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Unexpected Views

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Omar and Barry were my neighbors in DC before they moved to California 10 years back.

They lived in my building complex and we hit it off immediately after meeting at a mutual friend’s dinner party.

Barry and I quickly connected over our love of team sports. At nearly 6ft, he was a big man but surprisingly agile on the field. He joined my soccer team.

Barry was also a very handsome man with a thick rugby player build that I got an eyeful of whenever he stripped off his soccer jersey to reveal his muscular back and well as his torso and chest which were covered in thick brown curls. He had short buzzed salt and pepper hair, a square jaw, and steely blue eyes. Omar was a handsome guy too. He did more solitary activities like long distance running and swimming. Since we were never on a team together I got fewer glimpses of his body and he always made an effort to stay covered up—even at the beach! But it was clear he was in good shape from the way his clothes hung on him. While Barry was outgoing and talkative in any setting, Omar was a little more reserved. Omar was harder to read than Barry but over time we became good friends as well. People who didn’t know him sometimes construed his reserved nature for aloofness, but he was a sincere friend who I think just found it easier to have one-on-one conversations. While they were certainly easy on the eyes I had never entertained any thoughts beyond that with them. The affection I shared with them bordered on brotherly.

They now lived in the Santa Cruz mountains about 1 ½ hours south of San Francisco. I had visited them a couple of times and stayed at their place, which was a modest sized but gorgeous modern ranch house that had spectacular views from the bed rooms of which there were two.

It was oddly situated up above the road. Like other neighboring houses you had to park your car on the side of the road below and make your way up a wide two story wooden staircase that left you at the back of the property. A stone path alongside the property fence wound slightly uphill and brought you around to the front door. The views from the guest room which was next to the main bedroom were amazing—you looked out at a seemingly endless expanse of Redwood trees that disappeared into the fog that rolled in. And the place was totally private with trees blocking the views from the road.

I had stayed a week each of the two times I had stayed with them and more or less had the house to myself to decompress since Omar and Barry were out much of the day. Omar was a professor at UC Santa Cruz in Economics and Barry worked at an education focused start-up down in Santa Cruz. I would run into town myself for a change of pace whenever I needed to, so I was never bored and we always made dinner together. It had been a couple of years since I had last visited.

This past fall I had a conference to attend in Santa Cruz for work. I called Barry and Omar to see if I could stay with them.

“Of course” said Omar on the other end of the line.

“But I hope you’re okay on the couch” he started. “We’ve rented out the guest room to a kid who attends UC Santa Cruz. His name is Noah. He’s the son of on one of Barry’s friends from the neighborhood where he grew up.

I had to admit that I was a little disappointed to be displaced from “my” room with a view. But I would only be out there for a few days.

“No problem,” I answered trying to sound nonchalant. “I’m just looking forward to seeing you guys.”

“Great!” responded Omar. “And don’t worry about Noah, he’s a nice kid and he won’t be in your way.”

“Cool,” I said, “It’ll be great to catch up.”

“I’ll let Barry know you are coming. He’ll be thrilled.” Omar replied.

I arrived for my visit a few weeks later.

After flying into SFO early in the morning, I headed down the coast to Barry and Omar’s place. My goal was to get there before 11am when Omar said he had to head down to campus for a class. I was supposed to meet two other colleagues later that day to get ready for our presentation at the conference the next day. I figured I would get settled in and head out quickly to meet up with them.

I made it up to their house with only about 15 minutes to spare. When I got there to their house, I parked my car below and made my way up the staircase, around the path and to the doorway.

I rang the bell.

Omar answered the door with a big smile. “Hey! You made it! Come on in.”

After a quick hug he grabbed my carry-on suitcase and we walked inside. It had been an early flight and I was beat. I sunk down into the sofa of their living room while Omar went to get me a glass of water from the kitchen.

“How was your flight?” Omar asked when he returned and handed me the glass.

“No problems. But it’s just so long when you fly from the East Coast.” I answered, loosening my tie.

“I know what you mean. It’s like you lose a whole day in transit.” He asked about the ride down and started to ask about my conference the next day. I noticed Omar look at his watch nervously as we caught up.

“Sorry buddy,” he said. “I gotta get down to campus for my class.”

