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Ruining the Mother-in-Law

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Circumstance meant the together with my wife and step-daughter we had to move into her parents’ house for a couple of months. It was a tight squeeze and left many difficult moments in a small bungalow – her father being a miserable bastard who refused to speak to me. Her mother, Pam, was a good looking woman. She had got pregnant at the age of 16 and therefore was not that much older than us.

How she put up with her husband for 45 years escaped me. There had been the occasional rumour that she was playing around but she appeared to be content. She was one of the very friendly types – very touchy feely, always keen to kiss me and to sit fractions too close. She had kept her figure well and was prone to show it off whenever possible.

I returned home one day mid-morning. Walking down the side of the house I noticed that Pam was in the bathroom and appeared, through the frosted glass to be naked. I wandered into the house and noticed that the bathroom door was not shut fully. Feeling mischievous I wandered into the bathroom on the pretence of needing the toilet.

Pam did not scream and shout, just covered her amble breasts with one arm and her pussy with the other hand and moved towards the door in the hope of closing it before I was fully in the room. However, by now I was standing in front of her and closing the door behind me. She stood stock still and looked me in the face.

Slowly I moved her left arm away from her breasts and placed it at her side at which point she slowly moved her right hand away from her neatly trimmed pussy and stood before me in total nakedness.

Reaching forward I cupped her amble right breast in my hand and bending forward I gently took her nipple into my mouth. Pam let out a gently long sigh and relaxed her shoulders a little. I released her nipple and kissed her on the lips. First there was a little resistance but slowly her mouth opened and her tongue sort mine.

I broke from our increasingly passionate kiss and looked her in her eyes. She had a look of wanton abandonment.

“On your knees,” I spoke firmly and slowly.

Making a pillow out of the Bath Sheet next to her she assumed the commanded position as I unbuckled my jeans and slid them and my boxers down to reveal my firm cock. A few seconds passed and Pam reached out for my cock.

“No hands, just your mouth,” and she slowly dropped her arms, and gently kissed the tip of my cock. Slowly Pan rocked forward and engulfed my cock to midway in her mouth and then slowly withdrew.

Placing my hands on the head I guided myself back into her wanton mouth and started to fuck her lips with long even strokes.

Keeping a good pressure she relaxed and let me do all the work and till I felt my seed start to build up and, pushing my cock deep into her mouth, I pumped my seed deep into her mouth.

Pam sat back with her mouth firmly closed and looked at me with big soulful eyes.

“Swallow!” I demanded and with one gulp it was gone.

I hauled up my trousers and left the bathroom. I paused just outside the door but all I heard was the shower switching on. Pam finally appeared after about 20 minutes and all she gave me was a weak smile and not a word was said.

About a week later I had cause to give Pam a lift in my car. The journey there was undertaken in complete silence but on the way back she finally spoke of our encounter.

“We should not have done it,” she spoke in a quiet voice.

“It was wrong,” she followed with quickly.

I pulled off the road into a dark car park and looked at her. I bent across and gently kissed her on the lips while my hand sort out her breast and my thumb her nipple.

Pam leant over towards me and we started to kiss, slowly and passionately. She rested a hand over my rapidly hardening cock and started to massage me through my clothes.

I firmly pushed her back into the passenger seat and undid my trousers and pushed them, together with my boxers, down to my knees.

“You know what to do,” was all that I said.

Pam leaned forward and took my cock deep into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down as see sucked for all she was worth.

Slowly my cock began to swell and soon my hot seed was again pumping into her mouth and down her throat. I wiped the last of my cum and her saliva from my cock and dressed myself again.

Leaning over to kiss her I unlocked our lips and whispered gently to her.

“Next time your pussy is mine,” Pam gave a sharp intake of breathe, I started the car and drove her home – again not a word was said for many days.

I volunteered to walk the dog on a warm summers evening. As soon as I was out of the drive Pam came hurriedly out after me and offered to keep me company. Her husband was already asleep in a chair and my wife was watching television. We walked and chatted about nothing of any substance until we had gone along the riverbank a good way. I stopped to admire the view, the dog sat waiting and Pam stood next to me with her summers’ dress gently swirling in the breeze.

I tied the dog to a nearly post and slipped my arms around Pam’s waist and rested my hands on her ass.

“Do you want me to suck you?” she whispered.

“I told you last time, this time I fuck you,” was a response she did not want to hear.

“Please no not that,” she pleaded softly.

“You gave up the option of choice the first time you sucked me,” came a stern reply.

“Now take off your panties!” I ordered.

“I will take you by force if I must,” her eyes cast downwards

Continuing to look down she simply whispered “Oh God” and reached under her skirt and pushed her white cotton panties to the ground.

“Lay on the grass,” I commanded.

She hesitated.

