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Fiona & Janine

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For the life of her, Fiona Barrymore could not imagine why she kept attending these things.

She had been with Spicer Industries for longer than she cared to remember, working her way up from receptionist to senior vice-president, and yet she could not remember a single Christmas party that was anything more than a wonderful cure for insomnia.

The one and only time anything even vaguely interesting had happened was when somebody stumbled onto that delightfully busty marketing executive getting screwed in her office by three young men from the mail room! There had been quite a fuss, as Fiona remembered it, and the executive’s husband had been quite perturbed. That had been almost ten years ago though and nothing so interesting seemed likely to happen tonight.

Sipping at her drink and wishing it were something a little stronger, Fiona found herself standing at the back of a small group of men and women as Arnold Kravitz, the company’s aging CEO, told the same stories he told at every one of these parties. She pretended interest to be polite, but knew most of the others did so simply to suck up to him.

Two of the biggest brown-nosers she had ever seen were even now sitting to either side of the CEO and oohing and aahing over everything he said. One was Angelique, his gorgeous young trophy wife who was just waiting for the old man to drop dead so that she could get her hands on his money. The other was Douglas Woodson, a young executive who owed his rapid advance up the corporate ladder entirely to sucking up and stealing credit for other people’s work.

For someone like Fiona who owed her position to a lifetime of hard work, people like Douglas were endlessly irritating. Had it been up to her, he would have been fired long ago, but he had Arnold’s ear now and the CEO was blind to his failings.

Fiona let her eyes drift slowly around the room, willing herself not to get into a foul mood over this now, only to stop suddenly when she spied the vision standing by the Christmas tree. The woman was young and beautiful, but not the plastic sort of beauty of someone like Angelique. She had a natural, wholesome beauty that was hard to find these days. This was just the sort of woman that Fiona had always had a weakness for and she didn’t even realize that she was staring at her.

The woman was standing with two men, she belatedly noticed. Nick Davis and Oscar Cook. She was keeping close to Nick, wearing a forced smile and looking as bored as Fiona felt as the two men laughed over something they were remembering, and so she guessed that she was his wife. Another young up and comer, Nick was the complete opposite of Douglas and was advancing rapidly up the corporate ladder through hard work alone and Fiona respected him for that.

It seemed there were fewer and fewer men and women like that every year.

It was common knowledge in the company that one of the executives directly under Fiona was planning to retire shortly. Only two candidates had any real hope of being promoted to replace him – Douglas and Nick. Nick had certainly more than earned the position and Fiona had let Arnold knew how highly she thought of him, but unfortunately the CEO was convinced that Douglas could walk on water.

The thought of having to work so closely to someone like that made Fiona’s skin crawl, but right now all she was focused on was the beautiful woman standing just behind Nick. Almost before she knew what she was doing, Fiona found herself strolling over. She knew that nothing could ever happen between her and this woman, knew that her career could never survive the scandal of being caught hitting on the wife of one of her subordinates, but she would have kicked herself forever if she did not seize this opportunity to at least meet this woman.

Meanwhile, as her husband and his best friend reminisced over some supposedly hilarious incident, Janine just kept smiling and hoped that they wouldn’t notice just how bored she was with it all. Holding a drink in both hands as she stood just behind the two animatedly talking men, she wondered idly if either of them even remembered she was there. Certainly, neither had so much as looked at her much less spoken to her for quite a while.

Janine adored her husband and had almost since the day they met way back in high school, but ever since he went to work here at Spicer his work seemed to consume him. He put in long hours at the office and even brought work home with him and so they hardly ever had a chance to just spend a little quality time together anymore. He never failed to apologize when she complained, but he also insisted that it was necessary if he was going to be able to give her the life of comfort he had promised her when he asked her to marry him.

It did seem to be working. Nick had been rising steadily through the ranks of Spicer Industries ever since he started working here. Still, she couldn’t help but miss how close they used to be.

As she gave up on trying to keep up with Nick and Oscar’s conversation, Janine let her eyes wander around the room until they came to rest on a woman who seemed to be headed in their direction. She was a tall, middle-aged woman who carried herself with an air of authority and confidence the young housewife couldn’t help but admire, but what really made her stop and stare was how beautiful she was.

“Good evening, my name is Fiona Barrymore.”

Janine shook the hand the woman offered, not really minding when she held on a little longer than was really necessary. “Janine Davis. I’m Nick’s wife,” she answered, finding it hard to look anywhere but into her eyes.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” the woman purred.

“Oh, sweetheart, this is my boss, Fiona … ”

Both ladies started in surprise at the sound of Nick’s voice, but didn’t look away from each other for a moment more. “Yes, we just met.” they said at the same time.

If Fiona had thought this woman was beautiful before, she thought she was absolutely perfect now. What incredible big, blue eyes, Fiona marveled to herself. And who could possibly find anything wrong that wonderful smile! She couldn’t imagine why everyone in the room wasn’t swarming around this lady begging for her attention.

