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Unconditional Therapy Ch. 02

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Doctor Charlotte Preston sat in her grey wing back chair and lightly tapped her pen across her folio papers. She was listening to her patient Gabriel relate a new story, one about his positive progress. Veterans Day had just passed and every previous year Gabriel had been asked to make an appearance at the local remembrance ceremony but he had always declined. But this year, despite his paralyzing fear, he had gotten out his Dress uniform and he had gone to the ceremony.

It had been hard for him to reconnect his feelings about his pride in serving his country with the devastation that he still felt about losing his brothers, but he had gotten through it. Charlotte had already been telling Gabriel how pleased she was with his immense progress and so she didn’t worry as her mind began to wander when he started to retell the story to her again from a slightly different perspective.

Her mind drifted, as it always did to Jackson. Her former patient and current Daddy, Dominant, Lover and in truth her whole world. Charlotte had woken up before him this morning which was a rare occasion and so she had decided that a treat was in order. Gently untangling her own limbs from his, she had slipped from his grasp without stirring him from his slumber. As she had looked over Jackson’s naked body she had seen that his cock was already partially erect, as it always seemed to be when their bodies were in close proximity. Charlie’s mouth instantly started to salivate. She swore that most days with Jackson, the need to satisfy her oral fixation was almost intolerable. So Charlotte quickly covered the short space between her and her Daddy’s cock and began to lick and lightly suck on the head. As she tasted his salty flesh on her tongue, she pushed the saliva out of her mouth and watched as it dripped slowly down his shaft. Taking a break from sucking, Charlotte gently began to stroke his growing erection with one hand while she dipped her head down to bathe Jackson’s balls with her tongue while they were cradled in the open palm of her other hand. She loved the sensations of his smooth skin in her mouth and the knowledge that she would soon milk the cum from his sack and feel it slide down her throat or paint across her skin.

As Jackson continued to doze, Charlotte continued her pleasurable work moving back and forth from pumping and sucking on the head to devouring Jackson’s cock in its entirety and feeling it pushing into the back of her throat. Every time she switched, Jackson’s cock grew harder and she slowly pulled him out of his sleep. When she finally heard his breathing change into a pattern that she distinctly knew meant that he was awake, Charlotte pulled her hair back behind her head, out of her face and looked up. She grinned wickedly as her eyes met the sleepy yet lust filled look of her Daddy’s eyes. She knew that he loved waking up with his cock in her mouth and as he had slid his fingers into the tangled tresses of her hair, she had begun to work overtime to push him as deeply into her mouth as she could. Jackson’s guttural moans were her reward and she felt her own juices begin to drip down her naked thighs in response.

“Are you hungry Babydoll?” Jackson had asked while pushing her head down and plummeting his dick deeply into her throat.

Charlie had tried to mumble an affirmative response, but had failed because her mouth was filled to its maximum capacity with cock.

Jackson had let Charlotte bring him right to the edge of orgasm before he had pulled her head away from his steel shaft. She had whimpered at being denied his creamy load and had immediately thrust out her bottom lip in a petulant pout. Jackson had moved quickly when he saw her acting bratty, he had pulled her off balance and had smacked her sharply on the ass with a firm hand. Despite being reminded, sometimes on a daily basis that Daddy was the one in charge, Charlotte was still surprised when he moved so quickly and brought the stinging reality back to her. He had twisted her around after that solitary smack and had pinned her body beneath his own. Clasping her hands together above her head, Jackson had impaled her onto his cock in one solid thrust. Freezing there, his steely gaze had locked onto her own and then he had waited.

Jackson had done this to her before, he had waited, tantalizing her with the fullness of his cock being buried to the hilt in her dripping hole. On the previous occasions she had begun to circle her hips, the desperation of wanting to feel him use her body overwhelming her senses. But that had only resulted in him pulling out of her, leaving her mourning the loss of his touch. It had been a lesson of her submission to him, which she had learned far too slowly. Daddy was the only one in charge, her body belonged to him, her orgasms were his to give and if she was patient and if she was acquiescent then Jackson rewarded her by fulfilling every need she desired, even the ones she hadn’t known that she required.

So this morning Charlotte had not moved, instead she had simply basked in the attention. When Jackson looked at her like this, locking her eyes with his, it was as if she was gazing into the very makeup of his soul. She could see the torn edges and the darkness hovering just outside waiting to devour him, but she could also see what she represented for him. She was the glowing center, the blazingly bright star that kept his world aligned and the demons howling at the gates. His love for her was boundless and being the object of his adoration was a heady and intense experience.

