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It’s My Life: Four

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My husband Mike, after claiming that I promised to let him find me another girl to have sex with, went at his self-appointed task with his typical enthusiasm.

Amazingly, he managed to succeed. This at least showed me that I wasn’t the only one who would do anything he asked. I always thought that he had some sort of power that enabled him to propose the most outlandish things to people and they would actually do them.

I was only kidding when I thought that, but I saw it happen too many times with people with a lot more on the ball than me to totally dismiss it.

It’s 1974 in a town on the outskirts of Utica, New York, and we haven’t been married a year yet.

* * * * * * * * *

1. Mike the talent scout.

“There she is!” Mike practically yelled in my ear as he poked through the venetian blinds at the figure that was helping the old lady from next door into her car.

“I can’t see,” I complained as I struggled to see through the window pane that had been made foggy by our breath.

Mike to the rescue. He forced his big paw through the shades and swiped at the glass to clear the fog and the blinds went swaying wildly, breaking the first rule of urban snooping. Don’t make it obvious. Luckily the weather was so bad visibility was lousy, and the girl had her hands full with the old woman besides.

“This is so fucking fantastic!” Mike said as he squeezed me with the big hand that was draped over my shoulders. “I’m going crazy.”

On that point we were in full agreement, because Mike was a loon. This quest of his to find a girl for me to make love to had gone on for over a month, and his every thought seemed to be based on that.

“How about her?” Mike would say if we passed a woman in the store that met his qualifications, and I would be forced to give him my appraisal of the girl.

I would also be quizzed on my opinions of the actresses in the porn movies on our trips to the ‘Petit Cinema’, although with the coming of winter our visits had become less frequent. The wind that whistled into the building froze everything from the knees down, and it must have been damn cold for Mike to pass on going.

After the girl got the old woman inside, Mike went through his dresser and pulled out his high school yearbook, rifling through the pages until he found her.

“There she is,” Mike crowed. “Suzanne March! Not bad, is she?”

The picture of a rather sullen young girl with black hair posed in the traditional manner for her senior picture did nothing for me one way or the other, but more importantly to Mike, I didn’t recognize her.

“C’mon Becky, you have to remember her! Suzanne March!” Mike insisted.

“Mike, I never heard of any Suzanne March and she doesn’t look any more familiar to me no matter how loudly you yell her name in my ear,” I said. “Besides, she was a year ahead of you and you were two years ahead of me.”

I didn’t mention the fact that I was rarely in school myself when I actually was supposed to be. Sophomore girls didn’t hang around with senior girls as a general rule either, and more importantly I wasn’t looking for girls back then either.

“Besides, you said that she went to BOCES with you,” I added, Mike having told me of her taking auto mechanics class with her. This would have removed her from the building for much of the time and made it even more unlikely that we would ever have met.

“She remembers you!” Mike said. “I mentioned your name and her eyes lit up.”

“So what have you gotten me involved in now?” I asked with the enthusiasm of someone going to the electric chair.

“I got to talking to her and I asked her if she wanted to party with us, and she said yes,” Mike said.


“She knew what I was talking about, believe me,” Mike assured me. “She’s a lezzie, Becky. It was all over the school. So after I mentioned your name she perked right up, and before you know it, it’s party time!”

Before she knew it as well, I thought to myself as I tried to imagine what the conversation was like.

“What did you say?” I finally asked Mike, unable to stand the suspense. “Something like, hey you want to go down on my wife?”

“Hell no Becky,” Mike said. “I used my charm and I was very subtle about it.”

That got a chuckle out of me, as Mike’s idea of subtle still had all the look of a bull in a china shop.

“Tonight Becky,” Mike breathed in my ear, and a chill went down my spine. “How about a little something to help take the edge off, babe?”

Mike’s erection was sticking out the opening of his pajamas, and my hand was drawn to the swollen member like a magnet to steel. I stroked Mike’s cock a couple of times before kneeling before him and tugging the bottoms down.

“Arrrghhh!” Mike moaned as I began to slide my mouth up and down his cock, working his pendulous nut sack with my hand as I went further down the shaft.

I heard the blinds rattle as he apparently looked for our future party guest to provide visual accompaniment to my activity. Having no luck, he concentrated on guiding my head up and down and giving me encouragement.

“Awwwww! That’s it babe,” Mike groaned as my nose burrowed into his pubes. “Take it all babe. Take that big cock all the way down. Oh man, it is going to be so hot seeing you with her.”

“What’s she like?” I asked, extracting him from my mouth for a second before diving back down on him.

“Oooooh man,” Mike sighed as I went down the length of him. “About your height, maybe a little taller. Black hair cut kinda short… oh my god, slow down… gonna cum. Big tits.. real big ones… geez!”

