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Mickey and the Stockings

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I was feeling good because I had gotten off early from work. I was the assistant manager of a shoe store in a mall and I worked a very irregular schedule. I had worked four hours today, and at one o’clock I was off for the day. I was driving home, and on the seat beside me was a small paper bag with a gift in it for my wife, Linda. Light blue nylon stockings. They were really a present for both of us because I liked stockings and my wife liked wearing them for me. A perfect match.

She had a statuesque figure. Big boobs, nicely rounded ass, and long slender legs, which became even more fantastic when covered in silk or nylon or fishnets—I swerved back into my lane and decided to keep my mind on the road until I got home.

It was broiling hot, and as I walked up the sidewalk to the house I wished it had air-conditioning. It was a small house where we lived with my wife’s mother, Mickey, and it was cooler inside than out, but still too hot for comfort. I walked in the door and headed down the hall towards the kitchen to get a beer out of the fridge. But as I came to the door to the den, I stopped. I could see the couch in there and I could see Mickey lying on the couch. And I could see that she was almost naked.

I had seen Mickey’s body once or twice—just a glimpse, living with her in a small house and all that. But I had never had a long, good look, which is what I was about to do. I walked quietly over to the couch where she lay, ready to bolt if she started to wake up. She was wearing her bra and panties—or rather, she was covered by her bra, for she had taken her arms out of the straps, and it was lying lightly on top of her twin mounds. She was 48 years old—that I knew—but her tits were still firm, but tending to fall to the side a bit. Her belly wasn’t flabby, but soft-looking and a little plump. Then there was a slope down to her mound of Venus. Her legs were fantastic. She had been in dance competitions when she was younger, and her legs were still tight and shapely—not as good as my wife’s but definitely the legs of a much younger woman. Most exciting of all to me, and where I concentrated my gaze, was a dark triangle of hair in exactly the right spot under her panties.

“How long have you been standing here?” she asked, and I nearly jumped pout of my skin. I decided honesty was the best policy.

“Uhh, a minute—or two,” I said lamely, trying unsuccessfully not to look embarrassed.

Then she asked me a second question which really surprised me. “And do you like what you see?”

Again I decided on honesty. “You look — great.”

“Just great?” She gave a mock pout.

“I mean you look fantastic—uh, you look incredibly—” I paused.

“Incredibly what? Sexy? It’s ok if that’s what you want to say.”

“Yeah, incredibly sexy.” I tried to swallow the lump in my throat.

I was having a problem with my eyes—I didn’t know where to look. I tried to keep my eyes on Mickey’s but they kept jumping of their own accord back to her barely covered tits or panties and legs then they would go back and fasten on her eyes again her eyes which could be described as “smoldering.”

She gave a slow, sexy smile and while still keeping her eyes locked on mine, she brought her fingers up, hooked them under her loose bra, and slowly slid it off her tits. Her nipples were large and brown, and already hard.

“What do you think now?” she asked in a sultry voice.

I swallowed several times, trying to get some coherent words to come out, but they wouldn’t. my eyes were now devouring her nipples.

She gently pinched both nipples, making them even harder and said huskily, “What are you waiting for?”

I let the paper bag in my hand drop and I fell to my knees where I proceeded to fondle one luscious tit while my mouth went to the other, gently kissing it and licking the hard brown nipple. I knew I had done the right thing because she gave a sexy moan and pushed her boob further into my mouth. I started to suck her nipple.

Very quickly my hand headed south towards her panties. While continuing to give all my oral attention to her tits, I toyed with the elastic of her panties—the waistband and the legs, sliding a finger a little way under them and gently stroking her warm flesh. It had the desired effect—she put her hands on her panties and tugged them down while continuing to make little mewing sounds as I lovingly licked her firm boobs. She took my roaming hand and placed it squarely on her mound. Her bush was already wet, and as I rubbed the flat of my hand over her hairy triangle, she gave a gasp. She took my hand again and this time moved it right between her legs which she spread wide and rubbed my finger on her pussy lips.

I was going crazy. My hand was busy probing her swelling pussy lips, my mouth was licking her luscious nipples, and I took my other hand and started to try to get my belt undone. After an unsuccessful minute or so, I reluctantly but quickly stood up and was out of my clothes in record time. I knelt down again and this time buried my face in Mickey’s hairy snatch which was by now wet and inviting.

I tried not to rush things. I nibbled around the top of her gash, kissed her hairy mound, then slid my tongue down in to the folds of her cunt. I worked her pussy lips apart with my tongue and found her clit. I knew I had found it, even though it was small, because she let out a long loud moan and said “yeah, yeah, lick me there, that’s it—that’s IT!”

