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Strippers Take Charge

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I went to a strip club for the first time not long after I started college. I’d turned 18 over the summer, and there was a club near our campus that didn’t serve booze, meaning for one that I could get in, and for two that the girls could dance completely nude. I was curious about it the first time I heard, and when the student loan checks came in, I suggested to my roommate, Tom, that we take a little cash and go check it out. He was as eager as I was, and so one Friday afternoon we went.

We showed our IDs to the suspicious doorman, paid our charge and walked in. I looked eagerly up at the stage as we sat at a table and ordered overpriced soft drinks. A petite, small-breasted Asian woman was gyrating in a g-string, running her hands over her tight body. Our conversation stopped as she turned around, peeled the skimpy undergarment over her pert bottom, and shimmied out of it. She bent over, clearly revealing her shaved snatch and wiggling her butt. My jaw just about dropped – I’d never seen a woman that hot naked.

“Damn,” said Tom as he stared at her. “I think I like this place.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

I could feel my cock stirring in my pants as we kept watching her on stage, twirling around the pole, grinding her hips. After a few minutes the song was done, and she gathered her panties and the tips that had been thrown on stage and walked off. As the DJ was introducing the next girl, one of the dancers, a willowy blonde with a deep tan and full breasts, dressed in a hot pink string bikini and clear platform heels, walked up to Tom and laid a hand on his shoulder.

“Care for a dance, sweetie?”

“Um, dance?” he asked.

“A lap dance.” She gestured toward one end of the room, where there was a row of darkened booths, the interiors screened from the main seating area. “You and me in there, twenty dollars, for one song.”

He glanced at me. “Uh, OK, I guess.”

She giggled. “Don’t worry about your friend.” She beckoned to one of the other girls. “Christina here will take care of him.” She took Tom by the hand and led him towards the booths, her hips swaying seductively.

I looked around to see the girl she’d called over coming towards me, a big smile on her face. She was a voluptuous, brown-haired beauty, with huge natural boobs jiggling in a black lace pushup bra, a black lace g-string stretched around her full, curving hips, black sheer stockings, and black platform heels. A short gold chain dangled from her pierced navel, and a pink playboy bunny was tattooed on her hipbone. I looked from her luscious body to her pretty face as she stretched out her hand to me. “I’m Christina,” she said.

“I’m Alex.”

“Hi Alex. Care for a dance?”

“Sure!” I took her hand and let her lead me back to a booth. I settled onto the cushioned bench as she stood up on the little platform in front of me, slipping off her heels and pulling off her bra, setting her massive jugs free.

“Holy cow,” I couldn’t help saying.

She giggled. “You like ’em?” She squeezed and jiggled them, winking at me as the music started.

What happened next had my cock straining at my pants in a hurry. She stepped off the platform onto the bench, straddling my face, grinding her barely covered, shaved crotch to within a half inch of my nose. Then she slowly slid down my body until her hips were pressed against my torso and her tits were mashed into my face. She rubbed her breasts against my face, not protesting when I stuck out my tongue to lick them. I ran a hand up her stockinged calf, enjoying the feel of the sheer fabric. Then she settled into my lap, grinding her hips again, touching her forehead and nose to mine. The sweet smell of her perfume overwhelmed me as her crotch pressed against mine.

“Getting excited?” she breathed.

“Mmmmm,” I responded.

She giggled. “You’re a cute young thing. I like you.” She turned around quickly, lowering her full, plump bottom onto my lap and looking seductively back over her shoulder as she ground harder and harder against me until I had to push her away to keep from cumming in my pants. She giggled again. “Getting a little TOO excited, hmm?” She stood up and straddled my face again, this time facing away from me, and bent over slightly. “I’m not supposed to do this, but….” She reached down and with one perfectly manicured finger pulled her panties away from her shaved snatch. Her lips were petaled open and glistening a little, and I caught a whiff of her musk.

“Look at that. You’re getting me wet. Lick it a little, Alex.”

