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The Club

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I was excited beyond words, I had been told of this place by many but never dreamed I would actually go myself. And it was considered a gag gift from my best friend when she handed me the ticket for entry on my birthday.

The nights sky clear, the cool of the evening chilling my legs as I walked to the entrance of the establishment.

I had picked a beautiful sheer black cocktail dress with appliqués covering the proper places matched with a pair of black lace panties, stockings and six-inch stilettos.

My makeup a little bold for what I was accustomed but fine for the club scene I suppose, the woman making me up for the evening feeling it was fitting for the occasion and the night’s events planed.

The entrance to the club was made to look like a dungeon, which I found very entertaining to say the least.

As I entered, the scent of leather was overwhelming. A long iron staircase just after the thick double doors lead downward to the clubs main room. The bar was situated in the center of the huge room; two dance floors on either side of it complete with long runways the length of the room for patrons to dance on.

I glanced upward seeing two woman in a large cage suspended from the rafters involved in quite a display of affection, I had to smile as they both glanced down at me, breaking eye contact as I felt myself begin to blush.

As I approached the bar I noticed a man watching me, his eyes stern and void of emotion, his gaze sent chills the length of my spine.

The music shifted from hard rock to a more erotic flare. The vibrating tones spilling overhead.

My eyes wondered about the room as I ordered a shot of tequila, the rhythm of the music engulfing me, the base notes reaching down stroking my sex, I couldn’t help thinking how much I liked the sound system, laughing at myself but wet none the less.

As I turned from the bar my eyes met with his once again, who is he I wondered, very attractive but something dark hovers over him. My eyes leaving his as I slammed my shot and reached for a lime wedge, placing it to my lips, raking my teeth over the flesh of the fruit feeling the slight burn of its acid as it dripped onto my tongue.

A sudden grip to my wrist turning me quickly leaving me slightly off balance completely annoyed at someone being so damn bold. Growling as I glanced up into his eyes.

“Don’t you growl at me bitch” he whispered. My eyes widening at his words.

“Excuse me? I don’t know who you think I am but you seem to have mistaken me for someone else” was the only response that came to mind considering I was totally confused at his attitude.

” I’m not confused in the least little one, I can see the desires in you” spoken so matter of factly it was astounding.

His grip on my wrist not lessening as he pulled me slowly away from the bar towards a door baring the pentagram deeply carved into the thick wood.

As he opened the door I felt a rush of warmth between my thighs, as we entered the smallish room, I had never seen such things in real life. My heart pounding in my chest at seeing what appeared to be a sawhorse covered with leather in the center of the room, I glanced upward at the chains suspended from the rafters slightly away from it. My eyes scanning the room quickly to access the situation at hand. Taking note of the assortment of toys displayed neatly on the back wall.

He began to pull me toward the horse

” Wait” I protested.

” You have waited to long as it is, you desire it do you not?”

His words rang true but how could he possibly know?

Releasing my wrist he glanced deeply into my eyes

” Go if you wish”

His words making me want with every fiber of my being what I always dare not admit.

I stood my ground eyes cast downward not wishing him to see the fire raging inside me.

Leaning forward he whispered into my ear as his fingers slid beneath the thin straps of my dress.

” You won’t be needing this, not here”

Stepping away from me as my dress feel to the floor at my feet. Leaving me standing before him in only my panties, stockings and heals.

A slight curl came to the edges of his lips at seeing my nipples already stiffened, small silver rings dangling freely from there tips.

Holding out his hand for me, a soft intake of breath as mine touched his. Leading me closer to the center of the room, he motioned for me to step onto the small stool at the horse’s base.

Stepping up I felt his hands on my hips guiding me against the horse making sure my thighs were pushed firmly against it, as he circled before me taking my hand into his, he kissed its palm and each fingertip before pulling my arm upward and forward placing the leather restraint onto my wrist attached to the first chain suspended from above.

Moving to my other hand and doing the same.

My upper body pulled forward over the horse by the stress of the chains.

His eyes locking onto mine as he reached for a black scarf on a nearby table. His kiss soft on my lips as he took my sight.

The only sound heard was the pounding of my heart and his footsteps walking around me.

With a sudden shove of his foot the small stool was pushed from under me. A gasp escaped my lips as the sudden pull to my arms left me off guard. The horse holding me a few inches off the floor.

I felt his hands on my hips again, letting them slide down my outer thighs as he crouched behind me taking first my right ankle securing it to a leg of the horse then moving to the left. His hands roaming over my body freely as he stood. His lips touched my lower back as he reached around me and pinched my nipples firmly.

His footsteps then heard moving away and the sounds of him removing items from the wall behind me. My heart racing realizing this is real. My panties already damp with my excitement.

Suddenly the cold steel of a blade was pressed to my hip its feel making me shiver lightly, the flat of the blade slipping under the thin side strap of my panties. His mouth pressed to my ear as he cut the strap with a gentle movement of his wrist.

“You won’t be needing these ever again, do you understand girl?”

A barely heard “yes” slipped from my now dry mouth.

” Yes what, little one?” His voice slightly elevated.

