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Sophie’s Punishment

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Sophie squatted over the woman’s latex covered face. “Lick your Mistress, lick her well and she might have a gift for you.” The woman eagerly lapped at Sophie’s fleshy cunt lips, her tongue protruding from a mouth hole in her mask. “Mmmmmmmmm………not bad, keep going……….mmmmmmmm!” squealed Sophie. The woman’s husband knelt in the corner of the large conservatory, his ankles and wrists cuffed, also wearing a latex mask, he could only watch as Sophie dominated his wife.

“Ohhh….yesssssssss! Oh yes! Fuuuuuuuck!” Sophie grunted as she climaxed on the woman’s face. Standing up, she straddled the woman, who was laying on her back on the tiled floor. Sophie wore towering thigh length black PVC stiletto boots, a black fishnet body stocking, her favourite red latex waist clincher and a pair of elbow length black latex gloves.

One foot either side of the woman’s shoulders, she parted her juicy pussy lips and relaxed her bladder. A few drops of warm pee trickled into the woman’s open mouth. “Drink, you piss-slut, drink from your Mistress!” commanded Sophie, the trickle now turning into a torrent of hot piss. “Are you watching slave-boy? Do you see how your slut-wife enjoys this? You pathetic little worm!” she laughed at the man in the corner. Victoria and Timothy were newly-weds, keen to experiment with BDSM and had been given Sophie’s name as a possible dominatrix. Here they were now, all together in their new home, for their second session with Sophie. They had been obedient students thus far, and had totally submitted to Sophie’s whip. The stream of piss gushed from Sophie’s pee hole. Victoria swallowed as fast as she could, but her mouth overflowed until she was lying in a huge puddle of pee. That was the finale for the evening, and shortly afterwards Sophie left after making an appointment for their next domination session.

A day later, Sophie knelt nervously waiting on the hall floor, facing towards the front door. She knew she had made her Master cross, a short, sharp telephone conversation had proved that. She had fucked up badly this time, a ‘minor’ indiscretion or so she thought. She had confessed to Oscar of her latest experience as a Domme, a role that Oscar was still coming to terms with, even though it was his idea in the first place. He had recently allowed her train as a Domme, to satisfy her sexual needs, and to expand her knowledge of BDSM. Their agreement came with strict rules however, one of which was to discuss her sessions as a Domme in advance, out in the open. On this occasion she had chosen not to ask his permission before visiting her sub’s house. Revealing the details to Oscar of her debauched session with Timothy and Victoria, had left her husband in a state of anger.

“How dare you go behind my back!” he had shouted down the phone, seething with rage. “You will be punished for this, be ready for me when I return!” Oscar fought to regain control of his emotions, as he had annoyed himself by losing his temper. Sophie needed to learn a lesson from her Master, he decided. This would have to be severe he thought, as his wife of ten years had proved on many occasions an appetite for punishment and degradation that had shocked even him.

Sophie waited, listening intently for the footsteps up the path. Oscar would be here soon, she thought. She was naked, except for a black latex corset, and her rubber slave collar, from which dangled her dog-chain. She had bathed, douched, and applied make-up and perfume. Her long black hair was tied back in a ponytail.

She waited for her Master, the man she worshipped, the man who protected her, the man who could reward or punish her in an instant. Sophie had her eyes closed, and held her hands behind her head. She heard someone walking up to the door, a key twisting in the lock. It opened, letting a cool draught flicker across the hall floor, between her naked thighs.

“Come inside Bruno, as you can see, my slave is waiting for us!”

“Shit! He’s brought someone with him!” thought Sophie. She knew that this could be bad for her. She heard her husband and this man that she now knew to be called Bruno talking quietly. She heard the rustle of clothes being taken off, and her heart pounding like a drum.

“Open your eyes, slave.” Oscar said, coldly. She did as instructed, taking in the scene before her. Oscar and Bruno stood naked in the hall. Oscar’s body she was familiar with, his lean, taut body rippled with every movement. She knew every millimetre of him, not least the thick fleshy cock between his legs. She craved his cock, loving the feel of it inside her, using her body to give her Master pleasure. However, she did not recognise Bruno at all, and his presence was both shocking and also intimidating. He was black, and at lease six foot, six inches tall. A heavily built man, he stood, stroking his rapidly growing erection, without taking his eyes from Sophie.

“So this is the little white slut you want me to punish, yeah?” he sniggered.

“She has broken a rule, and needs to be harshly disciplined, although she can be very obedient, as I will now demonstrate!” said Oscar. “Suck Bruno’s cock!” he snapped.