Pleased with her obedience, Jackson had unhurriedly made love to Charlotte, kissing her lips and gazing into her eyes while he sank into her hot wet slit over and over. He had pushed her over the edge twice, unraveling her and coiling her back up tightly, building up her releases so that when he was ready they could collapse into ecstasy together.

“You are such a perfect Babydoll.” He had whispered across her lips. “Cum with Daddy, let me hear you.”

Charlotte had willingly complied with his command. When she had felt him swell within her and she witnessed Jackson squeeze shut his eyes as the pleasure rushed through him, her body had responded just like it had been conditioned to do. The increased pressure of Jackson’s orgasm and the vice grip of her muscles surrounding him, had shaken Charlie’s body from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. Her entire frame shuddered and she had wrapped her legs around Jackson, locking her ankles and ensuring that he would stay deeply buried in her velvety folds until she could coherently form thoughts again.

Blushing a deep scarlet and shivering from the memory, Charlotte refocused on her patient Gabriel just as her receptionist Lindsay quietly knocked at the door.

“Doctor Preston?” Lindsay called quietly as she pushed open the office door just a crack. “You asked me to inform you when it was 5 o’clock.”

“Yes, Thank You.” Charlotte responded and she watched as her office door closed again silently. Then she turned her attention back to Gabriel who had sat up from his place on her white leather couch and was looking at her with an apprehensive face. She knew that he was very fearful about her vacation and so she tried to soothe his fears.

“Gabriel, I am immensely proud of the progress which you have made over the past couple of weeks. I want you to realize that this is not just a happy accident. We have been working hard together to get you to this point. You are stronger than you have ever been.” Charlotte paused, letting her words sink in. “I am going to be away for two weeks on vacation and I know that I am going to return to another story of your triumphs. Dr. Zimmerman will be handling any emergency situations for me and Lindsay knows how to get ahold of me, if the need arises.”

Then Charlie gave him her warmest and most confidence inspiring smile. Gabriel looked hesitant for a moment but then he couldn’t help but join her in a grin.

“Sounds Good Doc.” He answered in a voice that still strained and revealed his true misgivings.

“Great!” She replied, trying to convey her most sincere belief. “Then I will see you in two weeks.”


Just before midnight Jackson pulled his truck up the gravel driveway outside of his cabin. He felt the calmness of the surrounding woods and isolation enclose around him as he put the truck into park. This cabin had always been his sanctuary, miles from anything and everyone, this was the place he had been able to retreat to when his mind had lost its wars.

Charlotte had fallen asleep two hours ago with her head in his lap, and he had been stroking her hair gently while she dozed and he drove. He had really put her through her paces earlier, she had been full of excited and nervous energy when he had picked her up from work and although he loved her enthusiasm, her busy hands had ultimately made it impossible for him to drive. Her zealous behavior had forced him to stop driving and reinforce the paradigm of their relationship once again. His Babydoll was challenging. She was constantly testing him and although he would never have told her so, he didn’t think he would want it any other way. She kept him on his toes, he needed to be sharp around her and her spirit was one of the things that made him love her so intensely.

But that didn’t mean he was going to let her accidently undermine what they had built together. He would nurture Charlotte and provide her with everything that she needed to be fulfilled, but ultimately she would have to choose to follow him into the unknown and trust that he knew what was best for the two of them.

Wanting to make sure that they were not disturbed but also wanting Charlotte to be placed outside of her comfort zone, Jackson had pulled off of the main highway and down a logging road. Once he had pulled over and stopped, he had ordered her out of the truck and turned on the high beams in the rapidly descending dusk and then he had told her to strip. After only the briefest of moments, she had complied and he had watched her defiantly blazing eyes slowly glaze with anticipated lust and her chest begin to heave, while her cheeks flushed hot, knowing that although they were away from prying eyes, their solitude could be broken at any time and she would be exposed. When she was naked and standing surrounded by darkness, he had left the truck, his rock hard member strained against the front of his pants, his Babydoll was an angel waiting for him in a halo of light and he would devour her, pulling her into his darkness until she was swallowed whole.

When he had reached her trembling form, he ran his fingers under the black ribbon collar he had given her, the symbol of his ownership and their bond, and as his fingers had danced across her flesh he watched the goose bumps rise up and heard her breathing hitch. He kissed her soft ruby lips and roughly invaded her mouth with his tongue. She moaned into his mouth and pushed her body into his, pressing her swollen breasts against his broad chest. Jackson knew that Charlotte was ready for him, he could smell her sweet scent in the air. Grabbing her by the hair, Jackson pulled Charlie along with him towards the back of the truck. He had unlatched the tail gate and pushed her face down, and while holding her to the spot, he took her hands and brought them up to hold onto the tangled knot of tresses currently in his fist.

