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Uncle Unleashed

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He had always watched her as she moved through her various stages of development. Now as she ripened even more, he noticed the sultry full lips, her round breasts ripe and ready to be plucked and the apple firmness of blossoming ass. It was all he could do to stop from staring as this beauty developed into a magnificent woman. Now he felt the familiar tightening in his crotch as he watches her move around the house each day.

She had moved in with him when she was merely 12 years old after her mother and his brother, her father, had been tragically killed in a car accident. It was the least he could do to raise her as if she was his daughter. In fact, she had begun to call him daddy almost immediately; taking solace and comfort in his arms when her nightmares became too much to bear. He had nurtured her and protected her into this beautiful creature before him. Yet forbidden images continue to plague him each night. He would lie stroking his hard cock, hearing her stirring in her bedroom, catching peeks of her ripened body as she darted out of the shower and into her room. He wanted his niece so badly that it was difficult to keep from pouncing on her. Yet he had pledged to protect and nurture her and it would be wrong to fuck her the way he wanted.

He knew she was a virgin. She was too painfully shy to date and was often home each night in her room studying. He knew she had not yet even had her first passionate kiss as she had confided that to him recently. He liked the idea of keeping her pure, untouched, and unsullied. However, he also liked the idea of introducing her to her first passionate kiss. He could imagine parting her soft hesitant lips gently, showing her how to give him her tongue to suck and how to take his tongue into her mouth. He wanted to run his hands over her supple body, circling her tender pink puffy nipples with his tongue and hearing her first moan. He wanted to caress her body, running his finger across her stomach and dipping delightfully into her sweet untouched pussy until he felt the thrust of her hips towards his, and yes, oh yes, he would plunge into her unmindful of her virginity, just to be her first fuck. Groaning, he shut the door to his bedroom, pulling his hard shaft out with one hand and leaning back on the hard door, and continued to slide his hands up and down his rock hard cock imagining how he would give his niece her first taste of cock.

He heard the door close and new she was off to her first class of the day and would be gone until three this afternoon. With his cock still hanging hard out of his pants, he slowly opened the door to her bedroom, inhaling her scent of soft lilacs. His hard cock swinging, bouncing painfully streamed precum. He searched for her panties, spotting it peeking out of her hamper. The soft lacy fabric beckoned him and as if dazed, he reached for its softness and brought it up to his lips, inhaling the lilac muskiness of her pussy. He imagined how he would order her to remove her panties in some fantasies and in others just parting them away from her sweet cunny to plunge beside the fabric into her sweetness. He could feel his cock parting the unwilling fabric and burrowing its way between the cloth, stretching it then ripping it in its eagerness. Lying across her bed he rubbed the fabric against his cock, and then wrapped it around slowly slid it up and down his long thick shaft. Pulling her pillow over his face, he wrapped the lace over his cock head and shot long and hard. Cum spurted through the flimsy lace into the air, splattered hot and thick onto his thighs and stomach, and dripped off onto her carpet.

“FUCK!” he muttered to himself. He wanted his niece’s sweet little cunny.

Sighing, he forces himself to enter his home office to prepare for his first client of the day. Mrs. Klein would soon be here complaining incessantly of her daughter and grand kids and ungrateful husband. Secretly he wanted to tell her to shut up, but as a family Psychologist, he very well could not do so with out losing his practice. Therefore, he resigned himself to sit patiently across from her in his huge leather chair, listening seemingly patiently. Most times, he was thinking of his precious niece laying in her bedroom right above their heads.

Once he had removed his hard cock from his pants, his client none the wise, and slowly stroked himself listening to her chatter. His eyes focused on Mrs. Klein’s ample breasts that were squeezed too tightly creating a huge mound of soft flesh underneath her blouse. He wondered what she would do if he snatched that blouse open and buried his cock between those breasts. He wanted to shove her down on the couch, push his cock into the soft mounds up to her mouth, and demand her to suck him. Perhaps then, she would stop complaining. Chuckling he remembered how he could not rise to see her out, as was his custom, because his cock was raging hard and throbbing.

On the other hand, perhaps he should stand and show her his cock, forcing her to the floor and ram it up into her fleshy cunt. However, he had simply nodded to the door to indicate that she was to escort herself out. He had fumbled into his desk and brought out a picture of his niece posing in an innocently seductive way in a too small bikini last summer. Slowly he stroked, imagining her mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking as she had sucked on the pacifiers when she was a baby in his arms.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCK!” he grunted so loud that afternoon that his grunt must have echoed up the stairs.

“Uncle, are you ok?” she had called down the stairs.

No goddamit, he thought. I want to fuck you, you little bitch. I want to make you whimper with pleasure as I take you like the slut I want you to be. I want to ram this cock into your cunny whenever I want to! I want to have you waiting for me each night, kneeling with your sweet round ass in the air begging me to fuck every hole! But instead, he had yelled up, “I’m ok!”