Sophie opened her mouth, ready to receive Oscar’s guest. Bruno moved closer to Sophie, holding his impressive erection inches from her face. She slowly wrapped her lips around the end of his ebony shaft. Her jaw ached as she struggled to accommodate his thickness. With the bulbous head of his cock lodged in her mouth, she began to gently suck. Bruno stood with his hands on his hips, feeling the warmth of her mouth travel up his hardening shaft, exciting him further.

“You will obey Bruno this evening, Sophie, that is an order,” said Oscar. Sophie nodded, still sucking on Bruno. “Good girl!” he smiled.

“Mmmmm, this bitch sure has a hot mouth, Oscar!” grinned Bruno. Sophie loved to suck cock, and it had been a while since she had feasted on black cock. She felt a stirring between hers legs, while she concentrated on pleasing Bruno. He shoved his cock deeper into Sophie’s mouth, causing her to gag a little. “Okay, enough of this, Bruno, it’s time to show my slave why you’re really here. Take her into the garage,” said Oscar. Bruno grabbed the chain hanging from Sophie’s collar, and led her on her hands and knees down the long hall and through the door to the garage. Oscar flicked on the light switch, and a single fluorescent tube stuttered into life, bathing the garage interior in a cold, stark light.

A black leather armchair was positioned in a corner, next to a small refrigerator. Oscar opened the door and took out a bottle of champagne, which he opened, pouring some into a flute.

He sat lounging in the chair, sipping his drink, waiting for the performance to begin. Sophie knelt in the middle of the garage floor, her hands clasped again behind her head. The bare cemented floor felt cold to Sophie, although she knew things would be heating up in there very soon.

“Bruno, there is some equipment in the cupboard over there, help yourself!”

Bruno opened the cupboard, and smiled. Inside was a selection of restraints and whips, floggers, and canes. On a shelf were various dildos and butt-plugs. “Oh man, Oscar, your bitch is gonna pay tonight!” Bruno smirked. “I need to loosen up her ass, or my cock is gonna rip her in half!” he laughed. It was true, his black manhood was enormously thick, and he didn’t want to damage Oscar’s slave.

“Bend over and show me your slutty white ass!” Sophie did as she was told, her face pressed into the cold floor. “Spread your ass for me, show me your white trash ass-hole, dirty whore!”

Sophie spread her cheeks for Bruno, blushing as her moist cunt-lips parted, betraying her increasing arousal, and revealing her inviting asshole. Bruno licked a finger and without warning, plunged it straight into Sophie’s tight cunt. It was already sopping wet, so her used two fingers, then three and finally all four, ramming them in and out of her squelching crevice faster until her juices became a frothy, creamy mess.

“So the bitch-slut is already hot for some black cock?” he said, wiping Sophie’s juices across her face. “Like the taste, honey?”

He took a pair of leather cuffs, and strapped them tight around Sophie’s wrists. He grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. “Arms up!” he commanded, pulling a chain through a metal ring mounted in the ceiling. He connected the chain to Sophie’s wrist cuffs and pulled them up tight so that her arms were stretched high above her. He secured the other end of the chain so that she was left partially dangling, her toes just touching the cold floor. Going to the cupboard again, Bruno selected a three feet long wooden pole with rope ties at each end. He kicked her feet apart and fastened the ropes to Sophie’s ankles, leaving her shaved pussy completely vulnerable to him. Finally, he fitted a red rubber ball-gag in her mouth, preventing her screams from becoming too loud.

Sophie’s creamy tits hung over the top of her corset, her pink nipples engorged with blood. “Man, you have one sexy slave, Oscar!” Bruno pinched both of them hard, forcing a loud gasp from the restrained woman. Oscar sat naked, sipping his chilled champagne, a leg draped over the arm of the chair. He gently stroked his hard cock as he watched Bruno humiliating and punishing his wife. Sophie’s arms were stretched high above her head by the ropes, and the wooden bar spread her legs uncomfortably wide.

Bruno decided to warm Sophie’s buttocks with a leather paddle. He took hold of the handle firmly, and using all his force, smacked the leather against Sophie’s ass cheeks. She jolted against her restraints as she felt the stinging pain unleashed on her. Several smacks followed, her skin becoming hot and sore. Sophie clenched her teeth on the rubber ball gag as the level of pain increased. “Nnnnnnnnnnfff!!!”

She twisted and bucked, the unyielding ropes keeping her vulnerable to Bruno’s efforts. His smacking continued until her buttocks were red and tender even to the slightest touch.

