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Gazing Into The Fire

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Somehow, over the period of a couple years, I developed this (Cyber-crush) on a man on the Internet whom I only knew through his words and text. He has a website where he posts erotica of all sorts, some of which he writes Himself. It was hard not to automatically take notice of Him. His words were like mind candy. The appeal of every word, every curse, every movement and every taboo called out to me.

I was hit hard by this anonymous Person’s articulate expressions of desire. Even though I am somewhat shy, I felt no harm in writing him a quick e-mail to express the way his stories made me feel and to put my name on His mind.

He responded to my e-mail once. In the meantime, I did my daily routine; go to work, come home, kick off the shoes, turn on the computer, play some cards, etc. I met this guy who came into an online card game one day and we really just seemed to hit it off. He was funny (which is the biggest attraction in my opinion) and flirted with me outrageously. Over the course of time, we talked more and continued to correspond online. We lived close to each other and he asked me on numerous occasions to meet. But I always made up some kind of excuse

We flirted and kissed and cuddled and wooed via instant messenger. It was sickening, really. He really wanted to meet me. I told him I was unsure…not because I didn’t want to, but just because I knew the chain of events could turn my ordinary stable world upside down. I didn’t want to go there. He took it like a man, said his piece and we continued our online friendship.

Finally I agreed to meet him for diner after work. I was supposed to meet him Friday night at a restaurant we both knew. As the day lingered on I got more and more nervous. I also got scared. I’ve never been on a blind date yet alone met someone I’ve met over the Internet. When the time came I couldn’t do it. I told my girlfriend at work about the whole thing. She told me that I was crazy. She told me that the Internet is an evil place. I thought about what she said and it made sense. Instead of going to the restaurant I went home. A part of me felt bad. I’ve been stood up before and I know how horrible it feels. But what was I to do?

That day it just happened to be hot and humid as hell. I couldn’t wait to get home to the A/C, kick of my shoes and relax. I was going to take bath, relax and see if I could figure out a good story to tell him. As I walked through the door, I was immediately grabbed from behind. A hand over my mouth, expensive cologne wafted to my face, and his breathe, his voice in my ear saying:

“Uh…huh, bitch. Thought you could just tease me any way you felt like, huh?”

His voice shook with anger as I tried to nod my head no, struggling. There was no way I would be able to get free. His physique, his size…I could barely move at all, much less wiggle free. The second time he spoke I thought I recognized the voice.

“Just shut the fuck up, if you scream, I’ll kill you.”

I nodded my head up and down, laboring through his clenching hold. At this point I was so scared I thought I was dying. I thought my heart would explode from the adrenaline, heart pounding so fast. He pushed me into the house and let go.

“I want your clothes off now!!!!!” He said with a smirk.

He didn’t yell and was unusually calm. This deviant was good at what He did. My hand shook, my whole body shook as I started to utter some reluctance. Before I could form my lips to say anything He said,

“I’m not playing with you”.

His gaze looked directly into my eyes. It felt as if he were looking right through me into my innermost self. My hands trembled as I tried to unbutton my shirt. Then I said,

“Who are you? P-p-please don’t hurt me, please.”

He shook his head and said,

“Oh, you know me. And, I know you. Better than you know yourself.”

He took two big steps toward me and ripped my shirt from my body in one motion.

“Quit playing around and get out them clothes off, bitch.”

Tears started to well up in my eyes, but only one fell.

“That’s not gonna help you outta this bitch…stop fucking crying”, He said.

I met his gaze and decided if this were going to happen, He would have to see me as a person. I looked directly at Him and would not lower my eyes. I unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor revealing only my panties. Funny thing is, He didn’t look at my body. He didn’t even look at this flesh he so confidently wanted to conquered and quickly control. He only continued to look in my eyes.

My legs began to shake; at that moment that I thought that he might kill me. He was unfaltering in his gaze, steady in his movement and too equable. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life. His last step toward me had him inches from my face. His eyes still locked on mine, searching me intently, but for what?

He pushed up against me and without hesitation he undid his pants, his manhood falling heavily on my stomach. He pulled off his shirt…everything was happening so fast. Before I knew it I felt my panties being violently torn from my body. He bent his knees and pushed his hot thickness against my entrance. That was the only time he closed his eyes. He gazed into my eyes as he pulled me by the small of my back towards him and pushed his hips, thrusting his cockhead into me and holding it there. My pussy clenched, squeezed and then contracted around the unwanted invasion. His thick cock slid easily into my tight pussy.

