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A House of Love

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It was a Saturday night, during the Christmas Break and Sarah and I had nothing to do. I actually had a bit of work to get done at my apartment for my business, but, I had been putting it off to spend more time with her. When she got home that afternoon, she suggested we go out, grab something for dinner and run down to my apartment to get my project done, which she volunteered to help with.

I really didn’t feel like working, but, if it was an excuse to spend time together, I was in!

We drove through the snow that night, and even though the roads were a bit slick on and off, I held her hand. Yep. I was in love.

We drove the hour to the city where I lived and we ordered pizza. Although we had been dating a couple months, Sarah had never been to my apartment, a sort of Fortress of Solitude for me. After we picked up dinner, we went to my place. I was a bit apprehensive, as I had put off cleaning of my man pad because of spending so much time with the girlfriend. We went inside, and we went immediately to work. A few hours later, and probably half a pizza, we went from my office to the main apartment area.

We walked in and she saw that I had turned my living room into a workout room and moved my living room furniture into my rather large bedroom. I was a bit embarrassed as I had a couch and full entertainment center in the bedroom, taking up about half of it. Sarah however, commented she really liked it, as it gave it a private feel and wished her own room was big enough to provide the same feeling.

I gave her a quick tour and she was impressed by my small place, especially when she saw my shower. The shower is a large shower, done entirely in stone tile with a river rock floor. It’s large enough for two or maybe even three people, in theory, and has a nice bench on the back wall.

Soon, we moved back into the bedroom and sat down on the loveseat to watch some Game of Thrones, which she had never seen. We both enjoyed a few episodes and enjoyed the closeness of cuddling on the couch. After a few hours, she said she was tired and due to the snow, suggested we stay the night at my place rather than going back to hers.

I didn’t have any night clothes for her and she told me with a smile she was okay with sleeping in the nude. I was pretty okay with that as well! As I moved to undress, Sarah asked if we could also take a shower later as she really wanted to try out that floor. I of course, agreed!

We both undressed, but didn’t undress each other, our dating life already having moved to that obnoxious comfort level. I finished before her, and in awe, something that had not changed in our dating life, I watched as her breasts were freed from her bra. I reveled in the way her thumbs hooked into her thong and she slid it along her beautifully shaped thighs.

We moved into the bed and as we did, she rolled against me, placed her head on my shoulder and before long, we were both asleep.

It wasn’t but maybe an hour later and her knee had moved against my penis, waking me, and him. I reached down to move it out of the way and her knee caressed against it, causing him to immediately harden with lust. I felt Sarah stir a little and I moved my hand up, finding her perfectly shaped breast. The d-cup fit perfectly in my hand, and I relished the feel of her smooth skin as I felt her sleeping beside me. I traced every inch of her skin, and before long, I felt her nipple flooding with the passion of lust. As I used my palm and the underside of my fingers to trip every nerve ending, I felt Sarah’s hand move down, from her belly, to mine. She continued moving until her fingers came to rest against my manhood.

Sarah took me into her hand, her grip gentle, and she started moving it along my shaft. Not up and down as most do, but with a certain loving grip, creating heat and pressure from the base to the head of my cock. I changed my gentle caressing of her nipple to squeezes, as she loves the pressure I create. Sarah began moving her leg away and her hips rocked forward unconsciously as I differed the pressure on her breast and nipple.

She rolled onto her back, still holding my cock, and I moved to her left breast. Each breast was different in what she liked. She loved her nipple pressed in and lightly tweaked on her right breast where her left she preferred her nipple pinched harder and lightly twisted. Knowing what she preferred, I followed suit, squeezing firmly against her thick, swollen nipple. As I pinched deeper I could feel her pulse and her breath became more rapid. She pressed her breast against me and instinctively stroked my cock harder.

I rolled my body toward her and she changed her grip to an underhanded grip, pulling my penis toward her hip. I moved my pelvis toward her and as she stroked me in rhythm, I moved my mouth to her nipple. I placed her hard bud between my lips and pressed against it, while using my tongue to tease the tip. My hand found its way over her arm and her legs quickly spread as I began rubbing her bare mound. She raised her lower body up, meeting my touch. My fingers spread her lips and felt just how amazingly warm and wet Sarah was. I pulled her juices up her slit and laid my wet fingers against her clit. I lightly pinched it and began moving my thumb and forefinger up and down her little shaft, jacking it off while my lips played with her nipple.

