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The Lonely Lady

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Once there was a lonely lady. Very lonely. And for far too long a time. Her neighbors were all middle-aged like her. And all were married. But not her; she had no interest in marriage nor in her neighbors’ tedious husbands. It was enough to work, to cook and clean for herself. And she could please herself whenever she wanted to, and she wanted to often. But still, now and again, she felt lonely, she felt the desire to have another with whom to share some pleasure.

She arose one mid-week morning and found herself in a playful mood. No work this day, she thought, and so she began her day as naked as she had slept. After breakfast she decided to play a little, and began to put on a bit of make-up, a light blue eye shadow and a touch of pink lipstick to start. She looked herself over in the mirror, and found she liked what she saw.

“Not bad for a woman pushing the big Five-O,” she said to herself, and no one would have disagreed. Some lines on her face, of course, but her skin was still as white as marble and as smooth as silk. Her breasts sagged a little bit, but at their size they’d sag a bit at any age. Her waist was a bit wider than in her youth, but still a neat narrowing between breasts and hips. Her hips were wider, too, but still firm in their fullness. And her legs! She wasn’t tall, but the long, smooth flesh of her thighs and shins looked like it went on forever.

She finished with her lipstick and cupped her breasts in her hands, lifting them towards the mirror. As her fingers began to toy with her nipples, she was startled by a knock on her front door. “A visitor!” she thought to herself, “How nice!” She quickly threw on a housecoat and buttoned it as she hurried to the door.

To her delight, it was a good-looking young man. He introduced himself and said something about some god or other. She really wasn’t paying attention to anything he said, she just devoured him with her eyes as she invited him in. And as soon as he was in, she closed the door behind him.

He took out a booklet as he stood there, and proceeded to tell her something about his religion, but all she saw was his handsome young face, maybe 25 years old she thought, and his trim body under his pressed white shirt and tan chino pants. Her eyes fixed on his zipper as she imagined it bulging out for her, and she resolved to try to make that happen.

She looked back up at him, and saw him blush; he knew what she was looking at and was embarrassed. “How cute,” she thought to herself as she mischievously looked him straight in the eye. He tried to avoid her gaze, and focussed on her right hand. She knew she had him now, and watched as his eyes followed her hands up to the first button on her housecoat.

“Go on; don’t mind me. I’m finding it a bit hot in here,” she said as she popped the button open. She left her fingers there to keep his eyes on the bit of skin that she had just revealed. She paused to savor the moment, and then undid the second button. The start of her cleavage was just visible, and the young man again blushed. He was still talking about religion, maybe stammering more than talking, and she interrupted him.

“What did you say your name was?” she asked in a low sultry voice.

“Gus,” he answered.

“Like in Augustine?” she asked. He nodded, and she added, “Like the saint. Wasn’t he the one who had a wild time in his youth and only got religion when he was older?”

“I-I-I t-t- think so,” he stuttered as she undid the next two buttons. Her cleavage was fully apparent, her full breasts pressing close against each other, and she ran her fingers lightly down the crevice to make sure he saw it all.

As his eyes widened in following her fingers, she looked at his zipper again. It seemed she was having her way; something was definitely pushing against it. She leaned forward a little to give him a glimpse of what he had yet to see, and he gasped to see her pink areolae and the thick, stiffened nipples that protruded from them. The bulge behind his zipper twitched with his gasp, and she smiled to herself.

She looked him straight in the eyes now, and he returned the look, not noticing her hand undoing the buttons right down to her waist. “It’s so hot in here,” she cooed to him, “Don’t you think so,” and slid the housecoat down over her shoulders.

“I g-g-g-g-guess-s-s-s so,” he tried to say as his jaw fell with the sight of her naked breasts and stiffened nipples.

She breathed heavily to raise her tits up towards his gaping eyes. “Just feel how hot I am,” she whispered, and she took his hands in hers and placed them one on each breast. He nodded rapidly in agreement as she pressed his palms tight over her nipples and squeezed his fingers around each breast.

“Oh, goodness,” the lady thought to herself, “maybe he’s never done this before. I guess I’ll have to help him a bit.” So she squeezed his hands with hers, pressing his fingers into the softness of her breasts, and guided them in circles to rub herself. Gus proved to be a quick learner, and soon his hands were eagerly kneading and massaging her full, round, receptive tits.

