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Worked Out, Worked Over

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Nicole hated the treadmill, but it was a necessary evil – she was proud of how her body had changed over the last few months – thighs and butt now toned and firm, stomach flat; it was worth the effort. As she ran, she tried to zone out, letting the music from her iPod fill her brain, displacing the messages from her aching knees and bursting lungs. She would have closed her eyes were it not for the fact that she’d seen someone fall off this thing only the other day, and also that there was something interesting to watch in the mirror as she worked…..

The girl was obviously flirting with that guy. Girl? Well, mid twenties. Very pretty anyway, and didn’t she know it? He was on the rowing machine, working hard – obviously very fit. He’d been on it for half an hour, and no sign of letting up. Sweat was pouring down his back, and though Nicole couldn’t see his face, she had to admit that his body was fantastic – the muscles on his arms were huge, defined, almost chiselled. Strong shoulders and back, he looked like he could carry Nicole and that girl one under each arm without batting an eyelid. Maybe even benchpress them…..

The girl was on the pec deck, looking right at him as she opened and closed her arms, thrusting her chest towards him. So blatant! Nicole tried to hide a smile as she watched, and made a bet with herself: “if that girl doesn’t get on the Hip Adductor next, I’m going to do another 3km on this thing!” Nicole herself had never had the nerve to use that machine – it was supposed to work your inner thighs, but she just thought it was designed by a man in order to watch women opening their legs.

She studied the pair of them as they worked out. She’d seen the girl around quite a few times before, but didn’t know her name. He was new in the last couple of weeks. It looked like they knew each though, but not quite on boyfriend / girlfriend terms. Maybe they worked together? Maybe they just knew each other from meeting here. Suddenly she felt a pang of jealousy – she wanted to be flirting with him, to be the one he was looking at. Shaking her head, she laughed to herself. Partly because she was in her 30’s and far too old to be struck down by petty jealousy, but mostly because the girl was now clambering onto the “look at my crotch” machine, slowly, deliberately, and staring the guy straight in the eye as she did so, almost daring him to avert his gaze downwards between her legs.

“Thank god for that,” she thought, “not sure I could do another 3k!” She dialled the treadmill down, slowing to a fast walk, warming down gently rather than coming to a sudden stop. As her breathing slowed too, she realised that she too was caught in the girl’s trap, and had been watching her legs opening and closing for about the last 30 seconds. Her tight shorts left little to the imagination. “What a tart!” whispered Nicole to herself – a knee-jerk response to the fact that she was embarrassed at having caught herself staring between another girl’s thighs. Grabbing her towel, she headed for the showers.

As the warm water cascaded over her, soothing her aching body, Nicole kept telling herself that it didn’t mean anything, that she was only staring in that direction absent-mindedly, and that she could just as well have been staring at a spot on the wall. But there was no denying that she couldn’t get the image out of her head, and as she soaped herself, she was surprised at the tingle that went through her body as her fingertips brushed her clit. Angry at herself, and confused that she was turned on by something she’d never even thought about, she concentrated on less delicate parts of her body – rubbing her calves, her knees, her forearms, rinsing her hair through.

Nicole turned round under the shower to find the girl standing before her, naked as the day she was born. Hands on hips, perfect boobs jutting out. “I saw you looking at me,” she said in a tone that demanded an explanation.

“I… I’m sorry. I was just, you know… people watching.”

“Crotch watching more like. Are you a lesbian or something?”

“No!! God no!! Never. I was more interested in him! I was just watching you, wandering what he liked about you.” Nicole smiled a little, attempting reconciliation. “To be fair, it’s not hard to see.”

The girl’s face softened slightly. “Thank you, you’re in good shape yourself. But Rick!! He is to die for! Don’t you think?”

“Is that the guy you were, umm, flirting with?”

“Yeah. I work with him, and when his gym closed I suggested he come here. I kissed him once at a party, but he hasn’t really shown much interest since. He’s a very strong silent type – very dominant at work, but I want him soooo bad! I guess that machine made me look pretty desperate, huh?”

“A little! If he didn’t get the message then, well…. Maybe he’s gay?”