Oliver stroked his thick cock, a dribble of pre-cum emerged from its purple tip. He locked his gaze on Sophie, who stared back at him with little expression. Bruno thrust a finger into Sophie’s ass, causing her to flinch slightly. “Hmmm, better get your white slutty ass used to something black, eh bitch?” he said. He went to the cupboard and selected an inflatable rubber butt plug. He proceeded to squirt an entire tube of lube into her hole, and began thrusting more fingers into her roughly until he could easily fit four inside her hot passage. She squirmed as she felt his thick fingers invade her. Bruno held the toy in front of Sophie’s face. “Like what you see, slave? Trust me, it’s gonna get a whole lot bigger in your fuckin’ ass!” He stroked the plug over Sophie’s face, allowing the smell of latex to penetrate her nostrils. She glanced at the plug, which at the moment didn’t look too intimidating, but then noticed the rubber tube with the squeeze bulb at the other end.

She could feel the lube dribbling from her ass, “At least he had the decency to prepare me!” thought Sophie. Now much looser, he decided to introduce the butt toy to her ass. Bruno steadily pushed the cone shaped toy into her rear, edging it past her seemingly elastic sphincter. The widest part of the toy stretched past her ring of muscle, giving her the most amazing feeling as her gorgeous ass swallowed it into place, the rubber bulb dangling down behind her. “Aaaaaaaghmmnnfffff!” she cried out, behind her gag. Bruno grabbed the latex bulb, and gave a good squeeze. It was like the plug had come alive in her ass, filling with air, and pushing hard against the walls of her sweet ass. It felt so big to her, so good as well, Sophie thought. Her pussy was on fire, there was nothing like having her ass invaded, she absolutely loved it. Pussy juice leaked from her puffy cunt lips, and ran down her thighs. Oscar noticed the wet streaks appearing on her legs, and licked his lips. He was clearly enjoying the show.

Bruno gave another hard squeeze on the bulb, increasing the pressure inside Sophie’s ass. “Gnnnnnnnfffff!” she grimaced, as her ass-hole stretched even wider around the inflating plug. Her sphincter felt like it was burning as the plug dilated her hole. Her ass cheeks had been paddled hard by Bruno, and now she felt like she was being split in two. Slowly though, she became used to the feeling of the unrelenting latex inside her rear. Bruno’s face was inches from Sophie’s, his cold eyes staring into hers. “Don’t get used to having too much fun, bitch! Remember, Oscar has allowed me too use you anyway I want!” he said. He bit down hard on her right nipple. Pain shot through her, it was excruciating. He smiled at her, waited a few seconds for the pain to subside, and then repeated. Her face contorted as his teeth sunk into her tender flesh, and she pulled hard against her ropes. Sophie managed to remain silent, but gave out a heavy breath giving away her distress. He stopped just short of drawing blood, but left her nipple feeling raw and sore. “We’re just getting started, slut!” he said, coldly.

He gave another hard squeeze on the bulb, inflating the butt plug to a massive size. Sophie shouted, her gag making her sounds muffled and incoherent. There was no way she could take any more, she thought, the feeling of fullness indescribable.

Her poor butt had totally surrendered to the plug. She doubted if anything else would ever feel so good. “My God, I’m so horny! Please let me cum, I want to cum so bad!” the words screamed out inside her head.

Bruno left the rubber bulb dangling between Sophie’s legs and walked to the cupboard again. In there, he found a three-foot long, leather bullwhip. It looked particularly nasty, with a knot of frayed leather strands at the tip. He looked over at Oscar, who smiled and nodded.

He showed it to Sophie. “Get ready bitch, it’s time for some real pain now!” Standing behind her, he flexed the strong leather whip in his hands. Sophie tried to prepare herself for the whipping, but she knew it would be hard. She knew that Oscar wanted to punish her severely for stepping out of line with him. He wanted to re-assert his dominance over her, that much she knew. “Jesus, Timothy and Victoria are going to suffer for this!” she thought to herself.

Swinging his right arm in a wide arc, Bruno brought the whip down hard across Sophie’s shoulder blades. The tail cracked against her soft skin. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” she screamed inside her head. A red welt immediately appeared on her flesh. Bruno paused for a second, steadying himself to unleash another stroke. Again he struck her with the whip, another welt showing itself. Sophie threw herself around in her binds, instinctively trying to avoid Bruno’s flogging. The pain was unbearable, where had this whip come from? From Hell? As she glanced at Oscar, tears began welling in her eyes. He smiled back, raising his glass to her.

