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Roles Change

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He woke up about 7:30 a.m. and, at first, thought it was a normal morning. He felt a little chilly and reached for the blanket when he realized he wasn’t covered, but didn’t find it and opened his eyes to find the bed was stripped of blankets.

All he could see was a sheet of paper on the edge of the bed, so he put on his glasses and picked up a note from his wife.

“Good morning,” it said. “As you can see, things, if you decide so, will be much different this weekend. I, if you say yes, will be in charge for the next couple of days and will make all decisions for me and for you.”

“If you are a good boy,” she continued, “you will be rewarded. If not, you will be punished — first at the time of infraction, then at the end of the weekend. These are conditions that must be agreed upon before we begin. What your reward will be, you will have to wait and see and the same goes for prospective punishment. If you are game, no words need be spoken. Your morning attire is on the chest at the end of the bed, put it on and come down stairs for coffee. If you aren’t interested, come down naked as usual, get your coffee and go back up for your normal routine and nothing will be said — either way.”

At the end of the bed he found the French Maid outfit he had bought her a couple of years ago — the one he hadn’t seen her wear yet.

“Whoa, I wonder what she has up her sleeve! I don’t know about this,” he told himself. “I don’t know where she’s going with it and I have things I need to do today. She does, however, have my interest! And his, too,” he noted as he felt his dick stiffen at the unknown.

“You know what they say,” he mused to himself, “You’ve got to pay to play,” and he got into his uniform for the morning. After all, it was “morning attire”. It was kind of slinky and it tantalized him as he walked down the stairs and it moved back and forth across the end of his dick.

As he came into the kitchen, his wife was sitting at the table over against the window.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” she smiled. “How did you sleep last night?”

“Apparently a little more solid than usual,” he offered.

“Well, that’s okay. What would you like for breakfast? Here’s your coffee.”

“Maybe just coffee right now,” he said. “I’ll wait till after my shower to eat.”

“No problem. I’m going upstairs to get some things ready while you drink your coffee and check your email. When you’re done, come on up and we’ll plan our day.”

He drank his coffee, trying to imagine what she had in mind, but was puzzled. He checked his mail and there was one from her.

“If you’re seeing this now, you must be on board for the weekend.” is how it began. “You may think, at times the next two days, that you chose wrong, but if you stick it out, you will be glad. Come on up, baby, and let’s get started.”

He headed up the stairs and he could hear her whistling. As he walked into their room, she smiled at him, handed him a razor and shaving cream and told him to shave a few things.

“In particular,” she explained, “I want you to shave your chest, your legs and your ass. Do not touch your underarms, but do just a little trimming on your pubic hair. Don’t destroy it, though. I kind of like your artwork.”

He did as she said, of course. It was complicated and very time consuming! After he got out of the shower and toweled his hair off, he put his glasses on and began drying the rest of his body. As he put a foot up on the toilet to dry off his leg, it really dawned on him what he had done. Oh shit, he thought. He was perfectly slick from the waist down, hell from the neck down, legs and all! He had been caught up in the sensual aspect of what she directed, but this was for real — for a while!

“Come here, sweetheart, and let me feel you,” she said as she stepped around the corner with a little grin on her face. “That’s nice,” she said as her hands traveled up his legs and around his ass. “You did a great job and I love that feeling. Let me touch up a couple of spots, then you can put your uniform back on and come on downstairs.”

She seemed to be so happy with the day, he relaxed a little and he began to roll over in his mind what she might have in store for him, but his thoughts were not even close. When he found her, she was in the den and had a paper in her hands.

“I’ve written down a few of the particulars that I want to go over with you. Once I’ve done that, I want you to initial them. You need to do this because infractions will bring on punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he said.

“First, the outfit you have on, unless I modify it, is what you will wear for the next two days — night and day. Second, you will not be allowed to cum this weekend. I may tease you, I may have you in situations that excite you, but you better not cum. If you do, there will be consequences. I picked this outfit just for you because I’ve noticed that your eyes seem to bug out when you see it on most any woman, in most any costume catalogue. Heck, as I remember, you bought it! So, enjoy it, but don’t mess it up if you know what I mean!”