As I felt Mike’s orgasm surge through him and his cum squirt powerfully into my tongue and down my throat, I realized that Mike had managed to do it. He found his own Kay Parker for me to perform with.

2. Awkward beginnings.

Mike’s party preparations consisted of getting a case of beer and some chips, and I assumed buying some weed. It disturbed me that we seemed to have little or no money to put away for the future, but always managed to find the money for grass. Having said that, I have to add that when the joint got fired up I was always ready and willing to partake.

Mike was also involved in selecting my wardrobe for the evening, and when he “suggested” what I should wear, I thought it was a tad strange.

“Mike, it’s winter for cryin’ out loud!” I said as I held up the bright orange tank top and little white shorts. “You’ve got me dressed like it’s Beercan Beach in August!”

“It’s gonna be a theme party, so you’ll be cool,” Mike assured me. “I told Suzanne that we would be having a pajama party.”

“Theme party? Pajamas? Where do you come up with this stuff?” I said in amazement. “You think this girl is going to waltz over in her jammies to drink beer and smoke dope with us?”

“You wait and see,” Mike said with confidence. “This is going to be so fucking cool you won’t believe it.”

“Am I to assume that you are going to be involved in this in some way?” I asked, dreading hearing that my husband would be making love, or as he put it the last time with Daphne, fucking this Suzanne with me being forced to watch. Well, not forced but you know what I mean.

“Er… no, I don’t think so. She says she’s not into guys,” Mike said rather sheepishly. “But I can watch!” he added with glee.

“How do you find all this crap out about people?” I said while shaking my head in reluctant admiration.

“I ask them,” Mike simply said while shrugging his shoulders.

“Well, you should work for the CIA, because you get more out of people in five minutes of conversation than they get in a month of interrogation.”

“People are usually dying to spill their guts but they never get asked,” Mike said. “They fart around and dance around the subject they really want to know about and it takes forever that way. Fuck that! I just ask what I want to know, and usually they open right up.”

“And you love to listen,” I noted.

“I love to listen, and watch,” Mike added with a twinkle in his eye that make me shudder as I went off to the shower.

The warm spray helped me relax a little bit, and I was able to shave my legs without getting an artery. I was busy lathering up my underarms when Mike barged into the bathroom to take a leak, and I rolled my eyes as I heard him splashing away. I know we only had one bathroom, but there was no such thing as privacy with Mike around.

“Let’s see how you’re doin’ there babe,” MIke said as he put his arm around my hip and bent around me to inspect my freshly shaven underarm. “Mmmm…. nice. Suzanne will like this. Maybe she’ll do this to you.”

With that Mike began kissing and licking me there, sending shivers throughout my body as he nibbled away.

“Mike, I want to get done in here at some point, and that won’t happen if you keep doing that.”

“Nothing wrong with that Becky,” Mike said. “Maybe a quickie before she gets here?”

I managed to decline and get Mike out of the bathroom so I could finish up. As goofy and as annoying as Mike could usually be, he always had a way about him, as well as an uncanny ability to push the right buttons either by words or actions. The result usually being me finding myself in a situation like the one I was in at that time.

When the clock struck seven, we were in our pajamas. Mike in his baggy tan flannels and me in my little orange tank top and white shorts. Our party favors were set out, consisting of a bag of chips dumped into a bowl and a couple of joints sitting on the coffee table.

Our occasional stereo was cranking out the Beach Boys, while my Jefferson Airplane remained perched and waiting above it. I called it our occasional stereo because the one speaker would drop out quite frequently, leaving us with some strange sounding music until Mike was able to jiggle the wires around to get it back in order.

“She’s here!” Mike yelped as he got up and practically ran to the door like it was Santa.

Mike let in this Suzanne March that I was supposed to know, and although she looked a little familiar to me, I still couldn’t say I remembered her. Just someone that I had passed in the halls at school I supposed. Mike helped her off with her coat, and the cold air that blasted in as the door closed had my shiver even more than I was already.

“Becky, this is Suzie,” Mike announced.

“Suzanne,” she corrected him coldly, with the boredom that probably came with having told him that many times before.

“Sorry. Suzanne,” Mike corrected himself.

“Hi Rebecca. Nice to see you again,” Suzanne said after turning her face to avoid getting kissed flush on the lips by my husband and heading straight toward me.

I was standing there with my arms crossed over my chest as Suzanne came toward me. We hugged like old friends, and Suzanne’s pajamas were the first thing I noticed. Midnight blue with stars that looked really cool, and the fabric was soft to the touch. I also noticed Suzanne’s breasts flattening mine as we hugged, and although her pajamas were baggy there was no mistaking that underneath there was a lot of woman.

