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Away from the Home

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“Going anywhere nice this month Mr. Tunny?” the nurse asked as she watched Harold get his coat on and head for the door

“Oh just for a stroll and maybe to the shops nurse” the old man smiled back as he put his hat on and went to kiss his wife goodbye before he went out.

Harold Tunny was 73 years old and lived with his 78 year old wife Angela in a cosy little retirement home, over the course of their lives they had made some good money and could have stayed in their house which was rather spacious,

but as they got older they had made the decision to sell it and move into a good home where Angela could get lots of care that she needed for her arthritis.

Harold, or Harry as friends knew him, was still in pretty good shape for his age, well by that I mean he still had his own teeth and apart from a few aches and pains didn’t have any major problems getting around, that was why he was allowed once a month to take a day out of the home and go and enjoy the town.

“Morning” Harry said tipping his hat to people who walked by him in the street, he had decided that today he was going to the park, it was a nice day out, bright sun and clear sky’s and he hadn’t been to sit on the benches for a month since he last left the home for a day out.

Sat on the bench Harry watched as some women went running by, his eyes watched their tight bum’s as they jogged on, a smile forming on his lips as his eye brows raised, they were not the only thing that started to raise too, in his pants Harry felt his cock stir a little too.

For a man of 73 Harry could still get his cock up without much trouble at all, ok it wasn’t as fast as when he was younger but still he did enjoy watching the young women around town, never passing up an opportunity to have a good look at their tight bodies in their revealing clothes, it was this sort of behaviour that had led Harry to have an affair many years ago with a younger woman, when he was 59 year’s old he had begun an affair with a woman of 25, but she had met someone else who he was told was also older then her, in the early 50’s range after a few months of there affair beginning and moved on from Harry to marry this new man, still he had his fun with her and his wife who by that time was off sex never found out about it.

So here was Harry his best years past him now but still he wasn’t all that bad looking, his face was quite wrinkled as was all his body but compare him to any other man his age and he would be considered dishy for his age, even if he said so himself.

A smile from a passing jogger got Harry thinking about the girl he had the affair with those years ago, this girl who had so politely smiled looked a lot like her, still she would be older then that now. Harry smiled back and tipped his hat before he leaned back on the bench and looked around the park at some of the others there, mostly woman with small children and joggers. Then Harry’s eyes saw someone who made his cock jump in his pants.

From a distance Sharon Hallums looked around the park as she stretched ready for her morning jog, every morning she would come down to the park and have a good 30 minuets run to keep in shape, she was proud o her body and had rights to be too.

Harry watched as she went running past him, she was beautiful, long auburn hair and big green eyes, a nice tanned body, very lean but with curves too, he’d never seen anyone like her. Guessing her age to be about 24 or 5 Harry smiled as she went by but she never looked at him, that didn’t stop his eyes from following her though, taking in each movement of her legs and the rest of her perfect body as she went by and down the path each step taking her further away from his gaze.

Harry took a deep breath and shook his head, his white hair swishing a little to each side as he stood after and watched the girl run down the path before starting to make a turn and head back around, atleast she was going to do another lap he thought with a grin at the prospect of seeing her jog by again.

Sharon went round the park 3 times in total and she could feel eyes on her each time she went past people, she knew that every man including the old one at the benches was watching her and taking a second look, she had gotten used to man giving her attention she had, had it since she was 16 and now at 24 it was much worse but she just learned to ignore it and carry on, if they got a little thrill from her looks then more power to them she reasoned, its not hurting anyone.

Slowing to a stop Sharon reached into her pockets of the jogging pants she had on “Oh no not again!” she exclaimed reaching into the other pocket she said it again.

“Is there anything the matter my dear?” a man’s voice asked from over her shoulder, Sharon quickly spun around to see who it was who had spoken to her and saw a wrinkled, white haired old man stood behind her in a suit and brown hat

“I have lost my money again, I always bring some change with me to buy a drink after my run, and this is the second day in a row I have lost it, I must have a hole in my pocket or something” Sharon said still feeling around her pockets.