Sarah’s head moved back and forth and her hips pressed up and down, as she moved in ecstasy. Between her breaths and the moans she was displaying, I was quite turned on. But, just playing with her wasn’t enough. I moved up and in between breaths, I kissed her deeply. Her hand came off my cock and pulled the back of my head deep into hers. I continued allowing my finger to dance along the top of her pussy while she matched my movements with her tongue.

Before long, I wandered down, moving across her clavicle, kissing wherever I went. Down, down along her chest, stopping at each breast, taking her nipple in my mouth for just a few seconds before kissing beneath each breast. I continued to go even lower down, stopping to kiss her belly button, to massage the tight skin across her hip flexors with my lips. I finally reached my destination and her legs were completely parted. In the low light I could see her inner lips were very swollen, not peeking but standing straight out beyond the puffy outer lips. I stroked them slowly with my fingers, watching as Sarah’s body danced to my movements. The sheer warmth emanating from her was amazing. I lowered my head and took on the amazingly sweet scent she displayed when aroused. Never had I had a partner whose body reacted with the same pheromone.

I let my hot breath lay across her lips and she drove her hips forward, almost violently to my face. I pulled back, and when she pulled back, this time I followed. I started with her left inner lip, and I sucked it in between my own. I let my tongue tickle it while I sucked it in and out. My right arm had already snaked its way up her body and my hand had found her breast, her nipple hard and on fire. She was panting heavily by the time I moved to the right lip, and had followed suit, allowing her blood to engorge her lips, swelling it and making it more sensitive to my movements.

I pressed my fingers together and pressed into her pussy. It was soaked. I used her lubrication to slowly drill my fingers inside her, opening and closing my fingers like a set of scissors, cutting through the very intense heat inside. I closed my lips on her clit and started drawing it in and out of my mouth with light suction while my fingers continued exploring her inside. I moved my fingers, back and forth across the hard g-spot. As her hips would press forward, forcing my fingers to use more pressure, I would tease her by moving my fingertips toward the back wall of her vagina, making sure my fingers would also stroke her cervix. I could feel how amazingly wet she was getting.

I could feel Sarah’s pulse increase and her breaths follow. I removed my fingers, stretching her entrance as I did. Sarah moved toward me, as though she was attempting to keep me inside her. My fingers were soaked from her juices and I began rubbing the outside of her pussy while I kept my lips busy on her clit. My fingers trailed downward, and came upon her anus.

We had joked about anal sex several times before when having sex and I might miss the right hole a bit, but, we had never explored it. Sarah had explained before it did nothing for her.

Ignoring our earlier conversations, I used my lubed digits to put pressure on her tight bud. Her legs opened a bit more and she took a deep breath as she opened, allowing the tips of my fingers to slightly enter her. Her breaths became quicker and her moans deeper. She started moving her ass against my fingers, causing them to go deeper. I tried to hold them back, not wanting to injure her, but she pulled her body against me hard, sucking my fingers deep inside her.

Sarah started bucking against my hand and tongue and told me she was cumming. I continued moving my fingers and pulling deeply on her clit with my lips. It wasn’t long and I was rewarded with screams of pleasure and her thighs gripping my head tightly. She reached down after several convulsions and pushed my head away from her clit. I timed the muscles tightening and closing in her ass and as she loosened, I slowly withdrew from inside her.

She pulled me up to her and began kissing me, hard. She reached with her right hand and found my cock. She pulled it up and rubbed it against her wetness and pulled me inside her. We continued kissing as I pumped in and out, slowly, but deeply. Her hands moved across my back, caressing my skin. I felt not only the pleasure of her sex but of the superb emotional connect I felt when inside her. As her hands moved south, she grabbed onto my flexing glutes, which contracted with each thrust.

It wasn’t long and she broke the kiss and her legs wrapped harder around me; her teeth found my shoulder and she lightly bit into me as I drove deeper into her. I could feel the end of my cock rubbing against her cervix. I could actually feel the opening kissing the tip of my manhood with each thrust.

