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Linda and Susan and Me

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“Linda, I have a surprise for you. Remember you asked me if I’d like to see you with another woman?”

Linda and I are colleagues and were in England for a new product launch. We are also lovers, still exploring each other and ourselves, having only been together 3 times, the 1,000 miles between our homes putting a bit of a limit on the time we could spend together.

“Yes?” Linda replied, wide eyed.

“Well, I have a friend who lives near here, I told her I was coming to visit and she got very excited because we have talked about meeting for a while now, but when I told her I wouldn’t be alone she was quite despondent. Then she asked me if you would object to us having some company and I said I didn’t think so.”

“Good call! Tell me about her!” Linda could barely contain her excitement.

“Her name is Susan, she is 23 years old, long dark hair, pouty lips, nice curvaceous body from what I’ve seen in her pictures, and she is just like you, horny as hell!”

“Jesus, get her here, I’m getting damp already!” Linda cried, wriggling uncomfortably on the wooden bar stool.

I looked at my watch. “She should be here any minute.”

“You talking about me, handsome?” a voice behind me said.

I spun round to see a gorgeous young woman whom I recognised instantly grinning at me.

“Hello Susan, it is so good to finally meet you!” I leaned into her welcoming hug then pulled back for a second before we gave each other a polite introductory kiss.

“Andy, I have been dying for this moment for months!” Her eyes danced and she gave her lips a wicked lick. She looked questioningly at Linda who sat on the stool next to me with an expectant gleam in her eyes.

“Susan, this is Linda. Linda, Susan.”

The two women sized each other up for a moment and for an instant I thought this was a huge mistake. Then Linda leaned forward without a word and kissed Susan softly on the lips. Susan’s eyes closed and her lips parted slightly, I saw Linda’s tongue tentatively extend and touch Susan’s lips, instantly they parted more and then the women were kissing warmly and passionately. My cock jumped to attention and was instantly at full erection as I watched. The kiss ended, reluctantly it seemed, and their lips parted. They looked breathlessly at each other, and then Linda spoke.

“It is so nice to meet you Susan, Andy only told me about you a few minutes ago. We are going to have such fun together!”

Susan’s lips were parted and I thought she was going to attack Linda right there in the pub.

“Great meeting you too Linda, Andy described me to you but the real thing is just so sexy!”

Linda leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

“You’re so sweet! Andy, pay the bill and let’s get out of here before I strip this gorgeous babe naked right here!”

We arrived at the guesthouse about half an hour later. I had booked a room in a quiet village not far from where Susan lived, and close to the venue for our business meeting. I had requested a room with a big bed and I wasn’t disappointed. Both women’s eyes lit up when they saw the bed.

“This is going to be great!” exclaimed Linda.

“Oh God yes!” Susan agreed. My mind was in a whirl, I had known that both of them were keen on a threesome but I wasn’t expecting them to be so friendly so fast, I still hadn’t had a proper kiss from Susan! She seemed to read my mind, walking over to me.

“I have wanted you for so long, handsome, kiss me now.” She murmured, her voice heavy with lust.

I leaned down and kissed her beautiful upturned face, her lips warm and full, her tongue alive between my lips. I sucked the tip gently and she moaned softly. My cock was hardening in my jeans, she leaned in and felt it against her stomach. She pulled away and stroked my groin, her eyes widening. She looked at Linda.

“Does he know how to use this?”

“Oh yes….and so do I!” Linda replied wickedly. She sat down in the chair in the corner of the room and leaned back. “Come on then Andy, you shy?”

I grinned. “Having an audience is new babe, relax!” I looked back at Susan who had untied her hair and shaken it loose. Her eyes were screaming, “strip me and fuck me.”

Let me describe these delicious women, similar and different at the same time.

Linda is blonde, Susan is brunette.

Linda is 37, Susan is 23.

Both petite, Linda is 5’2”, Susan is 5’.

Both busty and luscious, Linda is 34DD, Susan is 36D.

Both are shaven, Linda I know is smooth, Susan I have heard, but I know I will see very very soon….

