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Escaped Cons Get Revenge

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Ted and Carl grinned down at the woman on the floor in front of them, cutting off either of her exit ways. The female cop glared at the two escaped cons that she’d helped put away, not a touch of fear in her eyes.

“Get out,” she said, trying to take the position of power, even though she was lying on her own living room rug, “They’ll catch you eventually anyway, but there’s no reason for you to be here.

Unless you want to kill me and that’ll just put you up for the death penalty, you’re better off just both serving your time.”

Neither of them had been in for life; Carl had raped one of his co-workers and Ted had been involved in armed robbery of a 7-11 – the man working there had been killed but not by Ted. If they killed her, they’d be more screwed then they’d been before, so the only other thing she could think of…

Officer Erin sneered, “You thinking of holding me for hostage? That’s not going to do you much good either.”

Both of the men started laughing, she didn’t know why, but she took the opportunity to kick out at Ted – unfortunately his hand was suddenly down there and pulling on her ankle, dragging her towards him across the floor. The back of her head hit the carpet, which muffled the blow some but it still hurt, and she cried out as they turned her over, putting her hands behind her back and hand-cuffing her with her own cuffs.

“BASTARDS!” she yelled at them, but they just laughed at her, pulling her legs apart and tying them to each end of the couch. A flash of fear went through her as her mind provided a reason for their presence that she actually hadn’t thought of yet. Ted pulled out a large knife, smiling at her happily.

“Hold still Officer,” he told her, “I’d hate to cut you.”

She held perfectly still, although her eyes glared hot lasers at him as he began cutting off her uniform, her pride and joy. When she was naked in front of them they both let out soft moans and began caressing her as she started screaming.

“Go on and scream all you want!” Carl said loudly, “Not like you have any neighbors nearby to hear… lucky us!”

Erin realized that he was right, and glared as he lowered his mouth to her nipple, “Man I love the way a woman’s body feels… I missed boobs so much… and these are some nice ones Officer Erin.”

“Stop calling me that,” she growled, bad enough that they were molesting her, and she knew that they were going to rape her, but calling her by her honorific as they did it was just too much.

Ted laughed as he flicked her nipple, “Doesn’t look like Officer Erin has much of a sense of humor.” Carl just chuckled around her nipple and kept sucking. Closing her eyes, Erin gritted her teeth, willing her nipple to stop feeling so good… it was hard with Carl sucking at it like a mad man. Ted was just toying with her other one, that was almost just an annoyance, easy to brush off… but Carl was starting to get to her. She remembered that someone during his trial had said that the girl he’d raped had gotten off several times while he’d been raping her, completely against her will. He liked to humiliate them by making them enjoy their experience. Immediately, Erin began to fight against the sensations even more.

Slowly Carl worked his way down her body, his nimble fingers and tongue making her shiver. When he got between her legs, Ted moved around so that Erin was resting up against his back, giving her a great view as Carl situated himself. Immediately Ted began squeezing her boobs again, enjoying the feel of woman’s flesh in his palms. As Carl began to swipe his tongue up and down Erin’s pussy, she couldn’t help the shock of pleasure than ran up her body, although she tried to hide it by struggling some more. Ted solved that problem by the simple expedient of pinching her nipples cruelly, making her cry out in pain as the tender buds were crushed.

Still, the sensation went straight down to where Carl was lapping away at her juices, making her pussy tingle with arousal. A finger worked its way into her tight pussy, exploring the insides of her body, and she almost moaned aloud when he found her g-spot with the tip of it, rubbing gently against her sensitive inner spot.

“Please stop!” she pleaded. Carl lifted his head for a moment, looking into her eyes with glee as his finger began to press more firmly against her g-spot. She writhed in shame and pleasure.

“Officer Erin is starting to get off on this,” Carl informed Ted, who grinned and squeezed her boobs even more tightly, “And she’s got one of the sweetest pussies I’ve ever tasted.” Erin blushed as Carl winked at her.

“I don’t care how sweet her pussy is,” grunted Ted, “Just do what you want to do so that I can fuck the shit out of her.”

Carl shook his head at Ted’s crassness and lack of appreciation at the situation, but he got back down between Erin’s legs. The poor woman moaned as her body’s reactions started to take over, her hips moving as Carl’s talented tongue and fingers elicited a passionate response from her traitorous pussy. Ted’s fingers pinched her nipples as she started to shake and cum, Carl’s finger stroking her g-spot in just the right way to give her a spectacularly intense orgasm while he sucked on her clit.

Shedding tears of shame, Erin couldn’t believe the response of her body as the men grinned and Ted moved out from behind her. Spreading her legs he positioned himself with his dick at the entrance of Erin’s wet pussy as Carl got behind her the same way Ted had been. So it was that she was able to watch as Ted started invading her pussy, Carl’s fingers playing across her breasts and nipples in an enchanting way.