After a couple of minutes of having her clit licked and her love box probed by my searching tongue, she seemed like she was ready to come. I climbed up on the couch and spread her legs a bit wider, then lowered my stiff rod into her open hole. All the way in. God, she felt so good—tight and warm, like velvet. When I was all the way in her she wriggled her hips from side to side, creating an incredible sensation. I heard her whispering but I couldn’t quit make out the words. A minute later she got louder and I heard her say, “Oh God, yes, yes, it’s been so long—too long since I’ve been fucked!”

I withdrew about halfway and then lowered myself all the way in again. This time she thrust her mound up to meet me and we developed a rhythm that lasted about 30 seconds before she started coming, She was whispering, but whispering as loud as she could—”fuck me, fuck, oh yeah, fuck me.” As she started to shake with her orgasm I let myself go and came with her. Long after I had stopped cumming she continued to twitch and each time she gave a little cry of delight.

After we had stopped shivering and shaking and panting, I eased my weight off her and lay beside her on the couch. She had other ideas however and she got up and quickly left the room. I minute later I heard the shower start up. I got up too and took my clothes back to the bedroom and threw on some shorts while I waited for her to finish in the bathroom. I also did some thinking.

This couldn’t happen again. I had just fucked my mother-in-law and what’s more it had been fantastic. I didn’t exactly feel guilty—I had done a good thing in a way because I had made her feel so good—her husband had been dead for 9 years and I assumed that’s what she meant when she said it had been “too long.” As long as my wife didn’t find out I would be OK. But, it couldn’t happen again—it would be way too exhausting to try to keep my horny wife satisfied while fucking her mother—not too mention the logistics of it all.

I heard the bathroom door open and I heard Mickey go into her room and close the door. I went to get my own shower. A couple of hours later my wife came home, and we chatted about our day while she relaxed, though I obviously didn’t tell her everything. Linda fixed dinner, but when she called Mickey, she said she wasn’t feeling well and to go ahead and eat without her. Linda was concerned, but Mickey said she would be OK, so Linda left her alone. I was relieved. It would have been very hard to sit at the table with a mother and daughter, both of whom I had fucked.

After dinner Linda and I went in the den and sat on the couch watching TV for a while. Again, I felt uncomfortable, because we were sitting on the very spot where I had made Mickey cream a few hours before, and I was sure I could still smell sex in the air. Linda didn’t notice anything though until she said, “What’s this?” She picked up a small paper bag from the floor.

“Oh, I almost forgot—I did forget,” I said, “it’s something that I picked up for you at work today.” She looked inside and got a big smile on her face as she pulled out the pack of light blue nylons. “Naughty boy,” she said in a reproving voice,” you’re not supposed to think about things like that when you’re at work.”

“How can I help it”, I teased her, ” all those women in short skirts showing themselves to me as they try on high heels make think of your gorgeous legs.”

“You better be thinking of my legs,” she laughed. My wife knew that sometimes I had to help customers try on a shoes and sometimes those customers, intentionally or not , let me get a good look up their skirts. She was OK with that because I would tell her about it when I came home, sometimes as a way of turning her on before we made love. “Do you want me to try these on for you?”

“That’s why I bought them!”

She got up off the couch and walked to the door and looked out into the hallway. She couldn’t see a light under Mickey’s door and we hadn’t heard her all evening, so she walked back into the den, turned off the TV, and began a very sexy strip-tease for me. I don’t mean she did a bump-and-grind, but she slowly and seductively pulled down her dark blue trousers and stepped out of them. Then she pulled her lavender sweater off over her head, shaking her thick brown curls as she did so and licking her lips in a most lascivious way.. Now she was standing a few feet away from me in just her white bikini panties and lacy bra— a bra which didn’t really do enough to cover her boobs. She sat down in the armchair next to the tv and spread her legs wide, giving me a view of her panty-covered cunt while she slowly pulled on the stockings, continuing to lick her lips. She began whispery commentary as she did so:

Oh yeah, these feel so silky, I be they feel even better when I get them on my legs, I’ll bet I look so fuckable when I pull them up and put my high heels back on,; those high heels will make me look so good, I know why they call them ‘fuck-me pumps’, because when I get my stockings and heels on that’s what I want, I want someone to fuck me,; to pump me, while they’re running their hands over my silky legs and squeezing my ass, making me all hot and wet, and making my nipples hard… oh, look, my nipples got hard while I was thinking about being fucked…”

And it was true. Through her lacy bra I could see that her nipples had gotten big—big like my thumb, and were poking through the material. My cock was hard too and poking at the material of my jeans.

