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Love What You Eat, Eat What You Love

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Chapter 1 My First Time

I was 18 years old that summer. It was a long hot summer and I worked hard. I was staying with my uncle during the week because of a job I had taken in a town about 60 miles from my home. On the weekends I normally went home. One week I decided to stay over and check out the local ladies.

It just so happened that my uncle, who was a truck driver, left on Friday night for a weeks long haul to California and back. That left me alone with my uncle’s new girlfriend.

My uncle’s girlfriend, Dorothy was her name but everyone called her Dot, was the forth in a long line of women for my uncle. I think he had been married five or six times and although he was not in any way a good-looking man he always seemed to attract very nice looking women.

As he got older the women he choose, it seemed to me, were more and more sluttish. His new wife, Dorothy, was no exception. She had buck teeth. Not bad an overbite, not buck teeth but enough so that it was sexually exciting to me, I’ve always had a thing for big noses and over-bites.

What Aunt Dorothy did have was one gorgeous body. She had been a waitress in a bar when my uncle met her. She was about forty years old. She was tall, slender and had big tits. Big round tits. They stuck out like two ripe cantaloupes, the nipples large and almost always seemed to be in a state of arousal. She was attractive in that vulgar, indecent sort of way that I enjoy.

She knew she had all the right parts and didn’t mind showing them off to any man who would look. In all actuality she was a slut because as I would find out she liked to fuck and when my uncle was out of town she fucked often. On the night my uncle left Aunt Dorothy wanted to go bar hopping with her friend Pamela, so, not wanting to leave me alone, they took me with them. I could see right away that both were on the make.

Pamela was a little younger than Aunt Dorothy but she looked like she had been used a lot more. That’s not to say that she wasn’t attractive because she was, much more so than Aunt Dorothy. There was, however, no mistaking the fact that Pamela also was a pure slut in the lewdest, most immoral way. She cursed like a sailor and made no pretense of her need for “Lots of cock.”

Physically she was just about the same size as Aunt Dorothy, a little thinner, but with nice breasts that only sagged a little. I was attracted to her the minute I saw her, in that tight little black dress.

I don’t know what the material of that dress was but it clung to her like the thinnest silk. You could see every little crease and dimple. A perfectly smooth and flat belly, buns to die for. And if you looked closely, you would see a perfect impression of her hairy pussy. It was so hairy that it made a bulge in the material. Soft, round, fleecy, it looked delicious.

We made the rounds of several bars. They drank hard, especially since men were buying, and there were always extra drinks sitting on the table.

They danced with a lot of guys, they were having a really good time and I enjoyed watching them. Several times I saw Aunt Dorothy kissing and really rubbing herself all over a couple of the men. Pamela was just as enthusiastic, I saw her reach down and cup a man’s crotch as he caressed her breasts.

I kept sneaking beers each time they danced and it wasn’t long before I was . . . , well lets say I was very happy.

Every so often I danced with Aunt Dorothy or Pamela and each time I danced with them I got a hard on. I knew they could feel it. Pamela even aggravated the situation by rubbing her hip against my cock.

The last bar we went into was filled with a lot of black people. Immediately I noticed two young black women I knew and I cringed as I saw them watching me and whispering to one another. I wasn’t comfortable at all after that and I generally sat at the table and drank what ever was sitting on he table. I was getting pretty drunk.

Once when I looked up I saw Pamela talking to the two women and they were all looking at me and whispering back and forth and giggling.

Things changed after that because Pamela took a more keen interest in me and each time she made me dance with her she used that body of hers to press and rub against my swollen cock.

Finally the bar, much to my relief, closed and we went home, both Aunt Dorothy and Pamela having struck out. I think they ascribed their bad luck on me.

“You know of course if we had left you home we could be having a lot more fun right now” Pamela said with a sneer.

I was really drunk, stumbling around and falling. I puked my guts out on the ground. Aunt Dorothy and Pamela got me inside and said I had to take a bath before I went to bed. I was so drunk Pamela had to help me undress.

She took off all my clothes except my shorts. When she got down to my shorts she knelt before me, she could see I had an immense hard-on. She watched my reaction as she slid my shorts down. For a few moments I stood there before her, my cock sticking straight out, only inches from her pouting mouth. She examined it closely, licked her lips and chuckled.

“Look at this Dot” she said, turning to Aunt Dorothy. “Billy boy has a woody.”

