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Friday night. I am secured in a standing position, naked and spread eagled. My ankles are secured to a spreader bar, my hands to restraints attached to new hooks she has attached to the ceiling. My wife’s mouth surrounds but does not touch my pulsating cock. I tighten my groin muscles to make contact. She pulls away.

“Bad boy!”

She reaches down for her riding crop and slaps mildly at my balls, stretched and separated by a leather cock ring.

I am in our large bedroom. It has a couch, make-up table, bay window, plenty of open space and an adjoining master bathroom. There is slightly smaller guest bedroom on the other side.

I have lost count, but it is about the fourteenth day of teasing for me. This day is different.

All the other days, she has bound my hands behind me and made me kneel on the floor to lick her to orgasm. Then she has tied me spread-eagle to the bed, teasing me for minutes or hours before locking me in a chastity device, Last night she pulled out a strap-on dildo. My body jumped with excitement, imagining her fucking my ass. Instead she pushed my cock down between my legs and strapped the dildo over it. She mounted me and rode me to multiple orgasms, my mind torn between pleasure with the ecstasy on her face as her breasts swayed above me and the pain of the aching in my crotch. Then she locked me away, leaving me frustrated again.

“Do you want to come tonight?” she asks, as she has every night.

“Yes, please.”

“Let’s see how good a boy you are.”

She encircles my cock with her mouth again. I hold myself as rigid as possible. She dives on my cock with her throat, wraps it with her lips, slides up and down once and then slowly slides away, ending with a pleasurable frustrating pop as the head of my penis leaves her lips.

She sits back on her heels and regards me with a smirk. She is wearing my favorite black leather bustier that displays her magnificent breasts in their agonizing glory, barely covering her nipples, which poke rigidly at the fabric covering them. Her leather pants cling to her supple muscular legs. She has a black eye mask, but it is resting on her forehead right now.

“If you choose to come tonight I will let you. If you do come, certain things will happen. I am going to tell you what those things are, and then you can decide through your actions.”

Her hand reaches out and strokes my engorged cock. One strap of the cock ring encircles my cock and balls while another pair of straps is snapped to split my balls. They constrict with pleasure as her hand feels them. She slides her hand towards the head of my cock.

“Should I continue?”

“Yes, please.”

Her hand lingers on my cock head. Her index finger gently explores the underside where I am most sensitive. I inhale sudden pleasure.

“If you ever want me to stop, tell me, or if you can’t, shake your head.”

She begins her story.

“I have someone waiting in the spare bedroom. I have checked him out. He is big and hard and can go all night. If you come tonight he will come into our bedroom and take me.”

She likes to tell me fantasy stories when she is teasing me. I like to hear them. It turns both of us on. She continues to finger my cock with her hand.

“I will stand up when he enters, surprised, even though I know he is coming. He will reach for me and we will kiss deeply while you are helpless, tied up and gagged, your cock still dripping. Our tongues will tangle. My nipples will grow hard and I will reach down to feel the bulge in his pants.”

She lets go of my cock and leans over to kiss me. I inhale her passionately, showing my approval for the tale she is creating. She tastes my tongue while her hands slip down to my chest, teasing my nipples. Then she pulls away. She walks behind me and commands me to open my mouth. When I do, I taste rubber. She has bought me a new toy, a ball gag.

“His hands will caress my outfit, lingering on my ass as he pulls me close to him, then straying towards the breasts he has coveted. I will slip my hands down to his firm ass, pulling him closer and encouraging him. We will both moan with pleasure.”

She kneels on the floor again and grabs my cock by it’s base, manipulating it around. Her eyes examine it like she is seeing one for the first time, then look up at my face.

“His hands will caress my back, moving to my zipper which he will pull down in one simple movement. He will slowly pull my top off like a child unwrapping a special gift. My tits will barely be contained by my lacy black bra.”