Back to the bedroom. Susan took me by the hand and pushed me down to sit on the edge. She climbed on top of me, straddling my thighs, looked me straight in the eyes then started stroking her breasts, almost absent-mindedly. As she stroked, the impression of her nipples appeared through her blouse as they hardened under her caresses.

“My breasts have been waiting for you Andy….they can’t wait any longer….”

I reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse, reaching the bottom and easing it off her shoulders. Her skin was milky white and her luscious breasts were barely contained in a plunging black lacy bra, rising and falling as her breathing increased in pace. As I reached behind her to unfasten the bra she closed her eyes and sighed, stretching her arms above her head. I unclipped the garment and slid the straps from her shoulders, she dropped her arms and the bra joined the blouse on the floor. My hands stroked up her sides and I caressed the undersides of her breasts, I watched in amazement as her nipples hardened even more, the aureoles puckered and stiff with arousal.

A sigh from the corner of the room caused us both to turn our heads. Linda was sprawled in the chair, one hand under her blouse and the other down the front of her loose fitting slacks. Her eyes were glazed and her breathing was heavy.

“Fuck, I am loving watching this, don’t stop!” she breathed.

I looked back at Susan. “Let’s really give her a show”, I whispered.

She grinned and kissed me, her lips and tongue exploring my mouth. “I want your cock inside me so much” she mumbled without breaking the kiss.

Susan locked her arms round my neck and I stood up, turning round and laying her on her back on the bed. I unfastened the waistbutton of her pants and pulled them off without ceremony. She leaned up on her elbows and watched as I pushed her knees apart and licked my way up her left thigh, the scent of her already dripping wet pussy guiding me upwards. As I advanced she parted her legs more and more, by the time my nose touched the fabric of her little black panties her legs were well apart and she was panting audibly. I licked at the crotch of her panties, it was sodden and sweet, I licked with the flat of my tongue and her panting became a moan.

“Stop fucking teasing me and take them off!” she cried.

I looked across at Linda who was now only wearing her panties; she was looking directly at me and had her left nipple in her mouth, still stroking her cunt with her right hand. She smiled and her nipple left her mouth with a plop.

“Eat her pussy Andy, I want to watch you lick her sweet cum.”

“Yes, eat my pussy Andy!” Susan echoed Linda’s request.

I grabbed the waistband of Susan’s panties and ripped them off, exposing her glistening smooth pussy. She was lubricating freely now, aroused and ready and I bent to kiss her just above her slit. I licked directly downwards and parted her lips with my tongue, tasting her sweetness directly for the first time. Her clit was erect and throbbing and I grazed the tip with my tongue, and then curled my tongue deep into her wet slot, licking the juices from her. Suddenly there was a voice in my ear.

“Kiss me my love, I want to taste her!” Linda had left her seat and was kneeling next to me. I kissed her and she sucked Susan’s sweet cum off my tongue, moaning with ecstasy as she did so.

“Let me taste too!” Susan exclaimed. Linda crawled up the bed and pushed her tongue into Susan’s mouth as I reinserted my tongue into her pussy, which was now throbbing and grasping at my tongue. I stroked my tongue upwards to her clit and licked it in circles, gently inserting my right index finger into her sopping hole. I could hear the women moaning and panting and, looking up, saw that Susan was sucking one of Linda’s magnificent nipples while she herself sucked the other one. Susan’s left hand was rubbing furiously at Linda’s cunt, occasionally she would bring her fingers to her lips and lick them clean, then Linda would kiss her to get at her own taste.

“Fuck me Andy, fuck me now, please, I don’t want to wait any longer!” Susan cried.

I looked at Linda and she winked at me. I knelt between Susan’s widespread thighs and took my steel hard cock in my hand, stroking the head teasingly up and down between her pussy lips. She gasped and looked down, Linda’s lips were firmly attached to her left nipple and she sucked like a hungry baby. Susan was breathing really raggedly now, her beautiful breasts heaving, and I decided I had tortured her enough. Leaning forward I pushed gently and my cock head disappeared into her pussy with a soft plop.