“Love your pajamas, Suzanne,” I said as we went into the living room.

“I like yours a lot better,” Suzanne said as she looked me over. She was undressing me with her eyes, but in a way that was far less threatening than I had previously experienced.

She was an attractive girl, with her shoulder length black hair in kind of a shag cut. Years later, when I first saw the actress Jeniffer Tilly, I almost had a coronary because I thought it was Suzanne under a different name, if that gives you an idea of what she looked like.

As we sat and talked, I got more comfortable with Suzanne. She was definitely a lot smarter than I was, and had a way about her that made her seem like she was really a nice person. I began to remember her a little more as we talked about school days, and I recalled that she used to wear a lot of pea green military jackets back then. Not uncommon around school, especially being so close to the miltary bases, but she used to really dress as drably as possible.

Mike, my dear Mike, tried to get into the conversation frequently, and I got the impression that Suzanne was not all that crazy about him. I don’t think her opinion was improved when he walked around with his erection threatening to tear through his pajamas bottoms either.

“Your husband is kinda… ,” Suzanne said when Mike made a trip to the bathroom and left us alone.

“I know,” I added glumly.

“You didn’t let me finish,” Suzanne said.

“It doesn’t matter,” I replied in a resigned tone. “Whatever you were going to say was going to be right. I know what he is, and he makes me crazy, but I love him.”

“You must,” Suzanne said, and the way she said it made me giggle, which started us both laughing.

Suzanne slid closer to me on the couch, and we were facing each other now, with my knee up on the cushion and Suzanne’s velvety pajamas touching my leg.

“Your husband wanted us to have a threesome,” Suzanne said as she put her hand on my knee. “I told him that wasn’t going to happen. I just don’t do guys, and he didn’t seem to like to hear that.”

“I’m not surprised,” I told Suzanne.

“He even told me how big his dick was,” Suzanne said while rolling her eyes.

“I’m surprised he didn’t show it to you,” I said.

“If it wasn’t so cold out he probably would have,” Suzanne said. “I remembered him from school, and he was never all that nice to me then. Kinda rough around the edges, not that it bothers me, but really not my kind of person.”

I nodded while looking at Suzanne’s hand doing lazy circles on my knee and just above. Suzanne was really sweet, and we had gotten along so well together that I had almost forgotten what this evening was all about, but her hand brought me back to reality.

“When he mentioned your name, well that’s when he got my interest,” Suzanne said as she blushed a little. “This is kinda embarrassing, but I have to tell you that back in school I had a crush on you.”

“Me?” I squeaked.

“God yes!” Suzanne said. “When I first saw you around the school I couldn’t believe how hot you were. You looked so much like Cher that I couldn’t get over it. I wanted so much to get to know you, but we weren’t traveling in the same circles.”

“Geez, I didn’t have any idea,” I said in amazement, the thought of another girl looking at me and thinking of me that way giving me a strange feeling. Not a bad feeling, but a totally different feeling. What I really found exciting was the fact that Suzanne had thought I looked like Cher. My dream had been realized and I hadn’t even known it.

“So that’s how I ended up here on your couch,” Suzanne went on. “I’m a free-spirit, but this is really way beyond anything I’ve ever done before. This is going to be kinky as hell having that goober watching us. Worth it, though, I think. Mike said you guys were swingers.”

“We’re not… I’m not a swinger anyway,” I answered. “Mike likes to… well he wanted to see me with another girl.”

“You mean you’ve never done it before?” Suzanne asked.

“No,” I said, refusing to count Daphne squeezing my titty last month.

“Is he forcing you to do this?” Suzanne asked and motioned toward the bathroom.

“Well, it was his idea,” I admitted. “I am curious about it though, and if I was going to do it I wanted it to be with someone I liked.”

“Do I qualify?” Suzanne whispered as her hand slid up my thigh to where the little white shorts started.

“Y….y…yes,” I said as a shiver ran up and down my spine, and Suzanne smiled softly.

“God, I want you so bad I can hardly stand it!” Suzanne hissed just as the sound of the toilet flushing broke the tension in the air that was almost suffocating me.

“He just has to stay completely out of it,” Suzanne said as Mike came out of the bathroom.

Mike had a big grin and a goofy expression on his face as he rejoined us, saying that he was glad we were getting along so well. He lit up a joint and passed it over to me, and when I gave it to Suzanne our hands touched and a spark of static electricity crackled between us.

“Wow, you two are really somethin’ together,” Mike offered lamely. “We ought to get more comfortable. What do you say?”

