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Needy Neighbor

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I happened into an unbelievable experience about a year after my wife passed away suddenly at the age of fifty-three. Since we were empty nesters, after it happened, I had pretty much spent many hours a week at my office where I was away from our memories and the loneliness of our now empty house.

As was my custom, I left home around 5:00 a.m. and drove the hour to work stopping about half way to get coffee and a New York Times.

My early mornings were basically all the same, Check the FAX machine, fire up the computer, make sure the days work for my shop guys didn’t need adjusting and then settling back drinking my coffee and checking out the Times financial section. I always watched my current investments as well as looked for new ones. This was my “relax” time prior to the rest of my office staff getting in around 8:30.

The morning in question turned out to be considerably different. I went through my usual routine and just as I was kicking back with my newspaper, I heard the outside door to our offices open up and as I got up to see who was there a woman yelled out, “Is anyone there?”

I walked out to see our neighbor from across the street standing there in a terrycloth bathrobe, hair all wet and looking upset. I asked her what she needed and she asked me if we had anyone here that knew anything about plumbing. She told me that her hot water quit right in the middle of her morning shower. I told her I’d be glad to take a look at it as I had done just about everything around the house.

I grabbed my millimeter and toolbox and followed her back across the street and into her house. I asked her where her hot water heater was and embarrassingly she told me she had no idea. I looked in the basement but it wasn’t there so I checked around the bathroom and adjacent to it found a utility closet with the hot water heater in it and a breaker box next to it. After shutting down the power I used my millimeter to determine that the quick recovery element in the heater was bad.

Explaining to her that the water heater would need to be drained and the element replaced, she told me her husband was away all week and she couldn’t afford a plumber to fix it. I told her it wasn’t a big deal and that if she could get me a hose to drain it, I would take out the part and run over to Home Depot to get a replacement.

She smiled and said, “Thank you sooooo much, I’ll really owe you for this.”

After I set up the drain hose, she asked if I wanted coffee or something while we waited for it to empty and I answered, “Coffee AND something would be nice.” We made our way down to the kitchen and I took a seat at the kitchen table.

At this point I should explain that Bobbi (her name) was a flaming red head, about five foot six and probably weighed about one-hundred and thirty-five lbs. or so. Her body didn’t show the two children she had or her forty-fivish age. She had a very nice shape with very large breasts and a nice round ass that incidentally, I couldn’t take my eyes off. I had been celibate since my wife passed and was feeling very horny.

She opened up a cabinet to get out coffee mugs and while standing on her tip-toes her mid thigh length robe lifted up to expose the bottom of her naked ass. I got up to see if I could help her reach the mugs and as I got behind her she lost her balance and fell backwards. As I went to grab her, my hand slid under her robe feeling the soft flesh of her ass. She let out quite a moan and to my surprise, didn’t try to pull away. On the contrary she wiggled a little until my hand was between her legs. Realizing what she was doing, she immediately turned around blushing and apologized, telling me she didn’t know what got into her. I told her not to think twice about it that it would be “our little secret.”

We had coffee and told each other about ourselves. She was going into details about her husband and their sex life (or lack thereof) that I just couldn’t believe. Mostly about his erectile dysfunction at the age of forty and that he was smallish anyway so her satisfaction was mostly through oral sex. I couldn’t believe the way she was opening up to me but she did tell me she felt very comfortable chatting with me and it seemed that we had known each other forever.

Once the hot water heater drained I took out the element and left to get a new one. When I returned, I was surprised to see she was still in her robe but had dried her hair and put on makeup. As I installed the part, she was leaning over me pressing her breasts against my back and breathing lightly against my neck which immediately made me aroused.

When I turned around, she undid her robe and dropped it from her shoulders to the ground. I stood there staring at her completely naked and gorgeous body, then without saying a word she slowly went down to her knees, unbuckled my belt, undid my slacks and pulled them down to the floor. Looking up at me smiling, she put her fingers in the waistband of my boxers and slid them down. As my already erect cock became exposed, she looked at it and half jokingly said, “Oh God, I don’t think I can get that entire thing in.”