Ted was thick and he pushed in, hard and rough, bruising her tender pussy.

“Hot damn, Officer Erin,” the convict moaned as he buried hilt deep, “You are one tight bitch… and so nice and wet.”

He grinned evilly at her humiliated expression, taking his time about working his way in and out of her body, savoring his triumph. Then he seemed to get bored with it and started to go about taking his own pleasure in her, fucking her hard and fast, just enjoying himself. If it had been just him, Erin probably would have been able to ignore everything that was happening to her; but Carl was there. Damned Carl with his penchant for pleasure, who wanted her to experience everything, enjoy everything. He enjoyed his domination over her, playing with her nipples in a way that made her pussy tingle even as Ted fucked her hard.

When Carl slid his fingers down and began playing with her clit, she cried out in defeat, her body arching up to meet Ted’s next thrust. Something happened then, something clicked in Ted’s brain just how much of a better revenge it would be if Officer Erin creamed herself on his dick while he raped her. Suddenly, Ted understood just why Carl took so much pleasure in the woman’s pleasure.

Both men looked at each other with understanding expressions, and Ted’s movements became slower, although still firm and hard. He rubbed himself against Erin’s pussy, bouncing his dick inside her against her g-spot. His thrusts picked up more of its old brutality as her body responded against her will, but she still couldn’t help the waves of pleasure that were sweeping over her.

“PLEASE STOP!” cried Erin, feeling herself on the brink of an orgasm. But Ted just slammed into her, his groin pressing against her clit firmly as Carl pinched both of her nipples hard, and she exploded into her second orgasm of the night, writhing under Ted’s thrusting body.

Feeling his own orgasm approaching, Ted whipped out his dick and wanked it a few times, sending his cum shooting into her face. Because of her orgasm, Erin’s mouth was open and most of his cum landed inside of it, foul-tasting and sticky in her mouth, but she had to swallow as Carl snapped her jaw shut with his hand. The rest of it was on her lips and dripping down onto her breasts. Ted smiled, liking the way the Officer looked with his cum going down to her belly and dripping onto her tits.

Then Carl moved, getting between her legs. Lifting each of her legs over his shoulders, he grinned at Ted as he positioned his dick. Erin moaned as he began to push into her swollen pussy, she was so hyper-sensitive after two orgasms that she could already feel herself going towards another one as he began to pump in and out of her at that steep angle. The position of her legs over his shoulders gave him leverage and allowed him to push very deep into her, banging up against her cervix with every thrust. She moaned and wriggled underneath as he fucked her, taking his time about it.

Carl was so slow and meticulous, taking the time to play with her breasts and clit as he fucked her. Because of her sensitivity, Erin was soon crying out and cumming on his dick, resigned to fabulous orgasms as she was raped. She thought her pussy might burn up from the amount of sexual heat it was generating.

But Carl didn’t cum. Instead he kept fucking her, up towards yet another orgasm.

“Please no more!” whimpered Erin, “I can’t take another one…” her body arched as her pussy pulsed with delight, Carl’s dick moving in and out of her body. Ted was already stroking himself hard again.

To her surprise, Carl pulled out, just as she was on the brink of orgasm… in fact, she wanted it again. And so she whimpered… and then squealed as his dick began pressing into her ass. It hurt, a cramping hurt… she’d only tried anal sex a few times because she’d disliked it so much. But Carl started rubbing on her clit as he split apart her tight ass, and her body became increasingly confused. In fact, as he began to pump in and out of her ass, she could feel her climax getting closer and closer.

“NOOOO!!!!” she screamed. One thing to cum while being raped, but to cum while she was forcibly sodomized? Erin started crying as her orgasm drew closer and closer, her ass full and cramping as the dick stabbed into it over and over again.

With a final scream, her body arched and her ass clamped down on Carl, he groaned as he started cumming, her body orgasming blissfully underneath him. He filled her ass with his cum, a reminder to her of where his dick had been while she’d had yet another orgasm, a reminder that would slowly drip out of her after he left.

Carl pulled out of her, leaving her crying in humiliation. Immediately Ted turned her over so that her ass was in the air with her cheek pressed against the floor; Carl helped hold her up under the onslaught as Ted raped her ass, filling the tight crevice with his hard meat. Erin couldn’t help but start to enjoy it again as Carl rubbed her pussy underneath her. So it was then when Ted came, Erin came too, her clit being pinched and her ass tightening down and rippling to give Ted the maximum amount of pleasure as he filled her ass with its second load.

Before the men left they each copped one last feel of her boob, and told her that they’d call 911 for her once they were far enough away.

Half an hour later two men from her squad showed up to find Officer Erin, still handcuffed and curled up on the floor, cum leaking out of her ass. Looking up at them through reddened eyes, she spread her legs.

“Fuck me,” she whimpered, as more cum dripped onto the floor.

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