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The Experience

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Part 1 – Wakeup call

The blonde in the chair frantically blinking at me is the client. We’ll call her Wife or Wifey. She’s blinking because, like most clients on their first experience, she’s panicking early. The blink is her safe “word”.

It may be something to do with the tight latex outfit I’m wearing, the one that makes my tits look enormous. Or perhaps its the large strapon protruding from my crotch.

She’d probably be yelling “Dart!” if it weren’t for the ball-gag crushed between her heavily lipsticked lips and tied behind her head. Her brown eyes are wide open, pleading with me, the mascara beginning to run. Beads of sweat are appearing around the hairline of her expensive looking bob cut and dye job. Her perfume, like everything else about her, is expensive and to be honest, its kinda beginning to piss me off.

You’re wondering why I don’t release her, isn’t that against the rules? Well, it kinda is, but a few years of experience has taught me that this happens more often than not. And the first few times I caved in and released the client early, I either got stiffed on payment or had to reset the whole scenario so they could have a do-over..and this time they promised they wouldn’t freak out. Don’t worry, if things really go south, I’ll let her go as promised.

A little more information. She’s currently tied to a straight back chair. Hands behind her back secured with her silk scarf, legs splayed open, tied with rope around the ankle to the chair legs. Her very conservative designer cream colored blouse is hanging open revealing a very unexpected and very sexy black corset. A discrete string of pearls hangs down almost to her cleavage. Her tight black knee length skirt is split up and the side and hiked up around her waist. Looking up from her highheels, black thigh highs give way to a brief glimpse of tanned athletic thighs before more black lingerie covers her neatly trimmed pussy.

I know its neatly trimmed because I got a damn good look at it during the set up meeting for this experience.

For such a well-to-do lady, she certainly knew how to cuss up a storm as I fingered and tongue-lashed her cunt in the bathroom of a very nice hotel. Not the one we’re in now, but equally nice. I like to get to know my clients a little before the job.

A moan behind me causes her to cease blinking and shift her gaze behind my shoulder.

Her husband is coming round. I’m not concerned, he’s going to be groggy for a while. And besides, he’s strapped face down over the back of an armchair. He’s naked, apart from a full face mask that covers his head, and a gag, identical to is wifes ensuring he doesnt make too much noise. Especially later.

Strangely, his pert little buttocks are flexing rhythmically, I trace a latex clad finger over them, giggle softly and look back at the wife. She’s confused but as my finger slides down the crack of his ass and twists the exposed end of the buttplug I inserted earlier, a very decadent and knowing look flashes in her eyes.

The blinking stops and I would swear a little wet spot of anticipation just flowered in the crotch of those lovely lacey panties.

Part 2 – The setup

We met online, which is where I do all my business these days. The Vegas brothel I learned my trade in is a distant memory. I’m very particular about my clients nowadays.

The DeWitts for example are a very nice couple, well on the outside at least. Both are quite attractive, fit and healthy. Makes a change from my days with overweight balding men with B.O. and halitosis.

As with most of these couples,they hit mid thirties, their sex life had declined and they wanted to spice it up a little. The husband had wanted the usual three way or a shot at her asshole, not very inventive but at least had some basic ideas. Wifey though, had a much, much darker set of ideas in mind and she set about finding a way to fulfill them. In part it was because, one drunken night, she’d reluctantly allowed her husband to penetrate her virgin ass. And she really hadn’t liked it. But despite her pleas to stop, he had carried on fucking her, hard, until he shot his load in her tight little ass. Then, having watched a few too many pornos, he expected a little ass to mouth action to finish things off. And he didn’t take no for answer there either.

Afterwards he apologized, the wife accepted and admitted that maybe she had liked it all just a little bit. But that darker side of her, well she wanted a little payback, and thats how she found me.

We met through an online service. A few introductory emails, an intimate IM session and then a very memorable phone call where she laid out for me exactly what she wanted. I could hear the drone of a vibrator as she breathlessly finished describing her fantasy. I have to admit, after arranging the meet and hanging up, I spent a good hour thinking about her ideas and fingering myself to a monumental climax.