“Let me get you some towels and stuff. I hope that it’s okay that we catch up later when I get back and I’m not so rushed.”

“No worries,” I replied. “But we may have to wait to catch up till the morning. I need to meet some colleagues to go over the presentation so I think it’s going to be a late night. I doubt that I will be back before 11.”

“Not a problem.” Omar replied. “We stay up pretty late.

As he left the living room to go down the hall, he added “Hey. I’m sorry to put you on the couch too. I know how much you love the view from the guest room.”

As he came back he yelled “Hey Noah. I’m heading out. If you want a ride we need to go NOW.”

I heard a voice answer, “I’ll be right there,” and then I heard some things being moved around in the guest room which was just off the living room.

“Kids these days,” Omar said with a slight laugh as came to the sofa and handed me the towel and sheets he had brought back.

“Don’t worry. He won’t get in your way,” he said.

“He’s the son of one of Barry’s oldest friends. We hadn’t thought of renting the room out. But he just transferred here and needed a cheap place while he got settled. He looked around and all he found in his price range were dumps so his dad asked about the possibility of him renting out the room. We just figured it would work out for us, since our schedules don’t overlap so much during the day and we are always looking for someone to house sit during the semester vacations. It’s actually worked out pretty well so far. He mostly keeps to himself. He’s a little on the quiet side.”

As he finished his sentence, Noah emerged from the guest room in just a pair of board shorts.

As he got closer I got a good look at him. He looked like he was in his early 20s, with a head of light brown curls tucked under a backwards baseball cap and the fullest, most erotic lips I had ever seen. I guessed that he was maybe an inch or two taller than me. He had a lean athletic body with nicely defined muscles—clearly in shape but not ripped. His arms and legs where covered in light hair. And there was a thin dusting of hair on his chest that trailed in an even thinner line running down his torso where it ended in a triangle of thicker hair that disappeared under the top of his shorts.

Hanging from his neck was a silver cross.

In one hand he had his backpack and the other hand held what looked like a shirt.

I felt myself gulp as I took in the sight.

As he came into the living room and saw me, he let out a “Sorry,” under his breath. He set his pack down and started to lift his shirt over his head. I got a great look at the tufts of man hair under his arms. That part of a man always turned me on. I loved the way under-arm hair sometimes peeked out next to a hot man’s biceps.

I tended to generally drift to older men closer to my age but this kid had my attention.

I noticed the way his board shorts hugged his ass. The shirt he put on turned out to be a red and blue striped tank top. As it settled on his body, it only better outlined his sinewy arms and broad shoulders.

I tried not to stare.

I only became aware that Omar was still in the room with us when he made introductions.

“Scott. Noah. Noah. Scott. Noah is the one whole “stole” your room.”

Noah and I just looked at each other dumbly not knowing what to say.

Finally he spoke. “Sorry.”

I reached out to shake his hand. His hand felt good in mine.

I looked at him.

He averted his eyes and gently released the handshake.

Omar who had started putting on his jacket said “If we don’t connect tonight, we’ll have time to catch up in the morning. My class isn’t until 3pm tomorrow. Barry is going to work from home tomorrow too. So you won’t be back till 11 or so?”

“Something like that,” I replied. “I can’t imagine we will be done any earlier.”

And with that, he and Noah moved to the door.

I watched as they headed out. Noah pulled the door behind them.

As the door closed, his lifted his head and I caught his gaze.

The door closed shut.

I felt a steady warmth course through my body.

The guest room may have been occupied but I was certainly enjoying the “sights.”

I opened my carry-on and started to unbutton my shirt to relax. I had just slid it off and was standing there in slacks and the wife-beater that I had on underneath when I heard keys in the front door and saw the door open.

Noah came in and. He paused for a moment when he saw me. I felt nearly naked under his clearly embarrassed gaze.

“Sorry. Forgot a book.”

And with that he turned his increasingly red face to the floor and headed to the guest room.

I stripped off my wife-beater and there I stood with my hairy chest exposed. For a nearly 40 year old, I took some pride in being in good shape. My solid, thick torso was covered in fur. I spent at least three days a week either at the gym or swimming or cycling or playing soccer. I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

Noah came back out of his room with the book under his arm. I followed him with my eyes as he went back out the front door. He didn’t look up once.

