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Penny Visits The Drift

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Feeling the butterflies rise in her stomach, Penny tried to distract her mind by looking out of the window as the train rattled along; after travelling for more than an hour, she was now just ten minutes from her destination, Glanford, which was the next stop. Nervously drumming her fingers on the table, she was now seriously having second thoughts about going through with today, but it was too late to back out now and besides it had taken her a while to arrange it and get the money together.

Also, if she didn’t go through with it she would never know if the reality was even better than the fantasy. Despite considering herself to be straight, for years she had dreamt of being totally dominated by a larger woman; the thought of being completely at her mercy made the pretty little brunette’s insides tingle. Although she’d had this fantasy for most of her adult life, she had always been too afraid to realise it, until now.

A few weeks ago just after her 21st birthday, she decided to bite the bullet; after searching on the net for a couple of days, she found Tessa, a large voluptuous woman with red hair in her late forties. After Penny told her what she wanted, Tessa worked out a fee and arranged an ‘appointment’ for her at her place on the outskirts of Glanford. At first she had been excited about it, being barely able to concentrate at work, but now the day had arrived, the excitement had turned more to apprehension; suddenly the P.A. system snapped her out of her daydream.

“Ladies and gentlemen we are now approaching Glanford, Glanford our next stop, thank you.”

Taking a deep breath, Penny got all her bags and things together as the train slowed and pulled up at the small station; getting off the train, she decided to sit on the bench a little way down the platform to get some fresh air and compose herself before she went to get a taxi. A few moments later with a blast of its horn and a warm cloud of diesel fumes, the train roared away from the station, leaving the pretty brunette sitting alone on the platform. Feeling a little unsettled she decided to head outside to see if she could find a taxi; luckily there was a single cab waiting at the end of the rank. Briskly walking over, she climbed into the back, dumping her bags on the seat next to her.

“Where to love?” the rather scruffy looking driver asked through a mouthful of cheese sandwich.

“The Drift?” Penny inquired nervously.

“Alright love, no problem,” he smiled lecherously, starting the car.

Thankfully the journey only took a few minutes; the driver, whose name turned out to be Phil, made Penny feel really uneasy. The fat, balding, middle aged man’s attempts at trying to chat her up made her skin crawl, as well as his rather overpowering aftershave which made her feel quite nauseous. Rolling down the window, she gave a sigh of relief as they pulled up outside a large imposing old stone building at the bottom of a short twisty lane.

“There you go love, that’ll be four seventy.”

Taking a five pound note from her purse, she handed to the sleazy driver and quickly got out.

“Erm…keep the change.”

“Cheers love, you take care now,” Phil smirked, giving the young girl a wink. Turning the car round, he beeped and tore off back up the lane.

“Uggh, creep,” she muttered to herself; turning round, her gaze fell on the large brass plaque on the wall next to the bright red front door.


Taking another deep breath, she pushed the doorbell and waited. Moments later, the door opened and there stood a tall voluptuous middle aged woman with flawless pale skin and long flowing red hair. Her large piercing green eyes were framed with thick black eyeliner and her perfect lips were painted with a deep red lipstick. Moving her gaze downwards, Penny could just see a little of the woman’s ample breasts, the rest being covered by a long black silky gown that went all the way to the floor.

“Ahh, you must be Penny, I’m Tessa,” she purred, smiling and holding out her hand.

“Erm…yes, nice to meet you,” Penny replied, taking the hand and smiling awkwardly.

“Come in dear.”

Stepping inside, the young girl looked round in awe at the large airy entrance hall and sweeping staircase.

“Wow…it’s very…impressive,” said Penny, a little taken aback by her surroundings.

“Hmm, it used to be an old mill, I bought it a few years ago and converted it,” Tessa smiled, gesturing towards another door, “Come on, this way.”

Stepping through the door, Penny found herself in a large sitting room with an L-shaped black leather sofa and a cream coloured fur rug in front of very imposing stone fireplace. On the chimney breast there was a painting of a naked woman lying on a bed.

“Sit down dear,” Tessa smiled reassuringly, patting the sofa.

“Thank you,” smiled Penny nervously, taking a seat.

“No need to be nervous,” the older woman purred, sitting down next to her anxious guest. “Now, let’s get the unpleasant bit out of the way; have you got the money?”

