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Cheerleaders’ Slumber Party

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When my older sister Kate turned 19, she joined the college cheerleading team. She was so hot, strutting her stuff, her big, firm, knockers always pushing at the fabric of her tight top. Her miniskirt was so high on her well-toned thighs that you could nearly see the bottom of her pink cuntlips. She was not the only cheerleader who wasn’t wearing panties during football practice.

Her four best friends, all between eighteen and nineteen years-old and bodacious babes, always followed her lead when it came to prickteasing the boys at school.

Suzie, a short brunette with enormous boobs, liked to come to school wearing a cropped baby T-shirt that was much too small to contain her awesome rack. Her denim cutoff jeans didn’t conceal much of her tanned buttcheeks and muscular legs. All the boys were delirious with lust when she walked down the hall, her heart-shaped ass exposed for all to see. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend, having humiliated him in front of all his mates by announcing that he was much too small where it counted. Since then, she had been openly flirting with me, never missing an occasion to rub her gigantic tits against my arms or to stand so close to me that her buttcheeks were pressing against my soft manmeat which dangled down my trousers half-way to my knees. Often, her best friend Lisa, a blond stunner with a baby face and angelic emerald-green eyes would join in her prickteasing by pretending to have dropped something and bending down in front of me, deliberately displaying her pussy as her skirt rose high on her luscious buttcheeks.

I was used to all this prickteasing, since my mother and sister also wore outrageous garments at home in order to stiffen my tireless prick into another round of wild incestual sex. But I was getting more and more aroused by the slutiness of my sister’s friends since they never went the full nine yards. Every lunchtime, I would have to pay a visit to Mrs Harrison to relieve my aching cock. Her expert blowjobs always emptied my over-bloated balls during our «private tuition » sessions.

One day, I questioned my sister about Suzie and Lisa.

« What’s the matter, Timmy ? You can’t handle a bit of teasing ? », she asked while her hands ran along my engorging manmeat.

« Well, I just prefer it when you and mom do it, cos at least I get to fuck you after that. ». My stiffening rod was starting to feel unconfortable in my baggy jeans. Kate’s fondling of my equipment had now turned my soft eleven-inch long cock into a rigid fifteen-inch, cunt-splitting monster begging for release.

« I think you should learn to resist temptation, little brother. », she said seriously. She withdrew the hands that had been caressing my massive crotch and walked away, leaving me starving for the feel of the warm inside of her soft vagina.

For several days, Kate was distant and refused my sexual advances. My mother had left for the week to visit some relatives and Kate spent all her evenings at her friend Suzie’s place. I was getting increasingly sexually frustrated since Mrs Harrison was only available for lunchtime quickies. Also, she was away on Fridays, attending special classes at another school.

Friday evening was like torture to me. We had a football match on the next day, and I spent five hours in the gym, preparing myself for the physical challenge ahead. I was determined not to let Kate’s recent rebuttals affect my play. For the first time in many months that night, I slept without having emptied my gonads. They felt particularly bloated the next morning, having fully replenished their contents to the boiling point.

Despite my age, I play in the senior football team at our college. Coach Grace had immediately spotted my potential during practice. At eighteen, I was as tall as any other player and my muscular mass surpassed them all. At first, I had been teased by my teammates who considered me too young and immature to join the best senior team in the county. But after a particularly ruthless first training session with them, during which I scored the most touch-downs, they became more friendly. And later, when we showered and I purposefully flaunted my enornous genitals, their respect turned to awe and admiration. A few of them popped a boner upon laying their eyes on my massive piece of dangling meat. They were embarassed and quickly turned round, as it was clear that my semi-erect giant snake was over twice as long and thick than their small 5 or 6 inchers.

Before the match, we always gather in the locker room with coach Grace to get his orders for the match. He’s a nice guy, around 50 and obviously a true passionate fan of the game. As we wear dressing up, I heard him expose his strategy. I was about to apply my extra-large jockstrap when, all of a sudden, the door burst open and Kate and her four cheerleading friends waltzed in, wearing the tightiest pairs of white spandex shorts that definitely revealed an absence of panties. Their white top were equally tight-fitting, exposing to the gathered assembly of horny males the luscious curves of their endowed teenaged breasts. They started their dance and singing routine, deliberately rubbing their hands over the muscled arms of the football players. But they spent most time feeling my immense bulging biceps, cooing with delight as they felt the hardness of my mountains of muscle. More to the point, they each, in turn, encircled the obvious girth of my stretched penis through my tight pants. Coach Grace then ordered my sister and her friends to leave after thanking them for the support they expressed for the team. We were all dumbfounded as they left, swaying their hips provocativally and showing their toned legs to best effect.

I somehow managed to concentrate on the game and we ended up winning easily. Kate and the other cheerleaders had been encouraging us throughout the match by their constant cheering and by flashing their tits to our disoriented opponents. They disappeared shortly after the end-whistle.