Prior to “the experience” I met her in a hotel lounge. We discussed terms and talked a little, but small talk is tough when theres hard kinky sex on the table. I accepted part payment in cash and we agreed the remainder of the payment would be in her purse on the big night. As we stood to leave she leant towards me as if to hug me goodbye. Instead, out of sight of anyone nearby, she gripped my earring and hissed in my ear “Follow me to the bathroom.” The look in her eyes told me she was horny and not about to take no for an answer.

Part 3 – Good kitty, bad kitty

I can play the switch as well as anyone. I adopted a submissive demeanor and followed her to an out of the way bathroom on the lower floor of the hotel.

Once there, she dragged me into a cubicle and thrust a $100 down my blouse, not sure why, I guess she had some other hooker fantasy going on. “I’ve never been with a woman,” she whispered coyly before leaning in to kiss me full on the lips, her eager tongue pushing into my mouth. Her arms wrapped around me, a hand slid down and gripped my ass, pulling me into her even tighter. I responded by kissing her back just as hard and held her tightly, my hand cupped her pussy through her tight jeans, pressing in on where I figured her clit was.

Out of breath, we parted and she frantically pulled up her shirt and unloaded her tits from a frontfastning bra. Her dark nipples stood up hard from the tanned skin around them. “Suck them, bitch,” she hissed. Pinching one nipple between a finger and thumb, I took as much of the other tit in my mouth as I could manage and sucked. My other hand gripped her ass as she dug her fingers into my long black hair. She pulled my face away and moved it forcibly to the other tit. “The nipples, suck them, lick them, bite them, tease them,” she ordered. I did so, and for a solid 5 minutes as I alternated between those beautiful breasts, she was lost in the new sensations I was giving her.

The main door opened and we froze. She hurriedly sat down on the toilet and pulled me into her lap. I curled my legs up behind me so only one pair of feet would show. As someone clumped noisily into the cube

next to us and began to urinate, we quietly and gently kissed again. I was able to gently stroke one exposed breast and tweak the nipple making her bite her lip to stop from crying out. Our anonymous

neighbor soon finished and left. We stood up, facing each other in the narrow confines of the cubicle. Her hands went to her waist and unbuttoned her jeans. She slid them down and settled back on the toilet. No panties. Her wonderfully trimmed little blond pussy was exposed to me.

She wasted no time spreading it wide with both hands, it was dripping. “Now lick my fucking cunt like a good little whore.”

“Yes madam,” I whispered hoarsely as I dropped to my knees between her legs. I caught a whiff of perfume mixed with pussy juice, it was so intoxicating I almost came right there.

“Now!” she moaned. Her hand in my hair pulling my eager mouth to that hot wet gash between her legs. I went to town. My tongue lashed frantically all over her crotch, I stuck it deep between those lips, and danced it teasingly over her clit as I slid three fingers into her pussy. I began to pump them hard, in and out of her sloppy hole as I sucked on her clit.

It took another few minutes of my expert tongue and finger work, egged on by her foul mouth insulting and berating me before she finally climaxed. She was a gusher too, a shower of sweet pussy juice erupted all over my face as her body went rigid. She had to muffle her face in her arm to stop the whole fucking hotel hearing her orgasm. I sat back and gazed at this gorgeous semi naked woman in front of me. After a little while, lying back with her eyes closed, lightly touching her own nipples and pussy, she giggled almost uncontrollably then snapped back to reality. “What the fuck are you looking at you little dyke?”

Sub-time was over, I stood, gripped her face in my right hand and jammed a couple of fingers up her cunt again. I informed her : “That was the only time you get to talk to me like that, ever again! Understand?” I shoved my pussy flavored fingers into her mouth making her gag.

Defiance flickered behind her eyes and then died in the face of my unyielding hard stare. I pulled my fingers out, wiped them in her hair.

