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Unexpected Lust

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Chapter One

Katelyn McKinley looked in the mirror and was surprised that the woman looking back at her looked so fresh and pretty. Katelyn was tired most of the time these days, and taking care of herself was often last on her list. Raising her precocious six year old daughter, Carly and three year old twin sons, Colin and Connor, pretty much drained her of most of her energy. But tonight, the woman in the mirror looked attractive and glowing.

She had gained a lot of weight when she was pregnant with the twins, but by the time they were mobile she had lost all of it and then some. At 5’6″ and 122 pounds, her figure looked slender and sexy. Tonight was her 32nd birthday and she was having the opportunity to not only go out, but to go out alone with her husband Mike, something that rarely happened anymore. Her friend Becky had volunteered to come over with her four year old son and baby sit, so that Katelyn and Mike could go celebrate the big 3-2.

“You look pretty, Mommy.” It was Carly peeking in the doorway. “Can I wear some of your perfume?”

Katelyn sighed, “Yes, Honey if you promise you won’t decide it smells yucky and make Miss Becky wash it off.”

“Ok,” Carly said and came into the room to receive a spritz. “Thanks, Mommy,” she said, wrinkling her little freckled nose as she sniffed her wrist. Then she gave Katelyn a big squeeze around her middle and skipped out of the room.

Katelyn turned back to the mirror. At 32, she looked at least 5 years younger. Her skin was very fair, and she had a sprinkling of freckles across her nose—just like her daughter. Her hair was dark brown and lustrous, falling in waves to her shoulders, and her eyes were huge and a deep blue. She fumbled with her pierced earrings, almost jabbing one through the not- so -open hole on her earlobe. Getting dressed in the morning was a quick and thoughtless process these days, and Katelyn rarely took time to put on her jewelry. It’s not the only thing that doesn’t go into a hole easily in me, she thought to herself as she struggled with the stubborn earring. She surprised herself by thinking that—about Mike’s erect penis struggling to enter her because she usually wasn’t very wet. And that was just when they had sex, which they usually didn’t. Katelyn just wasn’t in the mood anymore, and Mike was incredibly patient with her, hoping secretly that this was just a temporary phase and that when the kids got a little older he’d have his sexy wife back.

Back in college, when they’d met, Katelyn and Mike couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Katelyn would spend the night in Mike’s dorm room—even quietly riding his erect penis in the upper bunk while his roommate slept below. And when they had the room to themselves, they would have sex all night and then fall into an exhausted heap in Mike’s small bed. Early marriage had followed in almost the same pattern, but once they had children, it all seemed to change.

As Katelyn walked out of her bedroom, she didn’t look like a woman who didn’t want sex. She wore an extremely tight, little black dress that hugged her 34C breasts sensuously. Katelyn always thought her breasts were too pointy, but tonight they looked just right in the dress with a diamond necklace, a birthday gift from her parents, falling just above the slight cleavage that showed. Her heels clacked on the tile as she walked to the family room to greet her friend.

“Wow, Katelyn, you look great!” Becky exclaimed as she handed Colin a Rescue Heroes fire engine.

“Thanks, Beck. Where’s Mike?”

“He went to wait for you in the car. Go on now, have fun. We’ll be fine here.”

Katelyn gave her friend a quick hug. “Thanks so much. Kids, you go to bed when Miss Becky tells you,” she admonished as she quickly kissed each one and hurried out the door.

In the car, Mike whistled when he saw Katelyn approach. “Wow, you look great,” he told her as he started to back his black Lexus out of the driveway. “You really do need a break from the kids. That’s why I think you’re going to love my birthday surprise. But that comes tomorrow…..”

Hayley Matthews put the last of her things in a cardboard box and then stashed it on the shelf of her bedroom closet. Her suitcases were packed, and she didn’t need the miscellaneous items she had carefully wrapped up and packed in boxes. Fortunately, her roommates were keeping the apartment all summer and through the next school year and had given her permission to stow some of her things there. Hayley had just finished her junior year at Florida Gulf Coast University, but she was taking a leave of absence. First, she felt a little burned out and felt a semester off would do her a world of good. And second, she was low on funds, and since she was paying for her own schooling along with a few student loans, working for awhile had seemed fortuitous. Now, she was thrilled that the perfect job had pretty much fallen into her lap. She had responded to an ad in the paper and had been hired easily. And tomorrow she would start work. A refreshing change from school she thought.

Hayley was a free-spirited, petite blonde who was incredibly likeable. She always had a smile on her face and her eyes shone with humor. She had a dimple in her chin and the most mesmerizing aqua-colored eyes. And then there was her long blonde hair and 36 D breasts—breasts too large for her small frame. But all those features made her captivating to men and even interesting to women.

Hayley was very passionate and usually had a boyfriend whom she indulged sexually, much to his delight, but she had also had sexual experiences with two girls over time and couldn’t quite get those experiences out of her head. The first had been with the older cousin of one of her high school friends back in Miami, and Hayley had ended up in a relationship for an entire summer while the girl was in town. Her panties got wet just remembering the fun they’d had in the guestroom of her friend’s house. She had loved when the girl had eaten her pussy and felt that a woman’s lips were softer and much more sensuous than a man’s. A brief affair with another female student during her freshman year of college had whetted her appetite even more for a woman’s touch, but men appealed to her greatly too, so she just laughed to herself that she loved sex and loved to experiment, and she didn’t care if anyone thought she was a lesbian. But the term bisexual would more aptly describe Hayley’s sexual orientation. Hayley lay down on her bed, tired from packing, and found her hand sliding into her panties. She closed her eyes as she began to stroke her clit and think about sex—whatever thoughts happened to pop into her head. She was currently without a lover and needed to bring herself to a climax frequently.

Chapter Two

Dinner at Bahama Breeze had been wonderful, and now Katelyn and Mike were sitting around the fire at the outdoor bar as Katelyn drank one of their fabulous pina coladas, laced with strawberry. She glanced sideways through her lashes at Mike. “Won’t you please tell me what my birthday surprise is?”

“No,” he answered. “You’re going to have to wait until tomorrow.”

Katelyn had trouble sleeping that night as her thoughts kept drifting to her birthday surprise which was supposed to arrive at 10 am. At first she thought that Mike had arranged a vacation for them, and his parents would arrive to baby sit at 10 am. But then she realized that couldn’t be it. Not that they didn’t need a vacation. They hadn’t really gone anywhere since moving from Chicago to Fort Myers, Florida a year before the twins were born. Of course, Katelyn had gone back to Chicago often with the kids while Mike was working, and she often wondered if she should have let him convince her to move south. However, Mike was the one earning all the money, and she felt it was appropriate that he should be happy. And she hated the cold Illinois winters and rainy springs. Mike was a computer consultant who traveled extensively for work and could live anywhere, and when he decided to pursue his slice of paradise, Katelyn was mostly willing to oblige. She had hated leaving her family and friends though, and although her in-laws lived in Fort Myers, she wasn’t close with them like she was with her own family. One plus was that the in-laws could occasionally watch the children, but normally they were pretty busy with their own activities. They resided in a 50-plus community and always had something going on, it seemed.

Is that what life is all about Katelyn wondered as she stepped into the shower after giving up on trying to get more sleep. Stay home and raise kids for years and then get older and be excited about the next bridge party you’d attend with the other senior citizens? There had to be something more. As much as she loved Mike and the kids, she felt like something was missing in her life, and it wasn’t just missing her loved ones in Chicago. She knew she needed something, but she had no idea what that might be.

Katelyn dressed quickly in a short black cotton skort with a white tank top and sandals. Going to the gym was impossible, but since they had a large home with extra bedrooms, Mike had set her up with a home gym. Katelyn tried to use it as much as she could, but some weeks she was just too tired to get in many workouts. However, she did manage to do enough to keep nicely toned, and she always felt better when she worked out. Thus, her thighs in her short skort looked very firm and shapely. Katelyn put gel in her hair and scrunched it. That was one good thing about hot Florida—she didn’t need to spend time drying her hair. Next, she applied her makeup. Makeup was the one concession she’d made to her appearance. She might not style her hair or take the time to put on her jewelry, but she always liked to wear makeup—-at least some mascara, blush and lipstick, if she was rushed. Her lips were full and puffy and looked great with a bright lipstick. She felt it brightened her whole face—-especially on those tired days.

Breakfast that morning was a typical affair at the McKinley household. Connor got cereal in his brother’s hair; Carly spilled her orange juice—–nothing out of the ordinary. Katelyn was distracted, however, thinking about her surprise. Mike was closed in his home office, working, and said he’d pop out around 10:00 for the surprise to arrive. Katelyn watched the clock almost constantly, until finally it was 9:50. The kids were busily playing, and Mike came out of his office looking pleased with himself. At around 9:58 the doorbell rang, and he answered the door.

A beautiful petite blonde girl walked through the door pulling a wheeled suitcase behind her. She was smiling and her face was radiant, Katelyn thought. Of course, Katelyn was completely confused. The girl said hello to Mike and then walked over to Katelyn and took her hand. She looked into the older woman’s eyes and smiled sweetly.

“I’m Hayley Matthews. You must be Katelyn,” she said. Katelyn nodded, and found that she was staring at the girl’s eyes which were the color of the Gulf of Mexico in spring. Katelyn looked at the pretty face in front of her and found that she was thinking how appealing this girl was. She just stared for a moment, still almost mesmerized.

“I’m your new nanny,” Hayley said. “How do you like your husband’s birthday present? I’m taking a semester off of school, so I’ll be here all summer and through December at least. Well? What do you think? I was dying to surprise you.”

“Wow,” Katelyn finally responded. “I’m shocked. I don’t really know what to say, but I think I’ll end up getting used to this quickly,” she said with a laugh. “I feel more relaxed already.”

“Good, well that’s why I’m here,” Hayley replied. She couldn’t believe this beautiful, sexy brunette was the exhausted, wiped-out mother that the husband had described during their interview. This lady was stunning and looked much younger than 32. Hayley couldn’t help it; she was instantly attracted to Katelyn and stole quick looks at her face, breasts and legs.