“I’m going up to take a shower,” she explained. “Don’t interrupt me for a while, even if you hear a little moaning and groaning, I’ll just be doing a thorough cleaning and rinsing. When I call you, I want you to scramble me some eggs (hard), butter some toast and bring it all up to me with that bottle of cinnamon on the stove.”


“That word is becoming music to my ears.”

The Weekend Begins Part 2 The intercom buzzed and he answered.

“Yes, Ma’am”

“I’m ready for my breakfast now,” she said kind of haughtily.

“Yes, I’ll be with you shortly.”

“Shortly what?”

“Shortly, Ma’am”

“Thank you.”

He fixed the eggs and toast to her liking and brought them upstairs on a tray. She was sitting up in the bed, towel around her head and dressed in a new very nearly sheer gown that lay against her damp body. Her nipples were hard and he got hard as he watched her breasts rise and fall with her breathing. He just stood there until she asked how she was going to eat her breakfast with him holding it so far away.

“Thank you,” she said as he sat the tray on her lap. “What’s got you so excited,” she asked as she reached out to rub his dick through the cloth that barely contained it. Rubbing it gently, she added, “Remember, you’re not allowed! And, if you make a messs…..”

“Yes, Ma’am, I understand.”

“While I eat my breakfast,” she went on, “I want you to dust for me. Start over there by the window where the light will help me watch you under your uniform. It’s kind of like watching that slut that always comes in the coffee shop with no slip under her pastel dresses. I can count the hairs on her pussy and I can see now that the thought gives rise to some feelings in you as well. You like watching her, too, don’t you? You’re a little slut, too! We’ll have to decide what to do about that later. You get busy with the task at hand.”

He dusted, he crawled around on his hands and knees and dusted baseboards and sides of furniture, he stood on a stool and cleaned the top of door frames, all as she watched and directed him and now, as he stood on the stool near the end of their bed, he tried to remember the exact conversation that had sparked this surprise change in her personality.

The best he could remember, they had seen a preview for a movie about an island where the women rule and the men are slaves. He had made some offhand comment about how he wished she would take control of the sex aspect of their lives and give him one less thing to worry about. He hadn’t thought about it again until now.

As he wiped out the light fixture and put in a new bulb where one was blown, he had to admit that after the initial shock of some of her instructions and the outline of how the weekend would be, he was actually getting pretty aroused by the whole women’s fantasy island weekend.

“What are you thinking about over there?” she asked as he came back to the real world and noticed his dick forming a tent under his uniform. “Come here, I want to talk to you,” she demanded.

She stood up beside the bed and her nipples stood out against the fabric of her gown like his dick did against the bottom of his outfit. She reached out to him and grabbed his offending member and pulled him closer and began to talk to him in a matter of fact tone.

“When you first suggested this a few weeks ago, and yes you did whether you realize it or not, I thought about it, but I didn’t know if I would like it, or be comfortable with it. But, I do and I am! You’ve inspired me with a mission that gets me off and, apparently, does things for you. So, I want to go shopping — yes I know that’s new for me, too.

But, first, I haven’t forgotten the little coffee shop memory of yours and I am going to punish you. But, I need to know how bad to punish you.”

She pulled her gown off her shoulders and it fell to the ground. She stood there naked and took his hand and placed it between her legs. She was wet and caught her breath when he touched her. She dropped his hand and lay back on the bed.

“With your lips and your tongue, I want you to show me how much of a slut you are! Show me just how awful you can be,” she dared him.

He dropped to his knees and she spread her legs wide. He could smell her scent, could sense the moistness between her legs. He kissed her just about the hairline of her pussy and she jerked. She was ready and so was he, but he kept telling himself, “I’m not allowed to cum.” He buried his tongue inside her and he heard a moan deeper that he had heard from her before. He circled his tongue inside her and she slapped the bed beside her and she took two handfuls of sheet and thrust herself against his face. She screamed as she impaled herself on his tongue. He backed up slightly, she grabbed the lips of her pussy and opened herself and he encircled her clit with his lips and began to suck lightly, massaging it with his tongue. He could hear her, first under her breath, then louder.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, damn it, yes.” And her legs wrapped his head as she exploded and shook and quivered. She lay there for what seemed a long time with her legs around his head and did not speak. Finally, she parted her legs.

