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Using Kink to Seduce Aunt Karen Ch. 01

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Imagine my dread when my Mother told me that I’d be spending three weeks in Little Rock, Arkansas with my Aunt so that she could go on her church trip to Mexico. Me, the sophisticated, suburban 20 year old college girl from Buffalo having to spend three weeks of my summer vacation in Arkansas! My Aunt Karen and Uncle Todd were cool enough, in their early 50’s I remembered, but I just didn’t relish the thought of leaving my cozy living quarters in the basement of our house. Yes, my basement where I could toy my ever-dripping pussy with my favorite dildos whenever I pleased.

It seemed that in over the past 2 years, I really had awoken to my own sexuality. It seemed that I was always checking myself out, checking men out and checking other girls out. I was never this body-aware as a high school kid. My high school teachers and the boys loved staring at my tight butt, but I never really learned to enjoy their stares. It was only in college, after getting compliments from the girls on the hall, that I started to flaunt my assets a little more. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to curtail my activities for my Aunt’s sake, little did I know!

Moving day came and, although, I was bummed-out, I made up for it with some naughty fun on the flight down. I caught myself daydreaming on the plane as a sultry, older, redheaded flight attendant with pushed up titties seemed to be staring at me every time she walked by. She was older, probably in her early 40’s, but very well kept and very curvy. I swear she licked her lip slightly at one point and I felt that little tingle in my lap that I had come to know and welcome.

At first, I figured my horny mind was playing tricks on me, but when she conveniently dropped some peanuts one row in front of me and bent over to pick them up, all doubt was quickly removed. I noticed she’d undone two buttons on her blouse and I got more than a peek as her lacy, sheer bra and the full heave of her breasts came directly into my view. When she quickly glanced in my direction and caught me staring, she shot me a wicked little grin and a wink. I blushed, quickly looked away and buried my face in my book. My mind and heart began racing and my hot pussy began dripping.

I couldn’t concentrate on the pages in front of me and I felt the constant need to adjust my panties, so I snuck into the plane lavatory. While in there, I realized the cabin noise would drown out any commotion I caused, so I started to tease my engorged clit which was large enough to dent the smooth front of my panties. I slowly buried a finger into my quim and after a few minutes of deep, slow fingering and a smoldering cum, I withdrew from my juicy box. As I removed my hand, I noticed there was a long, clear string of my pussy-dew attached to my fingers!

“How sexy is that,” I said to myself and proceeded to fumble for my camera with my other hand. Though it was tough, I managed to take some downright naughty photos of my hot escapades. I even got a mirror selfie of me, standing with my tits out, pissing into the toilet!

“How slutty,” I murmured to myself, proud of the fact I had turned into such a sexy creature. I couldn’t believe I could have this effect on an older, horny, flight attendant and that she could turn me on as well. Just then, I heard the redhead talking outside the lavatory door as I got dressed. That’s when my dirty mind went into overdrive.

I opened up the cum-string photo on my phone and stepped outside the bathroom door. There she was, on the jump seat in the back of the aircraft, strapping herself in for landing.

“What do you think?” I said, as I held the phone up to her face. Her eyes widened and a big smile came across her face. I then flicked to the piss pic.

“And this one?” Her eyes got huge! She grabbed a napkin from the serving cart next to her. She hurriedly scribbled down her email address and told me that she also had some skills with a camera!

” I’ll send some of my photos to you. I think you’ll enjoy them. They’ll keep you company on these long flights!”

“Mmmm,” I murmured, “I’d like that.”

“If you wait until after we de-plane, I’ll show you a sample,” she added. I nodded and made my way back to my seat.

What just happened I thought to myself? I was so flushed and excited when I got back to my seat, the elderly lady sitting beside me asked if I was okay.

“Never better,” I acknowledged, to which she shook her head affirmatively. I thought she, too, was probably a nymph in her day!

I took my time exiting the plane and as I got my bag out from the overhead bin, I could see my new friend making her way up the aisle with her phone out. What was she going to show me? My imagination was running wild! She started out with some clothed photos of her husband. Clothed photos! What a bummer! She sensed my disappointment, laughed, and shuffled through some others.

“Oh, you may like this one as well. It’s a nice one of my family,” she said loudly, obviously throwing off anyone overhearing our conversation. I couldn’t believe the photo she showed me! She was on her back, bent at the waist, with her ass in the air and her knees bent back beside her ears. A big, fat veiny cock was dripping white, hot cum into her spread open asshole! A trail of the jism was also on her upper lip. The owner of the cock couldn’t fit his hand around the shaft! You could see her face in the picture, a look of pure lust in her eyes.

