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Unexpected Evening

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In my 30s, I worked for a company in the east coast for several years. During the time, I met a young woman named Bonnie. She was a Chinese in her early 20s and an entry level staff at our company. We had some occasional flirting, but most of the time we kept it professional, especially with the fact that I was her supervisor. However, that all changed one drunken evening on a business trip. We both had a little too much to drink and wrecked each other in my hotel room that night.

There are some women you can figure out easily just by looking at them, but Bonnie was not one of them. From the outside she was petite at 5’4″ with a slim curvy build, round almond ass, slim long face, and slutty slanted Asian eyes. However when stripped down, she had a pair of gorgeous tits. You expect a slim Asian girl to be an A cup, but her tits were a definite B or C and nicely round with dark hard nipples. Perhaps the most surprising thing about her that couldn’t be noticed until I was able to run my hands over her was that she had a hard toned body. I remember it well, how surprised I was when I ran my hands down her firm abs.

The night in the hotel was wild, at least the parts I could remember. I tend to be a little rough in the sack and she didn’t seem to mind. I held her down in multiple positions and called her a few dirty names while I pounded her. A few times I even slapped her and choked her lightly. I couldn’t tell whether she liked it or not, only she replied with whimpers and moans and was completely compliant the whole time. We met up a couple of times after that incident and each time the sex became more aggressive. My most vivid memory was the one time she teased me all through dinner on how she only cums when she chooses to and I have no control over it. That evening, I held her naked body restrained on top of mine. With one hand grasping her neck, I fingered her roughly and forcing her to cum. She later confessed to me that was the most intense orgasm she ever had because she resisted it the whole night and was forced out of her. She was more turned on by the dominance than the actual sex.

Though at this point I had come to realize how savage was her sexual appetite, it wasn’t until a few months later after I have left the company and moved back to the west coast did I realize how insatiable she really was. After leaving the company, I kept in touch with her online. What started out as simple sexting teases became full blown webcam sex. Perhaps it was because we were more familiar with each other by then or perhaps people are just more open on the internet, but she was a lot more liberated with sharing her sexuality and fantasies. Each time we connected, I’ve learned more and more about her appetite for bondage, to be dominated, spanked, whipped, choked, and by her own words, “Take whatever I can get.”

Shortly after that she had a business trip to the west coast and we both agreed to a meeting. At this point, the sexual tension between us from the webcam sex was so high that the meeting would be guaranteed to be nothing short of a fuck fest. I had no doubt in my mind that we would make the memory of the previous hotel sex PG rated. She gave me the information to her hotel and we agreed to meet at a local bar nearby. The drive there was one of the most agonizing drives in my life as my body was so tense from anticipation that I was aching and throbbing while I drove.

I arrived at the bar a little late. I admit, I was a little lost on the way. It was hard to concentrate on the drive when most of your blood is flowing down to your other head. The place was more of a dance club than a bar. Inside, it was dark with neon lights, throbbing techno music, and even a mild synthetic fog. I looked around a bit but couldn’t immediately find her, it was distracting with the music and lots of young people chatting and dancing. Finally, I saw her sitting in a half-circle booth near the corner. The moment I saw her, I swore my cock was about to explode. She had her hair in a long ponytail, just the way I liked it, and wearing a black 1 piece mini-dress with spaghetti straps hugging every curve of her body. I swear I could literally just bend her over the table in that bar and fuck her all night. I saw that she was on her 3rd cosmopolitan, with 2 empty glasses in front of her. She had always been a light drinker and already I can tell she was tipsy.

As I was about to approach her, I saw two men move up to her table and without even asking her, they squeezed in with her in the booth, one on each side. They were saying something to her, but I couldn’t hear from all the music and noise. From her reaction, I could tell they were flirting with her and she was smiling and giggling. The waiter came by and put down a few more drinks, one of which was a cosmopolitan, which they must’ve ordered for her before approaching her. I decided not to approach them and took a seat nearby with a good view. I didn’t know what their intentions were, but seeing her petite body in that sexy fuckable dress and scrunched up between these two men gave me some really dirty ideas.