“Let me show you to your room,” Mike said. “Please feel free to use our home like your own—just make yourself at home. After you get unpacked you can meet our little rug rats.” Hayley followed Mike down a long tiled hallway. She couldn’t believe what a large, gorgeous home they had. She knew Mike was successful in business but had no idea what to expect. About anything, I guess, she said to herself.

Chapter Three

An hour later, Katelyn was drinking coffee in the kitchen and Hayley was seated barefoot on the family room floor with Connor on her lap while Colin sat next to her showing her his new police car. Carly was playing with Barbie dolls and chattering happily to Hayley. Obviously, the children had taken to her right away. Katelyn strolled out of the kitchen and sat down in the chair by Hayley.

Hayley was wearing a stretchy tee shirt with a scoop neck, and Katelyn’s eyes seemed to stray automatically to the soft full mounds protruding above the neckline. It took a moment before the pretty mother realized she was staring, and she flushed slightly, surprised that she was looking at a woman’s breasts. Katelyn had to remind herself what she had wanted to say, and she almost had to force her eyes away from the new nanny’s cleavage.

“You really seem to have a way with kids—- a good quality in a nanny.” Katelyn smiled at Hayley.

“So, you’ve had a lot of experience with little ones?” Katelyn continued.

Hayley looked up at her new employer. From where she was sitting she had a wonderful view of Katelyn’s lovely legs. Too bad she’s wearing a skort, Hayley thought, or I’d be able to see her panties. Then she almost visibly shook her head to clear her thoughts and answer her employer.

“I used to do a ton of babysitting, and then I worked summers as a nanny during my last two years of high school and one summer in college. I’m majoring in elementary education, and I just have a thing for children, I guess. Some people say it’s because I never completely grew up myself so I can relate to them at their level,” Hayley chuckled.

Katelyn smiled. She was already enjoying Hayley’s easy-going style. “Well, whatever the reason, I can tell you’ll be a great addition to our household,” Katelyn replied.

The rest of the day went on much the same way, and before Katelyn knew it the kids were tucked in bed (with Hayley’s help), and everyone had retired to their rooms. Mike was already asleep as he needed to catch an early flight the next morning. Katelyn changed into a light green tank top with green and white striped cotton boxer shorts. She sat in bed reading a mindless romance novel trying to get drowsy, but for once, getting sleepy was eluding her. She decided to go see Hayley and tell her how glad she was that she was there and what a big help she had been already. Katelyn didn’t understand it, but she felt compelled to talk to Hayley that evening, felt like she could not wait until morning.

Katelyn padded barefoot to the guest room which was now occupied by Hayley and knocked on the door. “Yes?” Hayley answered.

“It’s Katelyn. Can I talk to you a minute?” the slender brunette replied. “Sure, come on in,” was the response.

Katelyn opened the door and saw Hayley standing next to the bed. Her tee shirt was off, and she was wearing a silky white bra, her shiny golden hair spilling over her shoulders. Katelyn couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous girl. Her nipples were like round, hard pebbles, clearly protruding through the silky fabric covering them. Katelyn’s mouth felt suddenly very dry, and she was aware of her own protruding nipples poking through her knit tank top. She hadn’t even thought about how revealing her top and shorts were—until now.

“I’m having trouble with the zipper on my pants.” Hayley’s voice brought her back to earth quickly.

“Silly, huh? But I closed some of the material in the zipper, and I just don’t have the right angle on it. Can you help me?”

Hayley’s heart was pounding as she looked at Katelyn’s pointy breasts and hard nipples. She couldn’t believe her good fortune in that she herself was undressed partially but needed the sexy older woman’s help to finish.

“Uh, um, sure,” Katelyn stuttered as she took hold of the cloth in one hand and pulled up on the stuck zipper with the other, thereby releasing it from the fabric. Katelyn felt her fingers graze the side of Hayley’s soft hip, and her breath caught in her throat. As soon as the zipper was free, Hayley almost automatically grabbed the waist of her pants and pulled them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She now stood before Katelyn in just her white bra and a white lace g-string thong. She bent down and scooped up her pants and carried them across the room to a chair while letting her rear sway slightly as she walked.

Katelyn was frozen in time and space, just staring at the soft white cheeks moving in front of her. Her eyes were glued to Hayley’s sexy backside. She felt as if she could barely breathe. Hayley put the pants down and picked up a sleep shirt, turning to face Katelyn. “Did you want to talk to me about something?” she asked the pretty mother of three.

“Uh….it….it can wait until morning. I’m going to let you get some sleep. Good night,” Katelyn said hurriedly as she rushed to the door.

“Good night, Katelyn,” Hayley replied. “See you tomorrow.”

Once in bed, Katelyn tossed and turned. She couldn’t get the image of Hayley in her underwear, and especially her soft white cheeks, out of her mind. She didn’t understand her reaction, but she didn’t try to analyze it right then. I’ll think about it tomorrow, she told herself taking a page out of Scarlett O’Hara’s book, one of her favorite literary heroines. However, she couldn’t fall asleep. Her clit was swollen, and she felt like she needed relief. Quietly, so as not to wake Mike, she slipped her hand into her cotton boxers and ran her finger up and down her slit. She was totally surprised to find that she was wet. When her finger found her swollen clit, she sighed in relief and then began to rub it. It didn’t take long for her to draw close to orgasm. She stroked her tender clit faster and a powerful climax overtook her. “Ohhhh, “she groaned quietly as her hips rose off the bed and her legs tensed. Then she rolled over and fell asleep almost instantly.

Chapter Four

The next morning was very hot and sunny—typical for southwest Florida in May. A few hours after Mike had said goodbye, Katelyn was dressed in a floral cotton skirt and pink gauzy top and was heading out of her bedroom. She heard squeals of laughter coming from the family room and was quite impressed to see Hayley on her knees with both twins on her back while Carly tried to feed her a bowl of Cheerios.

“We’re playing horsy, Mommy,” Carly called out. “These are oats I’m feeding to the horse.”

Katelyn smiled and as she gazed at the scene in the family room, she clearly saw the nanny’s little backside. Hayley’s shorts were so tight that Katelyn could see the outline of her sex lips in the blue denim. Her heart began to beat rapidly, and as she looked more closely, she could clearly see a wet spot on the fabric.

Katelyn stepped into the kitchen wondering if Hayley was wearing panties. However, when she saw the kitchen, she was distracted from those thoughts. It was tidy and spotless with the breakfast dishes neatly stacked in the dishwasher. Katelyn thought of the normal morning mess and couldn’t believe it.

“Carly, go pick out a movie for you and the boys to watch. Mommy needs to talk to Hayley,” she told her six year old.

A few minutes later with the strains of Dora the Explorer in the background, Hayley was seated at the kitchen table smiling at Katelyn over a steaming mug of coffee. Her shiny blonde hair was in a ponytail, and she looked incredibly sexy in her cut-off jeans shorts and a striped halter top that clearly showed the nipples of her large breasts.

Katelyn was feeling a little uncomfortable after seeing Hayley in her underwear the previous evening and even more so due to her own reaction to it. She had actually brought herself to a climax last night, and masturbating was something she hardly ever did. She couldn’t believe it and still wasn’t letting herself think about it. “Hayley, I just want to tell you how glad I am that you’re here and that you are incredible with these kids. I mean, look at them out there all happy and fed. Do you know how long it usually takes me to get to that point?” Katelyn said, trying to avoid eye contact with Hayley.

Hayley’s vivid aqua eyes met Katelyn’s bright blue ones head on. “Oh, you’re welcome,” she replied. “Sometimes I think it just takes another adult to deal with kids. They tend to listen better to someone who isn’t their parent. It’s a sad but true fact.” Hayley smiled. “Oh, and thank you for helping me with that stuck zipper last night.”

Katelyn nodded in reply, and then Hayley began to tell her about her life growing up in Miami and how she was the youngest of six kids and how her parents couldn’t afford to put her through college. “I forgot to mention, I have 12 nieces and nephews, and that’s one of the other reasons I’m so good with kids. They always behave better for their Aunt Hayley than their own parents.”

Katelyn told Hayley about her family and friends in Chicago, and the two women sat and talked like old friends against the backdrop of the children’s movie playing in the other room. They found that they liked a lot of the same things, including working out and nature. Each of them had also recently developed an appreciation for country music.

“My roommates listened to it all the time,” Hayley explain. “And I ended up getting hooked.”

“That’s just what happened to me. My friend Becky grew up on it,” Katelyn explained. “She always has CMT on at her house, and I found I really liked it. I even went to a concert with her one night at the Germaine arena, and it was great. But her poor husband had to watch her son and my three kids, and I could tell by looking at him when we got back that he wasn’t going to be letting Becky out for too many more concerts,” Katelyn laughed.

“Well, you said I get Fridays off, right?” Hayley asked. “Sometime you and I should hit a concert when I’m off, and maybe Becky or your in-laws could watch the kids.”

“You know, I’d really like that,” Katelyn replied. “I have Becky, but I don’t have a ton of other friends here yet. I think that would be fun. Oh, the movie’s over.” But Hayley had already figured that out and was heading back to the kids in the family room. Katelyn stared at her backside as she walked away. The bottoms of her white cheeks were clearly visible beneath her short shorts.

That afternoon, Katelyn and Hayley worked together to get the children in for their naps. One of the saving graces of Katelyn’s life was that they were all good nappers, including her six year old. Carly would still get worn out and loved to climb into her Pottery Barn fairy bed with a book and a doll and then drift off to sleep.

Katelyn tried to lie down for a quick power nap herself but couldn’t sleep. She decided to head out to the hot tub on the lanai for a soak instead. She put on a small yellow bikini and headed outside. The McKinley house was on a large lot and the neighbors on either side were quite far away. Plus, Mike had insisted they fence it in for additional privacy—all except the back. Palm and citrus trees formed a lovely, natural boundary and just beyond them—the Caloosahatchee River. The screened lanai and the pool were thus, entirely private.

As Katelyn approached the tiled hot tub which sat at one corner of the pool, she was fussing with the ties on her bikini top and didn’t even notice that the hot tub was occupied until she was almost on top of it. Hayley was sitting on the low ledge, her head leaning back on a rolled up towel, her blonde hair fanning out behind her. Her eyes were closed. From what Katelyn could tell, the young woman didn’t have a stitch of clothing on. Her large breasts were floating mesmerizingly on top of the warm undulating water, her nipples pink and hard. Katelyn found herself thinking absurdly that the pink nipples reminded her of pieces of Double Bubble gum. She decided to not awaken the sleeping girl and just retreat back into the house, but just as she turned to go she heard, “Come join me.”

