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Mandy’s Kink

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I desperately needed to use the bathroom. I always drink a big glass of water before going to bed, and in the mornings, I always wake up with a full bladder. Normally, that’s not a problem, since the house in which I live with my mother and older sister has two bathrooms between the three of us. But the master bath was having plumbing problems. So that left the hall bathroom.

Mom had already gone to work. My nineteen-year-old sister Mandy was in the bathroom, taking her sweet ass time as always. Normally, I wouldn’t care how long it took for my sister to get ready, but today was different.

“Mandy! Come on!” I shouted through the door, dancing on my feet.

“Go pee in the back yard, Charlie!” she shouted back.

I groaned. I was not about to go running out in the back yard and relieve myself when I could hear Mr. Denton’s lawnmower running next door. Our fence is pretty low; I knew he’d be able to see me. I pounded again. “Mandy!”

“You’re just gonna have to wait!” she shouted back. “Or you—”

“Fuck this!” I cursed, and crashed through the door, breaking the lock. Mandy, clad in just her panties, screamed as I stumbled to the toilet beside her. She dropped her eyebrow pencil into the sink and slapped her hands over her tits.

“Damn it, Charlie!” she cried as I jerked down my shorts and aimed my dick at the toilet bowl. My sister stared in shock as I fired a powerful stream of urine into the toilet. I sighed in relief.

Mandy looked dumbfounded, maybe even mesmerized, staring at my pissing dick. I gave her a lopsided look. “Told you I couldn’t wait, Mandy,” I said. I couldn’t help but notice what a nice body my sister had. A little soft in the middle, but her little paunch looked sexy, I thought. And she had a damn nice rack, I realized. C-cups, easily, and her hands did little but cover her nipples. Her long, wavy blonde hair was pushed back from her face by one of those headband-things. I could just make out the shadow of her pubes through the sheer white cotton panties she wore.

Mandy didn’t seem to realize I was checking her out. She appeared occupied with my cock, her eyes wide. “I guess so,” she commented softly, ogling my dick. I had been blessed with a large penis which, even soft, is long and thick. Rumors of my big dick circulated among the girls at school, but I was pretty shy and had thus for only gotten a few hand jobs and one half-assed blow job from Christy Summers.

I finally stopped peeing, shook off the last few drops of piss, then tucked my penis away. Mandy blinked, looking dazed, and turned her head. I noticed her cheeks were red. I wondered what she was thinking about.

I flushed the toilet, washed my hands as my sister got out of the way. I chuckled, looking at Mandy in the mirror as she turned away and grabbed her robe. For a moment, I saw her breasts from the side, noting how stiff and thick her nipples were. And so damn pink! But she closed the robe tight, and stared at me blankly.

I dried my hands, stepped past my sister. “I’ll fix the lock later,” I said. “Sorry I had to do that, sis.”

“I-it’s okay,” she stammered as I left.


Mandy was weird around me all day, giving me these strange looks whenever we saw each other. My sister and I weren’t real close, but we weren’t estranged, either. Even though we aren’t even a year apart in age (she was born in November, and my birthday’s in October; for 36 days each year, my sister and I are the same age), Mandy and I never really hung out. She had her girlfriends, I had my buddies. Even when Mandy briefly dated my friend Teddy, my sister and I didn’t really spend much time together, at least not alone.

I started wondering if Mandy had been turned on by my cock. Maybe I was a shy nerd at school, but I knew that a lot of girls were turned on by a large penis. And I sure as hell couldn’t get her soft, voluptuous body out of my mind. I had seen a few girls naked (well, mostly naked) and had to admit that my own sister was one of the hottest chicks I knew.

Whoa, wait a sec, dude, I thought as I was doing some homework for my Biology class. You’re thinking about Mandy like she’s a piece. She’s your fucking sister, man!

Yeah, and she was sure as hell checking out your rod. ‘Course, I can’t blame her for that . . . wonder what she’d do if she ever saw it hard . . . .

Hmm . . . wonder what I’d do . . . .


I got up the following morning, once more with a full bladder ready to burst. And once more, Mandy was in the bathroom. I had fixed the lock, but noticed that Mandy hadn’t turned the bolt.