“Oh look, there’s a nice hard cock—let’s go fuck it,” she said to herself as she shimmied towards me. She stood in front of me and turned around so I had a close up view of her rounded ass. “Mister– – hey mister—can you help me pull my pantries down before my pussy makes them all wet?” she cooed in a little girl voice. I slid my fingers inside her waistband and gently tugged her panties down to the floor where she daintily stepped out of them, kicking them to one side. She turned around and climbed onto my lap, pushing her big boobs into my face. “Mister, my nipples are aching when they press against my bra—can you help me take it off?” she said in a little girl voice again. I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and pulled it off her shoulders, releasing her 38 DD tits into my face. I started licking and sucking her gorgeous brick-red nipples while my hands caressed her lovely nylon-covered legs.

We kissed, playing tag with our tongues and I nibbled her throat and ears while I told her how much I wanted to fuck her while she played with her own nipples and she started to breathe like she had just run a race. All the time I continued to stroke her silky thighs and calves and feet.

Now I am not a foot fetishist, but I had discovered that a woman’s feet can be very sensitive and manipulated the right way can get her turned on and ready to come, so after a few minutes of foreplay I told Linda I wanted to fuck her feet while she fingered herself. We had done this before and she enjoyed it as much as I did— she loved working her pussy with her finger and she also enjoyed the sight of my cock sliding in between her nyloned feet until I spurted my cum over her. So she lay back on the couch, put her feet up on the arm at the end of it, and proceed to rub her own slit with her fingers. Then she did something that she knew always made me ready to come. She worked her fingers deep into her love hole, brought them out dripping with cunt juice and brought them to her own mouth where she proceed to lick her own pussy juice off her fingers. I had to consciously hold back when I saw this because there’s nothing sexier to me than to see a woman tasting her own pussy juice.

I went to the end of the couch where I slipped out of my jeans, took her light blue feet in my hands, and put my cock between them. I slid gently back and forth between them while I watched her insert two, then three fingers into her honey box and wiggle them back and forth “Oh mister,” she said in a voice thick with lust, “you’re a naughty man ‘cuz you’re gonna make me cum!” And sure enough a few seconds later she began a quiet groaning sound as she bucked her pussy against her fingers. When she started this it didn’t take any time at all for me to join her in a satisfying orgasm, enjoying the feel of her silk-covered feet as I spurted a load of cum onto her legs. A minute or two later I sat down on the floor and leaned my head back into her soaking snatch and rubbed my hair in it. I would comb my hair later, but I wouldn’t wash it. I would wear the smell of my wife’s cum to work tomorrow.

We went to bed happy and satisfied.

I woke up at about 7:30 as Linda was getting ready to go to work.. Lucky me, — I didn’t have to go in until 2 that afternoon, so I drowsily watched her put on her black panties and bra, then slide on some black pantyhose and then put on a long skirt and boots and a frilly white blouse. I was starting to get a hard-on thinking about how I’d fuck her when she got home, but I lay still and pretended to be asleep. She leaned over and kissed me lightly before going off to work.

I dozed off again, still half-dreaming of fucking her. A slight noise woke me up. I though I had just dozed off for a minute and that Linda had come back because she forgotten her keys or something. I opened one eye and the clock said almost 9. What had woken me up? I rolled over and was surprised—shocked even. Mickey was sitting in the chair in the corner—naked—and she was pulling on the light blue stockings with cum stains on the them that Linda had tossed on chair last night.

I watched, fascinated. Mickey pulled them on and stood up an moved toward the bed. As she moved closer I could see her boobs swinging a little and then she was beside the bed and I had an eyeful of her pussy—the trimmed bushy hair and the pink slightly loose lips. Then she was climbing on top of me.

Despite the weirdness of the situation—my mother-in-law was climbing naked into bed with me wearing my wife’s stockings with cum on them– I responded by getting a full hard on. As she threw her leg over me I guided her hole down on to my shaft and she sat on me with her hands lightly on my chest and my cock in her cunt up to the hilt. She still hadn’t said anything as she began to rock back and forth on my cock. I could feel the wetness and tightness of her vagina as it slid up and down on my hardening dick. Her boobs began to bounce as her rhythm increased and I reached up with on e hand and began massaging them, pinching her nipples lightly between my fingers. She let out a moan and rocked harder.

I let go of her tits and moved my hands to her thighs which were rhythmically riding me. I caressed them, feeling the same thing I had the night before when I had caressed Linda’s legs in those stockings. Despite my thoughts the day before, it was happening again— I was fucking my mother-in-law. And it felt amazing. It was like pushing my dick into a tube of moist and heated rose petals.