“Don’t move Babydoll.” He whispered to her in harsh tones, as his body draped over hers and his erection pushed against her naked ass. “Daddy is going to USE you now, for HIS pleasure. And when I am done you will THANK me for it.”

He had stood back from her then and unleashed his raging cock. He had opened her stance with his knees, and thrust himself deeply into her dripping cunt. Digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her hips and ass he drilled into her at a frenetic pace. Every time Jackson felt her orgasm closing in as her muscles began to clench around him, he pulled out of her and he moved away from her warm flesh, causing her to moan and wail out in frustration at the rejection of her need. Little did Charlotte know how much he struggled to contain his own desire to simply fill her with his seed, but he did enjoy the view of her prostrate body, bent over, holding her position without the need of restraints. His Babydoll held her stance wide exposing her arousal to him and as she shifted her weight slightly forward onto her toes, the brief glint from the jeweled plug resting in her ass, beckoned for him to return to her in a silent wish.

Each time he plunged himself back into her yielding flesh the sensation between the cool night air and her burning hot sex was overwhelming. Sweat began to drip from his brow and his hips rocked harder and harder into her. He began to drive into her sex as deep as he could and then stop for the briefest of seconds with her filled to the brink on his cock, before repeating the process over and over again. When her orgasm was imminent, he again pulled himself from her and stepped away. She let out a frustrated howl and he heard her bang her forehead down onto the truck bed in disappointment. But at the same time he had seen the muscles along her back relax, as her body slowly unwound while she waited for him to move in again.

Only this time Jackson had not waited. He had moved forward again and in a fluid motion that caught her off guard, he pulled the plug from her ass and replaced it with a hard push forward from his sticky cock. Charlotte’s screams, a mixture of pleasure and pain, were lost into the inky blackness that now surrounded them, as Jackson sunk his steely shaft aggressively into her tight ass until his thighs pushed up against her and all space between them was eliminated. Prior to becoming his Babydoll, Charlotte’s ass had never been conquered and Jackson had been slowly conditioning her body to accept his thick member into her tightest of holes. So far, he had only taken her after sufficiently preparing her to do so, but this time despite the plug that he required her to have at all times, her flesh briefly fought to disallow him access, but ultimately it relented and he claimed her asshole with violent abandon. After giving her body several moments to adjust, Jackson continued his rough use of Charlotte’s splendid ass. Charlie’s responsiveness never failed to amaze him and she was again moving quickly towards what he could tell was going to be a shatteringly fierce orgasm. He leaned over pushing himself as deeply as he could go and said.

“When Daddy tells you to cum, you may cum Babydoll.”

He had heard her sigh in gratitude at the permission he had given, she had known that he could have easily taken her and found his own release without ever letting her reach her own. Jackson grabbed her hips again and slammed in and out of Charlotte’s ever tightening ass, pulling her back to meet his movements and impaling her along his entire length. When he was finally ready to release his hot and heavy load, he grunted out for her to cum and when he had felt her tip over the edge into her blissful release, he had let himself go as well. Jackson had shot stream after stream of his hot cum into Charlotte and had left them both gasping the cool night air into their lungs for minutes afterwards. When they had sufficiently recovered Jackson had pulled himself gently from Charlotte and replaced her plug, ensuring that his cum would rest within her for the remainder of their drive.

“Thank you Daddy.” Charlotte had spoken softly, remembering his instructions.

“I am confident you will remember this lesson Babydoll. Now go get your clothes, we need to get going.”

Jackson had allowed her to don the form fitting sweater dress that she had been wearing but nothing else and then they had resumed their lengthy drive.

Jackson was extremely pleased that Charlotte had begun to love going out to the cabin with him, at first he had been tentative to bring her here. Worried that she would not embrace the rustic log cabin, so far from the technologies that she was used to. But she had surprised him and fallen in love with the simplicity and intimate solitude that it had offered.

So far they had only been able to spend weekends, because her work schedule was so demanding, but now she was determined to take a real vacation away from all of her responsibilities and she had chosen to be here with him. He had been teaching her all the skills needed for wilderness survival because ultimately it was the woods themselves that Jackson wanted to be surrounded by. He often used the cabin as a launching point for adventures that would lead him wherever he decided to roam. He would take with him only a basic pack and just disappear for days into the surrounding wilderness. He never planned his escapes, but eventually he would make it back to the cabin and Charlotte wanted to share an adventure like that with him now. They had decided that they would leave from the cabin over the next day, once they had settled everything in for their return.