She sticks out her tongue and gently licks the tip of my cock. She kisses the head and licks the underside. I strain against my bonds for more contact, but she has become an expert in the last two weeks and there is no room for play. She feels my effort and pauses.

“He will gently stroke my bra, smiling as he feels his new possessions. He will draw me to him once more, kissing me while his hands are busy unhooking them. He will pull away and let my bra tumble to the floor. He will admire my firm boobs and rigid nipples with his eyes, then sink to one leg to attend to them with his mouth. His lips and tongue will suckle me on one side while his hand gently attends to the other, switching back and forth while my nipples harden.”

She opens her mouth wide and engulfs my cock as much as possible without making contact. Her eyes look up at mine. She smiles and wraps her lips around me and slowly and sloppily pulls her head away, lingering at my head before letting it drop out of her mouth.

“I will reach down and coax him to his feet. I will unbutton his shirt and run my hands over his chest. He is athletic and he is built. His muscles will ripple beneath my touch. We will kiss once again and then I will break off and sink to my knees.”

She slides her head down slightly and sticks her tongue out. She licks the underside of my cock head. My cock bobs excitedly in response. She waits for it to come back down, and then flicks her tongue across it again. She repeats this several times.

“I will want to tear his pants off, but I will take my time. I will slowly unbuckle his belt. I will reach up and unsnap his pants, and then slowly pull down his zipper, revealing his impressive outline. I will slide his pants down his legs and then slide my hands up the back of his thighs and under is shorts, feeling his firm tight ass while I press my face up against his cloth covered cock. I will realize how big and hard his cock really is, and this will be the first time I will think about possibly fucking him.”

She moves a little closer now and corrals the end of my dick with her lips. She bites down gently on the head of my cock and nibbles at it, running her teeth over it and taking little nips. She sits back once again.

“I will move back and glance up at him. He will smile at me. I will turn my face towards his crotch and suck on his cock through his briefs, nibbling and biting it. I will glance up at him again lasciviously as I hook my fingers over his waistband and start to edge it down. Even though I know he has a thick long cock, I will hold my breath as his shorts go lower and lower and lower.”

She lowers her face a little now, and turns her attention to my balls. She can’t engulf both of them because of the strap, so she takes turns licking each of them and then taking them into her mouth one at a time. One hand caresses my ass while the other grabs my cock by the base and lifts it out of the way. She pauses.

“Finally his rigid penis will spring out towards my face. I will study and admire his dick, making him wait, making myself wait. I will imagine what it will feel like in my mouth and in my pussy. When he has finally started to relax I will take him in my mouth. It will be the biggest cock I have ever sucked. I will close my eyes and imagine my mouth is my pussy and I will love it. He will rest his hands on my head. I will open my throat and try to take him, and he will gently pull on my hair to encourage me.”

She resumes licking my balls again, sucking them until I wince. She slides her tongue up to my shaft and runs her tongue and lips along one side, around the front, and back down the other. She kisses my balls and then resets herself.

“I will take control again, playing and teasing him just like I am doing with you. Then I will swallow him once again and fuck him with my mouth. My lips will hungrily slide up and down his cock, wanting to take all of him. His cock head will push against the back of my mouth and I will tilt my head to try and take him down my throat. Finally, I will feel him tense and then he will come in my mouth and down my throat. I will try to take it all in but some will dribble onto my chin. I will walk over to you. You will have a raging hard on again. I will let you lick his semen off of me, and then kiss you full on the mouth before replacing your gag.”

She starts to get a little more serious now. She has excited herself with her story as well as me, and it shows in her intensity. She walks around behind me. I hear a whizzing in the air and feel a sting on my ass before the sound finishes. I flinch in pain and pleasure, biting down on my gag. She hits me again on the other cheek, and my cock jumps. She stands to one side and uses her other hand to caress my nipples while leaving me in suspense about the next blow.

“He will walk up behind me and cup my breasts, pulling me back into him. I will turn my head and we will kiss hungrily. He will unfasten my pants and they will fall to the floor. He will be pleasantly surprised to find I am not wearing any underwear.”