I didn’t hesitate to obey. What we were doing was patently illegal, but the booths were screened enough that someone would’ve had to walk in to see it. I ran my tongue along her slit and twirled it around her clit, making her gasp. Getting bolder, I ran my hands up and down her shapely legs, eagerly tonguing her pussy until the song ended and she stepped away.

“Oh, my!” she said, giggling and tousling my hair. “I’m really getting to like you quite a bit.” As I fished in my wallet for a twenty, she put her bra and shoes back on. I handed her the cash.

“Thanks,” she said. “Mind if I come sit with you for a bit? Then maybe we could have another dance.”


We sat back down at the table and I ordered her a five dollar diet Coke. A minute later Tom came back with the blonde and he did the same. His faced was flushed, and the blonde was smirking as she winked at Christina. Then she turned to me.

“I’m Amy,” she said. We shook hands as the drinks arrived. On stage, a tall, skinny blonde covered in tattoos started dancing out of a black PVC corset and panties. We half watched as we chatted with the two dancers sitting with us. They knew how to make conversation – every stripper does if she wants to make money. We told them about school and our living arrangements (they were roommates too), and swapped party stories (their parties were a lot wilder, given that we were still under 21). All the while Christina kept inching closer to me until she was practically in my lap, periodically running her foot up and down my calf. I could see Amy was giving Tom the same treatment, and the two girls kept swapping meaningful glances. When the conversation turned to sex (steered by Amy), neither Tom nor I was dumb enough to try to act the stud. Neither of us was a virgin, but neither of us was terribly experienced either, and neither of us had had any luck since college had started.

“You poor things,” Amy pouted. “And at your age. You must both be awfully horny.” Tom and I both blushed beet red as the girls giggled.

“Amy and I haven’t had men in our lives for a while either,” Christina said. “Of course, we have each other.”

Our eyes were about bugging out of our heads. “You mean you two are — are –” I stammered. They giggled again.

“I have to say,” Christina said, “That if we were going to hook up, it would be with guys like you two. Young, innocent, a little nerdy, not trying to impress everybody. I’m so sick of that crap, you know?”

“Preach it, sister,” seconded Amy.

Christina ran her hand up my thigh. “Young boys we could teach a little bit,” she purred, her eyes twinkling.

This has to just be sweet talk, I thought. This is how they keep you on the hook for those twenty dollar dances. But Amy had reached into her little purse and pulled out her cell. “Give me your number,” she said to me, “If you have your phone on you.”

I blurted out the number and she dialed it. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out, staring in disbelief at her number on the screen.

“Day shift ends at seven,” she said. “Give me a call sometime after eight and maybe you guys can come over and party tonight. Since we’re the ones with legal IDs, we’ll even spring for the booze.”

We couldn’t agree fast enough.

“How about a dance on the house before you go?” Christina asked.

“But trade partners,” Amy said. “I want to find out what Alex’s cock feels like.” I blushed as she stood up and took my hand. We went back to the booths, and when the next song started she did her routine with me. It was every bit as hot as Christina’s, though she didn’t have me lick her pussy. She did, however, lean back against the little platform, put her pretty feet on my chest, and slowly run them down my body until her perfect toes were massaging the lump in my pants. Fortunately the song ended before I spewed all over.

The two girls kissed us on the cheeks before we left, stepping out into the still bright afternoon sun, our heads spinning. We walked to the car in silence, and as we got inside, Tom turned to me with a look of disbelief that matched the way I felt.

“Holy shit,” he said. “We’re gonna get laid. By hot chicks.”

“Who are gonna buy us beer!”

We both laughed. We kept raving about it as we drove home, telling each other about how hot the girls’ dances had been, how great it was going to be to fuck them. We decided that I would stick with Christina and he with Amy.

The afternoon crawled by slower than any afternoon of my life. We finally ate dinner in the cafeteria, unable to talk about anything else but what we were hoping would happen that evening. Then we watched TV in the room, waiting interminably for 8:00. When it came, we forced ourselves to wait a bit so as not to look to anxious. We managed to wait all the way to 8:05. I dialed Amy’s phone with a trembling hand, thrilling as I heard her soft voice answer. She gave us directions to their apartment and promised us a great time.