“Jeeze!” Aunt Dorothy exclaimed as she looked on with amusement. “That really looks painful”

“You know?” Pamela said with a leer as she looked up at Aunt Dorothy, “Tonight doesn’t have to be a total waste.”

“Hmmm . . . ” Aunt Dorothy mused, and then clamping her nose with her fingers “You might be right, but he needs a bath.”

“Maybe he needs some help.” Pamela chuckled.

“Well since he is my nephew maybe you should help him while I clean up in the other bath.”

“My pleasure Aunt Dorothy” Pamela said with a smirk.

Aunt Dorothy winked at Pamela and left the bathroom.

I could feel Pamela’s breath on my cock as she blew gently on the head, it sent chills down my spine.

Aunt Dorothy had filled the tub while Pamela and she had been discussing my condition. It was very soapy, I was glad. I lay in the tub and Pamela began to wash my face. We talked as she washed me and I told her how much fun I had. I also told her that really liked her.

“What do you like about me?” she asked as her hands moved to my chest.

“I…,I…, I like your body” I said, stuttering.

“Oh really” she said with a grin. You haven’t seen much of it.”

“No, but I can pretend.”

“What would you pretend about me” she asked playfully?

“I would pretend that you were naked.”

“And what would you do if you saw me naked?” she said as she continued to wash my chest.

“I’d want to do nasty things to you” I whispered, my voice sticking in my throat.

Pamela looked down at me and grinned. Suddenly the soap slipped from her hand.

“Oh” she said.”Look what I did.”

I remember her grin as she looked at me. Somehow I knew she had done it on purpose but back then I was still a little naive.

“What do you mean when you say nasty things?”

I opened my mouth but I still couldn’t speak.

“Would you touch yourself?” She asked with a knowing smile. Her hand slid down my chest and into the water.

“Yes” I whispered. Her hand continued on down my stomach as she stared into my eyes. Her tongue came out and moistened her lips as her fingers curled around my cock.

“Here” she said, her voice low and throaty.

“Yes” I moaned as her fist began moving up and down.

“Like this?”


She held my cock for a few more seconds and then released it, and retrieved the soap. I almost swooned when she slid the soap up over my cock. I shut my eyes and moaned.

She began to wash my chest again, all the time giving me this sexy smile. I just sat there admiring her. I noticed that her blouse had become wet over her breasts and the nipples showed through the thin material. She noticed too. She stood and removed her dress, she was only wearing a pair of panties and after she dropped the dress she stood there before me, smiling.

“Ohhh . . . , Miss Pamela” I said. “I think you have the most beautiful breasts in all the world”

“You do” she said with a laugh.

“Yes, they are so smooth and pointy.”

Pamela knelt down and began to wash my chest again. She turned me to her and began to wash my hair, as she did her full breast hung just in front of my face, the nipples only inches from my mouth.

“Have you seen a lot of breasts” she asked?

“Not a lot” I replied.

“Have you ever touched a lady’s breast” she asked as she swung her nipples against my lips.

“Yes” I whispered and licked her hardened nipple. She acted like she hadn’t noticed that my tongue was sticking out a mile long. She kept washing and swaying in front of me, her nipples growing larger. Each time one of those hardened nipples would slide across my lips, I would lick it with my tongue. Just for a moment she let me capture one between my lips. I felt her shudder.

Pamela rinsed my hair and then had me lay back in the tub. Now that I was laying on my back the water level dropped and my cock was clearly visible, and all five inches was at full erection.

“My, my. It’s so hard” she said with a grin as she looked at my cock. “Are you thinking about doing some of those nasty things to me?”

“Yes” I said, looking up at her.

“What kinds of nasty things have you done” she asked as her hands began to work down across my stomach.

“I kissed a girl” I said with a shiver as her hand brushed my cock.

“Kissed her” she questioned and her hand moved away.

“That’s all you did, you didn’t do any thing else”

“No, that’s all, that’s all she wanted me to do”

“Really” she exclaimed. “She didn’t want you to put your thing inside hers”

“No, she just wanted me to kiss it”

“It” she questioned as though she hadn’t heard me right. “What do you mean she just wanted you to kiss ‘it?”

Again I was speechless. I just couldn’t seem to say the word pussy in front of her. I just sat there with my eyes closed, afraid she would get angry if I said it.

“It” I mumbled. “You know, her pus . . . ,”

She watched me for several long seconds and slowly her look of suspicion turned to one of lewd anticipation.