“Poor kid. Bet he wasn’t expecting that” I thought as I smiled to myself.

I took a quick shower before I headed out to grab something to eat on the way to meet my colleagues. Based on our conversations from the previous week we knew were in for a long afternoon and evening.

It was hard for me focus while we worked. I had Noah’s hot little ass on my mind. I thought again about him standing there shirtless in the living room at Omar’s and Barry’s. Every time the image came to my mind my dick would harden in my pants.

My colleagues caught me day dreaming a couple of times that afternoon and got me back on task. It turned out that one of them had actually pulled a bunch of the presentation together on his computer on the flight over. We decided we could break at 7pm, hours ahead of time, so that we could get some rest. We had all flown in earlier that day.

I’m sure we were all glad to check out early for the day. We agreed to put some finishing touches on the presentation the next morning before the conference started.

I got in the rental car to head back to the Omar and Barry’s. As I started to drive back into the forested area at the foot of the Santa Cruz mountains I tried to call them to give them a heads up that I was coming back early in case they wanted to come down and meet me for some food.

I tried to call a couple of times but the reception wasn’t great as soon as I was in the trees and the call didn’t go through.

As I pulled up to their car park, I tried once more just to give them even a last minute heads up, only to have it go directly to voicemail.

I parked the car and pulled my bags out of the trunk. As I started up the stairs, I smelled how crisp the air felt and noticed that except for the passing cars below how quiet the area was. It was dark and the night sky was lit up with stars.

I unlatched the gate at the top of the stairs and started up the path along side the wooden fence that marked the property.

The house came into view and I could see that there was a light on in the master bedroom.

As I looked again, I saw two forms and as I got closer to the house I could see that it was Omar and Barry.

Barry was sitting on the bed in a robe.

And Omar was wearing a pair of black bikini briefs.

And nothing else.

I could see his hard flat torso as he walked over to the mirror on their dresser and rubbed his abdomen running his fingers through his thick hairy “happy trail.”

I stopped in my tracks. Hidden along the side of the fence with bushes blocking me from view, I was stunned.

Barry motioned for Omar to come to him. When he did he started to rub Omar’s swelling cock in his briefs.

Taking in this amazing view, I felt my own cock start to swell in my pants.

As I wondered if I should head back down to the car Omar stepped closer toward Barry who had gotten up from the bed and kissed him. His hand slid down to the belt of Barry’s robe and undid the knot and pulled it through the loops. He dropped it to the floor and Barry’s robe opened slightly at the top to reveal a little more of the thick, dark curls on his chest.

Barry reached for Omar and pulled him to him and kissed his lips gently. They stared intently into each other’s eyes.

The second time they kissed was much more forceful. Barry grabbed the back of Omar’s neck and pulled him closer. They stood there like, staring in each other’s eyes, stopping to kiss deeply and passionately and stopping to gaze some more. Smiling at Barry, Omar moved slightly to his left and pulled open the robe to reveal more of Barry’s chest. I watched as Omar ran his fingers through Barry’s chest hair and Barry smiled clearly enjoying it. He took Omar’s hand to his face and slowly brought it to his face. I stared as he inserted Omar’s thumb into his mouth, closed his eyes and began to suck on it. After a few moments he removed it and brought Omar’s thumb to his nipple. Omar flicked his thumb across it and Barry closed his eyes and let his head hang slightly back. He was in heaven. A nipple man myself, I knew what it felt like to have a man touch that hot spot.

I felt my cock fully erect in my jeans.

Omar took his thumb off Barry’s nipple, smiled at him and then lowered his mouth to the level of Barry’s nipple and he started to flick his tongue across it.

After a minute, he put his full mouth on Barry’s nipple and slurped. First gently and then a little more eagerly. Barry’s mouth opened in pleasure. He wrapped his hand around the back of Omar’s neck and pulled his head closer to him. As his legs spread slightly as he stood, the robe came open fully and I got a glimpse of Barry’s lower torso and groin. I was not disappointed.

Like I mentioned before, Barry was a bull of a man. Thick body and torso.

His bush was full of dark curls that trailed off up his chest and down his trunk like legs.

Barry’s cock jutted out fully erect, wrist thick and uncut.

I loved hairy men.

