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Karla’s Final Visit

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Karla didn’t seem to be avoiding Professor Daren exactly, it was just that the pretty redhead wasn’t dressing as slutty as usual. Maybe he’d finally beaten the last of her teasing ways out of her the last time she’d come to him after class… but he couldn’t help but feel a pang of regret.

It had been really great… still, all good things must come to an end. And he still enjoyed watching her in the back of the classroom even though she wasn’t doing anything to tease him.

It was a relief and a disappointment when the end of the semester came a few weeks later without her visiting him again… relief because he still had his job and disappointment because he’d almost wished that she’d come again. Chances were that with the semester over he’d probably never see her again. Packing up his bag he turned to go home for summer vacation; and there she was, standing in the doorway. Not dressed up spectacularly, just a simple black skirt that went halfway down her thighs and a green shirt that emphasized her bright green eyes, red hair and pale skin… it also clung enticingly to her large breasts.

“Karla,” he said by way of acknowledgement.

“I was wondering if I could come home with you today Professor,” to his surprise, she actually blushed a little and looked rather shy and hesitant, then, with a bit more confidence, “I can make it worth your while.” He raised his eyebrows as she walked up to him, long red hair swaying against her back as she tilted her head up with pink parted lips, eyes wide and innocent.

He nodded. Once. And then turned her with his hand on her shoulder and gave her ass a quick slap that made her jump a little and look back over her shoulder flirtatiously at him as they walked out the door.

On the way home he made a quick stop at a local sex toy store where he made her stay in the car while he ran in and picked out a few items.

“What’s all that?” she asked when he returned with a long brown package, her eyes glinting with curiosity and excitement.

“You’ll see,” he said, trying to keep his voice cool as his dick was making a tent in his pants.

Spotting the bulge, Karla’s hand slid over his thigh and rubbed against the crotch of his pants, “Oh… poor Professor… you seem to have a problem,” she murmured as her fingers nimbly unzipped his pants and her hand slipped in to grip his hard shaft firmly. Pulling the hard dick out of his zipper hole, she lowered her head, red hair covering his thighs as her mouth covered his dick. Redhead bobbing on his lap as he drove, he moaned at the distraction of the pleasant feeling of her soft mouth sucking him hard, sliding almost all the way down to the base of his dick, his head nudging its way into her throat as she swallowed him.

Panting, he pulled into his driveway and pressed his hands against the back of her head as he thrust his dick upward, unloading his cum into her soft mouth, shooting it straight down her throat into her stomach. His hands released her head as she sucked the last spurt from his pulsing dick, and she straightened up, licking her lips seductively.

“Mmmm…” her green eyes were bright and excited, “Does this mean you’re going to go easier on me since I gave you a blow job?” she asked, pouting her lower lip a little bit.

“Absolutely not,” he said, and grabbed the package.

Once inside the house he took her to his bed room, tan colored walls it had a big queen sized bed with a navy coverlet on it. Very bacheloresque, it was rather clean and tidy. After he stripped her clothes off (and she got most of his off as well) he grabbed two small boxes from the package and pulled her into the bathroom.

Filling the enema bag up with warm water, he grinned at her wide eyes, “Bend over the tub beautiful.”

Pouting sexily at him, she bent over at the waist, hands resting lightly on the tub’s sides with her ass high in the air and breasts swaying beneath her, strawberry nipples already erect in anticipation. Daren slid the end of the enema tube into her ass and began to let the water pour into her tight hole.

“Don’t let any slide out,” he told her as her ass was filled with warm water.

Karla nodded her head and groaned as her tight ass was filled with fluid, it sloshed uncomfortably inside of her. When Daren pulled the nozzle out of her ass she clamped down hard to keep any of the fluid from escaping, and panted a little with the effort of keeping it all inside her. Hands pulled her upright, and ran over her body, massaging her ass and breasts as her stomach cramped.

“Please…” she moaned as the fluid sloshed inside her, teeth biting into her nipple and making her wince as he played with her creamy breasts, “Please let me go Professor…”

“Hold it for me,” he said, voice soft and persuasive, “Just a little longer and then you can go.”

Roughly he gripped her ass cheeks, making it even harder for her to keep the fluid in her ass his body pressed against her stomach, hard dick rubbing her smooth mound. Daren loved the way her face grimaced delicately as her stomach cramped and he played with her body. Finally he let her sit on the toilet and she let out a moan of relief as her bottom emptied, Daren still playing with her breasts as she voided herself. Flushing the toilet, he had her bend over the tub again and stuck a second enema tube up her ass, filling her with even more fluid this time.

Karla winced as her stomach bulged a little with the amount of fluid in her bowels. Daren got into the tub and pulled her along with him, turning the shower on them so that their bodies were slippery wet against each other as steam from the hot water filled the room and made things even more uncomfortable for the sluttish redhead. She whimpered as his hands gripped her breasts and pressed her against the shower wall. Shoving his dick into her pussy, he could feel the liquid in her ass moving as he began to fuck her hard, clear fluid began seeping from her ass as she couldn’t hold it back while his dick banged into her. Squeezing her creamy breasts he pulled out of her, and finally allowed her to completely void the clear water as more water from the shower head ran over her body.