As they fell into conversation, Fiona was delighted to discover that she was more than just a pretty face. Janine proved to be the most charming and intelligent woman she had met in far too long. She might have been a little conservative in some of her attitudes, but Fiona found her a pleasant change from all the cynical people she dealt with day in and day out.

Janine was a little intimidated by the almost aristocratic aura that surrounded the older woman, but found it exciting. She could well imagine how her subordinates must hurry to obey her commands. Over the course of their conversation, she found Fiona to be more worldly than she could ever hope to be and she marveled at all the places she had been and the things she had done.

Oscar and Nick fell silent and just watched the two women for a moment. They had met just a few minutes ago and yet they were talking about everything and nothing like the oldest of friends. Neither of them were paying even the slightest bit of attention to the two men and only offered a short, cursory reply when one of them tried to join the conversation. Nick felt like a third wheel, especially after Oscar finally moved on to visit with someone else.

For the life of him, Nick didn’t know how to feel about his wife and boss hitting it off like this. It probably couldn’t hurt his career, but he certainly didn’t want them trading embarrassing stories about him. It was the same sort of feeling he got when he heard his wife gossiping with his mother.

Nick heard something then that made him pay closer attention to what the two women were talking about. His wife had just said something about what a challenge it must be to run a big corporation like this and Fiona was relating her latest headache. “… so you can imagine how upset they are! Our biggest clients! Now I have to find someone who can fly all the way across the country at the last minute to spend the next week or so straightening this out. And right in the middle of the holiday season, too!”

“I’ll do it.”

Both women turned to him in surprise. When Fiona saw the upset look that crossed Janine’s face, her heart went out to her and she actually found herself trying to talk him out of it for her sake, but he would not be swayed. He was determined to go and so she finally relented and accepted his offer.

Nick consoled himself that he would have lots more Christmas’s in the future with Janine and this could only help his chances of earning that promotion. She had mentioned before that she would like to see more of him and he had known that she would not appreciate being left alone over the holidays, but when he had won that promotion he knew he could make it up to her in grand style. Finally he’d be able to shower her with all the toys and treasures a woman like her so richly deserved.

Knowing that time was of the essence if he was to save the account, Nick made up his mind to take a flight out the next morning and he and Janine started for the door. He needed to go home and get everything he would need packed.

Fiona was quick to stop them, touching Janine’s arm lightly. “Won’t you wait a little longer,” she asked, hoping that it wasn’t obvious that she was really only talking to Janine. Scrambling for a good reason why they should linger when they had so many important preparations to make, she finally blurted out, “They’ll be awarding the door prizes in just a moment.”

“No, we’d really better go.” With the cutest little laugh, Janine added, “Besides, I never win anything.”

Once they had gone, Fiona found herself looking after them for a long moment. Oh, this was bad, she thought to herself. She was really falling for that young lady. She was standing there lusting after the wife of her very best subordinate. She didn’t need to remember the huge, ugly mess that marketing executive had caused to know that this was not a good thing. Besides, Janine seemed utterly devoted to her husband and Fiona doubted that she had ever given any thought to cheating on him.

On the other hand, in a city the size of this one she probably would not see Janine again until the next Christmas party. Surely that would be plenty of time to get rid of these troublesome feelings before she did anything rash or foolish. As she finally turned away and went to freshen her drink, she paid scant attention to the raised voice of the CEO behind her as Arnold announced that he was going to start handing out the door prizes.

Senior executives at her level were not eligible to win the prizes – they were a thank you from management to the rank and file for all their hard work. She had contributed one of the prizes herself, in fact: an all expenses paid week at the exclusive spa she was a member of. From what she’d heard, a lot of the female employees had their eye on that prize.

The sound of Nick’s name finally forced her to pay attention to what was going on again and she was a little startled to realize that, to a chorus of disappointed groans, he had just won that week at her spa! As soon as he understood that Nick and his wife had already left, Arnold turned to Fiona as he knew she was his immediate superior. “Fiona, would you please let him have this the next time you see him?”

Taking the spa passes as if in a daze, Fiona found herself fantasizing about sitting in a warm jacuzzi with Janine, letting the roiling water sooth and relax them, then reaching over to softly touch her face before kissing those full lips. Her other hand only then rising to firmly cup her …

Fiona shook herself out of that almost overpowering daydream desperately, more determined than ever to keep her distance from that woman. She would wait until Nick got back from his trip to give the passes to him here at the office. She certainly wasn’t going to actually go all the way out to his suburban home to give them to his lovely wife while he wasn’t home.

Fiona had to wait until the party was starting to break up before she was able to get a few moments alone with the CEO. Douglas and Angelique had stepped away from him at last to talk quietly to each other about something. As far as Fiona was concerned, those two conniving schemers made a perfect couple and she couldn’t help but wish they would focus their attention on each other and leave poor old Arnold alone.

Then again, if poor old Arnold could think with something other than his dick, Angelique would have been out on her ass a long time ago. If poor old Arnold would just open his eyes, the only job Douglas would be able to get in this company was as a janitor.

