise that one each day, if he was to get it right.

I saw him naked and looking distraughtly down at that pleasingly huge erection, caught between glancing boyishly back up at me, and looking gorgeously dishevelled in that way that hadn’t left a dry seat in cinemas for the last five years. His difficulty was that he must play the big break-up scene while nude, and of course with no erection. The problem was that he couldn’t, because he confided to me that he found J so attractive that it wouldn’t be possible, not without considerable mental preparation. I could understand that, glancing across at her now with her jeans pulled down further, legs wider so that I could see her all, her hand having forced her panties down to show her pubes most deliciously.

So I had offered to take on J’s role for him, manipulating the scene and situation to benefit myself as much as it would him, but all in the name of good team-work, of course. He was to come in from the bedroom, ostensibly having just woken, to find her half-reclined on the sofa, watching TV quietly.

To arouse him as much as J would, I had matter of factly suggested that I play the role nude, upping the ante behind his back by moving the sofa around and letting him come in to discover me lain out in full view, stroking away at myself. It had done the job alright, his penis rising inexorably from limp companion, to hard erection in mere seconds.

Nor during our subsequent, de…briefing chat, had it gone down. I did though, as another suggested cure for the situation at hand, being the quickest way to get him off – because we needed to rehearse with him flaccid, and underneath it all, I wanted to drink him down me so badly by that point, that it hurt.

In my mind I relived it in relevant detail – my first encircling touch of his hot, hard flesh, fingers barely able to grip him all the way around. I actually came at that precise moment in time, purely at the thought of that girth sliding up inside me. Then my lips approaching and sliding wider open to take his tip slowly into my mouth, gliding down and down until he was as deep as I could take him – the back of my tongue rubbing back and forth over the glans softly. My hand stroking him up and down as my head stared moving rhythmically up and down on him – hearing him gasp.

He had come quickly, hot and thick in my mouth, something that I could still taste even now, feeling my lips around his hardness with my mind’s mouth also, remembering the smooth-stretched feel of his drawn back foreskin under my tongue, then the last swelling up as his sperm splashed deep into my throat.

At that thought I came with a shudder, unable to help myself – even if I had wanted it all to be because of J still stroking herself before me.

She looked across at me: ‘Oh honey, you came quick. Tell me your fantasy.’ She was stretched out like a half-drawn bow, her crotch the apex, with fingers sliding up and down more slowly now as she looked back at me with half-hooded eyes.

I decided that a little adaptation of the truth wouldn’t go amiss – besides, an idea had begun to form – but that’s what an ideas person does.

‘Oh, I was just thinking back to earlier today.’ I gave her a slight, quietly-conspiritial laugh. ‘I was with V – and I find him so…mmh! I just couldn’t help myself.’

J smiled knowingly in return, her fingers’ pace shifting to deeper strokes inside her panties, eyes closing again. ‘Oh yeah…don’t stop!’

I licked my lips, lining up the thoughts and selecting the images I’d need from that earlier session of sucking him off, and the two fuckings he’d given me after his erection had come back to haunt him with each subsequent attempt at the scene.

‘He was telling me about an idea he had for the break-up scene – y’know, the one scheduled for the end of this week. He thinks it should be stronger, more like with you nude and watching some porn when he comes in – maybe stroking yourself too, like now. It would bring more tension to the scene, confrontation – but he wouldn’t want to offend you by making such a direct suggestion – professional ethics…’

She snorted as she continued stroking herself.

‘Bullshit – I’d like that too, and to see him hard for me!’ She struggled, scissoring her legs so that her jeans came down to her ankles, allowing her more freedom of motion with those legs to parting to their delicious looking widest.

‘Oh, it gets better – he didn’t stop there.’ I got up whilst still talking and moved toward her. ‘Once he had said it, he began running through some other scenario options – it was as if these were his own fantasies, all stored up and ready to roll.’ I knelt down directly before her open legs. ‘He thought it would be good to surprise you, announcing his presence with a kiss to your inner thigh…’ J moaned, ‘…and then work them up your legs.’ I placed my own hands on her knees and leaning in slowly I kissed her exactly so. J gasped and arched her back. ‘Ohhh…yesss!’