“It’s one of my favorites,” she whispered. “A little tame, but I’ve got others.” I was dumbstruck. I’d seen pictures like this on porn sites, but never actually from someone I knew. I would never get this out of my mind. I handed her a note with my cell number on it and my first name.

“June,” she said, and she reached out her hand to shake mine. The moment wasn’t lost on me and I shook her hand firmly with my jillin’ hand.

“Hannah,” I replied. She subtly raised her hand to her mouth and placed her finger on her tongue. What a vixen! She relayed that she’d be meeting her husband for some cocktails later in the evening and she’d forward me some more family pics if I wished! Did I ever!

The cab ride from the airport to my Aunt’s house would be 45 minutes long. I couldn’t get June out of my head. This trip was starting off on a very interesting note. I closed my eyes and my mind drifted as the cab sped toward the country.

I couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised by how my Aunt appeared when I arrived at her doorstep. She was out gardening and looked downright sexy in her muddy Crocs, short jean shorts and a tight, thin, yellow t-shirt that showed off her dark nipples, which protruded at least half an inch. She looked to be in great shape, her skin belying the fact she was 51 years old and her brunette, shoulder length hair didn’t have a trace of gray. She had that girl next-door look to her, albeit a little older.

“Hannah, how are you?” she exclaimed and hugged me, genuinely excited to see me. “Come, come, I’ll show you around,” as she grabbed my luggage and led me to the beautifully landscaped cottage. Aunt Karen showed me around her beautiful, charming little cottage and immense, 2-acre garden and then showed me to my room. During our little tour of the house, I noticed myself catching glimpses of those very perky nipples. They were protruding thru that shirt in a manner that left little question as to whether she wore a bra or not. Am I becoming a lesbo, I secretly wondered? Not if my reaction to June’s photo was any indication, I laughed to myself!

“Why don’t you get freshened up and join me and we’ll catch up.”

“That would be great, Aunt Karen. I’m just going to take a quick shower and I’ll be down.”

“Your Uncle Todd will be home a little later. He’s bringing steaks for dinner. Is that okay? He’s excited to see you as well. He hasn’t seen you in years. You’re so grown up he won’t even recognize you.”

“Great. I’ll be down in a couple of minutes,” as I collapsed onto the feather comforter of my bed. The hot water of the shower felt so good that I didn’t want to get out, at least until the chime on my cell phone startled me. It was the chime of a text message with a picture attached! No, I thought. It couldn’t be June already, could it? I hurried out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself and rifled through the pockets of my jeans for my phone.

My hands were shaking I was so excited. It was a text from June. The message read, “I met my husband in the hotel and we took this for you before we went out. It was very nice meeting you!” The attached pic showed June’s perfectly manicured fingers around her husband’s 9-inch cock with a big drop of clear pre-cum about ready to drip into her high heel shoe! I couldn’t believe it. How kinky. Now I needed a cold shower! The more I thought about it, I realized they must have been here in Little Rock. I replied right away, but not just any reply.

I took another selfie of myself in the mirror with my towel strategically revealing the bottom of my pussy lips. “And nice meeting You!”

The rest of the week went by rather quickly as my Aunt Jane and Uncle Todd had all kinds of things they wanted to show me. We spent lots of time working in her beautiful garden, grilling dinner and touring the surrounding Little Rock area. Uncle Todd and Aunt Jane were big bikers and so we went on several long rides which would always leave me beat by the end of the day. I was really busy and had hardly noticed that 4 days had gone by without hearing from June.

I tentatively emailed her one night, trying not to sound too weird or forward. I assumed she thought I was this little horny college girl that she’d teased the hell out of and now was done with me. It took 24 hours for her to reply. I saved opening her email until after dinner that evening. Aunt June and Uncle Todd had filets that they were cooking on the grill and they had several bottles of wine to go with them. Dinner conversations were typically geared toward college, Uncle Todd’s job, gardening and my Mom. Nothing would have suggested they were anything except a normal aunt and uncle.

We were having a good time drinking the wine on their patio after dinner when I accidentally dropped my dessert fork. When I bent down to pick it up I was startled with the view! There was Aunt Jane’s completely shaved pussy clearly visible up her skirt. No panties! She was not aware of the view I had, so there was no hurry on her part to cover it up. She must have been even more sexual than I had imagined, but neither she or Uncle Todd were about to let on as long as I was around. I would have to see if I could change that! After a long, late dinner and multiple bottles of wine, most of which my Aunt and Uncle drank, we all retired upstairs to bed.