I look down at her crotch as if I think I can see through her leather pants, and she gives me four quick blows while I am off guard.

“His hands will roam down to my pussy, and they will be drenched with my juices. He will be overcome with passion now, grabbing me and practically throwing me on the bed. I will spread my legs as his head falls between them. He will be so thirsty for my juices he will lap at my cunt vigorously, sucking on my pussy lips and pulling them away from my body with his own lips. Then he will regain control of himself.”

This time the blow comes not on my ass but up between my legs, a muted whack on my balls. Pain and fear mix with excitement and anticipation. She runs the flogger over my cock, and then continues her story, interspersing it with lashes to my ass.

“He will tease me now, licking my thigh and my cheeks, nibbling and tasting, accidentally roaming over my pussy every so often. I will arch my back in frustration and desire, but he will be in control, punishing me for frustrating him earlier. His hands will hold me down. Then they will release me and he will slide them up over my ribs until he is cupping my breasts on the outsides as his mouth once again turns its attention to my pussy.”

Six swift whacks across my ass and thighs, and then I hear the flogger clatter to the floor. She walks over to the bureau and returns, and I feel cool lube being applied to my asshole. She inserts a finger and moves it around, feeling for my prostrate.

“He will once again lick and suck my lips, slurping up the new juices that have emerged. Then he will begin to lap at my lips, slowly working his way up towards my clitoris. As his tongue begins to make contact with my clitoris, his thumbs will find my erect nipples and gently play with them. I will moan with pleasure.”

She withdraws her finger, and shortly I feel pressure on my rear again as if she is fucking me with a strap-on, but I know she can’t be because of where she is standing. Whatever it is, it is big. I tighten my sphincter and push back against it. It stretches me wider and wider and then pops in, and I feel pleasuring pressure as I am filled up. She walks around in front of me.

“As I get more aroused, he will spend more time on my clit, until finally he will be sucking it just like I was sucking his cock. His hands will have moved over my breasts now, and he will be pinching and twisting my nipples, pulling on them and playing with them while his little fingers stroke my nearby flesh. I usually will have a fantasy like this while being licked, but since it is actually happening, I will fantasize about him fucking me with his big cock.”

She reaches around behind me and pushes into me, and suddenly the plug in my ass begins to vibrate. The waves echo through my groin. I clench my ass muscles and feel my dick bob once more.

“He will feel I am close to coming and he will slack of slightly, trying to walk that tight rope, trying to keep me on the edge. I will want to beg him but won’t want to break the silence; I will just twist my body. He will give my nipples a little squeeze or my clit a little lick and he will balance me on the precipice like the Grinch who stole Christmas until one little lick pushes me over the edge.”

Now she walks around to the front of me. She grabs the riding crop once more and gives me a few playful whacks on my dick and my balls before returning to punish my ass.

“My orgasm will start slowly deep in my throat and my muscles will tense and my pussy will harden as I pick up momentum like a roller coaster making its first descent. My body will be out of my control, my pussy will begin to roil and he will build with me and I will be yelling and moaning and thrashing in pleasure as he rides my cunt with his face like a bronco buster. I will arch my back higher and higher as I continue to come and it will seem to last forever, and I will both want it to last forever and want it to stop. He will continue to pleasure me until I finally collapse, escaping him.”

She is lost in her fantasy and her strokes are getting harder and more frequent, occasionally striking my butt plug. She hits me really hard and that seems to bring her out of it. But she wants to punish me some more.

She reaches into her bag of tricks and comes out with a couple of clamps. She strokes my right nipple to make it stiffer, and then attaches the clamp to it. It is slightly padded and not very springy, so it does not bite into me, but still causes me pain. She reaches over to my left nipple and repeats the process. Then she flicks a switch on each one, and they begin to vibrate, sending pulse through my body.