Bruno settled into a rhythm, the red marks criss-crossing Sophie’s back as he worked his way down to her buttocks. This was hard, thought Sophie, really hard. She had shocked herself sometimes in the past with her ability to withstand pain, but this was off the scale, something that scared her. Oscar took another sip of his champagne, and stroked his cock some more. Bruno was relishing his work that evening. “You white whore, you need to show your Master some respect!” he shouted as he continued to whip Sophie. He turned his attentions to the backs of her thighs, the whip continued to rain down on her soft, vulnerable skin. Sophie jerked and pulled at her binds, but it was no use. Bruno was working hard, beads of sweat covering his naked body. His cock was still rock hard, easily ten inches long and as thick as baseball bat. He was going to use this opportunity to the full, and relished the prospect of fucking the white whore’s ass into oblivion.

“You’re doing good, my man!” smiled Oscar, from across the garage. Meanwhile, Sophie was struggling to cope with the pain, it was easily the worst she had ever endured. Over and over again Bruno lashed her back hard, he wasn’t holding back at all with his efforts. The red welts on her back were starting to bruise and weep, turning almost purple. Tears flowed from her eyes, her mascara streaking down her blushed cheeks. Drool and spit ran down her chin, covering her breasts, as her head spun. She was feeling feint. Her body was beginning to close down, a self protect mechanism deep within her. Sophie was losing consciousness, and began to convulse. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and her body shook uncontrollably. Bruno stopped for a moment, looking at Oscar for instructions.

“Give her a moment, Bruno” he sighed, as he walked back into the house. He returned quickly, holding a pan of water. He approached his wife, who was breathing in short shallow gasps. He unfastened the ball-gag, allowing her to spit out all mess from her mouth. She looked at him through glazed, unfocused eyes. “Had enough eh?” he said, throwing the water at her face.

“Y….You…..You think you’ve finished now?” trembled Sophie, regaining some composure.

Oscar smiled, “Not quite honey, not quite.” Bruno released Sophie’s arm from the chains above her, allowing her feet to touch the floor properly for the first time. He grabbed her by the throat, and forced her down onto her knees, her ankles still held far apart by the wooden pole. “Now you’re gonna feel some ebony cock inside you, bitch!” he laughed. He deflated the butt plug, which slipped easily out of Sophie’s stretched ass hole.

Positioning himself behind her, Bruno gripped Sophie’s hair tight in his fist, pulling it back in a ponytail. His thick cock speared her ass, sliding deep into her slick, hot passage, filling it completely. Oscar stroked at his erection, watching everything unfold before his eyes. Sophie gave a guttural grunt as Bruno’s cock reached the hilt, his heavy cum-filled balls touching at her engorged clitoris. He gave his hips a circular grind just to emphasise the point. This was by far, the largest cock that Sophie had ever accommodated in her ass. It felt absolutely enormous. Luckily the huge butt plug had done its job, loosening her sufficiently to accept his size. Beads of sweat began forming on her forehead, and she could feel her anal muscles gradually relaxing around Bruno’s thick pulsating shaft. He began pumping in and out of Sophie, slowly at first, allowing her to become used to his size. He didn’t want to cause her any lasting damage, as he had too much respect for Oscar, and certainly didn’t want to harm his friendship with the man. Sophie tensed her body in anticipation, knowing that Bruno would soon up the pace of his fucking. Her fingers scrabbled on the concrete floor, searching unsuccessfully for something to grip, but she was completely at his mercy now.

He drilled harder into her now, and she moaned loudly in time with his thrusts. Bruno was like a machine, withdrawing his cock almost all the way each time, just so that the fat, bulbous head slipped past Sophie’s anal ring, before plunging back inside her again. He grabbed at her throat, his large hand choking her as he ploughed into her ass. She became more and more aroused, and she could feel her juices streaming from her tender pussy, coating Bruno’s balls as they slapped against her. Sophie was just Bruno’s plaything now, submitting to his hard reaming. Her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps, starving herself from oxygen. Her head was spinning and she could feel the veins in her neck bulging as Bruno continued to batter her from behind. He increased his speed further still, his huge cock ravaging her poor asshole, stretching it to the max. He smacked hard at Sophie’s bare ass cheek, the already sore welts stinging and burning at his attentions. Reaching his hand around Sophie’s hips, he found her throbbing, wet clit and began rubbing furiously. “Aaah aah aah aah aaaaaaaaah!” screamed Sophie, who was now going out of her mind with carnal lust. “That’s it white whore! Feel my black cock raping your slutty ass!” shouted Bruno. Without any warning, Sophie orgasmed hard. “Aaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee!!!” She squirted her pussy juice over Bruno, soaking his balls.

“Hey Oscar! Fancy giving me a hand to tame your slut-wife!” he enquired, glancing at his friend. Oscar, who was himself very aroused by now, gladly accepted Bruno’s offer. “Sure, I’ll show you what a true cum drinking slut she is!” Oscar stood up and walked over to Sophie, patting her on the face like a rider patting his horse.