Tom broke quite a few traffic laws on the drive off campus, but we got away with it. Still unable to believe our luck, we knocked on the girls’ door. Christina answered, still wearing her black stockings and heels, but with a form-fitting black mini-dress on over her undies.

“Hi boys,” she chirped as she let us in. Amy was sitting back on the couch sipping a beer, dressed in a hot pink miniskirt and halter top, barefoot. “Have a brew,” she offered. Tom sat down next to her and cracked one open, and Christina sat next to him. There didn’t seem to be room on the couch, so I moved toward a chair, but she urged me to sit next to her, the four of us pressed tight against one another. My cock was already starting to come to life from the close pressure of her voluptuous body as Amy flipped on the TV and started a video with the remote. The picture flashed on two slim black girls locked in a passionate sixty-nine.

“You guys like porno?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah,” said Tom, downing his beer in two big gulps. She handed him another. We drank and chatted a bit, the two girls flirting and teasing us as we watched two or three steamy girl-girl scenes on the video. By the time it was over, we were getting a little buzzed, and Amy suggested a game of strip poker.

“It’s a combination drinking and stripping game,” she said. “Boys against girls, and losing side on each hand has to take something off and do a shot.”

Eager to start the evening’s fun, Tom and I quickly agreed to the game. And once we started, we demonstrated our lack of ability at cards. We were shortly down to our boxers, and the shots had our heads spinning. We’d won a couple hands – Christina was out of her dress and heels, and Amy had taken off her skirt and halter, revealing lacy white undies underneath. She dealt the cards, and I looked down at a bunch of crap. We were playing five card draw, but our draw didn’t help much either – pair of fours. The girls had two pair.

“OK boys,” Christina said, chuckling. “Drop ’em.”

I was already embarrassed by the tent in my shorts (even though Tom had one too), but now I was going to have to be naked and erect in front of my naked and erect roomie. My face was flushed as we stood up and looked awkwardly at each other. In our elation at the prospect of getting laid, we hadn’t considered that we might be doing it in front of each other. Oh what the hell, I thought after a second. It’s not like we haven’t seen each other changing clothes. I quickly dropped my boxers, my hard dick springing free.

“Mmmm, nice,” Christina said. “Is that for me?”

“Y-Yeah,” I stuttered, still blushing furiously.

“Come on, Tom, show me what you’ve got for me,” Amy said, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

“OK,” he breathed, pulling his shorts down. I couldn’t help but look. His cock was a bit bigger than mine, close to eight inches, and hard as a rock.

“Lovely,” Amy said.

“Thanks,” he said, laughing nervously. I saw him glance surreptitiously at my cock the way I had at his, and blushed again.

“Don’t be shy about seeing each other like this,” Amy said. “If you play your cards right, you’ll be cumming in front of each other before the night’s out.”

“Speaking of cards,” Christina said, “The way we play, there’s one more hand after you’re naked. But since you don’t have any clothes to bet, you have to bet your bodies. If we win, we get to do whatever we want with you for the rest of the night.”

“Of course,” Amy interjected, “There’s always the outside chance that you’ll somehow win a few hands in a row. In which case we have to do whatever you want.”

Tom and I looked at each other. Doing whatever they wanted didn’t sound like such a bad proposition. He picked up the deck and shuffled it as I poured our shots. We downed them, and Tom dealt the cards. We had four cards towards a straight, an eight, nine, jack, and queen, with a three as well.

“Give us one,” Amy said, laying down a card. Tom dealt her one. The girls sat smiling as we looked at our hand. Now we weren’t experts, but everyone knows that drawing to an inside straight is a dumb idea. I looked at Tom.

“Should we?” I asked.

He thought for a minute. “They only took one card,” he pointed out. True, I thought, and they’d been getting good cards right along. Even if we got a pair of queens or jacks, they might be sitting on three of a kind or a straight of their own. And the odds of us winning in the long haul were poor anyway.

“Let’s chance it,” I said. He nodded, pulling a card. It was a seven.