The girl finally introduced herself as Mandy, and they chatted while they dressed. As Nicole left the gym she kept thinking of Rick’s firm body, and promised herself a long bath with her toys later on. She also kept thinking about Mandy’s crotch, and how her own body had responded to the sight. Although she wasn’t comfortable with the thought, she was sure that she would be able to focus her mind on Rick later, and as she walked across the car park and turned on her iPod, she smiled and told herself that at the very least, she had made a new friend at the gym.

In her own little world, Nicole didn’t notice as the car began to pull out, and didn’t hear it because of the music in her ears. It didn’t hit her hard, but it was enough to knock her over, and as she fell she banged her head on the back of another car. She didn’t feel herself land.

“Nicole? Nicole! Wake up hun…” That voice was familiar, the one in the background not.

“What… What happened?” Nicole opened her eyes to see Mandy’s face looking down at her, relieved.

“You got hit by a car. But you’re gonna be OK, don’t worry. Rick & I are paramedics – you’re in our ambulance.”

“I can’t move!”

“I know – it’s OK. You hit your head as you fell. We don’t think the car really hurt you, but we’ve strapped you down just in case. Just relax. We’re going to examine you for signs of damage.”

Nicole tried to slow her breathing, to relax like she’d been told. She became aware of the position of her body as she tried to flex each limb, tried to test for damage. Her head was held firm, her neck in a brace. Arms tied down by her sides. Legs strapped down but open so she lay in a Y shape. What??? Why was she held like that? That wasn’t normal! Was it?

Rick hovered over her – he was truly handsome – a friendly smiling face, but with a hint of power behind his eyes. She felt herself drawn into him, hypnotised by those eyes and the deep but smooth voice. “I really think you’ll be OK, Nicole. A bump on your head, but I just want to get a good look at the rest of you…. Scissors please, Mandy.” “Scissors?! What the fuck??”

“To cut your clothes off, Nicole. I’m sorry I have to do that, but I don’t want to untie you just in case you are hurt, and I can’t get them off any other way.”

“Can I do it, Rick?” Mandy asked. Nicole jumped as the cold metal touched against her exposed belly, then slid upwards under her t-shirt. She heard the sound of the blades cutting the cotton, then felt a draught across her belly button as the fabric parted. Draught? In an ambluance? She realised it was Mandy’s soft breath as she exhaled slowly over the soft skin.

The scissors moved higher, turning her t-shirt into a waistcoat. Suddenly Nicole’s head was filled with conflicting emotions… Embarrassment at her state of undress, excitement that Rick was now looking at her toned body, relief that she had a nice bra on, despair as she realised what might happen to it…..

She felt Rick’s strong fingers stroking her skin, over her abdomen, around her belly button. She gasped a little as he touched her just underneath her ribcage, then she felt his thumbs tracking round her ribs, his fingers following, pressing into her flesh as she breathed in. Then his hands were on her shoulders, massaging them, and up to the sides of her neck.

“No obvious problems there. Bra please, Mandy.”

Mandy touched the scissors to Nicole’s chest. “Please, no, Mandy – don’t ruin it. It’s a front fastener…”

Mandy looked at Rick, and he gave a small nod. Putting the scissors down she took the clasp in her fingers and deftly unhooked it. Nicole’s breasts spilled free, and again she was overcome with a mix of embarrassment and excitement.

Rick was clearly in charge. “Why don’t you examine those for damage, Mandy?”

The junior partner cupped Nicole’s right breast and began to squeeze it gently. Despite Nicole’s protests that her breasts were fine, Mandy continued to massage it, before letting her thumb drift over the nipple, causing an instant reaction. The skin tightened and the nipple hardened – Mandy pinched it lightly to gauge Nicole’s reaction, which was a sudden drawing in of breath and a thin protest.

“Good, that one seems OK. What about the other, Mandy?”

As instructed, Mandy transferred her attention to Nicole’s left breast, repeating the squeezing and massaging. But this time, she leant down and gently flicked the nipple with her tongue. Then she let a drop of saliva fall from her mouth onto the contracting bud, then spread it around the dark pink areola with her tongue, before softly breathing out, the cooling effect tightening it even further. She nipped it gently between her teeth, eliciting another gasp from the patient.

Nicole was dazed and confused at what was happening to her, as it dawned on her that this was beyond the bounds of normal examination. Scared at what they might do next, she began to struggle. “Let me go, please!” she asked, but Rick just smiled.

“Not yet Nicole. The car actually hit your legs, we need to check those yet.”