I moved my kisses gently up her thighs, advancing in alternate parallel approach, until I was close enough to smell her heat, and my lips were a mere lick-distance away from that shield of moving fingers inside her slip – it was now or never. I lifted the fabric aside and slid my tongue gently across her knuckles – her moan was urgent, so I glided it wetly down between her slowing fingers, inserting it between them to touch her very wet lips – giving me in return, a definite pre-orgasmic tingle.

J groaned with sweet anticipation, her fingers lifting the panties up and away for me, opening the way – so I went in, tongue licking up between her open lips, and then down again, penetrating deep into her wetness. My lips settled against hers, feeling their softness, and I let my long tongue’s probing glide, curve up in one unstoppable move of penetration.

There was a sudden wash of juices over my tongue, and J came with a short grunt followed by a long shudder, squirting all of her orgasm into my waiting mouth.

I reluctantly withdrew my tongue after that, but kept on licking up around her twitching clitoris as she subsided gently, only drawing back when her breathing had fully slowed.

Done, I knelt back and stood up, apparently absorbed with slowly adjusting my own clothing while stood there just before her.

‘Oh – that is definitely a fantasy worth remembering – and also something worth doing again…’ Her hands reached out to halt my own in their slow-motion fastenings, and I looked into her eyes. ‘I haven’t had an orgasm like that in a long, long time.’ She smiled a little uncertainly. ‘Shall we get naked and try to find some more? I’d like that.’

My smile was superfluous, as she unfastened my jeans and pulled them down, panties and all. ‘Y’know, you really must be more careful.’ She added semi-casually. ‘I saw you touching yourself when I was in the bathroom.’


She grinned in that casually genuine kind of way she had. ‘Don’t worry – I liked it. It turned me on very much, and let me make my suggestion.’ Stepping out of her jeans, she got up and walked toward the bedroom area, looking back over her shoulder, her eyes beckoning me to follow as she went. I didn’t need any more encouragement than to follow that perfect behind as it moved enticingly before me, excitement mounting with each step, watching her lay down fluidly on the bed – all grace and powerful sexual allure.

I moved into her waiting embrace, feeling J’s lips move in to kiss lightly between my breasts, their path spiralling outward to catch every sensitive part of them in increasing circles. Warm tongue and wet lips teased at my nipples in passing, then she rolled me over onto my back, her tight belly settling down between my legs – and as she began to move her kisses downwards, I came again from sheer expectation of the moment.

I stroked at her shoulders and sides, cupping my hands smoothly under those breasts, lightly massaging their firmness with a continuous motion, her breathing telling me she liked that very much.

That breath was also something I could feel tangibly moving through my trimmed pubic hairs, causing me to hold myself in anticipation of that first magic-moment contact. Probing, her tongue sent an electric jolt of pleasure through every nerve path, straight through my body to the nipples – I almost had another orgasm, my ninth of the day counted back up from this morning’s first before getting up, then the five with V and now two so far with her – with a promise of many more to, umm come…

Gathering my lips up with her tongue she sucked them slowly into her mouth, then sending her tongue in between, slid it in just under my clit – and just then, I did get my ninth.

Still panting I gently lifted her face up, then rolling myself around to kiss her, we moved into an embrace, body to body – nipples brushing against each others’ and hands smoothly stroking from knees and calves, up to necks and jaws.

I became lost in that tangle, my thigh moving variously with gentle thrusts between hers – the wetness there easing her back and forth with additional flexings of her hips over my muscles, as I was over hers, straddling an equally forward thrust thigh – one hand concentrating on lightly tracing my palm over the tightness of her hip, and down around over her ass.

J in turn was delightfully stroking light fingers up from my shoulder to ear, in shiver-inducing slides of skin on skin – spending a long time doing this while the other concentrated her palm around a readily available and very hard nipple.

Then we had our hands moving knowingly between each others’ legs, both stroking and coming again and again while we kissed urgently to tenderly for a while, before both of us departed along a nibbling trajectory down the other’s body, ending in a close-clutch of rubbing crotches against the other, our wetness mingling in warmth and electrifying tingles, especially when our swollen clitoris’ touched.