“He will be the tiger now, stalking my pussy as he clambers up my body on all fours, his cock engorged and desperate for me. He will loom over me, lowering his body gently until his cock touches my pussy and then he will stop and look me in the eyes. It will be a battle of wills, who needs to be fucked most. He will not break his gaze as he reaches down and grabs his cock by the base and slowly masturbates my pussy lips with it. I will try to hold up, but will be overcome and gasp. He will smile at me knowingly, and torment me longer.”

She sinks down in front of me again. She begins to bathe my body with her tongue, starting at me feet and working her way up my legs. She pauses as she gets to my thighs. She sits back and lets her hand roam around my crotch.

“I will resist. I will look over at you, still bound like you are now, our eyes will talk. I will see by your desperately bobbing cock that you are turned on and want me to continue.

“I will turn my head back and my eyes will talk to his, but he will not acknowledge. I will acquiesce, and tell him to fuck me now. He will not say anything, but continue to stroke my cunt lips with the head of his cock. I will arch my back again, trying to swallow his penis with my pussy, but he will elude me. I will beg him to fuck me. He will smile at me knowing he possesses me now and whisper in my ear. I will say yes. He will bend his head down again and whisper more and I will struggle to get him inside me. He will pin me down by the wrists. I will say ‘Yes, yes, yes, anything, just please fuck me!”

Her face has changed. She is lost in her fantasy again. She begins to stroke me and I respond carefully. It feels so good and I want more contact, but I don’t want to wake her from her reverie.

“His face will change and he will plunge in to me. Instantly I will be back in oblivion. His big cock will fill me and stretch me but not hurt me; it will fit in my pussy perfectly. He will pound me rhythmically, both forcefully and tenderly. His eyes will lock on mine and I know he will not come until I silently let him. I will pant and gasp and ride underneath him until I cannot hold back any longer and then my body will be taken by forces beyond my control and I will surf the tidal waves.”

She looks up at me now realizing what she is doing and lightens her touch and then squeezes the base of my dick.

“I will finally come down off of my high and he will still be pumping me like an automaton and I will still be so wet. He will pause for a moment and pull out. He will reach under my ass and lift me up, and I, understanding, will get on me knees and lean over, palms against the wall above the headboard. He will mount me from behind and start to fuck me again, and I will feel a whole new sensation. His hands will reach around and roughly caress my breasts. My head will be turned towards you so you can see the pleasure on my face as I start my journey towards another climax.”

She starts to get serious on me now. She has brought herself to a state where she can’t help it. She takes my dick in her mouth once more and slides her lips up and down its length while her tongue explores the contours. My balls contract uselessly against the straps dividing them. I bite down on the gag in excited frustration.

“I will be panting with exertion as I move back against his thrusts, matching his rhythm. He will kiss the side of my face until I turn my attention from you to him. My grunts will become louder and smoother as I work my way towards orgasm. My cunt will start to contract again, and this time I will take him with me. He will start shooting into me and that will be my trigger and I will yell as my body is paralyzed with ectasy once more. I will be frozen in time, in pleasure. Finally we will collapse on the bed.”

She takes me out of her mouth and runs her mouth all over the outside again, slowly and sensually, from my head to my balls and back again. I am slick with her saliva as she strokes me once again. She pulls out the bottle of lubricant. She squirts it generously on my cock and balls and on her hands. She rubs her hands together and then explores my groin and it feels heavenly. I am on a new plane of bliss.

“He will leave me in my daze, stopping by his discarded clothes for a few moments before coming over to you. He will release you from your bonds, secure your hands behind your back, and lead you over to the bed. He will push you gently but firmly down so your face is in my pussy, and you will understand and begin to lick me, sucking up my juices and his come. He will have a vibrator which he will play it across your body as you service me. He will be talking, but we will ignore it.”

Her hands stray down to my inner thigh, alternating between gentle strokes and circular patterns that occasionally brush against my eager balls and cock.