“You’re a real little slut!” she said with a smile on her face. “Go take your uniform off, fold it up nice and neatly and come back for your punishment. He went into the closet and followed her orders. As he came back into the room, she was standing, once again in her nightgown, with a belt in her hands.

“Come over here and lay across the bed,” she ordered. He did so and she reached down and spread his legs apart. After just a moment, he felt the belt sting against his freshly shaved ass.

“What are you?” she asked in a tone that said she knew the answer she wanted and so did he.

“A slut,” he answered, and the belt came down again.

“What kind of slut?”

“A sneaky slut.” He answered. The belt came down again.

“Whose slut are you?”

“Yours and only yours,” he swore.

“You are correct,” she said. “Stand up my little slut and put on this blindfold.

As he stood there blind folded, she reached out and grabbed his still-hard cock. There was something in her hand as she grabbed him and she explained.

“I’m going to touch you with three different things. Each is an outfit for our trip shopping and, only this time, you get to pick. But, like with some other things, you must let your little head think for you.”

After she finished with the hints, he thought and tried to imagine what the feeling that he felt would be attached to and he tried to pick what he thought would be the easiest to hide under his normal clothes and, after being told to hurry it along, he picked the second one. She said okay, but instructed him to keep his blindfold on until she put the others away.

When she pulled off his blindfold, she stood there holding a bodysuit, long sleeved at that.

“You better go to the bathroom first, but then I want to watch you put this on.”

When he returned and began the struggle, she gave him helpful hints, but giggled at his clumsiness.

“Not easy is it? You sure like it when I wear it and you sneak a feel up my skirt or under my blouse! I hope you like it from that end now.”

As he pulled it up over his waist, it seemed to plaster his stiffness up against his stomach. She reached in from the top and pushed it to one side. As she did, you could see just a touch of dampness on the suit.

“You better not mess this up,” she admonished. “Or you’ll be cleaning it up and suffering the consequences.”

Finally dressed in a long sleeve shirt in May, his jeans and boots and her in a nice summer outfit and sandals, they headed out. They went to several outlet type stores, but the only department they visited was ladies intimates. She would look through panty after panty, garter after garter, stocking after stocking and each time request an opinion by holding them up to her waist and asking how he thought they would look on. He would sometimes respond in the affirmative with a little gleam in his eye and sometime shake his head no. She, for the most part, kept the ones he liked.

He couldn’t understand where this change had come from. He had tried to buy her sexy underwear in the past, things he thought she would look hot in, but she had always refused or returned what he had bought. In this one day, she had let him help her choose several of the hottest items he had seen in a while.

They had lunch and talked and enjoyed each other’s company until late in the afternoon. Every so often, when she could get away with it without being obvious, she would reach over and rub his dick under his jeans until he had to pull away and she understood.

When they got home and he had carried the stuff in from the car, she told him to go upstairs and get back into his uniform. She handed him an empty bag as she directed him towards the upstairs.

“After you’ve folded and put away what you have on and put your uniform back on, I want you to put all your underwear in the bag I gave you and bring it to me. Understand? Everything in your drawer.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

He did as he was told. Re-uniformed and holding his underwear collection in his bag, he went back down to her.

“Very good,” she said. “Give them to me. Now, here you go,” she said as she handed him the shopping bag they had brought in from the car.

“You really liked all these. You picked them out and thought they would look sexy on, so they are now yours! Put these in your drawer and choose from them each morning so that even between our occasional special weekends, you’ll remember whose in charge of the “sexy” part of our lives.”

He just stood there, trying to figure out what was happening, what type of Pandora’s Box he had opened.

“Go ahead, put your things away and come back down and fix us both a drink. I think we’ve had a long day. We’ll relax a while and then you can get on your evening chores. And I’ll get to watch your sexy, slutty little ass!”

A Reward Part 3

As he handed her a drink and sat down beside her with his, she swiveled and lay her feet up in his lap, rubbing her stocking feet against his dick the way she knew would excite him and, if she continued, would take him over the edge.

“I’ve had a hard day, my little slut, would you mind rubbing my feet?”

“Not at all,” he assured her. And, he took one of her black stocking feet in his hands and began to knead the bottom with his thumbs. She moaned a little with his touch. She hiked her skirt up just a little and opened her legs slightly. He could see the top of her stockings and the creamy thigh above. He knew the treasure that lay at the end of those thighs, but he couldn’t see it.