“Mandy, don’t do this to me again!” I lamented through the door.

“Just come in and do it, Charlie,” I heard her say with exasperation. “I’ve already seen your thing once.”

I shrugged. Okay, I thought, and opened the door. I almost stumbled when I saw my sister’s full, perfect round ass, totally exposed by the tiny red thong she wore. The way she was bent over the sink, her back arched and legs slightly parted, the bulge of her apparently meaty pussy was pretty damn obvious. I could just about make out the shape of her vulvae.

At least she wore a bra this time. It pushed her breasts together, forming some very tempting cleavage, the kind of cleavage a guy fantasizes being pushed up against his dick. I stared at her tits a moment in the mirror. Mandy stopped applying her makeup and stared back at my reflection with annoyance.

“Are you gonna just stare, or are you gonna get it over with?” she asked, sounding perturbed.

I tore my eyes from my sister’s tits, then stepped up beside her, fishing my dick out of my shorts. I peripherally noticed my sister watching closely. What happened next, I later realized, was a carefully-planned choreography by my sister.

She dropped her eyebrow pencil, and this time it clattered to the floor beside the toilet. At the same time, I bent over and lifted the toilet lid. Mandy dropped to her knees as I straightened, her hair brushing my thigh as she groped on the ground. Her face was inches from my cock. The first drops of urine started dripping from the head of my penis, just before the imminent flow began.

Suddenly, Mandy, still on her knees, grabbed my hips, half-turning me to her, and dove for my cock, sucking the head into her mouth just as my urine gushed powerfully from my dick. I gasped, startled by my sister’s actions, and almost stumbled back. But Mandy hung on, clutching my ass fiercely with both hands. Her brow furrowed and she winced as I pissed in her mouth.

Oh, shit, that felt good! Urinating was always, essentially, a pleasurable act, but the fact that Mandy was sucking the piss out of my dick, massaging my hissing cock with her lips and tongue, gulping my urine down as quickly as it filled her mouth, made it feel like a long, sweet, incredibly satisfying orgasm. I sighed at the indescribable sensation, holding onto my sister’s blonde head. She made soft little moans as she drank from my dick. The expression on her face was one of contorted bliss.

“Oh, shit! M-Mandy! Ahhhhhhhnnnn . . . .”

“Mmm,” she responded, sucking harder, a little golden fluid dripping out from between her lips and trickling off her narrow chin. She made such sexy sounds . . . Gulp, gulp, gulp! As she drank from my cock.

I couldn’t believe what Mandy was doing. I stared in shock and arousal at my sister’s soft pink lips wrapped around the head of my cock, her throat rippling with each powerful spray of my dick. I should have been disgusted, repulsed, at the fact that my sister was drinking my piss. But I wasn’t. I was fucking turned on!

As my ‘urinorgasm’ ran its course, my dick began hardening, thickening in Mandy’s hot mouth. My sister worked her lips, still swallowing, and moved one of her hands around from my ass to my shaft. She began stroking my nine-inch cock as it swelled to its full, impressive size. My bladder was finally emptied, and Mandy sucked a little longer to get every golden drop.

“Oh, damn,” she whispered, slipping her lips from the wet, broad, shiny head. She looked at the erect cock she held, and swooned. “Holy shit, Charlie . . . so it really is true . . . mmm . . . .”

Mandy moaned as she pushed her mouth back down my penis, taking half my thick length between her lips and sucking softly. I sighed, threading my hands through her golden hair, relishing the feel of her tongue stroking the underside of my cock. I didn’t think about what was happening, didn’t think about the fact that my own sister was now giving me a blow job. I just enjoyed the kinky eroticism of the moment.

Your sister just drank your fucking piss, dude, and now she’s giving you a blow job! How fucking hot is that!

Mandy sure as hell knew her way around a cock, that was obvious. Her mouth was hot and wet, her tongue a writhing, massaging presence. Mandy pumped her head back and forth, her eyes looking down at the massive dick that penetrated her mouth over and over. She alternated between stroking my shaft and fondling my balls with her hands. She no longer had to hold me in place; she knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

Mandy and I both moaned and sighed as her blow job continued. I had never been sucked so damn good before. I wondered if Teddy had gotten blow jobs like this when he was dating my sister.

