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In Brazil…

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Meredith was excited. She had lived all of her life in a small town; only ever catching echoes of other cultures, with no direct experience. Now she had been given the opportunity to travel abroad and have firsthand experience of another culture. At least, as much as one could between lectures at a professional conference. It was intimidating and exhilarating at the same time.

Meredith taught third grade, and had been approved to go to a conference on early childhood development and learning in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The conference was scheduled for three days, starting on Wednesday. Many of the attendees planned on staying through the weekend and making a vacation out of it.

Meredith and her husband were in their mid-thirties and didn’t have any kids, so trips like this were still relatively easy. Her husband had to work, though, and couldn’t go with her. He was jealous, but supported her fully and even encouraged her to stay the extra few days. Meredith was a devoted wife who rarely drank, and even then not much, so he wasn’t worried that she would cheat on him or anything.

Tuesday morning, Meredith’s husband brought her to the airport and watched as her plane took off. She was scheduled to arrive early in the afternoon and there would be a brief orientation, followed up with some time to relax.

The plane arrived on time, and after being ushered through security she spotted a man waiting in the lobby holding a sign with the name of the conference in block lettering. He didn’t look much older than her, but his hair was snow white and carefully groomed. A neatly trimmed goatee outlined his jaw. His hair stood in stark contrast to his tanned skin. Meredith went to him and introduced herself.

“Bem-vindo ao Brasil, Meredith!” he smiled a warm, toothy grin as his thick fingers enveloped her dainty ones. “My name is Jose-Luis.” He gave a firm squeeze before letting go. Meredith’s glasses and slender frame gave her a ‘librarian’ quality that was enhanced by her straight auburn hair.

“Very nice to meet you, Jose-Luis. Am I the first one here?” she asked as she adjusted her glasses and pushed a strand of hair from her eyes.

“Yes and no.” He replied. “You are the only one arriving at this time” he explained in response to her confused stare. He then picked up her bags and nodded to the door. “Come with me, and I will take you to your hotel.”

On the way, Jose-Luis explained that he was a driver and tour guide for events at the hotel. After checking in and dropping off her bags, she met back up with Jose-Luis and a handful of other guests she assumed were here for the same conference. They loaded themselves into the hotel van and grabbed a light lunch at an outdoor cafe.

Meredith was enjoying all of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this whole new world. She was also enjoying the weather; when she left home it was overcast and cold. Not just cold, but that damp, springtime cold that seems to seep through any amount of clothing.

“Ok,” Jose-Luis called out in flawless, accented English, “in a few minutes we’ll be at Praia do Abricó. There are towels and sunscreen in the back for anyone who didn’t bring any. We are leaving at five o’clock, so meet back here at the van a little before then.”

Meredith was surprised. She didn’t realize they were going to a beach, and hadn’t brought anything to change into. But, she grabbed a towel and decided to make the best of it.

As she spread out the towel, Jose-Luis came up behind her. “Desculpe, Miss. Excuse me.” Meredith turned to see him standing with a towel over his shoulder and a bottle in his hands. “The sun is strong; You should use some sunscreen” He held the bottle out to her.

“Oh, I’m not…” she stuttered, “I didn’t bring a swimsuit.” she explained.

Jose-Luis smiled and chuckled slightly. “You do not need one here. Upon these sands,” he swung his arms in an arc for effect, “you may dance in the sun the way God intended.”

Meredith looked around and didn’t know how she’d missed it before. Almost everyone was naked! Her face burned with embarrassment. “Oh no. I couldn’t.” she said as she shook her head.

“Why not?” Jose-Luis replied casually “It’s not like you have anything to be ashamed of!” His eyes flicked briefly down her body. Meredith blushed more deeply. It’s true she was in very good shape. And even though she thought her breasts were on the small side, her husband assured her that anything more than a handful was overkill.

“It’s not that.” she replied, “I’m married” She held up her finger to emphasize her point.