“Yes, of course,” she said, lowering her gaze.

“Next Saturday, as we agreed,” I said as I cleaned off my face and prepared to leave.

“Yes,and…and… you… you wont tell anyone about this will you?” she stammered.

“Why, you scared of what the sewing circle would say about you getting a cuntlapping in a public bathroom?” I mocked.

“Um, yes…I’m.. I’m not ..that way, you understand?”

“But you liked it didn’t you?” I said cooed soothingly “Don’t shy away from things you enjoy.” She nodded slowly and looked confused, maybe even ashamed. I winked knowingly and left her there.

Part 4 – What happens in Vegas

And so, earlier tonight I put the plan into action; with a couple of twists of my own.

The hotel we’re in right now, is a casino hotel, in Vegas. From an earlier life, I know the right people and for tonight at least, I was employed briefly as a cocktail waitress. With my long legs and ample tits, I look damn good in those little outfits they wear.

Wifey and convinced her darling loving, ass-fucking husband that they should take trip out here. In fact she’d arranged it all ahead of even meeting me.

And, for the better part of the evening, as they gambled away, I served them drinks and flirted shamelessly with the husband. Wifey played the part so well, glaring at me the whole time.

As the evening got wore on they retired to one of the bars and waddya know I ended my “shift” right around then and decided to have a couple drinks in the same bar. We got to talking and Hubby is quite the charmer actually. Wifey appeared to loosen up some and began complimenting me on my tits, my legs …my hair, you name it. When the moment was right I said “so, you guys both wanna fuck me?”. Hubby spat his drink back in his glass. Wifey, looked at me cooly and said “Why the fuck not, its my husbands number one fantasy and hey..what happens in vegas…”

“Do we pay you now?” he blurted out, barely able to contain his excitement. I flashed him a nice smile, “No, I just fuck for fun, seriously,” I said, ” you guys are hot, we’re all horny…lets fuck!”

“Well, lets go!” I thought he was going to knock the table over with his boner, poor guy.

In the elevator I massaged his cock through his pants as his wife once again shoved her all too eager tongue into my mouth. I let her, for now, it was part of the plan after all.

Once in their room I demanded champagne and strawberries from room service. As we waited, I toyed with them some more, lap dances for both, with some private dirty talk whispered in their respective ears.

“Well, uh.. what do you wanna do?” hubby blathered. “We wait just a little more, its not a party without champagne!” I said coyly, silently urging the fucking room service guy to get here NOW!

Straddling him, and beginning to gyrate again, I asked “Why don’t you tell me a little about what YOU would like?” leaning over him to give him the full benefit of my cleavage. Wifey was looking furtive and nervous over by the drinks cabinet, if things didn’t move on soon, she would probably blow the whole thing. I’d seen it before, first timers always panic early.

A knock on the door announced the arrival of the next phase. And this was where things were going to deviate from the agreed plan.

I excused myself to the bathroom as hubby went to the door to receive the champagne and strawberries. Whilst the toilet flushed noisily I applied a couple spots of a lemon flavored gel on each nipple and tucked a small pill into the waistband of my panties. After checking deep within the undersink cabinet for the rest of my gear that I had stashed earlier, I was ready.

I heard the room door close and the familiar jingling trundle of a room service trolley, followed by the pop of a cork.

Part 5- Deviance

Emerging from the bathroom, I accepted a large glass, downed it and then exposed my tits. “Lets get started!” I laughed, pushing hubby down into the armchair he would soon be secured to.

I straddled him and without a word of invitation, he took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked, “Oh yeah, man, oh yeah!” he garbled before devouring my other tit. Thats right I thought, get a good dose. Within a minute he was out cold, knockout drops on the nipples, works every time.

“Can we do it now?” the wife asked, a deep somewhat sadistic note in her voice.

“Not quite, I need to prepare him.”

Crossing to the trolley, I poured a good measure of champagne on top of that small pill I had just discretely popped into the glass.