Later that evening, I did some weightlifting in our basement gym, and tried to forget the teasing images of my sister and her friends. I had been semi-erect since the game started and throughout te afternoon. My balls were hugely swollen by then, full of thick cream that weighted my giant eggs even further than usual. After half-an-hour of training, I heard the front door of the house open. Finally ! My sister was back and would hopefully relieve my aching cock. Then I heard some voices, several of them actually, followed by small giggles. What was Kate up to ?

Suddenly, the basement door opened and some long, tanned legs appeared at the top of the staircase. But I didn’t recognized them as Kate’s. They turned out to be Lisa’s ! Actually, all four of my sister’s friends were there, dressed up in the same outrageous outfit they had been wearing during their cheerleading routines that afternoon.

« Hi there, Timmy. », said my sister with a wicked smile. All five hotties were standing under the bright neon light, their cute faces grinning at me. Suzie licked her lips sexily as she looked at me and blinked several times. Next to her, Danielle, a eighteen year-old sexbomb who had arrived earlier in the fall from Australia, turned round to let me admire her incredibly tight ass. Her spandex shorts were pulled so high that half of her perky buttcheeks was exposed. The youngest of the five, Karlee, a drop-dead gorgeous green-eyed blond beauty with five tiny freckles on her pointy nose, was rubbing the front of her shorts and licking one finger ostentatiously. Lisa was caressing her massive rack from underneath her thin garment, obviously squeezing her nipples and moaning with lust.

« What…, what’s up ? », I asked incredulously.

« Your giant cock, by the looks of it ! », answered Kate with a laugh. I looked down and realized that, indeed, my previously half-hard schlong had turned into a solid, four-pound mass of manmeat. My balls had been lifted by the stretched fabric and now layed on either side of the clear root of my manhood. Fifteen inches upwards along the huge trunk-like shaft, my cockhead was tenting obsceleny, in an attempt to poke a hole through the squeezing spandex.

« I think little brother needs to be taught some manners ! », Kate said menacingly. The five young, nubile babes approached slowly and, as I was about to stand up, pushed me back on the bench of the weight-lifting machine.

« Not so fast, Timmy. You’ve got to deserve us. », said Suzie as she clamped her knee on one of my straining biceps.

« You haven’t finished your workout yet ! », beamed little Karlee as her eyes devoured my sculptural body. I decided to comply with her request and started bench-pressing 150-pound weights. While I was doing rep after rep, the girls gathered round and kneeled to caress the distended muscles of my glistening body. Karlee was most interested in the thick slabs of my bulging pecs, running her pointy nails along the length of the rock-hard muscles, feeling their power surge as I continued to easily lift the weights and hold them up for several seconds. I could feel Danielle’s fingers gently rolling over the outlined length of my engorged manhood while Suzie had positioned herself between my legs and was licking the inner sides of my sinewy thighs. It didn’t take long for her to start fondling my bloated balls through my outstretched gym shorts. I nearly dropped my barbell when I felt the palms of her hands attempt to encircle the too-massive size of my seedmakeers. Kate, my sister, was meanwhile showing Danielle and Lisa how my biceps bulged when I flexed my arms to lower the weights. Danielle felt the hard mass of my arm muscles and cooed with delight at touching such huge biceps.

« Fuck, I’ve never seen such muscles on a guy before ! », she said. I put the barbell down and quickly grabbed her legs with one arm, lifting her clear off the floor. She yelped in surprise but soon understood that I planned to continue my reps with her body. I held her tight buttcheeks in the palm of one hand and supported her neck with the other. Then I started lifting her up and down, up and down. The other girls giggled.

« My turn ! », cried Karlee. She was so petite, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem lifting her up with just one arm. So I gently put Danielle back on the ground and told Karlee to sit on my hand. She made sure to pull her shorts off and I saw my first pussy in over two days. I nearly blew my load here and there, she had such a nicely-trimmed bush and her cuntlips were opening up with each breath like rose petals in May.

« So you can get a better grip, Timmy ! », she announced unashamed. She sat down on my hand and I was amazed to see that my fingers were able to completely hold her naked rump. She felt like feather-weight as I flexed my arm without effort to lift her clear off the floor. Suzie stood up from her close inspection of my giant nuts and quickly undid her shorts too !

« I wanna have a ride too ! », she exclaimed. I was now power-lifting two teeny, overjoyed girls with the sheer strength of my bodybuilder arms. My cock twitched with renewed vigour at the realization that I was about to fuck the five hottest chicks of my school. Danielle jumped on my large torso and straddled me. She was facing me and bend down to lick my nipples. Her tongue wrapped around the hardened peaks of my teats and slothered warm drool onto my areolas. I felt her large, firm bosom press against the muscular outline of my six packs. Her tight bum was resting on my crotch, slightly raised by my unbending monster cock. She lodged my shaft between her thin thighs and slowly massaged its outlined length with her crotch. Her wet cunt was so damp that I could feel the moisture through both our shorts’ fabric. I was equally aroused and my cockslit drooled watery pre-cum, soaking my stretched spandex where an obvious dark splodge was beginning to form.