“Dammit!” he said, laying down the hand. “Queen high.”

Amy laid down their cards. They had gone for a straight too, but had ace through four and had evidently drawn the ten we wanted.

“Mmmm. Looks like you lost. Pour your drinks,” Christina said.

I complied and we drank again. I was really pretty drunk by now, and I could tell Tom was too. The girls watched us for a moment, all smiles.

“Well, I guess you two are all ours for the night, hmmm?” said Amy. We nodded. “Doesn’t look like you mind too much. Why don’t you stand up?”

We obeyed, and the girls circled around the table towards us. Christina stepped close, took me in her arms, and kissed me passionately, her tongue swirling around in my mouth, her hands running all over my naked body, fondling my erection. Next to me I could see Amy doing the same with Tom. Within a few minutes of making out, we were both flushed and breathing hard. Amy stepped back from Tom then, looking from one of us to the other.

“Let’s head into the bedroom,” she said, “and teach you boys a thing or two.” Christina giggled, taking me by the hand. We walked back toward the bedroom, my eyes on her full, swaying ass, my heart in my throat. Even the decor in their bedroom was a turn-on – deep red paint, artsy yet sexy black-and-white nudes on the walls, and leopard print bedding on the king size bed. Amy pushed Tom down on the bed, flat on his back, as Christina pulled me to her and kissed me again. She reached around and squeezed my bare ass, sighing softly.

“Ever been tied up?” Amy purred at Tom, pointing out some long strips of fabric tied to the thick wooden slats of the headboard.

“Not yet,” Tom panted. Amy kept him on one side of the bed, stretching his arms back over his head, hands together, and tying his wrists securely with one of the strips. Then she spread his legs apart a bit, tying his ankles just as securely to two strips hanging from the footboard. Oh crap, I thought, we’re messing with chicks who keep a way to tie each other down in their bedroom. It was hard to believe how kinky and forward they were about sex. But I didn’t have time to think about it – Christina was pushing me down on the bed as well, and a minute later I found my wrists bound. The fabric was silky but quite strong – I wouldn’t be going anywhere until they untied me. Christina tied one of my legs down, then pulled the other across Tom’s and tied it as well. It felt more than a little awkward to be touching him that way, but there wasn’t room on the bed to do it otherwise.

“Damn, this is so fucking nasty,” Tom said, tugging at his bonds. I wriggled in mine as well. Apart from some wiggling of the hips, we really couldn’t move much.

“Oh, it’s just starting to get nasty,” Christina said. The girls were standing at the foot of the bed, slipping out of bras and panties. “You’re about to watch two girls go at it.” Naked now, the two girls faced each other and began to kiss passionately, hands roaming freely over each other’s bare, tanned bodies. Amy kissed Christina’s neck, sliding her tongue slowly down to her ample bosom, licking and sucking the brunette’s big nipples while squeezing her curvy ass.

“Fuck yeah, that’s so hot,” Tom said, shifting on the bed. Both our cocks were rock hard, and mine felt like it was actually twitching involuntarily. I watched in amazement as the girls switched spots, Christina now working on Amy’s soft breasts, one hand down between the blonde’s legs, obviously fingering her pussy. Slowly she sank to her knees, burying her face in her girlfriend’s crotch. I could hear her lapping at that pussy, and Amy moaned softly.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she said. She looked over at Tom. “Would you like to be doing that?”

“Oh yeah,” he answered.

“Beg for it,” she said, her eyes piercing his.

He paused for a minute, then said, “Please, Amy, oh please let me lick your sweet pussy. Please….”