Jackson had already packed everything they needed into two gear kits. They were larger bags than he would normally choose, but he was bringing what he considered luxury items, to keep Charlotte happy in their escape. Tents and MRE rations were not something he would typically carry if he was leaving on his own, choosing instead to only carry the hydration packs and hunting equipment that he needed and the minimal items he might find necessary to build a shelter if he ran into any seriously inclement weather. However, Jackson wanted Charlotte to love breaking into the freedom of the woods with him, so with that in mind he had packed her all sorts of treats.

Jackson shook Charlotte gently, until she raised her head up and blearily smiled at him with sleep filled eyes.

“We are here.” He announced to her as he returned her smile. “Run inside and start a bath, while I bring everything in from the truck. Daddy wants to clean you up before bed.”


Sitting on the edge of the ancient copper tub, Charlotte ran her fingers under the water until she was satisfied that it was hot enough to sooth her aching and stiff muscles. She added in some lavender oil and while watching the tub slowly fill, she listened to Jackson walking in and out of the cabin with their belongings. She was still bubbling with excitement, knowing that they would be together without interruption for the next two weeks. Every moment she spent with Jackson felt like a pleasure filled eternity but eventually she always had to return to her work and her responsibilities outside of their bed. This was going to be the first time that they had the chance to be alone for more than a couple of days and she planned on relishing every second.

When Jackson came into the bathroom five minutes later, Charlotte was standing naked beside the full tub. Steam was lightly rolling off the top of the hot water and dissipating into the cooler air. Charlotte’s nipples were hard and erect and Jackson stared transfixed at his Babydoll in her full nude glory. Her DD breasts were firm in the chilly air and she had purposely thrust them out in an enticing stance. Charlotte had placed her hands along her hips to accentuate her narrowed belly and to draw Jackson’s eyes down towards her toned legs. When she met his eyes, she saw his amusement and he crossed the tiled floor to kiss her neck.

Jackson bit down slightly just above her collar and Charlotte moaned, and a crescendo of her lust filled noises filled the room as he reached around her waist and pulled the jeweled plug from her ass once again. It was a relief to have the pressure relieved from her sensitive flesh and Charlotte could feel how sticky she still was from their tryst earlier. As Jackson continued to nibble at her neck Charlotte began to undress him and when they were both naked they crawled into the tub together.

She sat between his legs, feeling his semi erect dick pushing into her back as he began to wash her hair. Jackson took his time making sure that Charlotte was clean and when he was satisfied, he allowed her to return the favor. Charlotte really enjoyed washing Jackson’s skin down with the cloth because she got to admire his muscular body at the same time. She moved the swatch of material over his pumped biceps and then across his broad chest and slowly down his firm abdomen. She took him all in with her hungry eyes and then looked up at him trying to see what he was planning.

“No Babydoll.” He answered, shaking his head in response to her silent question. “You need your sleep. We have lots to do tomorrow before we leave. I’m still not convinced that you are going to be able to keep up with Daddy.”

The comment was innocent and hadn’t been meant to hurt her feelings, after all she had seen the smirk cross his lips immediately, even as he uttered it. But Charlotte was incensed nonetheless. She knew Jackson saw the defiance flash across her eyes, but she held her tongue and so he said nothing.

Charlotte woke up several hours later, tangled again in her Daddy’s limbs. She quickly slipped from his clasp and walked out of their bedroom and into the Great Room of the cabin. Glancing out the window she could just see the sun beginning to peak over the horizon of the lake. She hadn’t slept well. Her mind had refused to rest and as she moved into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee for Jackson and a cup of tea for herself, she caught a glimpse of her hiking gear that had been all packed up by Jackson and was now resting near the backdoor of the cabin.

The plan materialized into her head within a hairsbreadth. She would show her Daddy just how capable she was and just how well he had trained her.

Charlotte knew that Jackson prided himself on his tracking abilities. It had been one of the many skills that he had excelled at when he had gone through his military training and he had only enhanced his skills when he had been out on his adventures and he was hunting for sustenance. So despite the obvious advantage that she would have by leaving before he woke up, once he realized that she had gone, he should have no problem catching up to her, even if she did plan on using every skill he had taught her to evade him. She rationalized that if he managed to catch her before nightfall, she would have to accept any punishment that he dealt out to her. But she wanted something from Jackson and this might be the perfect opportunity to earn it.