« Shit, have you come already Timmy ? », asked Lisa with disappointment. Before I had time to answer, Kate explained that I always drooled more pre-cum than an average guy’s weekly supply of sperm. « Jeezus, you’re right, he’s still hard ! ».

« And he would be, even he really had come. Timmy can keep it up for hours ! », beamed Kate.

« No way !!! My ex always got soft after coming, and he came way too quickly anyway. » Lisa looked at my rigid manhood in awe as she realized she was going to get the fuck of her lifetime. « I wanna see this thing ! », she exclaimed. Danielle helped her unwrap the huge « package » I had ready for them, eager to see for herself if it looked as huge as it had felt when she had been massaging its length with her crotch. Lisa needed to press down on my manhood with all her strength to allow Danielle to pull my shorts down past the giant, menacing head.

« Sssshhhiit ! It’s fucking HHHUUGGGE ! », Lisa bellowed. Pre-cum was freely flowing from the piss-slit as the crimson apple-sized crown was revealed. Danielle pulled my gym boxers further down as more and more of my three-inch wide shaft appeared. Quickly, Lisa locked her mouth on the tip of my flaring head, sucking down the constant stream of pre-sperm that I was producing. I raised my hips, so that Danielle could yank down my gym shorts all the way to my ankles. Finally, my fifteen-inch cock was freed and greeted with gasps of approval from my female audience. I let both Suzie and Karlee down so they could come closer to the object of their lust. Karlee’s tiny hands attempted to encircle the immense girth of my manhood, but even with thumbs and fingers stretched, she failed by an inch or so. Soon, Danielle was also caressing my overly thick shaft at mid-point with her hands, coaxing a sudden spurt of pre-come from my distended crown. However, Lisa eagerly gobbled that wad up, letting the watery liquid slosh in her mouth before gulping it down.

« More, I want more ! », she said, out of breath. I complied with pleasure and let myself go, as another voluminous pre-come spurt spilt on her impeccably-white teeth. « Mmmhh ! It¨s so tasty ! ».

« I wanna have some too ! », complained Karlee, who had given up on her attempts to encircle my rigid manhood. Lisa was not easily persuaded however, and continued to clamp her mouth over my disgorging cumslit. Eventually, she let go and allowed little Karlee to have a taste of my seminal drool. The lust-filled kitten almost gagged as I rammed my huge cockhead into her wide-open oral cavity. It was a good thing that she had one of those large, sensuous mouths, otherwise my engorged crown would probably not have made it past her moist lips. Karlee finally got used to the presence of my immense penile tip and even manage to roll her tongue along the underside of my sensitive glans. The feeling was almost too overwhelming, as I fought hard to contain my imminent explosion. I wanted to give those ladies a treat and could not allow myself to come so early.

« Let Danielle have a go. And come and sit over here. », I motioned to her to stick her wet crotch into my face, so I could get a taste of her womanhood. As I feasted on her drooling pussy, I felt another mouth on my cocktip. Danielle was more adventurous than Lisa and Karlee and stuck her tongue right up my cockslit. Her hands encircle the top end of my massive shaft, just below the rim, and she started frantically jerking, tugging and pulling, giving me tremendous pleasure. I think my shaft even hardened further under her ministrations. Not wanting to be left out, Lisa and Suzie knelt on either side of my outstretched thighs and took a firm hold on the uncovered length of my giant dong. Soon, three pairs of hands were jacking me, while Danielle continued to greedily slurp up my spermy offerings.

« Now, for the main act ! », annouced my sister. Kate straddled my hips, supporting herself on my washboard abs. Danielle relinquished my twitching knobhead with a final tug and guided my monster tip to the entrance of my sister’s quivering cunt. Slowly, Kat eimpaled herself on my crown until the entire head was inside her pussy. She groaned in pleasure, relishing in the sensation of my pulsing rod filling her so completely. Still, she had only taken a few inches of my fifteen-and-a-half inch staff and I eagerly waited for her hips to push down so that I could feel more of my manhood being enveloped by her warm innards.

« Ggggrrmmpph ! « , she panted as she slid a couple more inches of my shaft inside her overfilled pussy. The other lasses watched intently as over half of my giant dong somehow managed to find its way into the depths of my sister’s vagina. Finally, I felt my tip hit the back of her pussy. But I knew form experience that this obstacle was by no means unsurmountable. A rapid buck of my hips and my knobhead entered her back chamber. Now, only Lisa could continue to wank the remaining inches of my shaft left outside. Suzie decided to use her free hands to rub Kate’s mound vigourously. The combination of my oversized prick plowing her cunt and Suzie’s expert caresses brought my sis over the edge. She exploded in a guttural orgasm so loud that even I was surprised. Of course, it only encouraged me to buck more rapidly and to push my fat cock even further up her pussy. At the same time that Kate reached her second climax, Karlee’s cunt unloaded a thick slime of girly juice into my mouth as she, too, exploded violently. I needed to hold her thighs to stop her from falling backwards.