Amy glided over to the bed and straddled Tom’s face, facing down toward his cock. I heard him moan, then Amy moaned as he went to work on her twat with his mouth. A second later Christina was on top of me in the same position, lowering her pussy into my face. I licked her eagerly, breathing in the scent of her, tasting her juices, working her clit with my lips and tongue until she was moaning too. She was running her hands up and down my belly to the insides of my thighs, and I was twisting in my bonds trying vainly to get them to touch my cock. I was desperate for her touch by now, my dick throbbing, but she kept teasing, now kissing my belly and even down around my pubes, touching me everywhere but where I wanted it most. This went on for what seemed like forever. Then she climbed off of me and stood up on the bed next to me. I looked up at her sexy curves, on fire with desire for her. She stretched out one stockinged foot, gently trailing the tips of her toes over my chest and down my belly, softly brushing them over my cock. The feel of the silky nylon gliding over my member made my groan again. Looking over, I saw with envy that Amy had her mouth around Tom’s dick now, sucking him deeply. They were both groaning as they 69’d, and the sight of it fired me up even more.

“Oh, god, please Christina,” I begged, “Please just touch me. Do something, please!”

She giggled impishly and laid down on top of me, pressing her lips to mine. With maddening slowness she kissed and licked her way down my neck to my chest, stopping to lick and gently bite each of my nipples in turn, then worked her way down my belly. Ever so slowly her tongue trailed down over my pubes until finally it ran up the length of my cock.

“Oh, yes, please, Christina….”

Looking me in the eyes, she gripped my tool by the base and softly kissed the tip of the head. I ground my hips, involuntarily trying to thrust it up into her mouth. But she was taking her time, kissing it up and down, swirling her tongue around the head, until finally, in a moment that seemed like heaven on earth, she took me in her mouth. Oh, the sweet softness of it. With expert grace she swallowed me whole, her sweet lips sending waves of pleasure all over me.

“Oh no,” I heard Amy say, “Not yet, baby.” She had pulled off Tom’s dick and knelt beside him, rubbing his chest and belly. “You’re not cumming for a while yet, no matter how bad you want it.”

“Oh, fuck,” he groaned as she started teasing him again, getting down between his legs and kissing him on the balls and the insides of his thighs. And then Christina was doing the same to me, the ecstasy of her blowjob over now, still thrilling me with her mouth, but without giving my poor cock the satisfaction I so desperately craved. All this was hotter than anything I’d ever experienced, but what happened next blew my mind. Still looking right into my eyes, she sucked her middle finger, covering it with spit, then slowly slipped it into my asshole.

“Oh, fuck, what are you doing!?” I cried. She just giggled and began softly frigging my ass with her finger, slipping her mouth over my cock again. “Oh, fuck!” I cried again. I had to admit, it felt pretty good, especially with the way she was sucking and teasing my dick.

“Oh, god, Amy!” Tom said suddenly. I looked and saw her hand down between his legs and realized she was doing the same to him, slowly stroking his cock with her other hand.

“Why are guys so paranoid about this?” Amy asked. “It feels good, right? It’s just a finger.”

“It does… oh, shit,” moaned Tom. After a couple of minutes, Amy sucked on her index finger, and her hand went back between his legs. He winced and I realized she’d put two fingers in his ass.

“Wanna try that, Alex?” teased Christina, her eyes sparkling up at me. She pulled out and sucked both her index and middle fingers lasciviously, then rubbed them against my asshole. I felt a tight, pressing feeling and a little bit of pain as she worked both fingers into me, but that faded quickly, and I moaned with undisguised pleasure as she started frigging me again.

After a few minutes, Amy looked over at Christina. “Wanna try it?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“Try what?” said Tom.

“Try seeing just how kinky you’ll get,” said Amy. Christina got up and went to the dresser, pulled something out and came back. In her had were two slim little silver vibrators, not more than about four or five inches long and probably not as thick as the two fingers she’d already had up me.

“See how little they are?” she said, handing one to Amy. “Just tiny. But the buzzing will drive you wild.” She grabbed a little bottle of baby oil and got back between my legs, squirting some on the vibrator and handing the bottle to Amy, who did the same.

“Oh, god, what the fuck are you two doing to us!” Tom exclaimed.

“Teaching you new ways to have pleasure,” Amy said, smiling. “Of course, if you want, I can untie you and you can go home and whack off dreaming about what it would’ve been like to fuck me.”

Christina had turned her vibe on and was rubbing it around the opening of my asshole as Amy lubed hers up. “May I, Alex?” Christina asked me coyly.