With some mild coercing, Bonnie downed the cosmopolitan she had in her hand so she could accept the 4th drink offered by the two men. This was way over her limit and it was a sight to see her so tipsy and vulnerable. The two men both had their attention turned towards her, so I can only see one of each of their hands. I can only imagine what their other hands were doing behind her back. As she continued to sip her 4th cosmopolitan, the guy on the right of her leaned in and whispered something into her ear, in which she responded with a blush. At this moment I noticed his right hand, which was on the table holding his drink, had now disappeared under the table. From Bonnie’s expression, it looked like he was feeling her up, probably rubbing her panties. Bonnie’s right hand immediately moved under the table as well, trying to prevent his advances. While this was going on, he started nibbling on her neck.

The guy must’ve been getting more aggressive as I could see Bonnie’s breathing becoming heavier as she heaved her tits up and arched her back. Though I was a distance away, but whenever there was enough light, I could see that she was not wearing a bra as her hard nipples protruded from the thin dress top. She was actively breathing hard at this point with her eyes closed and her mouth open. While this was going on, the guy on the left of her could be seen raising his right hand from her back to her neck. He grabbed the back of her head, turned her face towards him, and shoved his tongue into her mouth. The moment he did this, his left hand slipped into her top and he started groping her right tit. Bonnie responded immediately by grabbing his hand with her left hand.

This went on for a few minutes as I sat there with a hard on. What a scene and it burned into my mind forever. Here was this woman who had driving me sexually crazy being crunched between two men, her right hand holding the wrist of the man on her right that was feeling her up while her left hand hold the hand of the man on her left fondling her tits, all the while these two guys took turns shoving their tongue down her throat. She had a memorable expression, one that was a mix of sexual frustration and intoxication. Though her hands were holding their advances and she kept trying to turn her face from their tongues, her body was betraying her as her breathing became faster and harder and her back arching more and more.

I didn’t know how long I could’ve held it in, I was throbbing and I couldn’t stroke myself so publically. As I was about to just explode, I decided it was time to end this show and take her to her hotel room. However, before I even moved, the two men lifted her up with her arms over their shoulders. She was walking, but her movements were completely limp and tipsy. Immediately I got up and was about to intervene because I couldn’t have them take her away to some random place. However, they simply walked her to a hallway leading to restrooms. I decided to follow them a bit and hid myself behind the wall so I can peak into the hallway. It was dark enough and loud enough that nobody was really paying attention to me.

The hallway was dimly lit with a payphone at the end. To the right was the door to the men’s room and to the left was the women’s room. I saw one of the men opened the men’s room door and he said something to the other. It looked like someone was in the men’s room so they just waited by the payphone. While they waited, the other man became impatient and just openly grabbed Bonnie’s spaghetti strap and pulled her top down revealing her gorgeous tits with her hard nipples. Without hesitation, he swallowed up one of her nipples and a gasp escaped her mouth followed by a low moan. He feasted on her tits only for a few minutes before she became so limp that she fell to her knees. The man didn’t hesitate and immediately pulled out his hard cock and shoved it into her mouth while holding her head in place by her ponytail. He was well built and his cock was a good 8″ long and about 1.5″ wide. He worked in a moderate pace, shoving the whole thing down her throat and pulling out in long strokes. Each time Bonnie’s chin touch his balls, her whole body reflexed as she gagged on the cock. The scene was incredible; I think she was so drunk she didn’t really know what was happening. Then his friend decided join in and took out his cock. His cock was shorter, but it was the fattest cock I’ve ever seen. He grabbed Bonnie by her head with both of his hands and forcefully fed his cock into her mouth. Bonnie struggled and had to unlock her jaw to stretch her lips around the monster. The two of them took turn fucking her face as gulps of saliva drooled out of her mouth and all over her tits.

