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NYC Business Trip

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I was on a business trip to New York City. After a long day at work with a high-paying client, I went back to my hotel, had a few before dinner drinks in the bar, and dinner with wine and some after dinner aperitifs. I was a bit tipsy and real horny, so I headed for Times Square. I hit a few book/videostores but got no action going. I decided to walk back to my hotel. On the way I came to a theater advertising porno movies.

I bought a ticket, walked through the lobby and into the dark theater, the only light from the flickering images on the screen. Pausing for a moment to let my night vision adjust I saw there were only men in the theater, scattered among the rows of seats. The images on the screen were of a busty woman sucking a cock, taking another one up her cunt, and yet another one in her ass.

I sat on the back row on the right of the theater. Soon the first movie stopped and a new one started. The new movie was all men, not necessarily hunky studs but regular men, sucking cock, licking balls, rimming and being fucked in the ass. As this movie played I noticed in front of me men pairing off or gathering in groups of three. The men were close to each other. From time to time a head would disappear below the level of the seat backs. The head stayed down for some minutes then reappeared. Some times the head of the man or men sitting next to another man would then go below the level of the seat backs. Those guys must be sucking cock I thought. Some men also got up and left their seats, walked up the aisle clutching or rubbing their crotches. Often the men who left had been the ones whose heads had gone down.

Soon I heard the noises of sex in the space behind the last row of seats where I was sitting – slurping, squishing, moaning, mumbled, short phrases, “Yeah,” Umnh,” “Oh yes,” “Suck it,” “Take it deeper,” Yeah, lick them,” “Rim me, baby.”

My cock was hard as an iron bar and oozing pre-cum. I looked around behind me, and sure enough, there were several men behind me. Some were leaning with their backs against the wall, their pants and underwear down, white flesh exposed, hairy bellies, thick thighs. Others were kneeling in front of them, their heads moving back and forth. A pair of guys was facing the back wall; one hands up against the wall, the other behind him thrusting his hips rhythmically. Those guys are sucking, and that pair is fucking, I realized.

I could not resist the urge. I got out of my seat and went behind the back row to join this group of men. As I walked slowly down the row of men, I came to one with his cock jutting out of his pants. He was sliding his fist up and down it slowly, squishing his pre-cum over his hard cock, jacking it steadily. I stopped, turned toward him, leaned my chest against his and reached for his cock. He moved his hand for my hand to replace his. His cock was a good size, long, thick, hot, and wet with his juices. I stroked and squeezed it, felt more pre-cum ooze out of the flared head. I brought my hand to my mouth and wet it, tasting his slick, clear juice. I stroked his cock with my saliva and pre-cum coated hand. He leaned toward my ear, kissed, licked it and said, “Yeah, good, please man suck me.” I dropped to my knees, face close to his crotch, smelled his musky cock, looked it over real good. The knob was rounding, prominent, well defined from his long, thick shaft. A mat of dark curly hairs over his root, big balls hanging in a curly-haired covered sack.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and leaned forward. I kissed the tip, his slit, the source of his clear, slick juice. I took my tongue off his slit and milked his cock with my hand. I watched a bubble of his pre-cum emerge from the opening in the head of his penis and turn into a string running over the base of my thumb. I licked up the slimy juice getting another good taste of him. I closed my lips over his mushroom crown and sucked drawing more of his natural lubricant into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and slid his shaft over my tongue.

“Oooooh,” he moaned, “yeah, suck it man, suck my cock.”

I sucked. I moved my head back and forth sliding his cock between my ovaled lips, over my tongue, the insides of my flexing face cheeks, the spongy hard knob rubbing on the roof of my mouth. I held tight pressure on his cock, feeling the veins on the top, side and bottom of his shaft, the big vein along the underside most prominent moving in my mouth, the head going to the back of my throat, his juice flowing, mixing with the saliva dripping down my chin, rolling down my neck, wetting the front of my shirt.

He started flexing his hips, moving his cock in my mouth. His curly hairs tickled my nose. His sack of big nuts bouncing on my chin. I took his balls in one hand and massaged them gently. I let go of his cock with my other hand and reached around to grasp a cheek of his muscular butt. With the hand on his balls I let a finger slide into the cleft of his ass, touch his puckered anus, the tip ease into his hole.

“Oooooh, ungh, ooooh, yeah, gonna cum,” he moaned again.

“Muuumh,” I mouthed my mouth full of his moving cock.

“You gonna swallow it?” he asked.

“Muuumph, unh,” I answered nodding my head up and down in assent.

I felt his cock flex, the head flare bigger, his shaft stiffen, the vein on the bottom pulse. A blast of cum shot against the back of my throat. I gulped it down. Another wad squirted into my mouth. I backed off just a bit to feel his salty, creamy cum roiling onto my tongue.

He was humping and grunting as I took all his jism and swallowed it, as fast as I could.

“Unnnnh,” he grunted.

I sucked, backing off his cock, draining the last string of his manjuice into my mouth. I let go of his butt and balls. My finger plopped out of his rectum with a slight sound. I stood in front of him.

