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Finding A Dream

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I had found my wife’s stash of pictures, mostly women missing one or both legs, a few men at the bottom of the pile. I resisted letting her know, instead I spent time searching the net to learn about her fascination. There are hundreds of fictional stories about people wanting to be with amputees, but I stumble upon a few where some actually want a limb amputated.

At first I panic, is this what she might want? The characters are, in general, happier afterwards. Is that just fiction? I give myself time to reason both the interest in amputees and the desire to be one. Each day I grow more comfortable with the ideas.

Weeks later, at the mall, I lean on a railing and watch a woman with one leg walking with crutches. She is older, but pleasant looking. Her dress nicely shows off her figure and ends just above the one knee with no hint of how much of the other thigh remains. At first, she seems alone, but soon an older man joins her. From the way they interact, I assume they are together. Maybe he is a stranger and just approached her because of the missing leg. Regardless, they walk away together.

“Did you see that?” I ask Rose.

“What, darling?” Her hand covers mine still resting on the railing.

I take a long moment and look at her anew, picturing her to be like the woman or some in the pictures. She is my height, tall, and slender with curves in the right places. I have loved her for the last five years, but never known the new side of her that I am starting to meet. If she were missing a leg, would I feel the same about her? I guess that is the question of the moment.

I point down the aisle, a few stores. “The woman with one leg. That man just joined her.”

She looks and finds the couple, then watches intently until they vanish into the crowd. “Yes,” she simply says.

“I don’t know if they were together until now.”

“Wonder what he saw in her?”

I realize an excellent opportunity has just opened for me. “I’ve read that some find amputees as interesting as others like blondes or redheads.”

“Hmmm.” She watches the crowd where the couple had gone, probably hoping woman will return. “Would you still love me if I became like her?”

I am silent as my lips cover hers for a kiss. “Uh-huh-h,” I drawl, nodding my head a few times.

“Really? David, I didn’t know that about you.”

“Maybe the stark contrast between one long beautiful leg and a short stump would be a turn-on for me.”

“My, oh my. So, which of my long beautiful legs should I sacrifice?”

“Do you have a preference?”

“Maybe.” She snickers then tilts her head. “She’s coming this way.”

We both watch her graceful walk, the left leg swinging between the crutches with each step. She is alone now. There is no way to miss our stares. She stops in front of us.

“Hello,” she says, mostly to Rose. “Couldn’t help but notice your ‘interest’.”

“Sorry. That was rude of us. I’m Rose, this is David.”

“Lori. I’ve been this way long enough to know the different reactions.” She chuckles. “Maybe I’ve misread yours.”

“And what do you think mine is?”

“Not disgust or idle curiosity.”


“No, maybe you are wondering what it would be like. Some grow up wanting to be this way, you know.”

“And if you are right?”

“First, am I?” She smiles at me then her, and then back. “How would you feel is she was?”

“I wouldn’t mind.”

“Do you secretly desire her that way?”

“Wait,” Rose says. “I’m puzzled.”

“I know. We didn’t start this right. If you’d both like to talk with me, here’s my card. I’d be happy to answer all your questions. I’d like that.”

We watch her walk away then stare at each other not knowing what to say.

“Whoa,” Rose finally whispers, a hand patting her chest several times.

“Yeah, there’s your chance to be like her.”

She holds my hand, standing close, her lips inches from mine. “Darling….”

“It’s okay if that’s the way you feel.”

“How…how do you…know?”

“I found some pictures, then I did some reading on the net.”

“Oh-h. Sorry. I never meant….”

I peck a kiss. “Listen, I love you. Regardless.”

The drive home is quiet other than idle chat about some towels and sheets we both liked at one store. I assume her thoughts are like mine, what would it be like to be missing a leg. How would it change our lives if she were?

I lean against the counter as she pulls two beers from the refrigerator. Her hips press nicely against the khaki slacks while she bends over. Even standing, they outline her in a pleasing manner.

“Which leg?” I ask, taking the bottle from her.

“Oh, god,” she sighs.