“Pussy” she prompted with a lewd open-mouthed smile.

Her hands began to move again and found my cock. She knelt there, her hand on top of my cock and her fingers slowly closed around it. I groaned.

“And how long ago was this?”

“The last time was a week ago” I replied.

“How long have you been doing this to girls” she said, her tone of voice lewd and sensual.

“Not long” I lied. “About two months.”

“How many girls have you been with.”

“Just one!”

“Liar!” she exclaimed with a knowing smile.

“Yes” I said, dropping my eyes. “But they made me made me suck them”

She sat there looking at me as she slowly stroked my cock up and down. Her fingers tightened and her mouth opened in a depraved sneer.

“Them…, who is them?”

“Those two in the bar.” I whimpered.

“But you liked it didn’t you” she said and stuck her tongue out at me and wiggled it from side to side and then in an up and down flicking movement like I had used on the two black girls. “In fact you loved it didn’t you?”

“Well it was . . . , was . . . , very exciting and I got all woozie”

“How long did you suck them?”

“I don’t remember but they made me do it until they squirted in my mouth.”

“Did you like the taste of their cum?”

“Yes” I hissed.

“But you wanted to fuck them didn’t you?”

“No” I groaned. “I just wanted to su . . . , suck them”

Pamela smiled curiously. “Do you ever fantasize about fucking women?”

“No, not anymore”

“You just fantasize about sucking them?” she asked, her fingers clenched my cock.


“What would you want to do right now if I told you that you could do any thing to me that you wanted?”

“I would . . . , would…”

“Would what” she asked, her eyes glowing with excitement. “Tell me baby, tell Pamela what you really want to do.”

“I want to suck you!” I whined.

“You want to suck my pussy?” she asked coyly.

“Yes” I groaned.

“Is that why your cock is so hard baby? Is it hard because you want to suck Pamela’s sweet pussy” She said it in a detached sort of way, as though she were asking if I wanted to suck someone who was not here.

“Yes, I would do any thing for that”

She took a deep breath and exhaled, a small tremor shook her body as she looked at me. A moment later she released my cock and stood beside the tub, her breasts thrusting proudly above me.

I looked up and there was the most sensuous look on her face that I have ever seen on a woman.

“How many girls have you sucked, and don’t lie to me?”

“Ten” I replied almost chocking in my excitement.

“How do you get off” she asked?

“They usually stroke my cock while I am sucking them”

“And they all made you suck them right?” she said with a knowing grin.


She studied me for a long time, her hand stroked her pussy.

“I like having my pussy sucked” she said breathlessly. “Maybe I should let… make you suck my pussy.”

I nodded my hear up and down, my eyes locked onto hers, pleading.

“Don’t go away” she commanded and let the room.

I could hear her and Aunt Dorothy talking in the other room.

“Oh really” I heard Aunt Dorothy exclaim. I could only make out muffled words and phrases but Pamela was telling her about the two black girls she had talked to.

“Dot I’m telling you he is the real thing. He has a fetish for eating pussy and that is all he wants. Those two little sluts at the club said he sucked them for hours and they never had to do any thing for him until they decided to kick him out of their apartment.”

“Well, I have to admit the thought of getting my pussy sucked right now is very hot. Why don’t we tease him a little, see how far he will let us use him?”

“Maybe we could even get him to do what we were talking about the other night.”

“You mean one of us fuck him while he sucks the other one?”

“Yesss…, and every time he cums we can switch.”

“God yes.” Aunt Dorothy sounded excited. “I’ve always wanted to see a guy do that, and have a guy suck my pussy after another guy has fucked me. I want to feel a mouth sucking cum from my pussy.”

A moment later they both entered the bathroom. Aunt Dorothy stood by the door, leaning against the wall.

“Watch” Pamela said, grinning at Aunt Dorothy.

Suddenly I was blushing again. Pamela was going to make me suck her pussy in front of my aunt. Pamela moved to the tub and stood over me. She smiled a most wicked smile and licked her lips lightly. Slowly as if she was about to unveil the most priceless object in the world, her hands went to her panties and she slid them down over her hips to the floor.

Without a word and never taking her eyes from mine she stepped into the tub and then sat on the edge next to my shoulders. She spread her legs and with her fingers spread the lips of her pussy.

I’ll never forget that pussy. It was so hairy. The lips were long and full, her clit was plump and it stood out like a tiny cock.