“Oh that’s not good now is it young lady” Harry smiled which brought a smile to Sharon’s face too before she replied “No”

“I’ll tell you what I have a few pounds in my pocket here, would you like to come for a drink with me perhaps? I was headed into town soon anyway this old man needs a drink himself with all this sun” Harry said. Sharon thought over his offer, he seemed harmless enough and anyway judging by his age he’d not really pose any threats to her even if he wanted to try and take something from her.

“Why thank you… if you are sure that you have the money that is,” Sharon said with a smile, her white teeth dazzling Harry who assured her he had plenty of that.

The two walked out of the park and headed into town, talking as they went about how Sharon got into jogging and things of that nature.

“So then Sharon, tell me what would you like to drink?” Harry asked as they sat at a table in a little café facing each other over a table.

“An orange juice will be fine thank you,” Sharon said with a smile first to the waiter then Harry. Harry smiled back and ordered a cup of tea, looking at Sharon as the waiter left to fetch their drinks.

“I hope you don’t find me rude but how old are you anyway?” Harry asked Sharon

“Oh I don’t find it rude at all… I’m twenty-four just turned” Sharon said with a smile that could melt an ice burg, her thin eyebrows just moving ever so slightly on her beautiful face and her lush red lips curled ever so delicately.

“Twenty-four I remember being your age” Harry said “Now look at me seventy-three years old, let me tell you don’t waste your life it will go before you know it” he continued looking down at his wrinkled hands then smiling to Sharon who once again smiled back.

“Well you don’t look seventy-three Harold, I’d say more…”

“Eighty” Harry cut off Sharon who giggled at his joke

“No I’d say more sixty,” she said with a smile, still feeling a little giggly from his previous comment

“Well thank you Sharon, that is very kind of you, but I know it’s not true, we are what age we are as the old saying goes”

Sharon was just about to say something when the waiter came back and delivered their drinks cutting her off, she took a big gulp of her glass and sighed her satisfaction at the refreshing taste. Harry took a sip of his tea and they began chatting again.

“So you live with your wife at the retirement home” Sharon said as Harry nodded

“That’s right, we have lived there for all of 10 years now, normally they don’t let you out of there but I am allowed to come out as I am in much better health then most of the other old folk who live there too” Harry said with a smile, his eyes dropping to Sharon’s breasts, slyly he’d look at them but never for too long so she wouldn’t notice him looking.

“Wow so do you have any family?” Sharon asked, “Other then your wife I mean”

“I have a daughter her name is Wendy and she is forty-three now, she lives near by actually and then I have a granddaughter called Susan and grandsons called Tommy and Jim, the boys are twins and are both twenty-four and Susan is twenty-three” Harry said before taking another sip of his tea and looking at Sharon’s breasts again with a grin to himself, his cock was stirring in his pants a little as he saw her top move up and down as her breasts bulged against the tight fabric.

“I have a little brother he is only fifteen and lives with my mum and dad down in Cornwall, I’m originally from the sort of middle ground between Devon and Cornwall but moved up here a few years ago to get a job” Sharon said, she looked up quickly and just caught what she was sure was Harry looking at her breasts, she felt a little strange, she wasn’t sure he had been it may have been her mind playing tricks but what ever she did feel a little like she liked the idea of him doing it.

Harry looked away, that was too close he thought, but the fact he was almost caught was a little turn on to him, the danger of looking at the breasts of a girl who was all of forty-nine years his junior made him feel young and excited again.

“So would it be too rude to ask if you have a boyfriend Sharon?” Harry said changing the subject and trying to cover his tracks from the looking incident that had just happened.

“No I don’t have a boyfriend currently, I did have one but I dumped him a few months ago, he was so immature” she said

“How old was he?” Harry asked, intrigued by what Sharon had just said about his maturity

“He was just a year younger then me, but it was all about him, you know what I mean” Sharon said looking into Harry’s eyes, she for some reason felt comfy talking like this with him, not bad that she’d only met him that morning, her mind was still on what she thought he had been doing earlier a little too, she didn’t want to admit it but her panties were a tiny bit wet with moisture as she thought about it and her nipples were ever so slightly tingling.

