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I guess I did it on purpose though I’m not really sure I knew it at the time. If I think about it long and hard, I’m almost certain it wasn’t my idea at all, but I’m not so certain you’d agree with me on that one. There again, I doubt you’re complaining one way or the other since either way you still got your way. Okay, we both got our way, but that’s not the point either.

It all started when I decided to make a detour to the local sex shop. It was an innocent enough venture thinking along the lines of lingerie and innocent looking toys, but somewhere along the way I remembered a certain text conversation about coming in new fun places and the results were quite pleasing to say the least. So I decided it was time to do a bad, bad thing and I mean bad in the very best way possible.

Now I know that the best way to get something is to just outright ask for it and I know that anything I want will be served up to me on a platter, but sometimes it’s just more fun to make a game out of it. Which is why I put a big bow on a bottle of Astroglide and left it in a very convenient place for you find it. Not that the fridge is a very smart spot to store lube, but it was the best way I could find to get my point across without having to write an invitation and tape it to my ass. That is an idea for a later date.

I know the moment you find it. I hear you walk into the kitchen, hear the fridge door open and hear you rummaging around inside in search of a drink or a snack or whatever it is you fancy at that moment. Usually you pick the second or third item you put your hands on, but this time I had rearranged the contents of the fridge in such a way you’d have to bend down and look for something interesting. So after I hear a few things slide and click out of the way, there’s a distinct pause and I know you have it in your hands. I can almost hear your brain working and I know it’s because you’re in the middle of doing something outside and can’t help but contemplate finishing the job before starting a new one. I also know that you’ll take me up on the offer because it’s really just an offer that you absolutely can’t refuse.

I hear the fridge door shut then silence. I know you’re standing in the kitchen listening for my whereabouts. I stay still in the hallway, practically holding my breath as I wait for you to make a move. I hear something drop to the floor and it’s not until I hear an identical sound that I realize you’ve removed your shoes. My heart jumps and I have a brief moment of panic as I realize I’m already being stalked, immediately followed by a moment of exhilaration and I creep away from you, intent on making you hunt me down.

What I didn’t count on is my running into you right as I turn around. While I was having my moment of exhilaration you were making your move and I never heard you or saw you or even smelled you. You smile at me wickedly, your arms wrapping around me and pulling me closer. I struggle just a bit and your arms tighten around me until I’m pressed as close to you as I can get. I inhale your scent as deeply as I can breathe and just that makes something clench inside me. Just the smell of you does it for me; that’s all it takes.

I relax against you and you foolishly loosen your hold on me. I smirk in satisfaction then wrench myself free, bolting out of the room just as you reach for me again. I hear you laugh behind me and I run away without any real plan because we both know I want you to catch me as quickly as possible. I had this entire scenario all planned out, but somehow I forgot to make a real decision on where we’d do it and now my brain is failing to process anything other than yes, yes, yes, now, now, now.

I end up in the bedroom, standing in the middle of the room all wild-eyed and panicky. I move to the far side of the room, putting the bed between us as you stalk into the room and I whirl around to face you. You’re watching me with a satisfied smile, that sure-thing look in your bright eyes, You know you’re going to get what we both want and how much you like it is written all over your face.

You watch me for a moment, all calm and unassuming as you say, “C’mere.”

I blink, my heart pounding even faster in my chest. I shake my head, backing up a step without meaning to.

You reach a hand out to me, say quietly yet firmly, “Come here…”

I try not to respond. Attempt to shake my head and deny you, but instead I find myself creeping towards you until I’m placing my hand in yours and you pull me the rest of the way so I’m pressed up against you again. You lost your shirt somewhere in the hallway and your jeans are unbuttoned in invitation. I reach between us, yanking the zipper down and pushing the material down, down, down to the floor. I start to kneel down, but you stop me with a hand on my arm and the wild look in your eye makes me pulse with anticipation.

You kick your clothes out of the way, pull me against you and then walk me backwards toward the bed. You kiss me slowly, your tongue and lips moving over me until I’m malleable in your arms and then you kiss me some more until I’m practically boneless. You strip my clothes off then maneuver me around on the bed until I’m on my hands and knees and you’re knelt behind me. You slowly lick a path down my ass to the hot center of me, and I’m panting almost before you touch me there.

You lick and suck my clit then move on until your fucking me with your tongue. I rock against you, rubbing myself on your mouth shamelessly, the noises falling from my lips desperate and uncensored. Just knowing what we’re going to do has me wrapped up in knots and I’m already shaking with it, already on the verge of begging you to fuck my ass.

You move away from me and I hear the click of a lid opening. I shiver at the feel of the cold liquid on my heated skin then shudder as you warm it by rubbing it into me. Your fingers are slick on me and you ease them into my wet pussy, stroking all the right spots before moving the short distance to my ass where you rub and prod and tease until I can hardly stand it anymore. I’m panting, my nipples and pussy tingling as you play with my ass and I rub myself against you in invitation, biting my lip so I won’t beg too soon.

You continue to work me over, lubing me up until I’m dripping wet and ready for you. I feel the head of your cock pressing against me and I start to tense up in reaction, excitement strumming through me as the pressure increases and I force myself to relax, my breath held in suspense as you slowly, slowly start to push inside of me.

You press forward, probing and poking at me until you finally manage to slide the tip of you into me. I feel the coolness of more lube being added and I nudge back, pushing you in a bit further and I feel you quiver a bit behind me, hear the rasp of your breath as you try to hold yourself back. You pull out a bit then carefully thrust back in, again and again and again, deeper and deeper and deeper, cold lube and hot friction, until finally I feel your balls against my pussy and all of your dick in my ass.

You pause like that, your cock pushed all the way inside me, your upper body draped over mine. I can feel you shaking, hear your ragged breath in my ear and your pleasure just increases my own. I reach a hand down, pressing my fingers into my clit and I know it won’t take much to push me over. I push back against you, gasping at the small amount of friction and you raise yourself off of me, moving your hands to my hips.

You hold me steady as you ease out of me and I hear you groan, the sound pulling an equal response from me. You slide back into me, setting a slow pleasing rhythm and I rub my clit in time with the motion of my pumping hips. I buck against you, forcing you in a bit harder and the pleasure sharpens almost painfully until I can’t stop myself from shoving back even harder, my fingers frantic on my aroused flesh.

I feel my orgasm rushing towards me, feel you moving in my ass and the pressure of my slick fingers rubbing over my clit and I can’t stop myself any longer. I choke, sob, “harder, baby, fuck me,” and you shove into me more forcefully, your fingers digging into my hips almost painfully as you urge me to move with you. I rock forward, slamming myself back, my fingers rubbing over my clit even faster and I’m gasping and moaning, almost choking on it as I chase my pleasure.

You pick up the pace, thrusting and retreating once, twice, three times and then I’m coming, all quivering body and incoherent sex noises as I buck and thrash against you. You dig your fingers into my hips even harder, pushing into me almost violently and I feel your balls slap against my hand as you curse. You pump into me once, twice more then freeze, your cock buried balls deep. You spasm, your cock twitching as you spurt your release inside my ass.

You’re moaning, panting, your hot breath painting my shoulder as you fall forward over me and my shaking arms give out bringing us both face down on the bed. You’re breathing heavily, sticking to me slightly with sweat and though I can’t see your face, I’m sure you’re smiling with after-sex satisfaction. I’m smiling too, all tingly and lethargic and already looking forward to shower time.

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