“Erm…yes, just a minute.”

Delving into her handbag, Penny eventually pulled out an envelope.

“There you go…it…it’s all there, what we agreed,” said the young brunette, handing it over.

“Alright, I believe you,” Tessa smiled, “Right, I just want us to have a little chat first; would you like a drink?”

“Erm, yes please.”

“What would you like?”

“Could I have a rum and coke please?”



“Good choice, I think I’ll join you,” said Tessa, pouring two drinks, “there you go, cheers.”


“Now, how long have you had this little fantasy then Penny?”

“Erm…I guess a few years now,” Penny shrugged, “why do you ask?”

“I just like to get a feel for what my clients want; do you mind if I ask you a few more questions?”

“Err…no, fire away,” the young girl replied anxiously, taking a sip from her glass.

“Alright, have you ever inflicted pain on yourself for sexual gratification?”

Feeling a twinge in her stomach and her face going red, Penny swallowed hard.


“What did you do?”

“I…thrashed my backside with a ping-pong bat while lying face down and erm…pleasuring myself,” the young brunette replied, looking down at the floor.

“I see,” Tessa purred, “there’s no need to be embarrassed; anything else?”

“I err…sometimes put clothes pegs on my nipples,” Penny giggled nervously.

“Really?” the older woman smiled, raising her eyebrows, “so would you say you’ve got quite a high pain threshold then?”

“I suppose so, yes.”

“Oh good, I’m sure I’ve got plenty of things for you to enjoy here today,” Tessa smiled wickedly, “right, while you finish your drink I will tell what’s going to happen, okay?”


“Right, in a moment I will ask you to go into that little room over there and strip down to your underwear; when you come back out, the game will have begun. From that point on, you will address me as Mistress and you will obey all my orders without hesitation or question; if you orgasm without my permission, you will be punished, is that understood?”


“Good, one more thing.”

Leaning over, Tessa whispered a word in the young girl’s ear.

“That is your safe word, memorise it.”


“The moment you say that word, the game will stop and not resume until you are ready; on the third occasion you say it, the game is over; if you are in a position where you cannot speak, you must raise three fingers on your left hand, is that clear?”

“Yes,” Penny replied, her mouth feeling dry despite just taking a large swig of her drink.

“Good, right then, off you go and I shall see you in a couple of minutes,” Tessa chirped, smiling warmly at her guest.

Finishing her drink, Penny got up and made her way over to the door in the corner of the room. Stepping inside and flicking the light switch, she found herself in a tiny windowless room with just a small wooden bench and a wash basin; screwed to one wall there was a full length mirror. With her heartbeat racing with a mixture of apprehension and excitement, the brunette started to undress, first slipping off her shoes and then unbuttoning her jeans and easing them down. She then sat down on the bench and pulled her pink long sleeve top off over her head, leaving her in just her lacy cobalt blue underwear; standing up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Standing at just 5′ 3″, she was quite a petite little thing, with sparkling blue eyes, soft facial features and a cute smile with her brown hair neatly cut in a page boy style. Her slender figure was around a size 10, with pert little breasts and a shapely bum which stuck out a little; Putting a brush through her hair she checked herself in the mirror one last time before taking a deep breath and stepping back out into the sitting room.

“Ahh there you are, glad you didn’t keep me waiting too long,” purred Tessa, “shall we begin?”

“Yes,” replied Penny anxiously.

“SORRY?” the older woman barked, her green eyes widening.

“Yes Mistress.”

“That’s better, come here.”

With her heart feeling like it was going to burst from her chest, the young girl paced over to Tessa; she looked truly breathtaking, the long gown was gone and she was now standing there in a black long sleeve leotard, sheer grey tights and a pair of black shiny knee length boots which laced up at the front. The flowing red hair had now been pulled back into a bun, giving her a much more sinister appearance.

“What pretty underwear, it suits you,” said Tessa softly as she gently smoothed her palm over the lace covered bum cheeks.

“Thank you Mistress,” replied Penny, the tingling sensation in her stomach starting to move down towards her pussy.

“Look up at the ceiling,” Tessa ordered.

Obeying instantly, Penny looked upwards and then gasped as she felt a collar being fastened round her neck.