Jose-Luis laughed. “Fine, then. Leave the ring on. But you should enjoy yourself and experience something different. Make the best of your time here. What is it you say… ‘Expand your horizons’?”

Meredith looked away, clearly thinking it over while also searching for her next excuse. Before she could respond again, Jose-Luis continued. “How many times have you been to Brazil?” He continued without pause, as it was a rhetorical question. “And how many times will you be back?” He watched her as the thought settled in. Wasn’t that why she was here in the first place? New experiences and cultures. It’s not like she was cheating – and pretty much everyone else was already naked, so right now she was the odd-ball.

Her mind made up, Meredith looked Jose-Luis square in the eye and, without hesitation, pulled off her shirt. He smiled at her. She smiled back before unzipping her shorts and peeling them off. Meredith stood there in her underwear, a pink satin bra and white bikini bottoms, and chuckled like a schoolgirl as she looked back to her guide. She reached back to her bra clasp and hesitated. Jose-Luis’ eyes fell expectantly to her breasts, and her heart suddenly started to pound in her chest. She wasn’t just undressing on a nude beach, she was undressing in front of a man she barely knew!

A handsome man, she suddenly noticed. She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t noticed before, but it caused her to hesitate. “Do you need help?” he enquired.

His voice snapped her out of her brief reverie and she popped the clasp. “No, I’m all set” she replied shakily as she tossed the bra onto the towel. She could feel his eyes on her, and it sent a chill over her skin. A good chill.

Meredith exhaled and looked again in Jose-Luis’ eyes before pulling off her panties. “There!” she said nervously. “And now I’m naked!” she said jokingly and half to herself, trying to lighten the mood.

“Indeed you are” Jose-Luis smiled as he verified this obvious fact. “And your husband is a very lucky man.”

Meredith stood in awkward silence for a moment while Jose-Luis looked her over, taking in her perky, handful-sized breasts; flat stomach; and trimmed bush. She crossed her arms over her breasts, feeling suddenly self-conscious as regret began to replace her excitement.

“Don’t forget the sunscreen” he said, suddenly, tossing a bottle to her. She had to move her arms to catch it, exposing her breasts again. Awkwardly, Meredith began to rub the sunscreen into her skin, starting at her arms.

She immediately realized that she was going to have to rub her breasts while this man watched! It was too late to stop now, she would just have to keep going. Meredith rubbed her sunscreen-slicked hands over her breasts and gasped slightly. She hadn’t expected her nipples to be quite so sensitive. Or quite so hard. She let her thumbs linger on her nipples before she cupped her breasts and rubbed them again. She gently pinched her nipples between her thumbs and palms before sliding her hands down her stomach. Meredith had no doubt that she was wet. She knew she shouldn’t be, but she couldn’t help herself. As she slid her hands down her hips and thighs, she couldn’t resist the urge to touch herself.

Despite her ‘audience’, Meredith figured she could be discrete. Jose-Luis watched with a triumphant smirk as she tried to secretly slip a finger between her legs. Each time she did, her entire body stiffened for a split second and she took in a sharp breath. He could probably get her to at least fool around tonight, maybe even right now. But this was a game of patience, and he had to restrain himself to win the grand prize.

Meredith finished with the sunscreen and handed the bottle back to him with a bashful smile. “Now, turn around” he said. She looked at him, perplexed. He twirled a finger in the air. “Turn around so I can do your backside.”

Meredith’s eyes went wide. “Excuse me?” she spat with a mix of surprise and disgust. Jose-Luis only chuckled and held up the bottle. Meredith’s face reddened with renewed embarrassment. “Oh” she said meekly as she turned around and pulled her hair over her shoulder, covering her breasts in the process.