“Oh, Jesus Christ that is good!” Susan’s eyes closed as I stroked my cock slowly all the way into her, then stopped. I withdrew again just as slowly, looking down at my cock glistening with her juices.

“Let me have a little taste please Andy.” Linda’s face was now inches from my cock, I withdrew all the way and turned my hips slightly, she caught my sticky cock in her mouth and sucked it down, licking and swallowing, deeper and deeper till her nose touched my groin. When my cock emerged from her mouth it was nice and clean, and I plunged it back into Susan’s gasping pussy without ceremony. Lifting her legs up on my shoulders I held her ass with my hands and started long deep strokes, feeling my balls slapping her ass as I pounded into her with such force that her breasts were shaking. Suddenly I stopped.

“Whatcha doing babe?” Susan looked questioningly at me.

“I want to fuck you from behind, I want to see your delicious ass while I fill you with my cock,” I replied.

Her eyes gleamed and she turned over, down on her elbows and her ass high in the air. I knelt behind her and slipped my cock easily back into her tight wet pussy, pushing it to full depth in one stroke.

“Oh God that is so fucking deep!!” Susan squirmed as I grasped her hips and pulled myself deeper into her. Her tight pussy gripped my cock like a vice and I stroked long and deep, looking down I could see that my cock head was almost totally out of her on the back stroke.

Looking down I also saw a blonde head! Linda had wriggled in underneath Susan, and had positioned herself so that Susan could eat her pussy, I saw that Linda’s legs were hooked behind Susan’s elbows which meant that her cunt was open and easily accessible to Susan’s willing mouth. The slurping and moaning from Susan meant that she was really getting into licking pussy, and in reciprocation Linda was licking Susan’s clit below me as I fucked her pussy, Linda’s vibrant tongue was also stroking my cock as I fucked in and out of Susan’s tight young pussy.

I was so aroused by the sexy young woman I was fucking for the first time and Linda as a willing spectator and participant that I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“I’m going to cum soon, ladies”, I said.

“Cum on her stomach lover, I want to lick it up” said Linda. Hearing that pushed me over the edge and my balls tightened, as I felt the cum rocketing up my shaft I pulled out and flipped Susan onto her back as the hot cream exploded into the air. The first spurt hit Susan right on her cheek as she leaned up on her elbows again to watch, the second landed between her breasts, then more, spurt, spurt, all over her creamy skin, even as I pumped more out Linda was licking my hot cum from Susan’s breasts, then up to lick her sticky cheek. As I watched they kissed, transferring my cum to Susan’s hungry mouth, she looked at me wickedly and opened her mouth to show me my cum on her tongue before giving an exaggerated swallow. Linda licked up the rest and swallowed too, and they both smiled at me.

“Your cum tastes great!” they chorused. We all laughed as I lay down on the bed between them. Susan sat up and stroked my softening cock, sticky with her juices. Bending her head, she started to lick it tenderly, cleaning her cum from my cock and starting the revival, somehow I knew this was going to be a long day! Linda leaned across and licked my ear.

“Was that good baby?”

“Mmmm, she is so hot and tight!” I replied.

“You have really neglected me today.”

“Sorry lover, how can I make amends?” I asked, knowing Linda was joking and had thoroughly enjoyed they day so far.

“I have something hot and tight too, but first, eat my pussy” she replied, getting up on her knees and straddling my head. She sat up straight and pushed her smooth wet pussy down on my face, grinding her hips back and forward as my tongue snaked into her and licked her lips, sucking her labia into my mouth and she squirmed with pleasure. I stroked a finger into her pussy then rubbed the tip against her tight little asshole.

“Oh yes, finger fuck my ass, please!” Linda cried.

Susan was still licking and sucking my cock, stroking my smooth shaven balls, the feeling and the taste of Linda’s pussy was reviving my cock in record time. I could feel that hot mouth round my cock, hardening and lengthening all the time, till it was back at full strength again. Linda was stroking and kissing her breasts above me, and then Susan took my cock from her mouth.

“Linda, he’s ready to fuck you.”