Her nipples swelled and grew stiffer, thrusting harder into his palms, but his fingers still had not discovered them. “Time for another little lesson,” she thought as she softly moaned with pleasure, and she began to unbutton his starched white shirt. When all the buttons were undone, she slid her hands under each side and began to stroke his chest. He sighed with her touch as her hands stroked in circles over his pecs. Then she suddenly grasped his nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and began to twist and twirl them. He moaned as his body stiffened with surprise and then gasped as her fingers pulled hard, stretching his nipples out from his chest.

Again he learned quickly, and his fingers easily seized her long and erect nipples. Now it was her turn to moan as he twisted and tugged on them and to gasp as he yanked them, stretching each breast as far as he could. She let the force of his pull draw her to his chest, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him to her. Her lips met his and pressed hard and hot against them, prying them apart. Her tongue darted out from her mouth and into his, circling his lips and jabbing at his tongue, teasing it and luring it out to her lips. As it began to enter her mouth, she caught hold of it and sucked in so hard that he gasped once again. She had it now, and her tongue played with it while she sucked on it. She could sense his excitement as his hands played faster and harder with her tits.

Time to end the kiss, and, with her arms still around his neck, she began to drop slowly to her knees in front of him. He held on to her nipples as she descended, and they broke free of his hands as her knees reached the floor. Her arms slid down his chest as she knelt, and now she brought them to the waistband of his pants. She quickly undid his belt, button, and zipper, and dropped his chinos to the floor. She stared at the bulge in the front of his neat, white briefs, and marvelled at how wet and how large it was.

Her hands moved to the waistband of the briefs, now, and she rolled them down his hips, ever-so-slowly, savoring every moment in anticipation of what was to come. The elastic held his cock down until it was lowered enough, and then his organ sprung free, leaping to attention right in front of the lady’s wide eyes. Both she and Gus gasped, he with surprise and her with delight. His cock was long and thick, one of the biggest she’d seen, standing stiffer than she could imagine, and she wanted it. Her mouth was still open from her gasp as she moved her lips towards Gus’s manhood, hungrily enveloping its swollen head. Drops of fluid oozed out as she took him in, and her tongue avidly lapped each drop from the tip of his cock. Gus let out a long sigh as her mouth and tongue slid over his corona and down his shaft. And the sigh turned to a moan of pleasure from deep inside him as she began to suck on him, drawing more blood, more arousal, into his already swollen cock.

Back and forth she went, stroking with her tongue as she came up the shaft to the head and then sucking hard to glide back down to his root. Gus moaned and sighed with each stroke, and found his knees getting weaker and weaker. Instinctively his hands searched for support, but all they found was the lady’s head. He grasped tightly to keep from falling, and took hold of her hair as well. Her stroking stopped now, with her head held immobile by his hands, but his cock craved, demanded the sensation. Unconsciously he began to thrust his hips, driving his penis in and out of her mouth, his scrotum crashing against her chin. He moaned again, and so did the lady, delighted by his initiative.

She encouraged him with her tongue on each thrust, and each of Gus’s thrusts became deeper and faster than the one before. His cock was driving down her throat now, and she loved the force and the heat and the taste of it. Suddenly his body stiffened and the thrusts stopped; she knew he was going to cum, but did he know? He began to tremble, but still no orgasm. He couldn’t move his hips, but he wanted her strokes again. His hands pulled her head back, and her lips slid over his shaft. Then he pulled her forward. Then back again and forward again. The sensation was driving him wild. Back and forth he pulled and pushed her head, using her mouth to stroke his cock. She abandoned herself to his passion, becoming more and more excited with his wild and uncontrollable use of her. He was masturbating with her lips, and she loved it.

Her hands began to caress his balls, his legs and his ass as he pumped her up and down his throbbing cock, and her excitement flowed all through her, her pussy was so aroused its muscles started to convulse spewing juices from her labia and her hole itself. Her left hand instinctively drove between her legs, fingers inside her and palm rapidly rubbing her swollen clit. Her right hand held onto his balls, her middle finger outstretched and pressing hard on his anus. And then his back arched as his hands froze, holding her in place. His cock erupted in her mouth, semen spewing hot and salty straight down her throat, and she erupted too, her vagina spasming in wave after wave of pleasure. She sucked him as he came, and sucked again as he shot again. And again. And again. And she heard him cry out “My god!” with each eruption.

When she had sucked the last drop from him, she took his hands from her head and slid her lips from his cock, giving its head a final, warm kiss before she stood. She smiled broadly at him, a drop of semen flowing from her lip to her chin.