As he massaged her feet in just the way she liked, she closed her eyes and laid her head back and her moans were even deeper. As he changed to her other foot, he watched as her hand moved down to the bottom of her skirt. She wrapped her fingers over the bottom and began to pull the hem towards her waist. Watching her he began to get excited and, as he rubbed her feet more aggressively, the tone of her moans became lower and her breath shallower and his dick began to swell under the weight of her other foot. Thank goodness she had ceased from rubbing against it.

She pulled the skirt up to her waist and exposed her pussy. He could see it glisten with new wetness and could smell their sex of the early afternoon. She slid her finger down to her slit and began to rub it. Thrusting her finger inside herself for lubrication and then back up to her clit, she was breathing erratically now and he knew where she was headed. Just watching her had him headed where he knew he could not go and he shifted his cock away from her foot.

As if she had been watching a movie that had ended, she stopped caressing herself, pulled her skirt back down, swung her feet around, sat up straight and took up her drink for another swallow. He sat there for a minute just staring at the tent held up by his pole.

“Wow! That was a good foot rub!” She reached over a grabbed his dick. “I think you like giving foot rubs, too. You’re a good little slut,” she said as she smiled at him.

“I think that you have been very good, so far,” she commented, “and I think I should encourage that behavior with a reward. So, let’s finish our drinks and go upstairs.”

When they got to the bedroom, she began to slowly undress herself. Standing in front of him, removing one stocking at a time, she did her best to excite him and it was working. After she stood there naked in front of him for a moment, she began to undress him in the same manner.

“Do you remember the rules for this weekend? Especially the one concerning your pleasure?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he replied. “I am not allowed to cum this weekend or there will be punishment, first at the time of infraction and again later.”

“Very good!” she said. “Do you also remember that I said that it wouldn’t be easy?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he said and added, “And it hasn’t.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, my pet.” She offered.

With that, she pulled the panties of his outfit down to his ankles as she got on her knees in front of him. She took his dick in her mouth and began to work it with her tongue. Her right hand cupped his balls and her middle finger explored the skin between there and his asshole. He wanted nothing more than to explode, but told himself NO, not this weekend and he begged her to stop before he was unable to control himself and broke, at least, rule number one.

She paused for a moment, still holding his dick in her mouth, and then backed away from him with a grin on her face.

“Very good,” she said and she patted his erect member. “Now, come over here.”

She led him to the bed, where she had pulled the sheets back. She sat on the edge and explained his reward.

“For being so good,” she explained, “I will let you watch me pleasure myself. I will let you listen to me as I build myself into a frenzy and when I say so, I will allow you to play with my ass. Do you think that is a good reward?”

“A very good reward,” he acknowledged.

She picked up her favorite toy and lay back on the bed. She was back just far enough to get her feet on the edge and let her knees fall to the side exposing her pussy to her hands and toys and his lustful eyes. She began to rub herself as she had downstairs on the couch and the moans quickly returned. As she began to get wet again, she inserted her dildo as she played and began to move it in and out to the rhythm of her moaning. Her breathing quickly changed again and he knew she had not lost her excitement from the couch. As she began to move the dildo in and out at a faster pace and her other hand ran circles around her clit, she told him, “Now, my pet, now!”

Her juices had escaped her pussy and made her asshole wet. He took his middle finger and gently circled the hole and she moaned even louder. After just a few seconds, she moved against his finger and it entered her to the first joint. He pulled it out just a bit and she moved against it again. As she worked the dildo in and out and he worked his finger in and out and her other hand worked her clit, she began to yell. The more she yelled the faster she worked herself and against his finger and in just a moment, she screamed, impaled herself on his finger and rammed the dildo home in an earthquake of orgasmic release.

She just lay there for a few minutes with her legs clamped tightly together. Then, she grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up on the bed with her. She rolled him over on his back and attacked his dick with her mouth and tongue. He was already at a fevered point and kept telling himself, “You cannot cum, you cannot cum.” Please stop, he begged, but she just pushed him down when he tried to sit up and kept sucking his dick and massaging his balls. He didn’t care about punishment anymore. All he wanted was relief and he let go with a spasm that rivaled hers. When he had quit jerking, she slowly picked up her head and looked him in the eyes.