” Yes Sir?” my voice trembling a tad.

” Yes, say it again!” he demanded.

” Yes Sir” flowed freely from my lips, as he moved the blade to my other hip cutting it with one fluid motion, sending my panties to the floor.

His fingertips moved freely over my hips and ass.

” Your flesh lacks warmth, tell me now of your limits girl” his voice caring but firm.

” My limits are unknown Sir” in a soft breathy voice.

” Your safe word will be cinnamon, can you remember it girl?”

” Yes Sir I will remember” the outer lips of my sex slick with my warm juices, body charged, every cell wanting, needing his attention.

My arms beginning to ache from the tension to them. Not even the sound of his footsteps now just the pounding of my own heart.

The first blow of the flogger-landing square across both ass cheeks making me gasp loudly more from surprise than pain. Three more blows followed quickly, my flesh tingling, a soft moan escaping my lips as the last blow bites harder than the first three.

His footsteps walking towards me, his fingertips stroking the stripes forming.

” Tell me girl” his voice strong and demanding.

” Please Sir, harder” voice small and pleading.

“Good girl” he whispered.

A sudden brutal blow to the small of my back, making me scream out, eyes tearing slightly.

Two more blows, from first one direction and then the opposite across my back, the tips of the tails biting into the soft outer flesh of my breasts upon the wrap around.

Tears escaping my eyes wetting the dark clothe covering them.

Out of nowhere eight more strikes making their way from my shoulders down to my thighs.

Sobs turning to low throaty moans as the burn took over and invaded my senses my body reacting with light tremors.

The sounds of the flogger dropping to the floor making me jump slightly.

His footsteps approached, placing his lips upon each angry welt kissing ever so softly. His hand sliding over my bottom and between my spread thighs leaning forward against my body as his fingers slid easily over my slick outer lips.

” Very good girl” in a deep resonating tone. As he slipped two deep into my sex and stroked gently.

I could feel the wave build quickly as his fingers curled and pressed firmly against my G-spot.

Without warning he removed them suddenly his footsteps moving and stopping before me.

” Open your mouth girl” As I opened my mouth as he instructed, the scent of my hot sex filled my nostrils, his fingers pressing to my lips.

Sucking my juices from his fingers hungrily, he pulled them harshly from my lips making a light popping sound.

Flicking the ring on my right nipple with his wet fingers.

” Tell me how it felt when it was done girl”

” It burned as the needle was pushed through, very intense pain for thirty minutes or so Sir”

“And did the pain excite you girl?”

” Yes Sir very much”

A deep throated growl into my ear upon asking “Did it make you wet?”

” Yes Sir, it did”

Walking around behind me again slipping his had between my thighs once more, taking my pearl between his thumb and forefinger pinching firmly.

” And this girl is it to be done as well?”

A loud moan escaped my lips at the pinch.

” Yes, I wish it to be” my voice now trembling.

A soft whisper into my ear ” I can do that for you if you wish”

My heart pounding at the thought, the pinch firms my breath becoming heavy and unsteady.

He with his free hand the darkness is taken from me, squinting at the sudden light feeling him move a bit to my side to look into my tear filled eyes, kissing me softly.

His grip lessens a bit now stroking my clit, his smile widens at feeling my warmth trickle down my inner thighs.

Releasing my clit, his left arm slipped about my waist reaching up to remove the restraints at my wrists with his right, letting my toes touch the floor as he kissed my neck his teeth lightly scraping the flesh before biting down, letting his grip around my waist lighten lowering me to my feet completely.

” Had enough for your first encounter girl?” his breath hot against my ear as he spoke.

“No Sir, please continue” voice shaking realizing he was setting me free from my binds.

The feel of him squatting behind me releasing the restraints at my ankles.

His hands travel up over my outer thighs, hips and come to rest on my waist as he whispers into my ear “Tell me again”

” More Sir, please” pleading for him not to release me.

His arms wrapping around me kissing my neck.

” Later girl” his voice tempting, teasing as he walked from me and picked my dress up from the floor. As I turned toward him, he handed it to me.

” Meet me at the bar girl” a soft smile coming to his lips as he s poke, exiting quickly before I had a chance to respond.

My hands still trembling as I slipped on my dress.

Glancing into a mirror running my fingers through my hair, wiping my tear -streaked face & putting on fresh lipstick.

The touch of my dress lightly brushing against my welted flesh sending another rush of warmth downward.

As I opened the door leading to the main room of the club, I glanced up and saw an image of myself on the far wall and not as I am now.

My breath catching in my chest at what had truly happened just moments ago.

“She is quite lovely in her binds don’t you agree?” His face just inches from mine as I turned.

His eyes reaching down into my very soul, smiling as he handed me a goblet of orange juice,

“You will want your wits about you love” his words making my mind reel with wonder.

Turning me towards the image shone on the wall as he walked me to a table on the upper level, pulling out a chair making sure I could see. Putting his chair close beside mine watching my expression as the scene unfolded before me.

My eyes closing as the flogger made contact with my flesh in the images.