“At least cover my chest up. You’re finished examing that now.”

Rick just ignored her. “Cut her jeans off, Mandy,” he instructed.

Mandy pulled her boots off and began to cut up the legs of the jeans, the job made easier by the fact that Nicole’s legs were about 45° apart. Nicole started to struggle, but soon realised it was futile, and resigned herself to the humiliation that would inevitably follow. But again she felt confused as the coolness of the scissors on her thigh made her heart skip a beat – it felt strangely sensual to have the cold metal sliding up her legs towards the crotch of her jeans.

As the shreds of clothing were pulled from her, Nicole was reminded of how she had felt when confronted naked in the shower by Mandy. She felt even more exposed now, even though she still had her panties on.

“Well, there’s an obvious bruise to the outside of the right thigh, but I think her inner thighs warrant some examination.” Rick’s chocolate voice instantly relaxed Nicole. From feeling exposed she suddenly couldn’t wait to feel his hands on her skin again. He concentrated on her left leg, strong fingers digging in, soothing the muscles. And then a different sensation, Mandy’s smaller hands on her other leg, mirroring Rick’s movements, but more gentle, more subtle. Gradually their hands worked higher up. Nicole began to feel an ache in her loins, and was reminded of her plan to bathe and masturbate later. Who knew what had happened to that plan now….

As Rick and Mandy’s fingers met at her crotch, they both began to stroke at the fabric covering her vagina.

“That’s so wet!” Mandy exclaimed.

“I’m not sure that she should be showing such obvious signs of sexual stimulation,” said Rick. “After all, she has just had a shock. I think we need to examine in more detail.”

This time Nicole did not object – the shredding of her panties was a foregone conclusion. Her pussy ached, her mind was a blur, but if she understood one thing it was that she was completely under their, or more specifically, Rick’s, control.

As the scissors made a mess of her damp panties, both Rick and Mandy eagerly awaited the sight of Nicole’s mound and lips. “She shaves,” whispered Mandy.

“But not for a few days,” said Rick. “Do it for her now, Mandy.”

In a flash, Mandy had produced some creamy soap and was spreading it over Nicole’s mound. As the razor began to stroke away, Nicole was grateful that she couldn’t move. She barely trusted herself to do this, but someone else with a sharp blade so close to her pussy was another thing altogether. She held her breath as Mandy’s fingers stretched the skin, moved her lips, slid the razor over her most delicate parts.

“Now rinse it off,” Rick commanded. Mandy took a wet flannel and gently rinsed away the remnants of the soap.

“What about in her creases?” he asked. Mandy took a large plastic syringe and filled it with warm water, then slowly began squirting it directly onto Nicole’s clit, making her jump and moan. Directing the jet slightly upwards, she cleaned out the very top of Nicole’s slit, then worked down the slit, round the side of her clit, over her inner lips and folds. It felt like a tiny vibrator touching her pussy; Nicole began to buck against the restraints. The last of the syringe was saved for her clit again, squirting under the hood, making the little bud twitch and dance.

“OK,” Rick said, “let’s have a good look…” Kneeling between her open thighs, Rick began to peer closely at her pussy. “I cannot believe that you are showing such signs of arousal – I know you’ve just been washed, but you are so wet…” He grabbed a mirror and held it so that Nicole could see her own pussy. It looked like her pussy, but at the same time not – her clit was so swollen, and she could see her juices actually leaking out of her hole. Her lips were redder and more swollen than she’d ever seen.

“This is more normal,” he said, and stared at Mandy. She understood the instruction, and dropped her own clothes, wriggling out of her tiny thong. Mandy then swung a leg over Nicole’s head, bringing her pussy about 12″ from her face. “What do you see, Nicole?”

“I see a shaved pussy,” she croaked, “a long slit, a drop of shiny liquid on her lips…”

“Open wide, Mandy”

Nicole was struck dumb; not at the sight of Mandy’s opening flower – she was worldy wise enough to have seen close-ups of girls on the internet and various porn films – but at her own reaction to it. She felt her vagina clench, and her clit start to throb and twitch at the sight of the perfect, shaven pussy hovering above her.

“That’s incredible,” said Rick, “I can actually see your labia engorging even more as you look at Mandy’s…. Lean down Mandy, you’ve got to see this…..”