I felt tears beginning to well again but blinked them away, knowing I had to stand my ground with eye contact. I didn’t want to be a victim. He ran his hands over my ass, picking me up by the back of my thighs, shoving more of his cock into me. I was impaled, dangling in the air by a cock. He took a few steps to the sofa where he fell forward dropping us both on the couch with his dick still inside.

He pushed my shaking knees wider apart he begun to fuck me slow and hard. His cock sunk deep into my pussy. There was a look in his eyes that to this day I can’t describe. He looked deep into my own eyes while he fucked me slowly. His eyes were so close to my face and so wide opened that I could see a reflection of myself in them.

My pussy squeezed and clenched as my body tried to expel his organ from mine. He continued to pump me rhythmically. I bit my lip but wouldn’t lower my eyes. Then he stroked more ambitiously, his body lowering onto me and into me. He hovered above me victoriously while he twisted and turned his hips and pumped his thick cock in and out of my pussy. I think He even held back a smile at that point.

Was He making love to me? I don’t know what possessed me but all of a sudden I felt a rush of anger. I start to beat my fists against His chest, using all my might to push Him off.

“NO!” I screamed, “NO! NO! NO!”

He covered my screams with his hand and began to pump harder and faster. I bucked and writhed under him trying to slip cock out of me. It just made it worse. If only I could describe to you the intensity in his eyes. I knew He was close to the edge. His body shook and his breathing increased dramatically.

I tried desperately to control my body’s natural reactions. But my attempt to get away only made things worse. My pussy throbbed around his cock. All of my movements were met with counter moves. The more I tried to get away, the harder he fucked me. The more I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of my own cum, the wetter my pussy became.

My heart pounded wildly as my own orgasm started to build. It was my own movements that caused this reaction. By fucking me hard and fast he was stimulating my clit. Weather he knew it or not, he was mashing himself against my clit which caused me to moan and cry out.

“Please, please…No…Stop.” I cried in desperation.

He continued to look in my eyes as his ravished my pussy with his cock. Each stroke was now more deliberate. Each stroke was deeper then the one before it. He started grunting and moaning. He pushed into me with one final thrust burring his cock deep into my pussy. My pussy contracted around his cock like a vise, gripping him and pulling his cock deep into my core.

He grunted like a wild animal as his entire body quaked inside me. He looked deep into my eyes and fired a blast of cum into my pussy. I could feel the force and the heat of his liquid showering the walls of my pussy. I looked deep into the eyes of the man that was raping me and cumming inside me. It was what I saw in his eyes that scared me the most. It was like looking into a mirror. In his eyes I saw a stranger. I witnessed what I thought was impossible. I’ve read about it but I’ve never believed it. First a wave of anger, Then a wave of guilt, and then finally a wave of pleasure punished my body as my cunt exploded into orgasmic paradise. I came hard and almost animalistic in the arms of a man that was raping me. I could still see the reflection of myself in his eyes. My mouth wide opened as I gasped for air but couldn’t take a breath.

He smiled as he looked into my eyes. He knew my state. He knew I was cumming and he enjoyed it. He just smiled while he filled my cunt with his seed. With each consecutive blast my body reacted. With each spurt, my mind exploded and my pussy gushed. With each twitch of our body’s, waves of ecstasy washed over me. He fell on top of me, grunting loudly.

“That’s all I wanted”, He said.

“You didn’t have to make it so difficult.”

I narrowed my eyes at him as He got up. He looked into my eyes then looked between my legs. I knew what he was looking at. I could feel his cum oozing out of my pussy and running down the crack of my ass. He smiled as he started stroking his cum coated cock. The look in his eyes only confirmed that my ordeal wasn’t over yet. Within few seconds his cock was rock hard and glistening. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. I wanted to get up and run but my legs didn’t respond. He grabbed his pants and shoved his hand in his pocket. I started trembling like crazy. I didn’t know what to do. Could he be reaching for a knife? Did he have a gun? Was he going to kill me?

My attacker didn’t pull out a gun or a knife. He pulled out a small plastic bottle. A part of me was relieved and another part of me was confused. He looked at me and smiled. Then he grabbed me by my hair and lifted me to my feet. And once again we were face to face. He stared into my eyes and again I saw my reflection. But this time I saw the portrait of terrified women.

“ What’s your name lady.”?

I didn’t say thing. I was to scared. Why does he want to know my name?

“ I said… What’s your name Bitch…”?

I told him my name was Kayla. I could feel his cock pressing into my stomach. I could feel the stickiness of his juices on stomach as he move slightly from side to side. At that point I didn’t have a clue of what he was planning. That was when he told me what he had planned. The look in his eyes got more sinister as he spoke.