Suddenly a man came out of the men’s room. The two guys were startled but apparently this man did not see what they were doing at all. Aside from being a dark hallway and the noisy atmosphere, the man was obviously drunk too. He probably thought those two were just using the payphone. As he walked out of the hallway, I immediately move out of sight and leaned against the wall. When I turned back to look, the two men had gone, along with Bonnie. I walked up to the payphone and picked it up, pretending to be making a phone call. Though the door to the men’s room was closed, but due to their haste, they didn’t close it all the way. From the gap I could see Bonnie kneeling on the dirty restroom floor, her dress top pulled to her waist. One of the men was standing behind her holding her arms straight up above her head by the wrists. The other man was holding her head with both hands and attempting to shove his whole monster cock deep into her throat. After a few seconds, he pulled out leaving Bonnie coughing and drooling. He grabbed her face and gave her a sharp slap. Then he grabbed her ponytail and leaned down towards her saying, “I want to feel those gag reflexes, got it slut?” When Bonnie didn’t reply, he slapped her again which she quickly responded, “yes,” before the cock was shoved back into her mouth. He pushed it all the way in and held it still for several seconds while Bonnie could be heard gagging on the cock in her throat.

Suddenly, his friend holding her wrists could be heard saying, “Hey! You forgot to close door! I think there’s a guy on the phone.” The man with his cock in Bonnie’s throat leaned back and gently pushed the door shut. At this point I didn’t know what was going on inside. I could only imagine all the nasty stuff they were doing to her that I was missing. With the music and the noise, there was absolutely no way I could hear anything. I thought about going inside, but I didn’t know what their reaction would be. What I feared was they would simply zip up and the show would be over. Just then another drunken man came by going to use the restroom. As he walked in, I took a peak before the door closed. Though I only caught a glimpse, it almost made me cum right there and then. Apparently they had Bonnie bent over the sink with her wrists bounded behind her back with one of their belts. Her panties had been shoved into her mouth while her ass was straight up in the air with her legs straight and spread wide still on her heels. One of the men was kneeling down on the ground with his face buried in her cunt.

When the door opened again about 5-7 mins later, the drunken man came out and simply walked past me. Either he was too drunk to notice what was going on inside or he was trying hard to ignore it. However, before the door closed, I had another glimpse. Bonnie was still in the same position except one of the men had her pulled slightly upright by the ponytail with her hands still bounded behind her back so her clit was pressed against the edge of the sink, her back was arched so much that her magnificent tits were heaved up and reflected off the mirror. Her dress had been rolled up around her waist. What shocked me at this point was the 2nd man was whipping her ass with his belt. I can see that her ass was already red from several whips and as each new one lashed down on her, she let out a loud muffled scream through her panties. That was the last sound I heard before the door closed again. I realized all of the sudden that I had been stroking my cock through my pants pocket this whole time.

A few mins later, another gentleman showed up to use the restroom. When the door opened this time, I saw the man with the longer thinner cock sitting on the sink counter. He was holding Bonnie by the ponytail while she was bent over standing, sucking on his cock. He held her head in place and was actively thrusting forward and upward into her throat. His partner had his hands firmly around her waist and was fucking her cunt with his monstrous cock from behind. The only sounds I can hear from her were muffled grunts from each thrust and small helpless whimpers. The man who came to use the restroom was more alert than the previous man and he exchanged some words with the two men before the door closed. Within a couple of minutes, the man came out smiling. He made eye contact with me and smiled as he walked off. I knew something was up because he wasn’t in there long enough to take a piss. Within a few moments, I saw a group of about 5-6 men walking towards me and I knew this was about to get really really messy.

The men all moved into the restroom. At first I hesitated because I didn’t want Bonnie to see me. It wasn’t really about me, but I didn’t know how she would feel if she saw me. I didn’t want her to be embarrassed. However, after a few thoughts I realized that I could just stand in the back. I had been ready to explode for a long time and I found myself more willing to take some risks. I slid into the room and watched as the men cheered on inside. The man with the longer skinnier cock was on the ground on his back and to my shock Bonnie’s anus was impaled on his cock. His friend was holding her legs up by the knee while he punished her cunt with his giant cock. While the two fucked her relentlessly, the man on the bottom was holding her up by the back of her waist, so she was arched all the way with her head upside down and her gorgeous tits straight up in the air. Her eyes were completely shut while she moaned and groaned with her mouth dangling open on her upside down face. Some of the men jeering decided to get involved by slapping her tits or pinching her nipples. Then one of the men took out his cock, it was a good size cock and he positioned himself over her upside down face and started fucking her throat to the cheering of the crowd. He didn’t last too long before pulling out and cumming all over her tits.