As I watched I imagined the feel of Barry’s cock filling my mouth to the fullest, rubbing the underside of his hairy balls as I let it slide in and out of my mouth while I gripped it and jerked it with my other hand.

My cock was rock hard. My hand had wandered up my own hairy torso and my fingers were working my own nipples.

The door to the bedroom opened.

Stunned, I watched as Noah entered the room. All he was wearing was his crucifix and pair of dark blue bikini briefs lined in yellow.

What had I stumbled on to?

At first it looked like Barry and Omar didn’t realize they had company because they kept at it. But eventually Barry turned to see Noah and acknowledged him with a nod and a smile. And to my surprise the young man walked right up to Barry and kissed him gently on the mouth.

He then kept kissing him longer and harder as he ran his hands through Barry’s chest hair. Omar had taken his mouth off Barry’s nipple and now all three faced each other with Barry in the middle and Omar and the Noah on either side of him. I saw their lips move mouthing words. Omar leaned in to kiss Noah and Barry soon joined them. I watched these three beautiful men make out.

I stayed hidden in the shadows but had started to unbutton the fly of my jeans to free my straining dick.

My cock had tented in my white briefs and there was a thick wad of pre cum where my piss-hole met the fabric.

I watched as Omar and Noah moved their mouths down to Barry’s nipples and sucked on them. My cock throbbed at the sight. I had a couple of the graduate students whom I had shared a beer with at the local university pub over for some fun a few weeks before and I remembered the charge that went through my body as they worked my hairy nipples with their mouths before they let me fill their eager young holes with my hairy cock. It hadn’t been the first time.

But this was my first time watching three men go at it live.

As Noah continued to work Barry’s right nipple, Omar started to pull off his briefs that that had been straining against his erect cock. He watched Noah continue to work on Barry’s nipple as he slid them down his legs. I admired his hairy ass and muscular legs. His thick treasure trail of black hair led down to his own beautiful bush with his thin, long cock at full mast poking out.

Barry smiled as he looked at Omar while he continued to hold Noah’s mouth to his nipple. Noah smiled at Omar too. It’s wasn’t clear if Barry and Noah were taunting him or smiling at him. Noah and Barry kissed as they looked at Omar again.

Omar just stood there with his back almost fully turned to me.

But I could certainly still see Barry and Noah.

Barry sat back on the bed behind him and spread his legs. His impressive cock sat there like a tent pole. Noah got on the floor on all fours and moved his face closer to Barry’s hairy groin. He looked up at Omar and then slowly licked the side of Barry’s meaty cock from the base all the way to the top. He did this a few more times as he looked up at Barry. But Barry was staring at Omar.

Maybe because he wanted Barry’s attention or maybe it was because he just wanted that fat cock in his mouth, Noah took his mouth and let it hover over the tip of Barry’s cock for a second.

And then he lovingly took Barry’s cock into his mouth and slowly brought his lips to the base so that it looked like he was inhaling Barry’s bush. Barry threw his head back at that move. But as Noah continued to slowly suck on his cock, Barry looked at Omar who was still standing watching the scene. Omar moved closer to the bed with his dick in hand. As Noah continued to slurp on Barry’s dick, Omar came close enough to Barry to line up his dick with Barry’s mouth.

Gently grabbing the back on Barry’s head he inserted into Barry’s mouth as Barry closed his eyes. It was an awesome sight. My hand was slowly milking my cock, mixing in some spit with the copious pre cum that I always leaked during sex. I half took off the t-shirt I was wearing and flipped it over my head so it ended up around my neck.

As I worked my cock I continued to watch the amazing scene unfolding in front of me. Omar had more forcefully started pounding his cock into Barry’s mouth, still holding the back of his head. And Barry had started rubbing Noah’s hole through his underwear as he continued to get serviced by him.

Noah’s was clearly enjoying the attention that his ass was receiving because he was wiggling it back and forth to meet Barry’s hand. Barry must have noticed because he started to pull Noah’s underwear over the rump of his ass so that he direct access to Noah’s hole. I didn’t see his finger go in but I’m sure it did because Noah bucked a bit at one point. I saw the rest of Barry’s hand grip his ass as he continued to finger Noah’s crack.

Barry maneuvered Noah’s underwear over his cock and down to his calves. Noah was still on all fours so I couldn’t get a clear view of his cock.