Hayley had sat up a little and was smiling her infectious smile at Katelyn. Katelyn found she was unable to move, but she finally set down her towel and stepped into the steaming tub beside the naked blonde.

“Mmm, feels good, doesn’t it?” Hayley asked rhetorically. Katelyn didn’t answer. She just sank down into the soothing water and tried not to look at the large breasts floating on the water.

“Don’t you ever come in here naked?” Hayley asked. “To me, a soak in a hot tub isn’t a soak in a hot tub unless you can feel it all over your body.”

She stretched languidly, spreading her arms wide and raising her chest higher so that her breasts were clearly on display.

Katelyn couldn’t help herself. She was staring at the glistening mounds, and she felt a stirring deep in her belly.

“I guess I’ll have to try a naked soak sometime,” Katelyn said absently, still staring at the girl’s breasts. She finally drew her eyes up to Hayley’s pretty face and asked her if she knew how to swim.

“Of course, what Florida girl doesn’t?” was Hayley’s reply.

“Good, then I won’t have to be calling 911 to resuscitate you,” Katelyn said. “It wouldn’t make me look like a very good employer if I let my nanny drown on my property.”

Hayley giggled—-a wonderful sound, Katelyn thought. “If you send some of those Baywatch guys to resuscitate me, I wouldn’t mind,” Hayley joked.

“Really, you have a thing for David Hasselhoff?” Katelyn asked.

“Sure, he’s cute, but I think some of those girls in their sexy suits would be fun to have mouth to mouth with as well,” Hayley answered boldly.

Katelyn couldn’t believe what she was hearing and chose to ignore it—something she was doing a lot of lately. She decided to bring up a safe topic and started talking about her children. Hayley went right along with it. Her face brightened as she relayed a story about something really funny the twins had said to her when Katelyn was still in her room that morning.

She really cares about my kids, Katelyn thought. It made her feel very warmly toward Hayley. The soak in the hot tub passed quickly, and it seemed like it was time to get ready for the kids to awaken before they knew it.

“Why don’t you join me in here again, tomorrow?” Hayley asked. “I liked having the company and I enjoy talking to you. I’m going to get out now. I have a few things I need to do before the kids get up.”

To Katelyn’s surprise, Hayley climbed out of the hot tub and stood naked for a second on the decorative concrete paving of the lanai so that Katelyn could clearly see her entire body. The younger girl’s curves were enticing, and she was perfectly proportioned. Katelyn felt her heart begin to race, and she found her eyes drifting to Hayley’s wet pubic mound which was completely devoid of hair. In fact, her entire genital area was smooth and hair-free. Katelyn could just see the pink clitoris peeking out between the fat outer lips, but then Hayley wrapped herself in a towel and obscured the view. As Hayley padded into the house, Katelyn closed her eyes and tried not to think about her nanny’s naked body.

Chapter Five

Several weeks passed, and it started to seem to Katelyn and her children that Hayley had always been a part of their household. The normal loneliness and tension that prevailed when Mike was traveling just didn’t exist, and Hayley was becoming a cherished friend to both mother and children.

The daily soak in the hot tub during naptime had become a welcome ritual, and the ladies had even taken to playing a Faith Hill or Rascal Flatts CD over Katelyn’s outdoor sound system while they soaked, often sipping lemonade or Coke while they relaxed and chatted. Hayley was always naked and Katelyn always wore a bathing suit.

But on this particular steamy day in June, Katelyn was uncomfortable in her dark blue one piece. She kept squirming on the seat in the tub and pulling at the strap on her shoulder which she had strained during her workout that morning.

“What’s wrong?” Hayley asked.

“My shoulder is killing me. I think I lifted weights that were too heavy this morning and my strap is cutting into it,” Katelyn said on a groan.

“Ok, that’s it. Take off that suit and enjoy the therapeutic waters. Plus, I can rub it for you. Go on,” Hayley ordered.

For some reason, Katelyn found herself obeying easily. She slipped off her suit and sat naked on the seat. It did feel wonderful. She could feel the water swirling around her breasts and between her legs, and it was stimulating and soothing at the same time. Hayley scooted over toward her.

“Ok, let me rub it. Which shoulder?” Katelyn pointed to her left and Hayley began to knead the tight muscle. Her thigh was touching Katelyn’s and their hips were pressed together.

Hayley’s massage felt wonderful and Katelyn turned her head to the side slightly and looked at the large, delicious breasts floating on the water. Looking at them while Hayley was touching her made her feel incredibly excited. Without a word, Hayley began to massage lower, kneading the muscles on Katelyn’s chest.

“Mmmm,” Katelyn murmured and closed her eyes. She was almost falling asleep and in a drowsy haze she found herself wishing that Hayley would touch her breasts.

“Ok, I think I got it loosened up for you,” Hayley’s voice cut into Katelyn’s reverie. “I’m going to get out now and grab a quick shower before the kids get up.”

And with that Hayley climbed out of the hot tub and hurriedly wrapped a towel around her naked body. She walked into the house leaving Katelyn naked, alone, and perplexed with her own feelings in the hot tub.

Hayley could barely breathe when she stepped under the warm water in the shower. She was so turned on by being naked in the hot tub with Katelyn and actually touching her. She had wanted so badly to touch the brunette’s sexy breasts, but she had forced herself not to. She didn’t want to scare Katelyn away, knew she had to move more slowly. Also, she treasured their growing friendship and didn’t want to jeopardize that.

The hot water was streaming over her skin. She cupped her large breasts and ran her palms over the hard pink nipples. A shiver ran through her all the way down to her pussy. She touched her swollen lips and moaned. Hayley grabbed the shower massager and turned it to a harder spray and then she aimed it at her throbbing pussy. The hard jet of water hit her clit just right and she closed her eyes and gave in to the sensations while she pictured Katelyn naked in the hot tub. Oh God, she thought to herself, and then a powerful climax started.

“Ohhhh, Ahhhhh,” Hayley gasped as spasms shot through her. She had to brace herself against the shower wall to steady herself as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

Chapter Six

The two women didn’t say much to each other the rest of the afternoon, and there was a slight, yet discernable tension in the air. But while Katelyn was preparing dinner, it was Carly who broke the ice.

Hayley had walked into the kitchen with the twins’ empty juice cups and Carly proudly announced to her mother and nanny, “Look, I have boobies just like Hayley.” She had taken two large beefsteak tomatoes off the counter where Katelyn was preparing a salad and had placed them under her little shirt. Katelyn was embarrassed but when Hayley burst out laughing, she couldn’t help but join in.

“You do look like me,” Hayley laughed, tousling the little girl’s hair.

“But, that’s not an appropriate thing to say, Carly,” Katelyn scolded, trying to keep a straight face. “Now go wash up, dinner’s just about ready.”

At dinner, Katelyn offered Hayley a glass of Merlot and the dinnertime conversation was very pleasant, the children behaved, and the mother and nanny grew quite relaxed. “Let’s finish the bottle in the living room after we put them to bed,” Katelyn said on a comfortable sigh. Wine always soothed her.

By 9:00, the children were asleep and the two women were seated on the soft sage green sofa in the living room, listening to music and talking quietly.

“Do you miss your husband when he travels like this?” Hayley asked.

“I do, but I’m used to it. But this time, he’s going to visit a friend in Denver when he has a few days off, so he’ll be gone longer than usual.”

“Don’t you miss, uh, making love with him?” Hayley boldly asked, the wine definitely helping to loosen her tongue.

“You know, Hayley, I have gotten so worn out from these children that I’m not really interested in sex anymore,” Katelyn replied honestly.

“Well, I guess that’s pretty normal,” Hayley said thoughtfully, “But right now I can’t imagine going without sex for too long,” she giggled, almost like a young girl.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Katelyn asked.

“Not right now, although one of my exes has been calling and asking me out. I’ll probably go out with him this Friday just to shut him up,” Hayley laughed. “And if I’m in the mood, maybe I’ll fool around with him a little, just to take the edge off of me needing sex and to shut me up about it.” She laughed again.

Katelyn smiled absently, and then stared down at the burgundy liquid in her glass.

“Hayley,” she said tentatively, “You said something about wanting to be resuscitated by the Baywatch babes. Have, um, have you ever been with another woman?”

Hayley was thrilled by this line of questioning. Katelyn was obviously intrigued by the thought. “Yes,” she answered honestly. “I’ve been with two girls.”

Katelyn’s heart was beating fast at this revelation. It was something she had never really thought about before and probably would’ve stopped herself had she done so, but now the thought of Hayley with another pretty girl was making her aroused.

“What was it like?” she asked breathlessly.

“Oh, God, Katelyn, it was wonderful,” Hayley answered honestly. “Women’s bodies are so much prettier than men’s and to have two pretty women’s bodies together—-it’s just awesome. And a woman’s lips are so much softer and more sensuous than a man’s. The kissing was amazing. Here, let me show you.”

Hayley set her wine glass down on the coffee table and moved next to Katelyn and quickly leaned into her so that their faces were inches apart. Hayley’s soft pink lips sought Katelyn’s and then ever so softly and gently pressed against them. Hayley put her arms around the sexy older woman and drew their bodies together. God, Katelyn tasted so sweet. Hayley kissed her softly and tenderly at first and then opened her mouth wider and kissed her with more passion.

Katelyn’s eyes were closed, and she felt drunk—from the wine and from the amazing feeling of Hayley’s lips pressed to her own. She thought she would swoon when she felt Hayley’s soft tongue lick her bottom lip and then force its way into her mouth. Both women trembled when their tongues touched and then their tongues were intimately dancing together, their wine-sweetened saliva mixing together.

Katelyn somehow placed her wine glass on the end table, and with her hand free she grasped the back of Hayley’s neck and tangled her fingers in the girl’s shiny blonde hair. Katelyn was wearing a blue knit top and short white skirt, and Hayley was running her hand up and down Katelyn’s back as their tongues met more and more hungrily, their lips pressing together so hard their mouths had almost become one. Hayley’s soft hand traveled down Katelyn’s back and started rubbing her firm bottom through the skirt, and then she slipped her hand under the short cotton garment and caressed Katelyn’s bottom through her silky panties.