“ Kayla…. I’m sorry it has to be this way…I’m sorry but… I need you…I need your ass baby…. I’ve got to sample that ass before I go.”

It took me a moment to realize what he said. I had tried to be tuff during the entire ordeal. This man has broken into my home. This man ripped my cloths off my body and raped me. The same man that has done all those things to me was now informing me that he was going to fuck me in my ass.

My eyes welled up and the tears began to flow and this time there was no stopping them.

“ Please…I’m begging…. Please don’t do that to me…please… you’re too big…. Please you’ll rip me apart…Please sir…I’ve cooperated with you.”

“ Now…Now…Kayla…. don’t cry baby…I’ll be gentle…You’re right…You have cooperated…you’ve done everything I’ve asked…That’s why I’m not going to kill you…That’s right baby…I’m not going to kill you…. But… I am going to fuck you the Ass before I leave.”

The tone in his voice and the look in his eyes was that of a possessed man. My tears had blurred my vision. I bent my head down in shame and asked God, “ What have I done to deserve this.” Then he placed his finger under my chin and slowly raised my head. He pushed my hair away bent down and kissed me on my forehead.

“ Don’t worry baby…if your ass is half as sweet as your pussy this will be over real soon.”

He stepped back and told me to stick out my hands. He grabbed my hands and turned them upward. He told me to put my hands together. I thought for a moment that he was planning to tie me up or something.

“This will ease the pain baby.” He said as he popped open the little plastic bottle and poured the contents of it into my palm.

I didn’t need to see what the substance was. I knew what it was as soon as I felt it filling up in my palms.

“ Rub this on my cock Kayla…Rub it on there nice and thick baby…Lube it up.”

He placed his hands on my wrist and brought it down to his cock. Then he placed his cock in my hands and smiled.

“ Please… don’t fuck my ass…I’ve never done there before…Please Mister…I…. I…” Before I could complete my sentence. He smacked across my face.

“ Shut up…You better shut up and do as you are told slut…I’m not fucking with you Kayla…You can beg, cry and moan if you like. Its not going to change a thing…with or without lube, I’m gonna stick my dick in your ass. I suggest you lube up my cock…it make no difference to me…I’ll fuck your asshole raw…I like you Kayla…That’s the only reason you’re getting lube…. Now Shut the fuck Up!!!!… And Lube up my cock.”

He looked angry and I knew that he wouldn’t leave no matter what I said or did. I knew that getting my ass fucked was my only chance for survival. I quickly wrapped my slimy lube covered hands around his cock and started stroking it. His cock looked bigger and harder then it was before. I felt queasy inside. My stomach churning in disgust as I was forced to prepare his cock to rape my asshole. I stared at his glistening manhood, knowing that soon he was going to bury it in my anal passage.

“ Yeah that’s it baby…that feels good…. Turn around and bend over.” He commanded.

I looked into his eyes and search for maybe a sign of hope. Just maybe I hoped, maybe he might look into my crying eyes and feel some compassion. In his eyes there was no compassion. There was a demon like look on his face and fire in his eyes. I could see the Fire in his eyes and feel his power piercing through my soul.

“ Its time baby…Bend over.”

I slowly turned around. He placed his hand on my back and pushed me onto the couch. Then he pushed me onto the couch on to my knees. My ass was hovering up in the air and sticking straight out. The tears started flowing as soon as I felt his hand on my ass. A second later I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my asshole.

I clenched my teeth and prepared myself for the massive pain that I was sure to come. I held my breath as I felt the head of his cock pushing into the only virgin hole left on my body.

“ No…No….” I cried as I felt the head of his cock pushing into my ass.

My body jumped and as I tried to fight of the invasion with my ass cheeks. I was holding my breath but I couldn’t hold it anymore. The moment I took a breath the head his cock popped into my ass. My entire body was a blaze. The pain was incredible. I put my head down and cried into the back sofa.

“ Ohhhhhh…. God…Your Ass is fucking tight Kayla…. Don’t cry baby…. breathe…breathe baby…. relax…. relax baby.”

He didn’t move. He held the tip of his cock inside my asshole as he spoke. The fire that was burning in my ass was like the fire I saw burning in his eyes. My ass put up a fight but slowly started to give way. My sphincter muscle seemed to relax and as soon as it did. He grunted and plunged his cock deep into my asshole.