“I’m not sure actually” Harry lied, he knew just what she meant but wanted to keep this going, wanted to get her to tell him more.

“Well it was like… I don’t believe I’m gonna say this but in bed it was all him, him, him” Sharon blushed a little as she said it and apologised right away her hand covering her face with embarrassment

“No that’s ok, I don’t mind… my wife is well past sex now, infact we haven’t had any sort of sex for a good few years but I know the kind of man you are talking about, you’ll find most young men are the same it takes experience to realise that if you make sure your girl is happy then you will be too” Harry said with a glint in his eye, this was what he liked, he could see Sharon squirm a little in her chair, she could feel her panties get a little wetter as she listened to this old man speak of sex, she didn’t know why but she was feeling a little turned on by him, he even seemed to get a little better looking in her eyes as he spoke.

“Ohh Harold, I’m sure not all young men are like that” Sharon said with a grin, she was trying to sound like she meant that but deep down she knew every man she’d been with was just like that all self and nothing really for her.

“Please call me Harry, Sharon” he said with a smile “And I think you will find that most are, they lack experience” he said drinking some more tea and looking down the cup at Sharon’s breasts again, he could see her nipples begin to poke at her tight top a little now, she was getting aroused that was obvious and so was he.

“Ok Harry” Sharon smiled “So do you have experience?” she said with a laugh before she covered her mouth and blushed again, the blush made Harry smile, her tanned cheeks looked even more sexy when they had this red tint to them and that captivated Harry even more to this young woman “Oh I’m so sorry”.

“I’m seventy-three my dear what do you think” Harry winked at her and Sharon laughed quite loudly, the others in the café looked over at her and she covered her mouth but that made her breasts jiggle harder and Harry was watching every move they made, his mind undressing her, he’d say she had atleast a 34b set on her, just a nice firm size he thought.

“Well putting it that way I’d say so” Sharon said smiling at him, she felt the moistness in her panties now for sure, her nipples were also poking at her top and were probably visible but she couldn’t help it now, when she looked into Harry’s face and saw the wrinkles and looked at his knarred fingers that didn’t put her off at all, she couldn’t believe how this seventy-three year old man was making her feel.

“You’d be right Sharon” Harry said with a broad grin, he could see her nipples clearly and was excited to see them, his mind raced at the prospect of having this young woman to himself.

“Would you like to get out of here Harry?” Sharon said looking at him with a smile “It’s getting a little crowded”

“Sure thing” Harry paid the bill for the drinks and they left, Sharon still laughing and now a lot closer to the man at her side as they walked.

“What have I been missing out on with all these young guys” Sharon laughed, she was not being serious really, it was just said in a moment of giggles but Harry’s response surprised her

“How would you like to find out?” he said seriously looking into her eyes. Sharon stopped laughing immediately and looked back at him, Harry could see her mind thinking it over, he was confident however, that her decision would go his way. He smiled at her and took her soft hand in his wrinkled one gently squeezing it before he took the other too, Sharon looked down at their joined hands then back at the old mans face, into his eyes.

“I would like that a lot” she said quietly a smile crossing her face

“My daughter is out of town and I have a key to her house we can go there, is that’s ok with you Sharon?” Harry said as Sharon nodded he let go with one hand and began walking in the direction of his daughters house with this beauty holding his hand. People on the street did a double turn as they saw such an old man leading this young beauty by the hand, a dreamy look on her face like that on a woman who was in heaven, at that moment though Sharon didn’t care what people thought of them right then, all she knew was this was going to be something different that she’d never forget.

“This is a nice place Harry” Sharon said as she and Harry entered his daughters house, the size took Sharon back a bit, and it was so well furnished with only the best it seemed

“I know it was my money that bought most of it for her” Harry said as he went in and looked around before locking the front door “Can’t be too safe” he said as Sharon nodded her agreement, she didn’t want anyone walking in and disturbing them from what was going to happen.

Harry took Sharon’s hand and led her up the stairs pointing her in the direction of the master bedroom he told her he would be a few minuets.

