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Janie in the Library

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I had seen him around the halls a few times, but he had only smiled weakly at me and glanced at the ground. For the longest time I didn’t even know his name. I assumed he must be an adjunct professor at my prestigious graduate school; he dressed professional, and his silver hair was a clue to his age bracket.

For the life of me, I do not understand why he was so intriguing. He stood about six feet tall, and his body-type was that of a wrestler or rugby player;

he was stout and had muscular legs and arms. Colin, as his name turned out to be, had kind blues eyes but he wasn’t dashingly handsome by any standard.

I was about a year into my studies before I realized he was not only an adjunct who actually taught courses, but he was also the head of a research center and was awarded more grants than any other adjunct professor at the school. Colin took his work seriously. It wasn’t until the first day of class during my fourth semester that we were formally introduced; he was teaching my advanced biology course!

The third time Colin incorrectly called me Jane, I realized I would have to speak up more and perhaps see him outside of class so he would get to know me; afterall I didn’t want to be just a number.

After the second class meeting, I approached Colin to ask him about a specimen in the museum, where it could be located, and if I may study it. He was cordial and professional, and an over-all pleasant man to be around. I was not afraid to approach him, but was in awe of his intelligence and abilities.

“Let’s go take a look at the specimen; it’s on my shelf space in the warehouse,” he said calmly before leading me down the poorly-lit corridor to the warehouse. The warehouse is a large, dark, area where they store all kinds of things: sampling gear, experimental equipment, recently collected specimens not yet inducted into the museum, and much more. It’s always a few degrees too cold the warehouse (hence my nipples began to harden).

I am usually fairly outgoing with a bubbly personality, but I found my demeanor reserved and shy in Colin’s presence. I kept quiet while he continued to talk about the specimen, where it was collected, how I could recognize it, etc. as we entered the warehouse. The cool, stale air of the room hit us, but Colin continued to talk unwavering and even managed to steal a glance of my cleavage. My heart beat quickened as I realized he was not immune to my womanly charms.

The specimen was placed on a high shelf, so as Colin crawled up the ladder still chatting, his crotch was at my eye level. I blushed as I caught myself looking at his groin, and was distracted enough to loose the line of conversation.


“Um, yeah, Dr….”

“– Please call me Colin. I asked what courses you’ve taken in anatomy?

I answered him and lowered my lashes, still embarrassed that I was contemplating the proportions of a cock belonging to a man 16 years my senior. He didn’t seem to notice my blush and asked where I did my undergraduate studies. We learned we had both attended the same university; unfortunately, when he graduated with a Bachelor’s I was in elementary school!

I finally started to relax around Colin as we talked about old professors we’d had to deal with in the past, the ones that just wouldn’t retire. Colin also began to loosen up; he joked with me and even let a four-letter word or two slip into the conversation, which I thought was hilarious. I found him to be quite humorous, but also patient and very sure of himself. Colin was sincerely interested in my graduate work, my hopes and dreams.

The following week I met with my graduate advisor, Stella, who is also an adjunct professor but one who is in the field so often, she didn’t get much time to really advise me. In fact, we had been so out-of-phase, that at almost two years into my degree program, I hadn’t yet started my project! The meeting was to remedy that.

“Janie, you’re just going to have to pick a question that is going to keep you interested for a least two years: one year for data collection, and one year to write it up,” she said to me.

I bit my lower lip and tried not to show my growing disinterest and distaste for my current thesis topic. She had helped me get into this school, and now she was counting on me to finish. During our conversation, I noticed Colin walk into the shared quarters and take a seat at his desk next to Stella’s.

Stella turned back towards her computer and I took this as my hint to leave, and mull over my issues in solitude. I let out a deep sigh, not hiding my frustration, and stood to go. I could feel Colin’s eyes on me as I exited through the heavy door, but didn’t turn to look at him. Tears were welling up in the corners of my eyes. Why did this have to be so hard; I just want to graduate?!