“For the rest of today you are my property, my pet, and as such you will wear this so that you never forget that you belong to me; is that understood?” said Tessa sternly as she snapped the buckle into place.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, now get on your hands and knees.”

Sinking down to the floor, she then felt a lead being attached to the collar.

“Right, crawl towards that door over there!” Tessa snapped, giving a sharp tug on the lead.

Keen to please her Mistress, Penny eagerly set off towards the door that led back to the entrance hall, only for Tessa pull sharply on the lead.

“Slowly!” the older woman hissed, pushing her boot into the small of Penny’s back.

“Aaaaahh!…sorry Mistress,” Penny groaned, her clit throbbing as the smell of leather from the boots hit the back of her throat.

“Right, off you go,” said Tessa, lifting up her foot.

Setting off at a slower pace, Tessa lead her out into the entrance hall and towards another door.

“In there.”

Tessa opened the door and Penny crawled through. This room was quite large with a stone floor; at the end nearest the door there was a square of soft carpet, whilst at the far end there was a double bed, an object that looked like a gym horse and a large X-shaped frame that was bolted to the wall. In one corner there was a large cupboard.

“Stand up.”

The young girl quickly got up to her feet.

“Take off your underwear and hand it to me.”

First slipping her knickers off and handing them to the older woman, Penny then unclasped the bra and handed it over, her stomach churning as Tessa paced around her, admiring her completely naked body.

“Hmmm, very nice,” The redhead purred, running her fingers over Penny’s small but firm breasts. Suddenly she grabbed the hardened nipples and twisted them sharply, making the little brunette cry out.


“Do you like that Penny?”


“YES WHAT?” Tessa scowled, twisting them harder.

“AAAAOOOOWW!…Yes Mistress!…Aaaaggghhh!”

“I won’t fucking tell you again!” the redhead warned menacingly, eventually letting go of the young girl.

“S…sorry Mistress,” Penny whimpered as the pain coursed through her nipples, making her clit throb once more.

“Right, close your eyes!”

“Yes Mistress.”

Not wanting to incur Tessa’s displeasure, Penny closed her eyes tightly; hearing the footsteps head off in the direction of the corner of the room, she then heard the sound of doors being opened and the rattle of chains. ‘Oh my God!,’ she thought, the mixture of fear and excitement making her head swim, ‘What the hell’s coming next?’ After a few moments, the footsteps came back towards her.

“Hold out your wrists.”

Doing as she was ordered, Penny felt some rather heavy objects being attached to her wrists.

“Are you keeping your eyes closed?” Tessa asked sharply.

“Yes Mistress.” the brunette replied, closing them tighter.

“Good girl, right, move your legs further apart.”

Adjusting her stance slightly, Penny then felt some equally heavy objects being attached to her ankles, the smell of leather becoming stronger once more.

“Ohhh…what a sweet little pussy you’ve got.” The redhead whispered, slowly running her fingers over the soft, waxed flesh.

“Tha…thank you Mistress,” Penny stammered, swallowing hard as she felt the older woman’s warm breath on the rapidly moistening lips. Planting a gentle kiss that made the petite brunette give out a lustful moan, Tessa then stood up.

“Open your eyes.”

Opening her eyes, Penny discovered she was now wearing thick heavy leather shackles on her wrists and ankles.

“Do you like your new accessories Penny?”

“Yes, thank you Mistress.”

“Good, come on this way.”

Tessa lead the young girl across the room and over to the X-shaped frame.

“Turn around.”

Turning round so that her back was to the frame, Tessa then fastened her to it by each of the shackles.

“There we go,” the redhead purred, checking her pet was secure, “let’s see what we can find.”

Feeling the butterflies rising in stomach, Penny watched intently as her Mistress went over to the cupboard and began selecting various objects. A few moments later she returned and placed them on a small table except for a ball gag, which she dangled in front of Penny’s face.

“Open wide.”

Opening her mouth, Penny groaned as the ball was pushed in and the clip snapped shut behind her neck.

“Thaat’s it, good girl,” Tessa whispered, gently stroking Penny’s forehead before making her way back over to the table, her boots clip- clopping on the stone floor. Picking up a pair of silver spring clips, she turned and smiled wickedly at her captive.