Barry stood up from the bed. Omar moved to stand next to him and put his arm around Barry’s waist.

Noah was up on his knees in front of the two older men. With his back fully to me I got a full look at his backside. Noah had a beautiful ass. There was no denying it.

His butt was lined with curls of hair.

I lost sight of Omar and Barry’s cocks as Noah and his head full of curls blocked my view. But I watched it start to bob up and down as Barry and Omar’s looked down appreciatively with their arms around each other waists.

Omar whispered something in Barry’s ear. Barry kissed him and said something to Noah who stopped servicing them.

Barry and Omar moved aside to let Noah up onto the edge of the bed on all fours. Omar took off Noah’s underwear, held it to his nose for second and dropped it on the floor.

So hot.

Barry spread Noah’s legs.

He knelt down on his knees and lined his mouth up with Noah’s asshole and then he inserted his tongue into Noah’s ass crack. I could see the smile on Noah’s face. Barry grabbed both of Noah’s ass checks and spread them wide. It gave him easier access to put his whole mouth in there and go to town. As Barry worked his ass, Noah reached back with his hand to grab the back of Barry’s head to pull him in deeper– no doubt to better eat him out. Omar got up on the bed on his knees and offered Noah his cock which he eagerly took in his mouth and started to suck. Omar reached down to play with Noah’s nipples.

While Noah continued to suck on Omar, Barry switched back and forth between licking Noah’s hole and inserting his finger into it. The sight of Barry’s finger disappearing into Noah’s hole was so erotic. My cock was now throbbing in my hand. If I hadn’t paced myself, I would have shot my load right then.

After a while Barry walked over to the night stand and pulled something out of the top drawer. As he got back to where he had been on his knees I realized that he had a condom in one hand and some lube in the other.

He dropped the lube on the bed as he pulled open the condom wrapper and placed it on the tip of his thick cock and rolled it down to the base. He popped open the tube of lube and put some on two fingers which he inserted into Noah’s hole. Noah looked back and smiled as he took Barry’s fingers into his ass and went back to sucking on Omar’s cock and licking his balls while he jerked him.

Barry grabbed the lube again and squirted some directly onto his sheathed dick and rubbed it all over. I took the magnificent sight of this beast of a man. I salivated over his hairy hard belly. His beefy build was a dream. I would have buried my face in his chest hair. And now I was going to watch him mount this young stud.

He moved over to line his cock up with Noah’s ass. Grabbing Noah at the waist, he pulled him closer to the edge of the bed and had one leg up on the bed and one still on the floor. Noah took the same position as Barry. Omar’s dick had popped out of Noah’s mouth as Barry moved him.

I got a full side view as Barry eased his cock into Noah’s ass. He filled him to the hilt without any resistance from Noah. I got the impression that this wasn’t the first time Barry had mounted him.

Barry began to slowly pump his hips while he kept his hands on Noah’s waist. Nice long thrust. The kind where every inch of your ass feels alive receiving cock.

Omar watched for a few moments and then he offered Noah’s mouth his cock again.

And there they stood, three beautiful men fucking like animals. They changed positions several times, with the only constant that Noah was in the middle. Omar had his turn on Noah’s ass with Noah on his back. Noah reached up to play with Omar’s nipples as he sucked on Barry’s cock. And then Omar took him on all fours while Barry kissed Noah long and hard. Barry had a turn with Noah on his back while Noah ran his fingers all through his chest hair and the hair on his abdomen and Omar kissed him. At some point Barry had Noah straddle his cock facing him while Omar kissed Noah and licked his nipples. Barry then had Noah mount his dick again at some point in a reverse cowboy position– Barry sitting on the edge of the bed and Noah mounting his dick in his lap with his back to Barry. And Omar got in front and sucked on Noah’s cock for the first time, lovingly taking him deep into his mouth as Barry fucked him from behind and kissed Noah over his shoulders. This last position was too much for me to hold back. As I watched this lanky young kid receive the full attention of these two amazingly handsome masculine older men, I started to feel the pressure in my cock build. Noah was in heaven and I was getting there myself.

I shot a thick wad of seemingly endless cum that sprayed all over the fence.