Meredith jumped as he touched her shoulders. Despite the heat, she realized that she was shivering. Jose-Luis’ big hands expertly spread the sunscreen across her back. He moved pretty quickly until he wrapped his hands around her sides, so that his fingertips just brushed the sides of her breasts. More slowly than the rest of her back, he slid his hands down to her hips and paused for an almost imperceptible moment before sliding back up and circling back to her shoulder blades. He then ran his flat hands all the way down to her lower back. In a final act of boldness, he rotated his hands fingers-down, slid them down her ass, cupped her cheeks and then returned his hands to her hips.

All the while, Meredith bit her tongue. Each time she thought he was reaching a bit too far, she gave him the benefit of the doubt and didn’t say anything. When he grabbed her ass, though, that was too far. She started to turn to say something, but he cut her off. “All finished” His voice was soft in her ear and his hands still held her hips.

Meredith cleared her throat. “Th-thank you” she replied, completely disarmed by his easy smile and calm voice. Jose-Luis gave Meredith a light pat on the hip before turning and heading back in the direction of the van.

“Five o’clock, at the van.” he called to her without turning.


The rest of the week was spent shuffling between presentations and meals. Meredith chatted with Jose-Luis off and on. He was funny and easy to talk to. He was nice to look at, too, and it felt good to know that her husband wasn’t the only man that found her attractive. Being around children most of the time, it was nice to mingle with adults, and she was soaking up the flirtation almost as much as the sun.

They hadn’t returned to the nude beach again, but she thought about it often. Every night, as a matter of fact. She would lie in bed, replaying the events as she caressed her body beneath the sheets.

On the morning of the last day, Meredith was the first to the shuttle. Jose-Luis was standing against the hood in blue jeans and a tee-shirt. He was looking off into the distance as she approached.

“Good morning, Jose-Luis!” He jumped, jarred from his thoughts. “Everything okay?”

Jose-Luis forced a smile “Today is the last day of the conference.” he stated dryly. “I am going to miss you.”

“Aw” Meredith gushed, then leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I’m going to miss you too. I’ve had a really nice time, and I’m glad we got to be friends.”

“There is a formal dinner tonight, no?” Meredith nodded in response. “I was thinking…” he looked down as he spoke “maybe, since your husband is not here, you would give me the honor.” He took her hand and looked up into her eyes. “Miss Meredith, may I be your husband tonight?” His tone and smile were joking, but it was a legitimate question.

Meredith giggled and blushed. “Oh you.” She said as she shoved his shoulder. “Of course you can! It’ll be much more fun to have you there.”

Oh, if you only knew. Jose-Luis thought to himself. “Here” he said, pulling a bundle wrapped with paper and twine from under the seat. “Please wear this. I believe it is your size.”

Meredith thanked him and tucked the package into her bag. Just then the rest of the guests started to arrive and they all filed into the van. Meredith spent the rest of the day in anticipation, wondering what was in the bag.

The conferences passed painfully slowly, and it was obvious even most of the presenters were anxious to be finished so they could enjoy the weather and the dinner. Finally back at the hotel, she pulled the package from her bag and tore open the plain wrapping.

Inside was a lavish, red satin evening dress. Meredith ran her fingers through the soft material, thinking Jose-Luis had done too much. Despite that, she immediately stripped down to try it on. It was a perfect fit. The v-neck was far deeper than Meredith was typically comfortable with, and the back was open to her waist, which made her feel exposed. She wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with this dress, and even though it technically had one built in, she felt as if she wasn’t wearing one at all. But more than any of that, because the back dipped so low, any panties she tried to wear would be visible. So she decided not to wear any at all. The fabric on her bare skin felt like the fingertips of a gentle lover’s hands, and caused a tingle to run up from between her legs.

Jose-Luis met her at the restaurant. Meredith almost hadn’t noticed him, he cleaned up so well. His hair was neatly combed, and his beard trimmed. He carried himself with a sophistication that seemed out of place. He paused to greet virtually every person he passed before finally arriving at Meredith. He placed his hands on her hips and kissed her lightly on each cheek in greeting.