But he looked upset. “I’m sorry,” he cried, “I’ve been bad. I’ve never done anything like that before. I did have sex once, but it was proper, even if it was a sin.”

“There was nothing bad,” the lady said. “I had a great time, and I’m sure you did too. Didn’t it feel good?”

“Yes,” Gus replied, “but I’m not supposed to like it; I’m supposed to be a religious man.”

“But you are,” the lady reassured him. “After all, you had me down on my knees, and when you came, you kept shouting ‘My god, my god, my god!”

He smiled at her joke, and asked for her name.

“Mary,” she replied, and then added, “Still seems hot in here, Gus. Let’s get something cold to drink. Come on into the kitchen.”

He paused a moment before following so he could watch her walk. “God!” he thought to himself, “Just look at her!”

With the lower buttons still done up, the housecoat was draped down from her hips, accentuating the sway of her stride and the nakedness of her back. His eyes fixed on her back as she walked, on the soft, full flesh that covered her frame and on the dimples in her sacrum, just between her hips. He was aroused by her walk, and he felt his organ filling again with lust. A few quick steps and he overtook her at the kitchen door.

Silently, he placed his hands on her shoulders and brought her to a stop. She stood just as silently, waiting to see what he would do, and smiled to herself as she felt his fingers press into her shoulders and then slide slowly down her back to her hips. Mary sighed as his strong hands began coursing up her sides, fingers stroking over her ribs while thumbs kneaded the muscles of her back. He reached her armpits and then forced her arms upwards, sliding his fingers up their entire length until he held her by the wrists. He took both wrists at once in his left hand and held them high over her head while his right hand glided down her side to rest again on her hip.

Gus paused there, his deep, trembling breaths echoing in the silence, before bringing his hand to her front, spreading his fingers wide over Mary’s belly and pulling her body close to his. He was nearly a foot taller than she, and his cock, stiff and warm, prodded the bare flesh of her back. She sighed at the feel of it and at the feel of herself, outstretched by his grip of her wrists and completely open to any pleasures his hand might seek.

His wide-spread hand now moved up her front, pressing tight against her as it went, sliding under her left breast and lifting it while the right was raised by his forearm. “Oh, god!” she moaned to herself as his hand and arm rode firmly over her tits and let them drop as he moved past them. His fingers encircled her throat now, tightening gently around it as they slid up to her chin. On to her face now, his fingers on her cheek as his thumb traced the outline of her lips. Her quiet moan momentarily broke the silence as she drew his digit between her lips. He sighed as she sucked his thumb and stroked it with her tongue, and released his grip of her wrists. Both hands flowed down to find her tits, grasping each from above and squeezing, twisting, pulling at them while Gus buried his head in her hair, inhaling the perfume of her arousal. Mary brought her own hands down, laying them on top of his, encouraging and directing his massage.

Suddenly his body tensed, driving his cock hard into her back. His hands tightened their grip on the fulness of her breasts and he began to pull down on them, forcing her to her knees as he knelt behind her. Then he pulled her tits forward, bending her at the waist until her ass was up and his cock pressed against it through the housecoat. He released her breasts and his hands slid up to her sides and back to her hips, still pressing tight into her. His fingers caught hold of each side of her garment and yanked it away from her hips, tearing off the buttons and ripping the clothing from her. His throbbing cock now rested on the crack between her cheeks, dripping hot fluids on her flesh. Mary’s body jerked at his sudden lust, her muscles tightening while her nipples and clitoris stiffened.

He leaned back as he tossed the pieces of housecoat aside and looked at her backside. It was full and round and white, and it excited him. Without thinking, he raised his hand and slapped the right cheek with his open palm, raised it again, and brought it down in a backhand to the left. Mary squealed, half in surprise, at the spanks, and Gus took even deeper breaths as he watched his hand prints appear in pink on her white buttocks.

His breaths resounded in the silence, and the raw desire she heard in them excited Mary, leaving her quivering in anticipation of what might come. A very deep breath from Gus, almost whistling as it was inhaled, and his hand came down again on her cheeks. She winced, and sighed softly as she felt his cock leap against her.

Her cheeks were red now, and he began to massage them with his big hands, rubbing in broad circles to ease the sting of his slaps. His hands circled outwards and then inwards, meeting at her crack, and with each circle his hands moved further down between her thighs and rose, spreading her cheeks wider and wider. His eyes feasted on her bottom, her pussy dripping with fluids and the puckers of her tiny asshole opening and closing as he spread and squeezed her cheeks.