As I walked down the hall, I heard the same door open and close behind me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned, expecting Stella to be there to comfort me. However, my eyes set on the blue-grey pools of Colin’s eyes. Consolation and comfort radiated from his eyes, with even a bit of sympathy. An audible gasp escaped my lips as I was not expecting him to pull me so close, nor that he would be staring at me so intently.

“Janie…are you okay; you seem a bit upset? Are you looking for a thesis project?” he asked in his husky voice, one eyebrow cocked.

“…um, well, I don’t really have one at the moment.” I looked up at him wide-eyed, batting my lashes quickly to keep the tears from spilling over.

“Follow me; I have an idea for you.”

Colin led me into the warehouse where he showed me three new specimens in need of a researcher. The two of us talked for a good hour and by lunchtime, Colin was my new college advisor and mentor. This meant I had to completely switch my project. Luckily, Stella was understanding and let me go.

My crush on Colin continued to deepen over the following weeks. We got to know more about each other slowly, as both he and I were professional in our conversations. I tried to put my silly fantasies to rest since I doubted he would ever take the bait; I figured he could probably get into trouble with the dean if he was caught fornicating with a grad student. I told myself he was too much of a nice guy to ever hit on me.

Towards the end of the semester, I was required to speak at a National Conference, and it was my first big talk. Colin was incredibly supportive.

The day before my talk, Colin and I met in the library to go through my slides together. I was dressed nicely, like I always do for him. It was past lunchtime, and we were putting away the laptop when I snagged my nylons on a table leg.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed in annoyance.

“What happened?” Colin asked with concern.

“Just my nylons.” I reached down to rub the little blemish on my tan leggings. The run cascaded down over my supple calf. Colin stared blankly at my leg but said nothing. The air felt heavy and I blushed deeply. Silence ensued for a few minutes while I thought of something to say. “Are you going to lunch now?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna go get a sandwich,” he said.

“Can I come?”

Colin stared at me for a second as if he didn’t hear me correctly. “Oh sure, but I was gonna walk to the deli,” Colin said, eying my high heels.

“Um, can I meet you down there? I don’t wanna walk in these,” I said referring to my sexy shoes.


I had ordered my sandwich and was waiting at a table by the time Colin strolled into the deli. He ordered and then we sat together outside. Our conversation flowed freely and there was no lag in discussion. In fact, I found myself revealing some rather personal information about my childhood, family, and relationships. In turn, Colin told me that he was divorced. This was our first non-academic conversation, and it lasted almost an hour. I offered him a ride back to campus, but he declined. My heart sank and I wondered if he was even interested in me physically.

The following day was the big day, and I was nervous about my speech. I showed up a couple of hours early to mingle with the other members. Colin caught my eye after a few minutes of rubbing elbows with potential PhD advisors. He looked handsome in a pair of khakis and a button-down shirt. He introduced me to a few big-names, and then the two of us talked until it was dangerously close to my presentation. We both decided to take a seat in the room where I was scheduled to present, and listen to the lecture in progress.

I had a difficult time focusing on the lecture going on; not only was I nervous about my own speech, but Colin was sitting right next to me and I could feel his body heat radiating toward me. I had a lot of questions about the proceedings, so every few minutes I would lean over to him and whisper in his ear: “Should I use the mic or just speak loudly? Is there a laser pointer up there? When should I walk up to the moderator?” Despite my preoccupation with remembering my speech, I noticed Colin would shift in his seat every time I whispered in his ear. It was as if he was turning his body toward me and allowing me to lean onto his lap.

My talk went well; I did a good job. Afterwards as I walked back to my seat, I was greeted by a few of my friends who all gave me hugs. Colin approached me and wrapped his big arms around me in turn. Not only was I overwhelmed by his actions, I noticed he squeezed me rather firmly. All the adrenalin and excitement had me giddy, and I almost kissed his cheek. Instead, I hugged him back sincerely.

Later, Colin’s hug got me thinking. He was the only male professor who had ever touched me in such a way. His strong arms had felt like a warm robe fresh from the dryer; he was comfortable to me. Despite all the confusing emotions running though me, it had felt right.