Her pace finally quickened, and Mandy sucked harder and harder, fluttering her hand back and forth rapidly on my shaft. I gasped as my sister masturbated me into her mouth, as she emitted sexy little whimpering sounds that increased in pitch as she grew more and more excited. My dick throbbed in her mouth, and I stroked her soft, lustrous hair, loving the feel of her bobbing head in my hands.

And then . . . “M-Mandy!” I cried, every nerve in my body tingling as my orgasm rushed through me. “Oh God! I-I’m c-c-cumming! Oh, Jesus!”

“Mmm! Mmm!” Mandy whimpered anxiously, sucking just the head as she jacked my cock. She moaned in satisfaction around my dick and I nearly screamed in pleasure as my dick spurted thickly in her mouth, shooting the biggest and most satisfying load of cum I had ever served up. Mandy sucked hard to get it all, pulling on my dick, squeezing my balls as she devoured my creamy sperm.

I shook, seeing stars as I fed my sister her reward. I had never felt anything so intense in my life, and the fact that Mandy just kept sucking my cock prolonged my pleasure incredibly. But eventually, my dick became too sensitive, and I had to pull back.

My sister leaned forward with me, trying to keep my cock in her mouth, but finally let me pull free. My still-hard dick popped from between her lips, leaving a little trail of thick white cum on her lower lip and chin. I gasped, sagged to the edge of the bath tub.

For the first time since she had taken my dick in her mouth, my sister looked at my face, her brown eyes wide. She suddenly smiled around her mouthful as I stared at her in disbelief. She smacked her lips, giving me glimpses of the creamy fluid that filled her mouth, then tilted her head back, swallowing my load. She breathed out with a sigh, then looked to me again, pushing her tits together with her arms and licking her lips.

“Damn, baby brother,” she said. “You sure shoot a lot!”

I panted for breath, shaking my head in wonderment. “I can’t believe you just did that.”

Mandy giggled. “Well, you didn’t stop me,” she said.

I laughed euphorically. “Oh, don’t get me wrong,” I said. “I didn’t wanna stop you. God damn, Mandy!”

She wiped her chin with a finger, sucked my fluid off it, still smiling. “Well, that’s two things I’ve never done,” I said. “No, make it three. I never drank piss before, never even tasted cum before, and I never blew my own brother. Think I might have to do all three of those a little more often.”

I chuckled, looked to my half-hard dick. “Only if I get to return the favor,” I said.

Mandy’s eyes flashed. “Well,” she said, and stood before me. She slipped off her tiny thong, showing me that she did, indeed, have a wonderfully meaty pink pussy. Mandy had fat lips and a thick pink clit the size of a pearl that made my mouth water. Her vulvae were shaved silky-smooth and she had just a little strip of dark golden pubes above her glowing button. “I hope you’re thirsty,” she said, approaching me. “‘Cause I really gotta go.”

I stared in awe at my sister’s beautiful fleshy cunt. Mandy pushed me into the tub, stood over me with her legs spread over my face. Oh, Jesus, what a sweet view! My sister was wet, so fucking wet, and her thick clit glowed like a little beacon. She braced her hands against the tiled wall above me and lowered her slick pussy toward my face. Eagerly, I latched my mouth to her snatch, moaning at her sweet, fleshy, slightly musky flavor.

My sister sighed in pleasure as I sucked on her cunt, shuddered as she released her own flood gates. Warm, thin, tart fluid gushed into my mouth, and I gulped down Mandy’s piss as eagerly as she had drunk mine. I never thought I’d be so turned on to drink pee, but I was! I felt my dick twitch, and I held onto her heavenly ass as my sister moaned and sighed, flooding my mouth to overflowing. Mandy gasped, pushing her cunt against my mouth as she relieved herself. I was surprised at how arousing it was to drink my sister’s urine.

