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Welcome to Harvard

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Acacia had strode into the Annenberg Center about 15 minutes before and taken possession of one of the tables. The other three students at the table were crowded down to one end while Acacia used the rest to arrange her books, notebooks, backpack, purse, and blazer in just the right way. She didn’t ask for the space, she just took it and none of the underclassmen dared to push back on her occupation.

Her skirt was an A-Line that stopped above her knees and showed off her shapely legs in sheer dark stockings. She was wearing 2 ½ inch Jimmy Choo heels that set her calves off perfectly. Her blouse was a soft silk that clung to her shapely body and was unbuttoned far enough to show the soft valley between her full breasts. From just the right angle the top of her right breast was visible along with the lacey strap of the push-up Victorias Secret bra she was wearing.

Acacia surveyed her location, her belongings, and her pose and felt that her trap was set. Now all she needed was the right Freshman to come along and walk into it. Normally she wouldn’t be caught dead in Annenberg but she was lacking any play toys for the fall semester and this was just the place to reel a few in.

Acacia was a street smart (and book smart!) Senior concentrating on Economics and Government. She was manipulative, cunning, and very accustomed to getting her way. And that included her sexual activities. She wasn’t specifically into BDSM, but she always held the power in her relationships. Her last play toy had been an year ahead of her and had graduated last spring. He was at Yale Law now and she looked forward to seeing him occasionally, if only to remind him that she had those photo’s and videos which starred him performing some pretty deviant acts.

With her current outfit, however, she wanted to come across younger, and to be approached by some younger students. They were always so much fun to play with!

Two Days Earlier… Jon had just finished unpacking his belongings in his two-flat in the Harvard student housing. His parents had helped a bit, but his Dad had meetings with other alumni and Jon wasn’t ready to go along yet. He promised his Dad he’d start networking with these folks in the future but he wasn’t ready yet. His father knew that in this mood Jon would just be a wallflower so he left him to sort things out and said they’d get together in the morning. Jons mother tearfully said goodbye and meekly followed her husband out of the dorm.

Jon was placing a few of his items into the shared space when the door thumped open and his flat mate bumped in dragging two suitcases.

“Hey! How are ya!” the young man practically shouted, dropping his bags where he stood and thrusting out his hand to Jon. “I’m Nick!”

Jon noticed that Nick seemed to always talk with an exclamation point but decided not to make a point of it. “Hi Nick. I’m Jon. Great to finally meet you. I hope you don’t mind that I took this room,” he said, pointing at his door, “Yours is over there.”

Nick barely paused to register Jons name and kept talking as he started moving around the room, pulling a suitcase with him. Jon tuned him out and observed his new roomate. Nick was tall and well built, and was very well dressed. He had an obviously well-done cut of his thick blonde hair. This impression was in contrast to his obvious midwestern accent, but Jon didn’t mind – at least he wasn’t looking like a slob.

Jon himself was shorter, 5’8″, and while lean he wasn’t muscular. He was dressed in a non-descript polo shirt and jeans.

At Annenberg Center… Nick and Jon walked into the center. They had become fast friends over the last two days and did alot of things together, and tonight they both hoped to hook up with a card playing club that had posted notices on the bulletin board. It sounded like something fun to do and both enjoyed playing whist, poker, and other card games. Nick was barely in the door when his eyes locked onto Acacia sitting at her table. He’d been meeting some of the freshman and sophomore girls but this chick was in a different league all together.

“I’ll catch up with you in a few minutes, Jon,” Nick murmered, keeping his eyes on Acacia.

Jon just shrugged. He’d already gotten used to Nicks attention to the girls around them so he looked around for some sign of a group forming. He saw a few people playing cards at another table so he wandered over to observe.

Nick sauntered over to Acacia’s table and sat down across from her. She had been observing him from the moment he’d stepped thru the door but she kept her eyes on her open book and didn’t acknowledge his arrival. Nick knew this wasn’t a starry-eyed girl, new to the big city just from her dress and the way she held herself, but he was still a bit surprised that she hadn’t at least glanced at him. “Hi,” he began simply, “I’m Nick.”

Acacia waited a moment to see just how he’d react, then she slowly slid her eyes up to meet his and said “I’m using this table.”

Nick smiled and said, “I’m just using this chair, I won’t bother your table at all. I just had to come over and say Hi to the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in Boston.”

Acacia had to smile at what was one of the lamest introduction lines she’d heard in years. ‘This boy was going to work out just fine,’ she thought to herself. “How do you know that my boyfriend isn’t using that chair,” she pushed back.