Katelyn was lost in a sea of sensations such as she had never experienced. She was just about to run her hands down Hayley’s back like the blonde had done to her when a loud call of “Mommy, Mommy,” broke the almost hypnotic spell she was under. Katelyn pulled away from Hayley and reluctantly went down the hall to see what her daughter wanted.

Hayley sat on the sofa. She was barely able to move and was still breathing hard. She couldn’t believe how sensuous it had been to kiss Katelyn. This was far beyond anything she had ever experienced with the other girls she’d been with.

“Hayley, Carly has a stomachache. I’m going to sit with her in the bathroom. When this happens, it usually takes awhile. I’ll see you in the morning.” Katelyn called down the hall.

Hayley carried the wine glasses to the kitchen sink and went to her room. She knew she would have trouble sleeping that night and wondered what Katelyn was thinking.

Chapter Seven

The next morning there seemed to be an unspoken new intimacy between the two women. They didn’t do anything differently, and yet, it was there, almost palpable. Katelyn did not act uncomfortable in any way as she had after the hot tub incident, and this raised Hayley’s hopes considerably.

Her question as to what Katelyn was thinking was answered that afternoon when she went to look for Katelyn during naptime. They couldn’t go in the hot tub, unfortunately as the pool service had come that morning and had added chemicals to both the pool and hot tub. She went to Katelyn’s bedroom to tell her she would be able to help the next morning, even though technically Friday was her day off. Katelyn was not in the room, but the door was open, and Hayley had strolled in. A computer on the brunette’s desk caught her attention, and she walked over to it. Hayley’s aqua eyes opened wide when she saw what Katelyn was looking at online. Katelyn was apparently on a site featuring erotic stories. Hayley gasped when she saw that Katelyn seemed to be reading lesbian erotic stories. She had a story opened called “Secret Kisses”. She’s definitely interested, Hayley thought with excitement. She couldn’t wait for her next opportunity to seduce the beautiful brunette, but she knew she still had to play it very carefully and not move too fast.

Friday rolled around and Katelyn really appreciated Hayley’s help on the morning of her day off. She had come to totally rely on the nanny both as a caretaker for the children but also as a calming and yet, exciting presence in her home.

When afternoon came, Katelyn was alone in the hot tub as Hayley was using her afternoon off to do some shopping and errands. Hayley had told her that she had agreed to go out with her former boyfriend, and he was taking her to a country bar called Richocet’s. Katelyn not only missed having Hayley around that afternoon, but she wasn’t sure how she felt about her going on a date that evening. I’m being silly Katelyn thought. She’s my friend and my children’s nanny, but she’s allowed a social life. Then she thought about the kiss with Hayley. It had been both gentle and steamy. And it had been so exciting.

It was just exciting because it was something different, Katelyn told herself. She knew she didn’t have those kind of feelings for Hayley, although she was now interested in the thought of two pretty women together. But it had nothing to do with Hayley, not really, she told herself. Reading an erotic story about pretty women together was exciting to her now, but it didn’t mean she wanted to experience it. How could she want this when she rarely even wanted sex with her husband? She sank down into the hot tub and let the swirling waves of water wash over her just as the waves of denial were washing over her thoughts.

That night, the children said good night to Hayley who was dressed in tight jeans, high heels and a silky aqua lingerie style top that matched her eyes. She looked exquisite. Katelyn watched Hayley’s little behind sway in her jeans as she walked out the door for her date and then busied herself putting the children to bed.

Katelyn put on a stretchy white tank top that clung to her cone shaped breasts alluringly and a pair of short gray gym shorts. She lay in bed watching the plasma TV on the wall opposite the bed and tried flipping through magazines, but nothing caught her interest. She kept looking at the clock and wondering what Hayley was doing. Katelyn was trying to concentrate on Late Night with Conan O’Brien but was getting more and more agitated that Hayley was not yet home. I’m like a mother waiting for her daughter to come home from a date she thought to herself, but she knew she wasn’t having maternal feelings. As much as she hated to admit it, Katelyn knew she was jealous that the pretty blonde nanny was out on a date.

At 2 am, Katelyn heard a car door slam, and she heard Hayley enter the house—quite noisily actually. Katelyn heard her heels on the tile as she went to her room. The pretty brunette snapped off her bedside light, but sleep eluded her.

For some reason she felt compelled to check on the younger girl. Quietly, she strolled down the hall toward Hayley’s room, not quite sure exactly what she was doing. The door to the bedroom was ajar, and Katelyn peeked in. Hayley had thrown her clothes in a heap on the floor and was lying on her back on the bed. Her large breasts were bare, and she wore only a pair of silky blue panties. Her eyes were closed and her shiny hair was spread over the white pillowcase beneath her. Katelyn felt a tightening between her legs as she looked at the scantily clad girl. She closed the door slightly and was starting to leave when she heard, “Don’t go.”

Hayley opened her eyes and leaned up on her elbows, her breasts full, and her pink nipples standing at attention. “Come in, Katelyn,” she said quietly, and Katelyn entered the room.

“Did you have a nice time?” Katelyn asked, trying to keep her tone casual.

Hayley nodded and beckoned to the older woman. Katelyn found herself perching on the edge of the bed and looking down at Hayley’s pretty face. Hayley’s head was back down on the pillow, but she raised her arms toward Katelyn and started drawing her close. Katelyn knew she should get up but somehow she just couldn’t move. She let Hayley pull her down until their noses were touching and then Hayley’s mouth was on hers, kissing her ravenously. She smelled alcohol on the younger woman’s breath—not an unpleasant smell. Hayley’s soft tongue was pressing against hers, and she felt shivers going up and down her spine. Hayley was moaning, and then she giggled and hiccupped. She broke the kiss and grasping Katelyn’s hand, pressed it to her bare breast. “Oh God, Katelyn, touch me,” she begged.

Katelyn couldn’t believe she was feeling another woman’s breast under her hand for the first time. The nipple was so hard against her palm. Katelyn closed her hand around the soft mound, lifting it, enjoying the weight of it in her hand. Before she knew it Hayley was sitting up, grabbing the bottom of the brunette’s tank top and starting to raise it.

“I want to touch yours’,” Hayley said as she pulled the stretchy top over Katelyn’s head.

“Oh God, they’re gorgeous,” Hayley said and giggled again. “They’re so pointy, like torpedoes or something.”

She was groping Katelyn’s pointy breasts, breathing hard as she looked at them in her hands. God, she’s so drunk, Katelyn thought as she watched Hayley’s fingers close around her plum-colored nipples. A moment later, conscious thought left her.

Katelyn was too aroused to stop anything that was happening. Having her breasts touched had never felt this good. She put her own hands back on Hayley’s heaving mounds and lifted each one in her hands. Hayley moaned and her hands fell from Katelyn’s flesh.

“Suck them, Katelyn. Pleeese,” she begged, even more fervently than before.

Katelyn didn’t hesitate. She lowered her mouth to one hard pink nipple and began to suck it. Hayley moaned and arched her back. The nipple felt wonderful against Katelyn’s tongue, and she was lost in the softness of the flesh when she noticed that Hayley was suddenly lying very still. Katelyn raised her head and saw that Hayley was lying back on the pillow with her eyes closed— and she had passed out.

Katelyn sat there staring at the young girl, trying to get her breathing back to normal. Suddenly, she had an uncontrollable urge to look inside Hayley’s panties. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do, but she felt powerless to stop herself. Slowly, very slowly, she pulled on the silky material until it was hugging Hayley’s soft white thighs and the girl was exposed to her. Katelyn’s blue eyes were fixated on the naked flesh that she had secretly stolen glances at from the hot tub. She reached down tentatively and spread the outer lips to peer into the innermost parts of her sexy blonde nanny.

Katelyn looked at the soft pink clitoris and the inner lips and when her eyes traveled to the opening between the girl’s legs she clearly saw that a stream of white semen was spilling out. God, she slept with him, Katelyn thought to herself. She felt a tangle of emotions that she was helpless to unravel. Almost as if her hand didn’t belong to her, she found it reaching toward the dripping hole. She took two fingers and wiped at the sticky white liquid that was dripping out. Then Katelyn knew her body was working involuntarily as she put her fingers first to her nose and sniffed them and then into her mouth, sucking off the juices that clung to her fingers.

Katelyn hastily pulled Hayley’s panties back up, covered the sleeping girl with a sheet and rushed back to her own room. When she got to her bed, she took off her shorts and lay naked on the bed and began to furiously rub her clit with the fingers that had just been moistened by the combined juices of Hayley and her date. She visualized Hayley’s wet pussy while she rubbed herself and felt strangely both repelled by and attracted to what she had seen. Katelyn cried out as a climax rippled through her, and she realized as the waves subsided that she was jealous that Hayley had slept with her ex-boyfriend.

Chapter Eight

The next morning, Katelyn was dressed and had fed her children breakfast before Hayley had even awakened. Hayley padded into the kitchen sometime after 11 am. Her hair was mussed and she wore jeans shorts and a thin white tee shirt with no bra. She avoided eye contact with Katelyn who was sitting at the kitchen table trying to put some limbs back on an action figure. The children were playing in the family room and were relatively quiet, but their young voices echoed through Hayley’s aching head. The hung-over blonde poured herself a cup of black coffee and stood at the counter to take a sip.

Katelyn stood up, and Hayley stared into the dark liquid in her mug. She didn’t look up as Katelyn walked out of the room to hand her sons their toy, but the blonde looked up when Katelyn quietly reentered the kitchen and their eyes met.

Hayley could feel her face flushing hotly and she stammered, “Listen, Katelyn, I, I’m really sorry about…..about last night. I had too much to drink and was out too late and….And I’m sorry about how I acted when you came to my room.” She looked back down into her mug.

“Don’t worry,” Katelyn replied. “Everyone ends up drinking too much at some time, and as for what you did when I was in your room….I didn’t mind that at all.”

“You didn’t?” Hayley could hardly believe what she was hearing, and she felt light-headed, but in a good way, almost relieving her throbbing headache.