The punishment was immediate. She straddled him, with his dick under her juicy pussy and bent to kiss him. He closed his lips, but she forced her tongue between them so forcefully that he opened. She assaulted his mouth with her tongue and his juices. Moaning and groaning with every thrust of her tongue, she matched strokes with her pussy as she ground it up and down the length of his dick until he could tell she was again becoming excited. She rolled off of him on her back, closed her eyes and spread her legs.

“Now, my love toy, satisfy me with your tongue!” She demanded.

Our Last Day Begins Part 4

He woke up fairly early the last day of their special weekend. Thinking about the previous day and night, he lay quietly on his side and starred out the window. There had been an amazing change in his wife this weekend. Giving her control of their sex life and, in particular, himself, had lit a fire under her libido. He had never seen her so horny and so adventurous and he had to admit that he had liked it — all of it. He found that he liked being under her control, submitting to every fantasy she might invent or pull from her suppressed desires. He had to admit that he liked this bold, open, dominatrix side of his wife.

Last night was periods of broken sleep that had caused the strangest dreams. It didn’t start that way. After he had attacked her pussy with his tongue and lips and she had, once again, clamped his head between her legs in waves of orgasm, they both had collapsed in each other’s arms and fallen asleep. The first time she had woken him standing at the side of the bed nudging his arm.

“Hey, wake up,” she had demanded. “You can’t sleep naked, like that. You remember the rules.”

Apparently she had woken and gotten up for something, because she stood before him in a nightgown, holding something in her hand.

“Here, put this on. I didn’t have one to match mine, but this should do fine.” She assured him with a smile.

He got up and went into the bathroom. When he came out, he was wearing black satin panties and a black satin, short nightgown that barely covered his ass.

“That’s better, sweetie. Now, come to bed and let’s get some sleep.”

That was easier said than done. As he tossed and turned to get more comfortable — a usual chain of events — the satin cloth of his sleeping attire rubbed all the wrong, or should he say, right places. In spite of their recent sexual escapades, he found his nipples and his dick hard and anything but sleep on his mind.

He must have drifted off, though, because the next thing that brought him out of his sleep was his wife’s hand rubbing his dick through the panties he was wearing. Up and down the length of his shaft and she was moaning. He wasn’t sure she was asleep, so he rolled over to put his hand on her, but the movement caused her to roll, too. She must have been having one nice dream because she continued to breath heavily and moan deeply for a while which made it hard, again, for him to fall back asleep.

The last time he awoke was not her fault. She had inspired his dreams and, in it, he found himself standing in the shower. His wife was asking, “Did you smooth yourself up again?” “Go ahead,” she insisted, “rub yourself all over to make sure. That’s right, check those nipples and you better check your dick. It’s standing up waiting. Show me how smooth….”

He had woken just as he was building to another “rule breaker” and had stopped his handy work just in time. Damn he was horny and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it. He thought about everything he could to fall back asleep, things that would not take him back to his shower dream, and, finally, he had drifted back into a deep, dreamless, sleep.

“Rise and shine, my little slut,” she said cheerfully as she nudged him and brought him back from his daydreams about their adventures. “It’s time for you to shower and get your uniform on for the day. We have things to do.”

As he rolled out of bed and headed to the shower, she said, “Come here, I need to inspect your outfit.” She turned him around once, and then lifted the hem of the nightgown. She pulled him closer to the light by the waistband of his panties, rubbed his dick from the outside, then she pulled them open to check their condition. “Good,” she nodded, “no mistakes,” and she dismissed him to the shower.

“While you’re in there,” she shouted, “make sure and slick yourself up again. You’re getting kind of stubbly and I don’t like it.” Had he talked in his sleep or was he just getting to know this side of her?

When he came out of the bathroom in his uniform, she insisted on checking his shaving and professed to be pleased with his work. “See, just a little practice and you’ll be a pro!”

“First,” she said, “I want coffee. I’ll wait here for you and be preparing your next instructions.” In a few moments, he returned with coffee and some fresh fruit on a tray.