Nick smiled. She hadn’t told him to just get lost so it looked like he might have a chance to get to know her. “No serious boyfriend would let you out of his sight wearing that outfit!”

Acacia smiled at this compliment, it was just what she was expecting. She didn’t need to go any further with this so she started packing up her things.

Nick saw her starting to pack up and thought he’d blown it. He had enough experience with girls to not try to press his luck but he did keep trying to engage her. “I hope I didn’t run ya off,” he said with a smile. “Do you come here often? I’d love to see you again.”

With her goal accomplished Acacia knew she wouldn’t be coming back to this dump anytime soon but didn’t bother answering. With her coat on and her backpack slung over one shoulder she reached into her purse and pulled out a printed address card. Handing it to Nick she said “I’m having some people over on Friday night. Why don’t you come to this address at 8pm.” She started to turn away and had a thought. “Oh, and why don’t you bring along that friend you walked in with. He looks like he’d be alot of fun.” Turning away from Nick without waiting for a goodbye she pushed through the doors and walked off into the night.

‘Wow!’ thought Nick. ‘I’ve never met a woman like that.’ He had been the hottest guy in his High School and had fucked about half the cheer squad plus some other girls, but even the older MILF he’d bedded over the summer hadn’t been sophisticated like that girl. ‘I didn’t even get her name!’ he thought to himself. He glanced down at the card he was still holding and realized that a name was printed above the address. “Acacia” he murmered to himself, turning to walk over to Jon and to tell him all about their plans for Friday.

Friday Night, about 8:20pm Jon and Nick walked down the street toward Acacia’s brownstone. Jon had been shocked when Nick had told him he was invited and tried to beg out of the event but Nick insisted he come along.

“Look, Jon, maybe she has a roommate or something,” Nick said. “You’ve got to be my wingman on this. Besides, you have to meet this chick! She is fucking amazing!”

Jon didn’t mention that Nick had called half the girls he’d met ‘amazing’ but even he knew that Acacia was something special just from the glimpse he’d had of her previously.

They walked down the street of what were obviously expensive and well cared for homes. These weren’t cheap student apartments! Nick wasn’t paying attention to that but Jon thought to himself ‘She must live at home with her family’. They arrived at the address and went up the stairs and rang the bell.

The door opened to show Acacia in a sort of robe – something like a Kimono – and Nick stammered a bit, flustered as he thought they’d be walking into a party. “I… uhhh… Hi… are we too early?” he finished lamely.

Acacia laughed and said, “No, not at all! In fact I wondered if you were coming as you’re so late. Make sure you’re not late like that in the future.”

At this early stage of knowing Acacia, Nick had no understanding how important that command was going to become, but he did hear the promise of future visits to her home and it thrilled him. Nick stepped past Acacia into the house, followed closely by Jon.

“Take your shoes off, boys,” Acacia said. They pushed their shoes off and placed them on the mat in the hallway. Jon noticed that theirs were the only shoes there.

The interior was a surprise to both of them. The outside, even the carved wooden outside door, promised a semi-Victorian feel but instead they walked into a very sleek and modern living room. Following Acacia they went on thru a magnificent kitchen to a slightly less formal seating area at the back of the house. Acacia perched on the edge of a large club chair and motioned the two boys to sit on a leather loveseat set at an angle to it. Jon felt a little uncomfortable sitting next to Nick like that but there wasn’t really alternate seating so he sat down, pressed against the arm of the small couch.

Nick was still flustered by the unexpected stillness of the house. “I… I thought you were having a party,” he said, “If we need to go…”

Acacia interrupted him. “No, silly!” she said, “You two are the only people I invited.” She stood back up and, standing about 6 feet in front of them, untied her robe and let the soft silky fabric slip off her body and pool on the floor. The boys jaws both dropped open, staring at the vision before them.

Acacia had on scarlet red pumps with 3″ heels – even Jon knew these were called ‘fuck me pumps’. Her legs were covered in the same type of sheer, dark stockings she’d been wearing earlier in the week. They were true stockings as well, stopping near the top of her toned thighs with several bands of lacework. The garters clipped to the stockings led in a taught line up to the bottom of a black bustier, all velvet and lace, that cinched her small waist, accentuating the flare of her hips. She was wearing a lacey black pair of “boy short” panties that seemed to be painted onto her hips, low across her belly, and dipping between her legs. The lace cups of her bustier molded to her firm breasts, the cups barely covering her nipples and letting a hint of her aureoles peek above the lacey trim that arced across her breasts.