Our bodies rocked back and forth as I felt her wetness enveloping me. The warmth of her skin translated her feelings toward me. In between breaths, she squeaked out the words “I love you”. Having delayed ejaculation, although I wanted to come inside Sarah, I could not, and after hours of making love, my body was getting tired.

I pulled out and lay beside her. I reached over and touched her face as we stared at each other, no longer in lust, but in the pure love that had once brought us together. I had only known true love twice and once was with her.

We talked a bit, and she told me how this was her second favorite night with me, her first being the first time we made love, a month before. We caressed each other’s bodies and as my body wakened for another round, I reached down and found her pussy. It was swollen and nearly raw, our hours of lovemaking having nearly hurt her.

She said she still wanted to try again, and I told her I was concerned that I might hurt her. My cock, being quite thick, was much larger than any of my fingers, and I could barely get the tip of my finger inside her. I lightly caressed the outside and Sarah asked if she could tell me something and I not judge her. I explained there was no way I would. She began slowly, and told me how she had never enjoyed anal sex, but recently, because of the way I made love to her; she was interested in trying it to see if it would be different with me. She explained that it had always been terribly uncomfortable before and she knew and trusted I would teach her how to enjoy it.

I asked if she wanted to try it right now, and she smiled and rolled onto her belly. She continued looking back as she brought her knees in, exposing her ass to me. I instantly became hard again and reached over to the night stand, opened the drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. I placed it on the bed beside me and began to massage her lower back and her ass. I talked to her, letting her know everything I was doing. I explained to her how she was going to feel discomfort but, as her body started to turn that to pleasure, she would need to make sure she didn’t try to rush things, as pleasure was what we were seeking, not pain.

While I directed her on what was going to happen next, I continued my massage, feeling her body relaxing beneath me. I massaged every part of her sex. I touched her mound, her labia, her clit, her perineum, and eventually, I started making small circles around her pink rosebud. As I was massaging, her breaths were becoming deeper. She was unconsciously making mews of pleasure, which served to turn me on even deeper.

I started pressing against her opening, as it slightly winked open and closed with her movements and breathing. I had entered her earlier, but this time, I wanted to make sure I prepared her for more.

As my middle finger entered her, she started moving back and forth, her muscles pressing against and pulling me in. Her body began to fuck my finger, and I watched as her hands grabbed the sheets and her muscles grew taut as her body succumbed to the feeling.

I pressed my first finger in with my middle finger, just past the first joint and she gasped but kept her rhythm. It was only a few seconds later and she turned and told me “I think I’m ready.”

I could feel she was quite relaxed so I got up on my knees and I grabbed the lube. I put a liberal amount on her rosebud, which was slightly open, and I coated my cock until it was nice and wet. I positioned myself at her entrance and for good measure; I pressed my fingers into her again. As I did, she immediately pressed her body against me, causing me to go in deep. “That feels so good” she exclaimed. I told her it was only my fingers and that my cock was going to be quite different due to the size.

I withdrew my digits and she gasped as I did. My cock was hard enough to pound nails and was really looking forward to what was about to happen. I pressed the thick head forward until I was at her entrance. I told her that I needed her to relax, take even breaths and to rub her clit, as that would make it easier. I soon felt the light vibrations from her masturbating and I felt the opening to her ass relax. I pressed forward, feeling the stretching against the sensitive head. As I pressed on, which seemed like forever, especially me having to fight that feeling to thrust, Sarah’s moans became louder, her lovely feminine voice driving me crazy. “Keep going” she ordered with a soft voice.

I pressed on and felt her open up even more. I was impressed that she was taking this so well, as most had a harder time accepting my thickness. I felt the head enter completely and her sphincter closed hard around it. It was so warm, so tight, and it was getting impossible to fight that rushing feeling. Sarah moved back against me, trying to get more of my cock inside her. I pressed on her lower back and told her she had to be patient. She growled at me. I knew her frustration well.

I started pressing in again, and I felt the vibrations of her playing below me again. I told her to push her against me from the inside, and as she did, it immediately opened her up, allowing my cock to slide deeper. She started moving below me, her body going back and forth. I allowed her to continue as my cock slid in all the way. Her movement became almost violent as she tried to fuck herself against me.

She asked how much more there was and I pressed my hips into hers, making sure I was as deep as I could go. She gasped and I told her I was in her completely. She turned and told me she really liked it in there. I asked her where and she repeated herself, “I like it when you are in my ass.”