“Now!” I barked and with this she slowly sat down on the warm grass

I pulled her panties from her ankles and threw them to one side.

Pushing her onto her back I thrust her dress up to her waist and admired the sight before me. Her neatly trimmed pussy was just asking to be brutalised. I forced her legs apart and ran a finger over her slit. A warm wet pussy opened up to accept my finger and a little cry merged from her lips.

I moved forward so that our lips we nearly touching and whilst still playing with her increasingly wet pussy, “I suggest that you make every effort to enjoy this and it will make it much easier for you.”

I separated her legs further so her wet cunt was wide open and available.

With this I pushed my trousers down took aim with my very hard cock and drove deep into her most private of places.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” she cried and I buried myself deep into her. Then, wrapping her arms around my neck, she begged me to fuck hard and make her cum.

“Please, please take me!” she cried.

“Fuck me hard!” she wailed.

The harder I fucked her, the tighter her arms became around my neck.

“Oh please, oh please, oh please,” she repeated like a chant.

I broke her grip around my neck and lifted her ankles so that they were over my shoulders and she was bent double.

I slowly withdrew my cock until just the tip was in contact with her ravaged pussy and looked her deep in the eyes.

“Oh god,” she cried as I drove the full length home into her sopping cunt

I withdrew again and positioned myself carefully. I knew I would cum soon. By now Pam had her arms spread wide, head bent back, her eyes closed and a slow moan came from her red lips.

I drove in for a third time. This time, keeping my cock deep inside her, my seed flowing in one long stream deep into her. She threw her arms around my neck.

“I’m cumming, I’m cummingggggg,” she wailed as I withdrew my cock, released her legs and rolled off onto my back.

I lay there looking up at a cloudless blue sky and heard her gently start to sob.

Without looking I reached out and gently stroked her hair before grapping a handful and dragging her head down to my cock.

“Lick me clean you whore!” With this she started to lick and suck me.

After giving her time to complete her chores I climbed to my feet and pulled up my boxers and trousers. I offered her a hand and hauled Pam to her feet.

She reached out for her panties.

“Leave them where they are,” I spoke firmly.

I reached for the dog, which by now was firmly asleep and set of for home with Pam hurrying behind me.

The weeks went by and our carnal activity had become regular. Pam has stopped wearing trousers so that her pussy was always easily available.

Her cock sucking skills had developed into a fine art – from a long slow lingering tease to a fast and furious drain she sucked on command and never failed to swallow.

Even when we moved out to our own home and left Pam and her man to their own devices she made herself available to me at any time and in any way I desired.

My wife never questioned why her mother was waiting for her in the kitchen as she returned from work. Fondly believing she had just got there. She certainly had just got to the kitchen. For the last hour she had been face down on the bed while I ploughed into her and filled her with my cum. But then I had known for some time that my wife was fucking a guy from work and that she much preferred to have no sexual contact with me.

Things progressed one afternoon. I had been eating her pussy for some while and Pam had risen and fallen to three orgasms. Each one louder that the last. Working on the fourth I slipped a finger deep into her anus. She came in an instant and from then on anal play was very much a part of our lovemaking. The finest way to cum is with your cock head in a woman’s mouth, her hand stroking your shaft and a finger deep in your anus gently milking your prostrate.

It took about four sessions of fingers and dildos before her ass was ready for my cock. I remember the scream as I forced my way into her and the tightness of passage as my cock slid in and out. As I finally came I remember her starting to plead.

“Don’t make me suck you,” but it was too late.

I grabbed her head and forced down to my cock and she gave up the fight and sucked me clean as usual.

By now fucking with me had become an obsession with Pam. Any opportunity she would do her utmost to get me inside her. She started to dress to please as well. High heels, stockings, lacy underwear – anything to please me. Even my wife ha commented on her mother’s new look.

The wife went away again for another “Conference” and I instructed Pam to be at the house at 7pm dressed in her best underwear.

Promptly she knocked on the door and I lead her straight into the kitchen where I slipped on an eye mask to completely blindfold her.

“Strip,” I whispered in her ear.

Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse and held it out for me.

“Just drop it,” I commanded.

Then she slowly unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her hips and on to the floor in a neat circle around her high heeled shoes.

“Now your bra,” and soon it was on the floor with her rest of her clothes.

“And lastly your panties,” She stood now in her shoes and stockings and slowly allowed me to guide her into the living room.

I stood behind her and cupped her large breasts whilst rolling my thumbs over her nipples. She rested her head, still blindfolded onto my shoulder and started to moan.

Pam pushed her ass back into my crotch and slowly ground her hips against me as I slid a hand down to her wet pussy and started to finger her clit.

I could feel her tensing up towards the first of many orgasms when I withdrew my and ordered her to her knees.

She dropped like a stone in expectation and was little surprised when I ripped the blindfold from her.