“Have a drink while I get ready.”

Handing that glass to her was where my plan forked from hers.

Returning to the bathroom, I grabbed my gear from the cabinet. “I feel funny…” she said shortly before passing out on the floor. I checked she wasn’t in a weird position or anything and then left her there as

I changed into my outfit.

She had figured she’d get to take an active part in the next phase. But, again, experience has taught me, one must retain physical control of all the other players in these situations until you’re sure you have mental control of them. Particularly the first timers. And I must admit, she made me a little nervous.

I’m mainly a latex girl, preferably black, but I do have a couple other colors for discerning clients. I buy my gear custom made, from a place in Amsterdam. It’s pricey, but you have to pay for this kind of quality. And with what I charge for these “experiences” I can afford it.

The only non latex thing I wear, is a thick leather collar with a solid silver O-ring around my neck. I pull my long black hair back in a ponytail, secured with a thin strip of latex. Sometimes I have to make time to apply suitable make-up, but the cocktail waitress cover allowed me to get that out of the way earlier. I do however have to reapply lipstick after that bitch decided to slobber all over me again. Its a deep shade of red with a little gloss. I have the kind of lips you just want to see around the end of a cock, and I love leaving a smear of lipstick somewhere private as a reminder. Not tonight though.

My corset is of course latex. I pull it tight and my tits are pushed up high showing a stunning cleavage if I do say so myself. I wear short shorts, again, made of latex, with a front to back zipper on the crotch allowing easy access when I want it. A small socket sits right over my pelvic bone. It accepts a variety of toys, some of which are lying in the bottom of my bag.

Latex thigh high boots with outrageously high heels cover my legs. I hook some suspenders from the top of them to my corset.

I spritz a little perfume over myself then pull on my elbow length gloves.

And thats how I work. A tall, well built, no nonsense girl clad in latex and not about to take any shit from anyone.

Well…excuse the pun, but I’m about to do just that.

Anal can be a mucky business, and I really don’t like muck. So, first things first, I drag Mr Sleeping Beauty to the bathroom. I strip him and administer some medication before leaving him propped up on the toilet. I look him over, he’s pretty cute and obviously works out. Very much the kinda guy I’d go for in different circumstances. (You’re wondering how I move a big guy while wearing high heels? Strong legs,practice and sheer willpower.) I flick on the extractor fan and close the bathroom door as I exit.

After arranging the furniture to my liking, I return to Mrs Sleeping Beauty, lifting her gently into that straight-backed chair. Her head lolls to one side exposing a shapely neck and ear, that I just want to lick and bite.

She’s still out. I watch her for a minute or so, she’s really quite pretty. I slide a gloved finger into her wet mouth, thrust it in and out a few times, savouring how slutty she looks like that. I quickly attach the ball gag and pull the silk scarf from around her neck. I move behind her and pull both arms to me so I can secure them. I can’t resist, my hands reach forward and grasp her tits from behind as I nuzzle her ear, inhaling her heady perfume. I work quickly, unbuttoning her blouse, careful not to rip it. (no mean feat in these gloves). Another squeeze of those gorgous breasts, this time just through her bra. I want to scoop them out and suckle on them, but theres no time. Moving back around in front of her I hike her skirt up and secure her ankles to the chair legs. I can smell her sweet wetness as I work.

I stand back and slip a hand inside my shorts, lightly working my clit as I stare at this beautiful woman in front me. For this instant, she’s mine, whether she likes it or not.

So distracted by the situation, I almost forgot the important thing. Scanning around the room, I locate her purse and sure enough inside is a thick envelope. I pop it open, flick through the wad of cash and throw it in my bag.

Ghastly noises from the bathroom announce that hubby is ready. Holding my breath I enter the bathroom, flush the toilet and move him carefully to the bidet. I turn it on and let it run a while.