« OoooHH, AAAAHHH ! », she cried as I continued to tongue her cuntlips. « FFFUUCCKKK , I’m cccooommmiing ! ». The indecent orgasmic screams of Karlee and the energetic massage my cock was getting from my sister’s tight cunt was all I needed to bring me over the edge.

« Get ready, sis ! », I warned as I felt the first pulse of sperm travel from my overloaded testicles up the length of my erect prick. « It’s gonna be a BIG OOOONNNE ! », I moaned. The first pellet exploded deep up my sister’s canal. For several seconds, the giant wad hosed Kate’s insides.

« Sshhit ! I can feel it ! Keep coming, Timmy, I’m gonna come too ! Yes, YYYEESSS ! ». A magma of sperm was filling her hot box as I unleashed giant spray after giant spray of creamy cum. On my fifth or sixth ejaculation, I slowly withdrew my still-spurting cum cannon, and a sudden flow of thick seed escaped Kate’s overflowing pussy. Suzie immediately seized this opportunity to slurp up the outpouring rivulets of salty juice ; my disgorging cockhead was still lodged inside my sister’s canal and Suzie’s frantic cleaning of my exposed shaft with her warm tongue coaxed even more jism out of my cumhole.

« Please, take it out, Timmy ! We want to see it for ourselves ! », urged Danielle as she focused intently on the incestual display of my huge ramrod exploding massive wads deep inside Kate’s love tunnel. The lubricating effects of such an outpouring of viscous fluid allowed me to dislodge my ejaculating glans from Kate’s orgasming pussy. The withdrawal of my purple knobhead had left behind a gaping hole out of which my thick cream was constantly pouring. I spurted another great wad, adding more syrupy jizz to her overfilled pussyhole and coating her puffy cuntlips with blobs of sperm. Before I could aim my spurting monster at danielle’s face, a long, thick white streamer erupted from my cumslit, arching its way over Kate’s upturned ass and landing with a wet splash over her back and shoulders.

« Gimme some, please Timmy ! », begged a delirious Danielle. Her hands were too busy fingering herself, so Suzie took a hold of my thick manroot and, with a strong pull, managed to divert the next salvos in the Aussie sexbomb’s direction. A few more giant wads was all it took to paint Danielle’s upper body, burying her large jiggling tits in a thick coat of my unending sperm streamers. Due to two days of abstinence, my spermmakers were only half empty by then, and since Suzie had serviced my sister’s dripping cunt so well, I decided to reward the young hottie with a cum-shower she would not soon forget. Although the strength of my ejaculations had decreased slightly over the course of the already 15 or so giant wads I had so far spurted, I was still able to piss jizz like I had never come. I dumped a big load all over Suzie’s astonished face, her surprised look a testament to the amazing virile power I was displaying. Danielle, Lisa and Karlee were beyond themselves, open-mouthed and unable to comprehend how anyone, let alone a eighteen-year old boy, could produce such a superhuman amount of cream. Their gazing eyes followed the arching trajectories of the successive streamers that my exploding shaft was delivering. Kate pushed her crotch back onto my pubic bone, squashing the pool of semen that had been dripping from her open cunt. I tugged at my rigid shaft, feeling my warm cum flow between my tightened fingers, and unloaded my final cumspray over Suzie’s drenched bosom.

My empty balls retracted into my scrotum, but already, I could feel a fresh load of sperm building up in my overactive gonads. As always, my turgid cock remained rock-hard despite the unprecedented scale of my cum outpouring. The fact that I was surrounded by five horny teenage beauties certainly helped me in maintaining a rigid erection !

« Phheeww ! You fucking hosed me down with your stuff ! », exclaimed Suzie, her eyes remaining closed because a thick strand of my goo had filled her sockets. She collected the sperm with her fingers and slowly licked it off. Finally, she was able to open her eyes and looked down at her drenched melons. « Sshhiit Timmy ! Look at all that gunk ! ».

« I’m completely drenched too ! », puffed Danielle. Her firm bosom was literally covered in thick ribbons of my spunk. Globs of sperm kept falling off the sides of her heaving tits to join a large pool of semen on the floor.

« Now, it’s my turn to ride that monster ! », said Lisa. She asked me to fuck her standing up, which is one of my favourite positions. Kate winked at me. I think she wanted me to show her friends my cock-lifting trick. When I’m hard enough, which I definitely was at the time, I can lift a person clear off the ground while supporting their weight solely on my huge shaft. I approached Lisa, her massive rack pushing against my upper abs, and slowly bent my knees, enough to nudge my fifteen-plus incher between the folds of her legs. She was surprised at first, but when I raised my knees up again and her feet left the ground, she cooed with delight.

« Oh, Timmy ! Shhit ! I’m sitting on your huge cock ! I can’t believe it ! ». With that, she stuck her tongue inside my mouth and we kissed lustfully. The ther girls gathered round to admire the lewd spectacle on display. My surging shaft was at a right angle with my body, and Lisa’s bubble butt was resting on it at mid-point. The giant mushroom head was extending way past her buttcheeks and it was leaking pre-cum at a steady state. I malaxed her fleshy hooters while she ran her sharp nails around my broad shoulder, clawing at the slabs of hard muscle. I raised her body further with my arms to dismount her from my entrapped monster cock. When her pink gash was level with my one-eye snake, I bucked my hips furiously, impaling the first few inches into her slippery cunt.