“Do you like what I chose to wear for you?” she asked, spinning around slowly on the ball of her right foot. She stopped facing away from them, planting her left foot about shoulder width apart from the right one. The boys stared at her lush ass cheeks, the boy shorts glued to the curve of the buttocks, the lacey edge highlighting the shape of each perfect globe. The intricate fabric then tucked into the fold of her bottom. The bottom half of each cheek was uncovered, curving smoothly down to her thighs and the top of the stockings. She pushed her ass out a bit, letting the swell of her lace covered pussy peek thru the gap at the top of her thighs. Looking over her shoulder she raised an eyebrow in a questioning look. Jon and Nick just stared at the vision before them. Each had an instant and uncomfortable hard-on swelling against their pants and underwear.

Nick recovered his voice first, “It’s… aaahhhh… you’re… wow!… yeah, it’s really hot!”

Jons voice was lower and steadier, saying simply “I love it!”

Acacia spun the rest of the way around and stood, hands on hips, with her hips cocked to one side. Letting her eyes slide meaningfully down to the bulges in their laps she said, “I can see you’re telling the truth.” Looking back into their eyes she instructed them, “Let your cocks out, boys, I want to see what we’re working with here.”

Nick leaped to his feet, fumbling with his belt and trouser buttons, then bending over to push his underwear down to his ankles. He didn’t think twice about Jon next to him – his attention completely riveted on the vision before him. He stood back up, lifting his foot to clear his clothing and step to her but she was too fast for him. Stepping forward as he stood back up she pushed him firmly in the chest so he fell back into the love seat.

Jon was slightly more deliberate in his actions, unbuckling his belt and pushing his pants down his thighs while still seated. Nicks arm flailed over and struck his chest as he flopped back down.

Acacia stepped back again from pushing Nick and examined the two young cocks. Nick had a long, narrow cock with a nicely bulging head, ‘Probably about 8 inches,’ Acacia thought to herself. Jons cock was a pleasant surprise. It was about the same length as Nicks, maybe a bit shorter, but it was very thick and, to her surprise, uncut. The pink head of his cock was just pushing thru his foreskin and she could see the precum glistening at the tip. “Take your shirts off too. I want you both naked.”

As Acacia appraised her new toys the boys had a moment to get over their shock and take stock of their situation. Nick was still focused like a laser on Acacia, standing before him, openly eyeing their hard cocks. But he was also aware of Jon beside him and he couldn’t help but see the big cock standing up from his crotch. Something about this sight thrilled him but he was so overwhelmed with stimuli he couldn’t really process that feeling.

Jon wasn’t as experienced with girls as Nick (he was actually still a virgin!) so his reaction was a little different. He could see the easy control Acacia was showing and how she was manipulating them both. But even as his intellect could see this reality lust for this commanding woman was driving him, pushing him to do anything to be closer to her. Like Nick he was aware of his friends hard cock next to him. Surprisingly, he didn’t feel uncomfortable about it now, it seemed that Acacia’s commands had taken away any awkwardness.

The boys unbuttoned and twisted, pulling their shirts off and tossing them aside. Nick kicked his pants and underwear off his ankles, then pulled off his socks. Sitting back naked, his hand naturally fell to his cock and started stroking the shaft just to ease the pressure of his need a bit. Jon also shed his shirt, then leaned forward to push his pants off his ankles. He removed his socks and sat back. He glanced over at Nick stroking his cock and had to remind himself to look back at Acacia.

Acacia watched the flurry of motion as the boys followed her commands without question. ‘Eighteen year olds are so easy,’ she thought. ‘There’s really not a challenge to getting them started. Now let’s see how willing they are to really obey.’

“Well done, boys, you’re definitely impressing me with your enthusiasm. What’s your name?” she said, pointing a long finger with a bright red fingernail at Jon.

“I’m Jon,” he answered, flushing with excitement from the praise and brief attention.

“Jon, stroke your cock like Nick is doing. I want you both nice and hard tonight.” Jon obeyed, wrapping his hand around his thick shaft and sliding the foreskin up and down over the head.

“Ahh… I… I can’t do this too long,” Jon begged. “I’m too… I mean, you’re so exciting…”

“You better not cum yet!” Acacia said in a sharp tone. “I’ll tell you when you can cum, and I’m sure not cleaning it off that couch.”