Nor did it halt there, although I certainly had lost track of how many orgasms had taken me since entering the bedroom – or indeed how long it had been since it all began. We were engaged in a close and gentle soixante-neuf, our faces buried and tongue-led, pacing the other with our breath tickling the other’s wetness, and slowly building toward another, hopefully mutual orgasm – when the door rattled to a brisk knock from outside.

Surfacing reluctantly from that place we had both reached, J looked at me: ‘Oh hell, what time is it – have I missed the pre-scene meeting?’ She was up and searching for her robe. A part of me had to admire how her professionalism reflexively overrode all else.

J was grabbing up her bedside clock when the second knock came, causing her to look around at the door, posture frozen with a frown clearly saying: Runners almost never knocked a second time so quickly, so who could it be? I looked at her and shrugged.

She gestured me over into the corner with an apologetic, furrowed brow. ‘Damn – I’d better go and see who it is now that I am up. Get ready to hide just in case.’ I nodded and did as she said, while J went back through the trailer, shouting: ‘Alright – I’m on my way!’ By the sounds of it, remembering to pick up all of our clothing on the way and bundling them familiarly together behind the sofa.

I moved myself pre-emptively into her spacious wardrobe, just in case – glad that they were of the old-fashioned slatted kind, which would at least allow me a chance to hear what was going on. From this vantage I could see her bedside clock showing almost a full hour-and-a-half before her next call – I smiled, feeling myself begin to get horny again at the thought of our continuation, once this distraction had been dealt with.

I could hear voices, hers and a male, deep and familiarly paced. It sounded like V had come to pay her a social call: After what he’d been telling me? Perhaps he hoped to exercise a little therapeutic exorcism – well, he’ll have his baptism of fire all right, with J clothed obviously in nothing but her dressing gown, and surrounded by a cloud of enough sexual pheromones to stop a riot in its tracks. Worse still, there was nothing I could do throughout, but wait.

It couldn’t have been long after though, when I heard J’s voice approaching, still talking in that way people have when they are dealing with large spatial distances and guests – she was coming back toward the bedroom, probably to get more suitably dressed while V amused himself with a drink – my memory of the shooting schedules told me that he was now done for the day. I cursed, realising that we wouldn’t get that mutual orgasm now – nor later, or maybe never.

‘…must say that the idea sounds worth a shot.’ I saw her come back into the bedroom and slip her robe off. She turned to me and gave a wink.

‘So let’s see how this works out.’ I saw her get back on the bed, naked still, and wondered what was going on – what had been said?

I was even more shocked to see him come in after her a few seconds later – also naked. He halted, obviously acting out the scene I’d done with him a few hours earlier. I looked down and saw his penis begin to rise, uncertain and haltingly at first, as if he was fighting it – but by the sweat on his brow, I could tell that he was loosing.

‘Well, a gun would have done – but a missile is sweet too.’ She laughed and waved him out, eyes twinkling with more than amusement – a woman after my own heart. V hung his head slightly and went back out. ‘Try some ice or splashing a lot of cold water on it!’ she called after him, throwing me another wink.

He took his acting seriously – certainly if he was willing to undergo this level of embarrassment. I wasn’t complaining though, as I had a perfect view of his muscular ass – oh was I a lucky girl today!

After some suitably forceful splashing sounds, he came back in, moving like one who had just woken from a deep sleep. V looked across at J lain on the bed, resplendently naked, and with all credit to him, his limp member didn’t even twitch at the sight of her like that.

Then just before V should have spoken his first line, J slid one hand down between her legs and started stroking herself, looking back up at him all innocently. His erection was swift and not to be stopped, standing out flagpole straight and seemingly almost as long. My hand went down between my legs in response, beginning soft strokings of my own – at the same time biting my lip lightly as reminder that I needed to keep quiet, especially with him stood so close – making it all the more thrilling.

J didn’t stop her own erotic display, only slowing it down a little. ‘I can see how this would be a problem.’

‘It is if you start doing that! What did you expect I’d be like?’

She smirked slyly. ‘I see no point in making it too easy for you.’ She frowned slightly in concentration, as if thinking about a solution, yet all the while continuing her stroking.

V could not take his eyes off her: ‘Please stop.’

J looked down at her hand as if surprised to see it there.

‘Oh sorry – it’s just what I was doing when you knocked. I was quite close to coming.’