« Uunnnngh, owwww ! You’re sssoo big Timmy ! Uuuuggghhh, fuck me you stud ! », she panted as I plowed her innards with my massive dong. Karlee watched my hulking frame pound the shit out of her helpless friend while she frigged her virgin cunt. I could hardly wait to take her cherry with my immense prick. However, I was right now concentrating on the exquisite sensation of Lisa’s spongy canal squeezing the corded veins of my gnawly shaft.

« Take my big cock, Lisa ! I love your cunt ! », I said. I flexed my huge muscle-stalk after having pushed about eight or nine inches to encourage her impending climax. After a couple of minutes, she had already reached the first of many mind-blowing orgasms.

« SSShhhit ! UUUWWW, OOOHH, YYEEAAHH, MGGHH ! ». Her words were incomprehensible, her screams getting louer and louder. I could feel her soaked vagina moistening up even further around the girth of my dong, as I hit her cervix with each ten-inch thrust of my giant cock. Beside us, Kate and Suzie were engaging in a lesbian cunt-licking, tit-kneading orgy. Their moans soon became as erratic as Lisa’s. At one stage, Suzie fisted my sister with her left hand, reaching so deep inside Kate’s thrashing pussy that her whole wrist, and quite a bit of her delicate forearm, disappeared from view. Danielle was licking the engorged peaks of her luscious tit-mounds, milking some teenage breast-juice out of her puffy nipples.

Suzie was still bouncing up and down my engorged manshaft when I felt the first tinges of my own climax build up in my big balls. Sperm was churning inside them, ready to be ejected with great force deep inside Suzie’s sweetness. After around fifteen minutes of heavy pounding, her gaze had become vacant and her screams had been replaced by constant moans. She was also no longer holding me by the shoulders, putting increased strain on my steel-tempered rod. Now and then, she would resurface from her trance and attempt to engulf even more of my wrist-thick shaft up her shuddering cunt. Eventually, my pointy knobhead entered her womb, triggering my own orgasm.

« Uuuuh, here it comes, Suzie ! », I groaned as I unloaded my cannon, firing shot after shot of creamy seed deep inside Suzie’s womanhood. Suddenly, sperm gushed out of her pussy as my voluminous load filled her up completely. The thick goo coated my swinging tennis-ball sized testicles and ran in long strands down the length of my convulsing crank. The strength of my orgasm nearly made my knees buckle. It seemed that my balls must have been keeping a second hidden load somewhere ! I rolled my eyes back in my head as I sprayed Suzie’s warm cunt with pellet after pellet of my heavy cum. I pulled Suzie off my spurting rod when a giant wad ricocheted off her inner thighs. It seemed to hang up in the air for ages before splattering on my grinding lower abs. It filled the deep folds of my six pack before being mushed by my undulating slabs of hard muscle. Suzie got on her knees and pulled her tongue out as a target. I obliged and aimed my cock at her awaiting mouth before cumming like a firehose over her countenance. Thick blasts of spongy cum covered her cheeks, forehead, nose and lips. Most had however made it into down her throat. She needed to gulp down my cream four times before my hose finally ran dry.

« Look at Suzie ! », giggled Karlee. « She’s got Timmy’s goo all over her face ! I hope you’ve kept some for the rest of us, Timmy ! ».

« Don’t worry, baby. I’ll give you a meal and a half of my load. » , I said reassuringly.

« Oh, goody ! I can’t wait to taste that stuff, I’ve never done it before ! »

« Why don’t you start by licking some off my abs ? », I suggested. She was thrilled by the idea and bent over to devour the remnants of sperm. I could feel her small, pointy tongue run along the slabs of my well-defined abs, slurping greedily at any jizz she could find.

« Mmmh, Yummy ! I love your cream ! ». With her hands, she began tugging at my stiff pole, admiring its hardness. Meanwhile, Suzie had started shoveling down her mouth all the sperm covering her face . Between her legs, ribbons of cum were cascading towards her knees. Danielle was coming down from her orgasmic masturbating session and licking the juice dripping from her engorged clit. Kate and Lisa were also cleaning up the left overs of their cunt-slurping marathon. I was still feeling super-horny and thought it would be better to continue this sex orgy upstairs, on my mother’s bed. Again, I used my power-tool to carry little Karlee up the steps, having picked up on the way an exhausted Kate in my left arm and a blissful-looking Lisa in my right arm. The combined wieght of these three vixens barely affected my composure as I walked up the stairs and pushed the door open with my blunt helmet. Danielle and a spunk-covered Suzie followed closely behind, running their hands over my hefty buttocks and occasionally slapping the hard orbs of flesh. A few more steps and we arrived to mum’s master bedroom. Karlee turned round to open the door while fondling my crown. She couldn’t have missed the fact that my cockhead was larger than the entire doorknob. I threw my sis and her friend on the bed and held Karlee in my arms, our tongues entwined in a lascivious kiss.