“Sorry I haven’t been in touch,” June’s email said, “but I had an international flight. Hope these photos will liven up your time in Little Rock!” I hurriedly downloaded the attached folder to my laptop, viruses be damned!

There were about 30 jpegs and a couple of movie files in the folder, all unnamed. I opened them up in order. The first several were of her in sexy lingerie. One, which caught my eye, showed her bent over with her thong up her generous ass crack, a butt-plug visible underneath the thin material. Subsequent photos showed various stages of undress and the final set revealed her working a suction cup dildo deep into her pussy. The dildo was attached to a mirror so I could see her tight butt-hole and plug in the reflection. It was a very sexy shot. I needed one of those dildos!

The next several got my heart to racing again. Here was June working her slender fingers into her husband’s asshole while winking at the camera! He was on his back and his large balls and huge cock hung obscenely to the side of her hand. There were several pics of her working his asshole with her fingers and tongue. These two really love ass, I thought to myself, intrigued by the idea as my butt was one of my best assets!

The pictures already had me hot and bothered when I opened the movie files. My clit, again, swollen to the size of a big almond was crying for a tongue, but all it was going to get was my hand. Each movie was about 2-3 minutes long. The first movie started where the pictures left off. There was June working her husband’s shit-chute with her lubed up fingers while stretching his balls out with her dirty mouth. His moaning made the clip a little too loud to play at full volume since my Aunt & Uncle were just down the hall. I couldn’t believe the quality of the movie on my new laptop. It was like I was right there, watching this slut work her husband’s prostate while the pre-cum flowed out of the tip of his cock, just begging me to come lick it up!

By now, I had to get up and lock the bedroom door because I was about to get busy with my own hot, dripping box! As I went to lock the door I heard my Aunt down the hall so I figured I’d just crack the door to see what she was doing. She was sauntering into her own bedroom completely naked. There was an obvious stagger to her gait. After all, we’d just polished off 3 bottles of wine! I wondered if there were going to be any extra-curricular activities going on tonight, but first I had movies to watch!

The second of June’s movies left off exactly where the first had ended. This time they were talking dirty to me!

“Hannah, do you like the way I suck on my hubby’s nut sack? I can sense they’re swelling with his thick load. What do you want him to do with his load? Do you want him to spray it on my face? Or how about in my ass like the photo I showed you on the plane? Would you like to be here with me? How about this idea? Do you want me to save you some of this?” She then grabbed her husband’s huge semi-hard tool and gave it a good squeeze, forcing a big dollop of clear pre-cum to ooze out of the tip. She licked her lip lasciviously and slurped it up, then smiled at me. “There’s nothing like an ass-juice chaser after some pre-cum. What do you think, Hannah? Dare Me?”

She proceeded to slowly withdraw her long fingers from her husband’s asshole.

“Oooohhhh yea, baby,” he moaned. “Be a dirty whore wife. Share some of that ass juice with Hannah.”

“Ok, baby, I will.” The ruby red finger nails slowly exited her husband’s shit box and she held them up to the camera, all dripping with ass juice. Suddenly she stuck them into her mouth slurping all the juice off of them! “Mmmmm, so good Hannah, but not as good as mine!” She then proceeded to turn around for the camera & spread her legs, exposing the crystal clear butt plug. She gently worked it out of her ass and proceeded to feed it to her husband who clearly couldn’t get enough! “Take it baby,” June cooed,” suck that ass juice like the butt-hole lover you are!”

“How are you doing, Hannah? Do we have you worked up? Why don’t you show us how much with the camera on your phone? Do you have Face Time or Skype? Text me and tell me when it’s a good time to Face Time. Don’t look at the 3rd movie yet, okay?”

There was no time like the present as far as I was concerned! I texted June and we logged onto Face Time. Soon I was watching June with her husband, Mike. “Hannah, how are you? How is life with your Aunt and Uncle? Are they stodgy or are they fun?”

“They’re fun and very nice, but they’re actually really drunk tonight,” I added.

“Really drunk, huh? Hmmm, Hannah, I have an idea. Sneak down to their room and let me see them via Face Time. What do you think? If they’re drunk, they’ll never know. Come on, we’ll have some sexy fun!”

I was nervous about this, but June’s movies had me so worked up that my brain was bathed in sexual imagery and my panties were bathed in juice! Besides, I was curious about those perky nipples that I had been seeing. Maybe the wine would give me my only chance to see them.