Katelyn didn’t answer but said simply, “You need to go lie down and sleep this off. Don’t worry about the kids today. Just go lie down, and I hope you feel better when you get up.”

She peered into Hayley’s aqua eyes and a new understanding seemed to pass between them. Hayley just said a quiet thank you and was about to leave the room when Katelyn asked, “You were out so late last night, I um, just wanted to know if you uh, if you slept with your old boyfriend?”

There, I said it, Katelyn told herself. She didn’t know why, but for some reason she just needed to know what Hayley had to say about her date, and she couldn’t let her know about peeking at her dripping crotch.

Hayley’s cheeks colored slightly. “I slept with him, and I’m sorry I did. It wasn’t that great, but we both had too much to drink, and he came on to me when we went back to his place. I was horny because I hadn’t had sex in a long time, but it just wasn’t that good with him. I would’ve much rather……” but Hayley didn’t finish her sentence, and Katelyn could only guess what she was going to say as she watched the sexy blonde retreat back to her bedroom.

Katelyn sat down on the sofa and mulled over what had just happened. She had surprised herself by saying what she had, but she knew on some level that she was accepting what she was feeling for Hayley, and she had wanted the younger woman to know. She also felt tremendously relieved by what Hayley had said about sleeping with her ex-boyfriend.

That afternoon, Katelyn swam with her children and then stepped into the shower while they were napping. When she strolled back into her bedroom with her hair wrapped in a towel, she noticed the light on her answering machine was blinking. The message was from Mike, telling her he would be another week because he had learned of some potential new clients in Vale and Boulder who he was going to see. He said he would be playing golf and going out to dinner that night and would try to call again on Sunday afternoon. Katelyn listened to her husband’s voice on the machine, and suddenly she felt lonelier in her marriage than she ever had. Mike was almost leading a separate life most of the time. It had gotten worse recently as he had begun to travel more extensively and for longer periods. Katelyn was now feeling alone and desperate for attention.

Chapter Nine

That evening after the children were asleep, Katelyn sat on her sofa drinking wine. She had remained in a somber mood after hearing Mike’s message, and she knew she felt like everyone had a life besides herself. She was still agitated about Hayley having a date, and especially one that had included sex. The lonely mother of three was hoping a few glasses of wine would help numb her pain. She had put on a silky, sexy black negligee, almost to send Mike a silent message about what he was missing at home.

Katelyn closed her eyes and listened to one of her favorite songs playing on the radio, and when she opened her eyes to pour herself more wine she sensed someone in the room and looked up to see Hayley standing there. The pretty blonde wore a short, white terry cloth robe loosely belted at her waist. Her skin was dewy and her hair was damp and hung down her shoulders. The shawl collar of the robe hung open slightly and the mounds of her ample breasts were clearly visible, although her nipples were still covered by material. She looked delectable.

Katelyn looked away and asked moodily, “Do you feel better?”

“Yes, much better,” Hayley replied. She could sense something was wrong with Katelyn, and she assumed her employer was actually angry with her about everything in spite of what she’d said earlier.

“Katelyn, what’s the matter?” Hayley finally asked, not really wanting to hear that the pretty brunette was annoyed with her.

Katelyn shrugged. “I don’t know exactly. Mike called earlier and left a message that he isn’t coming home for another week, and I’m just feeling neglected and like I need something, and…and….I don’t know exactly what I need, but I have a case of the blues.” Katelyn’s lustrous eyes filled with tears.

Hayley’s heart filled with compassion for her friend, and her body filled with lust as she noticed Katelyn was wearing a sexy black negligee, her breasts exposed almost to the nipples. Hayley thought about what Katelyn had said earlier about not minding what Hayley had done when they were on her bed the night before. Those words were making her feel bold right now.

She sat down beside Katelyn on the sofa and took her into her arms, drawing her into an embrace. Then as she slowly bent her head toward the other woman she said sincerely, “I think this is what you need.”

Hayley’s soft pink lips pressed to Katelyn’s, and they were locked together in a tender and intimate kiss. Katelyn felt the kiss grow in intensity, and Hayley’s wet tongue slipped into her mouth to seek out hers’. When their tongues were pressed together and the kiss began to grow more passionate, Katelyn turned her head and broke the lip-lock. Hayley’s heart sank, and she was just about to get up when Katelyn grasped her hand.

“You’re right, I think this is exactly what I need,” Katelyn said quietly, completely catching Hayley off-guard.

The young blonde felt her heart soar as tremendous relief flooded through her. Katelyn pulled on Hayley’s hand, pulling the curvy younger woman to her and pressed her lips to Hayley’s again, immediately searching for Hayley’s tongue with her own. As they kissed passionately, again and again, their tongues almost intertwining, Katelyn opened Hayley’s robe and slipped it from her shoulders. She cupped the large, gorgeous breasts, and as she moved from Hayley’s lips to her pink nipples, she knew she spoke the truth that this was what she needed. She didn’t understand why, but at that moment she also knew she needed this more than she needed love and attention from her husband.

Hayley was moaning and writhing, and she reached inside Katelyn’s silky nightgown and felt her breasts. “Mmmm,” Katelyn moaned against Hayley’s chest.

They were insatiable. Hayley grabbed the silky black negligee and pulled it up, and Katelyn wriggled out of it. She took Hayley into her arms then and pulled her on top of herself on the sofa. Their mouths were clasped again, their breasts pressed hard together, their pubic mounds touching and their clits grinding together as they kissed and writhed.

Hayley rose and Katelyn moaned in frustration, but Hayley grabbed her arm and pulled her down to the floor. She quickly grabbed a few throw pillows from the sofa for their heads, and they lay together on the floor, kissing and feeling each other’s breasts.

Hayley then stroked down Katelyn’s stomach and Katelyn gasped when she felt soft fingers drag through her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair and start to probe her moist flesh. When Hayley’s fingers began to stroke her, she cried out. Nothing had ever felt this good. She spread out, putting her leg over Hayley’s thigh and reaching down to touch Hayley’s shaved pussy. Katelyn stuck a finger deep inside the younger girl’s body, and Hayley squirmed and cried out but continued to stroke Katelyn. Hayley stroked the wet slit from the clit down to the oozing hole and back up again, and Katelyn began to do the same thing to Hayley’s wet, shaved pussy.

Hayley was tense with need. The combined sensations of Katelyn’s wet flesh beneath her fingers and the amazing feeling of Katelyn rubbing her clit had her building toward a climax.

“God, Katelyn, that feels so good,” she cried out, writhing almost in agony, her need was so great.

A moment later, she knew it was all over for her, “Ohhhhhhhhh, Katelyn, I’m cuuuummmmingggggg!” Hayley screamed as she began to climax wildly beneath the brunette’s fingers.

She never stopped stroking Katelyn even as she climaxed and a second later Katelyn felt a very powerful climax starting to tear through her.

“Hayley, Oh God. You’re making me cummm. Ohhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhh, Oh My Goooood!!!!!!!!” Katelyn cried out, feeling as if her body was being lifted from the floor into some unknown galaxy.

She felt her climax go on for what seemed like forever, but finally she collapsed against a spent Hayley. The two satisfied women just lay there for a minute and then Katelyn pulled Hayley to her, and they both fell asleep almost instantly on the floor.

About an hour later, Hayley awakened and gently woke Katelyn. Katelyn stood up sleepily and gathered up her nightgown and Hayley’s robe and whispered to Hayley, “Come sleep in my bed.” Moments later, they were lying in Katelyn’s king-sized bed, naked and in a spoon position, Hayley’s arm tossed over Katelyn hugging her to her as they drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Ten

The Florida sunshine was streaming in the room between the openings in the mini blinds, and a satisfied Katelyn slowly opened her eyes and realized she was alone in her bed. Just as she started enjoying her memories of the previous night, Hayley opened the door and entered the room wearing a cotton sleep shirt.

“Good morning, Sleepy,” she said to Katelyn with a sexy smile. I fed the kids and set them up with one of their new DVD’s. I told Carly I would be in talking to her Mommy, and she should knock on the door if she needs me,” Hayley said, turning to lock the door.

“I thought I’d get myself something to eat while they’re occupied,” the gorgeous blonde said.

“Oh, yeah?” Katelyn replied. “I don’t see you holding a bowl of Rice Krispies.”

Hayley shook her head, “I’m not hungry for Rice Krispies this morning.” She started to pull her night shirt over her head and then climbed naked onto the bed and straddled the equally naked brunette.

“Fruit Loops, then?” Katelyn asked coyly.

Hayley merely shook her head. “No, I don’t have a taste for cereal.”

“So what are you planning to eat for breakfast?” Katelyn demanded.

“You,” Hayley replied with lust in her aqua eyes. “I’m going to eat you for breakfast.”

And she kissed Katelyn’s mouth hungrily before kissing down the older woman’s slender neck and taking first one breast and then the other into her mouth, sucking hard on each mauve nipple.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Katelyn moaned, and lifted her back off the mattress, pushing her chest into Hayley’s pretty face. Katelyn quivered as Hayley’s pretty pink lips kissed down her stomach, and she almost jerked off the bed when the nanny’s soft tongue swirled in her belly button.

Hayley was licking and kissing Katelyn’s soft flesh, and it felt so good under her tongue. She heard Katelyn moan loudly when her lips traveled to the pubic mound and she scraped at the sparse pubic hair with her tongue. Katelyn was twisting on the bed and she cried out when Hayley licked the inside of her thigh.

Hayley licked the opposite thigh. She could feel goose bumps on Katelyn’s flesh, and she flicked her tongue over them teasing the pretty brunette. Katelyn was almost out of her mind with need by now. Her pussy was throbbing, and she had never wanted anything as much as she wanted Hayley’s mouth on her right now.

But Hayley continued to tease her with her tongue until Katelyn thought she would go insane. She grasped Hayley’s head and entwined her fingers in the silky, golden hair.

It seemed like forever to Katelyn, but it was only a few minutes before Hayley said brightly, “Breakfast time” and dropped her mouth to the waiting pussy beneath her. She sucked one outer lip into her mouth hungrily and then the other before closing her lips over the entire area. She couldn’t believe how sweet Katelyn tasted—–even better than she had imagined. When she stuck her tongue deep inside the wet hole and pulled out Katelyn’s juice, Katelyn screamed and grasped her head harder.