“Oh what the hell,” I said. “If you promise to make me cum sometime tonight!”

Both girls laughed. Christina gently pressed the vibe up my butt. As small as it was, and with the oil on it, it didn’t hurt a bit. And she was right about the buzzing. It sent thrills through my whole pelvis, making my cock throb with need.

“Oh, YES!” I groaned. “Oh, that does feel good.”

By now Amy was doing the same to Tom, who didn’t protest as she slid the toy into him. Soon we were both moaning with pleasure as the two hot girls worked our assses and teased our cocks with their fingers and tongues. Christina kept sucking my balls in a way that made me want to explode. After a few minutes of this treatment, I couldn’t stand it any more.

“Oh, baby, please make me cum. I need to cum so bad, Christina, please!” I said.

Christina just giggled and kept frigging my ass. Amy laughed too.

“How about you, Tom? You need to cum bad?”

“Oh, yeah, please….” his body twisted in his bonds as he spoke.

“But you boys haven’t made us cum yet. And you did lose your bodies to us in the poker game. Don’t you think you should make us cum first?”

“Fine!” Tom said. “I’ll make you cum, Amy I’ll do whatever you want!”

She laughed again. “We’ll see about that,” she said. She pulled the vibe out of his butt and went back over to the dresser. What she pulled out just about made my heart stop. She had two black latex dildos, each easily over eight inches and thicker than our cocks. They were attached to harnesses with what looked like PVC panties. She sashayed over to the bed and handed one to Christina, who pulled the vibe out of my butt and took it from her. She turned the panty part inside out to show us the inside, where there was a much smaller cock attached with a little nub above it.

“These go in us and rub our clits,” she explained, “so we can cum from fucking you.”

“Oh my god,” I said simply. “I don’t know if I can do that. I mean, do you think we’re gay or something?”

Both girls laughed. “How are you gay? Aren’t we women?” said Amy. “And if you want to fuck us, this is what you have to do. Or would you rather go home and jack off like I said before?”

Going home and jacking off was suddenly seeming like the better option. But Tom surprised me.

“I wouldn’t,” he said. “Oh, fuck it. Do whatever you want. I need to fuck you so bad, Amy.” His face was flushed and his eyes looked glazed. I wondered if he’d had too many shots.

“You can’t be serious,” I said. “You’re gonna let her do that to you?”

“If I have to,” he said, his eyes fixed on Amy, who was already putting on the strapon. As she did, Christina lay down next to me, pressing close, her pretty foot running up and down my leg as she whispered in my ear.

“Let me fuck you, baby. Let me fuck your tight little virgin ass. I’ll make you feel so good.” She raked her fingernails over my cock, and I groaned. “I promise I’ll make it very worth your while.” Her tongue swirled into my ear as she gently squeezed my cock.

“Just do it, Alex,” Tom said. “Or else wait outside. I don’t want to do it in front of you if you don’t do it too.”

“Oh, god,” I groaned. How had I gotten into this mess? Because some hottie had promised me a good time. And I wanted it so bad I didn’t know what to do. I looked into Christina’s dark eyes and melted.

“OK,” I said softly.

She beamed, quickly putting on the harness, adjusting it so the little cock went up inside her, to her obvious enjoyment. The girls untied our legs and pushed them back, spread wide, our assholes turned up. Amy took the oil and lubed up her dildo, then handed the bottle to Christina. “I’ll take this one first,” she said. “You can watch, Alex, and see what you’ve got coming.”

Christina lubed her cock as Amy moved up between Tom’s legs, pushing the dildo against his ass.

“Does it hurt a lot?” Tom asked, his voice quavering. Both girls laughed again.

“You’re about to find out,” Amy said.

I couldn’t see the cock going in from my angle, but I could see Amy’s hips pushing slowly forward, and I could hear my friend’s reaction.

“Oh, my god. Oh, my GOD! Oh! Oh! AAAAAAAAAGH!” He cried out suddenly. “Oh, fuck! It’s big! AAAAGH!” He kept crying out as Amy began to gently rock her hips, pushing closer and closer to his pelvis, and, I knew, driving more and more of the cock up inside him.