3. Are you feeling comfortable?

For once Mike was not in charge, and I think he was told this in no uncertain terms by Suzanne out in the kitchen. No yelling or anything, but when they emerged Mike went upstairs with a hangdog look on his face, while Suzanne had a different look altogether.

It was the look that Suzanne had been giving me for the last half hour, ever since Mike had declared that we should be getting comfortable, and Suzanne deciding we would stay there and party some more. Suzanne was in charge, and we would be doing what she wanted when she wanted to. Mike seemed to accept this, and as for me, I was melting.

The way Suzanne would look at me, and the gentle occassional grazing of the back of my hand or my knee, was driving me crazy. Never in my life had I been made so aroused, and all this despite my obvious nervousness. No grabbing at my breasts or pawing at my crotch had ever made me feel like this. Suzanne’s eyes were so piercing and hypnotizing that I found myself unable to not look back at her.

“Want to take me upstairs?” Suzanne asked as she stood in front of me and offered me her hand, helping me out of the pit that was our couch.

Suzanne was the one leading me toward the stairs, and as we got to the foot of the stairway she stopped and looked down at my hand, which was sweating and shaking in her own.

“You okay Becky?” Suzanne said with a look of concern. “You look like you’re going to faint.”

“Okay,” I croaked meekly as I looked over Suzanne’s shoulder to the stairs that led to our bedroom, and my eyes came down to look at Suzanne. The top button of her pajama top was undone, exposing her smooth white skin and the beginning of what appeared to be a deep and expansive cleavage, with the delicate lace of her bra hiding a more extensive view.

“Are you shaking because you’re nervous, or because you’re excited?” Suzanne asked.

“Yes,” I managed in response, which made Suzanne laugh.

“Good. I remember my first time,” Suzanne said. “It was with an older, experienced woman. and I’ll never forget it as long as I live. Maybe I can make it that good for you too.”

With that Suzanne let go of my hand and took my face in her palms, pulling me toward her until her soft and full lips met mine. A kiss unlike any I had ever experienced, and I found myself returning the same passion she was giving me, our bodies slowly grinding together as our tongues met and dueled slowly.

“Mmmmmm… nice,” Suzanne said when we finally separated. “How I wish we were going to be alone.”

I nodded, remembering that Mike was upstairs waiting for me, for us. Pretty much waiting for us to put a show on for him, and I wished he wasn’t there too, but I was so excited that at that point I was beyong caring.

The old and tired stairs creaked as I walked up ahead of Suzanne, and it was probably just my imagination that I felt her warm breath on the backs of my thighs as we went up.

4. Our bedroom.

When I walked into our bedroom just ahead of Suzanne, my first thought was that Mike wasn’t in there. Perhaps he had changed his mind, or that Suzanne had changed it for him. Then I saw him in the back corner of the room, just a hulking shadow in the darkness.

Mike had arranged the light at the side of our bed so it was pointed toward the bed and at its lowest setting. With the dresser shading the corner he was in, it was almost possible to pretend he wasn’t even there.

I stood by the side of our bed as Suzanne came up behind me, running her hands through my long vrown hair before pulling it ip and to the side. I felt Suzanne softly kiss my neck, and my entire body shook as she nibbled up and down.

Bert. For some reason my teddy bear Bert caught my eye while Suzanne was kissing my neck. My little buddy who had been with me through thick and thin for as long as I could remember sat passively by while Suzanne’s tongue slowly slid up the side of my neck.

My skin was so coated with goose bumps that I had the complexion of a football as Suzanne’s tongue dabbed behind my ear ever so gently.

“So beautiful,” Suzanne said breathlessly into my ear. “You’re so beautiful.”

I waited for the grabbing of my breasts… the groping between my legs. Instead, what I got was Suzanne’s kisses all over my neck and shoulders, and her hands sliding up and down my arms with her touch as light as a feather.

All I could hear was the pounding bass from a car outside the house as Suzanne continued her exquisite caressing, but it wasn’t any car radio I was hearing. It was my heart, and it was beating like a jackhammer. So loudly I looked down, half-expecting to see my chest visibly bouncing in time. Instead, all I could see were my nipples threatening to tear through the fabric of my tank top.

My nipples were so taut that it was almost painful, and I wanted so much for Suzanne’s hands to come up and massage my breasts to take that sweet aching away. Suzanne kept right on kissing my neck and shoulders, either oblivious to the agony I was in or enjoying my suffering too much to stop, and giving me a crash course in foreplay as she did.

My breathing was so loud and raspy that I sounded like I was on a ventilator, and my body was shaking so badly that Suzanne had to catch me a couple of times. Time… what time was it? I remember thinking that this had to have gone on for hours. Leaning back, I felt Suzanne’s breasts rubbing against my back, and the sweet scent of her filled the air as I tried to lean back against her, a soothing aroma with a hint of vanilla so intoxicating that I wanted to taste it. To taste her.