“Oh God, Oh God,” Katelyn was moaning. “I’ve never felt anything like this, it’s so good. Oh Myyyy God!” she lifted her hips, pressing her wet pussy into Hayley’s hungry mouth as the blonde’s tongue seemed to devour every inch of her.

Hayley lifted her head slightly. “Hasn’t Mike ever eaten you before?”

“Um, yeah, once or twice,” Katelyn said breathlessly, “But he wasn’t that into it, and it didn’t feel like this. Oh don’t stop. Please….”

“Please what?” the sexy blonde asked teasingly.

“Please, Hayley, eat me. Eat my pussy….now!” Katelyn said using words she’d rarely, if ever, spoken out loud.

Hayley complied. She licked and sucked at the slick flesh as if it was a buffet and she had been starving. She lapped at the entire wet slit from top to bottom over and over in a steady rhythm, and when she slipped two fingers into the wet, very open hole, she couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to be doing this to Katelyn.

Hayley wasn’t the only one who thought it felt wonderful. When Katelyn felt the fingers enter her and begin to pump inside her, she felt as if she was going to burst from the sensations. She felt her body tensing, drawing close to what would surely be an amazing climax. And then she was on the absolute brink of it.

“Hayley, I’m going to cummmmm. Now, I’m cummming, right now,” she screamed. “Hayleeeeeeeeeeeeee!” The most powerful climax of Katelyn’s life was tearing through her.

Hayley held on for dear life, keeping her mouth and tongue on the sweet, wet pussy while Katelyn bucked beneath her. She kept pumping her fingers in and out of the dripping opening, and Katelyn’s climax seemed to go on and on. In fact, she was just about to stop climaxing when the licking and finger pumping brought her over the edge again.

“OH MY GOD!” she yelled as the second climax spiraled through her pussy and on through her entire body. When the spasms stopped, Katelyn lay with her legs spread apart, her head on the pillow and her dark hair damp on her forehead. There were tears in her eyes, and she had never felt so connected to anyone in her life.

Hayley crawled up to her and kissed her lips tenderly, and she loved the taste of herself on Hayley’s mouth. Hayley stroked her hair gently and when Katelyn’s breath was sufficiently returned to normal she said, “What about you, Sweetie, do you want to get off?”

“God yes,” Hayley answered. “I almost came just feeling your climax, it was so amazing.”

“I’ve honestly never had a climax that good before,” Katelyn replied. She sighed. And, surprising herself, she asked, “Would you rub your pussy and get off? I want to watch you.”

“Oh, yes, that will be soooo sexy,” Hayley replied, moving over to the next pillow and propping herself up.

She spread her sex lips with one hand and opened herself to Katelyn. Katelyn scooted over and down and leaned up on one elbow, her face just inches from the blonde’s exposed pussy. She smelled Hayley’s excitement and loved the scent. Hayley began to rub her clit gently in circles and then she slid two fingers down and stuck them deep inside herself, and a string of shiny, clear liquid hung from her fingers when she pulled them back out. She was clearly extremely excited.

It didn’t take long. Hayley was so turned on from eating Katelyn, and with the brunette’s face right down by her throbbing pussy she began to feel her climax coming on.

“Ohhhhh, Katelyn. Watch me play with my pussy. I’m going to cum for you. Watch me, Katelyn, watch me!” And with that she began to climax. Katelyn could see Hayley’s clit throbbing beneath her rubbing fingers and watched, mesmerized.

“Katelyn, I’m cuuuuummmminggggg!!!” Hayley jerked and moaned and cried out and finally fell back against the pillow with her mouth open, gasping for air.

Chapter Eleven

It was naptime at the McKinley house, and the mother of the three sleeping children and her sexy blonde nanny were naked together in the hot tub. They sat kissing sensuously, their bare breasts touching.

“Phew, I know it’s a hot tub, but is it getting uncomfortably hot in here, or is it just me?” Katelyn asked into Hayley’s mouth.

“Well, it is 90 degrees out and our passion is hiking up the mercury as well,” Hayley replied, gently pinching Katelyn’s nipples. “Why don’t we get out? I want you to lie in that chair, and I’m going to eat you again.”

“You’ve already had lunch, what is your excuse this time?” Katelyn asked with a smile.

“I love how you taste, and I love making you climax,” Hayley replied with a squeeze to Katelyn’s pointy breast.

“Good answer,” Katelyn laughed.

She scrambled out of the hot tub and wrapped her body in a large towel. Hayley followed her. A few minutes later the towel was spread out on a chaise lounge and Katelyn was lying on it, her thighs open. Hayley knelt on a towel beside the chair and was kissing her way down Katelyn’s shapely body. The brunette moaned. Hayley kissed the inside of Katelyn’s thigh and suddenly there was a loud ringing sound.

Katelyn had placed the phone on the little table next to the chair. She knew Mike was planning to call and felt she couldn’t let him get the machine again. She picked up the phone and checked the caller ID. “It’s Mike,” she told Hayley.

Katelyn answered and began having a conversation with her husband. She told him a few things about the children and asked about his visit with his friend. Meanwhile, Hayley was gently stroking Katelyn’s inner thigh with her tongue and making feathery strokes on the flesh with her finger. Katelyn was starting to squirm and finding it difficult to talk.

Suddenly, she felt Hayley’s beautiful mouth close over her pussy, and she had to put her hand over the mouthpiece as she gasped. Hayley kissed her pussy and gently licked her clit. It was difficult to concentrate on what Mike was saying.

“What about the nanny?” Mike was asking. “Are you continuing to be satisfied with her?”

“Yes,” Katelyn said almost breathlessly. “The nanny has me very satisfied.”

Hayley giggled into her employer’s pussy and stuck her tongue deeply inside Katelyn. Katelyn closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. Finally, Mike stopped talking and told Katelyn he’d be home on Friday. She almost let the phone fall to the concrete below her but set it down moments before she could no longer focus.

Hayley sucked the swollen clit into her mouth and sucked hard on it and then stuck her fingers inside Katelyn. That’s all it took. “God, I’m cummmingg, Hayleeeeeeee!” Katelyn cried out as she climaxed powerfully into the blonde’s mouth.

Hayley sat on the edge of the chair and leaned down to kiss Katelyn. Katelyn stroked her lover’s arm. “Now it’s your turn,” she said to Hayley. “Lay down, I’m going to eat you.”

Katelyn started to get up, but Hayley didn’t move. “You don’t have to, Katelyn,” she said, but Katelyn put two fingers to the younger woman’s lips and hushed her. “I want to….very much,” she told Hayley with lust in her blue eyes.

Moments later, an eager Hayley was lying on the towel with open legs while Katelyn kissed first her lips, then her pink nipples and then her stomach. Hayley was moaning, tangling her fingers in Katelyn’s dark, wavy hair. As Katelyn worked her mouth lower over Hayley’s soft skin, she couldn’t believe how wonderful the younger woman tasted and felt against her tongue. She worked her way down to Hayley’s slim thigh and showered it with light kisses while Hayley moaned and twisted beneath her. Then she moved on to the other thigh, kissing it and licking the inner crease, her tongue very close to the center of Hayley. Katelyn raised her face and gently blew warm air on Hayley’s pussy.

“Ohhhhh!” Hayley called out, and then she let out a scream as Katelyn closed her lips over the entire wet slit. Katelyn licked and sucked with relish, amazed at how wonderful it felt to be doing this. She dragged her tongue slowly down the wet, pink flesh and circled the opening teasingly with her tongue.

“Oh, God, stick it in me!” Hayley cried out. “Suck out all my pussy juice, Katelyn. I’m all creamy for you. I’m dripping wet because of you!”

When Katelyn did plunge her tongue deep inside the pretty girl’s body, Hayley could no longer speak. The two pretty women were both enjoying the experience incredibly. After plunging her tongue repeatedly into Hayley’s sweet hole and drinking her shiny juices, Katelyn moved up to the clit and began to suck it and lick it with urgency.

Hayley lifted her head briefly and asked, with great effort, “So, do you like eating pussy?”

“I love eating your sweet pussy,” Katelyn replied. “Now, I want you to cum for me, Sweetheart. I’m going to lick your pretty pink clit and I want to hear you cum.”

Those words and Katelyn’s tongue working furiously on her throbbing clit brought on a tremendous climax for Hayley.

“OHHHHHHH, I’m going to cum for you, just like you asked, right, right nowwww! OHHHHHHHH, Kaaaaatelynnnnnn!!!” Hayley screamed as her body twisted and jerked under Katelyn’s soft mouth. When she was finished, she lay back staring up through the screen of the lanai at the Wedgewood colored Florida sky full of white cotton ball clouds.

“Wow,” Hayley said breathlessly when she could speak again. “You were pretty darn good for your first time eating pussy.”

Katelyn wiped her wet mouth with the back of her delicate hand. “You inspired me to do a good job,” she said with a tender smile. “Now we better go get dressed and ready for my little ones to wake up.” They gathered their towels and walked naked and satisfied back into the house.

Chapter Twelve

It was Thursday afternoon and the sky was charcoal gray. Every now and then a bolt of lightning sliced through the grayness, and rain was imminent. Katelyn was in the kitchen wearing a floral sundress and preparing some things for dinner. Her in-laws had taken the children to play at their house and would be bringing them back at 6:00. Katelyn had invited them to stay for dinner.

Hayley was in the laundry room doing some of her wash, taking advantage of the break from her nanny duties. She was ironing a blouse and daydreaming about making love that morning with Katelyn in the brunette’s bed. Katelyn had made her climax over and over with her probing mouth and tongue and her pretty fingers.

In the kitchen, Katelyn was lost in thought as she mindlessly chopped vegetables for a salad. She was remembering Hayley making her climax that morning by licking her clit so fast and hard while she stuck one finger in her pussy and one in her anus. Katelyn had never had anything penetrate her bottom hole before, and she was surprised how much she had liked it. I shouldn’t be surprised she thought to herself. I unexpectedly like a lot of things I would’ve never guessed I’d like. As she continued to think about the morning’s events, she felt her panties growing wet. She smiled to herself, enjoying her thoughts.