“You are as beautiful as a springtime rose, and as intoxicating as wine.” Jose-Luis told her as they sat for their meals. He guided her to her chair with a feather touch to her exposed lower back. It felt wrong that a man other than her husband had his hand on her bare skin, but she reasoned that it wasn’t anything bad. At least nothing worse than having him apply sunscreen. Though if that was true, why was she feeling so aroused?

After a rich meal, accompanied by several glasses of wine, the dance floor opened up. Jose-Luis stood and offered his hand. For the rest of the night they alternated between dancing and wine. Jose-Luis’ confident dancing and fluid motion captivated her. By the end of the evening her head was buzzing, and she lost herself in the dancing, following Jose-Luis where he led. By the end of the evening, Meredith’s head was abuzz from the music and wine. She had had more of both than she was used to.

Jose-Luis walked her back to her hotel room and opened the door for her. She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and a hand on his chest that was perhaps a little too friendly before slipping past him and into her room. Instead of leaving, though, he followed her into the room.

Meredith smiled to herself, feeling giddy and flirtatious, and wondered how far she was going to lead the poor guy on. “Sorry I don’t have any wine or snacks to offer you. Not even a decent cup of coffee.” She gestured to the bags of instant coffee the hotel provided.

Jose-Luis didn’t even glance at them. He locked her in his steely gaze and replied, “I only want to see you one more time before you leave forever.”

Meredith blushed. “Aw, well aren’t you sweet!” she felt her heart twist for him a bit. She realized his life must be full of temporary friendships and far too many goodbyes. “Well, here I am.” she said, extending her arms and twirling in a slow circle. She felt the gown that he’d given her flow around her.

Jose-Luis smiled slightly at her misunderstanding and shook his head. “No no no,” he said disarmingly, causing Meredith to tilt her head in confusion, “I want to see you.”

Meredith’s pulse took a leap as she followed his gaze and understood what he meant. She couldn’t possibly… not here in her room! “Oh no, I couldn’t-”

“Oh, but you already have.” Jose-Luis stated simply. He then arched his brows and shrugged. “So it is nothing I haven’t already seen. Plus you are particularly beautiful tonight, and this is the last time I’ll see you.”

Maybe it was the wine, but Meredith decided he was right, and there was no harm in showing him what he’d already seen. So long as he just looked and didn’t touch. She took a deep breath, but her hands still shook as she reached up and slid the dress from her shoulders. It gracefully rolled down her body, lightly caressing her as a lover might before silently crumpling into a pile at her feet. And just like that, she was standing naked in front of this man for the second time.

Jose-Luis walked slowly around her, drinking her in. Meredith’s fingers fidgeted nervously at her side, despite the tingling that was beginning to spread from between her legs. She jumped a bit when, as he was behind her, she heard his voice in her ear and felt his warm breath on her neck. “Wouldn’t you like to see me, as well?” It was a question, but it sounded more like a statement.

It was as if he knew about all the times she’d thought of him while she touched herself since the beach. She knew that would be going too far, but her head was nodding before she even realized she was doing it.

Meredith heard the jingle of his belt and the zip of his zipper. She stood for several nervous moments as Jose-Luis shed his clothing behind her. “You’ll need to turn around if you want to see me.” His silky voice parted the silence.

Cautiously Meredith turned to face him. He was a few steps away and as naked as she was. She was silent for a long moment as she looked him over. He was more muscular than she expected. Not overly defined, but solid and thick. Her eyes came to rest on his half-hard cock. He was both longer and thicker than her husband, and she instantly felt the blood rush to her pussy.

A shiver radiated through her body. Meredith could feel his eyes on her as Jose-Luis began to slowly stroke his cock, coaxing it to life. She blushed and didn’t know where to look. It felt wrong to stare, but that was all she could do. And it’s not like he didn’t want her to look. Her fingers played nervously on her hips. She realized she was trying hard not to touch herself, too.