Going over to see him, she told the CEO that her very best man had just volunteered to leave his family and friends over the holidays to keep Spicer Industries from losing it’s biggest customers. She told him that this kind of dedication and hard work would surely keep this company running smoothly and profitably well into the future and shouldn’t Nick get that promotion. She was shocked by what he answered.

“The promotion? Oh, I think Douglas would be the right man to give that to.” Dismayed for Nick, Janine, and, yes, for herself, she tried hard to change his mind. “Now, Fiona, your favoritism towards Nick has not gone unnoticed. If you would just take another look at Douglas, I’m sure you would see all of his good qualities.” Douglas and Angelique appeared then, hastily leading him away from her.

Another look? If she took another look at that whining toady she would scream.

As Fiona went in search of something a little stronger to drink, she decided that she had to let Nick know what was happening, but this was not news she wanted to give him over the telephone. Perhaps if she went over to his home early enough, she could catch him before he left for the airport. Then she wouldn’t have to endure being alone with that delectable young wife of his.


Janine and Nick had met in high school as sophomores and become fast friends, but it was not until late in their senior year that they started dating. They had dated each other almost exclusively for four years before finally marrying shortly after graduating college. Now, with Nick seemingly hurtling up the corporate ladder and Janine assuming the traditional role of housewife, they seemed to have a perfect life.

There was something simmering deep under the surface of this young housewife, however. Something she had always been scared to acknowledge. Something that had been troubling her for as long as she could remember.

Her parents had been very strict conservatives and had raised her to believe that a woman’s proper place was in the home, “barefoot and pregnant.” She was taught that a woman had to be married to be fulfilled and that the highest office she should ever hope to attain was motherhood. They instructed her that a good wife understood that her husband was in charge and that she should always defer to his judgement.

All of this had left a lasting impression on the girl. Though she did recognize that a woman had every right to pursue a career, and that her husband was not right about everything, Janine had been left with a noticeably submissive personality. She admired women like her husband’s boss Fiona who were confident and assertive and did not feel the need to defer to anyone when they knew they were right. She often wished that she could be more like that. That wasn’t what was so troubling her, however.

Her parents had always told her that sex was something that should only be shared between a husband and wife, that homosexuality was sinful and evil. No matter how hard she tried to fight it though, Janine had become infatuated with other women ever since she was a girl.

Even so, she didn’t fall for any of the other girls her own age. Perhaps it was the result of her submissiveness, but she always got crushes on older women – especially those who held some sort of authority over her. She had endured what she believed to be shameful fantasies about everyone from her school teachers to her own mother!

Just when she should have been focused on surviving the holiday season with her husband on the other side of the country, she had spent the night after returning home from the Christmas party daydreaming about her husband’s boss.

Fiona was exactly the sort of woman who always seemed to inspire these feelings in her. Lying in bed next to her snoring husband, she had pictured herself working in that office as Fiona’s assistant, running to obey her every command. As the fantasy of being dominated by this woman continued and her pussy started to churn, she imagined Fiona ordering her to undress, to lick her feet, to …

With a desperate, frustrated groan, she had leapt up from bed and dashed into the bathroom to finger herself off before she drove herself crazy.

When morning came and she saw her husband off with a long, deep farewell kiss, Nick just assumed she was being so passionate because they would be apart for so long. Little did he know that she still hadn’t gotten his boss off her mind and, at least in her imagination, it was Fiona’s tongue in her mouth.

Janine consoled herself with the thought that she would probably not see this woman again for quite some time, if ever. She would have all the time in the world to get these insane thoughts out of her head.


Fiona was irritably muttering to herself as she drove into the suburbs towards Nick and Janine’s home. She had allowed herself a few drinks the night before and had slept in far longer than she had intended. It was now late morning and there was a very good chance that Nick would already be gone by the time she arrived.

The idea of finding herself behind closed doors and drawn shades in that house, all alone with someone like Janine both excited and worried her. She must not say or do anything to let this woman know how interested she was in her. Hitting on the wife of one of her subordinates would be the biggest mistake a woman like her could make.

Still, it wasn’t a good sign that she had spent part of the night before masturbating while dreaming of what it might be like to bed Janine.

Janine was doing some housework that morning when Fiona appeared on her doorstep. She was a little startled to realize that this powerful and important woman had come all the way out to the suburbs to her home. The thought that she may have come just to see her flashed through Janine’s mind, an idea that both thrilled her and made her very nervous.

All of Fiona’s irritability disappeared in an instant when the door swung open and she saw Janine standing there. At the party, the young housewife had been all dolled up in her best dress and with her hair and make-up done to perfection. Seeing her now dressed much more casually and comfortably made Fiona’s heart skip a beat. If anything, she looked so much more sexy and desirable now! Realizing that she was getting lost in Janine’s eyes, Fiona desperately shook herself out of it and reintroduced herself to her. “We met last night at the Christmas party, remember?”