« Do me now, Timmy ! please, I can’t wait ! ». Feeling her moist crotch with my fingers, I guessed she was right.

« Right, get on all fours on the bed, I’m gonna pound that virgin pussy of yours ! », I ordered. She obeyed and parted her labia with one hand, encouraging me to « fuck her like a slut ». Wow, that kid was seriously in need of a good screw. I positioned my massive dong at the entrance to her pussy and massaged her muff with its bloated helmet. For a minute or so, I teased her mercilessly. She kept trying to grab my cock by the rim but her petite hand could not hold my immense girth properly. She begged me to take her cherry, almost sobbing with excitement. Suzie and Lisa comforted her by licking her small nipples and rubbing her ass, opening it up wider for the upcoming giant intrusion. Finally, I inserted my ramrod. Immediately, I felt her hymen, before the entire crown had penetrated her contracting vagina.

« Ooouh ! Be careful, Timmy, it hurts ! », she whined. I took great care at piercing her membrane as painlessly as possible. She yelped and sobbed for a while, but after the initial pain, I felt her hips start to grind back at me. This chick wanted more cock ! Luckily, I had over ten inches left to give her. I slowly penetrated her tunnel of love, inserting more cunt-ripping inches than she would have gotten from any other boy at school. At around mid-point, I heard a small crack. Her hips were straining so much to accept my oversized shaft that something must have been dislocated. To my surprise however, she did not cry but merely moaned lightly. I therefore continued my upward exploration of her deep recesses.

« Come on, give it to her ! », urged Lisa. She tightly held my manroot, attempting to push my donkey cock further up her friend’s convulsing cunt. Karlee, helpless, was bracing herself, her head lying between Kate’s firm, surging knockers. I soon invaded her cervix, feeling her elastic canal stretch around my girth.

« That’s it, slow and easy » ; I puffed. Her ultra-tight pussy was gripping my shaft like a vise, sending shivers of pure ecstasy down my spine. At ten inches, I bumped into the back of her cavity. I slowly pulled my rod out, admiring its shiny juice coating. A few drops of blood were also visible, the result of my popping Karlee’s cherry. Nastily, Lisa licked the slimy gunk, running her long tongue around my corded shaft. I remained still, with only my glans inside Karlee’s body, while Lisa finished her cleaning job. Then, I pushed my stalk mightily, my balls swaying with the sudden motion of my hips.

« Oh, yeah, yeah, ohmygod ! », panted young Karlee. I was now pile-driving ten inches of rock-solid shaft up her slick twat. I could feel her juices being mashed into a viscous slush. Every time I rammed home, the coating that was left behind on my rod was mushed by her stretched cuntlips. Lisa did a good job of slurping the excess ooze that was accumulating around Karlee’s gash. At the same time, she massaged the stem of my huge piston. Her encircling hands were so warm that I felt like I was fucking a fifteen-inch deep vagina. Karlee’s pussy was on fire as my monster reamed her tight cunny with continuous strokes. I grunted, plunging my big tool in and out of Karlee’s battered cunt for ten or fifteen minutes. By the end of it, she collapsed into a heap of melted flesh. I think she passed out from the many violent orgasms she had gone through. I hoped I hadn’t ruined her for average guys. Her pussy was left wide open after I had removed my red-hot prick from her quim.

« Fuck ! Look at that ! », exclaimed Lisa, looking at the gaping cavern of Karlee’s bruised cunt. Her lips pulsed a little, closing slightly when she breathed out, only to reopen further with each air intake. Lisa stuck three fingers inside Karlee’s hot box and none touched the walls of her dilated vagina ! She eventually inserted her whole fist, meeting little resistance from her wide-open labia. I turned Karlee on her back and continued my assault in the missionary position. She recovered from her comatosed state to meet my grinding cock with her bucking hips. Her vagina had used up all its juices, but my copious pre-cum was sufficient to lubricate her cunny. She yelled insanities as I pounded her mercilessly for another ten minutes. Then, Lisa begged me to let her ride my monster, so I pulled out of Karlee and lay on my back in the middle of the large queen-sized bed. My cock jutted out obscenely, over fifteen powerful inches of wrist-thick manhood, the angry crown pulsating and oozing thick dollops of pre-cum in a continuous stream. Lisa extended a finger to collect some of the copious fluid and rubbed it over her pussymound.

« Yeah, I think I’m ready for this stud-cock ! Promise to let me do the riding, I don’t want to be torn apart. Not just yet anyway ! », she giggled. I nodded in agreement, my mind unable to speak as I saw her glorious body raise itself, her massive knockers extending grotesquely outwards. Her well-tanned skin felt soft yet firm in my caressing hands. She was straddling my torso, aware that my giant rod could easily reach her pussylips. She rubbed her labia over my glans, collecting more lubricant, and slowly pushed her rear onto my invading monster. Her hands were grasping me by the biceps as she impaled herself, inch by inch, on my stiff pole. I flexed my arm muscles and she raised a few inches up, as my biceps ballooned out under her resting hands. Having adjusted to the size of my dong, her pussy relaxed and I sank in a couple more inches by bucking my hips.