I felt something cool and thick against my opening – the lubed head of Christina’s cock. I looked up at her. She was so fucking gorgeous, and the thought of her doing to me what Amy was already doing to Tom made a wave of lust crash overwhelmingly over me. Suddenly I was ready for anything.

“You want this, Alex?” she teased, rubbing the cockhead up and down.

“Oh yes.”

“Then beg for it.”

I swallowed hard, my heart pounding. I’m about to get fucked, I thought. I found my voice. “Fuck me, Christina. Please fuck me. Fuck me in the ass, I want it so bad.” I felt her beginning to press into me, a firm pressure that mounted quickly into stabbing pain. The pain became more intense until suddenly the cockhead popped through my clenching sphincter, forcing me open in a moment of searing agony. I squealed like a little girl, my body writhing uncontrollably under her as she just kept pushing, slowly driving the cock deeper and deeper until her hips were pressed against mine.

“Oh Christina, it hurts,” I whined.

“You want me to stop?”


“What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me. Oh, please, fuck me.” She began to rock her hips like Amy was doing to Tom, sliding the cock slowly back and forth inside me. “Oh, fuck me!” I cried. “Fuck MEEEEEEE!” Tom was crying out beside me as well, at least at first. But as the two girls kept screwing us, our cries got softer and turned finally to moans that were as much pleasure as pain. It didn’t stop hurting completely, but I did feel my ass beginning to relax a bit, and the thick, full feeling of the cock inside me was very sexy – especially with Christina’s voluptuous body leaning over me, big tits swaying as she fucked me, stockinged thighs pressed against the sides of my hips.

“I think they’re starting to like it,” she said to Amy.

“Mmmm. You like this boys?”

“Oh yeah,” we both said.

“Tell each other you like it. Tell each other you love it up the ass.”

I looked at Tom. He still had that flushed, glazed look as he said to me, “I love it up the ass.”

I gulped. “I love it up the ass too.”

“There’s no shame in loving it,” Amy said. “But the thing is, for us to cum, we’re going to have to fuck you harder than this. Can you take getting fucked hard?”

“Fuck me hard,” Tom said to her. “Oh, fuck me hard till you cum.”

“Me too,” I said to Christina, feeling very nasty and not particularly masculine. “Give it to me hard.”

They didn’t waste any time. Christina built her pace quickly until I was crying out in pain again, her thick hips audibly slapping my ass as she drilled me with the dildo. Oh, how it hurt and felt amazing at the same time. I kept squealing and then begging her to keep fucking me. Tom was doing the same next to me, any pretense at dignity on either of our parts long abandoned, our chests heaving, bodies squirming under the two gorgeous girls as they mercilessly pounded our young asses.

Amy came first, a throaty cry of pleasure escaping her lips as she drove the dildo deep into Tom and held it there, her body trembling. While she was still in the last throes of her orgasm, Christina thrust all the way into me and began grinding her hips in a circular motion, a broad smile breaking across her face and her eyes fluttering closed in climactic bliss. I watched her cum with delight. It felt amazing to know my willingness to take it so brutally in the rear had given her such pleasure.

The girls gently pulled their cocks out of us. “That wasn’t the end of the world now, was it?” Amy teased.

“Please tell me we can fuck you now. Or something!” I said.

“Um, well… one of you can.”

“Whoa!” said Tom. “What does that mean?”

“We have one last proposition for you.” Amy was tying Tom’s legs down again, and Christina was doing the same to me. If we were smart, we’d have resisted that, but neither of us was thinking clearly at the time.

“What’s going to happen is that one of you is going to get to do whatever he likes to either of us. And that person is going to be the one who’s willing to suck his friend off.”

My heart started pounding as I realized what she was saying. We were both tied down. If Tom agreed to do it, I wouldn’t be able to stop it, and I’d cum in his mouth instead of in Christina. And taking it up the ass like a little bitch would have been wasted. He’d been the first to break on getting buttfucked, so I had to act fast.