A moment or two later as my body recovered from quivering. I watched as Omar took Noah’s cock out of his mouth and jerked it as Noah began to shoot his young stud load all over Omar’s face. It was quite a load of thick spurts. As he finished, Noah collapsed backwards onto to Barry who wrapped his thick hairy arms around Noah’s torso and continued to kiss him until Noah’s heaving body slowly became still.

At that point, Noah broke into a smile and started to laugh as he lay there like a used rag doll.

Slowly he pulled himself up of Barry’s cock.

He lay on the bed next to Barry, who ran his fingers across Noah’s chest.

Barry got up off the bed and pulled Noah’s so his head hung off the side of the bed rather than the foot. They were in full profile to where I was standing now.

Barry pulled off the condom he had on his magnificent, hairy dick and then he offered Noah his cock, which Noah gladly took in his mouth with head hung off the bed. He reached up and grabbed Barry’s hairy ass with both hands and Barry continued to slowly pump Noah’s mouth.

Omar had gotten up on the bed. The condom he had put on earlier was still in place on his cock. He got between Noah’s legs and lifted them up on his shoulders while he inserted his cock. Noah raised his hand to brace himself against Omar’s chest. Omar eased on in where Barry’s cock had been a few moments ago.

And then they begin to fuck.

They moved in one mass.

I could feel my cock hardening again taking in this sight.

After some initial slow thrusts, both Barry’s and Omar picked up the tempo.

It was amazing to watch as they pounded Noah from different directions.

And Noah kept up with them. Not once did Barry’s dick pop out of his mouth and not once did he motion for Omar to stop.

They kept it up for a few moments longer and then I watched as Barry’s gave one more thrust into Noah’s sweet mouth-he stood in place as he emptied his pent up seed into it. Not a drop fell out of Noah’s mouth. Omar kept up his thrusts for about 30 seconds longer before I watched his body convulse and shake as he too deposited his load deep inside Noah. When he stopped trembling he moved Noah’s legs off his shoulders and slowly withdrew his cock still covered in a condom full with thick cum.

He rolled it off and headed to the bathroom off the bedroom.

Barry who had finally pulled his cock out of Noah’s mouth, reached down to lift Noah’s dangling head and lifted it as he turned Noah’s body so that it was now fully on the bed.

He reached down to kiss him as he once again ran his fingers across Noah’s chest. Each time he hit Noah’s nipples, Noah shuddered and smiled.

Omar came back out of the bathroom and sat down next to Noah and Barry on the bed. All three were smiling, spent.

I wondered how long this had been going on.

The ease with which they moved together made me think that they had shared a lot of nights like this.

After about five minutes, Noah finally got up off the bed. Barry slapped his ass playfully as Noah gathered his underwear. Noah’s flinched for a moment under the slap, but a smile quickly spread across his face.

I waited about 20 minutes to give Barry and Omar some time to relax, cover up and be presentable–I didn’t want to surprise them. They weren’t expecting me for close to another 3 hours.

When they didn’t make a move to get up, I headed to the front door anyway since the night air was only getting colder with each passing minute.

It took a few minutes before I heard feet moving towards the door after I rang it.

Barry opened the door and clearly looked surprised to see me there. He had on his robe and I could see his thick, dark, wet chest hair peeking up over the collar.

“Scott! Oh hey!” he said. “We weren’t expecting you till late.”

“I know,” I said trying hard to maintain eye contact. “We got finished much earlier than expected. I tried to call you guys to see if you wanted to meet me for dinner but I couldn’t get reception. I figured it would be all right to head back early. Just pulled up.”

It sounded strange and forced as I said.

Barry had a strange look on his face in response.

“Come on in,” he said. “It’s great to see you. Did you have a good flight? I thought we wouldn’t get a chance to catch up till tomorrow morning. Omar’s been reading. He was wondering who was at the door at this hour. We don’t get a lot of visitors and he said you weren’t heading back till late. I’ll tell him you’re here.”

I settled myself on the couch.

A few minutes late Omar came out in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

Barry and Omar’s sat down on the love-seat next to me. Omar looked calm and relaxed while Barry kept asking if I needed anything.

“Early night?” asked Omar.

“Yeah,” I said, “It turns out that one of my colleagues finished more of the presentation than I realized.”

We got into a conversation about my trip, the presentation we were giving and our friends in DC.

