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Used in the Bathroom

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Nate sat in his car and took another long drag off of the half-finished cigarette, he knew that if he was going to chicken out he had to do it quickly. He looked again at the plastic shopping bag in the passengers seat and was tempted to reach inside and feel the cotton panties again.

“Pink.” The message had said, and Nate did not want to disappoint the stranger, so he had left work and went straight to the nearest department store. It was easier to buy the women’s underwear than he had thought, the mixture of excitement and horniness had led him straight to the intimate section with no nervousness and little doubt. He had browsed the racks of bras and panties before finally settling on a rather cute pair of pink panties with lace and ruffles. His own concern was whether he should buy a large or extra-large pair, but he had settled for large hoping they would fit his thirty-four inch waist. He wasn’t even nervous as he paid the cashier the seven dollars for the intimate apparel, but as he got back into his car he realized that excitement and nervousness were mingling in his belly leaving him feeling very uneasy.

He threw the finished cigarette out of the window and grabbed the bag from the passenger seat. One last deep breath for courage and he made his way into the deserted rest stop. The bathroom was a mess, paper towel littered the floor and it smelled as if it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. He entered the first stall and quickly stripped off his slacks and work shirt before he lost his nerve. He debated leaving on his black socks, but the email had been very specific that he was to be wearing nothing else but the panties, so the socks came off too.

Lastly he took off the white boxer briefs he had put on that morning, his cock hung there hard with the anticipation of what was coming. Nate fought the urge to stroke himself,fearing that even a touch may set him off in heightened state of excitement. He slid the pink cotton underwear over his stiff cock and enjoyed the way the soft material felt against his sensitive skin.

He kneeled on the dirty floor. The cold concrete hurting his knees slightly. He felt his hard cock straining against the soft fabric of the pink underwear as anticipation and nervousness fought a war in the pit of his stomach.

Nate didn’t know how long he had been kneeling there in the dirty restroom, but finally the door opened. Against the backdrop of the late afternoon sun, the large man cast a dynamic silhouette.

“Look at them pretty pink panties.” His voice was deep and rich. He stood there in the path of the only exit and Nate knew there really wasn’t any hope of backing down now. “Let me get a better look at ’em, boy. Bend over and let me see that ass.” Nate rose to his feet and then bent over resting his hands on the dirty sink that hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time. Nate could see the beefy man’s large body in the smudged bathroom mirror, but not his face.

“I like the way your ass looks in these.” The man growled softly as he stepped closer to Nate. He reached out and softly massaged Nate’s cotton covered ass with his thick fingers. Heat radiated from the spot where the man’s hand rested spreading warmth throughout the rest of Nate’s nearly naked body. “You like the way they make you feel don’t you, you wanted to feel this way for a long time didn’t you.”

“Yes.” Nate mumbled softly, his face warm with embarrassment at how badly he wanted to be used by this stranger.

“Good, good.” The man spoke while rubbing Nate’s panty covered ass. “Daddy is going to give you what you need.”

The man’s hands moved from the fabric and began to grope and massage Nate’s naked flesh. The warmth inside of Nate was growing exponentially, he felt his own cock starting to strain against the confines of the lacy, pink prison. The stranger placed his full body weight against Nate, the feel of the man’s clothing rough on Nate’s skin. The strangers thick, rough hands moved up Nate’s body before coming to his nipples. Gingerly at first the large man touched the hardened nipples, sending waves of pleasure through Nate’s body. A small whimper of pleasure filled Nate’s throat before escaping into the quiet bathroom. The man leaned over Nate, his warm breath in his ear. “You like that don’t you?” He whispered, his voice a whisper.

“Yes…” Nate whimpered so softly he wasn’t sure he it was even an audible noise. The man’s touched turned rough and he pinched Nate’s nipples and pulled them sharply. The mixture pleasure and slight pain was delightful and a full moan escaped from Nate’s half opened mouth. Nate looked into the mirror seeing the man’s chubby, scruffy face looking back at him, his grey eyes filled with a lust that sent shivers to the very core of Nate’s being.

“On your knees for me, slut.” The growl was soft and yet commanding. Nate turned as the man moved backwards a step. Nate went to his knees on the dirty concrete floor, his view of the dirty urinals blocked by the strangers large frame. The man stepped closer, his jean covered crouch right in front of Nate’s face, the bulge of the man’s penis evident in the fabric. “Take it out.”

Slowly Nate reached out before him and slid the zipper down, he fumbled nervously with the button of the man’s jeans before finally getting it undone. He tugged softly and brought the jeans down past the strangers ankles. The stranger wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath the denim and his cock hung their hard and thick. At least seven inches long and far thicker than Nate’s own six inch dick, the strangers cock twitched slightly as Nate reached out with a trembling hand to touch it.