“Do you like it?” Aunt Dorothy asked as leaned forward and ran a finger through Pamela’s pussy.

“Yes . . . , it’s beautiful” I gasped and looked up into Aunt Dorthy’s face. She was watching my face, my reaction to what was being done to me, an amused smile appeared on her lips as she recognized the pure power Pamela’s pussy had over me.

“And what does little BillyBoy want to do to next?”

“I want to lick it, suck it!”

Pamela looked up at Aunt Dorothy, a questioning, almost pleading look in her eyes. Aunt Dorothy licked her lips sensuously, and looking into my eyes and said to her “Go ahead, do him. Let’s just see if he really loves it”

I looked up again at Aunt Dorothy, and she was smiling erotically, her finger rubbing the crotch of her panties.

“Suck it Billy” she said vulgarly. “Show us how much you like to suck pussy.”

Pamela shivered as my tongue slid through the kinky hair. “Umm . . . , Ummm . . . ” she moaned. “This is going to be good Dot.”

I thrust my tongue into her pussy as far as I could.

“Oh goddd . . . , he has a long tongue!” she exclaimed and pressed at the back of my head with her fingers.

I withdrew my tongue and sucked the juicy lips inside my mouth. I began sucking harder, drawing them deeper and deeper until her whole cunt was in my mouth.

Pamela arched her hips up while holding my moth to her cunt.”Mmmm… that’s right you little cuntlapper, suck on it, suck on it and get all those sweet juices!”

She had said it. The thing that really turned me on. CUNTLAPPER! God how that excited me! My cum almost spewed from my cock. I stroke it hard up and down as I sucked, hoping Aunt Dorothy had taken notice of how that name effected me. Pamela had definitely noticed it!

“He’s good Dorothy, ohhh… goddd, he is really good!” Pamela squealed as she ground her pussy against my open mouth. “This boy is a born cuntlapper and he loves it. Look at the way he’s stroking that little cock.”

I ran my tongue up and down the distended lips and then took, in turn, each lip into my mouth and slowly sucked. I could hear her breath coming faster and I rubbed my face back and forth, opening the swollen lips until I could wedge my face between them.

“Ohhh yesss…, inside me, put your face inside me.” Her fingers tightened in my hair and she began to press my face up and down, smearing her wetness over my face. “Come on cuntlapper, suck, suck my cunt while you beat your meat”‘

I did exactly as she commanded, I sucked and lapped and sucked, beating my meat in time to the thrust of her hips.

“Mmmm.., good, good” she moaned loudly. “Now my clit, you little pervert.” Pamela knew now, she had guessed it from the beginning but now she knew, I was a pervert! A cuntlapping pervert who could be coaxed into any degrading or humiliating act so long as I was allowed to suck. I only hoped Aunt Dorothy had recognized the depths of my perversion.

I moved my mouth to the protruding morsel and after taking it between my lips I began to suck it like a hungry infant sucks its mother’s teat, making loud sucking noises.

“Ohhhh god, oh goddd…” she moaned, “That’s it, that’s it, Right there. Suck my clit, suck it and make me cum”

My face was deep inside her pussy and my nose was rubbing her clit. Several times her pussy engulfed my whole face including my eyes and eyebrows.

Suddenly her nails were clawing at my head, she was moaning loudly and her hips slammed outward driving her cunt against my lips, she twisted her hips from side to side and suddenly my whole face was trapped inside her cunt.

“Ahhh…, ahhhh” she groaned. I glanced up into her face and saw a grimace that surely must be pain, but it was not! Pamela Trembled violently and then gasping for breath held my mouth tightly to her cunt as she emptied herself into it.

Her body convulsed several more times and then her fingers relaxed.

“Oh goddd…, she moaned softly and turned to look at Aunt Dorothy. “God Dot, no one has ever sucked my pussy like that before. No one has even come close!”

“I could tell” Aunt Dorothy said and as I looked at her and noticed for the first time that she was standing there totally nude.

“God Dorothy, he is just what I’ve been looking for. He would make a wonderful tongue slave” “You think so” she said, staring at me, a mocking smile on her lips.

“Oh god, I know so. Did you notice the way he beat his meat when I called him a cuntlapper?”

“Yes, I sure did” Aunt Dorothy exclaimed excitedly.

They were talking like I wasn’t even in the room. Like I was a nothing, a thing, whose tongue and mouth could be used at their leisure in whatever way they desired.