“We don’t have to talk about it. I just want you to know I’m here for you if you do.”

She clinks the bottles together then takes a big swing, letting it wash down her throat as she leans against the counter next to me with one ankle crossed over the other.


“For how long?”


We sip a few times, just glancing at each other some, mostly looking down at the floor.

“All of it?”

She nods. “Or nearly so.” She sips a few more times. “Would you hate me?”

I pull her against me. Our sides touch, and my arm around her shoulder. “No way.”

She still looks down. “People would talk. We probably would lose friends.”

“They wouldn’t have to know ‘why’.”

“Lori was right, most people wouldn’t want to be around us, around me.”

“From what I read, this is such a big part of you it wouldn’t matter. If I didn’t want this, you’d probably leave me.”

“Yup…all consuming. Lately, it is becoming very intense. I thought I had it under control after we met and got married.”

“What triggered the feelings to come back?”

“I saw her, Lori, at the mall last month. I just watched. I guess that’s why she stopped and talked to us. She knew.”

“Is there a way to have an amputation?”

“I doubt it.”

“What if there were?”

“Of course I’d consider it.” She nods. “Fuck-k,” she groans. “Why me?”

I pull her tight against me and suck her lower lip a few times, my hand wondering over a hip. I feel her rub against me as my swelling becomes more obvious to us both. Her hand holds my crotch then rips at the zipper.

“Want…you,” she begs then leads me to the living room, one of her favorite places to make love. Soon we are undressed on the floor just in front of the couch, her atop me, riding wildly along my shaft. Moments like these, she knows exactly what she wants and skips past all foreplay. “Oh-h, baby,” she moans loudly, her breasts swaying crazily over my face. I finish long before she is willing to give me rest.

“Hmmm, if you were missing a leg…nice,” I encourage.

“Oh, yeah, yeah,” she screams. “Play with my stump…all the time.”

“Suck and kiss it.”

“Baby-y, turning up the heat.”

“You’d be stunning in a bikini.”

“Think of all the ways to dress to highlight my lack of a leg.”

“Short skirts split up that side.”

“You could take hot pictures of me…just for us.”

“Different kinds of crutches.”

“High-heal shoes on one foot.”

Her motions more exaggerated and wilder, the climax near. “I might never let you out of bed.” She moans loudly though the orgasm, ripping at a breast with one hand. “God-d, god-d,” she groans.

“Geez, Rose. I never knew.”

“Guess I got a little carried away.”

“No. No, I’m not complaining. Quite the contrary, I’m liking the new you.”

“This has been there, it is just coming out. I’m not going to put it away either, just so you know.”

“I would never ask you to do that.”

Gradually she pulls herself of my lingering erection and stands. Some of my juices drip from her onto my stomach and she grins. “Good fuck, baby,” she whispers, her tone sultry.

“To bad you don’t have any crutches. I read some people pretend.”

“I could get some.”

“Have you ever?”

“Before you, yeah, all the time. I found it a little frustrating, that’s why I stopped.”

“And you never have told anyone.”

“Hell no. Have people think I’m nuts…no way. If it hadn’t come out as it did, I might have just left and been alone until I could do something. Like I said, it was becoming very intense.”

“I want you to be happy ‘and’ with me. I will support whatever you want, have the leg off, or keep it. It is your decision.”

Our conversations and pillow talk remain filled with what it will be like if she has an amputation. I easily find myself wanting it to happen even though a relatively new feeling for me. I study the picture web pages building my own collection, even saving some of the better fiction. Mental images that I use for masturbation gradually change from breasts and pussy to mostly that of women missing a single leg. Even when making love with Rose, I now picture her without her left leg.

As much as we talk about this, I am surprised she has neither bought crutches nor contacted Lori. I think I understand the crutches, she did mentioned the frustration it created. I equate it to always looking at flat screen televisions and never being able to take one home. Maybe this is more complicated. Lori on the other hand, that is truly puzzling. We don’t know what the woman wanted to talk about or how she lost the leg. If I could ask Lori just one question, that would be it, though it would only generate a million more questions if she turned out to be like Rose.