Jon winced at her scolding, not thinking about what ‘cleaning up’ might entail.

Acacia moved over and perched on the padded arm of the large chair, lifting one leg onto the seat and spreading her thighs wide. He right hand stroked down over her stomach and pressed into her crotch, stoking her pussy thru the lace of her panties. Her other hand stroked and squeezed her breasts one at a time. The room was almost silent for a few moments, just the gentle slapping of the boys hands on their cocks and a gentle cooing coming from Acacia’s throat.

“Very nice, boys, you’re doing a good job.” Acacia said. “But I can’t see you well enough. Get up and sit on the arms of the couch. No, facing each other. Yes, that’s better. Now keep stroking those hard cocks while I cum a little.”

Jon and Nick had moved onto the couch as commanded, their legs awkwardly bumping together on the short couch. Nick had his head turned to keep his eyes on Acacia so he couldn’t really see Jon, but the new position put Nick’s hard cock and stroking hand almost into Jons line of sight to Acacia. Jon couldn’t help glancing over and checking out his roommates stiff cock. Jon had seen plenty of porn so he knew Nick’s cock was a good sized tool. He watched out of the corner of his eye as the skin slid up and down the shaft and the slit at the end glistened with a little precum. Jon didn’t want to stare at Nick but somehow he found the sight every bit as exciting as the amazing woman across the room.

Acacia kept her hands moving on her body, watching her toy cocks playing on the couch. She could see Jons attention to Nicks cock and she smiled and shivered with the excitement of the chase. Knowing that her plan was likely to succeed made her pussy gush with wetness. She moved her hand from the outside of her panties and slipped it under the fabric. Two fingers pressed down on the sides of her clit, the pressure and tugging of the skin sending a shock of sensation thru her. Her fingers dipped into the wetness of her hole, working the slippery fluid over her pussy lips and up to her clit. She fucked her fingers into her hole – not deep enough – not big enough – but good for now, ramping up her lust.

The whole time she was rubbing she watched the two boys across from her. They in turn were stroking their hard cocks and openly staring at her hand working under her panties, moving only to watch as her other hand lifted her breast out of her bustier to reveal the hard nipple. Acacia pinched and pulled at her nipple, moaning at the lightning bolt of sensation that seemed to jet directly to her clit, then repeated the treatment with the other breast. She was panting now, pulling her fingers back to rub frantically at her clit, then back down to drive up into her pussy.

The atmosphere in the room grew heavy with the scent of wet pussy, driving all three to an even higher plane. Suddenly Acacia growled low in her throat and her thighs crushed together, trapping her hand that was still frantically trying to stimulate her clit.

Jon had to let go of his cock as the sight of Acacia in the grip of a quivering orgasm almost sent him over the edge and he remembered her direct command from earlier. Nick was still stroking his cock but the head had swollen even more and looked like a purple mushroom.

Acacia took a deep breath as she came down from her orgasm. She slipped her wet fingers out of her pussy and brought them up to her lips, sticking out her tongue and sliding it to the tip of her fingers before sliding them into her mouth and sucking them clean.

“Ohhhh, I just love the first cum of the night,” she purred. “It makes me feel so alive. Did you boys like what you saw? Do you boys want to fuck my wet pussy? Want me to suck your hard cocks?”

“Yessss!” Jon hissed, still not touching his throbbing, twitching cock.

“Ohh fuck yes!” Nick agreed.

Acacia smiled to herself, knowing that the next few minutes would be the best of the night in many ways. “Well, you need to do something more for me then. Will you two do just as I ask? If you do, I promise you a fuck you’ll remember for the rest of your life!”

Nick panted out, “Fuck yes, tell me, I’ll lick you, I’ll kiss your feet, I’ll do anything you want to put my cock into your sexy cunt!” He listed everything he could think she’d want from his limited experience. He had to let go of his cock at this declaration, the thrill of giving himself to her so completely was so new to him.

Jon again could see what was happening to him. It was almost like the time he’d been hypnotized by a stage magician in Las Vegas – he knew he could say no and refuse to do what was asked but at the same time he knew he was going to do it anyway, anything she asked. “Yes! God yes, Acacia! I’ll do just as you ask!”

Acacia’s hands snaked down to her hips as she stood up, sliding her panties off her hips. Sitting back down the swollen lips of her wet pussy stood out, a new vision to entrance the two boys in front of her. Her left hand slipped down and dipped into the wet slit again, then rubbed softly at her clit.