Three more clients and he heard her returning from class. This was her second week at the community college and she was still hesitant. She was so shy and sweet he feared that she would be prime meat for those horny college guys and professors. Climbing the stairs, he entered the cheery kitchen to find her slump over, shoulders shaking. Her little sobs causing him to hurry over to her.

“What’s the matter Lisa?”

“I can’t go back, daddy?’ She sobbed silently. He loved her calling him daddy. It just confirmed how much she trusted and needed him.

“Oh baby girl. It will be ok.” He pulled her into his arms, caressing her silken blonde hair. Her breasts crushed into his chest. He could feel her nipples through the thin t-shirt she was wearing.

“Everything is so hard,” she sobbed. “So confusing!”

He pulled her down onto his lap as he had when she was only 12 and recently came to live with him. Perhaps he had sheltered her too much, but he knew she would have to overcome her shyness and dependent nature. They had agreed that she would take a few classes at the local college. Not too many, but enough to get her feet wet. She snuggled down tucking her head under his neck.

“I’d rather stay here with you, daddy.” Her soft breath tickled his neck and he found himself stroking her thigh rhythmically… His warm hand moving up and down, reaching higher each time, stopping just at the edge of the flirty little skirt she wore. Sighing, she wrapped her arms around his neck content to be safe. Tipping her chin up so their eyes met, he kissed her forehead and then her cheeks, lips brushing lightly. Then kissed the tip of her nose and lightly planted a kiss on her soft inviting lips. He heard her sigh, felt her lips part and could not help from placing a harder kiss on her lips. Feeling her breathless gasp, he flicked his tongue slowly between her lips. He felt her stiffen and held her still, taking both of his large hands and holding her face firm, deepening the kiss, tasting her. His tongue probed deeper pulling her to him, reaching for her lips. He could feel her stiffen, freeze, then hesitantly her tongue flicked out to his. Slowly he stroked her tongue with his, drinking her innocence in. Reluctantly he stopped, pulled away and looked deep into her blue eyes. She looked back up at him so sweet and trusting, so innocently seductive that he instantly hardened.

“Daddy?!” She was breathless.

“Baby!” was all he could say for a moment. He did not want to break the spell. Easing her up off his lap, looking at her long and hard, he took her hand into his and led her into his bedroom. There was a moment’s hesitation. She looked up at him knowing, yet not knowing. He saw her breasts tremble and glancing down noticed her nipples were erect. His own cock was straining against the soft fabric of his pants.

Standing before her in the dim bedroom, he raised her t-shirt; she obediently raised her arms and slipped her t-shirt over her head, exposing a small demi bra. Taking a breath, he ran his fingers over the top cup feeling her silky soft skin quivering beneath. He wanted to be gentle with her but knew he had waited too long. He needed her innocence, her sweetness wrapped around him. He wanted to plunge his cock into her breaking her hymen with a powerful thrust, not caring if he hurt her. After all, she was his. He wanted to hear her beg no, then whimper, then cry out at her initiation into womanhood. He wanted to hear her whimper of pain turn to womanly squeals of lust. He wanted to train her to be his slut, his little cunt.

Unhooking her bra, he let it drop to the floor. Then reaching for the clasp of her skirt, he released it allowing it to flutter downwards. She stood before him in tiny lace panties barely skimming her ass. Reaching behind her, he grabbed her ass and forced her hard against him. He wanted her to feel his hardness, his cock, and understand fully what it was that he wanted. He had no words to explain this to her, why an uncle should want to fuck his niece. He wanted her to know from this hard cock pressing into her soft belly that there would be no turning back.

“Daddy!” she whispered. Before she could deny him what he had nurtured for the last 8 years, he swung her around to the bed and pushed her down. Pushing his pants down quickly, he climbed on top of her and between her legs. He allowed his cock to brush her sex. He was surprised to find it smooth, shaved pink. Groaning, he brought his lips to her tender nipple and sucks it between his lips, grazing it with his teeth, tugging it into his mouth. He could not be gentle now… He was hungry for her. His other fingers circled then tugged at the left behind nipple. Twisting it gently back and forth. He felt it harden between his fingers. She writhed beneath him, gasping. He slid his tongue impatiently downward tasting her smooth flat belly, then to her pussy, so sweet. Flicking his tongue out he swiped between her bald lips, scooping up her essence into his mouth. He could not help the moan t hat escaped his lips. His darling niece was delicious. Sucking deeply he captured her virgin clit between his teeth, feeling the resisting flesh. God, he wanted to tighten his teeth on it until she begged him to stop. He felt her push against his head, trying to shake him off, but he was insistent and delved deeper, dipping his tongue into her tight virgin snatch. Her hole contracted around his tongue then released allowing her creamy juice to flow out. He dipped his tongue in hungrily pulling out more pussy juice.