A Wednesday evening after work, I walk into the house from the garage. Lori sits on the couch talking with Rose. I give them a glance, and offer a polite hello, then go to the bedroom to change out of my suit.

“Sorry, just had to change,” I say, standing near the end of the couch where Rose sits.

Rose waves a hand towards one of the matching overstuffed chairs facing the couch. “Join us, Lori just got here.”

“Nice to see you again,” Lori offers, a pleasant smile lingering. She wears a loose fitting black skirt and tan blouse, a medium heal shoe on her foot without stockings. I study her for a few moments, finding her much more attractive than I remember from the prior meeting.

“I thought it was time,” Rose says. “You know, to chat with her. I haven’t told her anything.”

“Oh,” I say.

“Other than we are interested in knowing more about her.”

“Well,” Lori begins. “What would you like to know?” She pauses and smiles, glancing between us. “Let me cut to the chase. I am happy having one leg. It’s something I dreamed of most of my life. Is that too strange?”

“No, no-o,” Rose stammers. “Though, it is interesting you ‘dreamed’ of this, and now it is real. I’ve had such dreams for myself.”

“Yes, somehow I knew that.” She looks at me. “How do you feel about me, about her? Am I a ‘dream woman’ for you?”

“Until recently, no. I’ve been reading, learning. Now I know that for some men, even women, a person with an amputation can be strongly erotic. Some, rather than wanting to be with an amputee, wish to be one. Rose is the later…I don’t mind.”

“Good summary. I congratulate you for being so, so enlightened regarding the person you love. I dare say; most spouses do not react like you. Sad, but true.”

“Their loss. Right?” I chuckle. “How did you decide how much to remove?”

“Purely a personal preference. I had it amputated near the hip. Others choose all manner of stump lengths, even both legs the same or different lengths. Same with if to use crutches or prosthetic legs.” She smiles at Rose. “What’s your preference?”

“Feels so strange to be discussing how long a stump should be when I don’t even know if the amputation is possible for me. I don’t want to get my hopes up falsely, only to have them dashed.” She sighs. “Guess that’s why I took so long to speak with you.”

Lori patiently waits for Rose to finish. “Darling, last I researched this, there were two surgeons willing to help. Neither ask questions other than if you have the money and how much to amputate. In that order even.” She chuckles. “Of course, neither is close by, or easily accessed. They both use good hospitals, so this is as safe as doing it here.”

“How long does it take to arrange?” I ask.

“Not long. You seem ready for her to do this.”

“I am. I understand how important this is to her.”

“And you my dear?”

Rose laughs. “Is today too soon?”

Rose strolls across the pool deck at the resort. Tropical breezes cool the guests with perfectly tanned skin lounging there and sipping tall island drinks. A few watch her moving on the crutches, the left leg removed. The one-piece thong hides none of what happened almost a year ago.

“Here?” she quizzes me, standing beside a padded lounge chair.

I nod, watching her lean down, laying the crutches on the cement. I love the view, the wonderful shapes of her hips, rounded on bottom where the leg was. I ignore the growing erection. I can’t help my reaction to her body.

“Hubba,” I tease, taking the lounge chair beside hers and pulling it closer. “We may have to make an emergency run back to the room.”


The dark skinned woman with the revealing outfit hands us each a drink, wishes us a pleasant stay, then wanders away with a few drinks remaining on the tray. We sip and feel the warming sensations as it washes down our throats. “Hits the spot,” I say, sipping again.

She holds the bottle of lotion up. “Put some on me, please.”

“Guess I can’t put it all in ‘one’ place.” I laugh.

“Some extra there might be fun.” She turns over and wiggles her hips.

The waitress returns and offers us new drinks to replace the empty glasses. “Great day,” she softly says in a thick island accent. She turns to leave then returns. “Excuse me….”

I let my eyes roam over her lovely body, scarcely hidden by the bikini top and the piece of small piece of fabric loosely wrapped around her revealing part of the bikini bottom.

“Yes?” Rose says, sitting up beside me. “Have a seat.”