“The first cock to slip into this wet cunt will belong to whoever sucks the other guy off first.” she whispered.

The room was silent for a moment. Nick stared at her as if he couldn’t comprehend what she’d just said, then wanting to say no! Before he could process why he would hesitate to refuse he felt movement on the couch and turned to see Jon sliding down to kneel on the cushions of the couch in front of him.

“Please, Nick,” Jon said, looking up at him, “Please! I have to fuck her beautiful cunt! I’m a virgin, Nick! I’ve never fucked a girl before, please let me do this so I can fuck her!”

Nick was so stunned at this confession and his own conflicted feelings that he didn’t react when Jon bent over and slipped the swollen head of Nicks cock into his lips. Jon didn’t try to lick or play with it, he just slipped it in and started sucking, sliding the spongy, smooth head over his tongue and feeling the hard surface of the shaft at his lips. After watching Nick stroke his cock, and being so excited by Acacia’s orgasm, and reveling in the feeling of being commanded to do something that he now realized he wanted to do anyway, Jon found himself giving in to the situation. He pushed the cock farther into his mouth, gagging a bit as it found the back his mouth. Pulling back and readying himself he tried again, pushing his face down on the cock, letting the head settle at his throat, pushing against the restriction there. Suddenly something gave a bit and the head slipped into his throat and his forehead bumped against Nicks firm belly.

Acacia wasn’t surprised when Jon reacted first and kneeled down before Nick. She was surprised by his confession and it gave a fresh jolt of excitement to her cunt. She kept her fingers on her clit as she stood up and stepped over to the couch, putting one knee down next to Jons hips so she could see his lips engulf Nicks hard cock. When his head went down to Nicks stomach she knew he was deep throating the cock and her pussy gave another quiver of excitement. She reached one hand between his thighs from behind, slipping in and around his still rock-hard cock.

“Yesss, suck that cock, Jon,” she hissed. “Oh, yeah, Jon has such a nice thick cock. You really want my pussy on your virgin cock, don’t you Jon?”

Jon could only moan and nod as his hands moved up to brace himself against Nicks hips. After a few more strokes he dropped one hand down and started playing with Nicks heavy balls. He cupped them, then gathered the sack and gently pulled and squeezed, massaging the glands to get at the cum they contained.

Nick watched as his cock disappeared into his new roommates mouth. This whole night was moving so fast, was so far beyond anything his imagination could construct. His memory flashed over the days in high school when he derisively called other guys “cocksuckers”, and now his roommate, who he’d have to spend almost a year living with, was between his legs, sucking his cock. And he realized he loved it. He loved it not just in the way any mouth would feel good on his cock, he loved that it was a mans mouth, Jons mouth, sucking him off. He put his hand on the back of Jons head, pushing him down onto his cock. Jon moaned again, feeling the encouragement of the gesture.

Nicks realization that he wanted Jon to suck him let loose a flood of emotion that peaked in his balls. He could feel the orgasm swelling inside him, could feel his balls tingling and tightening. Then that moment arrived, right before the first spurt, where all the tension of his body was anticipating the ecstasy of release.

Jon felt Nicks cock swelling and knew that he’d be coming soon. He quickened his pace, slamming his face down on the hard cock, feeling the swollen head slide in and out of his throat, the precum coating his tongue and lips. Finally he felt Nicks hips thrust forward and hold, his cock swelling even further at the bottom of his throat. He pushed himself down until his nose was jammed against Nicks pubic bone, then felt the first pulse of cum race up the ridge on the bottom of the cock and gush into his throat. Pulling back he kept the head of Nicks cock in his mouth as spurt after spurt of cum shot onto his tongue.

Jon heard Acacia whisper in his ear, “Keep his cum in your mouth, baby, keep it right there.” Finally Nicks hips stopped quivering and Jon backed away and sat up, his mouth full of his roommates cum. Jon looked at Nick, fearing that he’d see anger or condemnation but Nick had his head thrown back, eyes closed, recovering from his orgasm. Acacia moved to face Jon and planted her lips on his, pushing her tongue into his mouth to taste Nicks cum. She sucked at his mouth, pulling some of the cum into hers, then broke the kiss. Jon, almost gagging now, had to swallow the mouthful of spit and cum and tried to catch his breath, his cock straining even harder than before.