Jose-Luis saw Meredith fighting herself. She was obviously excited, but holding back. “Relax” he said, “Why don’t you touch yourself, too? If it helps, you can pretend you’re putting on sunscreen.” He smirked at her reaction. Apparently she hadn’t been as subtle as she had thought.

But still, Meredith was unsure. “I don’t think I should.”

“Why not?” Jose-Luis asked rhetorically. “I am not touching you, and you are not touching me. It’s not much different from watching a dirty movie.”

When he put it that way, it almost seemed silly. Awkwardly at first, she slid her shaking fingers up from her hips to her firm tits and lightly pinched her nipples. She watched as his cock instantly hardened in response to her caressing herself and felt a surge of wetness that accompanied her pounding heartbeat. She quickly shed her inhibitions and began masturbating as if he wasn’t in the room, but knowing he was intensified everything tenfold.

Meredith slid first one, then two fingers into her slippery slot, pausing once in a while to circle her clit. Her other hand explored her body, but spent most of the time teasing her nipples. Jose-Luis watched intently as he stroked his swollen cock. His balls ached with need.

Jose-Luis could see her knees getting weak. “Maybe you would be more comfortable lying down.” he said as he put one hand on each of Meredith’s shoulders and guided her to the bed. She jumped at his touch, but otherwise allowed him to guide her. He was now only inches in front of her, and her slender fingers were feeling woefully inadequate. Her pulse was racing and her skin tingled from head to foot.

Jose-Luis and her were just about the same height, and the wet, spongy head of his thick dick brushed her hip just before the bed hit the back of her knees and she dropped to a sitting position in front of him. His hands were still on her shoulders, and he continued to guide her backwards to the bed. Meredith put both hands back to brace herself and hold herself up a bit. As she did, the swollen head of his cock slid along the well-lubricated length of her pussy. She gasped and arched her back, pushing her tits up nicely. She desperately wanted – no, needed – to cum, but felt this was going too far.

Meredith put her hands on his hips and pushed him back slightly. He quickly backed off. “Apologies.” he whispered “That was a… pleasant accident.” He smiled and moved beside her. “Here should be better.”

Jose-Luis sat reclined, one arm propping himself up while the other slowly stroked his cock. He watched Meredith intently, rekindling her waning desire, and she began to masturbate more intensely. Her fingers quickly and rhythmically slid around her clit while her other hand massaged a breast. She felt an orgasm building, but was interrupted by Jose-Luis’ voice.

“Would it be alright if I held your hand?” he asked.

What an odd question at an odd time, she thought. “Sure” she replied between heavy panting. She held out the hand closest to him, the other continuing to work her pussy. When she felt his on hers, it wasn’t the hand she expected! His hand was on the back of her hand that was on her pussy! And his hand being bigger than hers, it was also against her most sensitive skin.

Meredith gasped. “No, I don’t think you should-” All the while, he was moving her fingers like a puppet, occasionally slipping one of his own between hers enough to skim her pussy lips.

“Shh, relax” he interrupted her calmly, his voice as smooth as ever. “I am only holding your hand. That’s not so bad, is it?” Despite what he said, Jose-Luis boldly slid a finger between hers and dipped it into her pussy.

It really did feel good. And really, how bad was it, Meredith thought. Besides, she was so close to cumming she was shaking. She doubted she’d last much longer. “You can hold my hand as well.” Jose-Luis said, momentarily removing his hand from hers to wrap her other hand around his.

Meredith allowed her hand to follow his up and down his shaft. After a few repetitions, he slid his hand out from under hers, and she had his hot flesh in her hand. She felt his fingers in her and imagined they were that thick cock she had in her other hand. “Mmm yes.” She whispered, feeling a bit embarrassed that she let that slip out, but she was losing control and began to writhe and her breath came in ragged gasps.