Mandy moved her head down towards Nicole’s pussy, bringing her own even nearer to Nicole’s face. Nicole didn’t know what to do – her loins were on fire, she couldn’t move, couldn’t touch herself. There was a glistening pink vulva just inches from her face. Part of her was disgusted, part of her curious beyond belief. One thing was certain, whatever happened next would be beyond her control.

“Are those fluids leaking from her vagina in the normal range of acidity, consistency and flavour, Mandy?”

Flavour? But that would mean that Mandy was about to…..

The tip of Mandy’s tongue was like a Tazer – sending electric shocks through Nicole’s clit to the core of her body. If she wasn’t held so still, her body would have gone rigid anyway. Slowly, Mandy’s tongue lapped at her clit, chasing fluid around it, digging at the hood. The more she licked the juices away, the more oozed out, coating every crease and fold of Nicole’s pussy as well as Mandy’s lips and chin.

Eyes closed in ecstasy, Nicole didn’t notice as Mandy’s hips moved down towards her face. She was vaguely aware of heat on her face, and a tangy but clean aroma filling her nostrils. Then, as Nicole let out a low moan, Mandy’s clit brushed against her bottom lip, and before she knew what she was doing her tongue had snaked into Mandy’s hole, and Nicole was mimicking the other girl’s actions on her.

She was shocked at herself, but so lost in the crescendo that was building within her that she was past caring, tonguing furiously at Mandy’s cunt, just eager to do anything to add to the excitement that must surely peak soon. Her own clit felt like it it had expanded to take up her entire body – all other parts of her irrelevant at this moment. Mandy was sucking on it gently, licking it up and down in a slow steady rhythm. Her orgasm was inevitable, her pussy started to feel like it was melting. She began to growl into Mandy’s pussy, the vibrations only serving to make the young girl moan back into her. She began to cum, wanting to buck her hips but unable to do so, wanting to grab Mandy’s head and force it against her, but she just had to lie there and cum, each wave of ecstasy almost agonising as her pussy spasmed again and again, all the energy she would normally use in thrashing about during an orgasm being expended solely by her cunt.

She just lay there, girlcum oozing out of her, down her arse crack. Mandy sat up a little, but continued to sit on Nicole’s face. Nicole was totally dazed, but couldn’t stop herself from continuing to tongue Mandy’s clit. Like she had a choice.

Rick moved between her legs. He was naked himself now, and his cock was standing to attention. Although Nicole couldn’t see him, she was aware of his presence, and sensed that something was about to happen.

He leaned forward and kissed Mandy full on the lips, catching her by surprise. “Tastes fine to me. What did you think?” Mandy could only nod her agreement.

“OK – I’m curious about the condition of your vaginal walls, post-orgasm,” he said. Once again, Nicole felt cold metal against her thighs. Again it felt curiously good, but she couldn’t have protested if she wanted to. He pressed the speculum into her, opening it slowly. Peering inside, he started to make appreciative murmurs. “Walls still pulsing from your orgasm… good…. very wet everywhere…. little pool of your juice near the entrance…. excellent.” Withdrawing the instrument, he replaced it with his fingers, and began to stroke the front wall of her vagina.

Her pussy was still on fire from her first orgasm – she wanted to move his hand away, but couldn’t. She wanted to tell him to stop, but her mouth was covered with Mandy’s ever dampening pussy. She just had to accept his fingertips massaging her g-spot, stirring up her blood again, wakening her nerves, focussing her mind on the storm that was going to burst through her once more. He hadn’t even touched her clit, but it was throbbing. His fingertips stroked her g-spot in time with her internal rhythm, the one that timed her heartbeat with the throb of her clit, the flick of her tongue on Mandy’s clit, and that would announce her orgasm by clenching her pussy tight around his fingers.

His hand was stroking his own cock while he fingered her. Mandy was reaching for it, but he ignored her, telling her to concentrate on having her cunt licked out. “You’ll get yours later,” he growled.

Nicole’s second orgasm was different to the first – more diffused throughout her whole body, less focussed on the one spot. Had she not been tied down, she still would not, could not have moved as Rick’s fingers teased her g-spot; nerve endings and hormones combining to instruct her limbs to shake, her girlcum to flood out, her chest to shudder, and her lungs to exhale with a guttural sigh. The only part of her over which she had conscious control was her tongue which still lapped at Mandy’s clit.