Sharon could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she went into the big bedroom, she looked at the double bed at the far end and smiled a nervous smile, was she really going to do this, with a man who had grandchildren the same age as her, the thought of ‘what if I’ve had sex with one of them before’ crossed her mind, how strange would that have been having sex with a guy then doing his grandfather as well, all that soon faded though, she was going to do this.

Pulling her clothes off Sharon got under the covers of the bed naked, the feel of the silk sheets on her naked skin made her tingle but not as much as the thought of Harry with her, she didn’t know what to expect from him, after al at his age who knows what could happen, for a brief moment she worried ‘oh my god what if he dies with me and him fucking’ but she soon got that out her head and waited for her first experienced lover to appear.

Harry was in the bathroom, his mind was racing, in the bed was a naked twenty-four year old woman, one he was going to have sex with, it had been so long since he last had an affair but this was an opportunity too good to miss, he did feel a little guilty about his wife but he wasn’t going to miss this for anyone. Finally he took a drink and pulled his clothes off putting on a bathrobe he found he walked to the bedroom and opened the door before walking in.

Sharon smiled to him as she watched him enter, she felt her pussy get a little more moist and her heart beat rose with nerves as he smiled at her and came closer to the bed.

“Getting in then?” she asked as Harry dropped his robe and she saw his wrinkled body, his chest was a little saggy and his belly was soft too, his skin wrinkled but that didn’t matter to Sharon just then, she looked past it all and just saw his cock there, it seemed big, he was half erect and Sharon was amazed he was that size, she looked at it for a while, Harry smiling as he looked at her under the covers, Sharon looked at the grey hair around cock and on his chest then up to his face, she pulled the covers back on the other side of the bed next to her and Harry saw her naked body, her firm breasts and clean pussy as he slipped under the cover’s next to her.

Sharon ran a hand through the hair on his chest as he got closer to her, she was nervous and Harry could see it, he smiled reassuringly and moved closer to her she could feel his skin touch her leg and giggled a tiny bit as she felt a hand move onto her shoulder then down her side and onto her asscheeks rubbing them a little. Sharon opened her legs as Harry hand moved over her tummy and down to her pussy, once there he rubbed the lips and felt her moistness on his finger, she was excited and so was he, his cock was hard now and ready to go, but first he had to get her ready for him.

Harry slipped a finger into Sharon’s pussy, sinking it slowly inside Sharon closed her eyes as she felt it enter, his knuckles rubbing against her as it went in she moaned a little as Harry slid it out then back in, a steady rhythm forming as Sharon laid back and ran her hands over her breasts then onto Harry hairy chest.

After a few more rubs with his finger Harry added a second finger inside Sharon’s wet pussy, this made her moan louder as she felt the extra finger stretch her a tiny amount, she felt the pleasure wash through her pussy as Harry worked them both in deep then back out, he had done this so many times in his life, every girl he had been with had always complimented him on his technique it had served him well through his life.

“Hmmmmm” Sharon let out a soft moan this was Harry cue to add a third finger, slowly he slid it in and Sharon let out a gasp as she wasn’t expecting it but she soon found that this new finger only mad it better, Harry working them so slowly she felt like she was in heaven, she had to admit it Harry may be old but he was a very good lover and he’d not even got his cock in her yet.

Harry carried on his finger work for some time, Sharon felt like she could cum anytime that Harry wanted her to with the way he was using his fingers on her sensitive and hot pussy, but Harry had other idea’s this was only to get her ready for his cock and nothing more.

Slowly Harry took his fingers out of Sharon’s pussy and moved himself between her legs he left his hand under the covers and took his cock in it slowly he moved the head to Sharon’s open and engorged pussy resting it just inside Sharon moaned as he slowly pushed his hips forwards and the thick bulbous head went into her.

“God you’re big!” Sharon moaned as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate this large object, the shaft was not much smaller either she could feel every inch sliding in slowly, Harry was not thrusting just gently pushing his cock into the young woman. Sharon grabbed his shoulders and dug her fingers into his skin as she felt herself stretched by the long hard and thick shaft, she never knew she could take anything this long inside herself, it was about seven and a half inches she thought the biggest she’d had before was six inches and quite thin but this was like no cock she’d seen before, the width of the shaft made her feel full never mind the massive head deep inside her.