Charlotte hastily scribbled out a note, explaining her intentions to Jackson and then grabbed her pack and was out the door, jogging into the woods. She headed off in the direction of the most challenging terrain, hoping that it would be the last place that Jackson would think that she had gone, knowing that most people always choose the path of least resistance. After only ten minutes out from the cabin, Charlotte’s thighs started to burn as the ground steadily rose up around the base of the mountains. Luckily Charlotte knew where she wanted to end up. Jackson had once told her about a very small but deep lake that rested between the mountains. It was fed by a mountain stream and he had discovered it by accident. She knew that it would be a push to get to the lake by dusk but Charlotte was determined and so she picked up her pace and the burn in her legs increased.


Jackson woke up to the smell of freshly made coffee and found himself in an empty bed. Charlotte’s spot in their bed was already cold, and so he figured that she must have already been up for a while. He shook his head ruefully, knowing that she was going to be tired when they left later today. Shuffling out of their bedroom, he walked over to the coffee maker and poured himself a cup and then added the cream and sugar before taking a large gulp. He noticed that Charlotte was not occupying her usual morning spot on the old but plush couch he had placed across from the fireplace. The embers still burned low from the fire that he had started last night to warm the cabin up to a comfortable temperature for sleeping. He wondered briefly why she hadn’t stoked the fire back to life when she woke up and then he walked over to the bathroom, expecting to see her sitting at the vanity brushing her hair or putting on the light makeup she wore. When Jackson discovers that the bathroom is also empty, he is gripped by a momentary panic.

“Charlotte?” He yells out questioningly to the empty air of the cabin.

Jackson’s mind immediately kicks into overdrive when after several seconds, he hears nothing. He calls out to her again, as he starts to rapidly move around the cabin looking twice in the places he’s already been, but still convinced that he must have somehow missed her. Then out of the corner of his eye he notices a piece of paper, stuck to the back door and at the same time he realizes that her gear pack is also missing.

Jackson can feel his blood start to boil as he reads over Charlie’s hastily scribbled note, informing him that she has challenged him to track her down before the sun sets. Jackson gets dressed and is out of the cabin door within five minutes, grabbing his pack on his way. Anger courses through him as her defiance finally hits him and he is determined to find her and drag her back to the cabin by her hair for a serious attitude adjustment.

Jackson had rarely felt the need to physically restrain Charlotte before this moment, having surmised that she was usually easily restrained simply by her need to please him. Jackson had also been fairly lenient with his punishments, even when she had done something that he had clearly told her was against the rules, he usually chose a repercussion which had simply denied her from the pleasure that she desperately desired. Now, he was regretting only using spankings in a ‘fun’-ishment form. His Babydoll was obviously more willful than he had assumed.


Charlie was making good time as far as she could tell. Her legs had eventually gotten used to the pace that she had set and when she looked up at the mid-morning sun, she knew that Jackson had almost definitely found her note by now and depending on how long it had taken for him to deduce in which direction she was travelling, he was most likely hot on her heels. But the longer that she walked through the quiet and solitary woods, the more her unease grew. Charlotte began to feel the hairs on the back of her neck prickle, and as the overwhelming fear that someone was right behind her started to rot her paranoid mind, she tried to move with more stealth through the underbrush. She knew that the fall leaves that littered the ground were probably helping to hide her trail from Jackson but they were also causing each one of her steps to be very noisy as she crushed them below her booted feet.

When the noon day sun had risen high above her head, Charlie began to feel more confident again. She had made it halfway through the day without being found and the terrain was getting rockier now, and more solid and she was making much better time because she had finally passed through the denser patch of the woods. When she was forced to run across a highly visible open expanse of space, Charlotte had been too busy looking around and keeping an eye out for an ambush, and she had misjudged a jump over a fallen tree and had accidently let out a loud yelp as she went crashing down. The yell had escaped from her mouth by pure instinct and Charlie froze on the ground and cursed herself out, as she listened to the wilderness around her and rubbed the dirt from her knees and hands.

She had been about to get up when she heard the snap of a stick in the distance. Frozen again, she had held her breath and strained her ears to try and confirm if it was just an animal or if Jackson had finally caught up to her. Within moments she had her answer and his voice had come echoing across the rocks.

“Charlotte.” Jackson’s voice called out sternly. “I know that was you. I heard you scream. You are never going to make it till nightfall Babydoll. Come out now, come to Daddy on your knees and you might be able to convince me that you are sorry and that your punishment shouldn’t be too severe.”