“Let me take this off you Becky,” Suzanne cooed into my ear after giving my lobe a little nibble.

Suzanne’s hands came around me and pulled my tank top from under the waistband of my shorts and slowly pulled it up, the backs of her hands grazing my nipples as she did. I raised my arms to help her get it off me, and Suzanne gingerly pulled it out and over my breasts. The cool air hit my damp skin as the top came up and over my head, and I realized that I was drenched in sweat.

Suzanne certainly didn’t mind, as her hands slid back down my arms after she tossed the top behind us, the slickness making her fingers glide effortless through my underarms and down my sides. When at long last her hands came around and cupped my breasts, I let out a loud choking noise that I can’t find the letters to accurately describe.

Any embarrassment I might have had regarding my little breasts that barely filled Suzanne’s palms was forgotten as I squirmed and writhed into her. Suzanne kneaded my pliant cones roughly, and the nibbling of Suzanne’s lips on my neck and shoulders had turned into a gentle biting, and my head rolled around wildly on my shoulders in response.

“Oh babe, you’re so wet!” Suzanne hissed into my ear as her right hand came down and went between my legs, and the fact that she knew that despite my shorts and panties still being on spoke volumes about the way I was feeling.

Suzanne got my panties and shorts down in one rapid motion and as I stepped out of the mess at my ankles, Suzanne and I finally were facing each other. I probably looked like a drowned rat by this time but Suzanne looked cool and collected, and smiled as I reached up to unbutton the tops of her pajamas.

“It’s okay baby,” Suzanne said with an understanding smile as she took my hands in hers, trying to steady them enough to get the buttons undone.

With Suzanne’s help the buttons came free one by one, and with each button more and more of her came into view. She was wearing a brassiere with lace around the bodice, and the undergarment looked like it was overmatched by what it was trying to contain.

As I pulled the pajamas off Suzanne’s shoulders, she reached back and deftly undid the hooks of her brassiere, mercifully saving me from trying to get that done. The bra lurched forward a bit as it came undone and Suzanne’s hands took mine up to her shoulders, allowing me to pull the harness off of her.

I heard Mike gasp over in the corner as Suzanne’s breasts came free, and they were indeed breathtaking. Incredibly large and torpedo-like in shape, they stuck out proudly despite their immense size and I watched as if in a dream as my hands came up to hold the breasts of another woman for the first time. They were wonderfully firm to the touch, with crimson hued aureolas nearly as large as drink coasters, and plump nipples that were as erect as mine were.

I leaned forward and nuzzled into Suzanne’s cleavage, feeling her gigantic breasts seeming to surround my face as I kissed her soft scented skin. As I kissed my way up from that valley and up to her neck, Suzanne took my face in her hands again and looked at me with those smoky eyes. I tried to say something, to tell her how incredible her breasts were, but my throat was so dry all that came out were indistinguishable sounds.

Then Suzanne was easing me down onto the bed, and as I looked up at her she let her pajama bottoms down and climbed over me. Her breasts swayed outrageously down in front of her as she kissed me on the forehead before working her way back down.

Suxanne’s lips found my breasts, which had practically disappeared with me on my back, and she slid her tongue around my nipples before letting it slide down my stomach. I felt her licking the thin streak of hair that led from below my belly button, and she followed the trail down until her tongue burrowed into my dense bush.

I squirmed as Suzanne’s tongue ran up and down my pussy, teasing the labia with her lips, and licking all the way down to my anus before retracing its path. When her tongue began dancing around my clitoris, I arched my back and lifted myself up in the air. Suzanne’s hands came up under my buttocks and cupped them, using her strength to move my body around her mouth.

I was having an orgasm in no time at all, and I wailed into the headboard of the bed, where I had somehow managed to wiggle up into during Suzanne’s oral assualt. My body shook as Suzanne held me tightly while she continued to caress my clit with slow circular motions for what seemed like both forever and not nearly long enough.

When my orgasm finally stopped my thighs were still shaking around Suzanne’s head, as I struggled to hang on to the bed while the room slowly stopped spinning around me. Suzanne’s head finally emerged from between my legs, and when she climbed back up to me I hugged her tightly.

We held each other for a time as the bed’s waves slowly rocked us. My hands went to Suzanne’s breasts, which I had become rather enamored with, and I squeezed them as I climbed up and straddled her, with our pussies rubbing against one another. This was a strange and wonderful feeling to me, so I stayed there and let the motion of the bed create the friction between us while my hands went back to her breasts.

Even while on her back, Suzanne’s breasts stood up outrageously. I began kneading them rather roughly, feeling their incredible firmess as I massaged them.