“What are you smiling about, Lady?” Hayley asked as she entered the kitchen with a basket of clean laundry.

“You,” Katelyn replied with lust in her eyes. Hayley set down the basket, walked over to Katelyn and kissed her sweet lips. Katelyn looked at Hayley in her short jeans shorts and pink stretchy tank top, and she was overcome by lust.

Suddenly, she just had to touch Hayley’s sexy body. She started fumbling with the button on the girl’s shorts and then hurriedly unzipped them. Hayley took them off, and Katelyn was thrilled to see she didn’t have any panties on. Katelyn cupped the nanny’s pubic mound with her hand as she closed her mouth around a nipple right through the pink tank top.

“Mmmm,” they moaned together. Katelyn grabbed the other nipple and twisted it in her fingers and then closed her hand around the large breast. Hayley pulled away for just a second and wriggled out of the tank top and pressed her big breasts against Katelyn’s hands. “Oh, God,” Hayley gasped as Katelyn bent her head and took a hard pink nipple into her mouth.

As Katelyn sucked first one nipple and then the other, she started to get a really naughty idea. She raised her head and gave Hayley a deep kiss. She started clearing things off of the countertop of the center island where she had been working. When a space was cleared, Katelyn turned to Hayley.

“Climb up here,” she ordered.

Hayley was surprised but incredibly excited as she climbed onto the earth-toned granite and lay down. Katelyn spread the blonde’s legs and buried her face in the sweet, wet pussy.

“You taste sooo sweet,” she said into the flesh as Hayley moaned and clutched at her hair. Katelyn licked the sweet pink flesh for a few minutes, and then she stepped away and walked to the other counter.

“You’re not going to leave me here, dripping wet and needing to cum are you?” the nanny asked with an adorable pout.

“Not at all,” Katelyn replied, and when she walked back to Hayley, she was holding something behind her back. Hayley’s beautiful eyes looked at her curiously and then Katelyn pulled out a long, shiny, seedless cucumber.

Katelyn opened her mouth and deep-throated the vegetable, and then sucked on it and licked it all over as if she were performing oral sex. Hayley watched her incredulously. Then, when Katelyn had wet the cucumber with her saliva, she placed it at the wet opening between Hayley’s legs and gently guided it inside her.

“Oh, my God, Katelyn,” Hayley called out. “Oh, that feels so good.”

“I’m not hurting you?” Katelyn asked.

“No just the opposite. Oh, God, Katelyn. You’re so sexy. Fuck me with the cucumber. Pleeeeese!”

Katelyn obliged, working the long green vegetable deeper into Hayley’s body, twisting it and pushing it in. She continued to do this with the cucumber as she bent her head and began to take long licks of Hayley’s wet slit. A bolt of lightning crackled in the distance, followed by a loud clap of thunder and then by the sound of rain pouring down on the tile roof.

Hayley was beside herself with excitement, moaning and gasping as her lover penetrated her deeply with the cucumber while licking her tender flesh.

“God, Katelyn, please suck my clit and fuck me harder!” she begged, and Katelyn did as she was bid.

“Oh yes, yes! I’m going to cum, keep fucking me, Katelyn. Ohhhhhhhh! I’m almost there.” Hayley was on the very brink of what she knew would be a fabulous climax. “OHHHHH, I’m CUUUUMMMMINNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!”

Hayley exploded on Katelyn’s countertop just as another loud boom of thunder exploded outside. Katelyn kept the steady rhythm going with her tongue on the clit and the cucumber deep inside of Hayley and waited for a signal to stop. But Hayley’s climax didn’t end. Just when she thought it would stop, she felt herself building toward another one or a continuation of the first as she felt the tongue and the cucumber making her wild. The pretty blonde yelled and thrashed again and again before finally lying still and exhausted on the granite.

Katelyn pulled out the cucumber and gently kissed Hayley’s mouth. Breathing hard, Hayley sat up and swung her legs down. She hopped down and quickly went to her knees in front of Katelyn. She stuck her head under the pretty brunette’s dress, yanked her silky panties down and began to lick her clit while jamming two fingers inside her very wet hole.

“I think someone liked making me wild with that cucumber,” Hayley said against the slick flesh. She continued to lick Katelyn and thrust her fingers deeply inside her, and the very excited older woman began to climax.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHH,” Katelyn cried as she climaxed against Hayley’s mouth, her pussy gripping the probing fingers.

When Hayley had pulled up her employer’s panties and had come back out from under her dress, Katelyn was still catching her breath. She smiled at Hayley and picked up the cucumber.

“I think I’ll skip putting cucumber in the salad tonight,” she said with a wink and tossed the vegetable into the trash can.

Hayley giggled and picked up her laundry basket. Tossing her shorts and top in, she walked out of the kitchen. As she walked down the hall, she knew she would never look at cucumbers the same again. I didn’t even think I liked cucumbers she thought to herself. She decided she would have to try them again.

Chapter Thirteen

It was Friday afternoon, and Mike had come home. He spent most of his time with the children and only a brief moment with his wife. That gave her time to slip away and spend time with her pretty, blonde lover—-at least to talk to her.

“I have mixed feelings about Mike being home,” she said to Hayley as they sat on the nanny’s bed.

“That’s understandable,” Hayley replied. “But he’s your husband, and you’re going to have to spend some time with him. Do you think he’s going to want to have sex?”

“Oh, I didn’t think about that,” Katelyn answered. “Yes, probably at some point he will. I just don’t feel that into it, but he’s used to that.”

“Don’t worry about me or anything,” Hayley said. “He’s your husband, and he brought us together. He deserves some time with you. Just come tell me about it after you’re done. Do you think you could do that?”

“Very easily,” Katelyn replied. “He typically rolls over and falls deeply asleep after sex. I don’t think a stampede through the house could wake him.”

Hayley laughed and her aqua eyes twinkled. “Ok, well then be a good wife to your man, but then come and tell me all about it.” She gave Katelyn a squeeze. “You should probably get out there with your family now.”

Later that evening, Katelyn went to say goodnight to Hayley. Lying next to her on the bed and holding her, she told the nanny that Mike said he would take his wife out to dinner the next night and then make love to her. She promised to slip away and see Hayley afterwards, and then she slipped her hand into Hayley’s little shorts and began to stroke her soft flesh. She felt Hayley’s wetness dampen her fingers almost instantly, and she put her middle finger deep inside the girl while stroking her clit and the entire pussy with the palm of her hand.

“Mmm, that feels good, Katelyn,” Hayley murmured. A minute later she was tensing under Katelyn’s gliding hand. “Ohhhh, Ohhhh, I’m cumming for you, Katelyn!!!” she cried as she climaxed.

She quickly recovered and pushed Katelyn back on the pillows as she pulled up her short nightgown and yanked her panties off. Hayley began to stroke Katelyn with her fingers. As she stroked her lover’s pussy, it began to drip. Katelyn, who had rarely been wet in her sex life, flowed like a river when she was with her pretty blonde nanny. Hayley wet a finger by sticking it deep inside Katelyn and then she stroked it gently down to Katelyn’s small rosebud anus and gently penetrated it.

“Ohhhhh!!!” Katelyn cried out. “That feels soooo good.”

“I thought you really liked it the other day,” Hayley said with a sexy smile as she stroked the wet pussy faster with her fingers.

The sexy blonde continued her stroking and continued sticking her finger inside Katelyn’s tight bottom. Katelyn was thrashing on the bed in ecstasy. She began to climax. “Ohhh, Hayley keep sticking your finger up my ass. I’m cumming so hard. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” She jerked and moved wildly as she climaxed and then went still, gasping for breath.

“Quite a display Mrs. McKinley,” Hayley said. “Now you better get back to your husband’s bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Chapter Fourteen

Time seemed to go quickly on Saturday, and before she knew it, Katelyn had been out to dinner with Mike and was home in the bathroom preparing for sex with him. She put on a short, silky purple nightgown and brushed her teeth. For many reasons she felt uncomfortable, but she was trying not to think about that. When she walked to the bed, she saw that Mike was already erect and waiting for her, and he took his pretty wife into his arms.

Katelyn kissed him and went through the motions of lovemaking, but when he climbed on top of her and entered her, she closed her eyes and began to think about Hayley. Mike was pumping steadily into her, and she thought about having Hayley’s mouth on her pussy and how wonderful that felt. Suddenly, Katelyn felt a climax coming on as she visualized her nanny eating her. She cried out, and her spasms brought her husband to a climax as well.

When they were done, Mike gave her a perfunctory kiss and rolled off of her, turning to the side, pulling up the sheet and falling asleep almost immediately. Katelyn didn’t hesitate. She went out of the room stark naked and into Hayley’s bed.

Hayley was waiting naked and grabbed Katelyn and began kissing her wildly. “Tell me about it, how was it?” she said into Katelyn’s mouth.

“It was ok. I climaxed. I was thinking about you eating my pussy.”

“Mmmmm,” Hayley moaned. “That’s so sexy.”

“Really?” Katelyn asked. “I think you’re turned on by the thought of me with my husband.”

“I’m turned on by any thought of you,” Hayley replied, and she began kissing her way down Katelyn’s body. She got to the pubic mound, and she began to lick Katelyn all over the outer mound and inner thighs.

As Hayley started to spread her pussy lips, it occurred to Katelyn that Mike’s semen was dripping out of her. She had been on the Pill since having the twins, and Mike had climaxed deep inside her. Hayley seemed to read her thoughts. She was spreading the pussy lips and staring deeply into the innermost depths of her lover. Katelyn remembered doing the same thing after Hayley had come home from her date.

“Mmmm, I see cum dripping out of you, mixed with your sweet juice,” Hayley said, her voice thick with lust. “I’m going to lick it all up and suck it out of you. Your husband’s sperm and your sweet pussy juice—-I’m going to feast on it.” And with that, Hayley dropped her mouth to Katelyn’s overflowing pussy and licked and sucked hungrily at it.

Katelyn closed her eyes and pressed her dripping pubic area against Hayley’s hungry mouth—-enjoying each lick and suck that Hayley bestowed on her. As she moaned and squirmed beneath the blonde’s pretty lips, it seemed to Katelyn that Hayley was devouring her creamy, wet pussy for hours, but of course, it wasn’t that long.