“Now, I’m afraid I haven’t got any clothes pegs,” she smiled, slowly pacing toward the young girl, her eyes widening and her breathing getting more fevered as her gaze fell on the clips, “so we’ll have to make do with these.”

With that, she put the clips on Penny’s stiff nipples.


The biting pain of the clips racked through the young girl’s petite little frame, making her shake her head and pull at her restraints in desperation.

“How about that, do you like that Penny?” Tessa laughed, standing with her arms folded.


Smiling to herself at Penny’s gasps and groans, Tessa picked up a small bullet vibrator, slipped it into her palm and paced back over to her pet.

“There you go sweetie,” the redhead smirked, placing her hand against the young girl’s wet pussy.


The amazing mixture of sensations sent Penny’s senses reeling; her Mistress laughing at her pathetic attempts to resist the inevitable as she pushed the vibrator hard against the little brunette’s rock hard clit. Fearing what the penalty may be, Penny closed her eyes and clenched her fists, but it was too late, she was already beyond the point of no return.


With her body tensing, Penny gave out a muffled growl as the climax exploded within her; wave after wave of intense pleasure rippled through her body as a warm torrent surged from her pussy and trickled down her inner thighs. When the waves finally subsided, the young girl opened her eyes to find her Mistress staring menacingly at her, her piercing green eyes wide with anger. Grabbing Penny by the back of the head, Tessa removed the ball gag and yanked the spring clips from the young girl’s throbbing nipples.

“Aaaaoooww!” the little brunette winced, tears starting to well in her eyes.

“You dirty little bitch!” she hissed, thrusting her hand in front of Penny’s anxious face, “lick your disgusting cum off my fingers…NOW!”

“Sorry Mistress,” sobbed Penny, eagerly licking the sweet tasting juice.

“Oh you fucking will be young lady!”

Undoing the shackles from the frame, Tessa then grabbed the young girl by the collar and dragged her across the room towards the gym horse, making her give out a surprised squeal.

“Lie on there face down!”

Penny placed herself on the horse, the ‘saddle’ of which was also covered in leather, the intoxicating aroma making her clit start to tingle once more. Wriggling slightly to get comfortable, she suddenly felt a hard slap across her bum cheeks.


“Keep still!” Tessa barked as she shackled her pet’s wrists and ankles to the legs of the horse; once she was secure, the redhead went back over to the cupboard. As she was shackled to the horse facing the opposite way, Penny couldn’t see what her Mistress was selecting, but she thought she had a pretty good idea what it might be. Moments later she heard the footsteps getting closer again.

“Now then Penny, do you remember what I said would happen if you orgasm without my permission?” Tessa asked softly as she smoothed her palm over the young girl’s pert bum cheeks.

“You…you said I would be punished Mistress,” replied Penny, swallowing hard as her insides winced.

“That’s right.”

Almost instantly a large flat object crashed down on the little brunette’s rounded backside, a loud crack echoing round the room.


Penny screamed as the burning pain flashed across her bum cheeks; clenching her fists she braced herself for the next one.

“Do you know what that was?”

“No Mistress,” Penny sobbed, burying her face into the leather.


Looking up, Penny saw that her Mistress was holding a large rubber paddle.

“Oh God,” she groaned.

“You’ve got five more…and you’re going to count them and thank me for them after the last one, is that clear?” said Tessa calmly as she paced around the horse.

“Yes Mistress,” replied Penny meekly as she braced herself.

“Stop tensing your body!” the redhead snapped.

The second the young girl relaxed, the paddle came crashing down with a loud thwack.


Before she could recover, the next one crashed across her burning ass.


That was quickly followed by the next two, the loud cracks echoing round the room.


Clenching her fists, Penny was determined not to cry out for the last one, she want to show her Mistress she could take it; unfortunately for her, Tessa made the last one really count, bringing the paddle down a lot harder with an explosive crack.


“What do you say?” asked the older woman menacingly.

“Th…thank you Mistress,” Penny sobbed, the tears rolling down her face and on to the leather.

“That’s it, good girl,” smiled Tessa, releasing her captive, “right, that’s half your punishment.”