Charlie’s heart had pounded loudly in her chest. She could hear the anger tainting Jackson’s words and then the understanding of what she had done hit her suddenly, and she knew that running off like she had, could only be viewed as a huge betrayal of the trust that they had built together. She thought about standing up right then and crawling towards his voice, as he had suggested, but she knew that it was already too late and she had come too far to stop now. The only way she could salvage the damage she had done, was to end this by creating her own apology and then she would probably still have to endure any punishments that Jackson would choose but at least she could be comforted by the fact that she might have earned his respect, at least a little.

With her head already swimming full of ideas on how she could apologize for her actions, Charlotte whipped her head around desperately looking for a place to hide. Jackson wouldn’t have stopped moving when he had heard her scream, nor would he have stopped to call out to her. He was most likely closing the gap even now. The woods closest to her were sparse and would not offer her any coverage. But if she doubled back the way she had just come, she could hide in the dense brush and hopefully Jackson would pass her by and she would have time to solidify a new plan. Eventually, he would realize that he had lost her trail and he would retrace his own steps. The decision was made and she bolted from her spot behind the fallen tree and closed the space between her and the dense copse of trees as fast as her feet would carry her.

Charlotte laid in the sunken bowl of earth in the center of a cluster of bushes for well over an hour. She had heard Jackson pass by this spot, but it had been impossible to gauge how close he had come to discovering her because she hadn’t dared to raise her head and she had closed her eyes in an effort to focus and quiet her breathing. Lying on the cold ground had sapped what strength she had left and when the adrenaline of encountering Jackson had subsided, her muscles had protested loudly, strained from the rapid pace she had forced earlier in the day. At this point all Charlotte wanted to do was give in and call out for Jackson to come and find her. But she knew that Jackson was mad and she figured that she might be able to put out some of the fire in Jackson’s ire, it was a long shot, but it was all she had left. When she had finally risen from her hiding spot, the sun was already rapidly descending towards the horizon and she realized that she needed to move quickly if she was going to set up her apology before she was surrounded by utter darkness.


It was the smell of smoke that had first alerted Jackson to the fact that Charlotte had stopped moving and had built a fire. He had already been doubling back, towards the fallen tree where he had seen that she had stumbled. He had been moving forward from that location for about an hour without a clue and when he had realized that he had guessed incorrectly on her direction, he had begun to move back. Dusk had arrived and the glow of her campfire in the distance beckoned to him.

When he stepped out of the trees and into the clearing where Charlie was waiting for him, his breath was knocked out of him in astonishment. She had not only built a fire, but she had also set up their tent, stockpiled enough firewood for the night and was waiting for him naked and kneeling in submission. Her arms were up, fingers locked behind her head, her ass rested on her heels, her toes were flexed and digging into the dirt. Resting on the ground beside her were two of his most wicked tools for pain, a thick leather Scottish Tawse and a rattan cane. When she heard him clear his throat, her eyes snapped open and he saw the fear in them, followed by what he could only describe as intense repentance. When he saw her chest heave and the light of the fire glint off of the tears as they sprang from her eyes, his anger evaporated.


Charlie had known that Jackson was going to be angry. She had even thought that she had adequately prepared herself to meet that anger and face up to it. But when she had opened her eyes, she had expected to see the familiar steely gaze which usually occupied his eyes when she had done something to deserve his wrath. But the look that she saw in his eyes now, was an alien one to her.

It was black and it was primal.

And if she had thought that she had tasted fear before this moment, she was dead wrong. All at once the memory flooded her mind and she remembered seeing this look only once before. When Jackson had still been her patient, she had caught a glimpse of it, as its shadow had crossed over his eyes while he had finally been divulging all of his darkest secrets to her. In those moments, he had been so torn between his duty and his beliefs and each time he had been forced to make a decision to act that had ultimately saved his brothers lives but sacrificed others. Keeping his fellow marines and brothers in arms alive was a decision that Jackson would have made a hundred times over and would never be something that Jackson would have regretted, but he had never realized until after he had returned home, how those demons would haunt him regardless.

Regret and humility washed over Charlotte when she realized the depths of what she had done to Jackson and how much he must be hurting for him to see her through those shadows. She was not able to hold back the swell of emotion, her chest had felt like it was going to burst, and she didn’t want to break down and sob, because she understood now that she had been wrong. But the tears had still spilled down her cheeks and her body had shaken as she held it in her position of submission, and refused to collapse into a ball and cry like a whimpering child in the soft dirt.

“Oh Babydoll.”