Turning off the bidet,I pull him up and check we’re good to go before moving him back into the room. I lay him face down over the back of the arm chair, his now very clean butt up in the air facing his sleeping wife. Securing him is a little more tricky. I use ankle cuffs and a length of custom made pipe to keep his legs apart. Standard issue police cuffs secure his hands in front of him and a length of steel cable between them, under the chair and then around the pipe, ensures he’s not going anywhere.

I pick a decent sized butt plug for him, lube it up good and ease it in. Some people wouldn’t do him this courtesy, they’d just ream the fucker and listen to him cry in shock and pain. Not me, well not tonight at least. I don’t want him distracted by mere pain. I want him to know he’s getting fucked, I want him to feel that, to know that, and nothing else.

The final touch is to ease a leather hood over his head. It has eyeholes, with covers which I opt to close for now. As an afterthought, I decide to ballgag him too, his and hers matching set, ain’t it romantic!

I reach into the deepest recesses of my bag, my fingers drift over familiar friends before settling on my weapon of choice for the evening. 10 inches of jet black latex cock.

Doing the set up work with one attached is a nightmare, it just gets in the way. But now everything is set, I snap the cock into place. It rears up from between my legs, then bends down slightly under its own weight. I grasp it at the base, run my gloved hand along its length. It feels fantastic. I catch myself in the full length mirror, I stare at my latex clad body with my huge plastic cock and I’m almost overcome with lust. I reign it in. My time will come, very soon.

Smelling salts under the bitches nose snap her out of dreamy time. A moment of confusion gives way to realization and then frightened anger. She thrashes in her chair. This is when you find out if the bonds are going to hold, I have a taser close by in case they don’t (some women are unbelievably strong in these situations) Finally, she subsides and thats when then blinking began.

Part 6 – The Experience

So here we are. Wifey wide awake and unsure if she’s really turned on, really mad, really scared, or a little of each. I whisper to her “Don’t worry, this is just a little security for us both, he’s going to be kinda mad at first. Let him be mad at me, not you. Not yet anyway.”

Hubby is just coming around with no idea he’s about to get a little payback, courtesy of his wife.

I hold the salts under the nose-hole of the mask, he jerks awake.

Muffled outrage emanates from him as he struggles against his bonds. Looking directly into the wifes eyes, I tweak the buttplug. He goes nuts, I wonder for a second if he’s going to shake the chair apart and my hand reaches to the taser.

“STOP IT.” I command, and he does, my hand drifts away from the taser.

“MMFFF?” he asks.

“Do as you’re told and this will all be over reasonably quickly.”

I stalk around in front of him, slipping confidently into character, I begin to explain things to him. My voice full of venom, disdain and disgust.

“I’m what you might call, an agony aunt. You’ll understand the pun there in a moment.”

“I receive letters, emails etc from ladies who’ve had trouble in their lives. In most cases, I can help them with a few well chosen words of advice.”


“In other cases, more direct action is required, which is what has brought this happy little party together tonight.”

“Your lovely wife, and I do mean lovely, she’s quite divine really… your lovely wife wrote me a very sad letter. In it she shared her sadness at her failing marriage, and the hope that better sex might bring you both closer. She went on to recount an incident where you violated her…..anally.”

I smacked the side of his head, hard.

“You violated her ass, even when she begged you to stop.”

I smacked him again, on the other side this time.

“And then, you took your shit and cum covered cock, and you forced it into her mouth, like she was some common whore or porn star.”

“So tonight, my dear, you’re about to find out exactly how that feels.”


And the thrashing began again.

I returned to the wife and whispered in her ear. “I’m going to untie your legs, do NOT fight with me, we’re back on the plan now, just as you wanted. But I warn you, I’m in charge and you do as you’re told, for your own sake.”

She nodded acceptingly. I knelt and slid my hands down her inner things, over those sheer stockings, to her ankles and untied them. I stood her up, leaving her hands tied behind her and led her around in front of hubby. I popped off his eye covers and let him see his wife. I moved behind her, holding her skirt up and rubbed her pussy slowly , sure enough a damp patch was spreading across her crotch. Horny little bitch. Despite his predicament, hubby’s eyes were wide and lustful.

