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Role Reversal

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The Trick is on me.

Allison works nights at a second job and gets home a late at night. I thought I play a little devilish trick on my wife one night to give her a hint of what I wanted.

I went to bed naked hoping Allison would get the hint I was looking for a little action when she came home from work. I lay on my side so my back was toward the door. I left the covers off just to ensure Allison would see my bare body.

I lay very quietly pretending to be asleep. Allison came home at the usual time and did her usual routine of coming to the bedroom. She entered the room without turning on the light or making a sound. I could barely hear her move through the bedroom. There was enough light for Allison to undress and put on her clothes for bed. The process seemed to take longer than I anticipated.

I found myself getting excited with the anticipation of her touching me. In no time my cock had grown to full size and throbbing. I loved surprising her with my hard-ons.

When Allison finally climbed into bed I was ready to jump her bones and have my way with her pussy. Her pussy is always on my mind. I loved everything about it, the look, the smell, the taste and of course the feel.

Once in bed Allison laid still on her back, never moving. At first I thought she hadn’t notice my subtle request for a little pussy. After a short period I decided to make the first move. I rolled over and put my right arm across her chest. At the same time my erect cock poked her in the thigh.

To my pleasant surprise she was naked also. Her nipples were already hard and enlarged. Seems she was ready for a little play. I moved my right hand enough to cover her left tit’s nipple. I tugged and gently pinched the nipple, encouraging the nipple to become even more erect. Allison moaned quietly, almost a whisper. I moved enough so I could get mouth on her right nipple and gently sucked the nipple into my mouth. My tongue dart around and licked the tip of the delicious nipple. My right hand continued to massage her other tit.

As my mouth worked her right tit, my right hand began moving down toward Allison’s stomach. My palm stayed in constant contact with her skin. I could feel the warmth of her body with my finger tips.

My mouth left her tit and moved to her waiting lips. I kissed her and she kissed back with her tongue barely darting between her lips. I kissed a little harder this time forcing my tongue into her mouth. Her lips locked on to my tongue and began to suck on it as if she was giving my tongue a blow job. When she stopped her tongue darted into my mouth. I returned the favor by sucking hard on her tongue. I moved my head up and down on her mimicking a blow job.

During the time my right hand had moved down to her pussy or so I thought. When my hand finally arrived there I was greeted with a hard cock standing straight in the air. The cock was slight cool and greasy. I moved my hand up and down it giving the rubber cock a hand job. The whole time Allison and remained locked in a battle of tongues, kissing and sucking each other.

Allison handed me a jar of anal grease. I knew instantly what she was telling me. I put a small amount on the rubber cock and a small amount on my ass. Without speaking a word I swing my legs over Allison and slowly lowered my self onto the head of the rubber cock. I used my hand to guide the mushroom head directly into my greased hole. After a slight moment of resistance the cock slipped into my ass.

The pressure of the cock pushing into my ass sent shivers up my spine. I continued to lower myself onto the cock until the cheeks of my ass met Allison hips. I didn’t move at first, enjoying the tightness and pressure of the rubber cock in my ass. I then began to ride the cock in the same manner as Allison would ride my cock. My ass bopping up and down on the rubber cock, I could feel every inch of the cock as I bounced on it.

After riding for a while I looked at my wife. Even in the dimly lit room I could see the devilish little smile on face. She knew I was enjoying myself.

“Get on all fours.” She ordered calmly. I slide of the cock and obeyed. Allison put more lube on the cock as she knelt behind me. “I wanna fuck you in the ass like you fuck me.”

She guided the rubber cock back into my ass. There was much less resistance this time so the cock slide right in. Allison placed her hands on my hips and bang to thrust her hips into me. The cock slide in and out of my ass slowly then picked up speed. Her thrusts were awkward at first but soon she developed a steady rhythm. My body lurched forward with each thrust. I could her Allison hips smacking my ass creating the same sound when I fuck Allison from behind.

She continued to thrust the rubber cock deep into my ass. I lowered my head to the bed. The sensation was driving e nuts. I could feel my own cock getting harder. Almost if she read my mind, she reached around and grabbed hard onto my cock with her hand. She began stroking my cock in rhythm with the thrusts of her rubber cock into my ass. The sensation of having her fuck me the ass and yanking my cock sent my levels of ecstasy I never experienced before. I thought I was going to lose my load right then but Allison suddenly stopped. She pulled the rubber cock from my ass. “Roll over; I want to look into your eyes while I fuck you.”

I flipped on to my back and spread my legs. My feet in the air and my ass ready for her. Allison added a little more lube but before entering me again, handed me a small remote. The wire lead to her pussy. The little she-devil had a vibrator in her pussy. I turned the vibrator up. Allison jumped a little from the extra sensation. She stood still for a moment enjoying the sensation. Her nipples were becoming darker and more erect. I knew she was close to cumming. I reached down to touch her pussy but the leather of the strap-on covered her now dripping pussy.

Then once again, Allison guided the head of the rubber cock back into my ass. She resumed her thrusts. Our eyes were locked on each other. She could see in my eyes and face I was enjoying everything she was doing. I could see in her eyes she was getting very close to climaxing.

While she fucked me hard in the ass I grabbed my cock. It was dripping with pre-cum. I was ready to release my load. I felt Allison begin thrusting harder and faster. She was reaching her breaking point. I stroked my cock faster matching her thrusts.

In one voice we both exclaimed, “oh my god I’m cumming!” At that moment, my cum shot from the head my cock over and over again. The cum shot so far as to hit me in the face and across my lips. I licked my lips drinking in the taste of my own cum Allison so carefully and deliberately help build to such a great height. I felt my body spasm as my cock pumped several loads of cum onto my stomach, chest and face. Allison quickly pulled the rubber cock from my ass and laid next to me the bed.

She ran a finger through the cum on my stomach and placed her finger in my mouth. “That’s what I taste when I suck your cock.” She ran her finger again across my stomach and then stuck the finger in her mouth. “I wanted a taste also.”

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