“Yes, of course.” Janine breathed, gazing up into the other woman’s eyes. For just a moment she could have sworn she saw a peculiar gleam in Fiona’s eyes that she thought she recognized, but she wrote it off as her imagination. Realizing that they were just standing there staring at each other, Janine backed out of the way. “Won’t you come in?”

Fiona entered the home slowly as if she was walking into some kind of trap. “You just missed Nick, I’m afraid,” Janine said, sending a chill up the business woman’s spine. As she had feared, she was all alone with this woman. “Would you like to sit down? Can I get you something to drink?”

Sitting together on the living room couch, Fiona found herself fantasizing about reaching over to pull her close. Those full, moist lips were just begging to be kissed! Taking a deep breath, Fiona tried to concentrate on what had inspired her to come here. Reaching into her purse, she found the spa passes resting up against her trusty old vibrator, which gave her another shudder. “I wanted to give you these,” she said as she handed over the passes. “They awarded the door prizes right after you left and you and Nick won a week’s membership at an exclusive spa.” She went on to tell her that she was a member of the spa herself and started to go on and on about all the amenities it had to offer. Eventually she realized that she was rambling and forced herself to shut her mouth.

Janine was thrilled. She had never won anything in her entire life and here she had won an entire week at the fanciest, most exclusive spa in the city! Knowing that the big promotion Nick was working so hard to earn came with a big raise, she had entertained the idea that she might be able to join it one day, but here she had a chance to go and see for herself what made it so special for free!

Fiona couldn’t help but smile to see her so excited and happy. Unfortunately, it made it all the harder to deliver the bad news. “I was hoping to catch Nick before he left,” she ventured, “as I’ve also come to deliver some bad news.” Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she told Janine all about how her husband was likely to lose the promotion he had worked so hard for to someone who had brown-nosed his way up the corporate ladder.

Knowing full well how hard it would hit her husband to learn he had lost his promotion hit Janine harder than did the loss of her own fantasies about what they would do with all the extra money. All she had ever wanted from her husband was a happy and loving home, but he was determined to give her all the trinkets and treasures he said she deserved. This setback would devastate him! She was so lost in thought that she was hardly aware that tears were rolling down her cheeks.

It broke Fiona’s heart to see Janine so unhappy. She wanted to rush off and fix this and was furious that there was really not much she could do to make this better. Instinctively, she reached out to pull the younger woman close and cradle her in her arms, hoping to comfort and console her.

Janine did not protest or pull away when her husband’s boss embraced her. Resting her head on Fiona’s chest and wrapping her arms around the older woman’s waist, she felt a strange sense of comfort and peace there that she had never experienced before. Snuggling even closer to her, she allowed herself to get thoroughly lost in Fiona’s arms.

Fiona couldn’t stop herself from gently nuzzling Janine’s hair, shuddering when she felt those arms tighten around her waist. Every inch of her body was extremely aware of the other woman and it took a supreme effort of will not to start whispering endearments into her ear and to keep her hands from straying. Convincing herself that all of this was perfectly innocent, just one friend consoling another, she focused on trying to do just that.

“Listen, why don’t you and I go and spend the day down at the spa?” She murmured hoarsely, practically overwhelmed by her nearness. “It’s just the place to get your mind off your problems and to release a little stress.”

The suggestion brought Janine’s head up and their eyes met in another long gaze, their faces just inches apart as they still held onto each other so tightly. Did Fiona really want to spend a whole day spending time with her? She felt so flattered by the idea, thinking that this woman could be doing anything she wanted with anybody she wanted. Why would such a woman as this want to have anything to do with a simple housewife like her?

Fiona’s eyes were held fast by Janine’s. She wanted so badly to just lean forward an inch or two and kiss this woman’s lips but did not. She could not stop one of her hands from rising to stroke Janine’s cheek lightly though and she watched as the other woman leaned into the feather-light touch with a deep sigh.

“Are you sure you can afford to spend the day with me?” Janine whispered uncertainly, wishing Fiona would lean into her and kiss her long and deep full on the mouth. “I mean, you must have all sorts of important meetings to go to today. I’m sure you have all sorts of important people just begging for a few moments of your time.”

“None of that is more important than you right now.” Janine melted to hear this and would have kissed her right then and there but Fiona spoiled the moment by clearing her throat and drawing back at last and rising to her feet.

It was out of sheer desperation that Fiona had pulled herself free of that embrace. It was either get away from Janine or do something she was sure to regret later. Even so, she held out her hand to her and asked, “Would you please come down to the spa with me?”

“I’d love to. Thank you.” Janine took the offered hand and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet, finding herself once more just inches from Fiona. Remembering everything her parents had taught her and how Fiona had retreated earlier, this time it was Janine who pulled away to get ready for a trip to the spa.

Between all the amenities the spa had to offer and the pleasure of Fiona’s company, Janine really was able to get her mind off of her husband’s promotion. Just as they had at the party, they were soon talking like a couple of old friends who had not seen each other for quite some time. Both women really opened up to each other, sharing secrets they would never think to tell anyone else.