Acacia turned from Jon with her mouthful of cum and faced Nick. He was still recovering from his orgasm when he felt soft hands on his cheeks and opened his eyes to see Acacia kissing him, the taste of what he knew to be his cum filling his mouth as she drove her tongue into him. Nick kissed her back, tongues twirling thru the thick fluid from his cock. In his new state he loved the taste and feel of the cum in his mouth and his cock twitched with excitement.

Breaking the kiss, Acacia stepped back, ready to play more with her toys. Jon started to stand up to come to Acacia, ready to collect on her promise but she put up her hand to stop him. “Not yet, baby!” she said. “Nick here has to play along first.”

At the sound of his name Nick turned to her, “What? You said the first…” he started to say, but Acacia didn’t hesitate.

“You need to return Jons favor, Nick. I want you to suck his straining cock so he doesn’t cum the second he touches my pussy.”

After coming down from the ecstasy of his orgasm Nick was having second thoughts about this sudden switch in his desires and started to backtrack. “No, uhhh… I don’t want… you know, I’m gonna go so you two can screw…”

“Oh, Nick, you can’t do that to Jon,” Acacia crooned. “If you don’t stay I’ll kick you both out and Jon will have to go home with such a bad case of blue balls!”

Jon was getting pissed. Pissed at Acacia for her continued teasing promise of sex, but he knew he couldn’t attack her. He was also pissed at Nick for getting cold feet after what he’d done, and what Nick had clearly wanted him to do. “Fuck you, Nick!” he growled, turning to face his roommate. “You’re gonna suck this cock if I’ve got to make you!” Jon advanced on his roomate as he tried to scramble off the couch to his clothing. Pushing Nick back down on the couch, Nick landed half off, almost laying on the seat. Jon quickly straddled Nicks chest, his hard cock almost hitting Nick on the chin.

Acacia’s eyes widened at the sight before her. ‘Damn,’ she thought, rubbing her pussy with fresh desire, ‘this is even better than I expected.’ She stepped up behind Jon and put her hands on his shoulders. “That’s it, Jon, make him suck your cock. Once you cum in his face I’ll get you hard again and fuck your thick cock until it’s sore!”

Nick lay awkwardly on the couch, unable to get the leverage he’d need to push Jon off of him. His eyes almost crossed trying to watch hard cock head waving in front of him, glistening and wet from the precum oozing from the slit at the end. He didn’t know what he felt at that moment, a mix of new desire and old prejudice, shocked at himself for going so far already and unsure if he could go further.

Jon didn’t give Nick the luxury of considering his options. He put his hand on Nicks forehead, pushing it down into the cushions of the couch, then rocked forward and slipped the head of his cock into Nicks partly open mouth.

Nicks lips reluctantly spread over the tip of Jons cock, pushing the foreskin back and exposing the head fully as it pushed across his tongue. The taste of precum was strong and strangely sweet as Jon started rocking his hips, stroking his hard shaft in and out of Nicks mouth. The angle was all wrong for Jon to penetrate deeply, but he was so close to cumming he didn’t care. He felt so strong, so powerful, holding Nick down and fucking into his mouth, not caring if Nick wanted it or not.

Acacia kept up her goading of Jon, “Oh yeah, fuck it into his mouth, Jon. You know he wants to suck your cock. Cum on his face for me, Jon, spray that hot cum all over his pretty little face.”

Jon knew he was going to do exactly what Acacia ordered of him, and soon. His balls were already tingling and he could feel the orgasm rising inside him. When Acacia’s hands reached around him and gripped both his nipples he just groaned and tensed and pushed his cock into Nick’s mouth again, feeling the first jet of cum blast from his cock. He pulled back and started stroking his cock as it kept spraying over Nicks face, jets draping across Nicks forehead, and eye, and dripping down his cheek.

Shakily Jon rolled off of Nicks chest and sat on the couch, gasping for breath. Nick sat up, his faced dripping with cum. Acacia stepped back to admire the sight, then reached down and tossed Nick his own underwear. “Clean your face up, Nick. I don’t want you dripping all over the place.”

Now both boys had cum and some of the almost insane tension from earlier had left the room. Jon and Nick looked up at Acacia, who was even more of a vision than earlier. Her orgasm and goading of Jon had tousled her hair. Her hand was still idly stroking her clit and her breasts spilled over the top of her bustier with hard nipples tipping them.

Acacia stepped forward and kneeled between Jon’s sprawled leg, her hand reaching out to grip, and then slowly stroke Jon’s nearly hard cock. “Oh, I love you young guys,” she whispered, “always ready to go again.” She bent down and started making love to Jon’s cock.