« Ooooh ! You’re so deep, baby, nobody has ever been this far ! Yeah, fuck me you stud ! », she panted. I was only half-way in when she pronounced those words, meaning that she had never taken a cock bigger than 7 and half inches long ! I estimated that my girth was probably twice larger than the biggest pencil-dick she’d ever taken. And a rumour said that she had slept with dozens of boys at school ! While we were humping furiously, the other horny gals surrounded us and started frigging each other, like a circle of lesbians around the altar of sex. The room was filled with the musky aroma of hot pussyjuice and dried sperm. Soft moans were occasionally interrupted by the joyous screams of Lisa, as I brought her to a series of thunderous climaxes. A few minutes later, I could feel my own orgasm slowly build up and my rod swelling to monstrous proportions.

« Aaaarrghh ! Don¨t come inside me, I wanna taste it and share it with Kate ! », she puffed.

« Ok, let’s do a tit-fuck sandwich ! », I grunted as I pulled Lisa off the tip of my engorged glans. I was fond of that new position, which I had experimented plenty of times with mom and sis. Both young hotties kneeled on either side of my mighty organ and, each holding their ample bosom, rubbed their distented nipples along the thick corded veins crisscrossing my manhood. The feeling of four giant teats running over the surface of my aching cock pumped another ounce of blood into my steely shaft. I’m sure it must have gained an inch or so by the time four giant melons had enveloped most of its length in their billowy mass. They cupped their huge breasts against each other, as my giant cock slid up and down between them.

« Ungggh. », I bellowed. A thick blast of cum spouted four feet in the air, an undulating, continuous string of sperm that stretched from my exploding cumslit to a point near the ceiling. The two busty babes cheered in unison as that first tower of semen came raining back down on their melons. Immediately, a second forceful jet of cum spewed from my pisshole, its thick substance splattering on Kate and Lisa’s ecstatic faces. Danielle and Suzie perched their heads over Lisa’s shoulders to admire the lewd display. A large ribbon of scum landed on Danielle’s perky nose. Lisa’s globular orbs were so gigantic that, at one stage, my cockhead got lost in her deep cleavage. My subsequent spray was therefore trapped within the deep valley of her hooters, causing spumes of pearly froth to overflow around her upper bosom. When she released my rod, thick strands of my creams came cascading down onto my crotch. The stuff was everywhere, drenching both girls’ massive racks, as well as their faces and my crotch. My countless ejaculations eventually came to an end. My rod slapped back loudly against my upper abs as I recovered from my mind-boggling orgasm.

Again, my raging hard-on remained at full mast. My sister was hardly surprised by my staying power, but the other four hot nymphos just sat bewildered, somehow waiting for my cock to soften. Realizing I was not going to give up any time soon, they clamoured their awe with « oohs » and « aahs », fondling my shaft with their small hands, feeling its extreme rigidity and, most importantly, its oversized dimensions.

Danielle was the last hottie whose cunt I hadn’t stretched. She looked at my snake apprehensively, gently holding it in her delicate fingers.

« Timmy, you can do anything you want with me. », she proposed.

« Anything ? »

« Yeah, you can stick that monster cock in whatever hole you want. », she answered luridly. Jeezus, I was in heaven. Mom and sis had always refused anal sex, fearing my cock would rip their intestines apart. The other girls looked at Danielle with surprised looks on their faces.

« You’re serious, aren’t you ? », exclaimed Kate. « Ok, girls, hold on to your seats. Danielle is going to take Timmy’s cock up her ass ! ». The gathered crowd of horny teenagers cheered at her words. « First, we have to lube that little hole of yours. Fortunately, there’s plenty of cream to go around ! », she laughed. With that, she scooped some of the semen coating her ample bosom and gently inserted her sperm-covered finger in Danielle’s puckered butthole. The Aussie sexbomb purred in response, licking the glistening pre-cum off my oozing cumslit. I encouraged her to swallow my glans by pulling her head onto my jutting manhood. Her jaws nearly cracked as she opened her mouth as much as she could, taking my apple-sized knobhead past her moist lips. At the other end of the bed, Kate and Suzie were busy rubbing handfuls of gunk around Danielle’s exposed anus.

« I think she’s ready ! », annouced Kate after a few minutes. Damn, I had my shaft nearly half-way down Danielle’s throat. Her little tongue was tickling the underside of my slab of meat as it plunged in and out of her stretched mouth. She slowly pulled her head off my dick with a loud plop. A final kiss on the blunt tip of my engorged crown and she turned round to get on all fours. She offered me her upturned buttcheeks, wiggling her hips invitingly. The sight of her shapely rump turned my shaft into a stone pillar. Goo was bubbling at the entrance to her backpassage. I gathered some pre-sperm off the tip of my overexcited crown and stuck my large finger past her anus.