She kneels. “I can’t while I’m on duty. I’m Bonnie. I just want to say…how…ah, this is awkward. How nice it is that you don’t hide your amputation.”

“Feel free to look.” Rose chuckles. “I have it, ah, now I’m the one find something awkward.” She laughs.

“I only have five more minutes, if you don’t mind I’ll come back.”

“No, we’ll be here.”

Bonnie walks away and I cuddle Rose for a while. “What do you think she means?” I ask.

“Well, we know there are two kinds of people that are that curious.”

“Uh-huh. Which is she?”

“I bet you oral sex that she is like me.”

“I hope I lose.” I laugh. “What kind of bet is that?”

“Bet?” Bonnie asks, handing us two more glasses and holding one for her self. She has changed and wears a short skirt and cropped tee shirt. She sits; crossing a leg over the other, then holds the glass up. “Here’s to new friendships.”

“And stumps for all that want them,” Rose calmly offers, her lips nervously over the rim of the glass.

“Here, here,” Bonnie replies then sips.

“I win,” Rose quips.

I look at Bonnie and her puzzled expression. “We were betting if you just found her missing leg nice to look at or something you wanted for yourself.” I smile.

“The later…of course.”

I wave my hand towards all the people around the pool. “Of all these people, you two are the only ones.”

Bonnie sips, her eyes staring at Rose’s stump. “Occasionally, there have been amputees here. When I saw Rose, I had to inquire, otherwise I would have had to kill myself not knowing what happened.” She chuckles.

Rose sticks her leg straight out then rolls the ankle around before putting the foot down. “Yes, I’ve felt that way after seeing an amputee and not having the guts to talk to them. I would follow at a distance, afraid of their response, then for the next week not be able to put it out of my mind.”

“Yup, big time,” Bonnie says. “How about you?” she says, smiling at me.

“These days, I’m a hardcore lover of her with one leg.” I laugh. “A year ago I began to learn of her world. Now it is mine.”

“Probably like her, this is a lifelong dream for me. It sounds like you found a way. Mind sharing?”

The sun hovers at the horizon and people are leaving the pool area. “Join us for dinner,” I say. “If you won’t get in trouble.”

“No, they don’t mind as long as I’m not on duty.” She sighs. “After what we just spoke about, if they kept me from having dinner with you…I’d quit.”

“I’m sure there are places away from the resort,” Rose says.

“No, this will be just fine. We can find a table away from others so we can ‘talk’.” She snickers. “You did it…. Wow.”

As Bonnie sits and crosses her long legs, I see for an instant that she wears no panties. My heart races and my eyes roam over the rest of her perfect body. She seems to understand and uncrosses the legs, leaving them parted enough for me to enjoy the view. Her smile says look all I want.

“How long a stump?” I ask.

“Oh, mid-thigh would be nice, but it could be shorter too.” She glances at Rose, the smile still on her lips. “How’d you decide to have it all off?”

“For me, there is just something magical about a hip without a thigh.”

“Every consider having both off?”


“Really?” I whisper.

“Would you like that?”

“I don’t know. I guess I haven’t thought about it. Some of the pictures….”

“I could see myself with one at the hip, the other mid-thigh,” Bonnie says. “Yes, I could.” She lets her fingers slide up the inside of her thigh brushing the fabric away a little more, revealing even more between them.

Rose leans to one side. Seeing what I am looking at, smiles. “Very nice,” she coos. Her hand reaches across the table and takes Bonnie’s hand. “Very nice.” She glances at me. “Sorry, but she ‘is’ lovely.”

“Hmmm,” Bonnie purrs, her eyes looking directly at Rose. “So are you. I must say my heart is all aflutter.” She looks at me. “Sorry.”

“Could I at least watch?” I groan.

“Ha, I was hoping I could join both of you. It seems like we have so much in common.”

Rose flashes me a smile that screams ‘please, can we’. I understand and nod. “How can I say no?”

So it was that night, the naked dark skinned woman lay in bed between us. I kiss all over her, enjoying all parts with equal abandon. Her aroma perfectly scented. Rose takes her in places I have been. Together we savor the sounds of Bonnie slipping easily through the peaks and valleys of climaxes too numerous to count, saving our own for later.