“I’ve never had a tongue slave but I’ve heard of them” Pamela moaned as she pressed at the back of my head. “He loves sucking cunt more than any guy I have ever known”

“Yes” Aunt Dorothy said. “And I suspect he will do just about anything you ask of him as long as he gets to eat your pussy”

Oh god, had sheread my mind! I began stroking my cock and licked out with my tongue.

“See . . . , see” Pamela exclaimed. “I bet he would even suck a cock if we made him.”

“Is that true Billy?” she asked and moved up close to the tub. “Would you suck a cock if we let you suck our pussies?”

“Yes a ma’am” I answered submissively

Aunt Dorothy held her fingers out to me. They were coated with her juices.

“Tell me about how you felt when you sucked Pamela” she said as she held out her wet fingers to my lips. Her eyes watched my hand as I began to fondle my hard cock.

“I lov . . . loved it” I stammered.

“Did she taste good?”

“Yes . . . , yes”

“You love the taste of pussy don’t you”

“Yes ma’am”

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to suck all the pussy you want?”

“Yes ma’am”

“And does that appeal to you”

I couldn’t help it, I raised my chin and thrust my tongue out, flicking it from side to side”

“I take it that means yes” and she chuckled obscenely.

“Yes ma’am”

I took her finger tips into my mouth, sucking her juice from them. I began to tell them my story, How I had sucked Nicole and Beth, how I had become their pussy sucking slave. By the time I had finished they were both breathing heavy and their fingers were moving in and out of their pussies.

“That makes me very hot Billy.” Aunt Dorothy moaned.”I like the idea of having someone like you around”

“Me too” Pamela said with glee. “You are a very nasty boy Billy, but Dot and I like nasty, perverted boys.”

“Mmm…, I’d love to have him as a pussy sucking slave .” Aunt Dorothy said licking her lips

“I want to be your pussy sucking slave Aunt Dorothy, and Pamela’s too.”

I began stroking my cock harder, holding it out so they could watch.

“What do you think Pamela?” Aunt Dorothy said with an evil grin. “Should we allow him to be our pussy sucking slave?”

“Yes, I think so” she said with an evil grin. “He needs women like us and we deserve him.”

“And you’re sure you want to do this” she asked, looking me full in the eyes.

“Yes, more than anything in the world.”

“And you won’t tell anyone?”

“No, I promise”

“Then lets go to the bedroom and let you begin your new life”

She pulled me from the bed to my feet and holding onto my cock lead me into the bedroom. Pamela followed and when Aunt Dorothy lay back on the edge of the bed Pamela forced me to my knees.

I began to suck and suck and suck. I licked, sucked, and thrust my tongue deep inside her. Aunt Dorothy watched as I flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit. She sighed and smiled. I took her clit into my mouth and gently sucked.

“Oh yes” she said as she grinned down at me. “You do love to suck don’t you, and Aunt Dorothy is going to let you suck her pussy all you want”

It only took about five minutes until she was cuming in my mouth.

“Swallow it” she said. “Swallow it like the cum sucker you are.”

I swallowed like a man about to die of thirst. She kept fucking my tongue and her cum continued to dribble into my mouth.

When she had finished, we moved to the bed. She looked over at me and smiled as we lay there out of breath.

“That was so nasty” she said with a leer. “Was my cum good, did you like the way it tasted?”

“Yes, it was wonderful”

She smiled. “Mmm…, I’m glad because I loved cuming in your mouth. It’s so nasty and exciting. Aunt Dorothy’s going to fill your mouth with cum many times before this night is through”

I looked away, my heart beating fiercely. “And I can be your pussy sucking slave?”

Her eyes were lowered, an amused smile on her face. She rolled over and straddled my face.

“Yes” she hissed and lowered her pussy to my mouth. “You are now Aunt Dorothy’s pussy sucking slave. Now, suck my pussy and do it slow, cause after this I’m going to teach you how to eat your cum from my pussy” She laughed “And we’ve got all weekend for you to practice.”

I did learn to eat my cum that weekend. It didn’t taste so bad and before the weekend was over I had become very accustomed to the taste. In fact my cum mixed with Aunt Dorothy and Pamela juices was very much a turn-on.

I remember that Aunt Dorothy had changed places with Pamela and while I kneeled on the floor and sucked Pamela’s pussy Aunt Dorothy sat behind me and with her hand between my legs stroked my cock up and down. It was more than I could take and in a few minutes it was obvious that my climax was nearing.