She had not stopped moving back and forth, so, instead of following her movements, I decided it was time. I pulled myself back as she moved forward, the length of my cock moving out of her. Before I completely left her, she stopped, and I slowly moved forward. She growled in frustration and pressed herself harder against me, obviously wanting it harder and faster. So, I followed her wishes. Our bodies started slapping together, her fingers moved from her clit to the entrance of her pussy. I felt her move them inside as I was on the outstroke. As I went back in, her ass grew tighter and I felt her fingertips thru the thin wall feeling for my cock. The feeling was nearly overwhelming but I continued pumping, listening to her breaths, her moans, the wet slapping between us.

I wasn’t ready to stop but she asked me to. Worried I was hurting her I nearly pulled out but she reached back and grabbed my hip, holding me in. “I need you to stick your fingers in here and feel what I’m feeling.” I reached around myself and pressed my fingers to the entrance. She grabbed my hand and pushed my fingers into her. I pressed inside and could feel my cock. I started moving again and as I did, I could feel her fingers move along her clit. I stayed inside, feeling how amazingly wet she was for as long as I could, but since I couldn’t get a full stroke, I pulled my fingers out.

I started increasing my speed, making full, long strokes. I could feel her tightening and loosening along my cock. Sarah’s breath and her sounds were getting faster, and so much louder. I felt her asshole tighten so hard around my cock, it nearly hurt. I continued to pump and suddenly Sarah’s body stiffened below me and she screamed. I asked if she was okay but she just continued pressing against me. I drove my cock as deep as I could and shortened my strokes. Her body began to shake beneath me and her screams turned down to cries. I nearly stopped, worried, but I could feel her fingers driving in an out of her pussy, so I continued until she collapsed below me.

I lay there, on top of her for a moment. She wasn’t moving, but her breath was deep and regular. I whispered into her ear, asking if she was okay. She turned toward me and told me that had never happened before. I told her to relax as I was going to withdraw. I felt her take a breath in and as she let it out, I slowly pulled out my cock.

We lay there for a few minutes and I suggested we take a shower before we fell asleep. She rolled toward me and I kissed her deeply, my hand caressing her bare breast while our tongues touched again.

We moved off the bed, my cock still stiff, and headed to the shower. I turned on the shower and kissed her again while I waited for it to warm up. I felt her pussy, which was extremely swollen and she jumped at my touch. She explained she was sore and very sensitive. She asked if I would be careful.

We entered the shower and I soaped her down. I felt every part of her body underneath my fingertips, and I took extra time to feel her nipples glide against my open fingers. When I went below her waist, she opened her legs and I took the suds and cleaned the outside of her perfect pussy. I massaged her ass and then moved down her legs. This did nothing to alleviate my own swelling, but, the knowledge I had brought her to orgasm earlier was all the satisfaction I really needed.

That’s what I thought, until I stood back up. Sarah took the soap in her hands and lathered it good and began giving me a full body massage. Between the warm water and her giving hands, I was relaxed and in Heaven. As she massaged my back, one hand snaked around and I felt her grip my penis. Back and forth, with differing grips of tension, she jacked me off. I went to my toes as the movements brought me closer. It wasn’t long and I told her I was close. She turned me around and increased her speed. “I want you to come in me tonight” she said and turned around. She placed her hands on the bench at the back of the shower and raised her hips toward me. I pulled a few times on my cock and lined up with her. Although she was wet, and I was wet from the shower, her pussy was so swollen it felt as though it might be impossible to enter her. But, I did, and the extra pressure on my cock head caused me to come nearly immediately. I couldn’t hold back. I felt myself shoot inside her, three, four, five… and innumerable amount. I couldn’t stop myself from thrusting into her, deep, and as the feeling became too much, I felt Sarah’s hips driving back toward mine, fucking every drop of cum out of me and filling her pussy.

Eventually, I had to stop. I had zero energy left. I had given her everything I had.

She turned and kissed me. I put my hand down between her legs and felt my sperm leaking out. I had truly filled her tonight and as both of our legs were shaking, I felt the emotion between us increase.

We toweled off and I led her to bed. We climbed in and she fell asleep, against my body, our limbs entwined. I was definitely in Heaven. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Sarah…

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