Mandy stayed where she was, rolling her hips after she finished pissing, and urged me to keep sucking and licking her dripping snatch. She was bucking and shaking, panting like she was cumming. I figured she felt the same way I had when she sucked the urine from my dick.

I moaned into her pussy, my nose tickled by her little strip of pubic hair. We stared into each other’s eyes all the while that I ate her out. Her face glowed, and her tits – when did she take her bra off? – swayed as she wiggled her awesome ass back and forth. Her nipples were as pink and meaty as her cunt.

Mandy didn’t take long to cum for real, and she made sexy, high-pitched gasping noises as her clit shrank and her lips swelled, gushing tangy, slick fluid. I sucked down my sister’s sweet cum, kept licking her until she pulled back. A line of oily fluid stretched from my bottom lip to her swollen, thick cuntlips.

“Damn, Charlie!” she giggled, her face glowing. “How’d you get to be so good at eating pussy?”

I laughed, licking my lips and gently massaging Mandy’s satisfied cunt. “Beats me,” I said. “That was the first time I’d ever done that.”

Mandy gave me a surprised look. “Seriously?”

I nodded, then leaned forward and kissed my sister’s pussy. She hissed, and I smiled. “Am I really good at it?”

Mandy laughed, then lowered herself, straddling my hips. I felt her steamy pussy against my stiff cock. The contact made me gasp. I stared at Mandy’s impressive tits, tentatively groped them. Mandy bit her lip, studying my face.

“Are you still a virgin, Charlie?” she asked.

I nodded, feeling a little embarrassed. “I, uh, almost went all the way with Christy, but she chickened out. She was afraid I’d hurt her ’cause my dick’s so big.”

Mandy giggled, then her smile faded. She touched my face, moved her hips a little, settling her steamy wet cunt against my rigid prick. I stared back, my heart pumping. God, that felt so fucking good!

“Do you wanna have sex with me?” my sister asked, a look of unmistakable lust on her face. She moved her hips a little more, sliding her pussy back and forth across the underside of my cock. I moaned at her heat.

“Oh, man,” I moaned, groping Mandy’s impressive tits.

“It’s okay if you say no, Charlie,” my sister whispered, kissing me gently. Her tongue slipped in my mouth for a moment. “But I’d really, really love to feel your giant dick inside my tight . . . little . . . wet . . . pussy.”

I groaned. Fuck, was I turned on! I suddenly wanted my sexy, kinky, beautiful sister more than I had ever wanted anything in my life. My cock twitched, rubbing against Mandy’s pussy, getting hard again. I squeezed her tits, lowered my head and sucked on one of her thick nipples. My sister hissed, running her hands over my head.

“Oh, yeah, Charlie,” she whispered heatedly, moving more insistently now. “Yeah, that’s it, baby. Bite my nipple. Bite it.”

I moaned, clamped my teeth down. Mandy sighed loudly, throwing her head back, shoving her full, warm, ripe tit against my mouth. “Oh, God, Charlie!” she panted, grinding her cunt hard against my swelling dick. “Tell me you wanna fuck me! Please, Charlie! Please tell me you wanna fuck your sister!”

I couldn’t resist. I was so unbelievably horny that I couldn’t stand it. I slipped my mouth from Mandy’s tit, licked up her neck. One of my hands slapped loudly on her firm round ass, making my sister gasp. “I wanna fuck you, Mandy,” I growled. My cock throbbed, wanting her.

My sister looked down upon me, her face glowing. She was smiling widely with passion, her eyes shining. Jesus, she was gorgeous, with her wavy blonde hair surrounding her face. She pulled back, stood in the tub.

“Come on, Charlie,” she said in a hot, throaty voice, grabbing my hands. “Let’s go to my bed.”

Numbly, transfixed by my sister’s awesome naked beauty and her tell-tale passion, I pushed to my feet. Leaving my boxers in the bath tub, I held Mandy’s hand as she lead me to her bedroom. We lay down on her bed, and Mandy got on top of me.

“God, you’re so handsome, Charlie,” she said, stroking my toned chest and flat abdomen. “All this time, living in the same house, and I never realized how hot you are.”