When Janine suggested a visit to the jacuzzi’s, Fiona balked. Remembering that fantasy she’d had of the two of them making out in one of those and how close she had come to giving in to temptation back on Janine’s couch, she just didn’t dare risk it.

Janine accepted Fiona’s decision without hesitating. She had really wanted to try out the jacuzzi and had it been her husband who had just refused to let her then Nick would have gotten an argument. With Fiona however, Janine was more than happy to let her make all the decisions. Indeed, she took a profound pleasure in allowing this woman to take complete charge of their day at the spa.

No day at the spa would be complete without a visit to the sauna though and the two of them stopped in a changing room to get undressed. Both women kept their attention firmly focused on themselves as they stripped down to their birthday suits, not daring to even steal a peek at each other. Only when they had wrapped themselves up in large, soft towels did they turn back to each other with self-conscious little laughs.

Entering the sauna, they found it was already occupied by a couple of heavy, older women but paid them little attention. The pleasant conversation was over now and, like a couple of horny teenagers, they found themselves trying to check each other out when they thought the other wouldn’t notice.

When Fiona took a seat on the uppermost row of benches, it somehow seemed only natural to Janine that she should sit on the lower at her feet. She wanted to lay her head on Fiona’s thigh and let the older woman play with her hair, but she just didn’t dare.

They tried to resume their conversation, but it came out halting and slow. All either of them could think about was close they were sitting to each other and how little they were wearing. Under the circumstances, it was probably only natural that their conversation should have turned to sex.

Janine found herself talking about what long hours her husband put in at the office, admitting that it had been quite a while since their had been much excitement in her bedroom. Fiona found herself talking about how her work took up so much of her time and energy that she rarely had time for more than a casual fling. It was difficult for her to have a more serious relationship because her lovers always wanted more of her time and attention than she could give them. A tense silence fell over them then.

As if trying to make herself a little more comfortable, Fiona leaned back against the wall of the sauna and swung one leg up onto the bench beside her. Janine froze. Knowing that the other woman was completely nude under that towel, she realized that all she had to do was turn her head a little and she would be able to look up under it at Fiona’s womanhood.

Fiona could hardly believe she was doing this, offering up her cunt for Janine’s viewing pleasure. She had hoped to be able to just be this woman’s friend, to help her through what was obviously a difficult time, but every moment they had spent together had only made her want Janine even more. She just couldn’t stop herself from acting on her feelings anymore. She waited impatiently to see if Janine would accept the offer she’d made and look.

Unaware of anything but each other, neither Fiona nor Janine paid any attention as the two heavy women happened to rise and leave at that point.

Janine simply could not resist and her head turned ever so slowly. A sharp gasp escaped her as she took a good long look between Fiona’s legs, drinking in the beauty of the wet folds of her twat. With a start, Janine not only realized just how aroused Fiona was right then but that it was she Fiona wanted. Her eyes slowly made their way up to meet Fiona’s again.

There was no more pretense then, no more hiding their lust for each other. There was no way Janine could deny herself or Fiona this and she no longer wanted to try. Rising up on her knees between Fiona’s spread legs, Janine carefully removed her towel and laid it aside. Naked and kneeling before her husband’s boss, Janine kept her eyes demurely downcast as she waited for Fiona’s commands.

Fiona’s heart was in her throat as this incredible woman offered herself up to her. All her concerns about the possible repercussions were lost in an inferno of lust and she raised a hand to tilt Janine’s face back up. “You want this as much as I do, don’t you?” Fiona breathed in a low, husky voice. The younger woman could only nod.

Reaching around behind the younger woman’s neck, Fiona pulled her in close and finally claimed Janine’s mouth with her own. The two women shared just the sort of long, deep kiss that both had been dreaming about. As their tongues dueled passionately, Janine reached out eagerly to pull the older woman’s towel off and reveal her nude body.

Kissing Janine again and again, Fiona’s other hand found the housewife’s hip before slipping around to the small of her back to pull her down onto her. As Janine’s body settled atop her own, Fiona couldn’t help but let out a small moan.

It was completely crazy for her to be doing this, Fiona knew. They were in a sauna in an exclusive, but public spa. Anybody could walk in on them at any moment and they’d both be permanently banned from the spa. That was the least of their worries, though. If anyone from work found out that she had made love to the wife of one of her subordinates, it would be the end of her career. It would be even worse if Nick found out. He was sure to divorce his wife and that would devastate Janine. She doubted she would be able to handle being the cause of so much pain to this perfect creature.

While all of that was true, there was no way she could put an end to what was happening. It just felt too good to have this woman in her arms, their naked bodies pressed firmly together, as they shared deep, passionate kisses. She was utterly helpless to resist Janine and she knew it, so she focused herself on enjoying it and not even trying to resist her.

Thoughts of her husband never even crossed Janine’s mind as she made love with another woman for the first time in her entire life. She was consumed with such incredible lust for Fiona that she could hardly think straight. All she was focused on was doing whatever it took to please the woman who had claimed her as her own.