Penny’s stomach churned with dread; smiling at the young girl’s fearful expression, Tessa grabbed her by the collar and lead her through the house and out into the back courtyard. Although there were no other properties nearby, the fact that she was outdoors and completely naked filled Penny with a mixture of fear and excitement, the possibility that they might be seen or they might be being watched was making her clit throb like crazy. Focusing her attention once more, she realised Tessa was dragging her towards a paddling pool in the corner of the yard; when they got to it, she discovered it was filled with mud. With a hard shove, Tessa pushed the little brunette in, smiling to herself at the squeal she gave out as the cold mud hit her skin.

“Roll in it!” Tessa barked, “Go on, until you’re completely covered!”

Obeying her Mistress, Penny rolled over and over in the mud; after getting over the initial shock, the cooling effect offered some relief to her burning ass cheeks. After a few minutes, she actually began to relax, rolling back and forth and smearing herself with the brown sticky liquid, the feeling of the mud all over her naked skin making her head swim. Seeing that her pet was perhaps enjoying herself a little too much, Tessa decided to put a stop to it.

“Right you, out!” she scowled, grabbing Penny by the collar, pulling her out of the pool and up to her feet; scooping up a handful of mud, she smeared it all over the young girl’s face.

“You missed a bit dear,” she smirked, “now you look like the dirty little tart you really are, come on, this way.”

Taking Penny back into the house, Tessa lead her into another room that looked like a sort of wash house with bare whitewashed walls. In the middle of the stone floor there was a small drain, above which there was a short metal bar suspended from the ceiling by a rope and pulley; attaching Penny’s wrist shackles to each end of the bar, Tessa then raised it until just the tips of the young girl’s toes were in contact with the floor.


“Yes Mistress,” replied Penny, the mud still trickling down her body and between her legs.

“Hmm pity; see you in a little while dear.”

With that, Tessa left the room, closing the door behind her.

“Oh brilliant,” Penny sighed, looking round the sparse room. After about twenty minutes, her arms starting to ache a little; worse still, she desperately needed to go to the bathroom.

“Oh no,” she groaned, trying to cross her legs and hold it in. Just then, she heard footsteps approaching the room.

“Hello there,” Tessa smiled, entering the room, “still comfy?”

“Please Mistress, may I go to the bathroom?”

“Certainly not!” the older woman laughed, “I’m not having you walking through my house in that state, you’ll get mud everywhere.”

“But I need to pee!” Penny pleaded desperately.

“Oh dear, you’ll have to do it here then, won’t you?”

Knowing she couldn’t hold back any longer, Penny shook her head and closed her eyes as the torrent of warm liquid flowed down the insides of her legs, washing away some of the mud and trickling off her feet into the drain. To her surprise, the young girl found doing this most private of acts in front of someone else strangely arousing, giving out a long, satisfied moan as she finally finished, the last drops gurgling into the drain.

“Feeling better?” Tessa asked, a mischievous smile playing on her lips.

“Yes, thank you Mistress.”

“Oh good, then we can continue.”

Pacing over to the corner of the room, Tessa picked up a hose, aimed it at her captive and turned it on.

“AAAAHHH…OHH GOD!” Penny gasped as a jet of freezing cold water criss-crossed her body.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, dirty girl,” the redhead laughed wickedly, washing off the last of the mud, “what do you say?”

“Tha..thank you Mistress.” the little brunette shivered.

“Good girl, right, let’s warm you up again.”

Undoing Penny’s shackles from the bar, Tessa lead her back through the house, into the ‘playroom’ and over to the centre of the square of carpet.

“How about a little bit of gentle exercise?” Tessa smirked.

Before Penny could reply, the voluptuous redhead threw her to the floor, pounced on top of her and wrapped her thick powerful thighs round the young girl’s midriff.

“Aaaaaahhh!…ohh ffuck!” Penny gasped as Tessa squeezed harder.

“Come on Penny; a big strong girl like you should be able to get out of this,” the older woman teased, giggling as the petite girl tried to wriggle free from her vice-like grip.

“Oh God…Mistress…please…pleeease!”

Despite the pain, the reality was very much exceeding the fantasy; she was now completely at the mercy of this big, beautiful, powerful woman. The mocking laughter of her Mistress at her pathetic attempts to wriggle free turned her on even more, her pussy almost aching as she felt the thick nylon clad thighs squeezing all the fight out of her.

