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Working Together Ch. 02

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It had been eighteen months since my sister Jess and I had got back together, after the death of our parents and here we were living and working together. Life had been a roller coaster this last year and a half for sure. From estranged siblings, to lovers, to co-workers. It was a heady existence and I never, ever took any of it for granted. I loved Jess with all my heart and she, bless her, felt the same about me.

One night after a pretty unproductive and frustrating day we returned home and I scratched together a pasta meal. Now I’m no genius at reading peoples thoughts but judging by the way Jess, my sister, was pushing the food round her plate there was a problem. I smiled as she looked up.

“OK spill it, what’s wrong, not enough cheese? too much tomato? Pasta a little too ‘al dente’ for you?”

Jess frowned and continued to push her fork through her food. Looking at me with her big sad eyes as she smiled awkwardly.

“It’s not the food, it’s…” She trailed off looking pensive.

“The job, then?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, pretty much, it’s just…”

“Can’t work with me anymore, just not gelling, perhaps?”

“NO! definitely not, that’s good, trust me. It’s just, well I’m not leading a front line team anymore and I just feel, I don’t know… a bit of a spare part.” she finished lamely.

“What we do is important, we may not see the results firsthand but it is important, you have to understand that Jess. We are making a difference.”

“I really hate that phrase, it’s so hollow, unrealistic. Perhaps I should just step down and go back to the old job?”

“Like they’re going to welcome you back with open arms Little Sister, you’ll be treading on someones toes.”

“True, but I need something different, I don’t know, something more…”

“Less desk more action?”

Jess laughed and picked up her phone as it began to buzz and ring.

“Hello, Oh hello Ma’am, yes of course, certainly, yes he is, is there any… OK thank you.”

She put the phone down and looked at me.

“That was the Boss, she wants to come over, it’s funny she’s not been in that much this last couple of weeks, wonder if she’s up for a promotion?”

“OK, so how long ’til she gets here?” I asked and winked.

“Mmmm, less than twenty minutes, but forget it, I’m going to eat this delicious pasta meal you cooked for me.”

Smiling she began to push forkful after forkful into her tiny beautiful mouth,

“Mmmm, lovely,” she managed through the food, her cheeks bulging and her eyes twinkling. “Ohh more, more, I’m positively wet with the thrill of it all.”

“Moist,” I said, “I like moist”, I grinned as I stood and moved towards her.

“No!” she said as she tried to stand and sprayed food onto the tablecloth.

“Oh yes!” I said loudly as I reached her and crushed her to me.

“Dave,” she cried and I saw her looking at my shirt, which now sported a beautiful bolognese kiss on the chest, I grinned and leaned in to kiss her delicious lips, we traded tongues and food scraps, she giggled as I clutched her small and tight arse in my hands.

“No, No, stop the Boss is coming over and…” the rest was lost as I kissed her again. I could feel my cock growing in my pants, but it was held back by them and my trousers. I felt her grind her pelvis against me and tightened my grip on her taut buns.

“Ohh God I’m going to cum, you bastard I’ll look like a bloody tomato when she gets here.”

I saw the spread of her flush from her chest to her cheeks, she sagged against me and sighed.

The doorbell rang and I slipped away to answer it, leaving Jess holding the table, bright red and grinning.

I answered the door to Commander Curtis. Last time we met I was stark bollock naked and she was in uniform. Thankfully tonight I was dressed, and she was in a loose blouse and denim jeans with a pair of loafers and matching handbag.

“Hi Dave, nice logo on the shirt, ” she grinned as she walked in. I laughed and followed her pert arse into the lounge.

“I hope you’re enjoying the view,” she threw at me and turned her head with a beaming smile.

“Nice, ” I said out loud and reddened, she laughed and walked up to Jess and hugged her. Jess looked flushed and out of breath. Commander Curtis smiled and turned to wink at me.

“I’ll make some coffee, OK Boss?”

They both said yes together and grinned at me, I left them to it. Returning to the lounge with a tray of coffees and some almond biscuits Jess loved, I saw they were waiting for me.

“Sorry to barge in like this, but somethings come up and I need to include you two soonest.”

We sat expectantly, as the Commander outlined her last two weeks.

“I’ve been away from my desk for a while as there are going to be changes at work. We have a new Chief Constable coming on board and he has an agenda which he wants initiated from the get go. So, we are restructuring, but also there is to be a new undercover inquiry set up to root out any residual corruption in the force.”

She took a biscuit and nibbled at it as we sat forward.

“The new broom isn’t happy with the previous stable cleaning and has authorised a totally new unit to operate away from the Centre and to have only known and trusted officers in it. The new offices will be in a warehouse unit at Heathrow, under the cover of trying to stop petty pilfering on the Airport site.”

“So who will be heading this unit up?” said Jess.

“Me,” Commander Curtis said, “And I’m going to ask you both to join me, however there is a problem in this. As you well know, some of our “friends” have friends who are part of large organised crime gangs. If they find out who is in this unit, there will be a lot of flak flying. They will peek and pry until they find something to use as leverage. Otherwise it will be intimidation or violence”

She paused and looked at us. I shook my head, I knew what was coming.

“so you think, if they find out about Jess and I they will use it to either turn us or discredit us?”

“Exactly, if and when they find out about it, they will use anything to derail this inquiry”

“Boss,” said Jess, “why out of the centre?”