Later she would wonder if it was because she had finally been seduced by the dominant woman of her fantasies, because she was doing the unthinkable and cheating on her beloved husband, or because it was all happening in a public place, but the truth was that she had never gotten such intense pleasure from sex with Nick. Most probably, she would later think, it was all these things combined with the fact that she was doing everything her parents had always told her was wicked and sinful. That was all thinking she would do later.

When the hand Fiona had on the small of her back moved down to squeeze one of her asscheeks, Janine groaned loudly and pushed her body into Fiona’s even more firmly. When the hand at the back of her neck suddenly grabbed a fistful of her hair and jerked her head back to expose her neck, Janine did not complain about being handled so roughly. Rather she just gasped in surprise and then let out a deep, shuddering sigh as Fiona ran her tongue slowly up the younger woman’s throat.

Normally Fiona would have latched onto that slender neck and given Janine a few hickey’s to remember this day by, but she managed to retain just enough common sense to know that she shouldn’t do this since they would be very hard to explain to her husband. Instead, she pried Janine up off of her so that she could kiss her way down her neck and chest to her perky little breasts.

Helpless in Fiona’s grip and loving every moment of it, Janine was trembling as she felt first one and then the other of her nipples be taken into the other woman’s mouth to be sucked on. Janine wished she could look down to watch as Fiona nursed, but the business woman still had her head pulled way back and she didn’t dare ask her to let go of her hair. Part of why she was enjoying this so much was because she had placed herself completely under the control of this dominant, masterful woman.

In any case, Fiona let go of the housewife’s hair shortly thereafter and her hand moved down to join the other on Janine’s butt. “Janine.” There was an unmistakable firmness in Fiona’s deep voice and she lowered her head at last to meet her eyes as she waited to be commanded. “Eat my pussy.”

Janine said nothing, just scooted back a little on the bench so that she could lower her head between Fiona’s thighs. Face to face for the first time with another woman’s pussy, Janine hesitated for a moment not because she was reluctant to do it but because she feared she would not do it well enough to satisfy her lover. Fiona was impatient though and took Janine’s head in both hands and shoved it firmly into her cunt.

Janine understood and went to work, her nervous inexperience quickly replaced with voracious hunger. As keyed up as Fiona had gotten over the course of this day with her dream girl, there was no chance of her enduring this for very long and all too soon her whole body was convulsing in a huge orgasm. Janine, meanwhile, just kept lapping at the older woman’s pussy, savoring the most delicious thing she had ever tasted until Fiona made her stop.

Patting the bench next to her, Fiona said, “Get on your hands and knees, Janine.” The younger woman hurried to obey as Fiona then moved around behind her. With one hand on the back of Janine’s neck to keep the housewife right where she wanted her, Fiona slid her other hand up in between Janine’s legs to take hold of her swampy twat.

It took a little guidance from the more experienced Fiona, but Janine soon had taken most of the business woman’s hand inside herself and was being treated to a fisting that quite literally threatened to cause her to black out as wave after wave of ecstacy came crashing down on her. She was wracked with a violent, powerful orgasm and might have shrieked so loudly that her husband would hear except that she couldn’t seem to catch her breath.

In the aftermath, the hand in her pussy may have been all that was holding her up because as soon as it came out Janine fell flat on her face and lay sprawled limply on the bench. Sitting wearily behind her, Fiona was content to enjoy the view as she sucked the other woman’s juices from her hand with the air of a connoisseur.

That’s how they were arrayed when the door to the sauna suddenly swung open to admit a mature woman who was wearing only a towel. She took a moment to just stare at the naked and exhausted pair, but then a little smile crossed her face as she realized what had been going on in here. Giving Fiona a wink and Janine an appreciative leer, the woman hurried to back out again and give them some privacy.

As Janine started to pick herself up, Fiona reached out to touch her shoulder lightly. “I think a shower would do us both good now.” Janine just nodded and followed, perfectly prepared to go anywhere her lover led. She wondered if there would be one big communal shower room and if Fiona would make her eat her pussy again while all the other women there watched. She was sure they would all envy her because she was the one allowed to worship at Fiona’s cunt, not them. She was a little disappointed then when she saw that there were individual booths and not a communal shower.

Separated from her for the first time since Fiona appeared on her doorstep that morning, Janine slowly started to come down off her sexual high and realize the enormity of what she had just done. All of her parent’s teachings returned suddenly as she stood there under the warm spray of water and she was appalled at herself for letting this happen.

She had a handsome, considerate husband who worshiped the ground she walked on and who was working himself to death to give her a life of comfort and ease. So, what had she done the moment he left town for a few days? She had given in to her unnatural fantasies and thrown herself at the first woman to come along! The only solace she can find was to try to convince herself that it may inspire Fiona to work that much harder to get Nick the promotion he had earned, and that it would never happen again.