The following day, I again went to the conference to attend more talks, this time only listening from the audience! I was about five talks into my day when I decided to take a break, give my brain a rest, and peruse the snack counter in the lobby. I was selecting a delectable-looking brownie when Colin appeared out of my peripheral vision. He also had a brownie in hand and smiled at me. I returned the gesture, walking over to his vicinity.

As I approached him, he held out his arms and offered me another hug. I was bewildered, but graciously accepted the chance to have his bear paw-like hands on me once more. I blushed profusely as he released me and together we indulged in the chocolate brownies. This time, our conversation was personal again. We talked about our first year in college, drugs, alcohol, sports, and some stories without politically correct terminology. We got so caught up in conversation that I almost missed my friend’s talk, which I had been waiting for all day long!

The next few weeks, Colin seemed to be hanging around “our spot” in the library. We chatted a few times about school matters. As the holidays approached, I decided to bake him a pie. My heart was pounding as I walked down the hallway to his office area, pie in hand. Surprisingly, he was leaving out the door at the same time I was entering. We almost collided and luckily I saved the pie from crashing to the floor. When he realized it was for him, he smiled appreciatively, thanked me, and then hugged me again. My heart soared as I allowed Colin to squeeze me gently (I was still holding the pie).

I was working in the library later that day when Colin approached me to thank me again for the dessert and to wish me a happy Thanksgiving. He left and I felt disappointed at having to wait an entire week to see him again. I wondered if he would be missing me as well.

The first day back from break had me working in my usual corner of the library. I kept an eye out for Colin, as he had a way of sneaking up on me when I was deep in thought. He usually leaves to go home around 4 pm. At 4:30-ish I decided to take a break from my studies to peruse a few stories on I often did this in the library after hours, but it was pretty daring to do it so early in the evening. With this is mind, I made sure my laptop was facing the window, not towards the entrance.

The erotic story I was reading was getting juicy and I felt my pussy dampen. The idea of doing something so naughty in a public place really added to my arousal. I glanced around nervously before moving my hand between my legs. I was wearing a long skirt without any panties. It was easy to tease aside the fabric and allow my hand access. I listened for the tell-tale click of the library door, but heard no commotion; the place was empty. My heart beat pounded in my ears as I neared the climax of the short story (pun intended). My hand was wiggling furiously on my clit, and my breathing deepened. All other incoming stimuli were drowned out by the buzzing of arousal in my ears.

I must have been so engrossed in my reading that I didn’t sense the presence of someone standing behind me. All of a sudden I heard the sound of someone clearing their throat and I nearly jumped into the chair next to me. I squeaked in surprise and my laptop slid to the floor, the lid slamming closed.

I looked up through my matted bangs to see Colin standing there, smiling sheepishly at me, his face almost as red as mine.

“…s-s-sorry, Janie…”

“Ohmigawd, you scared me, Colin!” I whisper-yelled at him. I felt my voice shaking. Had he seen what my hand had been doing? Could he have been reading my laptop screen over my shoulder?

“I didn’t mean to…” he stammered.

I couldn’t think of anything to say as I wiped my slick fingers on my cotton skirt.

“I didn’t see anything,” he lied. This told me that he had seen everything. My heart felt like it was going to melt into my stomach, and my ribcage would implode. I felt tears coming to my eyes.

I think Colin sensed this because he continued his apology, “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have invaded your privacy. I thought it would be fun to sneak up on you, but then my eyes caught on certain words of the text you were reading, and um…I’m sorry. Ah, let’s pretend it never happened.”

Before I could get up, say or do anything, he left the library. My mind raced. Would he get me into trouble over this? What if he decided to drop me as his student due to awkward feelings created by my ill-planned public masturbation? About 20 minutes passed as I stared blankly at the wooden tabletop wondering how to get myself out of this humiliating mess gracefully. I decided to send Colin an email to apologize. I mean, we were grown-ups and I’m sure we both have enjoyed plenty of masturbation over the years. It’s a normal part of life and I shouldn’t feel so embarrassed.