“Uuuhhhh…oh God!” the young girl moaned as she felt a hand slip between her legs and begin to rub her rock hard clit.

“Is that nice Penny?”

“Aaaaaaah…oh God..yes…yes Mistress!”

“Don’t you dare come yet, wait!” Tessa warned sternly.

“I…I can’t Mistress!” Penny groaned, feeling herself slipping towards another climax.

“Yes you can!”

“No…please Mistress…pleeease!” the little brunette begged, shaking her head and digging her fingers into the carpet.

“Not until I say,” Tessa whispered as she slipped her fingers deep into Penny’s drenched snatch.

“Ohhhhhhh…ohh God…no…nooo!”


Penny tried desperately to resist, but it was hopeless, she could feel the muscles spasm around the probing fingers. Seconds later, she threw her head back and screamed as a second explosive orgasm tore through her, her petite frame bucking and writhing as the waves broke over her.


As the cum burst from her pussy and splashed on to the carpet, the feeling of euphoria was quickly replaced by one of dread as the realisation of what she had just done hit her. Sure enough, when she opened her eyes, she found her Mistress looking at her; once again with a face like thunder.

“What did I fucking tell you?” the voluptuous redhead snapped, grabbing Penny by her collar.

“Please Mistress…I’m sorry…please,” said Penny, her voice barely a whisper.

“Well you clearly can’t handle pleasure,” said Tessa sharply, “so let’s give you some more pain.”

Rolling Penny on to her front, Tessa straddled her, grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her legs back in a Boston crab hold.

“Aaagghhh!…oh God my back!…no noo!” Penny gasped, the pain racing up her spine.

“There we go, is that nice Penny?” her Mistress laughed, pulling back harder.


“Thaat’s it sweetie, come on, sing for me.”

As the pain became unbearable, Penny closed her eyes and slammed her fists into the floor.


Instantly Tessa released the young girl from her grip.

“Are you alright dear?” the redhead asked, a softer tone entering her voice.

“Yes, I’m okay,” Penny replied quietly, still lying face down, head in her hands, “sorry, that was just a bit too much for me.”

“That’s alright, you just let me know when you want to continue.”

“Okay; but please, no more wrestling,” the little brunette groaned, sitting back up.

“Alright, we’ll try something else,” Tessa smiled, putting her arm around her.

After a few more minutes rest, Penny was ready to carry on with the game. Leading her over to the double bed, Tessa got her to lie on her back in the centre of the bed and then shackled her wrists and ankles to the wrought iron bedstead. Lying there spread eagled, Penny fixed her gaze on her Mistress as she slowly paced over to the cupboard. Moments later she returned with a strange looking device with adjustable straps.

“Lift your bum up.”

Obeying her Mistress, Penny arched her back as Tessa placed the device between her legs and fastened the straps round her waist so that it fit her like underwear. On closer inspection, Penny noticed a wire running from it to a little box which Tessa was now holding in her hand.

“Now then Penny,” Tessa purred, smiling deviously at her young captive, “the device you’re now wearing is called a butterfly, a clitoral stimulator that I can control remotely, like this.”

Flicking a switch and turning the dial, the redhead laughed as the room filled with gasps and groans.


Penny’s little frame writhed as the amazing sensation from the butterfly coursed through her body, the waves radiating out from her aching clit. Suddenly it stopped; letting out a sigh of relief, Penny turned to look at her Mistress.

“The dial on this device goes up to 20…that was 5.”

“Oh no,” Penny groaned, shaking her head.

“I’m going to teach you to resist Penny; eventually you will learn to come only on my command,” said the redhead, the stern tone returning.

“What if I can’t resist?”

“Oh I’m so glad you asked me that,” beamed Tessa, picking up another device that looked like a small garden rake. Flicking a switch at the side, she stepped towards the bed, smiling at the look of fear on Penny’s face. As it came closer, Penny noticed a sinister humming sound coming from the rake; when Tessa put her hand underneath, a storm of static sparks crackled over her fingers.

“Oh my God!” Penny gasped, her eyes widening.