“I’ll do it,” I blurted out.

“Oh no. No you won’t, Alex,” Tom said “We’re not gay. At least I’m not. I don’t want any guy sucking my dick.”

“How are you going to stop him?” Christina asked. She started untying me.

Tom strained hopelessly in his bonds. “You can’t make me do this! Alex, think about it!”

I couldn’t look at his face. My wrists and ankles were free now, and I sat up, looking down at his cock, which was still plenty hard.

“Go on, Alex,” Christina urged.

My heart was in my throat. Was I really going to do this? I leaned over, my face close to his groin, and took his stiff meat in my hand. I swallowed hard.

“Don’t you fucking do it!” Tom said sharply. But I was beyond control now. I closed my eyes, stuck out my tongue and let it touch the head of his penis. “Oh, god, don’t do this Alex,” he said again. But why go back now, I thought. I already licked it. I will always have licked his cock. I swallowed hard, opened my mouth, and took his thick meat inside it. He gave a deep grunt, and I could imagine how good it must’ve felt, guy or no. I began to bob my head, taking more of his shaft until his cockhead bumped the back of my throat. He ground his hips, whether to try to get away or out of pleasure I didn’t know and didn’t care. I’m sucking cock, I thought. Holy shit I’m sucking cock. My own member was throbbing with pent up desire. At that point I’d have let him suck me – but I knew now I was going to get Christina.

The girls kept urging me to “suck that dick, baby.” Amy lay down beside Tom, caressing his body, softly kissing him.

“Please don’t make me cum like this,” he said after a minute. “Please. Amy you can fuck me again. Christina you can fuck me till you cum. You can fuck me all night. Just don’t make me cum like this, please!” His voice had a plaintive quality that almost made me stop. But again I thought, too late. I’ve already had his cock in my mouth. Might as well finish the job. Another minute and he gave another deep grunt. “Oh, god, no. Please. No!” His hips began to buck, and my mouth was suddenly filled with warm, bitter, salty fluid. His cum. I’m eating his cum, I thought as I swallowed, only to have my mouth filled again, then again. Finally he was done, and I was licking the last drops of jizz of the tip of his softening tool.

“Good boy, Alex,” Christina said. Amy patted Tom on the chest. “You’ll survive,” she said to him. I dared to look at his face. His eyes were closed, and I thought I saw a tear running out of the corner of one of them. He was silent, breathing hard.

I didn’t think about him long. Christina had shed her strapon and lay back on the bed, legs in the air, fingers opening her pussy. “Is this what you want, Alex?” she purred.

Without a word, I got between her legs, slipping my cock into her pussy. The tight, wet feeling after being teased so long was amazing. “Oh, yeah,” I grunted. “Oh, that’s good baby.” Amy slipped up behind me, that wicked woman, and slipped a finger up my ass. I had a nasty thought then, and looked back at her. She was still wearing the dildo. “Fuck me,” I grunted. “Fuck my ass with your cock.” Oh, I felt like a real bitch then, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Mmmm. Nasty boy,” she said, moving up behind me. She shoved the cock roughly up my butt, and I yelped at the sudden pain. But I was opened up from Christina fucking me, and Amy didn’t bang me hard anyway – it was more the motion of me fucking Christina. The full feeling of cock in my ass and the tight feeling of Christina’s pussy on my cock was the most amazing sensation I’d ever felt, and it wasn’t long before an incredibly powerful orgasm washed over me. It felt like I started coming somewhere down deep between my ass and balls, and all the pleasure just exploded into my cock – which then exploded into Christina.

“Oh! Fuck! YES!” I cried, my cock spurting, filling her pussy with my creamy load.

Spent, I slipped out of her and collapsed on the bed. I looked up and saw Tom watching us, a blank, confused sort of look on his face. He settled back and looked up at the ceiling as Amy started untying him.

“Oh, my god.” He said. “What the fuck have you done to us?”

Amy leaned down and kissed his forehead. “Time will tell, sweetie. Time will tell.”

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