Mandy herself was nearing orgasm now, and she started to ride Nicole’s face harder, pressing down onto the probing tongue. As Nicole recovered, she realised what was happening, and although 2 hours ago it would have disgusted her, at that moment she wanted nothing more than to repay Mandy for her first orgasm. As best she could, she began to suck Mandy’s inner lips into her mouth, savouring the tangy flavour, feeling Mandy’s pulse in the delicate folds. With no hands to help her, she was restricted in her movements, but managed to press her tongue into her vagina, making the younger girl buck and groan. Licking back up her inner lips again, she once again located her clit, and sucked hard on it, tongue flicking at the tender bud. Mandy began to rock her hips harder, forcing herself down onto Nicole’s face. Nicole’s nose was now pressing against her pussy hole, and this added stimulation sent Mandy over the edge. She began to cum, shrieking and moaning in pleasure as Nicole’s inexperienced tongue finally brought her relief. Nicole felt Mandy’s pussy spasming on her face, through her tongue, against her nose, but was still surprised when a small gush of liquid filled her mouth, making her gasp for breath and coating her cheeks and chin as she spluttered.

Mandy rolled off onto the floor, breathing heavily, but still with her eyes fixed on Rick’s cock as he knelt between Nicole’s legs, fingers still inside her pussy.

“Please, let me go now,” Nicole managed to stammer.

“Not yet. You’ll go when I’ve finished with you.” Rick wasn’t unkind, just forceful.

This time, Mandy couldn’t be stopped, and she reached out to replace Rick’s hand on his long thick cock with her own. He closed his eyes in pleasure as she began to slide her hand up and down. Realising what was going on, Nicole began to think that she could relax for a second – just relax, and wait for them to let her go. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Mandy manouevred Rick’s cock so that the head was against Nicole’s pussy lips. With Rick’s fingers still inside her, her pussy was wide open, and the cock head slipped in easily as his fingers pulled out. He knelt there, just the head inside her, as Mandy slowly wanked the shaft.

“No more, please, no more,” begged Nicole as she felt the instrusion of his smooth hard head. But as he leaned towards her, she was powerless to stop him sliding in. He only went in a few inches though, just until the head was past her g-spot, leaving more than half his length outside. And from there he began to rock backwards then forwards, repeatedly dragging his bulbous cock head over her g-spot, massaging it more firmly, yet more gently than his fingers had done before. All the while, Mandy continued to stroke the part of his cock that lay outside, her fingers pressing into Nicole’s puffy wet lips at one end of the stroke, brushing against his balls at the other.

Just as Nicole thought she couldn’t cope with any more sensations running through her, Mandy touched a thin finger against her arsehole, making her pussy contract around Rick’s cock. There was so much of her juice that Mandy’s finger slipped in with only minor resistance, despite Nicole’s faint attempts at protest. This was almost more than Nicole could bear; she wanted it to be over, but to go on for ever. She wanted to cum, but couldn’t bear the thought of the agonising ecstasy sweeping through her once more.

Rick himself was close to cumming too – he had been stroking himself earlier while he fingered Nicole, and the combined attention of Mandy’s hand and the sensation of Nicole’s vagina clenched around him was never going to have any other result. As he felt himself approaching the point of no return, he simply stroked Nicole’s clit with his thumb. That was it for her – her pussy went into spasm as she came, tightening so violently around his cock that it forced his orgasm on him. The first thick rope of his cum shot from his cock and splashed onto her cervix. The second and third coated her pussy walls completely. She felt each and every drop of his cum leave his balls, travel up his shaft and fly from the slit at the end. She felt Mandy’s finger tight in her arse, giving her something to clench against, increasing the power of her orgasm 10-fold. She felt his softening dick leave her, felt his cum dribble from her hole and drip down her arse crack, felt Mandy’s finger slip out of her, smearing Rick’s cum around her butthole and her pussy lips. Then she felt the blood leave her head, and felt herself falling, the room going black….

“Nicole! Nicole! Are you OK? Wake up hun!” She came to in a crumpled heap in the gym car park, Mandy’s concerned face peering at her. “You got hit by a car, but I think you’re going to be OK. Rick and I are paramedics. He’s just gone to get the ambulance…”

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