V lifted his hand to cover his face. ‘Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise that this was such bad timing. Maybe I’d better come back at another time – I just was with the grip of the idea, y’know.’

J sat up looking equally concerned. ‘It’s okay – I always play with myself before a scene, don’t you? It gets me on-fire and on-edge. It’s no big deal – I was even doing it while Es was here with me for tomorrow’s scene rehearsal. She even joined in – didn’t seem to mind a bit. Quite a girl that one.’

He laughed and nodded. ‘Please!’ A slight smile coming to his lips in that special, quiet way he had – he sighed. ‘I’m trying to get him to go down again, not stay up!’ I had to bite harder on my lip just then.

J just looked at him with some studied nonchalance. ‘Only acoupla ways to do that in a hurry…’ Her eyebrows raised, holding the posture.

He looked across at her, and she patted the bed beside her with one hand, the other started stroking herself again. ‘You could be boring and go out to the bathroom to take care of that, or better still come and sit here to join me in a bit of mutual Onanism – or more adventurously still, you could let me take care of it.’ She smiled at him, enjoying it all.

‘A last and infinitely more pleasing option, would be for me to phone a friend, and we could all tackle the problem together…’ She carried on stroking while looking him in the eye. ‘So what’s it to be?’

‘Phone a friend?’

‘Come and sit here, and I’ll show you.’ He did as she asked, his natural-tanned frame looking good beside her pale, slight one, erection still proud and raised past his belly button.

With my two favourite lusts there side-by-side and both on the same bed together, my hand began to move faster in and out, eyes closing with building lust for what was about to happen. J swung herself around to straddle V, taking him in her tiny hands to guide him up between her legs. He looked so massive as she sank down slowly onto him, and I came, almost falling over with the power of the orgasm’s impact.

Both J and V groaned as she got herself as low as she could go, then lifting up to the top again, she spoke as if to no-one: ‘I wish Es could be here, to join in with this.’

‘Oh yes.’ He groaned, voice deeper and more de-focused than normal.

It was the only cue I needed, and on unsteady legs, I left the wardrobe to climb onto the bed behind her.

V looked briefly surprised, then happy. ‘Hey – this is Hollywood.’ Was all I could think to say, he nodded and turned his attention back to J – but I could see how the whole scenario and the consequences of every action taken so far, were slotting themselves neatly into place through the realisation in his eyes – starting from earlier, to my joining them both on the bed at this time and place.

I smiled and winked to J as she looked back toward me over her shoulder, my hands smoothly going around her flanks, then up to those perfect breasts in one move, cupping each lightly and sliding my palms over her pebble-hard nipples. I began kiss-nibbling up her neck, taking in her skin’s warm scent and feeling my own body respond. Above this, I could scent V’s own musk, remembering him in that instant as he’d been earlier, above me, thrusting slowly into my hot wetness, my fingers recalling the feel of his firm body, as I gripped him while coming and coming…

Kissing on down her back, my mouth and hands moved around J’s hip to her belly, then down onto his – my tongue and lips roving across both textures, nose drawing in their mingled scents as J rode up and down on V’s pivotal steeple of flesh. I could see how wet she was on him. In a natural progression I followed my own lead around to straddle V and face J – we embraced with kisses and exploring hands. Feeling his broad, long-fingered hands draw me backwards with delicious momentum, and deliberation of intent. I sank with the moment, letting V move my hips toward his face, raising his mouth up to lick at me. I moved my other lips down to lavish attention on J’s breasts, keeping the nipples interested, as my breath began to come erratically in response to V’s tongue around my lips and clit.

J’s hands joined in, stroking over my back and sides, teasing at my breasts and giving a little gentle pressure to my back that lead my lips lower down still, until I had my lips once again amongst her pubic hair, long tongue probing alternately at her clit, and curling itself around his shaft as she rose to the apex of those long thrusts.

I could feel J’s trembling build-up, and focused my attentions more upon her approaching orgasm – tracing fingers far around her hips, up and back to squeeze at the sensitive lower parts of her soft cheeks, noticing her pace quicken.

A few deft probing licks across clitoris and back along her stretched lips, sent her gasping over the top into juddering, urgent release – she tumbled back from V’s erection, curling up and shuddering in heavy, post-orgasmic shock, leaving me eye to eye with that hard, dark and swollen monster, shining from tip to root with her juices – she must have come several times during that brief ride.