“This is called a neon wand,” chirped Tessa, “every time you piss me off, I will give you a taste of it; do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, right, I’ll just pop your ball gag back on and we’ll get started, open wide.”

With the ball gag back in position, Penny closed her eyes and waited for the torture to begin, she didn’t have to wait long; seconds later, she groaned in ecstasy as the sensation from the butterfly racked her body once again, making her buck and pull at her shackles.


“Thaat’s it sweetie,” Tessa laughed, turning the dial to 8, “come on, fight it.”


“Fight it Penny!”


Penny tried desperately to hold on, closing her eyes and clenching her fists, but it was no good, the butterfly was pushing her over the edge. Turning the dial to 12, Tessa laughed as the brunette arched her back and screamed.


The power of this third climax was almost unbelievable, the little brunette almost blacking out from the powerful waves coursing through her. For what seemed like an eternity, her whole body crackled with euphoria as cum surged from her pussy and splashed on to the mattress. Eventually, she settled, her body falling limply back on the bed as she gave out a long ecstatic moan.

“You disappoint me Penny!” Tessa growled, running the wand over the young girl’s chest.


Penny’s eyes shot wide open as the sparks crackled agonisingly across her breasts and her stiff nipples. It felt like dozens of elastic bands being flicked against her skin all at the same time; suddenly Tessa switched the wand off, much to her relief. Kneeling down next to her, the voluptuous redhead kissed her on the cheek and gently wiped the sweat from her brow.

“Did you like that?” she whispered.

“Mmmmnnfff…nnooooo,” Penny whimpered, shaking her head.

“You must learn to resist Penny, it’s for your own good.”


“Let’s try again; if you make it to 15, I’ll do something nice for you, okay?”

“Mmmmmnn,” Penny nodded.

“Good girl,” Tessa smiled, wiping the slobber from round the gag; picking up the control, she slowly turned the dial up to 5.

“Mmmmfff…ohhhhhh…God,” the brunette groaned, closing her eyes.

“Come on Penny, you can do it,” purred Tessa, turning the dial again.


Watching Penny intently and taking her time, Tessa slowly turned dial upwards as the little brunette fought desperately to hold on, the sweat pouring from her body as she writhed, gasped and moaned.

“Aaaahh..ohhhhh God…aaahhhhh!”

“Good girl, nearly there,” said Tessa nudging the dial towards 15. Just about managing to grab the pillows, Penny dug her fingers in and gripped the ball between her teeth, determined to show her Mistress she could be strong.

“That’s it Penny, come on!” yelled her Mistress, turning the dial past 15.

That last turn was too much for the little brunette; try as she might, she could hold on no longer, her whole body ached for release. No longer caring what the punishment would be, she abandoned herself to the shattering climax that exploded deep within her, letting out a guttural roar as the amazing feeling coursed through every part of her being.


As the last of the waves left her, she sank back on to the bed, an exhausted wreck. Opening her eyes, she was surprised to find her Mistress smiling warmly at her.

“17, well done,” Tessa purred, kissing her pet on the forehead, removing the ball gag and releasing her from the shackles.

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Lie face down on the bed and close your eyes sweetie.”

Turning over and making herself comfortable, Penny buried her face into the pillows and closed her eyes; a few moments later, she felt something soft and warm gliding over her back and bum cheeks.

“Does that feel nice?”

“Mmmmn, yes Mistress,” Penny groaned wantonly, her whole body tingling.

“This is a mink fur mitten, it’s supposed to make you relax.”


The wonderful feeling was making the little brunette feel sleepy; she had almost drifted off when she became aware that her Mistress was kneeling behind her between her legs. Suddenly she felt fingers gently being eased into her moist pussy.


“Shhhh relax, it’s okay,” Tessa whispered, working her fingers deeper into the young girl.


Gradually building the rhythm, Tessa took Penny right to the edge before suddenly stopping.

“OHHH…NO MISTRESS…NO..PLEEEASE!” Penny sobbed in frustration, thumping her fists into the pillows.

“Shhhhhh, it’s alright.”

Wriggling around in a desperate attempt to find the fingers once more, Penny’s eyes shot wide open as she felt something long and hard being eased into her.


“How do you like my strap-on Penny?” her Mistress laughed wickedly, grabbing the girl by the waist and sliding the whole eight inches into her dripping snatch.