I agreed and told June to hang on a minute. I carried my phone quietly down the hall and slowly peeked inside their bedroom door. The bathroom light was on as was the TV. But whoooaah, look what I found on the bed! There was my Aunt, spread eagled, passed out, with what looked like cum plastered all over her face and neck. Any there was Uncle Todd, passed out with his fat cock hanging near her face! I aimed the phone at my Aunt and Uncle and showed June what I was seeing. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I whispered.

“Wow, that’s hot,” I heard June say. “Take some video of them. We’ll use it later!”

I wasn’t sure what June was getting at, but she kept egging me on until I flipped the camera on and began filming. “That’s it,” June said, ” Get her pussy, get his cock. Now put your mouth on her big fuckin’ nipples!” I couldn’t believe what June was suggesting. What did she want me to do? Suck my Aunt Karen’s nipples? Her nipples were unbelievably hard and very inviting. My own heart was racing, my pussy soaked. “Do it, c’mon, do it,” June taunted. I held the phone so June could see me and I began swirling my hot tongue around my Aunt Karen’s erect nips.

“They taste like cum, delicious cum,” I whispered.

“Ooooo, fuck is that hot,” I heard Mike say softly in the background.

My Aunt started to stir as I began flicking her nipples and I backed off. Then she moved her hand between her legs and started to finger fuck herself! I aimed the camera at her bald, swollen lips and filmed for a minute. She was starting to soak the bed but I was too afraid of her waking up so I packed it in.

“I have to go,” I said to June. “She’s going to wake up,” and I quickly turned off the phone and moved down the hall to my room. No sooner had I gotten to my room than I received a text from June.

“That was hot, thanks. You can watch the third movie and I’ll be in touch in a little while. Cya.”

By now, my breathing was fast, my heart was racing, and I had two holes which needed attention, so I climbed into bed, flipped to the picture folder and opened the third movie. It left off where the second movie had ended.

“Hannah, Mike has a present he wants to give you, but first I’m going to give him one.”

June then had Mike lay on his back and spread his legs. She oiled up the butt-plug and slowly inserted the toy into his welcoming ass. He kept encouraging her, “Stuff that ass, baby, stuff it.” His nuts were so big they practically covered the plug once it was in place.

“This makes him shoot huge loads,” she said mischievously. Now, we’re going to give you a facial! ”

I had no idea what she was talking about so I just continued to watch, all the while rubbing my clit with my hand and every once in a while I’d detour down to my tight asshole. Soon, June brought in an 8 x 10 glossy of the selfie that I had texted them. They had printed it out! She laid it down on a desk and Mike stood up and started jacking his big cock above my photo. June went behind him, blocked from camera view, and started rimming him. I couldn’t see her, but she was narrating her actions to me.

“I’m tasting the rim of his ass, Hannah, it’s so tasty! I’m pulling on the butt-plug to stretch his hole. I wish you were here with me, licking my soaking pussy while I give my sexy husband a rim-job! Now, I’m sucking on one of his big balls, getting them ready to blow! June then sat down on the desk and began to rub her finely trimmed pussy. Her head was near enough to Mike’s big cock that she could see it every time it twitched. Every time some pre-cum oozed out of his fat prick, she stuck her tongue out and tried to catch it. What she missed fell onto my picture!

“A big load, baby. Give her a big, hot, delicious load of cum on her face and pussy. I want her to cum like a fountain when she watches this! I want to eat all that cum off her body baby. C’mon do it! Do it! ” Mike let out a long groan and slowed down his jacking. A long rope of very thick, white cum shot out of the end of his engorged meat, landing smack in the middle of the picture of me.

“That’s it baby, keep it coming, keep it coming,” June crowed. Several more big ropes flew out and once the photo was covered, June grabbed Mike’s cock and began swallowing what was left. June then looked at the camera and then with the lusty look that only she could give, said, ” Now, Hannah, for the kinky side of you, this is dessert!”

Mike then turned around exposing his tight asshole and his big hanging balls. June began licking the butt-plug and slowly removed it. Mike’s asshole gaped and June quickly rimmed him before he completely closed up. She took the plug and began to roll it in the load that had soaked the picture. When it was dripping, she first brought it to her lips and licked it clean, and then gave Mike a big kiss, swapping cum in the nastiest kiss I’ve ever seen!

15 minutes later, I received a text from June. It said, “Would you like to see your Aunt and Uncle do what we just did? Would you like to make them do the dirty things that are in your mind right now? Wouldn’t that be fun? Sweet dreams! Talk to you soon.” End of Part 1

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