« oooh ! », she gasped. « That feels so good ! But I want something much bigger. Please, Timmy ! ». I pulled on her ponytail with one hand, and positioned my disproportionately huge dong along the crevice of her buttcheeks. Her anus pulsed slightly open in anticipation. My glistening glans parted the folds of her tiny hole. Slowly, quarter inch by quarter inch, I pushed my knob in. All I could hear were muffled moans and sighs so I slammed in my entire crown in one swift thrust.

« Aaaiiiiieee ! Oh FUCK ! »

« Just relax, baby. Oh, damn, it’s so tight ! », I answered. Her anal passage was gripping my oversensitive helmet like a vise. If I hadn’t cum already three times before, I surely would have lost it at this point. I puffed and tried to relax. My muscles rippled with glistening sweat, my massive pecs rising obscenely with each breath I took. Slowly, I thrust my hips forward. It looked as if Danielle’s entire buttcheeks were being sucked in towards her hole. She trembled frantically, unable to dismount my clamped glans. I must have been a third of the way in, over five inches and I could advance no further. My three inch wide crimson head had completely plugged her orifice. I withdrew a couple of inches, noticing the slick covering the withdraw part of my shaft. I repeated my two inch-strokes over and over again, until her hole was so dilated that I managed to sink in another inch. With now six inches of wrist-thick mancock up her chute, Danielle became delirious with lust. She thrashed her body sideways and was only kept in place by my locked piston. I slammed my rod in and out at a steady pace, speeding up when her moans became more intense. Wave after wave of orgasmic convulsions shook her frame. After her tenth or so climax, I pulled out, in order to delay my impending explosion.

« Ooouh ! Thank you Timmy, it hurt a bit but it feels so good now ! », she purred. I flexed my cock, gripping it tightly by the base, ordering my gonads to relax. It was a close call ! I still had more fucking to experiment. You don’t get five luscious teenagers in your bed every day !

« Let’s see whose cunt will pop my boner ! »

« Oh, goodie, I love sex games ! », beamed Karlee. She joined Danielle and took position, thrusting her upturned butt towards me. Suzie, Kate and Lisa understood and kneeled side by side, similarly displaying their satiny posteriors. I was faced with five pulsating pussies, all eager to be pleasured by my relentless dong. On my far left, I recognized the unmistakable shape of Kate’s narrow back and I plunged my tool deep inside her cunt without further ado. I brought her orgasm in no time and moved on to Suzie on her right. She took reached climax after only a couple of minutes. Now it was Danielle’s turn. I hadn’t tasted her sweet pussy my with my rod yet, so I eased it in slowly, savoring her tightness and her warm cuntwalls. Unbelievably, I bottomed out with only a couple of inches left to go. For the first time in my life, I could actually hear my huge balls slapping a woman’s thighs as I penetrated Danielle’s long vagina almost to the hilt. As I hit the back of her womb, she grunted like a wild animal and shuddered uncontrollably. An intense orgasm shook her frame and, just when it seemed to peter out, another one, even stronger, began to build deep in her loins. She was in multiple-climax mode, gurgling incomprehensively. Her spasming cunt nearly brought me over the edge. I ground my pelvis against her bare back repeatedly, my heavy balls bouncing off her thighs with each huge thrust.

« What about us, Timmy ? », complained Karlee, wiggling her tight buns enticingly. I guess I was lost in the exquisite sensation of my immense shaft brutally pummeling Danielle’s womb. I somehow managed to disengage and aimed my ready-to-burst schlong at Karlee’s labia. She gasped as I drove my lengthy meat up her vagina, her hips thrusting back to meet my forceful slammings. Again and again, I pile-drove about a foot of cock past her cervix. Soon, Lisa was begging me to pound her aching pussy. I could not decline such an offer and drilled her hole, with Karlee’s sticky juices still glistening off my giant pole. Soon, she too was rocked by a massive orgasm.

I alternated between the five hotties for the next half an hour or so, sticking my dong no longer than a couple of minutes in each girl’s raw cunt. Eventually, Danielle’s tightness combined with the amazing length of her distended pussy drained my nads of their primeval essence. My buttocks clenched and my balls exploded while my shaft was rammed fourteen inches deep inside her overstretched cunt. I fed her wad after wad of my thick cream, the slime gushing out of her twat everytime my piston unloaded. Kate cheered me on and congratulated Danielle for sucking the cum out of my huge, swinging balls. Since I had plenty of my goo left, I pulled out and drenched each girl’s face and tits with the voluminous leftovers. I shot at least two massive streamers onto each girl’s countenance before my ejaculations petered out. I poured the last dollops of viscous fluid onto Danielle’s outstretched tongue. She gulped down the cream like it was the nectar of life.

Finally, my shaft shrank back to its soft, eleven-inch state, unable to rise despite Kate and Suzie’s heavy fondling. The cheerleaders would remember this slumber party for the rest of their lives.

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