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A Friend in Need

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My best friend Carolyn and I spend a lot of time together. We live next door in our apartment building, and she is at my place or I am at hers almost every day.

We are both unemployed, on unemployment compensation, due to the recession. Our husbands are both still working, thankfully.

My name is Sue, my husband is Dave, and hers is Rick.

If neither one of us has an interview, we might spend all day together. There is not much of interest on TV, so we surf the web a lot.

One day we came across a porn site, and for fun we watched some of the free trailers. We saw a lot of hot sex, and that brought up some interesting conversation. We laughed about some of the lame acting, but we didn’t laugh about the big stiff cocks.

Like women will do, we talked about our sex lives with our husbands. Positions, foreplay, techniques, orgasms or the lack thereof. Married sex can be pleasant, but also it can be too routine.

We clicked on one trailer that was about anal sex, and we giggled when the guy started to push his hard cock up the woman’s asshole. Our reactions became different after that.

When the guy had it all the way in, I said “How awful! I would certainly not like that!” Carolyn didn’t say anything, but by the look in her eyes and the expression on her face I don’t think she thought it was awful.

She really surprised me when she took out her credit card and ordered the DVD with the whole movie that the trailer advertised.

“I can’t believe you want to watch more of that,” I said. She was a little embarrassed, but she said “Sorry, but it turned me on!”

I asked her if she had ever done it with her husband, and she laughed and said, “He would never do anything interesting like that. He would refuse if I asked him to, and probably think that I had become a slut.”

I said that I had never done anal either, and I was not about to, although my husband was horny as a hound dog and would probably do just about anything.

We finished up that day just surfing sites with women’s clothing and shoes and stuff. We didn’t buy anything due to our tight budgets, just shopping for fun.

I saw less of her over the next few weeks. When I asked her why, she admitted that she had been spending a lot of time watching the DVD she ordered. I think she really went off the deep end, because she told me that she would get completely naked, and masturbate while she watched the different scenes.

She was slightly humiliated, but we are good enough friends that she told me it was very erotic for her. She said she had wanted to try it for a long time, and the video just brought it to the surface.

I asked her again if she was going to try to convince her husband to do it with her, and she said “No chance!”

I replied that my husband would have his cock up my ass before I finished asking him. I could see the wheels of thought turning in her head.

One day she brought the DVD over and persuaded me to watch it with her. I watched it with morbid curiosity, but she was very aroused. I was afraid she was going to pull her pants down and play with herself right in front of me.

I said “My God, Carolyn. What are you going to do about this?”

She replied “I am going to come right out and ask you. Do you think Dave would be willing to fuck me in the ass?”

I was more than a little shocked. “What? Are you crazy?”

Carolyn said, “I am not trying to steal him. I do not want to do a spouse-swap. I just need to feel what it would be like to do what the women in my DVD do.”

“I would want you to be in the room with us. There doesn’t need to be any hugging or kissing or affection of any kind. There is not even any foreplay required. He could just shove it in me and fuck me. Please!”

I was dumbfounded. My husband Dave fucks her while I watch?

“I don’t know what to say. I mean, a friend in need and all that, but this could cause trouble.”

“If Rick ever found out, what do you think he would do? He may not be adventurous about sex, but I bet he would be furious.”

Carolyn had obviously given this some thought. She suggested that if Dave could call in sick or just take a day off, we could get together at our apartment. The two of us would never talk, and Dave would not dare brag about it and get punched in the mouth.

I said, “My head is spinning. Let me think this through for a day or two.”

The next night, as Dave and I were in bed having a little pillow talk, I told him the whole story. About how she had ordered the DVD, became obsessed with it, and finally how she asked if he would do it to her.

He tried desperately to not look too interested, but he failed. I said “Can you believe it, she wants me to watch you fuck her up the ass!”

He tried to soft-sell me on the idea. He said, “Well, you two are such good friends. And if there were no romance or affection, if she was just using me like a sex toy, maybe it wouldn’t be bad. Especially if you were there to observe and supervise.”

I said “Nice try, mister. We both know you are hot to trot on this! If I let you get away with this, you are going to owe me big time!”

He kept up his line of B.S. and said “Really, Honey, I would just be doing it as a favor to you, and to help Carolyn out.”

I finally said “OK” and he looked like a homeless man that had been offered a steak dinner.

So the arrangements were made. The next Monday he called in sick and Rick left for work at his usual time. Dave wouldn’t touch me all weekend, because he wanted to save up a load for Carolyn. That didn’t please me.