“As I get more and more aroused he will let it stray towards your crotch. I will come quickly, and you will be so horny that you will maneuver your crotch for a couple little touches from the vibrator. He will move it away and push you forward, then tease you again, but you will be so ready an inadvertent touch will make you come, and that will trigger me once more. We will both be lost in our afterglows and not be aware of anything he is doing”

Her hands make one more tour of my balls, weighing them in her hands, polishing them gently with her thumbs, washing them with her hands.

“He will give us a few minutes to enjoy ourselves and recover. Then he will announce to you what I agreed to before he would fuck me. He will tell you that his friends are on their way over to use us for the rest of the evening. He will drape a bathrobe around you and tie it while I put one on myself at his direction.”

Her hands slowly move to the base of my cock, the least sensitive part, and stroke it slowly and rhythmically, inching their way towards the head a millimeter at a time.

“The door will open and five men and three women will enter the room. He will present us to them. The women will take you first and undress you quickly while I watch, the men touching me gently and kissing parts of my body as they watch too. The women will put another cock ring on you with a leash and then take turns with you. You will service one while another teases and beats you, and the third fucks you in the ass with a strap-on dildo. All the while they will make you watch what is happening to me or tell you if you can’t see.”

She stops to add a little more lubricant to her hand. When she starts back in, she has regressed a little, almost as if she forgot where she left off. But soon she catches up, and now she is slowly stroking my entire cock with her hand, engulfing it with a loose fist. I watch as my cock head emerges from the fist and then disappears again, and I feel the pleasure course through me.

“The men will take their time with me at first, stripping me slowly, caressing my body, my tits, my ass. They will gently push me to my knees and I will start giving blow jobs. Someone will grab me from the back, lift me up, and fuck my pussy from behind.”

Slowly she picks up the speed, watching my face intently; picking a rhythm that maximizes my pleasure. Her hand glides across my cock, feeling all the contours. I feel my balls begin to tighten slightly. I push myself forward slightly, trying for more contact. She grins at me.

“Eventually they will maneuver me around so someone will be fucking me in the ass too. I will have three cocks in me, one fucking my cunt, one fucking my pussy, and one fucking my mouth. I will stretch my palms out and someone will spread lubricant on them. I will make them into loose circles and two more guys will fuck my fists, giving themselves hand jobs, just like you now.”

She brings her other hand into play now, running it over my ass cheeks, around by rectum, and over my balls. She squeezes them as they tighten some more. My whole body begins to tense up and I feel like I will explode. My breathing quickens as I imagine her getting used by four other guys while I am getting a hand job.

“They will come all over me, knowing you will clean it up with your mouth and tongue. But they won’t be ready for that yet. They will swap places and take me for another round, while you continue to be abused by the women”

I feel myself reaching the point of no return, and I try to relax as much as possible to make it last as longer, but my body takes over. My muscles contract and my balls start pumping. I can feel the semen rushing up my cock. She feels it too.

“He will be a spectator, watching the action and resting. He will let it continue a little longer. Then he will make you lick me clean. After he is satisfied he will tie you down to the bed. He will take me to the other room and fuck me. You listen to the rhythmic bumping of the bed against the wall, my screams of pleasure, his roars of orgasm all night long…”

I bellow into the gag as my come shoots several feet in the first spurt. She gently rips the leather ring off of my cocks and balls. My second wave goes almost as far. She loosens my gag and I roar a third time with release. She reaches down milks me with her hand, daring me to come more and more. I look at her as I yell again and again with pleasure as I continue to spurt my come. Time seems to slow.

Finally my cocks falters. She slacks off as my dick becomes limp. I collapse as best I can, hanging from the straps. I am spent, exhausted, satiated, and satisfied. I want to do nothing more than rest while my beautiful wife waits for me, and then give her all the pleasure she deserves.

I hear something. I am woken from my reverie by the sound of movement in the next room. I hear footsteps. I turn my head and look into her eyes and see shock, anticipation, excitement and surprise.

The door bursts open…

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