“Is this okay?” I asked timidly, unsure whether I was doing anything wrong. I loved holding her breasts, but I was also killing time. I was completely unsure about what it was I was going to do when I was to return the affection Suzanne had given me. I wanted to do it, but I didn’t know how.

“Feels nice,” Suzanne said as she thrust her pussy up into mine. “Nice in every way,” Suzanne sighed as she put her hands behind her head and watched me.

I noticed that Suzanne didn’t shave her underarms, as she had dark wisps of jet black hair in the hollows of her armpits. It looked sexy on her, and I wondered if she was as sensitive there as I was.

As I rocked astride Suzanne, I started feeling really good as our pussies continued to rub together. It must have been feeling good to Suzanne too, because her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was beginning to push herself into me with more authority.

This was my chance, I thought to myself, and prayed I wouldn’t screw up. After grinding into each other for a while, I slid down Suzanne and climbed down between her legs, spreading them open with my hands and Suzanne’s help.

I could smell myself on Suzanne as I bent down and ran my fingers through the compact black triangle that surrounded her womanhood. Trying to do everything that Suzanne had done to me, my lips kissed their way through the soft damp hair until my tongue slipped inside her.

The taste was musky but not unpleasant, and the aroma was much the same as my own, as my tongue slid up and down herr labia before searching for my target in earnest. Suzanne jumped as the tip of my tongue found her clitoris, and when her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close, I started licking Suzanne in the same way it felt like she had been doing to me.

This was much different than sucking a cock, and while I had no idea what I was doing, at least I knew what I liked and could only hope that it was good for Suzanne as well. I looked up through Suzanne’s pubic hair to see her face, but my view was blocked my the undersides of her breasts. They were heaving rather rapidly, so I figured that was a good sign.

I guessed that another good sign were Suzanne’s hands, which had fistfulls of my hair which she was yanking around as she made whimpering noises. I kept my tongue flicking as her noises became louder and her body writhed wildly. I reached under and grabbed her hips and tried to hold on as Suzanne began bucking underneath me.

Suzanne’s squeals were softened by the pressure of her thighs that were clamped around my ears as she came, and it was only when Suzanne’s hands pulled me away from her pussy that my tongue stopped working inside of her. She pulled me up to her and was grinning from ear to ear as she hugged me tightly.

“So good,” Suzanne whispered into my ear as our soggy bodies embraced. “That was so nice.”

I agreed, and now that I had done it, I wanted to do it some more. Going down on a woman was just as enjoyable as doing it to a guy, and I figured that with practice I could only improve. I wanted more practice!

When I looked over at the clock on the night stand later on, I couldn’t believe that it was past midnight and we had been going at it for two hours. Outside of a trip to the bathroom at one point and an occassional gasp, Mike had been completely quiet, and it had to be because he was afraid of Suzanne, or afraid she would leave.

“I better go back over and make sure my Grandma is okay,” Suzanne said as she crawled over me and off the bed to get her pajamas back on, trying to keep her back to Mike’s corner.

I couldn’t help marvelling at what an incredible figure Suzanne had. What I wouldn’t give for breasts like hers! She was so voluptuous and shapely that I wanted to just keep looking at her all I could, and did until she was back in her jammies.

I walked Suzanne downstairs and got her coat for her, and I had become so comfortable with her that it barely registered that I was naked in front of her in the bright light of downstairs. You could hear the wind howling outside as she zipped up.

“You’re going to freeze out there,” I said with concern. “Too bad you can’t spend the night.”

“It would be a little crowded up there, otherwise I’d love it,” Suzanne said. “Gotta check on Granny anyway.”

Suzanne and I kissed in the doorway, a long and sensuous kiss that was so full of emotion that I didn’t even mind the feel of her ski jacket against my bare skin.

“Maybe we could do this again,” I asked hopefully, and Suzanne’s eyes sparkled back at me.

“You had fun? Hard to believe that was your first time. That was really kinky Becky and you were worth it, but…” Suzanne said while looking toward the stairway and leaving the sentence unfinished.

“He was quiet, wasn’t he?” I asked.

“Yeah, but he was still there and it gave me the creeps,” Suzanne answered. “Didn’t it bother you?”

“Yeah, for the first five minutes or so,” I replied. “After that I kinda lost track of everything.”

I gave Suzanne my best pouting and flirting look in hopes she would say that she would come over again. A lot. Instead she just smiled as she opened the door and stepped out into the chilly wind that must have been whistling through her pajama bottoms.

“We’ll see.”

I watched Suzanne jog the twenty feet or so back over to her Grandmother’s place before closing the door and heading back upstairs to my husband.