Charlotte heard Jackson’s voice crack and she saw the anger vanish as his eyes cleared, returning once again to the steel that she was used to. The swirling storm cloud of energy surrounding him dissipated and he slowly walked towards her, deliberately taking each step with a caution that he would have reserved for an animal that he was sure would flee at any second. When Jackson had dropped down onto his knees in the soft ground before her, he had reached out his hand and brushed the rolling tears from her cheek.

“Don’t ever do that to me again.” Jackson gritted out.

Charlotte lowered her eyes and head in a silent assent and when he didn’t move or add anything else, she knew that he was waiting to hear her speak the words.

“I am so sorry Daddy.” Charlotte whispered through the gasping sobs that racked her frame. “I was wrong. I could try to explain, but ultimately…I was just wrong. Please forgive me Jackson.”

Jackson stood then, rising up from the dirt and towering over his Babydoll. Putting out his hand he had made her pass him the Tawse and he had her rise up from her knees and walk over to a large boulder that stood on the perimeter of the clearing. Charlotte knew which position to take, she stood with her feet slightly farther apart than her hips and bent down from her waist, pushing her arms out in front of her to steady herself with the rock.

After their first time together in Charlotte’s office, Jackson had slowly introduced her to all of the things which she had never really encountered in any of her previous relationships. Charlotte had discovered that she enjoyed getting spanked and disciplined by Jackson in a variety of forms, especially because it was usually followed up by hours of sex and then he would just hold her and stroke her hair, until they both drifted off. However, when Jackson had shown her and demonstrated all the tools which he could use, two had stood out from the rest as particularly painful. The Tawse was the worst and Charlotte had picked it and the cane out from her pack while she had been setting up their camp, because she knew that they would be a symbol to Jackson of just how seriously she was attempting to repent.

When the first crack of the split leather hit her naked ass, Charlotte bit down hard on her bottom lip to keep from crying out. The heat of the red welt which rose up from her milky skin, felt even worse in the cooling night air. Jackson landed five solid blows before he stopped and ran his palm gently across her swelling bottom. Charlotte whimpered and felt her legs start to shake as the pain endorphins pulsed through her. When Jackson moved his hand back away from her, Charlotte braced herself for more blows. He landed five more in quick succession and then dropped the Tawse to the ground.

“Don’t move Babydoll.” Jackson spoke to her as he moved away and towards her gear pack.

When he returned, Charlotte could see the spool of rope dangling from his closed hand. Jackson moved up next to where Charlotte had placed her hands on the boulder and began to bind her wrists. Once her arms were bound together at both the wrists and the elbows, Jackson pulled her from her spot and walked her towards a massive oak tree. He stood her in front of him, her back to the tree and flung the remaining rope overhead so that it fell across a tree branch, he then pulled the rope, raising Charlotte’s arms straight above her head and backing her raw ass into the gnarly bark of the ancient oak.

Charlotte looked at Jackson as he moved away from her, his arousal was obvious. She could see his erection straining in his pants and a wet spot made by his pre-cum was growing larger with every passing second. He stripped quickly, shedding his clothes into a messy pile at his feet and then moved forward again grabbing the rope. He pushed his body into hers, pressing her delicate flesh into the bark and Charlotte winced. As he did so, Jackson also began to pull down on the rope until Charlotte was straining on her tiptoes to try and relieve the stretch in her shoulders. Jackson watched her struggle for a moment and then spoke.

“Put your legs around me Babydoll. Open up and let Daddy inside you.”

As she wrapped her first leg around Jackson, resting it just above his ass, she whimpered from the pain of the bark scraping against her and gasped as Jackson pushed the head of his cock against her clit. Her sex was coated in creamy juices, the result of her punishment which had aroused her highly despite the pain it had caused.

“But the tree hurts, Daddy.” Charlotte whispered.

Jackson didn’t answer right away. Instead he wrapped the rope around his wrist until it was snug and then her grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her remaining leg from the ground. As his fingers dug into the welted flesh of her ass, he pushed his cock into her waiting cunt.

“Oh God, It hurts, It hurts!” Charlotte cried out as Jackson began to pump into her.

Each thrust pushed her naked back into the tree, while his fingers dug harder into her buttocks and the strain on her shoulders increased. Jackson continued to move his hips and began to kiss Charlotte, muffling her protests with his mouth. When he increased the rhythm of his penetration, drilling deep into his Babydoll, her moans of pain quickly began to change into moans of pleasure. As they did, Charlotte pulled her mouth from his and started to whisper into Jackson’s ear.