“Very nice,” she complimented him. She ate her fruit as she had him dust the room much as the day before. After she had finished, she handed him the tray to sit on the dresser and lay back in her gown with a smile on her face.

“I want you to bring my underwear drawer over here,” she directed. He brought it as instructed and she continued. “Now, empty the drawer out on the foot of the bed,” which he did. “Mix all the stuff up,” and, of course, he did. “Now I have a little confession to make before I give you your assignment. Last night when I woke you up rubbing your dick, I wasn’t asleep. I was pleasuring myself with my other hand and had to finish on my side because you rolled over. It took me a little longer and it got my panties all wet. While you were fixing coffee, I took them off and put them in the drawer you just dumped on the bed. I want you to fold each item, inspecting them as you do, and find the pair from last night. You can start now.”

She lay back on her pillows again and watched him as he picked up the first pair. He looked them over, inside out and began to fold them up. “You better sniff them first,” she suggested. “They’re dry by now, you know. I’m sure that you know my scent by now!” He pulled them to his nose and inhaled deeply through his nose, but all that was there was fresh detergent. He folded them and put them in the drawer.

As he did this with another pair, her eyes watched his every move. As he brought them to his nose, he caught site of her hand out of the corner of his eye. As he smelled for her scent and watched her hand, it lifted her gown and found her pussy. As she watched him sort through her panties and search for the marked pair, she played with herself. She was getting pretty close to an orgasm when he found the pair she had wanted him to find, but he gave no signal, watching her build herself into wild passion. As he watched her fingers work the wetness of her pussy and inhaled her scent, he began to get hard and his dick slid out the leg of his uniform. She went into a shuddering orgasm and he had to turn away to prevent the same happening with himself.

After a few moments of pause, he said, “Here’s what you were looking for, Ma’am.”

“Thanks,” she smiled and held out her hand. “I’ll wear them today. Then you can have them tomorrow for work to remind you of our weekend.”

Another Trip Outside the House Part 5

“I have already partially prepared for our last night of this discovery weekend,” she began, “but there are a few things we need to pick up. In addition to those needs, one of my discoveries is that I like to take you out in potentially embarrassing conditions. I have learned that I like control, not only over our sex, but over your sensations, those actual and those you can imagine.”

He squirmed a little at the thought, but was unable to prevent showing his excitement at the prospect.

“I can see,” she said as she grabbed his dick that was becoming hard at the thoughts, “that you like the situations I create for you, too. I have a simple outfit for you today and it was inspired by my desire to give you more sensations in your underwear.”

She smiled at her own creativity and continued. “I was studying your newest panty purchases and was considering cutting out the cotton crotch piece to put more lace in touch with your balls when I was struck with an idea. Undress for me, my little French maid.”

He did as she asked and she rubbed her hands all over his body as he did. When he was naked, she handed him a pair of plain black nylon panties. When he took them in his hand, they were heavy, as if they were wrapped around something.

“If you open them up, you can see that I opened one end of the cotton panel to enable me to slide the remote vibrating egg inside. It should hold the egg tightly against your balls and your asshole and,” she laughed, “I hold the key — so to speak.”

As he stepped into the panties, he found she was right. She helped adjust them and reached in the front and pulled his dick up and to one side. With every step, it rubbed against the slick fabric and excited him even more. He thought that he would not be able to contain himself just from the sensation and from the knowledge that she could step up the excitement with the push of a button! She gave it trial run and he was startled, but the vibrations ran from his asshole to the tip of his dick and the intensity would quickly bring him to orgasm and punishment, but she hit the button again and it stopped.

“Thank you,” he said almost automatically.

“You’re welcome,” she chimed back. “I know that you remember the rules of this weekend?”

“Yes,” he assured her.

“I think you almost blew it,” she said rubbing the small damp spot on the front of his panties. “I told you it would only get harder and you’ve already broken the rule once. This trip will be the most difficult yet, but if you make it, the reward will be amazing. Are you game?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he said and tried to convince her and himself.

“Good. Put on your thigh highs, your linen pants and shirt and let’s hit the road.”