5. The post-game wrap-up show.

When I got back upstairs Mike was in the bathroom so I threw the sheets back together on the bed. There was a major wet spot on my side, but the thought of sleeping in that was kinda nice in a way. I was sure Mike would be full of chatter when he came to bed, and I didn’t dread the expected interigation as much as I thought I would, mostly because of the warm feeling that was still with me.

I went over to the corner where Mike had been sitting so quietly like a good boy, and picked up his socks from the cushion of the chair. When I grabbed them, I was startled by the wetness of them. I brought them over to the light and saw that they both had large wet and sticky spots inside them. A quick sniff confirmed my suspicions. What a naughty boy he was! No wonder he was so quiet.

I climbed into bed and left the lamp on the dim setting while I waited for my husband. When he came back into the bedroom, he was wearing different pajama bottoms than he had been wearing.

“Change of clothes babe?” I asked innocently while trying to suppress the urge to giggle.

“Oh man Becky, you two were incredible!” Mike said as he jumped into bed and set off a mini tidal wave. “Wasn’t Suzie something?”

“Suzanne?” I asked. “Yes, she’s a great girl.”

“Well, tell me all about it.”

“You were there and watched it all, so what can I add to it?” I asked while making him squirm.

“I can’t belive how big her tits were!” Mike exclaimed. “What size bra does she wear?”

“I didn’t get around to asking her.”

“Didn’t you check the tag?” Mike asked.

“No! Why the hell would I do that, but I’m surprised you didn’t. What difference does it make? She’s a beautiful woman and she’s very busty.”

“I couldn’t believe how big those jugs of hers were!” Mike went on. “What did they feel like?”

“They felt like breasts. They were the nicest breasts I’ve even held.”

“I thought you said you never did it with a girl before!” Mike exclaimed accusingly.

“I haven’t. They were the first, you bozo. They had to be the best.”

“Oh,” Mike replied. “Did you like it? Would you do it again? How about with Daphne?”

“I might, but NOT with Daphne” I said with conviction, not wanting to get back in that situation again.. “It wasn’t bad. What did you think about it?”

“I wished I could have joined in,” Mike said. “Man, would I like to have grabbed Suzie’s tits. I”ve never felt any that big before. Wish yours were like that.”

“I know Mike, and I’m sorry about that,” I said for the umpteenth time in my life. “You knew what you were getting when you married me.”

“Yeah, yours are alright,” Mike said. “And I do love you anyway.”

Gee, I didn’t know what to say because I was so overcome with emotion.

“What did you like the best? Mike asked, surprising me with the question. I wasn’t used to him asking me much about what I liked, or felt, or thought, or… you get the idea.

“You know what I liked the best?” I said with enthusiasm. “I loved the way Suzanne kissed my neck and my shoulders. The way she licked around my ears and the way she rubbed my arms and hands. I can’t believe how turned on that made me.”

“Oh yeah?” Mike said.

With that he leaned over toward me, and although I was surprised, I really don’t know why.

“I liked it when your tits were rubbing up against hers,” Mike opined, placing his meaty paw over my right titty and squeezing it like a bicycle horn. “That was so hot.”

For a caress of my shoulders, or a nibble of my earlobe, I would have given the world. Instead, I got the standard Mike groping of the banana boobs.

“I figured you would like that,” I replied.

“You know what else I liked?” Mike asked.

“Did you like the ear nibbling and neck licking?” I asked in a last ditch effort to drive home a point.

“Nah, but did you notice that Suzie had hairy armpits?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, I noticed. And her name is Suzanne. She likes to be called Suzanne.”

“That looks so sexy,” Mike said. “I think you’d look sexy with hair under your arms.”

“Gee Mike, I don’t think so,” I answered cautiously.

“Why not?”

“Well, for one thing I think I’d end up a whole lot hairier than Suzanne is,” I said. “Some girls are furrier than others, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Take a look between my legs dear. I’m Italian and Greek and it shows.”

“But I like that,” Mike said as he ran a hand between my legs.

“Besides, what would happen to your little kissing game?” I reminded Mike.

“Oh, you mean this?” Mike asked as he lifted my arm and kissed the smooth damp hollow. “I’d still do that, and it would probably be nicer to do it without the stubble you have sometimes. You’d do that for me, wouldn’t you babe? Let the hair grow I mean?” Mike asked as he went back to nibbling.

“Okay, I’ll do it on one condition,” I said. “Tell me what you were doing over in the corner that kept you so quiet.”

“I jerked off,” MIke said bluntly. “I slipped my sock on my cock and blew my load into it. Then I took the other sock off and jerked off into that.”

“Busy boy,” I noted.