Reaching for her hands that were tugging at his head, he held them down by her side and continued to dine on his sweet little niece’s cunt. It was all that he had imagined and more. He knew better than she that she was aroused. Her virgin cunt juice bathed his tongue adding fuel to his fiery lust. He wanted this little cunt now… Teasing little whore, he thought, now beyond his senses. Yet he waited for the sign of her need. Raising his head he sent light puffs of warm air onto her juicy cunny, she shivered and giggled. Again he repeated the puffs, this time sending it across her small hole, she gasped. Tugging her pink cunt lips open he sent two more puffs directly onto her clit, she moaned.

“Yes” he smirked.

He had done the same thing to her mother, his sister in law. Like mother like daughter, he smirked. She was ready for him. Hs darling niece. Rising up he brought her thighs up spreading her legs. Looking down he liked that she was spread wide open for him. Her pink smooth cunt glistened with her juices. Her hardened clit peaked out invitingly. on her spread open before him. Her eyes were shut tightly. Her eyelashes spiked wet from tears. Her lips trembling. Yet her sex had betrayed her need. Her cunt dripped for him! Her hips strained upwards for him! Her nipples were swollen tight for him!

Hovering over her, watching his niece’s innocent face, so immature for her age. So trusting. So god damn sexy and not knowing it.

“Open your eyes!” he coaxed.. He wanted to see her blue eyes wide as he gave her his cock for the first time.

“Open you eyes!” He commanded.

She obeyed and he saw what he needed to see. His cock hovered momentarily over her tight cunt then plunged in hard. Her eyes widened then clouded with pain. Her resisting cunt lips tightened around his cock. She gasped, then screamed and he plunged again. Feeling her hymen resist the first two times. Feeling her cunt squeeze his cock tight. Plunging down into his niece, he broke her open for his use. Grunting he forced himself in and out repeatedly. He could not stop. Her torn hymen coated his cock. He had waited for this moment for too long. He knew he should be more gentle but did not care for now. Later he could be gentle. Later he would hold her and caress her hurt and fears away. He would bathe her and tuck her in beside him. He would tell her how much he loved her and how much he wanted her. He would explain to her that what they did together is precious and special. He wanted her to feel how powerful he is He wanted to mark her as his. In the fuddle that was his sex craving brain, he heard her moaning and grunting.

She no longer clenched tight, but was open and accepting, her long graceful legs wrapped around him pulling him into her sweet cunt. Little bitch he thought. Like mother like daughter. When he had rammed her mother 20 years ago, she too had wrapped her legs around him, pounding him with her heels. He had ridden her the night before her wedding to his brother. She had shown up on his doorstep begging to enter. He knew what she craved. It was not long before she was stretched out naked under him begging for his cock. He made her beg. He wanted to hear how much she needed him. Yes, he used her cunt for his pleasure that night. The little slut squealed and cried beneath him but did not ask him to stop. He rode her all night, left her cunt sore, and filled with his semen. He knew as he stood next this brother, as his best man, during the wedding, that she was dripping his sperm. Now her daughter lay beneath him receiving the same cock as her mother, grunting just like her mother and now begging for it, just like her slut of a mother.

His heavy sack banged her sore cunt as he pushed his way in. The sound of sex was evident in the room… The pungent smell of sex filled his nostrils driving him further into her. She could be his he thought. This might be his daughter… He had often wondered later on. Her mother had told him no, but he was not sure. It does not really matter; she was his and would serve him just as her mother had served his cock.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” He plunged deeper, holding her legs open pushing up further to her cervix. His sack was stretched tight, heavy with semen. This sweet juicy pussy was clutching at is cock. He rammed her harder, hr whimpers fueling his lust. His niece’s cunt was just what he needed in his life. He would train her to serve it. Showing her how to take it in all her holes. He paused to savor the tightness and heard her sigh. Her flushed face looked up at him. He dipped his head to plant a long soft kiss on her parted lips. Groaning he pulled out, his cock hovering momentarily over her cunt then watching her closely plunged back in. Her eyes widened then closed, but not before he saw it darken with desire.

“FUUUUUUUCK!” Sweet he thought. Sweetness. His cock was full. His spurts long and thick poured into her. “FUCK” he sighed collapsing onto her. Their sticky thighs merging. She lay moaning, trembling. He shifted and covered her sore damp sex with the palm of his hands feeling it quiver. He felt her arch upwards. Chuckling to himself, he knew what she needed. She would get it all right. Would learn how to beg for it. She was conceived for this. He pulled her to him spooning, his hand covering her trembling cunt. His cunt now. Time for talking later. He still wanted to give her first orgasm. They would talk later.

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