I just smiled and said, “Not to worry it’s not THAT big.”

Actually I have been told the girth is way above normal and that women always seem to “find a way” or at least have fun trying.

With that she took it in her right hand, which fit about two thirds of the way around it, and pulled it to her lips. She proceeded to lick it and then suck it forcing more and more in her mouth until she gagged a bit. As she sucked on it I began to rock forward watching her cheeks collapse around it as she sucked it in. She was getting hotter and hotter then took her left hand and began to play with her cunt, spreading the red pubic hair out of the way in order to get full access to her clit. I thought I would explode my load right then and there and began to pull away telling her so. She said that it was OK. She wanted to taste me. I laughed and said that the utility closet was not the place and besides, I really wanted to reciprocate.

Reciprocate must have been the right word because she got up immediately and ran into the bedroom flopping down on the bed and spreading her legs. I followed leaving a trail of clothes along the way. I knelt between her legs and kissed up and down them, first the right one then the left. As I kissed up her inner thighs, and got close to her pussy, she tried to turn herself onto my mouth. I moved away teasing her with a lick.

“For God sake, EAT ME,” she demanded.

I complied with her wishes and started to lick up and down her slit stopping at her clit to give it special attention. She was already so wet from anticipation that my middle finger slipped inside of her easily as I devoured her pussy, sucking her clit into my mouth. Instantly she was moaning and groaning, she was sucking on the fingers of her one hand and holding my head against her cunt with the other and in less than three minutes, she grunted then let out a scream that she was cumming. She gushed cum, something I had heard of but never experienced before. She squeezed her thighs hard against my head telling me to stop that she just couldn’t take anymore. I didn’t stop until I felt her body shiver and buck knowing she had cum a second time.

My face was completely covered in her juices as I moved up her body and started kissing her. She tried to take my cock in her hand and put it inside her pussy but I told her I wasn’t ready yet. She seemed a little upset and said, “Well, GET READY.”

I just explained to her that I wanted to sixty-nine and she smiled saying, “Oh, so you want me to have a heart attack, two can play at that game.”

She rolled on top of me in the position I requested and started sucking, going up and down with her hand and mouth. Squeezing her hand in a futile effort to close it around the base she stroked it up and down as my cock went in and out of her mouth. A thin thread of pre-cum hung from her bottom lip to the head of my now swollen penis, which she quickly slurped into her mouth. I began to tongue fuck her, as well as lightly rubbing my finger against her clit. Her muffled moans around my shaft were such a turn on. It was like she couldn’t get enough of my cock, just going wild on it, she was like an animal. Then she screamed and gushed again.

Getting up, moving over and squatting down on the head of my cock she yelled, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME RIGHT NOW.”

She plunged herself down not considering my size and screamed again but this time in pain instead of pleasure. She quickly lifted up until just the head of my cock was still in her and leaned forward, she kissed me and whispered how it hurt her and to please go easy. I started to slowly slide my cock in and out, each time going a little bit deeper until about three quarters of my shaft had entered and I felt resistance against the head of it knowing that she couldn’t take any more inside her.

At that point I quickened the pace fucking her faster and faster with her love juices being squeezed out as I went in. Her labia were stretched to the max. I felt her body tense and her teeth which first were nibbling my lower lip, began to bite harder. Knowing she was close, with a final very hard thrust, she shook and came again. I couldn’t hold back anymore and my cock exploded with what was a huge load. My cock pumped burst after burst of hot sticky fluid into her. As I slowed my pace, she collapsed on my chest breathing erratically. I didn’t realize it at first but she appeared to have passed out for a few moments, her body completely limp on mine.

She regained her composure and rolled off of me joking that she could get used to “that” and now she knew she was lying when she used the old line “size didn’t matter” or “more than a mouthful is wasted” to appease her hubby. With that we both dozed off for about an hour.