Hayley did work diligently on it, though, pretty much sucking down every drop of cum laced with pussy juice. Just as she was taking another big lick and swallow, Katelyn started to climax beneath her hungry mouth.

“God, Hayleeeeee!!!”

As the beautiful brunette cried out, Hayley put one finger on her own swollen clit and rubbed at it furiously. “Ohhhh, Ohhhhh,” she moaned as she climaxed with Katelyn, her face buried in the wet, pink pussy that was going into spasms beneath her.

Chapter Fifteen

It was early Monday afternoon, and Katelyn had gone shopping with her mother-in-law to help her pick out some birthday presents for the twins. Their fourth birthday wasn’t for awhile yet, but Mike had suggested she go while his mother was in the mood to shop. Hayley was doing some light cleaning for Katelyn when Mike asked her to come into his office. He was all dressed up in a suit and tie, and Hayley thought he looked handsome and could see why Katelyn had fallen for him.

“Hayley, I am on my way to a job interview. A contact of mine put me in touch with this company, and I had a long phone interview with them from Denver, and now I’m going to meet with them at their offices. I’m tired of traveling, and this position would require much less travel, and I’ll get to be home with my wife and kids.”

Hayley didn’t understand at first why Mike was telling her all this, and then suddenly, like a dark cloud suddenly obscuring the sun, a horrible thought came to her which was confirmed momentarily by Mike. Hayley had tuned him out for a moment, but focused back just in time to hear him say, “So, we probably won’t need your services for very much longer. Katelyn and I want our time together again, and we really want to raise our children on our own,” he explained. “Well, wish me luck,” Mike said cheerfully to a stunned Hayley and strolled out of his office.

Hayley could barely walk back to her room. Her feet felt like lead, and her heart felt even heavier. She couldn’t believe Katelyn would do this to her, but obviously the older woman had just dallied with her and now wanted her happy marriage and home-life more. Hayley fought back the tears as she began throwing things into a suitcase. Her life felt as messy as the rumpled clothes she was cramming into her bag.

Katelyn came home a few minutes later, and went to Hayley’s room. She was stunned to see Hayley packing.

“What are you doing?” she asked, confused.

“You know very well what I’m doing,” Hayley said quietly, her voice stony. “I’m resigning as of this minute. I’ll send for the rest of my stuff.” She pulled up the handle of her suitcase and dragging it behind her, brushed angrily past Katelyn.

“Hayley! Stop. What on earth is going on?” Katelyn cried, following the nanny to the foyer. Hayley opened the door and looked back at Katelyn for one agonizing moment and then rushed out. She got into her car and drove away.

A stunned Katelyn stood in the foyer, unable to move. She couldn’t begin to understand what had just happened. She grabbed her cell phone out of her purse and tried calling Hayley’s cell, but the girl was not picking up. Finally, she went into her room and lay on the bed and cried, hoping the children would take long naps as she had no energy to deal with them.

A few hours later, Mike finally came home. Katelyn had tried calling him as well and had gotten his voicemail. She had tried so hard not to snap at the kids and had ended up sitting them in front of the TV because she was absolutely beside herself and couldn’t interact with them. When Mike walked cheerfully into the house, Katelyn demanded that he go to his office and talk to her.

“Mike, did you talk to Hayley today? She was very upset when I got home from shopping, and I don’t have any idea why. Did she say anything to you?” Katelyn inquired.

“I had a talk with her. I told her about my big surprise for you—- I’m really close to getting a job with a local company, and I won’t have to travel so much. I’ll tell you more about it when I finalize it. One of the company bigwigs is out of town until tomorrow, and they can’t make me a final offer until they confer with him.”

It was difficult for any of this to register with Katelyn. She certainly looked surprised, and Mike took in the fact that she seemed emotional to mean that she was overcome by his news.

“Did you say anything else to her?” she demanded.

“To her….what? Oh, you mean the nanny. Yes, I told her we wouldn’t need her services for too much longer. I told her we were looking forward to raising our kids on our own.”

Katelyn felt like someone had punched her in the stomach. And then a horrible sense of understanding came over her. “Did you tell her that I didn’t actually know about any of this yet?” she asked.

“No, I told her about it, but I didn’t tell her I was surprising you,” he replied.

Katelyn was about to tell Mike she’d never give up Hayley regardless of how much he was going to be around but decided to deal with that later. She told Mike she had a terrible headache and asked him to take care of the kids. When he went to change into shorts, she fumbled through the desk in his office. Finding Hayley’s resume and grabbing the phone, she called the phone number listed on it.

Hayley’s former roommate, Cindy answered. Katelyn said, “Hello, this is Katelyn McKinley. Hayley Matthews works for me as a nanny. I’ve been having trouble getting in touch with her today, and I was wondering if you’ve heard from her?”

The girl on the phone said Hayley had not been to her former apartment and took the number Katelyn gave her and promised to call if she heard from Hayley. There was nothing else Katelyn could do but to keep trying Hayley’s cell and leaving messages.

Chapter Sixteen

That day and then the next passed with no call from or appearance by Hayley. Katelyn was so distraught she could barely eat or function. She actually had no idea how she was taking care of her kids and getting through the days. She had to hide her anguish from Mike, but that was pretty easy as he was preoccupied about his impending job offer.

It was late afternoon, and Mike was actually having his final meeting with the company, but Katelyn couldn’t even think about that. She was dialing Hayley’s cell for the hundredth time. “Please, Hayley, please call me. I need to talk to you,” Katelyn begged. She needed to talk to her in person. She wasn’t about to say what she needed to in a message Hayley might not even listen to.

Mike came home shortly thereafter, and Katelyn picked up on his somber mood right away. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I turned down the job. The compensation and benefits package just wasn’t what I needed, even though I had made that very clear to them initially. Oh well, I’ll get over it. I’m used to what I do, and I’m very successful, and we’ll make it through all this time apart,” he said. “Listen, I feel like taking the kids over to my parents’. Do you want to come?”

“No,” Katelyn replied absently. “I have some things to do here.” She of course, had absolutely nothing to do, but she didn’t want to go anywhere. All she could do was stress about the situation with Hayley.

She helped get the children ready and helped Mike load them into her SUV. In the distance, she heard the phone ringing. Katelyn ran hurriedly back into the house, her heart thumping in her chest, hoping and praying it was Hayley. She grabbed the phone anxiously, not even looking at the caller ID. Her heart and hopes sank when she heard a voice she didn’t recognize.

“Mrs. McKinley? This is Tammy. I’m a friend of Cindy and Hayley’s. I just talked to Cindy, and she mentioned you were trying to track down Hayley. She’s been staying at my apartment the last few days.”

Katelyn felt every muscle in her body tense as she asked, “Is she there now?”

“No,” the girl replied. “She just left to go to the park. She went to the Six Mile Cypress Preserve. She likes to walk on the boardwalk there and think.”

Katelyn thanked the girl, and grabbing her purse and Mike’s keys, she jumped into the Lexus and drove to the Six Mile Cypress Preserve. She had driven quite fast, and when she swung the Lexus into a parking spot, she let out a breath of relief that she had gotten there safely. She scanned the parking lot, and her heart began to pound wildly when she spotted Hayley’s car. She got out of the car quickly, slammed the door behind her and took off for the boardwalk to track down Hayley.

The boardwalk in the park was shaded with dense foliage, but the heat was stifling. Katelyn was sweating both from nerves and from the Florida summer weather after taking just a few steps. She ended up walking almost a half mile before she saw Hayley sitting on a wooden bench with her elbows on her knees and her chin on her hands. At the sight of her, relief flooded over Katelyn.

Hayley seemed to sense Katelyn’s presence because she looked up almost immediately. The site of Katelyn caused her already high emotional level to skyrocket, and she burst into tears.

“What are you doing here?” she sobbed, swiping at the tears that were involuntarily streaming down her cheeks.

“Hayley, listen, there’s been a terrible misunderstanding,” Katelyn started to say.

Hayley didn’t let her finish. She jumped up and said angrily, “Yes, there’s been a misunderstanding. I misunderstood how you felt about me!” Hayley started to walk past Katelyn and was just quickening her pace when the sound of Katelyn’s voice stopped her in her tracks.

“You’re wrong about that. Hayley, I love you,” Katelyn said, her voice wavering.

Hayley spun around. “You do?” she asked breathlessly through her tears. Katelyn nodded and tears began to stream down her cheeks as well.

Hayley rushed at Katelyn almost knocking her off the boardwalk and into the dense cypress forest. She threw her arms around the older woman and looked into her tear-filled eyes. “Oh, God, I love you too, Katelyn.”

Then they were kissing passionately, their lips pressing together hard as their tongues sought each other’s. Each woman could feel the tears of the other brush against her face as they continued to kiss. Finally, Katelyn pulled back.

“Come on, Sweetie. Let me take you back to my house. It feels like 200 degrees out here. We’ll come back later for your car. I’ll explain everything to you on the way home.” She took Hayley’s hand, and they walked back to the parking lot.

Not long after, they were naked on Hayley’s bed, their soft mouths pressed together, kissing hungrily. Hayley now understood all of the circumstances, and she was on an emotional high after being more distraught than she had ever been in her life. Katelyn loved her and would never give her up!

She kissed her pretty lover passionately and rolled on top of her, arranging her large breasts so that her hard pink nipples were placed directly over Katelyn’s, which were long and hard from her building excitement. In this position, it felt wonderful to each of them as their stomachs and thighs were pressing together as well, and they could feel the whole delicious length of each other’s bodies.

Hayley began to rub her wet pussy into Katelyn’s and they both moaned into the other’s open mouth as their swollen clits touched and rubbed together again and again as Hayley moved on top of Katelyn. They were in complete unison, climbing together toward a climax. “Katelyn, are you close?” Hayley asked when she felt as if she would burst any second.

“Yes, oh, yes,” was Katelyn’s breathy response, and symbolically, they climaxed together, powerfully and beautifully, their bodies tensing as the waves of incredible pleasure washed over them in their mutual climax.

When their breathing had returned to normal, Hayley snuggled next to Katelyn on the bed, and Katelyn took her into her arms and held her close against her naked body. They each closed their eyes and collectively savored the feeling of each other’s skin and the lovely warmth of pure intimacy as they basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

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