Completely clean now, inside and out, Karla was pulled from the shower and pulled back into the bedroom.

Daren lifted a crop from the package, and Karla moaned erotically, “Oh Professor!”

“Put your hands against the wall,” he told the excited girl, and she turned her back to him, hands high on the wall, feet about a foot away from it as her ass presented itself to him for a beating.

THWACK! The crop swished through the air and landed a strip squarely across her ass, and she jerked and groaned.


The long crop hit over her entire ass, making a criss cross design on the creamy flesh as it jiggled with each impact. He began to hit the sides of her body so that the end of the crop wrapped around her and slapped hard against her breast, leaving small red marks every time it hit. Covering her ass, sides, and thighs in red stripes and bruises, his dick felt like it was about to burst.

“Turn around,” he whispered, and the redheaded girl turned so that he could see her green eyes filled with tears and her face filled with arousal, “Put your arms above your head and hands against the wall.” Daren felt like he was a completely different person as he ordered her to expose herself, she’d brought out the beast inside of him, the evil man who wanted nothing more than to punish and dominate, to abuse and degrade her… make her his young slutty whore. The crop made a red stripe across the undersides of her breasts and the heavy globes bounced as she cried out.

Covering the front of her body with more stripes, especially her breasts, he took special care to hit her hard across her nipples – turning them red as the crop hit them – and occasionally whipped the instrument of pain up between her legs to slap against her splayed cunt. Every time he did that she would cry out in pain, tears leaking from her emerald eyes… and then she’d push her hips towards him, her body asking for more. Indeed, he brought the crop to his mouth and licked it, tasting her wet pussy juices on its end from the times he’d slapped her with it. As he lost more control of himself, he began hitting her pussy more, turning the pink folds an angry red and covering her inner thighs with red stripes… and each time she hungrily pushed her hips out even as tears streamed down those ivory cheeks and dripped onto her heaving breasts.

Finally, she collapsed, her knees too weak to hold her up anymore, and he let his hand fall to his side and the crop drop to the floor. Going over to her, he picked her up in his arms, her skin burning hot against his as he carried her over to the armchair in the corner of the room.

Sitting down on it, he lowered her brutalized and soaking pussy onto his cock, feeling the shuddering of her body as he invaded the tender space. With his hands on her waist, he raised and lowered her a few times, enjoying the feel of her bruised lips and wet walls gripping him. Then he pulled her all the way off and moved her body slightly forward, the tip of his wet dick pressing against her tight ass hole.

“Lower yourself onto it,” his breath hissed out, “Fuck your ass on my cock.”

Daren moaned in pleasure as her tight ass opened up for him, gravity doing most of the work as her body slid down onto him, burning red ass cheeks pressing against his body as he completely invaded her hole. She was moaning in pain and pleasure as his hands ran up her stomach to grip her bruised and striped breasts, kneading the once creamy flesh between his fingers as she struggled to raise herself up again. Each stroke was quick and hard as her body impaled itself, and each time she slowly moved up off of him, struggling a little as her body screamed for rest. With her legs spread on either side of his, her pussy was wide open and he looked over her shoulder as she began to move steadily up and down his dick, her ass clenching each time her ass pressed against his groin.

With her legs spread like that her red and abused pussy made too tempting a target and he slapped it hard, Karla shuddered and cried out as the pain spread through her lips and clit, burning pleasure that filled her groin. Again he slapped, and her ass twitched around his dick as she moved. Every time she drove home he spanked her pussy, his hand making wet slapping sounds as it hit the red and soaking flesh. Breasts high in the air, ass and pussy burning, Karla began to move faster on his hard cock, gritting her teeth as her head fell back and his dick speared her tight back hole. Two fingers pushed into her painfully, stretching her pussy hole as she moved her ass over him, grinding her cheeks against his body she moaned at the pain.

Daren began thrusting up with his hips every time she slid down, the fingers in her sore pussy rubbing against his cock through her thin inner walls, and he moaned her name, biting her shoulder as she humped and pumped.

As pain and pleasure spread through her abused body Karla started wailing, her back arched and her body thrashing on top of his as her ass rippled around his dick, “OH FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK PROFESSOR!!!!!!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!! FILL MY HOT ASS WITH YOUR CUM!!!!!!!!! OH FUCK PROFESSOR!!!!!!! I’M CUUUUUUMMMMMINNNNNNNNNGG!!!!!!!” Karla’s heaving and bucking meant that Daren’s long awaited second orgasm didn’t have much of a chance, he was groaning as his dick released its load into her ass, pulsing inside of her as spurt after spurt made the journey into her dark hole.