I picked my laptop up off the floor. At 5:26 pm I sent:


I just want to apologize for my actions in the library today. I am a victim of a wandering mind and poor judgement. In no way did I intend for such a situation to occur. I hope we can still have a professional relationship and that you continue to regard me in high esteem, as I do you. Please accept my sincerest apologies, and understand this will never happen again.

Sincerely, Janie

I held my breath as I hit the “send” button with my cursor. I hoped my email would reach him before he left for home. I was so hopeful he was still at his desk that I kept refreshing my mailbox, awaiting a reply. He had always been prompt before. Finally, after ten agonizing minutes, I got a reply. I clicked it open immediately:


Please don’t be sorry. I know you feel embarrassed, but so do I. In all honesty, I was just as surprised to have witnessed you enjoying your “mind-wandering” (as you call it), as you were of my intrusion. I had to clear my throat to bring me back to reality. Let me assure you that I still hold you in high esteem, even more so now that I have seen such a private side of you. Don’t worry, I will not tell anyone. In a few years, hopefully, we can look back at this incident and laugh.

Best, Colin

I let out a sigh. My heart was tingling in my chest. I pondered a few key sentences from his email and then began to write a reply:


Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad it was you who caught me rather than some silly male grad student. Otherwise the rumor would be all around the school by now! I admire your honesty and applaud your discretion. I can assure you there won’t be a next time…but if there were, you should wait to clear your throat until after I’ve finished. Ha ha ha. =)

Smiles, J.

I knew he could appreciate my humor and hopefully it would lighten the mood between us. This time, I got a reply three minutes later. This was funny because we were emailing back and forth but his desk was about 30 meters down the hall.

J. –

So, we are already laughing about it? Good. I have a joke to add as well: I probably won’t get to edit your manuscript tonight because I’ll be busy letting my “mind wander” about what just happened.


My heart skipped a beat as my pussy pulsed on its own accord. What was this, mild flirting? How could I face him after what he caught me doing; and now after these steamy emails? However, I decided to play along and see how far it would go. By now it was after 6 pm:

C. –

Just make sure I get my manuscript back without the pages stuck together! If it’s any consolation, I will probably pick up where I left off later tonight as well, if not sooner.


There was a lag in emailing at this point, and I worried that the joking had gone too far. It was way past “sexual harassment” material. Minutes passed and I began to worry more and more. Finally there was a reply:


My God, I would be so lucky to watch you do that. Today I only saw a glimpse, but it was enough to almost ruin my shorts! You are making it difficult to concentrate on my work!


I smiled, he totally wanted me. But I still wasn’t sure if he would go through with it. Couldn’t he loose his job if anyone found out? Figuring it didn’t hurt to play, I continued:


It’s well past normal working hours, so you can’t blame me for your inability to concentrate. Anyhow, I’m going to get back to my own “work” – I need some relief before I can continue with homework as I was rudely interrupted earlier.


Again there was a lapse in email. I half expected him to come strolling though the library door. It was now dark outside and most everyone at school had gone home. I continued to casually stroke my pussy though my thin cotton skirt. Damn, I was wet! Minutes later:

“What do you think about when your mind wanders?”

Now it was like a slow internet chatting session. I found my fingers typing on their own accord.

“I have one favorite fantasy where a man with some sort of power over me makes love to me tenderly, yet with a smidgeon of roughness. Right here in the library.”

“And how does he do that?”

“He moves his big hands all over my body, squeezing me in certain places. Then he bends me over this desk and takes me passionately.”

“And do you protest?”

“A little but I can’t say no to him. I admire him so much, I could never deny him.”

“Do you like his cock inside you?”

“I love it! I have dreamed of it for months! It is just as I imagined!”

“So you are nice and wet for him?”

My heart was racing.

“Yes, so very wet! I want to take him completely inside me!”

“I’m sure he would want to give it to you roughly and very deep. I bet your ass would like a swat? Would your hair like a tug? I would love to lick the back of your sexy neck.”

How did he know that’s what I like?

“My pussy is so wet right now!”

“I want to lick you all over. I bet your pussy is sweet, just like you!”