My turn now, I thought, raising myself up clear from his alluring tongue and its attentions. V sensing my intent followed through, shifting and guiding me forward with his hands, keeping me still facing away from him, and sliding himself up into my own ready wetness, with me still in that position – clamping both buttocks under hands that clung like limpets, he began to thrust in time to his curtailed need.

I could feel him going in to the fullness of my depth, filling me in both body and mind – predictably, I came again and kept on coming as his pace gathered.

Then lifting himself up, body thrust into in a taut arc, he grunted and loosed his own orgasm, catapulting me forward to join J in a trembling heap at the bottom of the bed, while he collapsed back in the other direction, taking himself in hand and pumping the last of his urgency up over his chest and belly – something I barely registered just then, but have subsequently recalled many times since, and always it makes me come – every time.

We all shared a quiet moment for a while there, slowly coming back in our own time from the various places where this shared sex had sent us. As the first to recover, J and I curled up together in each other’s arms, gently stroking and kissing ourselves back to normality, in a long, slow bout of intimate closeness.

Maybe it was this display of womanly attentions for each other, or his own natural sexuality and restless energy, but when V came over to join our cuddle, he was just as hard as before. For a while we all carried on in a three-way, with lots of gentle hands moving across each of our bodies, until it sort of naturally evolved into an aftermath thing between just J and myself, the slowdown that we had been denied by his untimely/timely entrance.

V moved back a little to let us continue, adding only the occasional caress into the mix we created for ourselves. J looked up at him on her way down my body: ‘Hey – why don’t you get that thing good and hard for me. We’re done with the rehearsal now, and the next scene doesn’t call for any limp action.’ He smiled quietly in return and moved his hand into position, slowly taking up the stroking rhythm and keeping the tone ready for his next cue – not that our own performance would give him much cause to loose that edge.

J resumed her slow approach of light kisses down my belly, drawing expectation and response from me in equal portions, as her lips teased around my own, breath tickling cool and lightly, ever closer until her warm tongue touched the heart of my desire.

I got lost there for a while, taken away on the sensations evoked within me by her cleaver tongue, all busy there between my legs, feeling at the same time her slender hands moving over my breasts. Then there were four hands in on the action, between them covering every sensitive part of me. I felt V moved around, but kept my eyes closed, sensing his erection first by its heat, before it gently lay itself down along my cheek. I reached around and guided him into my mouth for the second time that day.

This time I relaxed into the enjoyment of taking it slowly, even if I was getting close to yet another orgasm, because I loved sucking men off until they came – and this one had as I said, been a particular special fantasy of mine for many years.

To forestall the inevitable and increase its intensity, I alternated between licking along his length, then focusing around the ready, painfully swollen looking glans – pacing, instead of sucking him deep into me and racing him to orgasm. I loved it, and despite myself, came not long after taking a hold of him – J rose from her licking after I’d subsided, lifting her backside into the air provocatively for V to move in upon.

I lay back to watch them for a while after that, idly stroking myself and eking out the last of the most recent body tremours, still rippling through my legs.

J watched me as V moved inside her, it looked like he was getting close, so I stopped playing with myself and lifted her up into an embrace, making a sandwich of her between the two of us, my hand reaching down to play with her gently, while V’s pace altered to suit the new position.

As she approached her own orgasm, J disengaged from between us and lay down on her back, classically spreading her legs and lifting them up for some maximum penetration.

I moved behind him and hugged his back, letting my hands dwell around his buttocks, while he sank down into position and mounted J – my hands spurring him on with light fingers tracing around his ass-hole, so that he began thrusting urgently.

Maybe the finger insertion was too much, but whatever the reason, they both came together, and the three of us collapsed in a heap of warm, panting, and still squirming bodies.

That was pretty much all of it for that particular day, as if all the action experienced wouldn’t be enough for even an insatiable soul like myself – but it was good to be with two actors who took their energies into everything they did, including bed. I myself was exhausted when it came time to go on with the day, and I felt even afterwards, that we all gave our best on the sets after our romp in J’s trailer (and of course beforehand.)

So that was my day – how was your 20th of June 2003?

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