His cock stiffened harder and harder as he watched and massaged, and it twitched in time to his strokes and to the sighs they elicited from Mary. Drops of fluid oozed out of his meatus with every twitch until his glans was glistening with wetness. Unconsciously his hips thrust slowly forward, bring his oiled cock right to her asshole as he spread her cheeks. He kept them spread, pressing his glans insistently against her resisting hole. His tip squeezed its way in, eased by his fluids, and with more pressure, it opened further to his glans. But her anal ring closed tight at his broad corona. As he pushed now, he only pushed her further from him, and he brought his hands to her hips again.

Harder he pushed, driving his hips towards her while holding her hips tightly in place, and his cock pushed harder against her asshole, forcing it until it yielded, suddenly allowing his corona to pass and his whole shaft to follow. Mary screamed at the painful pleasure of the intrusion while Gus screamed as well at the tightness of her ass on his swollen cock.

The two of them had almost identical thoughts, two thoughts simultaneously, in fact, and seemingly opposed. One thought was “Oh God! That hurt!” and the other was “Oh God! That felt good.” Mary hoped Gus had the same thought because she wanted to feel it again. Gus did, and he pulled his cock out off her tight ass, screaming as much as when he went in since her anus had tightened around his shaft.

Mary groaned and moaned at his withdrawal. “Again!” she cried as he already was pushing at her hole. Resistance again, and then a new surrender. They both shuddered and cried with pleasure. And again he withdrew, and again he drove hard into her. They both cried out, screamed, grunted, sighed, moaned, and made sounds they couldn’t name, and each cry, each sound of the one added to the other’s arousal.

Now he stayed in her, driving in and drawing back just to her entrance, Bending over her, he took hold of her dangling, wildly swinging tits and began to stroke them from chest to nipple as he thrust shallowly in her ass. She moaned deep and long and his fingers squeezed down to her nipples, pulling hard on them before returning to her chest. She loved to be milked like that; it drove her wild, and she had even cum just by milking herself. Now she could feel the pleasure mounting in her body; the strokes in her ass and the strokes on her tits reverberated through her pussy to her clit and from there through her whole body.

She began to tremble and her vagina started to spasm; her anus followed, tightening over and over around Gus’s swollen cock. He bolted upright and drove deep into Mary’s ass.

“God!’ he cried, “it feels so good,” and he leaned on her hips for support.

She cried out “God, yes! Yes! Yes!” and pushed her hips back to drive him deeper.

“Oh, Mary! Mary!” Gus screamed as he froze with his cock in up to its root.

Mary came in a way she hadn’t in a long time, and the convulsions in her ass squeezed Gus every which way until he exploded in torrents of semen shooting into her. She was so tight around him that they both could feel every eruption as it distended his shaft and burst out his hole. He shot again and again, until he was drained. As his cock relaxed, it was forced out of her ass, and her tight little ring squeezed a last spurt of white fluid from his swollen purple glans.

She sat up and turned to him, kissed him deeply and warmly, then said, “Thank you, Gus, that was wonderful!” But she could see in his face a trace of moral concern. “No, Gus,” she said softly to him, “You weren’t being bad. What god, or goddess for that matter, could object to both of us being on our knees and crying out to the heavens?”

Gus smiled, took her into his arms and kissed her mouth long and hard.

A few moments more to regain their breath, and they resumed their trip to the kitchen.

Mary got them each a large glass of lemonade, and sat on a stool opposite Gus’s chair. Her vantage point gave her a full view of his naked body, and she made sure he could see her as well. He was well-muscled and well-proportioned, with dark hair and deep-set eyes. He was well-tanned, too, but very demurely, she noted; he was pale from his waist down to his knees. Her eyes fell once again on his cock, flaccid now, but still appealingly large. He blushed a bit when he saw she was looking, but he realized he had been looking at her in the same way. She could see that he liked what he saw, and decided to show him some more, and maybe get that big cock hard again.

She commented again on the hot spell they’d been experiencing, and slowly drew the icy glass across her breasts. The drops of condensation transferred from the glass to her skin, and glistened in the sunlight as her nipples stiffened from the chill of the ice.

“Mmmmmm, feels so cool and refreshing,” she murmured as she watched his hand brush over his pale organ. She massaged the droplets over her tits with her free hand, letting her fingers encourage the hardening of her nipples. Gus smiled at her, and followed her lead. He ran the cold glass over his cock and then wrapped his hand around its shaft, raising its head towards her.