In the other shower booth, Fiona was also starting to get worried about what they had just done. She was remembering again all the concerns and fears that had kept her from trying to seduce this woman and thinking that what happened in the sauna had been an indescribably enjoyable but extremely stupid mistake on her part. It would be best for everyone if she took Janine home now and they pretended like this had never happened.


Fiona did exactly that, but found letting go of her feelings for Janine next to impossible. She had fallen hard for her from the moment she first saw her and the passing days did not diminish her need for the woman.

She wanted desperately to see her and time after time she would convince herself that they could all put what happened behind them and just be friends, but could not trust herself to be in the same room with Janine without doing something inappropriate. She wanted so much just to hear her voice and kept picking up the phone, only to hang it up again when she realized that Janine probably didn’t want to hear from her.

Fiona could hardly concentrate on her work as her mind kept straying back to Janine and that exquisite moment at the spa when they had been lovers.

It was no easier for Janine. All the young housewife could think about anymore it seemed was her husband’s boss. She spent her days fantasizing about being taken again by the strong and dominating woman and her nights were spent dreaming about the same thing. Fiona had touched something deep inside Janine’s soul and it just would not be shaken off.

When her husband called, she made all the appropriate wifely noises about how much she missed him and how much she hoped he would be able to come home soon, but in truth Nick very rarely occupied her thoughts. She carefully avoided any mention of Fiona’s visit or their winning the spa passes for fear she would let something slip and he would realize that she had been unfaithful.

Again and again, the memories of how much she had enjoyed the time she’d spent with Fiona got to be too much and she ended up fingering herself off to relieve the tension that was building up in her.

The passes to the spa lay on her coffee table as she tried to ignore them. With the memory of how excited she had been to win them now buried under all the guilt she was carrying, the idea of going back to that place where she had brought such shame to her family was just unthinkable. Worse, what if she ran into that woman who had walked in on her and Fiona!? There was no way she would ever willingly go back there and yet she could not bring herself to get rid of the passes because they were her one tangible reminder of that day when Fiona introduced her to heights of pleasure she had never dreamed of.

It was three days after their adventure at the spa, Christmas Eve, when Fiona called her. “Can I see you? I have some important news for you.” The idea of meeting this woman again both thrilled and terrified her and she suggested that Fiona could just give her the news over the phone. “No, no. This is something I must tell you in person. Please, Janine. This really is very important.”

Albeit reluctantly, Janine agreed to meet her but not at her home. She didn’t want to be all alone with a woman she could not resist behind doors that could be locked and curtains that could be drawn and where a big, soft bed was so readily available. From now on, if she had to see Fiona it would be out in public. She suggested they meet at a restaurant she liked. The place would not be packed at this hour so they should have no trouble getting in, but even so there would be plenty of people around to chaperone them. Fiona readily agreed to the condition.

Going into her bedroom, Janine started getting ready. Putting on some of her best clothes and fussing with her hair and make-up until they were perfect, it was like she was getting ready for a hot date rather than an innocent meeting with her husband’s boss. She recognized what she was doing, but didn’t stop. Despite her guilt over what had happened, she still felt compelled to try to please this woman.


At the restaurant, Fiona had taken possession of a quiet corner booth where she and Janine could talk. There were butterflies in her stomach as she sat down to wait, though.

Even with the wonderful news she had, it had been difficult for Fiona to call Janine. She had been imagining that the younger woman would hang up on her at best and at worse call her a few choice names and threaten to tell the CEO that one of his senior vice-presidents had raped her. She had been hugely relieved when Janine had answered her call so calmly and even agreed to meet with her face-to-face.

When she saw Janine threading her way carefully towards her through the tables, Fiona’s heart did a somersault. Every time she saw her she knew she was falling deeper and deeper into love with her and there was just no way to stop it. She rose to her feet and had to restrain herself from greeting her with a hug, instead offering a polite handshake before they sat down.

Once more Fiona found herself falling into those beautiful eyes, wanting to say so much to her but only having the courage to make a little small talk as the waiter brought their menus over. “This seems like a nice place. Do you come here often?”

Janine shook her head, fighting the urge hold onto Fiona’s hand. “I’ve always loved this place, but Nick doesn’t think much of it. When we go out to eat, we usually go to his favorite restaurant.” Somewhat shyly, she asked, “So, what was so important?”

Fiona was about to answer when the waiter returned to ask if they were ready to order. Without even thinking about what she was getting, the business woman ordered for them both. Janine didn’t pay much attention to what was being ordered either. Though she had always found it a little condescending when her husband did it, having Fiona order for her sent a shiver of pleasure through her.

And why not? she reflected silently. Hadn’t Fiona demonstrated just how well she knew what the young housewife needed just the other day?

As the waiter retreated again, Fiona turned her attention back to Janine. “Listen, I’ve got some wonderful news: Nick has won the promotion!” It took a moment for the news to sink in, but when it did Janine was so excited and pleased for her husband that she impulsively threw her arms around Fiona and hugged her tight. Fiona sighed softly with the pleasure of holding this woman in her arms again.