Eventually his dick started softening inside of her, and he pulled her exhausted body off of him, laying her across his knees like a bad little girl. Rubbing her red ass cheeks, he admired the glow, and watched as her ass hole slowly closed. It looked pink and slightly swollen, very sore from the brutal fucking it had just got… intrigued by this he dipped a finger into her pussy to lubricated it and then pushed it against her asshole. She winced as his finger dug into her swollen ass, feeling larger than usual as her ass was tighter because of the abuse it had taken. Once it was inside her, he began pushing it back and forth… withdrawing it he found that it was covered with his cum.

“Karla,” she looked up at him, green eyes tired but content and he pushed his cum covered finger towards her mouth. She opened and sucked it clean. Excited, he pushed two fingers into her swollen ass, making her groan as her ass was stretched again. Squishing them into the cum filled hole he pumped her a few times with them and then pulled them out again, bringing them to her mouth to be cleaned. Watching the young lady on his lap lick cum that had just been scooped out of her ass was getting him hard again. Pressing his fingers into her ass one last time he scooped out the last of the load and watched avidly as her pink tongue licked it off his fingers.

Partially hard, he picked her up and tossed her onto the bed on her back, and began to lick the red flesh of her sore pussy. Karla gasped and squirmed as his tongue brought pain and pleasure to her burning flesh, her hands grasping his brown hair as he ate her out, tasting her sweetness. Pushing two fingers into her pussy he twisted them, and her hips moved as he rubbed against her g-spot, lips parted as she panted. He watched her from between her legs, seeing her boobs bounce on her chest as she moved, face contorted with pleasure as his mouth moved over her sensitive skin, soothing it with the touch of his tongue.

Completely hard again, he pulled himself on top of her and shoved his raging hard on into her pussy, the suddenness of it undoing all the work he had just done with his tongue and she cried out in pain as her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Hunching his back he pounded her hard and fast, having no mercy on her as she cried out beneath him, body heaving as the pain banged through her body. Pausing just for a moment he pulled her legs up over his shoulders and practically bent her in half as he leaned forward, grinding his dick in her pussy as his body rubbed against her sore lips. It was a pleasure to watch her as she moaned and grimaced, pain and pleasure sending alternating waves through her body. Reaching around her legs he gripped her creamy breasts, watching the striped skin press out around his fingertips as he squeezed them. Karla moaned and arched her back, thrusting her chest up towards him as he abused her tits, hands hard on her body as he continued to pound her hard.

Remembering her swollen ass hole, pink and tight, he wondered what it would be like for her to have him fuck it when it was all little like that. Pulling out of her sopping pussy he guided his dick lower and slammed it into her ass, reveling in her scream of pain as his dick opened up the swollen hole. He heaved and bucked against her body, watching as she thrashed on the bed and bit her pretty lower lip. Pressing forward, he kissed her lips as his dick drove even deeper into her sore ass, his body rubbing up against her pussy lips and clit as he ravaged her poor ass.

Karla reached up and gripped the poles at the head of the bed, her body stretching out in front of him as he rocked back and forth in her tight hole. It was a sexy sight, her moaning as his dick impaled her ass and his body rubbed her pussy… she felt like her whole body was on fire the way the pain and pleasure burned through her.

“OH GOD PROFESSOR!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN!!!!!!! OH FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” her sexy body bucked and heaved beneath him, innocent pretty face shouting obscenities as she came, ass rippling over his invading dick. But after having cum twice already he wasn’t quite ready to cum again and he continued to pound her body, driving her even higher in her orgasm until her face was bright red, her head thrashing back and forth while her parted lips let out a scream so high-pitched it was almost inaudible. When he came, it felt like his entire life-time’s supply of cum was pouring into her ass, like his balls couldn’t possibly hold any more because it was all filling her tight hole.

He fell to the side, limp dick sliding out of her tight hole. She smiled blearily at him, through the tears covering her cheeks, and he kissed her lips gently. Then he ran his fingers back between her legs and pressed them into her ass, which was more swollen and painful than ever. Finger feeding her the second load of cum to fill her ass, he thought she looked more beautiful than ever with tear-tracks down her face, green eyes sparkling as she tiredly but willingly licked the cum off his fingers.

“You’re wonderful,” he told her, fingers filling her mouth.

Kissing his fingertips, she replied, “You know, you’re not my teacher anymore.”

“I know,” he wondered where this might be leading to, and sudden hope jumped in his chest.

“Well,” she smiled seductively, and wiggled her body so that she was pressed up against him, “I was thinking that that meant we should be spending a lot more time together.”

“How much time?” he asked her, fingertips tracing one of the strips of red across her breast.

“Depends.” grinning impishly, “You want a roommate?”

Daren smiled back and kissed her mouth, feeling her body press up against him, “You’d really want to move in with me?”

“Absolutely,” she said, her voice filled with confidence and certainty, “On one condition.”

“What’s that?” looking into mischievous green eyes.

“I still want to call you Professor.”

Giggles were drowned out as he rolled on top of her, tongue pressing deep into her mouth. This was certainly the beginning of a long and very kinky relationship.

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