“OH GOD MISTRESS YES…FUCK ME…FUCK MEEE!” Penny screamed, thrusting back on to the tool; within seconds, her whole body tensed as her Mistress fucked her into total submission, the muscles spasmed as another climax seared through her, cum trickling from her pussy on to the mattress.


Totally spent and with her body still tingling, the little brunette drifted off to sleep…


“Come on Penny, wakey wakey,” Tessa giggled, giving the young girl a gentle shake.

“Mmmmnnn…what?” Penny groaned, blinking at her surroundings as she remembered where she was.

“Have a nice sleep?”

“Erm…yes thank you Mistress,” she smiled awkwardly, perching on the edge of the bed.

“Oh good; lie back on the bed for me please.”

Lying back down, Penny gasped as her Mistress jumped on to the bed and straddled her, inching up towards her face.

“Now then, I did something nice for you and let you have a little rest, so now you can do something nice for me,” said Tessa, smiling down at Penny’s wide eyed expression trapped between her chunky thighs. On closer inspection, Penny could see that the leotard was actually a bodysuit with press studs at the crotch. Reaching down and pulling them apart, Tessa then rubbed her nylon clad pussy all over the young girl’s face.

“Lick it!” she snapped, grinding down harder.

Wrapping her arms round her Mistress’ thighs, Penny licked and sucked eagerly at the rapidly moistening nylon; giving an ecstatic groan, Tessa tore the tights open, exposing her soaked pussy to her pet’s ravenous tongue.

“Oh God…Penny…that’s…ohhhh God yes!” she wailed, grabbing the back of the little brunette’s head and holding it there. Although struggling to breathe a little, Penny pushed her tongue deeper into the sweet tasting flesh, eager to please her Mistress.


Feeling herself nearing orgasm, the voluptuous redhead gripped the bedstead with her free hand and screamed as the waves of pleasure built within her. Seconds later, a torrent of cum gushed from her pussy, drenching Penny’s face making her cough and gargle as she tried to swallow as much of the sweet juice as she could. Eventually as the climax subsided, she began to relax, flopping down exhausted on the bed next to her cum soaked pet.

“Oh God,” she groaned, “that was fucking amazing.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

For a short while the pair lay there in silence, too exhausted to move before Tessa gently kissed the young girl on the cheek.

“I think you’ve had your money’s worth for today Penny, don’t you?” she smiled.

“Erm…yes Mistress,” Penny nodded, still a little tired.

“The game’s over, you don’t have to call me Mistress anymore,” Tessa giggled.

“Oh, okay.”

“Come on, let’s get showered and changed”…

A short while later the pair were relaxing in the sitting room.

“Well, have you enjoyed your time here today Penny?” asked Tessa, taking a sip from her glass.

“Oh yes, thank you Tessa,” Penny smiled.

“To be honest, I usually don’t work Sundays but I don’t get many pretty young girls in need of my services so I decided to squeeze you in today so I could give you my full attention,” the redhead explained.

“What are your other clients like?”

“Oh you know, the usual type,” Tessa smiled, “businessmen, bored husbands, the odd public figure, that sort of thing; of course I can’t tell you who they are, confidentiality and all that.”

“Any women?” Penny asked in a hopeful tone.

“One or two, why?”

“Just wondered that’s all,” the little brunette shrugged, her face reddening a little.

“Oh right,” Tessa smiled, giving the young girl a knowing look, “Would you like another appointment?”

“Yes, but it will take me a little while to get the money together,” Penny sighed, “my wages aren’t exactly generous.”

“Where do you work?”

“Oh it’s just a crappy office job.”

“I see, what time is your train?”

“In about half an hour,” replied Penny, checking her watch.

“Hmmm; tell you what, why don’t I give you a lift to the station? On the way there we can have a little chat about money and erm…perhaps an idea,” Tessa smiled warmly.

“What idea?”

“I’ll tell you in the car, come on get your stuff together.”


Grabbing her bag, Penny followed Tessa back out into the courtyard and over to a dark green E-type Jaguar parked in the corner.

“Come on, hop in,” Tessa chirped, “I’ve got a little proposition for you.”

“Oh…erm okay.”

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