I stared back, nervous. “Y-you’re gorgeous,” was all I could say.

My sister stared into my eyes, looking all the way down into the deepest parts of my being. “Do you really wanna do this, Charlie?” she asked. “‘Cause, if you wanna stop now—”

I shook with desire. “I don’t,” I said, my voice strained. “I don’t wanna stop. Oh, shit, Mandy, please . . . God, please . . . .”

My sister smiled sweetly. “Just relax, Charlie,” she whispered, then nuzzled my neck, sending tingles through my body. Her right hand slid down between our bodies, and she grasped my cock, lifting it up until the head brushed the slippery, fleshy lips of her pussy. I gasped as I felt her heat searing through my dick.

“Oh, God, Amanda . . . .” I tentatively stroked my hands up and down her muscular back, groped her firm cheeks.

My sister breathed hotly in my ear. “You called me ‘Amanda,'” she said. “I like that.”

“Oh, shit, I’ve never been so turned on,” I said as my sister slowly worked the head of my cock inside her, easing back and forth a little. She whimpered.

“Oh, Charlie,” she panted. She brought her hand back up, planted both of them on the bed on either side of me. Her heavy tits swayed as she moved back and forth, slowly pushing more and more of my cock inside her. I winced at the tightness of her tunnel. “Mmm . . . fuck, you’re thick! Oh my God I’ve never had anything so big, so . . . so fucking huge inside meeeee!”

I groaned, and Mandy shuddered as my cock slipped up inside her, sucked in by her ravenous cunt. The squeezing, rippling, pulling motions of her vaginal muscles were like a dozen little hands and mouths on my dick all at once. Never had I felt anything so incredible. And judging by her reactions, neither had Mandy.

“Oh, holy Jesus!” gasped Mandy as she impaled herself on my rod. Her pussy spasmed around my dick as she got used to the size of my cock. She stared down at me, looking so totally enraptured. “Damn, Charlie, you have no idea how good this feels.”

I cupped her hanging breasts, massaging her nipples. “Oh, I think maybe I do,” I said.

Mandy bit her lip. “Tell me to fuck you, Charlie,” she said heatedly. “Tell your big sister to fuck your cock with her hot little cunt.”

I shuddered at Mandy’s words. Obviously, my sister got off on talking dirty. I squeezed her tits. “Fuck my cock, Mandy,” I said. “Ride my fucking cock with your tight cunt.”

Mandy gasped, trembling. “Oh, yeah,” she sighed, and started moving back and forth, massaging my dick with her pussy as it slid in and out. “Oh, fuck yeah, baby! Fuck me, Charlie! Fuck your sister’s pussy! Make me cum all over your big fucking dick!”

I groaned, pushing my hips up as Mandy impaled herself over and over on my dick. She moaned and panted, hissed through her teeth, tossing her hair about wildly. She rode me hard, slapping her hips to mine, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. She kept telling me over and over how good my cock felt, how her cunt was stretched and filled, how she wanted to make me cum. She kept accentuating the fact that we were brother and sister; it clearly turned her on.

She sat up straight, ran her hands through her hair as she bounced up and down on my rod. My sister was lost to pleasure, sucking and nibbling her fingers, her eyes closed as she savored our fuck. Her full round tits bounced on her chest as she pumped up and down. I watched the incredible sight of my glistening dick sliding in and out between her bulging, dark pink pussy lips.

“Oh, Charlie! Oh, Charlie!” she cried at last. “I’m cumming! Oh, baby, cum with me! Cum in your sister’s pussy!”

I let out a moan, gripping my sister’s hips as she slammed down hard on me, her cunt squeezing me more tightly and hotly than before. Mandy shuddered as she came, throwing her head back and crying out hoarsely. Her abandon inspired my own orgasm, and I groaned as my dick throbbed and pulsed and gushed a flood of semen deep into my sister’s womb.

Mandy gasped again, squeezing my dick, sliding up and down to heighten my orgasm. “Oh, yeah! I can feel it! Keep fucking me, little brother! Fuck, your cum is so hot!”