“Mmmm, thank you darling” Linda replied, easing herself off my face and kissing Susan warmly on her lips. The women were now on their knees at either side of me, and Linda leaned down to kiss the tip of my fully erect cock, the head smooth as glass it was so hard.

“I have an idea and I’m sure he will like this” Linda said. “In fact we will all like this!”

She started to lick my cock up and down, slowly with the flat of her tongue. After a couple of strokes Susan got the idea and began to lick in unison on the opposite side of my cock. I leaned up on my elbows to watch these two beautiful women licking my cock; it was the most arousing thing I had ever seen! As they licked to the tip of my cock they kissed, their tongues entwining, then parting and licking back down to the base of my shaft.

Then things changed. Linda turned her head and started to nibble up and down my cock, sucking motions as if she was eating an ice-lolly, while Susan stayed at the head and sucked and licked it, just the head, nothing more.

“Oh God ladies, this is too much” I groaned.

“You going to cum?” asked Susan.

“Oh yeah, any minute! I exclaimed.

“Come with me Susan,” said Linda, quickly getting off the bed and kneeling on the floor. “Kneel here next to me, be ready for his cum!”

I sat up on the edge of the bed facing them, stroking my cock, feeling my orgasm building. I stroked it full length then that familiar feeling started.

“Here it comes babes!”

They closed their eyes as the cum blasted forth, splattering Linda’s face with the first spurt, then Susan’s with the second, I alternated spraying each woman’s beautiful face with hot sauce until the spurts subsided.

Linda opened her eyes first, turning to Susan and licking her eyelids clean of my cum. When Susan could open her eyes she returned the favour, licking Linda’s cheek. After each lick the women kissed, then went back to licking each other clean like two affectionate cats. When their faces were clean again Linda took my cock in her mouth to suck the last dregs of cum, then sat back and sighed.

“Fuck Andy, I can’t get enough of your cum!”

“Me neither” Susan agreed. “it is just so damned tasty!”

“God I am finished!” I lay back on the bed.

“That’s what you think,” said Linda firmly. “You haven’t fucked me yet, in fact you have hardly touched me today!”

“Can I get my breath and my hard on back first?” I asked.

“Okay lover, Susan and I will amuse ourselves for you” replied Linda. “Susan, I’m sure Andy would enjoy watching us play?”

“I don’t care if he enjoys it, I know I will!” Susan’s excited and nervous tone told me she couldn’t wait to get to grips with the curvaceous older woman.

Linda lay down on the bed and turned to Susan.

“Come and get on top of me darling, let me taste your sweetness.”

Susan grinned and swung a leg over Linda’s head, lowering her pussy onto the blonde woman’s face. Linda closed her eyes and began to slowly lick the insides of Susan’s thighs before turning her attention to the wet smooth pussy an inch from her mouth. I watched with interest as Linda’s tongue touched its target, Susan’s eyes flew open and she gasped with pleasure. As Linda licked deeper Susan began to pivot her hips back and forward, coating Linda’s face with her abundant juices.

After a few minutes of this Susan decided it was time to return the favour and lowered her face between Linda’s widespread legs. Her shaven pussy shone with moisture, which the younger woman licked and swallowed with relish. Watching these two pleasuring each other was extremely erotic and before I knew it my hard on was back to full strength.

I rolled quietly off the bed and knelt at the edge of the bed closest to Linda’s feet. Susan looked up at me and grinned, I indicated to her what I wanted to do and she nodded her head. Sitting straight up on Linda’s face, she started to play with her hard little nipples and I crept onto the bed between Linda’s thighs. She was so into eating Susan’s tight pussy that she didn’t know what was happening until my hard cock was buried in her hot soaking pussy.

“Ohhhhh, God!” she exclaimed. “ I love your cock in me!”

“I love my cock in you too!” I replied, stroking deeply in and out. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Susan’s but just as hot and wet, and she writhed under Susan and me as I fucked her slowly. Susan climbed off her face and left her gasping for air as she bent to lick Linda’s clit, licking my cock too as it stroked in and out of Linda’s smooth slot.

