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WARNING-DO NOT attempt this at a furniture store near you.


“We need new lounge furniture,” Leonard said. “Our old arm chairs are looking really sad and saggy. I don’t like Veronica buying furniture as she always gets something flashy and cheap and never wants to try it out properly first.

I like good furniture, you know . . . My grandmother has stuff that was her mothers, and it’s still comfortable and solid. Are you . . .”

“Yes. I can come along and help you pick it out,” I said, knowing just what Leonard was going to ask, as I had helped him to choose their new bed just a few months before.

It’s important with furniture that you try it first before you buy it, and Veronica isn’t keen on trying furniture out. And that can be very dangerous. I mean a bed should be good to sleep on but also has to be good to fuck on. And if you don’t try it first? Well how can you really be sure? It took two Saturdays for Leonard and I to find just the right bed. And after the work we had put in selecting the right one, his wife, Veronica, had been more than happy with it.

So Leonard and I made a time to meet the following Saturday, at Lounges Galore in Warners Bay, and of course Leonard headed straight for the Upper Level section where the better furniture was. There he slowly passed up and down the rows of lounge chairs with me following behind him.

“This one?” he suddenly asked, looking down at a modern, blue chunky chair

“Um, a very low back,” I said, not liking the look of it at all, “No head support. And the arms . . . so narrow.”

“Oh, you’re right,” he said happily, seeing I was right, and we moved on.

“That’s the sort of colour we need,” he told me, when he stopped next.

“Nice,” I said, but shrugged as the chair itself looked a bit narrow, but Leonard was moving on anyway.

“Now this looks good,” he said warmly, stopping in front of a solid old style recliner. “Good solid wide arms, high back.”

“Good wide seat,” I added and I picked up the tag hanging from the back, “And a big range of fabric choices.”

Leonard sat in it and wriggled his backside. “Humm, seems comfy.” He threw a leg over one arm, “Not a bad height, I think we’ll try this one out.”

Getting up he signalled for a service assistant, and a slim short man, smart in a dark navy suit hurried over, all smiles and helpfulness, “Can I help you gentlemen?”

“We’d like to try this one in the testing room,” Leonard told him.

“Just this one for the gentlemen’s pleasure?”

“No. I am sure we will find a couple more, but we definitely want to try this one.”

We moved on and Leonard spotted another chair he liked soon after, “Timber, I like real timber,” he said looking rather approvingly at the wood trim on the Italian style chair, with a curved back and flaring arms. “European design,” he read from the tag, “Available in six fabrics and leather.”

“Not leather,” I said, “No. Too sweaty and . . . cleaning.”

“Oh,” he said, “Yes of course. But fabric?”

“Easier to clean,” I said, “But is it too formal looking though?

“No. I like formal, and so does Veronica, when it’s actually in the house in front of her.”

He signalled to the service assistant again. Leonard now had two possible chairs and he found his third and fourth options in the next row.

“They are so alike, I am not sure which one I like the look of best,” he said, as he studied them, “So lets try both,” he added, giving me a wide grin as he called the navy suited service assistant over again.

I had no objection to trying out four chairs as I have always enjoyed testing furniture, especially with Leonard. I just wished he was considering another new bed. We’d tried six out over two weekends. Very enjoyable. But unfortunately him and Veronica were more than happy with the one he finally chose, and it had a 20 year guarantee. I sighed.

Leonard decided that the four chairs were enough chairs to choose from for now and we wandered about aimlessly looking at things we had no interest in buying till the service assistant came over and told us, “We are all ready now, if you’ll follow me to the testing area.”

We followed him to the rear of the displays and through a wide door into the testing area and he showed us to a cubicle. There the four chairs were set out in a row and covered with vinyl backed thick cotton protector sheets. I was pleased to see that as we were in the Upper Level we got cotton, as I hated testing furniture covered only on a vinyl protector. Another advantage of buying better quality furniture.

“Which one first?” I asked.