In one fluid movement, Jose-Luis hooked his leg over Meredith’s, then rolled so he was again between her legs. He held himself over her with one hand on either side of her; his fingers no longer touching her. She whimpered and writhed under him.

“I want to look in your eyes when you cum.” he whispered in her ear as Meredith continued to rhythmically stroke his cock with one hand, and plunge fingers in and out of her pussy with the other.

Meredith knew it wasn’t good to allow him to be in this position, but she was sure she could finish him off soon. And she knew she was only moments away from cumming, herself. So it went farther than she would have ever allowed already, it’s not like he was fucking her.

Having him on top of her, and having his cock so close to her pussy brought her to new levels of anticipation. Her heart thundered in her ears, and she was panting like she’d just ran a marathon. Without really realizing it, Meredith began to use Jose-Luis’ cock to masturbate with. She rubbed the swollen, spongy head against her wet lips. As she did, she arched her back and gasped out loud. She could feel his heat, and his size, and could do nothing but imagine him inside of her.

Jose-Luis grunted with delight, watching her lose herself to him. It took all of his willpower not to thrust into her, so wet and inviting. He decided he wanted to make her initiate if he could.

“What are you thinking about?” He whispered in her ear.

“You. Inside of me.” Meredith didn’t realize she had spoken aloud until after she said it.

Jose-Luis smirked. “This isn’t a classroom.” He teased. He held her shoulders, then ran his hands down her arms. “Don’t hold back. Tell me your fantasy.”

Meredith struggled to say the words, but she knew what he wanted to hear. She continued rubbing the head of his dick against her pussy, envisioning what she was describing as she said it. “I’m thinking about how amazing your… your big cock would feel in.. my pussy.”

Jose-Luis wrapped his fingers around her forearms and gently, but firmly, pulled her hands above her head. His lips brushed her neck, which she reflexively tilted her head to expose. “You don’t have to imagine anymore.” He whispered in her ear as he maneouvered his hips to run the entire length of his above average cock up and down her pussy, coating it in her juices. He then started to push slowly inside of her. Her pussy eagerly wrapped around the tip of his cock and Meredith sharply sucked in a breath and shuddered even as she attempted to pull away from him.

“Wait. I can’t. My husband…” she pleaded as she felt him begin to stretch her. Despite what she said, she had to consciously fight herself from pushing herself onto him. She wanted more, even though she knew she couldn’t have it.

“Don’t you remember?” Jose-Luis smiled devilishly. “Tonight,” he whispered, “I am your husband.”

With that, he pushed inside, slowly stretching her. She couldn’t move away, and once he was in her, she really didn’t want to. As he entered her, Meredith stopped resisting and threw her head back.

A deep, throaty moan escaped Meredith’s parted lips. “Ohhh God.” she muttered. She had never been so fully filled. And the heat of his bare cock inside of her multiplied the feeling. “Ahhh shit!” she exclaimed quietly as he hit her cervix.

“Don’t hold back.” came Jose-Luis’ soft command in her ear. She pulled free of his grip and wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him. No going back now, she thought.

Jose-Luis ground against her, and she completely lost control. “Oh fuck! Holy shit!” and other colorful expressions escaped her normally modest filter as uncontrollable shockwaves of orgasm rippled through her. At the same time, she felt Jose-Luis explode hot inside of her, adding intensity to her orgasm before she could even begin to start thinking about the possible implications. Right now, she was focused purely on the hedonistic pleasure – consequences be damned!

Shortly after the orgasm had passed, they both fell asleep right there, still locked together. When Meredith awoke the next morning, Jose-Luis was nowhere to be seen. She only had enough time to pack her things, grab a quick breakfast, then head to the airport. Some other man she’d never met was driving the shuttle, making her wonder how much was a dream, and how much was real. Regardless, the experience (and the dress) stayed with her, and she often thought of her trip to Brazil on lonely nights. And sometimes even on not-so-lonely ones.

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