They drove for a good while, to a town outside where they lived and worked and the entire time they traveled, she would sporadically activate the vibrator in his underwear. Each time, she would almost let him cum, but the muffled sounds he made let her know it was time to stop. “I’m building your stamina,” she explained. Finally they arrived at the mall and the distance from home made him more nervous. He figured she would be bolder away from home and he knew these shopping trips were about the eroticism of his potential exposure and not anything that either of them really needed.

“This way,” she said and she nudged him in the direction she wanted to go, “and into the Fredrick’s of Hollywood store.” She led him first to the hosiery department and looked at one pair and then another. He was occupied looking at something else when he heard her speak again.

“Could you help me,” he heard her say and turned to say yes and give her a hand when he saw that she was talking to a sales lady. “I seem to be having a difficult time finding the crotchless pantyhose,” she proclaimed. As the lady walked towards them, she said, “What style and size?”

“Something really slutty,” his wife laughed. “They’re for a friend of mine. As far as size goes…Well, I guess she’s about his size,” she allowed as she pointed to him with one finger and pressed the vibrator button with the hand in her coat. He jumped a little, swallowed hard and the sales lady looked him over for a minute.

“I think we can handle that,” and she handed her a pair of XXL pantyhose in black, with a seam up the back. “They are crotchless?” his wife asked and was assured they were. In spite of the initial shock of her request for help and the quiet buzz in his crotch, he was beginning to get excited again.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” the lady asked.

“Well, yes there is,” his wife added.

Oh shit, he thought. Thank goodness for the music in this place and the looseness of his pants.

“I need a corset for the same friend,” she said.

“We’ll need some measurements for that,” the lady offered. “Are you sure that she’s his size?” After being assured that she was, the lady approached him with a tape measure. As she put the tape around his hips and began to study the measurement, his excitement began to take on a new level. She asked him to raise his arms slightly and she slid the tape around his chest. His eyes were pleading with his wife as she stood behind the sales lady, but she just smiled at him.

“I think I’ve got what you need in red,” the lady said as she moved away. He was trying to think of anything else, but he could hardly breathe from the intensity of his erection. It eased a little the longer the sales help was gone, but it was pulled against his thigh by the tight panties and every movement was agony, so he stood silently. She came back with the corset and started to hand it to his wife.

“Would you hold it up against him so I can see the shape?” his wife asked.

A little puzzled, the lady walked over and lay it against his chest and asked him to hold it. He did and she walked around behind him, reached under his arms and grabbed each side of the corset. She tugged firmly on the sides to give it shape and when she did, it pulled against his pants, which pulled against the nylon encasing his dick and he could hold it no longer.

“Will this do,” the lady asked as she looked around his arm at his wife.

“That will do just fine,” his wife said and only she could see the damp spot growing on his dark pants. His wife stepped up and took the corset from the lady who removed her arms from around her husband and headed for the register. His wife stretched up on her toes and whispered in his ear.

“This was to be the last stop, but your immediate punishment will be helping me to shop for your final punishment and spending the afternoon in your own juices.”

They paid for their purchases and walked out, her arm in his and she led him to one final store. At the Walgreens, they purchased a home waxing kit and headed for the car. “I never said when your final punishment would be, so you can just worry about that. One day, when I’ve had all the stubble I can bear, we will have a waxing party and you cannot deny me. So, I would stay as smooth as possible if I were you!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he acknowledged. In spite of the situation, they had a good afternoon. They laughed and talked. They had lunch and, finally, coffee before returning to the house.

Her Last Test of His Submissiveness Part 6

When they arrived home, she told him to go upstairs and clean himself up. “When you’re done, put the crotchless pantyhose on and the short gown from last night. I want to see how the hose fit.”

He did as she asked and headed downstairs. She heard his steps and looked up.

“Very nice,” she said and walked over to him. His dick wasn’t exposed and she reached inside the waistband and pulled it up towards his navel. She rubbed it up and down, balls to tip and he found the feeling getting him excited once again. She turned him around when he began to get hard and smacked him hard on the ass, which was exposed.

“Sit down over here and let’s talk,” she commanded. “You had hinted around about wanting me to be the dominant in our sex, but I was unsure whether or not it would excite me. So,” she went on, “I planned this weekend to explore. I have found that it is me. It is the way I am wired to be. I hope that you like it as much as me, because I don’t want to go back to the way we had sex. I like you in charge of our security and such, but I like the charge of our sex. I want to pleasure you when I desire or demand my pleasure when I desire. I have one more exploration to go. If it goes well for us both, there will be more paperwork for you to sign. If this interests you enough to continue, go upstairs and sit on the edge of the bed and wait on me. If not, let me know now.”