“Very refreshing,” he sighed, taking a few strokes up and his cock, much to Mary’s delight.

Mary put her glass down and placed her hands flat on her thighs, pressing her breasts together with her arms. Gus’s eyes widened at the sight of her full tits being squeezed even fuller, and his hand instinctively tightened around his cock. She smiled, and then pushed her legs apart with her hands, sliding her fingers to the soft, sensitive skin of the inside of her thighs. Slowly she leaned back, drawing her hands up her legs to her pussy. She sighed as she opened her labia with a finger on each side, showing Gus the moist pink of her slit. Wider now, and her hole was open to his view. Her fingers found her hole as well, and circled round it, their tips sliding in and out as Gus’s breath became heavier. Her thumbs spread her lips to expose her clit, and she moaned long and low as they squeezed and massaged it between them. Her eyes were half-closed with pleasure, but she still saw his cock come to attention yet again.

Gus stood, stroking his cock as he approached Mary. She brought her hands up from her pussy to cup her breasts again and play with her erect nipples while she opened her legs as wide as she could for Gus. He knelt before her, his hands on the smooth insides of her thighs, and brought his lips to her pussy, tasting the hot wetness of her slit. His tongue slid out, remembering the lesson of her first kiss, and twirled and twisted, lapping at her dripping hole. He thrust it deep into her and then drew it out again, over and over as his swollen organ twitched in time to her moans and sighs.

His mouth moved up her slit, his tongue exploring every cranny, until he found her throbbing clit. A few licks, and he drew it between his lips, sucking it right from its root. Mary’s moans and sighs became a scream of delight as he grabbed his head and pulled his mouth even tighter to her pussy. His fingers found her hole now, and drove in, two of them feeling all around the inside of her vagina and then probing in deeper. He found a spot in the roof of her pussy that seemed to drive her crazy when he pressed it, and so he pressed it again and again, rubbing it and prodding it to her squeals of pleasure.

“God!” Mary cried out, and pulled his head from between her legs as she stood. She pushed him back to his seat and straddled him, yanking his head back and driving her lips and tongue against his gasping mouth. She held his head tight by the hair with one hand while her other reached down to find his erect cock.

“Ohhhhhh,” she sighed as she found it and brought its head to her hole, and then cried “God!” again as she sat on his lap, driving his cock quickly and deeply inside her. Now she placed her hands on his shoulders and began to rock rhythmically back and forth on his lap, sliding her vagina up and down his shaft. Her back and hips arched sinuously with each rock, pressing his cockhead hard into the roof of her pussy and then on up and in, stretching her to her limit. Her breathing became a mixture of rapid, shallow breaths and deep,low moans.

Gus echoed her cries; the strokes were as intensely pleasurable for him as for her, and he could feel his body and hers quiver and tremble as a sweat broke out on both their backs. He cupped her buttocks in his hands and stood up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist to hold on as he carried her to the kitchen table. He laid her down and began to drive his cock in and out of her, his hands on her shoulders holding her so he could drive in deeper with each stroke. He aimed each stroke high in her sheath to press that spot in the roof and then to stretch her out, tight all around his swollen and throbbing organ. Faster and deeper, and then suddenly their backs arched in unison, driving their organs together so tightly they felt that they might fuse. Her sheath gripped him so tightly she could feel the bleb of semen force its way though his shaft and spew out, crashing like a breaking wave against the rocks.

“God! God! God!” they screamed together as their tautened bodies quivered with the spasms of their orgasms and their fingers gripped tightly into each others flesh. Again and again his cock spewed froth its molten cum and again and again her pussy convulsed with waves of pleasure until they were both spent and collapsed atop the table.

They kissed as they recovered from their orgasms, and then, as Mary lay there with Gus grinning wildly at her, he said, “Thank you so much for the religion lesson,, Mary.”

“What do you mean, Gus?” asked Mary.

“Well, you’ve taught me the mystery of the goddess. Now I know that there is one goddess, but with three holes, each of which must be worshiped and adored in its own way. It is only through such adoration that man can hope to bask in the full grace and enjoyment of the goddess.”

“Very good!” said Mary. “You are a bright and gifted student. Would you like to come back for an advanced seminar in goddess worship?”

“I would be pleased and honored to study further under you, Mary,” Gus answered.

“Yes, Gus,” Mary concluded, “under me, over me, beside me, and many other ways.”

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