I yanked down his wifes panties, made her step out of them and then bent her over. Their gagged faces were almost touching. She gasped as the cold tip of the strapon brushed against her cunt lips. She was so wet it slid in to the hilt effortlessly. She moaned deeply through her gag. With her bent over, my high heels gave me wonderful leverage to pound her pussy hard. I grabbed her hips and fucked her like a ragdoll. All the while, they stared into each others eyes. Within minutes, I could tell she was nearing climax and I pulled out,leaving her deflated and desperate for more. She looked at me over her shoulder, pleading “FUCK ME! FUCK ME MORE!” thru her gag.

“You’re next,” I said menacingly to hubby. His eyes widened further.

Leaving the wife to pant and sulk slouched facedown on the armchair, I moved around behind hubby.

I reached between his legs and gripped his rock hard cock as it lay trapped between his belly and the chair.

“URGGH!” he squirmed.

I cupped his balls and squeezed lightly, more noise.

With a short sharp tug, the plug popped out of his ass. He whimpered a little, probably unsure if that was supposed to feel nice or not.

Wifey was alert again, this was what she’d paid the big bucks for and she was going to stare right into hubbys eyes as he endured it.

I begin with a little finger action. Latex is so good for this, its partly why I favor it as my attire. A small dab of lube on the end of my index finger and we’re ready.

“This may be a little uncomfortable,” I hiss in his ear before easing that finger just inside his tight little ring.

With a sudden push, my finger is all the way in and he’s gasping for breath, trying to stand on his toes to get away. I dig deeper, curling my finger a little, twisting it around some.

Wifey’s eyes are mean looking right now. Mine are too probably.

I begin finger fucking his asshole. He protests through his gag, his wife gives him a look of mock concern. I whisper “Fuckin hurts, don’t it?”

Two fingers in him now and I’m really ramming them in there with short sharp jabs. He’s nowhere near cumming yet, so I have plenty time to play with him.

I walk back around and stand to one side of the chair the huge black cock, covered in wifeys juices protrudes between their gagged faces. She looks at it wantonly, he looks at it in fear …but with a hint of interest.

She leans towards towards it,brushes her gag against the tip. I give her a warning glance before releasing the gag. Without any hesitation, she devours the first 6 inches of the cock. She sucks on it, tasting her own pussy juice. Opening her eyes, she looks up at me and slowly, somehow manages to deep throat the whole fucking thing. She coughs and breathes deeply as withdraws it again and then begins to lap at it. Up and down its shaft, licking at the tip, taking it in her mouth again. Sucking it like the real thing, and doing a pretty damn good job too.

“Good girl,” I say as I stand her up and untie her wrists. She stands back looking uncertain about what to do next.

I point at the tube of lube on the table nearby. I’m stood side on to hubby, as she dumps a good glob of goo on the end of that huge black cock before using both hands, to slowly work it all over the shaft, staring pointedly into her husbands eyes as she does so.

Holding her hand, I pull her around to the business end of her husband.

Unexpectedly,she spanks him, hard. He jerks and moans, she looks at me for approval and I nod. She spanks him again. And again. And I can see a rage building up in her which I need to contain before it gets out of hand.

I allow her a few more blows before curtly stopping her with “Enough!” She stops, hand in mid-spank. His butt cheeks are glowing red and I think he may be sobbing.

“Take off his gag,” I instruct her.

“I’M SORRY!” he whines.

“Sorry for what?” she asks, very quietly. “Sorry for know!” he cries

“Say it to her properly,” I command flatly.

“Sorry for fuckin you in the ass and making you ..” he sobs, ” making you do ass to mouth. I’m SORRY!”

Right about then is when 10 inches of fake cock got inserted into his anus in one smooth, practiced stroke.

“OH GOD!” he moans.