“Thanks man, that was good,” he said.

I felt hands on my shoulders, turning me around my back to the wall. The man I had just sucked off stepped aside and left. The new man turning me and pushing me down offered his cock to my mouth. I took it. Right shoulder against the side wall, back against the back wall, I repeated my performance on the fresh cock. Then another, another, another. Load after load of hot cum filled my mouth.

After sucking five cocks my lips were numb, upper lip, nose and chin scruffed by wiry pubic hairs. My jaw ached. I stood up as a new guy approached me his hard cock jutting out of his unzipped trousers. I waved my hand at him weakly. “Sorry man,” I said. “I need a break.” I saw his teeth as he grinned at me.

“Come with me to the men’s room,” he said. “I want to fuck your ass.?

“Okay,” I mumbled.

I followed him out of the theater, through the lobby and into the men’s room. He led me into a stall. As he stroked his cock and slicked it with some lube, I turned my back to him, dropped my trousers and shorts, and bent over resting my hands on the toilet tank. I noticed my cockhead was slimed with my pre-cum, my ball sack was slick with my own juices. My cock was half hard. He swiped some of the lube in the cleft of my ass, found my puckered hole and fingered some of the lube up into me. He held one of my cheeks aside with one hand, guided his cock to my asshole and put the head against me. He let my cheeks close holding his knob right where it was.

“Here,” he said, “take a hit on these poppers.”

He handed me the brown bottle, cap off, his thumb over the open top. I took the bottle, closed one side of my nostrils with a finger and sniffed deep, drawing the sharp vapors into one side of my nose. I repeated the process on the other side and handed the bottle back to him. I heard him sniffing the poppers also, felt his cock flex inside my cheeks, the knob flare and push firmer against my tight, slick hole.

“Ungh, ah, oh,” I grunted as the thick head of his cock forced into my lenslike opening, ovaling it to fit around his mushroom crown.

“Ah, oh, easy,” I pleaded, “you are thick, big.”

He put the brown bottle of poppers under one side of my nose. I sniffed. He moved it to the other side, and I sniffed again. He sat the bottle on top of the toilet tank, the lid on loosely. As a warm and tingly feeling flushed my face, coursed through my abdomen, balls, then relaxed my hole, his cock slip right up into me.

“Ah, oh, yeah, ungh,” I grunted. “What a fat, long cock.”

“It’s all the way in man, you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, oh yes, please fuck my ass with your big cock,” I answered.

He pulled back leaving just the fat knob trapped inside my sphincter, then reversed direction and pushed into me again.

“Oh yeah, fuck me,” I urged him.

I felt both his hands on my hips as his cock rode back and forth in me. He moved slowly, gently at first, then picked up the pace. As he fucked me my cock drooped at first. Then as he started rubbing the special place inside me my cock started flowing pre-cum in a steady stream and got half hard again, tingling.

He let go of one cheek and reached around to stroke my slimy cock. I erected immediately, and in no time was cumming into the bowl and all over the top of the toilet seat. As my asshole flexed with my cumming, I felt him stiffen, grow thicker harder inside me and his cum coating the insides of my hot, squishy channel. He blasted five shots of cum up my asshole then pulled out slowly. Cum ran down the insides of my legs. As he stepped back, I started to straighten up and pull up my underwear and trousers.

“No man,” he said. “There is another guy here, a friend of mine who wants to fuck you pussy too.”

I looked around and sure enough there was another man in the stall with us. He was grinning at me and stroking a cock, almost a mate to his buddies. It wasn’t quite as thick but looked several inches longer.

“Okay,” I said, “let me have it.”

I bent over again, took another couple of hits on the poppers and put my hands on the tank again. I felt the longer, thinner cock slide right up into my squishy, cum-filled rectum. He went deeper than his partner and fucked me immediately faster, pounding into me, making me feel so good, stringing more pre-cum then cumming again just before he added his load of hot cum to my asshole.

They were through with me then. Thanked me and left. I sat on the toilet to let some of their cum, the slick lube, and some of my own rectal juices spill into the bowl. I wiped my ass and cleaned my cock with toilet paper, stood up and pulled my underwear and trousers up fastening my pants and adjusting my cock down the leg of my trousers before leaving the stall. I figured I was through for the night, but as I walked out a big, black man met me in the bathroom. He was accompanied by a friend of his, also big and black. The first of them said, “Hey man, you sucked my cock in the back of the theater. We been standing out here listening to you get fucked, and we want you to come to our apartment.”

Resigned to further sucking and being fucked through the rest of the night I agreed to go with them. The next day about mid-morning I went back to my hotel for some much-needed sleep and rest for my well used mouth and ass. What had started as a lost night with no sex ended in a fuckfest for me, and I went back to that theater for more fun any time I was in New York City after that.

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Bob wrote

Now that is a cum slut story being bred at both end by many guy’s had me hard and the pre-cum never stopped will cum when I am in bed jerking off before I sleep.