Jon had had what he’d thought was a blowjob before – a high school girlfriend putting his head in her mouth for a moment while she gave him a handjob. And he’d just fucked Nicks mouth, but what Acacia did to him was a revelation! She licked up the shaft, then swirled her tongue over the head, all the time looking at him with her big hazel eyes. She dipped down, pulling his ballsack into her mouth, sucking gently and rolling the glands with her tongue. Pulling back she let the balls make a “pop” sound as they left her mouth.

Jon groaned at the pressure of her suction, then gasped as his balls popped loose. He started to put his hand on Acacia’s head but she batted it away with her free hand.

Nick was still sitting next to Jon, pressed against him, really, and had a front row seat to Acacias performance. His own cock was only half soft and it twitched to life from watching his friend get the blowjob of a lifetime. He started idly stroking the thickening shaft, wondering if she’d suck him too.

Acacia was focused on Jon’s cock. She loved to fuck sexy toys like these boys, and she was so turned on from teasing and manipulating them that her enthusiasm was genuine (not like when she had to perform for her older men!). She pulled Jon’s cock down to point at her and slid his foreskin down the shaft. The head inside was still small and soft but she could tell Jon would be completely hard again soon. She licked once at the tip, then used the tip of her tongue to worm into the slit, tasting the sweet cum still oozing from the end. Her lips opened and she welcomed the shaft into her mouth, sliding all the way to the back of her throat in one steady motion. She couldn’t believe how thick Jon was – her jaw stretched to keep her teeth from dragging on the shaft.

She started pistoning the shaft in and out of her mouth, feeling him growing. One hand was at the base of his cock, stroking it in time with her bobbing head. Her other hand was still between her legs, rubbing her clit to keep her pussy wet and ready for the stretching it would soon receive. She pulled her mouth off Jon’s cock and turned to Nick. “Get down on the floor,” she commanded, “Lay on your back. You’re gonna lick my clit.”

Nick didn’t delay – he knew he wanted a taste of that sweet pussy and if she wanted a break from Jon he wasn’t going to argue. Acacia let go of Jon’s cock, then got on her hands and knees over him in a sixty-nine position. Looking over her shoulder at Jon she slapped her own ass, saying, “Get over here and fuck me, stud.”

Jon didn’t need a second hint and got on his knees behind her. He ignored Nicks face below her crotch and used both hands to rub her perfect ass cheeks as the shaft of his cock slid against her pussy lips.

“Put him in me, Nick!” Acacia insisted, dipping her head to lick the head of Nicks cock. “Grab Jons cock and put him in my cunt.”

Nick knew now that he’d be servicing both Jon and Acacia. Giving in to the moment and the lust he was so trying to suppress he grabbed Jons cock and brought it to his lips, spitting on it and using his tongue to add to Acacia’s saliva. He lifted the head and Jon rocked back. Nick used the head of Jons cock to rub Acacia’s pussy, then pushed it to her waiting hole.

Jon felt the head of his cock enter a soft tunnel and he pushed forward. His shaft was so wet and Acacia so lubricated that he slid home in one stroke. He paused, gasping at the feel of her wet, clinging flesh surrounding his cock. He could feel her pussy muscles gripping at his shaft, pulsing with erotic passion.

Acacia groaned around Nicks cock as Jons thick cock slid into her cunt. The real stretching of her tight cunt as Jon pushed into her felt amazing and she sucked hard on Nicks cock, loving the feel of his shaft in her mouth. She rocked her hips back against Jon and he started stroking his cock in and out of the incredible grip of her pussy. He was in heaven as he slid in and out. Suddenly he felt a tickle on his balls and he realized Nick had his tongue out, dragging across his balls as he thrust. Holding still for a moment he felt Nicks mouth surround his ball sack and suck at him as Acacia had done earlier. He couldn’t imagine a more explosive combination of sensations and couldn’t help rocking back and forth as Acacia pushed her hips back against him, urging him to thrust into her.

Nick felt Acacias hot mouth on his cock although she mostly just held the head in her mouth as her pussy fucked back and forth on Jons meat. Nick finished sucking Jons ballsack and moved his tongue to where the shaft entered her pussy, licking around the lips, laving Jons cock, loving the taste of Acacias sweet pussy juice on Jons hard shaft. Searching for her hard clit he pushed her fingers away and started licking and sucking at the firm little nub, then backing off and flicking it with his tongue. Acacia screamed at this new sensation and let Nicks cock fall from her mouth, laying her head on his hips and surrendering herself to the pummeling of Jons cock in her pussy.