“FUCK HIM, FUCK THAT BITCH!” his wife yells. She rips the hood off him and plants herself in front of him on the chair, in the most bizarre position you can imagine. Her thighs locked around his neck, her hands behind her on the floor, and her sopping wet cunt right in his face. He had no choice, and he knew it. He licked for all he was worth. She cussed like a sailor the whole time, called him every name under the sun. Now and again she’d lift up one hand to grab the back of his head and really grind is face into her cunt.

I didn’t like him being distracted, but its what the wife wanted. For my part, I fucked him harder than I normally would. As is often the case, he seemed to quite like it and we settled into a good rhythm. I switched between long hard full strokes and short jabbing motions with the tip. Always conscious of having him cum too early, I varied the speed and intensity, keeping him close to the point of no return, but never quite letting him over it.

I thought the wife was having a fit when she finally came, clamping her thighs tightly around his head and shaking violently, her head flung back, breathing like she’d just run a marathon, obscenities roaring from her so loudly the people next door actually banged on the wall.

Finally she slid down onto the floor and lay there panting.

Part 7 -Aftermath

“Good boy,” I chided, before giving him a few final hard strokes.

“I’m going to partly untie you, but we’re not quite done, do you understand?”


“Good! We may have a star pupil here for you after all,” I said mockingly to wifey.

After showing him the taser and waggling a “no-no-no” finger at him, I unclipped the length of cable between his cuffs and leg restraints, allowing him to stand.

Jesus fuckin Christ, his cock was huge, almost as big as my strapon. And after what he’d just endured, it was rock hard, bright red with a deep purple bulging end. Pre-cum oozed from the tip as it throbbed in time with his heartbeat.

I swabbed a little onto my gloved finger.

“Open,” I commanded sweetly.

Dragging his gaze away from my own jutting cock, he immediately opened his mouth and I slipped a finger in there, which he dutifully sucked clean.

With my boots on I was just a little taller than him, I looked down into his eyes and gripped his cock between both my gloved hands. He looked at me pleadingly. Poor guy was about to burst, and yet here he was, completely submissive, asking permission to cum.

“Lube,” I commanded, holding my open palms out, and wifey obeyed, smearing my gloved hands with it.

I worked his cock and balls with both my hands, staring into his eyes all the while with a look of disdain on my face. I murmured doubts about his sexuality, about how much he liked being assfucked. He didn’t last long. I cupped my hands as he groaned and spurted his load into them. Quite a decent amount too; all the better.


He did so, face to face again with the black cock. “You too.” I said over my shoulder to wifey.

She obeyed too. I had both of them face to face with the cock I had just fucked them both with.

Carefully juggling the load in my hands, so as not to lose any, I used one handful to cover the cock.

“Ass to mouth, motherfucker.”

Without a word of protest he took the cock in his mouth. The cock that had just been in his wifes cunt, the cock that had just come out of his ass, the cock that now dripped with his own cum. He began to suck it clean, following his wifes earlier example he cleaned it good.

The other handful, I offered to his wife. It was a pretty good wad and she held it in her mouth like an oyster while hubby sucked my fake cock.

“Share,” I said as I withdrew the cock from his mouth, wiping both my cum covered hands all over his face.

Wifey moved to him and tilted his head backwards, the wad of cum oozed over her bottom lip, hung for a second before plopping and into his mouth. He held it there while she licked the rest off his face and my gloves.

Finally she spat the rest into his mouth, kissed him deeply and then held his mouth closed; he swallowed it all.

After uncuffing hubby, I changed into street clothes and packed my gear up as they sat awkwardly on the floor,holding each other. She gave me a knowing smile over his shoulder. I winked back at her.

He was hers now, which is what she had wanted all along. Why else had she been trawling BDSM sites? It wasn’t really about payback for the assfucking, it was about getting him to submit to her, now and forever.

Without a word, I left the room and headed downtown to my own hotel.

I walked into my room, everything was set, my partners welcomed me as usual.

After all that activity I still hadn’t gotten off, it would be another 2 hours before I did.

And that’s a story for another time.

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