Mickey was rubbing her cunt up and down my shaft now as fast as she could and saying “I want to fuck you , I want to fuck you, yes, I’m fucking you, oh fuck, fuck…”

“Yeah, baby, fuck me good,; fuck your cunt on me, I want you to cum, yeah, fuck me…” I responded by telling her how much I wanted her to cum on me.

It didn’t take long. With a shuddering cry she stopped rocking, leaned forward, grabbed my shoulders, and rode out her orgasm on me. When she was done, she lay there on top of me, her face pressed into my shoulder, her heaving boobs pressed against my chest , her quivering cunt still enveloping my cock and her stockinged legs pressed tight against me.

“Now I want to come,” I said, and she nodded. I moved her around so her back was to me and lowered her dripping pussy down on to my shaft again so I could see it sliding slowly into her cunt. I put my hands on her calves and began stroking the silkiness while pumping into her pussy. After just a few strokes I exploded into her eager pussy which I could feel tightly gripping my cock with its velvety softness.

She got off of me, still silent, took off the stockings, put them back on the chair and left the room. I heard the door to her room close. I was having lunch before gong to work when she came into the kitchen, dressed modestly in a housedress and flip-flops. “This is going to be difficult,” she said.

“What is?” I asked. I knew what she was gong to say, but I wanted her to say it.

“You and me—I mean, I can’t give you up now—I can’t stop making love to you.”

It touched me how she said, “making love” instead of “fucking”, but I knew how she felt.

“We can’t do it, Mickey.”

“I have to,” she said emphatically. I haven’t made love since my husband died and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. I’ve got to have it. I’ve got to have you.”

“A woman like you could easily find someone else—you’re still good-looking and a wonderful lover.”

“I don’t want to,” she said. I need someone I know and trust and I don’t want to go through the whole dating thing and have to get rid a bunch of creeps before a I find a man worth keeping. I’ve already got you. We can do it when Linda’s not here. We’ll be careful—I promise.”

I was tempted, but I knew it couldn’t work. “Mickey, it won’t work, ” I said, “I’ll be exhausted. Linda and I do it almost every night.”

“I know,” she said, with a little smile,” I can hear you and—and once in a while I watch.”

I thought that was a little weird too, but weird in a pleasant sort of way that made my cock stir. The longer it sat in my mind the more I liked the idea of my mother-in-law watching me fuck her daughter.

“If you don’t agree I’ll just have to work all the harder to seduce you like I did this morning. You didn’t object when I climbed on top of you wearing those stockings did you?”

“No,” I admitted.

“And if stood in front of you right now and pulled up my dress and begged you to eat my pussy, you wouldn’t refuse , would you?”

She had me. I knew that living in the same house with her, being home at the same time as her with no one else around, having fucked her twice already—that I could possibly by superhuman effort resist. But, I if she was going to try to seduce me, well, I was a goner. I’m just glad that I didn’t feel too much guilt. I figured as long as I kept my wife satisfied… Maybe — and here I went into my fantasy world—maybe one day I could get them both into bed at the same time. God, wouldn’t that be unbelievably sexy—seeing Linda eat her mother’s cunt while I fucked her from behind… I snapped back to reality. “OK, but please don’t ask me to eat your pussy right now—I’m already exhausted and I’ve got to go to work.”

“Oh no,” Mickey said, lightly, “I wouldn’t dream of doing that.” I’m going to wait until tomorrow.”


Linda and I got divorced within six months. It had nothing to do with sex—she never found out that I was fucking her mother though she did remark several times that I was a lot more tired than I had been. I blamed it on work. No, we just drifted apart, even though the sex was great. She got an offer form a radio station in a bigger city and felt she had to take it. I had just been accepted to a master’s program at the university and I felt I had to accept that, so without rancor, though with good deal of regret, we went our separate ways.

I continued to live with Mickey as a “boarder”, which Linda found strange and she became suspicious of us but was never able to prove anything. Mickey, without Linda around became insatiable, making up for those 9 years she lost, fucking me almost everyday, sometimes twice.

I don’t know if such things can be inherited or whether Mickey had passed it on to her daughter or not, but she loved to wear stockings and pantyhose too and we soon built up a collection for her of every conceivable kind—thigh highs in a variety of colors, fishnets in several different sizes of mesh and colors, pantyhose in all shades of the rainbow—purple, olive green, even orange. At a yard sale given by an old lady I found a dozen pairs of the old-fashioned silk stockings with seams up the back and I had to go and buy some garter belts so Mickey could wear them for me. It was a great time, coming home everyday from the campus or from work and being surprised by a woman with an open pussy and silky legs ready to make me cum and to cum for me. They were the best days of my life.

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