At this point, my legs were spread wide and my fingers buried deep inside my pussy. My toes curled uncontrollably and I felt an orgasm building quickly. I couldn’t believe this was happening! My very professional, and much older professor, was telling me through our school’s email system that he wanted to taste my cunt! “Please cum fuck me Colin! I need you inside me!”

“Am I the one you fantasize about?”

“Yes, every night!”

“Will you yield to me completely?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I’ll meet you in one hour.”

My brows furrowed; that confused me. Meet me where? Here in the library? What if the janitor came in? I sat staring at my screen in the dark for a few minutes, thoughts racing through my head. It was after 7 pm. Not exactly study hours; the place was deserted. My pussy ached. I was so close to orgasm, I knew if I diddled a second longer while imagining Colin inside me I would cum. I held off and let my breathing return to normal. What if he was pulling my leg? I read over the emails a few more times and my stomach did flip-flops. The hour crawled by slowly; I felt nervousness kick in. Could I actually go through with this? What if I got caught; I could get kicked out of school?!

An hour passed but Colin had not appeared. He had not sent another email, so I just waited. What if he decided to call the dean? No, I thought. I have just as much evidence against him as he does me. I breathed a deep sigh and wiped my sweaty palms on my skirt.

My head shot around when I thought I heard the library door click. I cocked my head to the side to listen for footsteps, but was sure it was all in my mind. I glanced around like a lamb nervously watching the dark woods close in around her at night, praying the sheepdog would protect her.

Then I saw his figure by the bookshelves to my right. He was leaning against the far window, his face was shadowed but I recognized the form of his body. Without thinking, I moved towards him. He stood still until I was dangerously close, then he opened his arms to me. Like a bird I swooped into the safe nest that was his arms.

There were no words, just fumbling as our mouths sought each others. His upper lip had the slight roughness associated with a day-old shave. My face must have felt so soft against his. Colin’s lips were warm and wet and as soon as I parted mine, his thick tongue darted inside my mouth. I sighed deeply around his tongue and pressed my body against his instinctively.

I felt his hands all over my upper back as he caressed me, and mine rested on his hips. My head was tilted slightly to accept his tongue so my cascading hair tickled his forearms. Colin moved his hands up to stroke my neck and the back of my head, then pushed my face harder against his own. My lips began to ache as the kissing deepened. Blood filled my lips as we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. The more we continued, the less aware I was of my surroundings and tiny moans escaped my lips. My sweet virginal utterances only aroused him more, and he sucked on my lower lip in response.

Blood also began to flow to our genitalia. I could tell my pussy was getting aroused; it felt slippery inside as I flexed my PC muscles. In addition, I could tell Colin was aroused because his erection was pressed firmly into my hip through his jeans.

I pulled him even closer to me, signaling that I approved of his hardness.

“Oh Janie…Janie,” he whispered into my neck.

I was so hot with arousal, I’d already shed my sweater, and was now only wearing my bra and white tank-top. Colin moved his face lower into my cleavage and kissed all around my collar bone. My nipples were fully erect and pointed out through the thin material. Slowly, Colin moved his hands to the sides of my body and then forward until he was cupping each breast. That just made my cleavage furrow even deeper, and I heard him take a deep inhalation of breath.

“Come here,” he grunted. He pulled me to a large armless chair and sat down, urging me to sit astride his lap. I hiked my skirt up and straddled him as if I were mounting a horse to sit in a big saddle. I felt his erection poke at my pantyless crotch and just about yelped in pleasure.

Colin’s large hands went to my ass checks and his face dropped forward into my cleavage. I love having my ass played with, the rougher the better. So having Colin cupping my bubble butt made me completely lustful. I began to grind on his lap, leaving a sticky mess all over the crotch of his pants.

Colin didn’t seem to notice as he was too engrossed in titty-play. His fingers found my nipples rather easily and pulled on them gently. His tugs made my head spin. I leaned my head back and grunted in pleasure. Finally, he lowered the fabric, well, more like hoisted my big orbs over the neckline of my shirt. My flimsy lace bra barely contained my flesh. All Colin had to do was ease the lace down about two inches and my nipples were in sight.