We shook and moaned and spasmed together, sharing and enjoying our orgasms to the fullest. Mandy kept cumming over and over, and I winced as the sensations of her sucking pussy almost burned my cock. Finally, my sister collapsed atop me, her face in my neck, breasts mashed to my chest. She wrapped herself around me, holding me tight as she panted.

For long moments, neither of us said a thing. We caressed, kissed, touched each other, languishing in our afterglow. My head was spinning and my body felt totally relaxed. I had never been so satisfied.

Finally, Mandy lifted her head, staring at my face. Her own was flushed and sweaty. She smoothed back strands and tangles of blonde hair away from her face. Her eyes were quivering, her lips trembling. “Oh, Charlie . . . .”

I stared back, suddenly afraid that Mandy would regret what we had done. I couldn’t read her expression. Then abruptly, she slipped up and kissed me deeply, whimpering into my mouth. Her pussy twitched around my dick as it slowly softened.

She eased back a little, touching my face as she smiled upon me. “Damn . . . the best sex in the world and it’s with my own brother,” she commented. Her smile faded. “Are you okay with this?”

I took a deep breath, slowly nodded. “Yeah, I’m just . . . I mean, it’s incest,” I said.

Mandy bit her lip, her eyes drifting away a moment. She smiled slyly, looking back to me. “Kind’a makes it hot, doesn’t it?”

I laughed softly, lifted my head to kiss her. “When did you . . . I mean . . . .” I sighed. I didn’t know how to ask what I wanted to ask.

Mandy’s eyes flashed. “Yesterday, when I saw your dick. I just couldn’t take my eyes off it. I’d heard the rumors that you had a big one. I remember Jessica and . . . what’s her name, Kelly, talking about you one time at the burger hop. Kelly was going on and on about how big and thick it was. She didn’t know I was listening. And then—”

Mandy reached past me to her bedside table, opened the drawer. She fished around, then took out a well-worn cheap paperback, showing it to me. The cover showed a teenaged couple holding each other, the girl in a cheerleader skirt and her blonde hair in pig tails, the boy wearing a high school letter jacket. The title was ‘Sibling Love.’

Mandy blushed. “I don’t know why I got it, not at first,” she said. “But I saw it at that adult novelty store, and . . . I don’t know. I read about two pages, and it turned me on. Then I got this one—” she pulled out another dog-eared paperback, which showed a young man from behind as he stood over an open toilet, and a smiling girl peeking through the open door. The title was ‘Golden Dreams.’

“Damn, Mandy,” I said, looking at the two books. “I never thought you were this kinky.”

My sister giggled, cheeks coloring. “Neither did I,” she said. “But . . . I just got so turned on, reading these books, and I’d think about you, and with all those rumors . . . I never really thought that I’d ever have the opportunity to be with you like this, but after yesterday . . . I had to go for it.”

I chuckled. “So this morning, you set me up.”

Mandy bit her lip and nodded. “Yeah,” she admitted. “It was just the perfect way to do it. I wanted to know what it was like to drink pee, and I wanted to be with you, so . . . .” she trailed off with a shrug and a smile.

“So what now?” I asked my sister.

Mandy breathed in, licking her lips slowly as she set the books back in her drawer and closed it. She stared into my eyes, and her own blazed brightly. “Now we fuck each other silly.”


It’s been a few weeks since Mandy and I started fooling around. We usually confine our sexual antics to the late mornings and afternoons when Mom isn’t home and we’re both home from school. But sometimes, even when Mom is there, or we have friends over, Mandy and I will give each other little horny looks, and she’ll meet me in the bathroom to suck the piss out of my dick and then blow me until I fill her mouth with cum. And I always return the favor. I’m not sure what turns me on more; drinking Mandy’s pee or sucking out her sweet cum.

I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen now. Mandy and I date other people, of course, and I feel a little jealous now and then when I know she’s out getting fucked by her boyfriend. Similarly, guilt washes over me when I’m with one of the girls I date and she’s screaming her lungs out as I pound away at her snatch.

All I do know is that I have the most incredible, satisfying, and kinky sex in the world with my own sweet sister.

And I don’t ever want it to end.

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