“ Aghhhh….FUUUCK….YEAH….Mmmmmm….that’s fucking good.” He moaned

It happened so fast and before I knew it my head was banging against the back of the couch as he started pounding my asshole. He fucked my as hard and fast with deep long strokes.

He called me names while he fucked my ass. He told me that I was a slut, he told me I was a whore and that I should be fucked in my ass daily. It seemed like my asshole was stretching with every stroke. I could her him grunting and moaning each time his balls slapped against my pussy lips. I closed my eyes and prayed that it would all be over soon. The harder he fucked me the less pain I felt as my asshole began to go numb.

“ Oh…. GOD….GOD DAMN GIRL!!!!!…. Your fucking ass is incredible.”

He spoke between moans of pleasure as he commended me on the inner workings of my anal cavity. My asshole was wide open to him. The combination of lube and his large cock stretched my ass to the limits. His thick cock plowed in and out of my ass unobstructed.

“ Oh…Shit…I’m gonna cum baby….I…I…I’m gonna cum in your ass bitch.”

He grabbed my hips and started ramming his cock into my ass angrily. He moaned then slammed his cock in to my ass and howled like a wolf.

“ Take that Bitch.” He shouted as I felt his hands dig and claw into my fleshy ass cheeks.

To say that his cock erupted in my asshole would be an understatement. He rammed his cock deep into my raped asshole, his cum filled balls slammed into my pussy lips causing his cock to detonate deep into my bowels. The explosion was intense. My entire body shuddered as I felt his hot cum scorch the insides of my anus. His sweaty body fell forward landing on my back. Both our bodies were trembling, mine in pain and his in pleasure. His cock was still twitching in my ass while he jabbed his deflating cock in and out of my cum filled anus completely emptying himself inside me.

“ Mmmmmm… That was some gooooood Ass Fucking, Bitch.”

He slowly pulled his cock out of my asshole and spread my cheeks. Within seconds I could feel his vile liquid creeping out of my hole. I didn’t have to look back because deep down I knew he was smiling. And the sound of him laughing while he mashed my ass cheeks together causing his cum to pour out of my asshole only confirmed my suspicions.

I didn’t move until I heard him rustling around behind me. I turned around and sat down and started crying. He got dressed but he never took his eyes off me. I prayed to God and hoped he was done with me.

“ Sorry I can’t stick around Baby…Your Ass was the best I’ve ever had…. Don’t event think about calling the Police, OK…the police don’t care…and they can’t protect you from me…If you call the cops…. I’ll find out…if you call the cops… I’ll be back…and if you call the cops…I’ll be back with a friend…. And trust me Kayla, he’s nothing like me. He’s not as nice to his victims as I am…. He’s big, he’s Black and he loves fucking white girls in the ass raw.

He grabbed his jacket and pulled out what I thought was a cell phone. He then turned it on and told that it was a police scanner. He told me that if I called the cops he would know. He told me to sit there and not to move for ten minutes. He told me to take a shower and get some rest. He told me to just forget about what happened to me. He told me that women get raped all the time. The he told me to just keep my mouth shut.

He then smiled, turned around and walked out of my door. I sat there motionless for over an hour. I took inventory of what had happened to me. And at that moment I also took inventory of my life. I realized that life, as I knew it would never be the same. Sex as I knew would never be the same. We all have all done things in life that we are not proud of. We all have all done things in life that our piers would look down on us if they ever found out. We all have secret fantasies and desires that we could never ever share with the people that are closets to us. I’m a kind, caring, loving woman. I’m a law biding citizen and respected amongst my friends and in my community. What would my friends and people closest to me say if I told them that I was raped? What would they say if I told them a man broke into my home and raped my cunt and my asshole? And what would they say if I told them that I hired him to do it.

It wasn’t the fire in his eyes that scared me. It was the fury in my own eyes that sent me over the edge. In the reflection I saw the truth. While gazing into his eyes I become one with the fire that’s has burned between my legs for years. I became and I identified with some of the women on this planet. For now I truly know and understand what women of the world have endured since the dawn of time. Rape can happen anytime and anyplace. In the time it took you to read this story hundreds of women where raped throughout this planet. If you close your eyes and concentrate. If you focus your thoughts and listen. You can actually hear them screaming. Laws and governments can’t stop it. But every once in a while there is a woman out there like me, who want it. Who want to be taken by force. Am I ashamed you might ask? I tell you that I am not. While I sit here in front on my PC and share this tale with you my cunt is on fire. It burns with desires that are not normal. After I complete this I will e-mail my rapist and schedule another appointment with him. I hope he brings his mean black friend with him this time.

The End

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