Carolyn came over at 9:00, dressed in a loose fitting jogging outfit. She looked embarrassed, but obviously determined to get what she was craving. Dave looked like steam might come out of his ears.

To break the ice, I offered coffee, and we sat at the kitchen table for a few minutes. Dave was impatient, and he said, “Let’s get started!”

We walked to the bedroom, Carolyn holding my hand. Dave started stripping off his clothes, and I helped Carolyn with her jogging warm-up. She didn’t have anything on under it. Soon the two of them were nude, and Carolyn was staring at Dave’s already stiff cock. She said, “I can see why you are so happily married!”

I stifled a laugh. Maybe Rick was not just dull, maybe he was under-equipped.

I had some liquid lube sitting on the bed, and I said “Go ahead, Carolyn, put some on him.” She blushed, but she went ahead and put the lube on Dave’s cock, and stroked back and forth to get it all over.

She was unsure what to do next, so horny Dave said “Just lie face down and I will get in position over you.” She did what he asked, and spread her legs just a little. Dave climbed over her, supporting himself so he didn’t crush her, and put his legs outside of hers.

Carolyn remembered what she had seen in the DVD, and reached back to spread her ass for him. Her little pink asshole didn’t look like it would ever take Dave’s big cock.

But where there is a will, there is a way, and he began to push it into her. She inhaled sharply when the tip went in, and then whimpered like a scared kitten as the rest of it slid in. Dave was considerate; he pushed it in slowly.

I kept eye contact with her as he wiggled, pushed, and worked it into her ass. Her expression was in between apprehension bordering on fear, and hot lust. She searched my eyes for reassurance that it was going to be OK.

I was quite surprised that he got it all the way in and she didn’t complain. She even spread her butt cheeks more so it would go in further. She held still while he began to slide it in and out carefully.

She asked, “Is that all of it? I want it all!” She began to mumble things like “Oh God! Fuck me! Shoot your load in me!”

Unlike the DVD, this was beginning to turn me on. I moved down to the foot of the bed, so I could look up between their legs, and I had a nice view of his cock sliding in and out of her stretched asshole.

I felt a little playful, so I reached up and fondled his balls as he steadily fucked her. I could tell he wasn’t going to last very long, because he was speeding up and breathing hard.

When he shoved it all the way in and started to cum, I reached under his balls and put my finger on the tube that the cum pumps through. I felt four or five big spurts go through on the way into Carolyn, and I knew she felt them too.

I expected him to come like that, because he had been saving himself for her for three days. I didn’t expect what happened next. Carolyn had an orgasm too, even though nothing was even touching her clit.

She must have been really excited to be finally acting out the fantasy she had been masturbating to for weeks.

While she grunted and squealed, Dave smiled at me and whispered “She is squeezing my cock!”

We all just held still for a minute, and then I went up to the head of the bed to look at Carolyn. Her eyes were glassy and out of focus, and she was breathing through her mouth. She had definitely just been fucked into another world.

Dave did not pull his cock out, and I asked him what he was doing. He said “I am just going to rest for a few minutes, and then I can start over.” Her tight asshole helped to maintain his erection, and she didn’t object.

Soon he was fucking away again. Carolyn was now stretched open and full of slippery cum, and Dave went fast and furious. This time he grunted like an animal when he came.

He pulled out after a minute, and sat on the edge of the bed. Carolyn didn’t move, she was limp. I just watched, but I have to admit I was aroused.

Dave got up and headed toward the bathroom, and Carolyn finally got up as well. I helped her into her warm-ups, and we walked back to the kitchen. She said, “I can’t thank you enough. I have never felt so fulfilled.”

Dave joined us, and Carolyn said “Thank you!” to him as well. He looked spent, like he really needed the sick day off.

He perked up, though, when Carolyn said “I don’t mean to be pushy, but could we do this again?” Dave jumped in, and said, “I could probably get away with a sick day every month.”

I saw how badly they both wanted it, so I agreed. I bet most men would say I am a wonderful wife. And Carolyn will never find a better friend.

Carolyn left to go back to her apartment, she said to sleep, but I said “Do not watch that god damn DVD again!”

When Dave and I were alone. I hugged him and kissed him, and I said “Maybe you could do that to me sometime.”

He is such a trooper, he said “How about tonight?”

Thanks to Carolyn, our sex life has been heated up.

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