“Look why don’t you call me Gill from now on and to answer your question. The new man thinks that the corruption may go up to the highest levels, not the Commanders or above but the Admin staff etc. They get to see and hear everything we discuss at our meetings and the policy papers and situation reports and other private papers.”

“I can’t call you Gill, you’re the Boss!” Jess exclaimed.

“No you’re the Boss, I’m the Guv’nor,” she grinned and I saw Jess look confused.

I touched her hand.

“An old joke that goes back years I’ll tell you later.” I said grinning too.

“Right well I’m off home, the old man will be wondering where I am and might even be stretched out on the floor with the au pair by now, how lovely.” she patted my bottom as I rose to let her out. I heard Jess’s giggle as I jumped at the touch.

“Lovely arse you hunk,” she said and swept out the door.

“She frightens the shit out of me,” I said as I waved goodbye.

“Good, I’m glad somebody does, now I seem to remember someones hands on my bottom and a seriously hard boner mashing my pussy, know anything about it?”

I shut the door and backed against the wall.

Jess grabbed me and pulled my head down to her face. I grinned and broke free,

“You ain’t got nuffin on me copper, I ain’t dun anyfink, you aint got no evidence, I want my brief here before I says anuvver word.”

Jess put her hands behind her back and stood feet apart eyeing me up and down.

“Strip!” she said, with menace in her voice.

“Yer can’t do this, I got rights you know.”

“Strip or I’ll make it harder for you,” she grinned.

“You make it harder anyway darlin’,”

“So strip!”



“Why should I? You can’t make me.”

“Oh no, well what about this then.”

Jess unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it free of my trousers,sliding her hands from my stomach to my chest, suddenly she tweaked both my nipples.

“Oww, that’s assault, that is, I’ll do you fer that.”

Her hands dived to my fly and wrenched it down and open, her hand was instantly inside and into my pants, where she found my growing cock.

“Oh ho, what have we here, an offensive weapon, looks like I got you bang to rights, going equipped to please.”

“Aww come on, that search was illegal, I ain’t done no harm.”

“No but you were going to, now are you going to cum noisily or do I have to wrestle you to the ground and use force.”

“Ohh yes please, wrestle me,” I joked.

Next thing I’m on the floor in the hallway, my trousers and pants are off, thrown God knows where and Jess has her skirt off and her knickers down below her knees. Quickly stepping out of them and kneeling she sucked my cock into her mouth. I felt this warm wet cavern sliding around it. Her tongue licked and swirled round the head.

“Bloody hell, I thought you ..” I gasped as my cock strained forward.

I lost my train of thought as her pretty little mouth moved up and down my cock shaft, and her tongue flicked over it. I felt my balls tightening and I gasped.

“Jess, I.. I’m going to…”

She pulled her mouth off me and grinned. Then standing, she towered over me her shaven slit inches from my face. She began to slowly gyrate her hips and dance suggestively, her hands going under her blouse to massage her tiny tits, stroking the little buds, she sighed excitedly.

My balls were aching and I humped the air above me, to excited myself to grab my cock, staring at the gorgeous pussy inches from me. My tongue snaked out and Jess dipped lower until I touched the slit but felt it move away. She let out her breath and reached down with her hand.

Slipping her index finger into the fold she played with herself. Teasing me, she grinned as I reached out and grabbed her hips, she staggered forward and I fought her hand with my tongue.

She removed her finger and pushed her pussy against my face, and I willingly pushed my tongue into her slit, wriggling it as I sought her hole, I flicked her clit and slid my tongue back until it found that moist cavern I love so much.

I brought my nose to her clit massaging it against her little button, my tongue entering her and scouring the moistness forming there, letting it roll into my mouth. Heaven must taste like this I thought as I heard her begin to pant. I pushed harder and swizzled my tongue as my nose ground against her clit.

Suddenly she was pushing back against me as her legs began to shake. she pushed and held as I licked and rubbed for all I was worth. She shuddered and snorted, then her legs began to slowly open as she slid down my body, I guided her over my rigid cock and felt those warm walls close round me.

In two pushes I was back to launch point again and as she held me to her chest I felt my cock explode as my balls delivered their load. I felt myself spraying my cum inside her, high into her womb. I jerked and grunted as all my energy left me through my cock head.

We lay straddled over each other for a while, our breaths ragged and hoarse. Jess kissed my lips and we spent a long time trading tongues as our lips joined together. we moved apart and I saw Jess smiling again. I ruffled her hair and she reached for my hand and held it. I ran my free hand over her back and leaned in for another kiss. we lay back. With Jess sat on my lap my limp cock gradually backed out of her, When free, I felt my cum dripping out of her onto my lap.

“Shower?” she suggested, I nodded and she helped me to stand, we were still a little breathless. Holding each other we walked to the master bedroom. The spare room light flicked on and the curtains closed.

I grinned, my boss had figured out the truth of our relationship during a routine re-accreditation background check. two people, two bedrooms, only one ever had the lights on and the curtains closed. With a bit of ingenuity and a few tools and gadgets I fixed that. The second bedroom light would go on at random points and the curtains would close at ten’ish. Jess had bounced on the bed and remade it then draped clothes on it and left shoes and makeup in there. If anyone came or spied on us, it looked as if brother and sister had separate rooms.

Later we lay in bed together and just enjoyed the physical contact where our bodies met. Jess snuggled into me and I wrapped my arm round her. We kissed goodnight and settled back as sleep overtook us.

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