Colin licked my 36DD breasts lovingly and nuzzled them with his nose. He was very gentle at first but began to tweak and pull my nipples with his lips. I felt his teeth graze my flesh a few times, making me jolt upright with a delicious sensation. At that point I was basically dry-humping him and whimpering like a little puppy.

Almost too soon, Colin stopped his titty-play and looked up into my eyes. It was dark in the library, but I could see his clear blue eyes twinkling at me. He smiled. Then his hand moved one of my thighs around so that I was sitting side-saddle on his lap. He lifted the other thigh to spread me wide. I turned so my back was facing him. I was moaning and awaited his next move. His hands found the hem of my skirt and pulled it out of the way so that my pussy was naked to the cool air. The moisture all around my cunt made my groin cold when I felt the air hit it. I was so excited!

Colin placed one hand over my mound to cup the whole area. I think my wetness caught him off guard because he groaned suddenly. Instantly, one thick digit was inserted into my womanhood. I bit my lip and rolled my eyes back in response. My clit was pounding against the heel of his palm. With one finger, he stirred the juices inside my pussy, and gently coaxed them out. I gasped for air.

Next, he inserted a second finger, alongside the first, and curled them into me deeply.

“You like that sweetie?” he asked tenderly.

“Yes, Colin.”

He sloshed his fingers around inside my taunt hole, then pulled them out. Colin moved his hand towards his mouth, intent on tasting my honey. I intercepted them and guided his fingers into my mouth instead. He groaned roughly as I feasted on my own juices. When there was no trace of my essence left, I released the suction my mouth had on his fingers. He replaced his fingers into my pussy to coat them a second time. Colin moved his hand so that his longest digit was grazing my cervix, and primal sounds escaped my lips. He touched me so deep! Just as I felt an orgasm building, he quickly removed his fingers and placed them by his mouth, sniffing and licking off my flavor. It was very animalistic. Colin moved his hand back into place between my legs, this time swatting playfully at my swollen pink clit.

I adore clit spankings. How did he know? He lightly tapped my engorged clit a few times.

Finally, after enough teasing, neither one of us could take anymore foreplay. Colin bucked underneath me to urge me off his lap. We turned 180 degrees and he bent me over my desk.

“This is how you fantasized it?”

“Yes…” I said.

“I know you are wet enough; I felt it.” He raised my skirt over my back.

“Mmmm.” My excitement was growing to such great heights.

He continued, “But will you yield to me? Completely?”

“Yes, Colin, just for you.”

“Can I have my way with your sexy body?” He moved his hands over my plump ass cheeks.

“I’m yours.”

“Do you trust me sweetie?”

“Of course…”

Just then, Colin pushed me rather roughly onto the tabletop, and made me spread my legs. My tits were pushed flat against the cool desk, and my cheek rested on my book. Colin massaged me all over my lower back and rump; then patted my ass lightly.

I moaned in approval. How could he know I enjoy a man with a firm hand? His palms moved swiftly up and down my body, trying to feel every inch of my skin. He paused on key areas to squeeze me; my waist, the bottom of my ass cheeks, my shoulders. Not surprisingly, he tended to come back to one spot: my ass.

“You have such a sexy ass. I bet it likes to be worshiped?” he said.

“Mmmm hmmm.”

Colin fell to his knees behind me so that my butt was right in his face.

“Spread your legs wider.”

I complied and was rewarded with his tongue on my pussy folds. My pussy is the type with small inner lips, but smooth plump outer labia that hold them all in. It looks very innocent and pre-pubescent. However, I was spread so wide across the desk that even my inner lips were splayed apart. Colin worked his tongue up and down my crack, even brushing my asshole slightly. I was drenched!

After a few agonizingly arousing moments, Colin pushed an index finger back into my cunt. Then he positioned his thumb from the same hand on the rim of my asshole.

“You are such a sexual girl; I know you must like this,” he commented before easing his thick thumb into my butt. Colin sat back on his haunches and watched me buck wildly against his hand. I was so delirious with lust; I barely felt the rather sharp swats he delivered across my backside with his opposite hand.

“You’re gonna take my cock now.” I loved the way he told me, rather than asked me.