“Get on your back!” Linda commanded, “You know I like to be on top!”

Obediently I pulled my cock from her soaking pussy with a soft sucking sound, lying back with my hands behind my head. Linda straddled my hips and, taking my sticky cock in her right hand, lowered herself onto me with a satisfied sigh. I reached up and started to caress her luscious breasts, the nipples were rock hard and standing straight out. She leaned forward and I pushed her breasts together, sucking both nipples into my mouth and nibbling gently on the hard knobs. As she leaned forward Susan was behind her, licking up and down the crack of her ass.

“Oh…Susan….that is great! But, why don’t you sit on his face?” Linda suggested. “He licks like a star!”

Susan grinned and glanced at me, licking her lips. Linda sat upright and stroked her nipples suggestively, still grinding her pussy back and forwards on my cock buried deep in her. Susan straddled my head and lowered her smooth pink pussy onto me, facing Linda. I began to lick her gently, but she pushed herself down onto my face and I pushed my tongue deeper into her, hearing her moan with pleasure. As I licked and sucked her delicious slot she leaned forward and I sensed that she and Linda were bonding again! Sure enough, the sounds of wet sucking kisses made it passed Susan’s thighs pressed against my ears, and I wished I could see what was going on, although the position I was in was perfect!

Meanwhile, beyond my field of vision, Linda and Susan were discovering each other’s breasts, rubbing their nipples together and stroking the other’s luscious curves. Occasionally one would bend and suck the other’s nipple, all the while Linda was fucking up and down on my rampant cock and Susan was grinding her pussy into my face, coating me with her sweet honey. Suddenly Linda stopped moving and clamped my cock with her strong cunt muscles.

“Andy? I want your cock in my ass!” Linda panted.

Susan climbed off my face with some reluctance, while Linda pulled herself off my cock and rolled over onto her hands and knees, her ass high in the air. I knelt beside her and Susan watched with interest as I stroked my cock into Linda’s pussy again, making sure my cock was properly wet with her juices. On impulse Susan leaned down and licked up and down between Linda’s cheeks, wiggling her tongue at the tight little ass before licking back up again. Linda gasped and moaned.

“Jesus that is good but I want your cock Andy, please!”

I slowly withdrew my cock from Linda’s pussy and positioned the head at her tight rear entrance. I felt Linda push back against it; I grasped her hips and pushed gently. Gradually I felt her ass give, then with a soft plop the head was inside the tight ring.

“Mmmmm, that’s big, it’s tight!” Linda cried.

“Want me to stop babe?” I asked.

“Oh no, push gently, I want it all!” she replied.

I pushed and slowly but surely my cock was being swallowed by Linda’s ass. I have never felt anything so tight, and the heat was amazing. Finally I felt her ass cheeks against my groin. Linda looked over her shoulder at me; she was sweating and panting with the stretching of her ass.

“That’s it lover, it’s in, fuck my ass, fill my ass with hot cum!”

Susan had meanwhile positioned herself at Linda’s head and was spreading her pussy lips with her fingers so that Linda had unobstructed access to her clit. Linda licked like there was no tomorrow, the room was filled with the sounds of pussy licking, ass fucking and all round panting as I fucked Linda’s tight ass to my 3rd orgasm of the day. Linda had reached down between her legs with one hand and was stroking her big clit with her fingers, while furiously licking Susan’s clit.

Susan came first, she threw back her head and shuddered, gasping as Linda’s expert clit licking pushed her over the edge. Her orgasm seemed to trigger Linda’s, a shudder racked her whole body and I felt her ass pulsing around my cock as she came, this in turn just finished me off and my cock pumped hot cum into Linda’s unbelievably tight ass, my fingers gripping her ass cheeks as I emptied my balls into her.

I pulled slowly out of Linda and collapsed on the bed. She rolled over and put her head on my shoulder, while Susan lay with her head on my chest.

“Jeez ladies, that was amazing! What could be next?” I asked.

“More, more!” they replied in unison.

I looked down at my swollen red cock, poor thing; it never knew what hit it!

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