In his hand he held a black ceramic bowl. He knelt in front of her face, his cock standing proud from his hips, still weeping sticky, clear fluid. Wiping his dripping cock in the shallow bowl, he offered it to Sophie. She enthusiastically licked at the bowl, her tongue desperately searching for his precious pre-cum.

Bruno strengthened his grip on Sophie’s ponytail, pulled her head back as far as he could. Her mouth was agape, and moaning uncontrollably. “Sophie my darling, you will suck my cock while Bruno has his way with you, yes?” he said, mockingly. She was unable to answer properly, but the look in her eyes was one of total submission. She stuck out her tongue, inviting Oscar’s cock into her hot mouth. He shoved it deep into her throat, feeling it slide past her tonsils. “Arrruuuuugh!” Sophie gagged, but her husband held it firm. She felt a pool of spit collecting in her throat, mixing with stringy juices rising from her stomach. With her mouth totally full, the sticky, juicy mess spurted out around Oscar’s cock and balls, coating him, and dripping messily down her chin onto the floor. He began to fuck her mouth, mercilessly, as she fought to overcome her gag reflex. Slimy drool and saliva poured from her mouth as Oscar fucked her face.

Now Sophie was in heaven, being double fucked by her husband and his friend. A cock deep in her throat, and a monstrous black cock in her ass, she groaned and wailed like an animal. The two men used her body like a rag doll, plundering her holes in the most perverse way, but she was enjoying every second of it. Her legs still held far apart by the leg spreader bar, and her wrists still cuffed together, Sophie was helpless to resist. They pumped her full of cock until Oscar could feel his balls beginning to tighten as his climax approached. “Oh yes! I’ve got a present for you, slave! Yes…..yes…..yes…..YESSSSSSSSSS!” grunted Oscar. He quickly withdrew his throbbing cock from Sophie’s mouth, and aimed it at the black bowl. An eruption of hot, sticky cum spewed from Oscar’s hard cock. Jet after jet of white slippery cum splashed into the bowl, contrasting against the black ceramic, until finally his orgasm subsided. He gave a long satisfied sigh, and placed the bowl on the floor in front of his wife. “Show Bruno what a filthy cum-slut you are Sophie!” he sneered.

Bruno was unrelenting, his fierce fucking showed no signs of slowing, but he watched intently as Oscar gave his slave her orders. She lowered her head towards the bowl, and licked greedily at the sticky cum. Bruno’s pounding made it difficult for Sophie, her lips and tongue bashed against the bowl with every one of his powerful thrusts. Her face became coated with Oscar’s juice as she lapped frantically at the contents of the bowl. “See Bruno? The slave loves to drink her Master’s cum. She is a real cum-whore!” It was true, Sophie loved the taste of cum. In no time at all she had sucked up the juice until the bowl was spotlessly clean.

“Good job Oscar! This slave of yours is so devoted to you! Wait until you see her ass gape when I’ve finished fucking the white trash!” Sensing his own climax fast approaching, Bruno withdrew his cock, which was glistening with Sophie’s ass juice. He spun her around on the floor on her knees so that her rear pointed to Oscar.

He stood astride her back, and using his large hands spread the cheeks of her perfect ass far apart. Sophie’s rear entrance relaxed into the largest gaping hole Oscar had ever seen. “What does the Master think of that then?” Bruno laughed. He flexed his knees slightly, dipping the massive cock in and out of Sophie’s stretched ass. “Do you think the slave is still hungry for cum Oscar?” Oscar nodded, “She’s always hungry for more, believe me!”

As Bruno felt the cum rising through his thick shaft, he aimed his cock at Sophie’s gaping asshole. A stream of hot cum flooded from the tip of his penis, dribbling between the tops of her ass cheeks down into Sophie’s stretched rectum, disappearing deep inside her. “Oh yeah baby, oh yes, OH YES!!! Feel a black mans cum inside you!!!” he shouted. Sophie could certainly feel it, her sore ass filling up with the soothing fluid. Oscar was mesmerised by the sight in front of him. His wife’s ass had suffered the most brutal fucking from Bruno, and now he watched as it was filled with copious amounts of semen. “Oh yeah slut! Feel that cum flooding inside you!” said Bruno. Sophie badly needed to cum again, her aching cunt was on fire, yet she knew that she was just their fuck-toy.

“Well, Sophie, have you learnt your lesson? You’ve paid dearly for your misdemeanour, so you will be honest with me in future, yes?” asked her husband.

“Yes Master” smiled Sophie.

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