“Let him fuck you Pamie” Aunt Dorothy said with urgency.

“Why” Pamela exclaimed. “He’s sucking so good, I’m about to cum”

“You’ll get to cum just let him cum first, inside you”

“Mmm…, you don’t mean” Pamela moaned.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean”

“Oh yes, oh God yes” she groaned and pushed my face from her loins.

I didn’t really want to fuck Pamela but I knew that Aunt Dorothy intended to make me. I shifted from my knees to a braced position between Pamela’s thighs and it was then I felt Aunt Pamela’s fingers encircle my cock, her other hand prompted my ass forward and I felt the tip of my cocksnug up into the fleshy hole that was Pamela’s birth canal.

“Fuck him Pamie” Aunt Dorothy growled. “Fuck him hard and fast, make him cum”

I felt my cock slide into Pamela’s depths and I knew I was cuming.

“I can’t feel him Dot. His cock is to small. It’s no good I can’t cum this way.”

“Don’t worry babe, he’s gonna make you cum but not with his cock. Now, make him cum”

It wasn’t what Pamela wanted and it wasn’t what I wanted but I was to far gone and no matter because it was what Aunt Dorothy wanted.

Suddenly I was cuming, strong and hard. My cock convulsed a number of times, several times spurting my cum deep inside Pamela’s cunt and then on the swollen pubes as Aunt Dorothy pulled my body backwards allowing the last of my cum to splatter across Pamela’s pussy, belly and all the way to her breasts. Pamela’s hips leapt from the bed. Her pussy, now matted with my cum, searching for anything that would satisfy her lust.

“Oh god Dot, make him eat it” Pamela shrieked. ” I want to see him eat that cum from my pussy.”

Suddenly I felt Aunt Dorothy’s fingers in my hair, her hands began to force my face down towards what Pamela was offering me so eagerly.

“Do this Billy, do this for me. Show me, show me how much you want to please me.”

My heart was beating like crazy, pounding in my ears and head. My face was burning and I began to feel a kind of mental intoxication. My face was drifting closer and closer to that morass of cum and pussy lips. I saw Pamela’s hips raise, her thighs widened preparing to receive my face, my whole head.

“Do it Billy, do it, suck my pussy, show me how bad you need it”

I hesitated for a moment and looked up into Pamela’s face. She was watching me with eyes that seemed almost demonic. There was a sneer on her face and as if in slow motion she brought her pussy up to my face. I opened my mouth wide and as she continued to watch I covered her pussy with my open mouth and thrust my tongue deep. I heard her groan but it was a strange groan. It was if I was in a tunnel and her voice was diffused and scattered, almost echoing. Her hand gripped my head as her hips moved in slow, dipping and revolving, spreading my cum and her pussy all over my face. And then things sped up, back to normal. My palms cradled her buttocks and I realized that I was sucking my cum from the depths of her succulent pussy.

“That’s it Billy, that a good little pussy sucker, get it all. Suck that cum, show your Aunt Dorothy what a cum sucking slut you are.” It was Pamela and she was really getting off to the idea that I would eat cum just to suck her pussy.

“Oh god Dot, this is so powerful, we can make him do any thing we want as long and we let him suck.”

“I know” Aunt Dorothy said with a chuckle. “And I’m really looking forward to trying some really kinky things.”

I just couldn’t seem to get enough of Pamela’s pussy in my mouth. I had taken both fully swollen lips into my mouth and sucked so deeply that Pamela had to push me away. I tried desperately to return to that wet warm place but they both finally managed to get me back on my heels.

“Fuck” Pamela exclaimed. “He’s sucked me out. I don’t think I can take anymore for awhile, let him suck you for awhile”

“My pleasure ” Aunt Dorothy laughed softly and stood. She slowly helped me to my feet and then pushed me back on the bed. I lay back and hoped that what had happened with Pamela was about to happen with Aunt Dorothy.

She smiled when she saw me open my mouth and wiggle my tongue.

“Don’t worry Billy, you’ll get to suck me all you want but first I want what Pamela got.”

I trembled as I waited for her to say it.

“I want you to suck your cum from my pussy, in fact from now on the only way you get to suck my pussy is when it has cum in it.”

She waited for a few seconds for me to respond.

“Wha.., what if I can’t cum anymore” I said bleakly

“Well then…,” she said with a wicked grin. “There’s no end of guys wanting this pussy baby and all of them have big cocks that can fill me to the brim.”

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