But after about a half hour it was clear that they were fading. I didn’t want to keep them. They both looked a little tired and given the “workout” I had just witnessed, I certainly understood why.

I told them they could head to bed and that I was happy to watch a little TV before I went to sleep. I think they were happy that I made the offer to excuse them.

They headed back to their room.

I flicked on the TV and started to watch some shows. I realized that I was hoping that Noah might come out of his room. He hadn’t stepped out once while I was catching up with Barry and Omar. A couple of hours later, I started to find myself fading as well. I flicked off the TV and started to pull out and make the sofa bed.

I started to pull off my t-shirt and had stripped off my pants when I heard the guest room door open. I was down to my wife beater and white briefs when Noah walked out of the room and headed to the kitchen. Somewhat disappointingly he had on a t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts.

It was hard to believe that this kid had been such an enthusiastic sexual hedonist a few hours back.

“Hey Noah,” I offered by way of an attempt to start a conversation.

A little startled, he responded with “Oh hey. I thought you were coming back later.”

And now he was looking at me fully. And there was no escaping my near nakedness.

Without thinking about it I stripped off my wife beater. I usually just slept in my briefs.

“Yeah, we finished early,” I replied.

He stared at me. I was trying to figure out what his gaze was settling on. He seemed to be looking at my hairy chest.

“Oh,” he replied. “Okay.”

He moved back towards the kitchen, filled a glass of water and started drinking it as he headed back to his room.

He shut the door.

I don’t know what I had expected to happen.

He didn’t know me from Adam.

Disappointed, I got settled in the sofa-bed and turned the light out.

Unfortunately as I expected, the sofa-bed wasn’t nearly as comfortable as the bed I was used to in the guest room.

I spent a good half hour tossing and turning on the creaky springs which were louder than I anticipated.

As I slowly started drifting to sleep, I heard the guest room door open and saw a shaft of light flood the hallway.

I heard footsteps.

As I craned to look up over the sofa, I saw Noah standing there in just his boxer shorts.

Even in the low light his body looked amazing. It was hard to look at him nearly naked and not to think about him bucking between Barry and Omar a few hours back.

He approached the couch.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” I replied.

“Sorry to make you sleep on that creaky old couch. It’s probably not that comfortable, is it?” said Noah.

“It’s all right,” I replied as I propped myself up, exposing my chest.

“Well I feel bad kicking you out of your bed. Omar told me you usually have the guest room when you visit,” said Noah.

This was more than he had said to me all day.

“Yeah, but it’s no big deal.” I replied. “It’s just for a few days.”

“Oh, okay,” he replied.

He grew quiet for minute.

“Uh, if you want you can come and share the bed in the guest room with me,” offered Noah. ” It’s big enough for the two people. It’s probably a whole lot more comfortable than out here.”

I was too startled to react, but I could feel my dick getting hard under the sheets as Noah waited for my response.

“Um, I think I’m good out here,thanks” I meekly replied.

“Oh, okay,” Noah responded nonchalantly.

He casually rubbed his abdomen. My dick got harder.

“Um, well if you change your mind, you know where the room is.” Noah said.

And with that he went back to his room.

“Okay,” I replied, but I think only I heard it.

I lay there on the bed with my hands behind my head.

I lay there taking in what had just happened. I tried to close my eyes and go to sleep, but images of Noah with his mouth full of Barry’s cock and his ass full of Omar’s cock kept flooding into my head. I imagined what my cock would feel like in his tight hairy hole. I thought about what his nipples would feel like under my tongue. And the nastiest of all, I thought about what he would look like servicing Barry, Omar and me at the same time.

My cock was rock hard again.

I took off the covers, and then I got up and gathered them up under one arm and my pillow under my other arm.

With my cock straining against my briefs and a wad of pre-cum soaking the front of them, I quietly made my way to the door of the guest room, which was slightly ajar.

Taking one last breadth for courage, I slowly opened the door. The light was off inside the room and closed it behind me.

At first I couldn’t see much.

And then, as my eyes adjusted, I made out a form on the bed in the center of the room.

There lay Noah, on his stomach with his face turned away from the door, with his legs spread slightly apart, with his boxers pulled down to his ankles, revealing his beautiful ass.


To be continued…

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