I woke up with Bobbi getting out of bed, wrapping the top sheet around her and telling me she hoped I had fixed the hot water because she really needed to shower off our love juices as well as the sweat. After about five minutes I got up to check and make sure the hot water was working properly and as I entered the bathroom, noticed her silhouette through the frosted glass of the shower. I decided that another round might be in order so I slid the door aside and stepped in telling her I wanted to make sure I got a shower also, just in case the hot water went out again.

She just laughed and said we could wash each others backs. I took the soap, washed my face and rinsed it off. Grabbing the soap out of my hand she began to wash the rest of my body, first my chest and underarms, then my stomach. Next she did both my legs and finally worked her way up to my cock stroking it with lather until it was at attention once again. I turned around and she continued to wash my back taking very special care to clean my ass using her hands adroitly to spread my cheeks and lightly wash my hole.

When she was done, she gave me the soap, turned around and told me it was her turn. I started washing her neck and back then reached around with both hands to lather her breasts. I just couldn’t resist giving her erect nipples a quick pinch, which, by her slight sigh, she obviously enjoyed. I then returned to her back, massaging it with soap and slowly working my way down to her ass. As I washed her ass I slipped my hand between her legs to her pussy which was still very slippery but swollen as well. She leaned forward against the tile of the shower and told me she was a little sore “down there” and was sorry but she didn’t think she could “take” me again. I told her that it was not a problem that “there” was not what I had in mind and at the exact same moment slipped my hand between her cheeks to toy with her bud.

Bobbi told me that she had never done that before as her husband thought it was “dirty” but she always wondered about it and even went as far as to utilize a butt plug when masturbating with her dildo. She told me she really liked the feeling of fullness inside her when she had done that but was certain my size would be too much. I tried to ease her concerns by telling her it was all about relaxation. She insisted it would hurt too much to enjoy but if I wanted to fuck her cunt again she could withstand the soreness.

By then I had already penetrated her bud with one finger and was sliding the second in spreading my fingers to open up her asshole. I grabbed my cock with the other hand and started to force my way in. Her protests went unheard as I pulled my fingers away and very slowly attempted to get the head of my cock through the tight ring of her asshole. I used my free hand to force her back down, bending her farther over as the tapered head of my cock slipped through her sphincter. She began to pant and cry a little.

I whispered “Don’t worry baby, just relax, I’ll go slow.”

I felt her body relax with the softness of my words and I slowly pressed forward. Then I pulled back slightly and went in just a little further. She grunted. I reached around and fondled her breasts pinching her nipples again. I could tell she was beginning to enjoy this new sensation as she lifted her head up and began to press her ass back at me.

As I continued to pull back then press forward every so slightly she reached down with her hand and started to play with her pussy in the manner that only a woman who had pleasured herself before would know. With the other hand she lifted up her breast and was sucking and nibbling on her nipple. I couldn’t believe how much of my cock was in her and now instead of telling me “not to,” she was telling me “not to stop.”

She was now bucking back against me, my balls slapping against her. She had almost her entire hand in her cunt, fucking herself with it as I fucked her ass. She obviously had gotten by the previously mentioned soreness and now was yelling “Oh God, Yes, Oh God, Yes, Fuck my ass, Fuck my little ass,” over and over again.

At that time I told her I was going to cum in her ass and she begged me to, as she was close to cumming again herself and wanted to feel what it was like have her ass filled with cum. This drove me over the edge and I exploded filling her canal with my hot cum.

Both thoroughly exhausted we stayed motionless for a little while, then I pulled out with a pop. She embarrassingly let out a little fart of air and my thick fluid oozed from her now gaping asshole. We finished our shower with her very gingerly washing herself as now she was sore everywhere.

I told her that I just had to get back to work and she said she understood but asked if I would like to come back the next night for dinner. She indicated she was an excellent cook and I told her I’d love to, that it had been a long time since I had a home cooked meal. As I went out the door she asked if Italian was OK and I replied, “Great. See you around sixish.”

The next night’s a whole other story . . .

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