“Oh God, I need you Daddy. Please don’t stop. I won’t ever leave you again. I’m Yours. Just please don’t stop. Ohhh Fuck.”

Jackson could only grunt in response to her words. Her pussy was clenching around his shaft and Charlotte could feel his cock swelling in preparation for his orgasm. He didn’t wait for her to get close enough to cum herself, he slammed in and out of her like an animal until she felt his seed spilling into her womb and she heard his guttural cry ring out into the night.

He dropped to his knees, taking Charlotte with him into the soft ground. They clung together, still pushed up against the tree while Jackson caught his breath and Charlotte kissed lightly along her Daddy’s neck. She felt him stirring again inside her, but he pulled out of her warm flesh and began to stroke his reawakened hard on.

Gazing at her with his steely eyes, he methodically unbound her arms as he continued to stroke his thick cock. Charlotte couldn’t help herself, she licked her lips as she watched him and her mouth filled with saliva.

“Rub your clit for Daddy,” Jackson spoke to Charlotte. “Daddy wants to watch you make yourself cum.”

Charlotte blushed, she found that it was intensely intimate and erotic when she moved her hands down to her wet pussy and began to rub her own clit, while she watched Jackson continue to pleasure himself. She could instantly feel her orgasm beginning to build again. Her fingers danced in a swirling pattern across her hardened button and her eyes were fluttering open and closed as she built up the pressure. Charlotte widened her legs, giving Jackson an unfettered view as she slipped her fingers into the space which had just been occupied by his rigid member and then Charlotte arched her back and pushed herself right to the edge. Her fingers slid in and out of her cunt and as her juices coated her fingers and her muscles started to tighten, her frequency increased and she opened her eyes and looked directly into Jackson’s eyes with a look that pinned him to the spot, silently telling him that he did this to her, he made her a wanton little whore and she loved it.

“Fuck Babydoll,” Jackson panted. “You are so damn sexy! Cum for Daddy, while I paint your tits with your favorite cream.”

Charlotte did as she was told and swept her fingers back across her swollen clit and began to vibrate as her orgasm took over. Jackson spilled his seed as he had promised across her shaking tits and then crushed himself into her again, pushing their sweaty bodies into the dirt and claiming her luscious lips as his own. They stayed lying on the ground, a tangle of naked limbs, kissing until even their combined body heat could no longer keep them warm in the cold autumn night and then Jackson picked up his Babydoll in his arms and carried her into the tent.


Ten days later, Jackson and Charlotte walked out of the woods and into Jackson’s cabin. It had been the best time of Jackson’s life and he honestly did not want to return to the city. Charlotte truly was his perfect companion. They had spent every second together on their wilderness adventure and Jackson’s love for Charlotte had only grown. He wanted to reward her. He wanted to tell her how amazing she was and how much he loved her. As he watched Charlotte walk across the great room, her hands running across the furniture as she did so, and when her fingers lightly brushed across the strings of his guitar, Jackson had an idea.

He sent Charlotte off to the shower to wash away the grime from their journey and he set to work.

He started a fire, poured them both glasses of wine and then sat down and began to strum his guitar. When Charlotte walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later she stood naked in the doorway, her milky white skin glistening from the lotion that she had applied, and her hair was still wet and it had curled up into loose ringlets around her face from the humidity that her shower had produced.

He hadn’t played anything for her before, although Charlotte was aware of his love of music. During their therapy, she had always encouraged him to play whenever he felt stressed. Music was a very good cathartic tool, she had said to him. So, when Jackson was sure that he had her complete attention he slowly changed his random strumming into the initial notes of a familiar tune and then began to sing.

“Baby, I’m amazed at the way you love me all the time, And maybe I’m afraid of the way I love you. Maybe I’m amazed at the way you pulled me out of time, You hung me on the line. Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you. Baby, I’m a man, maybe I’m a lonely man, Who’s in the middle of something, That he doesn’t really understand. Baby, I’m a man, And maybe you’re the only woman who could ever help me. Baby, won’t you help me to understand? Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh.”

As the he strummed the last chords of the Paul McCartney classic and his voice faded into the empty air of the cabin, Jackson looked up at Charlotte who had eliminated the space between them while he had been singing. She stood in front of him, a naked Venus, and when he removed his guitar from his lap, she took its place and ran her fingers into his short hair. Jackson couldn’t help but slide his now empty hands down her back, to come to rest on her magnificent ass. Charlotte moved her face in close and touched her lips against Jackson’s lips, but she did not kiss him.

“Mine.” She said, her voice breathy and full of unspoken promises.

“Yours.” He answered back, and then he kissed her.

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