“It ain’t going to suck itself.” The man growled softly. Nate took the strangers cock into his mouth with little hesitation. He began to work his mouth up and down on the thick shaft.

Nate felt the man’s hands in his hair. The stranger began to slowly thrust his cock in and out of Nate’s mouth, his hands holding Nate’s head in place.

He picked up speed and Nate felt the man’s cock press against the back of his throat causing him to gag softly.

The stranger either didn’t hear him had or didn’t care because his thrusting became faster and harder. Nate felt himself grow harder as his gagging increased. The man let out a loud groan and pulled his spit covered cock from Nate’s mouth and rubbed it against his smooth cheek.

“Let me see that ass, boy.” The stranger growled softly. Nate scrambled to his feet and bent over the sink. The man worked the pink panties covering Nate’s ass down to his ankles.

“Nice ass boy, want me to play with it?”

“Yes, daddy.” Nate whispered softly.

The stranger slid a meaty, spit covered finger into Nate’s exposed hole and Nate felt the whimper escape from his throat. The pain of the man’s thick finger entering him was more than he had expected, but Nate was too eager to be used at that point to even think of complaining. “You’re a tight little faggot.” The stranger chuckled softly, “Daddy will fix that.”

The large man worked his finger in and out of Nate’s ass slowly. Nate was surprised at how quickly the pain subsided and was completely replaced by then pleasant sensation of his hole adjusting to the new fullness.

The man pulled his finger out and there was a small, audible pop as it exited Nate’s tight hole. The stranger positioned himself behind Nate and spread Nate’s butt cheeks with his thick, rough hands. “Ready for daddy’s cock, boy?” The man asked in a lusty growl, and Nate replied in a soft voice.

The man’s cock was thicker than his finger, and Nate let out a long whimper as he felt the thick dick slide into his ass. The man worked the spit slicked cock slowly in and out of the Nate, all the while holding him by the hips.

“You want me to fill your slutty ass with my cum?” The stranger asked as he pulled his cock from Nate’s ass.

“Yes…” Nate moaned enjoying the idea of his ass being filled with a thick load of semen.

“You want daddy to fuck your faggot ass?” The man began to thrust his cock back into and out of Nate’s hole. “You want him to breed you like a little whore?”

“Fuck me, daddy.” Nate moaned as the man pushed his thick cock back into Nate’s ass. Nate liked the way the man’s hands felt wrapped around his waist and loved the way his cock stretched his tight virgin hole.

“Where do you want me to cum?” The man moaned loudly. “You want daddy, to fill your faggot pussy with his jizz?”

“Yes.” Nate whimpered out a reply. “Fill my faggot boy pussy with your hot cum. Breed me like a whore.” The man’s thrusting became faster, harder and more erratic as did his breathing.

That man’s finger’s grasped desperately at the naked flesh of Nate’s hips, his nails digging into Nate’s skin. With a long howl of a moan and a final thrust the man pushed his throbbing cock deeply in Nate’s body and released his seed with another long, guttural moan.

“Good boy.” The man spoke softly, his cock still in Nate’s hole. He stroked the bare skin of Nate’s back softly, almost affectionately. Nate felt the man’s semi-hard cock slide out of his asshole. “You liked the way daddy fucked you, don’t you?”

“Yes, daddy.” Nate murmured softly. Nate was becoming painfully aware of how hard his cock, he was also pleasantly aware of what felt like a thin stream of goo leaking from his freshly used hole.

“Suck it clean, boy.” Nate turned around and went to his knees as fast as he could. In his current state of horniness he was eager to have the strangers cock in his mouth again. With abandon he took the man’s mostly flaccid cock into his hungry mouth, savoring the flavor of the man’s cum and the mushiness that Nate assumed with the taste of his own fucked ass. The man groaned softly as Nate worked his tongue around the head of his cock. For a long moment Nate closed his eyes and did his best to urge the man back into hardness. Yet despite his efforts the stranger pulled away from him and silently pulled his jeans back up.

“Thanks for the release boy, I’ll message you again when I need a good fuck.” The man smiled at Nate on his knees before turning and leaving Nate alone in the dirty rest room.

Nate rested there on his knees. His body overcome with the exhaustion of the erotic moment that had come to pass. He couldn’t believe how eagerly and wantonly he had allowed the older man to use him, and Nate longed to be used like that again. Lost in the moment he barely heard the creak of the door open or the heavy footsteps of another approaching stranger.

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