Sitting on the sofa in front of her was the naked, erect figure of Greg – “Cousin” Greg – her mother’s sister’s, daughter’s toy boy husband. Aged 32, 6 foot 3 inches tall, thin as a rake with a 7 in cock that was straining at the leash.

Greg and I had been lovers for about two years after I found his advert on an internet site. The first few meetings had been awkward but soon we were sucking each other’s cocks on a regular basis. It was in Greg’s ass that I had first honed the skills that Pam has come to love and I got a great deal of pleasure feeling him fill me up and shoot his load deep in me.

Pam was starting to struggle to her feet but I held her shoulders firmly.

“You will pleasure Greg in any way that I tell you too,” I spoke firmly

“Please no, please,” she pleaded

“Suck his cock,”


“Do it!” and I pushed her forward so her head fell into his lap

I stepped forward so that I was astride her and grabbed her hair, looking Greg in the eyes I barked

“Suck him,” and watched as Greg eyes opened slightly as she took his cock in her mouth.

I leant forward and kissed Greg fully on the mouth and found his tongue willing searching for mine. Feeling his hand encompass her cock I let out a gently moan as a signal for him to start stroking me.

Pam had stopped sucking and was staring in disbelief at us kissing. I stepped back and slammed my hand across the right cheek of her ass as a warming of things to come if she stopped again.

I moved forward once again this time pulling Greg forward until he had my cock between his lips and he proceeded to fellate me with all his vast ability.

Desperately trying to stop myself from cumming I pulled away and sat next to Greg, who still had Pam’s mouth attached to his cock. I dragged her from her duties and ordered her to suck me.

Greg watched the scene whilst gently stroking himself.

“Fuck her,” was all that was needed for him to get to his knees and position himself behind her.

While Pam gave out a long wail he drove his cock into her wet cunt with all his might, withdrew and plundered her a second time.

Slowly Greg built up a steady rhythm. I knew from my own plundered ass he could keep it up for some time.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” was all Pam could managed.

Each Ohhhhh timed to match each thrust. Seeing Greg’s cock sliding home was making me harder and harder.

“Give the girl a break,” I spoke firmly and Greg withdrew his long cock.

I positioned Pam on the sofa. Her feet high up on the back and her head hanging over the front edge.

Kneeling in front of her I slowly slid my cock deep into her mouth. This was a position we had used many times and so she was able the take most of me into her mouth. Greg, ever the one for an opportunity, positioned himself behind me and started to rub his cock head up and down my ass.

“Enter me,” was what he wanted to hear and he slowly introduced the head of his cock into my anus. I was in heaven. My cock deep in a warm throat and a cock in my rectum. Greg, his hands gripping my chest, slowly fucked me while I fucked Pam’s mouth with steady thrusts. Greg was being careful with him actions so I did not thrust too deep and make Pam choke.

“I’m going to cum soon,” whispered Greg in my ear.

“No wait! I had a better idea,” was my reply and with this Greg withdrew from my tight back passage.

“Lay on the floor.”

I kissed Pam, almost tenderly.

“Sit in Greg’s cock.”

Pam climbed up from her position on the sofa and slowly lowered herself on top the big hard member rising from the floor. Once he was firmly inside her she leant forward and braced herself for the double penetration of her cunt and ass.

I positioned myself behind and looked at the hard cock in her cunt and her awaiting ass. Pam was ready and waiting to feel the burning sensation of being buggered but I had a different plan. I slipped my cock down a bit so that it was parallel to Greg’s and forced my way into her wet pussy. Oh she would have double penetration tonight but it would be two cocks in her gapping pussy.

The sensation of a tight pussy and a throbbing cock rubbing against your own hard member is the finest there is. Slowly the two cock’s found a parallel rhythm and together we fucked the brains out of her.

I felt Greg’s cock start to twitch and I began the final spasms. Pam was silent but every time we rammed in she let would a gasp of air.

I knew I was in the final stages so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

A long cry of release followed as the two cocks simultaneously pumped the hot seed deep into her tired and sore cunt.

I withdrew and sat back on my haunches. Pam rolled onto her back, and Greg just lay there.

I looked at Pam, “Get dressed and go home,” was all I said.

She got up and looked at me – the look of a ruined woman and left the room.

Greg moved round and started to suck me clean as he always did after we had fucked. Once he was sure I was clean he too got up and walked out of the room. A little while later I heard the front door open and two people walk from the house.

I sat on the sofa for a moment and then reached up to the top of the bookcases that lined one wall of the room and lifted down the Video Camera that had been silently recording the whole event.

My marriage finally came to an end a few weeks later and I packed my belongings. I didn’t take much – just my clothes. I often wonder when my wife watched that romantic DVD that was her favourite and how long it took before she recognised the people in the new movie that was playing on her TV.

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