Jon thought he was going mad. The whole night – all the feelings and sensations and the emotional roller coast he’d been on, along with the amazing physical sensation of his cock slamming into its first pussy was sending him over the edge. He didn’t want to cum – but he couldn’t stop the frantic motion of his hips and the sensory overload. His hips sped up – he was slamming in and out of Acacias pussy so fast his hips were a blur, her pussy juice churning and dripping from her slit down onto Nicks face.

Nick concentrated his attention on sucking her clit into his pursed lips, then flicking his tongue over the exposed bud. This was enough to fling Acacia into her orgasm, screaming and gasping and trying to crawl away from the attack of stimulation on her super-sensitive clit and pussy. Neither Nick or Jon let her go as they continued their assault. Acacias spasming cunt pushed Jon over the top and he slammed his cock as deep into her as he could and held, feeling each jet of cum as a burning rush of sensation.

Jon fell back away from Acacias ass and collapsed against the loveseat, panting and gasping as his wet cock flopped down on his hip. Nick was still on his back, now lapping at Acacias wet pussy as Jons load started oozing from the swollen lips of her twitching cunt. Acacia was still collapsed on top of Nick, crooning as she came down from her orgasm.

Sitting up, Acacia started stroking Nicks cock as she rubbed her dripping pussy on Nicks face. “Mmmm, yeah, ohhh suck my wet pussy, Nick,” she panted. Her hips were squirming and thrusting and from his angle Jon could see the gobs of cum and pussy juice oozing into Nicks mouth as he sucked and swallowed.

“Aahhhhh, yes, fuck yes, lick it up baby. Clean up my nasty wet cunt,” she continued. Still stroking his cock she realized she wanted more cock tonight and that Nick hadn’t cum yet. Lifting off his wet face she spun around, placed her wet, stretched cunt over Nicks cockhead and sank down with a groan. As she started riding Nicks nice long cock up and down she looked at Jon and said, “Come over here and let me clean you up.”

Jon rose from his collapse and stepped close to her, straddling Nick, and placed his still wet cockhead at her lips. One of Acacias guilty pleasures was the feel of a satisfied cock in her mouth, coated with cum and her pussy juice. She opened her mouth and sucked Jons semi-hard dick in, loving the feel and texture of a cock when it wasn’t hard and pulsing with need.

Nick was groaning and squirming on the floor from the feel of Acacias wet pussy. It was different from anything he’d felt before as he’d never fucked a girl who’d just had a dick in her. It was looser, soaking wet from juice and cum, and slid up and down his shaft in a way he’d never experienced. He knew he was going to cum soon and gasped out, “I’m… gonna… cum…” as his hips rose and he tensed like a bow pulled back to fire an arrow.

Acacia dropped Jons cock and started slamming her hips up and down, loving the feel of Nicks cock swolling to its maximum size and frantically rubbing her clit to another orgasm as Nicks jets of hot cum filled her pussy for a second time that night.

The room was silent except for the pants and gasps of the three students as they recovered from their orgasms. Acacia lay back, propped against the chair, her fingers idly stroking her pussy and playing with the fresh cum oozing from her slit. Nick lay spread eagled on the floor, his cock glistening in the light, still wet from Acacias pussy. Jon had the most time to recover so he sat back onto the loveseat, looking at his friend and this amazing woman who had led him into the most erotic and amazing experience of his short life.

“Get the fuck dressed then get the fuck out,” Acacia said in a languid but commanding voice. “And write down your emails and phone on your way out.”

Jon was in a daze as he complied with her command, picking up his underwear and socks and pulling them on. Nick got up on his elbow and said, “But baby, we just got started, I’ve got…”

Acacia cut him off, her voice no longer soft. “I said get the fuck out. If you don’t get dressed I’ll shove your skinny ass out the door naked.”

It didn’t take much for Nick to believe her so, cowed, he quickly scrambled to pull on his underwear and clothes. Jon had finished writing his name and information on a pad on the kitchen counter and Nick did the same. Acacia got to her feet and, tucking her breasts back into her bustier, she walked behind them to the door. As Jon put his hand on the door handle she spoke one last time, saying “We’re going to have so much fun together, aren’t we?” and gave a joyous, but quite unsettling laugh.

Jon and Nick were barely out the door when it slammed shut behind them and they hurried down the stairs and back toward campus.

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