Finally Harry was fully embedded in the tightest pussy he’d felt in years, he could feel her heat and wetness as he let his cock rest inside Sharon, he couldn’t believe his luck to have such a hot girl laid under him with his cock inside her so deep. Sharon ran her hands up and down his shoulder as she felt her pussy adjust to the new cock inside it, she felt more turned on then ever before and couldn’t wait for more of this.

With a firm pull back Harry’s cock moved out of Sharon’s pussy, only a little shaft remained inside her Sharon felt her inner walls close a little until Harry thrust forwards again and they were pushed open by the large head, Sharon moaned out again as she felt every nerve inside her pussy fire off pleasure signals to her brain, her arms wrapped around Harry shoulders as he began a steady thrusting in and out of her pussy with his cock.

“Oh god your big!” Sharon cried again as she felt Harry pick up some pace and start to fuck her deeply with his cock his hanging balls slapping against her skin as she pulled her knees up and bent them back towards her to give Harry more room to work with his magical cock.

Harry moaned as he felt her pussy tighten on his cock, it was so long since he’d felt pussy and this was the best he’d had, maybe it was the idea of a woman forty-nine years his junior that did it but she felt better then anyone he’d had before in his life.

Sharon moaned and called out with pleasure as she felt his cock sink in then get pulled out, she had never felt so full in her life, she was so glad that he’d used three fingers on her pussy before he put his cock inside her, she didn’t think she’d have been able to take it otherwise well not without hurting herself anyway.

Harry smiled as he fucked Sharon’s pussy harder, this was about as fast as he could go now but it was more then enough for Sharon, with how she felt from his fingers and now his cock she came hard, her body rocking in the bed as Harry kept up his pace on her, his cock thrusting hard in and out of her ass his balls hit her when they swung.

“Oh fuck!” Sharon called out loudly as she felt her body go into yet another orgasm then that was it she couldn’t say anything, her mouth just dropped open as she felt her pussy tighten on the hard cock inside it and her body shook as she hit her high, Harry felt like his cock was going to be torn off but did his best to carry on the thrusts, Sharon couldn’t believe that someone his age could go so long or so hard but she was glad he did.

Sharon rubbed her hands into the hair on Harry chest; rubbing the flabby pecs she felt his belly hang onto hers as he thrust into her, the hairs on it ticking just above her pussy, as did the grey pubic hair, she giggled as she moaned, both the pleasure and tickling effect driving her wild.

Harry gritted his teeth, he wasn’t going to last much long with such a tight pussy gripping his cock and his balls hitting against her tight ass, he knew this was it soon but wanted to make sure it was good for both of them, there was no worries there though Sharon would never have complained it was anything but good for her.

Harry sank his cock into her one final time and Sharon seemed to know what was coming as she grabbed onto his shoulder tightly in preparation, she wasn’t disappointed either, Harry’s balls tightened on his last thrust and let loose a torrent of cum, the first blast filling Sharon’s pussy the second pushing it deeper.

Sharon’s mouth fell wide open as she felt each blast of cum it seemed he’d unleashed a gallon of the stuff and it was still coming, she’d never in her life felt so full as now. More came until finally and for Sharon mercifully it stopped and Harry began to shrink inside her, slowly he slipped out of the tight girl and laid on the bed with her, Sharon felt a dribble of cum leak out onto the bed sheets, she reached down and cupped her hand over the leaking hole before getting out of bed and running to the bathroom to clean up.

She came back to find Harry sat on the bed getting dressed, something dawned on her and she got a slightly scared look on her face, but Harry moved to reassure her

“Don’t worry I had the snip long ago” he said with a smile and Sharon sighed, it was one thing to have sex with a seventy-three year old man but quite another to have his baby she thought. When they were both rested and dressed they left Harry’s daughters house and went back to the park, it was late afternoon now and pretty full.

Harry smiled to Sharon and gave her a wink as he set off back to the Home and she smiled a big grin back to him before waving him off.

“Hey Harry” she called


“When did you say you were next allowed out of that place?”

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