The fingers were removed from my holes, and I just laid there, waiting for his next move. Colin fumbled at his zipper and then dropped his pants and boxers. I moved my head so I could get a better look but he told me to be still. There were a few more spankings delivered before I felt the tip of his cockhead brush up against my sensitive spot.

“Oh, Colin…take me; I’m yours.”

“Mmmm, sweetie, I can’t wait to feel your wetness,” he breathed.

Before I could utter another sound, he pushed his full length inside me, until his balls were pressed against my swollen clit. My eyes went wide, not so much for his length as much as his girth. Colin had a nice thick cock; it stretched me wide.

“Oh Janie, sweetie, oh God. Take all of it,” he ordered. I have to admit, he felt better than I expected. Colin’s manhood was fully hard, and my lips had to flex wide to accept him. I moaned my approval into the book, almost cursing at his crude strokes. My position allowed his tip to brush my G-spot and it felt sublime.

Colin rested his hands on my hips, bouncing me against his lap. He held me firmly around the waist, squeezing me so tight, I felt my juices flow out. A very wet orgasm followed: me biting my lip to keep from screaming, him bent over me fully so I felt his chest hair on my back and his tongue licking my bare neck. Colin held me tight as I finished the last of my shudders, and licked up the sweat on the nape of my neck.

“Suck my cock,” he ordered. I was a bit loopy from the deep climax, but I eagerly crawled onto the floor in front of him.

Colin actually had a nice body for his age. His pecs were not flabby, and I could see some abdominal definition underneath a sparse layer of black and grey chest hair. His cock was also quite stunning, thick like a root, with an even thicker head that pointed at me. I could see the glistening of some pre-cum pooled at the opening to his urethra. Without a word, I lowered my tongue to swab it clean.

I timidly sucked him while he watched me, speechless. He tasted like me. I slowly built up enough courage to glance up at his face. Blue eyes met green, and although it was dark, his expression was priceless. Colin’s eyes burned into mine as I opened my throat for him. In response, he grabbed my silky blonde locks and tugged gently. Colin pulled my hair out of the way and with his hand on the back of my head, encouraged me to continue.

I tasted more pre-cum that signaled he was close to climax. I moved my mouth away, strings of saliva still connecting us.

“Where do you want my cum, sweetie?” he asked politely.

“Deep inside my pussy,” I answered with a wicked glint in my eye. Colin crouched next to me and lowered me gently to the floor.

I spread my legs for him, and he moved between them. His cock was sticking straight out, and I was so wet; I knew if he lowered himself onto me, his cock would go right where it’s supposed to. As planned, his head nudged apart my folds and found my deepest spot. Colin pressed all of his weight on me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I sighed into his shoulder.

He kept his dick inside me and just pressed firmly. That combined with his tight squeeze around my middle, made me groan out a warming that my orgasm was eminent. Colin ground downward into me, rubbing hard against my clit as I mumbled I was coming. I felt the tingles start in my fingers and toes, and spread inward across my body. My clit pulsed strongly against Colin’s abdomen, and I felt a tiny gush from my pussy leak out of me.

Right when the crest of my orgasm wave broke, Colin moved up onto his haunches, placed my legs over his shoulders, and pounded me roughly.

“My turn now, sweetie; I’m gonna fill that cunt!” he whispered hoarsely.

Colin shook violently on top of me. I was spread so wide and my cunt was so juicy, there was no resistance. He really showed me no mercy…but I loved it! He grunted a few more times into my ear before a moment of stillness. We were both breathing hard and sweat had collected around the waistline of my skirt.

Colin rolled off me, onto his back and stared blankly at the ceiling. His seed flowed from my hole and pooled on the carpet beneath us. I could smell sweat, sex, and semen. The room was dim, but I could still make out a smile playing across his lips.

“You’re a sweet one,” he said matter-of-factly.

“You’re a thick one!” I said, referring to his cock.

“D’ you like it?”

“Yes, Colin, very much.”

“Not bad for an old man, huh?” he joked.

I smiled, “not bad at all.”

And that was the truth!

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