The two men continued to fuck her cunt and ass relentlessly. They found a rhythm where they both pushed in and pulled out at the same time, giving her a good 15″ of meat with each push. Finally the man on the bottom cried out, “Get the bitch off me!” and his friend pulled out and pulled her to her knees by her ponytail. The guy on the bottom immediately grabbed her head and spewed his cum all over her face before shoving the cum/shit covered cock into her mouth, forcing her to clean up. With her hands still tied, she was grabbed by the ponytail and shoved to the dirty restroom floor by the other man. He pressed her face to the floor and said to her, “You missed some, lick them up, cunt!” After a few whimpers, she reluctantly complied, licking the cum off the dirty floor while he spat on her. His friend, who was out of breath after his ejaculation, then jeered him on, “Let’s give these boys what they came here for!” With Bonnie in such a vulnerable position, bent over on her knees with her face on the ground, there was only one thing he meant. The man grabbed her hips and shoved his juiced up monstrous cock into her ass.

This was a wild scene. He couldn’t get it in in one try. Even though his cock was slippery with her cunt juice, he had a hard time just getting the head in. Bonnie’s eyes became wide open for the first time since I came into the room and I quickly moved behind someone to stay out of sight. She stared back at him with a frightened look and begged him, “No! Please No! It is too big!” Despite her attempt to wiggle free, the big man held her ass firmly. After a few tries, he finally succeeded as the purple knob disappeared into her anus. Bonnie’s eyes were glazed with tears as she closed them at the exact moment of entry and whimpered like a whipped dog. As he fed more and more inches of his monstrous cock into her ass, we can see her anal ring stretched tightly around his shaft. When he was ½ way in, he pulled out a little and pushed back in, trying to throb the thing in slowly as not to rip her ass apart. Soon inch by inch, the monstrous snake inched into her anus and when it seemed that her anus had snuggly accommodated him, he started pumping her. The only thing escaping out of her at this point were deep grunting moans. Everyone were just ecstatic at this point and cheering him on while degrading her with names like whore, slut, fuck meat, fuck bag, etc… I think she was too deep in her ecstasy to know what was going on.

I noticed at this point every guy had their cocks out and were stroking so I quickly whipped mine out and gave myself the long awaited strokes. The guy’s friend untied Bonnie’s wrists and they placed her on her back on the dirty restroom floor. Then he tied her arms stretched above her head, his friend never pulled out the monstrous cock from her ass this whole time. He grabbed hold of her legs and continued to jackhammer into her ass. Each of the guys took turns coming up to her, some cummed all over her face while others cummed on her tits. Sometimes, one guy would grab her cheeks to force her mouth open while another man cummed in her mouth. This went on for several minutes and when some of the guys were not ready yet, others who came already decided to piss all over her face and tits. When it was my turn, I knew what I wanted. I knelt down with my knees to each side of her face facing her body and shoved my cock into her mouth. Within a couple of strokes, I buried my cock deep into her throat and pumped my load down her throat. When the big man fucking her ass saw what I was doing, he smiled and said to me, “wicked… man… wicked!” and gave me a high five. After I finally finished unloading, I could barely stand. I leaned against the sink and watched as the big man finished by cumming deep into her bowels. Then he pulled out and made her clean him up.

All the guys zipped up and left. The two men untied Bonnie and left her lying exhausted on the restroom floor. I quickly left as well since I didn’t want her to see me. Once back in the bar, I sat at a booth and ordered some drinks. After a good 15-20 mins, I saw her coming out of the hallway. She had her dress back on, her hair retied into a nice tight ponytail, etc… I noticed her makeup was all gone and her dress had visible water marks, I’m guessing she simply washed up in the restroom. She saw me and gave me a big smile and a semi-excited, “hi!” I waved her over to me and told her the cosmopolitan was for her. She asked me if I waited long, I replied I was a bit late and was worried she might’ve left. She simply waved it off and said, “Oh I was in the restroom that’s all.” I grinned back at her.

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