“I ran out of socks then, so when you two were eating each other out toward the end I squeezed a load off into my pajamas. Don’t worry though,” Mike said as he climbed up onto his knees and showed me his rock hard pride and joy. “I didn’t leave it all in my laundry,”

I wasn’t surprised, and it was moments like that when I found his boyish charm and frankness so adorable. The sex that followed was for his benefit, as I had been more than satisfied with the earlier activity.

6. Monday morning.

Mike had left for work, and since I didn’t have to go in until 11 I had plenty of time to kill. I took a nice hot shower, which took a lot of the aches and pains away. Mike had been home all weekend and had been quite horny after Suzanne had stopped by.

It was hard to blame Mike, since I had been thinking about it almost non-stop myself ever since. I was wondering if Mike would be able to persuade Suzanne to come over again, and whether I would be able to act like I was doing it for Mike’s benefit.

I stepped out of the shower and dried off, and was almost done when I heard a knock at the door. I grabbed my terricloth wrap and pulled it around me and went to look out the window, figuring it would be a Jehovah’s Witness or somebody else I could ignore.

It was Suzanne.

“Hi Suzanne!” I chirped as I opened the door. “C’mon in!”

“Hi Becky. Got you at a bad time?”

“No,” I assured her. “Come in and have a cup of coffee.”

“Ummm, I just came over to see if you found my earring that I think I lost over here the other night,” Suzanne said. “Coffee does sound good.”

Suzanne followed me into the kitchen and we poured ourselves some coffee and stood around the sink chatting. Suzanne was wearing a baggy flannel shirt that made me wonder if she was wearing anything underneath it.

“I saw Mike head off for work so I figured it was safe,” Suzanne said. “You have to go to work?”

“Yeah, but not until 11.”

“That was really something the other night,” Suzanne said while looking at me over the rim of the coffee cup. “Your husband told me he wants to do it again.”

“Oh?” I asked coquettishly. “What did you say?”

“I said no,” Suzanne said, and I hoped that I hadn’t shown my disappointment when she said that. “Actually first he said that he wanted me to come over again and ‘put his cock between my tits and shoot his wad’, or at least I think those were his words.”

“He’s a real charmer,” I admitted sadly.

“Yeah. I said no thanks and then he said that, in that case he just wanted me to come over and have you and me get it on again, but it was just too freaky for me to have him watching,” Suzanne said. “Then when I said no again he asked me what size bra I wear. What’s he going to do, buy me a Christmas present?”

“I don’t think so,” I said chuckling. “I think he’s just infatuated with your breasts. Can’t blame the guy for that though,” I added.

“I like yours better,” Suzanne said, and I looked for a hint of sarcasm in her face but found none.

“Well, Mike is a connoisseur of things like that,” I said. “He was also quite taken by the fact that you don’t shave under your arms, so now he has instructed me to follow your lead. Can you imagine what that will look like with me? I’m so freakin’ hairy everywhere,” I added as I lifted my arms to the sky briefly before dropping them back down when my wrap began to slid off, then mentally kicked myself for not letting it fall. What hadn’t Suzanne seen already anyway?

“You make that sound like a bad thing, and it isn’t, at least as far as I’m concerned, Suzanne countered. “Ordinarily I would say hooray for you for that, but I think you have gorgeous arms and you’ve got the Cher armpits for sure. They’re so creamy white and smooth and shapely that I wouldn’t change a thing. You don’t have to do everything he says, you know.”

I felt a shiver run down my spine as Suzanne invoked Cher’s name once again, and if she was trying to find a way to win my heart, she certainly had found it by comparing me to Cher in any way shape or form. I didn’t care if I was the bargain basement version of Cher, it was still music to my ears.

“Oh yeah, your earring!” I said and skipped around the corner and up the stairs toward the bedroom.

“Becky wait!” Suzanne called out, but I kept going.

I went into the bedroom and waited as I heard Suzanne trot up the stairs in pursuit.

“Becky, I’m sorry. I lied about the earring,” Suzanne confessed as she came around the corner and into the bedroom. “I just said that as an excuse to come over and see you.”

“That’s okay Suzanne, I knew you didn’t wear earrings the other night,” I said as I let my wrap fall to the floor. “I lied when I said I was coming up to look for it too.”

It was at that moment that I broke the rules of fidelity, as stated in the Book of Mike. Thou shalt not screw around with anyone unless your spouse is watching.

Guilty as charged, although I would later find out that the rule had not only been broken before that, but had been trampled, stomped and shattered repeatedly, unbeknownst to me. That’s another story for another time, however.

As for Suzanne’s belief that it would be much better without an audience, she was definitely right on that count. Considering how good I thought it had been before, that was really saying something.

* * * * * *

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