Wasted, she lies limp with arms spread wide; her eyes closed a moment. “Both too kind.”

“It doesn’t have to end,” Rose whispers, kissing over her ear.

Bonnie wraps long fingers around my shaft, stroking slowly as her lips take the head. Rose moves so she shares, Bonnie’s hand fondling Rose’s stump while they kiss around the head and each other.

“Arrg,” I soon moan, my pleasure overtaking my ability to hold the release much longer.

“Let me taste you,” Bonnie begs, sucking firmly for a moment then letting Rose do the same. “Isn’t he fine?” Bonnie whispers to Rose then taking a turn, letting her lips sink lower until all is inside, then tightly sliding back to the head.

I hear a groan from Rose when Bonnie takes a few extra turns. I open my eyes enough to see Rose move her face between Bonnie’s thighs, her head moving slowly as she kisses and sucks here and there. Bonnie continues, bring me closer, while trying to position her self so Rose has good access.

“I wish you had your stump,” I whisper, running my fingers through the short black hair. “Both of them.” Her lips tighten and suddenly I fill her mouth with the first load of fluid. I listen to her gulp and swallow without pause then continue until I have no more.

She pushes me flat and climbs atop, shoving hard against me until I vanish inside. Rose sits behind her, hands gripping both breasts and rolling them firmly about.

“Yeah, both legs,” Rose demands, still playing with the breasts. “So we could to this every night…until we can fuck no more.”

Quickly Bonnie is in the throws of another climax, biting her lower lip as she rides hard along my shaft. “Ah, god-d, ah, ah,” she roars in a low throaty tone. “Feel my legless body against yours…so…good.” She falls against me.

Rose kisses along her spine then over one hip. “Ends…here,” she mumbles. “I see…it…clearly.” She reaches between us and fondles the clit, rubbing it, keeping the climax alive a while longer.

“Such a dream, I will never forget you.” Bonnie frowns.

“Does it have to be just a dream?” I ask.

“No,” Rose replies.

“How?” Bonnie begs. “I don’t want it just a dream.”

“Live with us,” I say, knowing what Rose is thinking.


“There…here,” Rose answers.

“How do I get my legs…amputated?”

“I know how,” Rose says. “We’ll make it happen…if you want.”

Bonnie pulls Rose to the sheets, holds her close and deeply kisses her, while groping the stump. Minutes later, they pause. “I can see this, us, all of us….”

“Me too. I want that. Like I said, if you do.”

“And David?” Bonnie begs.

I sit beside them, my hand rubbing over Rose then Bonnie and back. “Only if we are equal partners without boundaries.” I fondle the dark skin of a breast for a moment. “We share each other as if married.”

“Can I be with just her or just you as much as with both of you?”

“Please-e,” Rose replies. “That’s what I want.”

“If I can’t work, have a job?”

“We have enough you might not have too.”

“Oh, my. Where have you come from? This is a dream come true.”

Not a word of discussion between us about Bonnie, Rose seemed happy and I was too. Only a blind person could look at her and not fall in love. Of course, there was more than her beauty; her personality matches ours perfectly. We shared the same bed for the rest of the week at the resort with the same intense passion that we found the first night. It was hard seeing her leave for work, even though she was by the pool each day. It still seems like yesterday.

I sit on our deck and watch them lying on towels, holding hands. Bonnie’s legs are gone as planned, the left at the hip and the right four or five inches lower. My swim trunks look like Mt. Everest thanks to them. Rose still has my heart as she always has; only now so does Bonnie.

We live beside a lake, a reasonable compromise so Bonnie can have good access to the water. Even after the year since her amputations, I still find it hard to believe I have two beautiful and lust filled women in my life. Other than the missing legs, it probably is some men’s dream.

Lately, Rose has teased about her other leg. I like to watch her on crutches, the single leg stunning. If it goes, so be it. I reach down, pick up my own crutches as I stand and walk into the house to get another beer.

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