His fingers stroking my thigh sending a chill through me, a soft whisper, “open your eyes and watch”

I glanced at him eyes begging. But his reply a simple touch to my chin sending my glance back to the wall.

I watched as the wraparound connects with the soft sides of my breasts, I whence at seeing the force behind the blows making my breasts bounce and watch as the welts appear.

His fingers slip further up my thigh the sensation of his touch over my stockings to bare flesh making me glance about nervously.

“Spread your legs” his voice unwavering.

I do as he commands his fingertips move ever so softly closer and barely graze my thick outer lips. I moan despite myself as his thumb slips effortlessly past them gently pressing against my clit moving it from side to side.

Fighting with everything I am to keep composure as the hostess nears the table.

He can surely see my attempt to stay calm.

” May I get you anything?” she asked looking into my eyes.

He slips two fingers deep inside me whispering ” Answer the lady” pulling his finger nearly out and plunging them deep again.

“No thank you I’m fine for now” spoken in a slightly quivering voice.

He orders a glass of wine and she goes on her way glancing back at me as she departs.

” I think you have an admirer,” he whispers.

” May I use the ladies room please Sir?”

“Very well girl, don’t be long” slipping his fingers from me and placing them to his lips.

I make my way to the ladies room finding it empty, walking to the sink to splash some cool water onto my face, glancing up as she enters our eyes meeting in the mirrors reflection.

I turn to go and my heart leaps up into my throat as she approaches backing me against a small sofa in the waiting area.

Her finger touches my lips softly to quiet my oncoming protests, knowing full well this wouldn’t go over well with him should he find out.

She pushed me gently making me sit as she went to her knees between my thighs glancing up into my eyes, speaking only once

“How he has left you should be considered a crime” she smiles softly as she pulls up my dress exposing my sex.

Leaning forward she kisses my mound softly as she slips my legs onto her shoulders, her tongue like silk to my needy pussy.

We were so deeply into the moment we didn’t hear the door open.

“Well now THAT’S service,” he snarled.

We both jumped at the resonating tone of his voice as it bounced off the walls of the small room.

“You might want to clean up a bit before returning to your station girl” his laughter filling the room.

She hurried out leaving us alone.

I rose from the soft and walked to the sink. His reflection in the mirror catching me off guard.

My eyes widening at seeing him pull the belt free from his trousers.

My face going pale… ” Oh god please not here, someone could enter,” I begged as he sat on the soft. (Feeling others seeing my image quite different than witnessing it first hand).

” Over my lap NOW girl”

” Please Sir” my eyes tearing.

“NOW” his voice stern.

I walked to him slowly, trembling harder with each step as I neared.

“Dress up to your waist NOW” his sudden grip on my wrist strong as he lost patience and yanked me across his lap.

Wiggling franticly knowing he was serious my heart pounding in my chest.

Yelping as the first strike was delivered.

A sudden noise outside the door.

The second strike landing harder than the first making tears pool in my eyes, biting my lower lips to keep from screaming out.

A gasp is heard outside the door.

” Enter NOW,” he growls. The door opens slowly and she glances down at me, her excitement apparent as seeing the situation.

“Sit on the arm of the soft girl and spread you legs for her” he barks.

Her voice weak ” I’m sorry I didn’t mean…”

“NOW girl” his eyes flaring slightly.

He whispers softly as he grabs onto my hair ” This is a simple thing if you make your little friend cum the punishment stops”

I feel his arm rise and I flutter my tongue over her already wet pussy parting the lips with the tip of my tongue.


I gasp against her sex as tears fall. I pull her closer driving my tongue deep into her warmth.


I feel her jump at the sound of the belt on bare flesh; I cry openly tears falling onto her open thighs and cunt. I suck her clit between my teeth fluttering my tongue over its tip, her legs tremble.


I scream into her sex… her legs tense as she starts to release her warmth rushing over my lips.

His strong hand strokes my tender bottom making me jump a little.

She quickly rises and leaves without a word spoken.

His soft tug to my hair, pulling me to a kneel beside his side, looking deep into my eyes.

” Did you ask to play with her?” he questioned.

“No Sir” I whispered, he pulled me onto his lap straddling him, kissing me softly as he spoke.

“Is this what you want girl?” pulling his cock free from his trousers.

My eyes tear yet again “yes Sir”

“Beg for it” his eyes never leaving mine a little smile coming to his lips.

The need stronger than the will. “Please Sir…. Oh God please fuck me now” tears streaming down my face.

His kiss soft on my lips as he raises me slightly and lowers me onto his cock.

My back arching as he fills me, leaning forward he locks his teeth onto my throat biting down firmly sending me screaming over the edge my sex twitching around him.

His hands grab onto my hips as he moves faster, deeper.

I use my legs to ride him wanting to feel him release. The ride steadies… our rhythm and strokes in perfect harmony.

He shoves upward hard, the feel of his cock thickening at the onset of his release making me ride harder.

He moans against my breast as he releases in strong bursts.

As our breathing slowed and we sat there together with him still inside me a faint knock at the door making last call for the evening.

He smiled “Would you like a drink?”

“Yes Sir I would” as I kissed his cheek.

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