He sat only momentarily. He got up and headed for the stairwell. In a few minutes, he heard her footsteps and she entered the room. She walked over, held his arm and urged him to stand up. She grabbed the hem of the gown and lifted it towards his head. He raised his arms. When she had his arms trapped in the gown, she began to suck on his nipples and he was immediately excited by her attention. She pulled the gown the rest of the way off and told him to turn around. He heard rustling and she brought the corset around his chest. With much tugging, she got him fitted in the way she desired and turned him to face her.

She reached down and picked up two water filled balloons. She stuffed one in each bra cup, stood back and squeezed them with her hands. “Not a bad feel,” She said as she turned him to face the bed again and blindfolded him. He felt her hands as they rubbed his sides on the way around under his arms to his chest. She played with one cup in each hand. He could feel her warm breath against his back and feel the coarse hair of her pussy against his ass. She bent him over the bed, spread his legs and tied them apart. She walked around the bed and tied his hands spread eagle on the other side. She walked back around where he couldn’t see her, but he could hear her rummaging around. It seemed to take forever, but he guessed it was only minutes. He heard a click and a buzz and then she gave a low moan. He could hear her walk around and, under her breath, he heard, “Oh, man…Oh boy, that’s nice”

The next thing he felt was a belt across his ass. A couple of swats and his ass was on fire. Almost immediately, though, he felt her hands caressing his cheeks. “There we go,” she said and he felt her hands on his ass again. Then she slid her hands up to his hips. He could feel her hands through the pantyhose and his dick stiffened again. One of her hands slid between his legs and rubbed his dick for a minute and then her hands disappeared. He heard her squeeze something from a tube and then wipe her hands on a towel. Then, her hands were back on his hips and he felt vibrating pressure against his asshole. Her hands continued to rub his ass cheeks and hips and the pressure against his asshole increased. She bent over and spoke in his ear.

“I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to fuck like a man. I like being a women and being with a man, but I wanted to feel the power. I wanted to feel the power with you!”

With that, she brought her hands back to his hips and pulled him against her new toy and it entered him. She was easy with it. She pulled it out slightly and pushed it in again. She moved her hand around his waist and down the waistband of the hose and grabbed his dick. As she stroked him, she moved in and out of his ass. Slowly, she masturbated him and violated him at the same time.

Before she brought him to climax, she removed her hand and pulled out of him. She walked around the bed and untied his hands. She came back around the bed and undid his feet. As she stood him up and turned him around, she removed his blindfold. There she stood in his white tux shirt, open to the waist. She was wearing nothing else but a dildo that held itself in place by fitting inside her pussy on one end. The other end was standing out in front of her and had been massaging his prostrate.

She grabbed his corseted breasts and pushed him back on the bed.

“Take your hands and pull your knees up towards your chest,” she ordered.

He did as he was told and she stepped forward and inserted her dildo in his ass. He could tell from the energy of the vibrations and her moans that she was getting the same vibrations inside herself. She began to move in and out of his ass while she stroked his dick under the hose. As her breathing became heavier and her moans deeper, her thrusts became faster and deeper and her strokes on his dick took him towards an orgasm. It wasn’t long until they were both screaming in rhythm to the movements and then they both came at the same time, spasming as she bent over and kissed him on the lips.

She pulled out, removed the dildo from her pussy and climbed up beside him. They lay there for a long time. She said, “Thank you.” “No, thank you,” he replied. “This weekend has opened my eyes and freed me to feel sensations I’ve never known,” he confessed.

“And,” she contributed, “I’ve released power that has been pent up for years.”

They both cleaned up and put on their “pajamas” on for the evening. Sleep that night was solid and uninterrupted.


When he awoke Monday, he made coffee and left a cup by her bed. He showered and went into the closet to dress. There were the panties she had scented for him and a note.

“Here are your panties. As they heat up under your pants, you’ll get whiffs of our sex all day long. I hope you don’t forget our weekend and look forward to the next.”

His life, he knew, would never be the same.

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