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Unusual Twins

Category: Incest
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My sister and I were identical twins; I always say that we are unusual twins because our mother refused to dress us alike, ever! From a very early age our mother encouraged us to have different hair styles; my sister was encouraged towards music and dance while I was guided to gymnastics and anything remotely sporting.

Because we were twins, we knew hundreds of other pairs of twins and my sister and I were the only two who really stood out. We always looked so different to each other; we were the only identical twins we knew that never shared a bedroom with each other.

After school, I went on to university, my sister, Paula, went straight to work and while at university, I met Gavin, I don’t think I ever mentioned that I was a twin, just that I had a younger sister never mentioned that it was only fifteen minutes younger and he never asked how much younger.

I had a few problems with Gavin unfortunately, while I was happy for a ‘normal’ sex/love life, Gavin was more into sex as an ‘Extreme sport’. So it came as no surprise to me that he dumped me and wandered off looking for a more adventurous partner.

I did get a surprise though when my mother was telling me about my sister’s young man, a lovely boy and Paula had just told my mother that she and Gavin were engaged to be married. It could have been another Gavin but I just had the feeling that my sister had hooked up with the man who had dumped me a few months earlier.

Paula and I weren’t at all close, after I finished university I stopped in London, I had no wish to return to the villages of Northamptonshire. I met and moved in with Johnny, no mention of marriage so I was on birth control implants until after we did marry. I somehow got wind of my sister’s wedding date and had time to book a holiday and inform my mother that Johnny and I would be in the Maldives during the first two weeks of June. Fortunately I got my news in before my mother could tell me that my sister was getting married in the seventh of June.

It wasn’t my sister I was trying to upset or avoid; it was just that I didn’t want to see Gavin ever again in my life if I could avoid it. When the Rugby season started, Johnny’s team played a team from Luton, I didn’t go to the match, which was unusual for me and at that match, Gavin and Johnny played against each other and after the match, they had a drink together and became friends.

Gavin and Paula were moving into a new apartment that had been built as a waterside development at the side of the Great Ouse, Gavin phoned Johnny and asked if he could fit the new kitchen for them before they moved in. Johnny saw the photograph of Paula and Gavin on their wedding day in the open plan living/dining/kitchen area. Johnny couldn’t believe it, “Hey, you won’t believe it but your wife could be my girlfriend’s twin sister!”

Gavin laughed out loud, your girlfriend isn’t Victoria Clark is she?”

Johnny stopped dead in his tracks, “Yes, how did you know?”

“They are twin sisters!”

Very, very long story short, Johnny was invited to a flat warming dinner party, if you could really call it a flat, just three rooms, one a bedroom, one a bathroom and the open living area. I was included in the dinner invitation and couldn’t think of any way to wriggle out of it.

Johnny drove us up to Northamptonshire and had to sit in the car to prevent clamping for parking in the private car park outside the flats. I buzzed the flat and asked Paula if she could pop down with the guest parking permit. When the lift doors opened, Gavin stepped out pulling his jacket on, “Paula is waiting for you, I’m taking Johnny to the local to meet the guys, we’ll be back in an hour.” Oh yes, and Gavin kissed me on my cheek as if there hadn’t been any history between us.

I helped Paula to cook dinner and lay the table but we didn’t really speak. The boys returned from the pub just in time for dinner to be dished up and I could see that Johnny was already shaky as he walked in, then Gavin and he, in a state of great ‘bonhomie’, chattered together and drank! I didn’t make a fuss about it though; Johnny was already too drunk to drive us home when he got back from the pub so I knew we would have to find somewhere to spend the night.

What I hadn’t bargained on though was Johnny being so hammered that he wandered over to Gavin and Paula’s sofa and passed out, not just a little sleepy, solid catatonia! The three of us finished pudding to the snoring concerto in very flat major. After I had helped Paula wash the pots and tidy up while Gavin was trying to encourage Johnny to wake up and take some coffee without success.

There was a lot of looks passing between Paula and her husband, “You’ll have to spend the night here” Was Paula’s first comment.

“Where would I sleep, you don’t even have a bath tub to sleep in, just a walk in shower cubicle, there’s hardly enough floor space for me to stretch out on either.

Paula blushed and looked from Gavin to Johnny, Well, it isn’t like you’ve never shared a bed with Gavin before, we’re all adults aren’t we?”

I just wasn’t having it, I wanted to go to a hotel for the night, Gavin passed a liqueur glass to Paula and I, “We’ll talk about it later.” Was Gavin’s input, as we sat at the table drinking one-twenty proof peach vodka after a second glass, Gavin rolled a smoke and took several draws on it, then he passed it over to Paula, she took two deep tokes on it before passing it to me, I took a deep draw without thinking what I was doing and before I knew it I was smoking a reefer of my own as Paula and Gavin made out at the table.

I lost track for a few minutes and when I came back into the room, I wasn’t in the room anymore. Paula was naked and kneeling on the bed, Gavin was undressing me and Paula was helping him. I wanted to fight Gavin off but with the drink, the grass and the fact that even after five years, Gavin still remembered what made my engine run wildly.

Gavin fucked me while my sister knelt watching him, then Paula put her head between my legs and licked around my vagina while Gavin fucked her doggy style. The third rotation was Paula wearing a strap-on dildo, fucking me while I sucked her husband’s cock.

I woke up in the morning in bed next to Gavin, as I tried to roll out of the bed, Gavin woke and pulled me back and fucked me all over again. When I eventually got free of Gavin and walked out to the living area I found Johnny fucking Paula, I couldn’t really say anything could I. Not after what I had been doing most of the night. I made coffee, I desperately needed coffee and as I made the coffee I watched as Johnny climaxed into my sister. I did four cups of coffee, Johnny wasn’t really safe to drive but I just had to get back home as quickly as I could so I encouraged him to risk it.

My sister tried to arrange a return engagement, either at my house or a restaurant in London. I put her off several times, then she dropped a bombshell on top of me, “I’m pregnant and Johnny has to be the father as Gavin is sterile and Johnny is the only other man who has fucked me this year.”

Well, my life isn’t really ideal but Johnny spends one week with Paula and his son while Gavin fucks me like a stallion all week and the next week, Gavin returns home to Paula and Johnny and I go back to a week of vanilla loving. Actually I was wrong, I do have it pretty good, the best of both worlds really, I’ve had to allow Gavin to stretch my horizons from time to time to keep him interested, I’ve certainly fucked in some very different places since my first swing with my sister and been forced to accept other partners just to keep Gavin happy.

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