Leonard looked at the chairs. “That one,” he replied, indicating the wood trimmed, curved backed European model.

I was already well in the mood for testing and began to strip his shirt off as we kissed and rubbed our hardening cocks against each other through the fabric of our pants. He had hands on my pecs, cupping and squeezing them through my T as I unzipped him and dropped his pants and pushed his briefs down. He had got sidetracked now, his dick hard and bouncing, so I had to pull my own shirt off over my head as he hungrily unzipped my pants.

By the time we were naked we both had a good hard on and were more than ready to test the chairs performance.

“Good choice,” I said as I pushed Leonard back into the Italian style number and lifted his feet and parted them, and lowered his legs over the chair arms. He adjusted his legs so his knees were draped comfortably over them and leant back. “So?” He asked, slightly breathlessly.

“Great presentation,” I replied, stroking my cock as I observed that his butt was turned up nicely in that position with his hole just visible and his cock and balls nicely lifted. “How is it for you?”

“Hmmmm. Comfy.”

“Just slip your butt forward,” I ordered.

Leonard wriggled forward, holding his dick and playing a finger tip over his slit as he did. Then I knelt in front of the chair.

“Perfect, height,” I said holding my cock down so it stood straight out. And there immediately in front of my cock-head, just waiting to be penetrated, was Leonard’s hair rimmed entrance.

The service assistant had arranged tubes of lube and a selection of condoms beside each chair and I availed myself of this convenience, working some lube into Leonard’s arse with my thick fingers, as I licked his balls and he hung onto his rod. Then he leant forward and crowned me as we had a brief kiss.

I entered him easily, everything was in just the right position for a good comfortable fuck and I gave him an energetic plowing, my balls just brushing the cotton cover each time I bottomed in his channel and my hips made contact with his butt. Not an unpleasant sensation that cotton on the nuts, and I heard myself moaning louder than usual.

“That is bloody perfect,” Leonard cried out, as I came inside him after a series of wild gyrations inside his channel.

Leonard held off and didn’t come – we had three more chairs to test, and he wasn’t a fast reloader .

The next chair was the one the serving assistant had implied was the gentleman’s pleasure and now I was crouched in it with my legs spread as wide as the arms would allow, thrusting my butt out, and resting my head on the top of the back. Presenting my puckered rim to a standing Leonard.

“It’s just not the right height,” he grumbled. “Can you lift your arse a bit?” he said, guiding my hips higher as I rose up off my calves.

“Hmmmmmmmm, now that’s perfect. Nice width between your feet,” he added as he moved between them, where they hung off the front of the chair, and his sheathed dick found my well fingered and lubed arsehole. I groaned in ecstasy as his seven-incher made its way into my bowel.

“Ohh. Oh. Fuck me hard and quick,” I gasped. “Holding my butt up like this isn’t easy.”

We tried the same position briefly on the other three chairs and none was ideal. The one that was best for that was too low for a kneeling fucker, and a laid back legs over chair arms fuckee, to fuck in comfortably.

“As my favourite position is the one where I kneel in front, we can scrub that brown chair,” he said firmly.

Next I bent over the arms of the three remaining chairs and we tested those for height. The European timber trimmed number was a great height. Leonard just stood between my spread thighs fucking down into me as I lay over the well padded arm with my head buried in the firm thick padding of the seat. And as he fucked I reached comfortably back and stroked my, again, throbbing rod.

Leonard came at last, and I followed him as soon as I felt his body tense and pump the condom inside me full of his cream. I came shooting cum all over the outside of the chair arm and up my belly, then gurgled happily and just collapsed forward even further into the chairs big soft seat.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm. Take this one,” I mumbled, happily spent and mellow.

“I think I will,” said Leonard, now collapsed over me with his arms wrapped around my waist. “I’m sure Veronica will love it.”

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Bob wrote

Very very hot sexy and were can I find a furniture store like that being fucked in a public place like that had me breathless hot hard dripping and a very good read.