“But I don’t understand, Fiona. What about that man you told me about? The one who was such a suck up?” Fiona explained that the details were a little sketchy since the CEO really didn’t want to discuss the matter, but from what Fiona understood Arnold had come home one afternoon to find his wife in bed with none other than Douglas himself! Douglas had been fired and the CEO was getting a divorce from Angelique. It was clear to Janine that Fiona was just as happy to be rid of Douglas as she was that Nick had gotten his promotion.

All of a sudden, Janine realized who she was embracing so tightly. She felt so safe and comfortable in Fiona’s arms that she just couldn’t bear to stir from them. Looking deep into the business woman’s eyes and seeing for herself the profound love the other woman felt for her, she finally understood that her life would never be complete again without Fiona. Yes, it was a horrible mistake that they would both surely live to regret, but she now needed to be with her like she needed the air she breathed.

The waiter returned with their order, carefully setting the plates of hot food in front of them, but neither Fiona or Janine seemed to notice. The waiter took a long look at the pair, cleared his throat self-consciously, and beat a very hasty retreat.

Fiona started to pull away, started to argue that this was a really bad idea for both of them, but Janine’s arms tightened around her and wouldn’t let go. “Please, Fiona,” she whispered, bringing her lips closer and closer to the other woman’s. “I just can’t fight it any more. Trust me, I am well aware of what a stupid idea this is – I mean, I don’t want to lose my husband anymore than you want to lose the career you’ve worked hard to build – but I just don’t have the strength to fight how I feel about you.”

Crushing the younger woman to her, their eyes locked together, their lips only centimeters apart, and Janine’s heartfelt plea in her ears, Fiona knew that it would take very little to completely destroy the last defense she had against her. Hesitantly, she asked in a soft, almost imperceptible voice, “And how do you feel about me?”

“I love you, Fiona.”

If that declaration didn’t take Fiona’s breath away, the kiss that followed certainly did. Completely disregarding the fact that they were in full view of everyone who happened to be in that restaurant, the two women indulged themselves in a rather lengthy and passionate french-kiss. When they came up for air, Fiona said something that nearly made Janine swoon.

“I love you, too, Janine.”

Resting her head on the older woman’s shoulder, Janine sighed contentedly. She would never have believed that she could be so happy and she was absolutely reveling in it. “Would you like to come back to my place?”

“But what about all this food, Janine?” Fiona wondered, nodding her head towards the plates in front of them.

“I’m not hungry,” she protested softly. “At least, not for food.”

Fiona chuckled softly to herself as she extricated herself from the housewife’s arms. “Well, I’m starved.” Without another word, she dug into her meal as the other woman watched with an astonished look on her face. She nearly laughed out loud when she saw Janine stick her bottom lip out and start pouting like a little girl. “You should eat something. You’re going to need your strength.”

Janine shook her head. “The only thing I want to eat is you.”

Fiona regarded her for a moment with as serious a look as she could muster. “Well if you’re just going to sit there and pout until I’m finished, perhaps I should give you something to do to keep you occupied.” Her voice took on a firm edge then that made Janine shiver with excitement. “Stick your hand in your pants and play with yourself.”

Janine’s face colored and she stole a nervous look around the room, but she did as she had been told without a protest. As Fiona watched closely, her lover actually slid her slacks about halfway down her thighs, stuffed her hand inside her panties, and started to masturbate as discretely as she could, laying her head back down on Fiona’s shoulder and closing her eyes.

Kissing the top of the younger woman’s head and slipping an arm around her, Fiona soon forgot all about the food as she watched this woman finger her wet twat right here in the restaurant in full view of anyone who cared to look simply because she had told her to. Such perfect obedience was unusual and she made up her mind to reward Janine for it later.

“You know, Nick’s new job is going to be very demanding.” Fiona purred softly as the housewife’s breathing speeded up and she started to whimper under her breath. “He’s going to have to make a lot of business trips from here on out.” Janine was starting to shift and squirm, biting her bottom lip to keep from crying out loud. “He’s going to be away a lot, Janine, and I’m going to expect to have you all to myself while he’s gone.”

Janine was sure that everyone in that restaurant was staring at her as she masturbated and she was feeling very embarrassed by the thought, but it also left her feeling oddly aroused. The thought of being at Fiona’s beck and call like this very often in the days to come made her even more excited. As her climax came crashing down onto her, Janine managed to keep from shouting, but did start shuddering and gasping.

Neither woman looked up when the waiter, apparently oblivious to what had been going on there, stopped at their table. “Can I get you ladies anything …?” The poor man lost his voice suddenly and his eyes grew huge when he suddenly realized what Janine was doing. He just stood there like a statue with his mouth hanging open as her orgasm finally started to subside.

“No, thank you. We’re doing just fine.” Fiona’s voice was deep and husky with emotion and she still did not look up. “Could we have the check, please?” The waiter didn’t respond at all and just stood there as if frozen until Janine’s eyes slowly opened and drifted up to meet his. That finally seemed to snap him out of his paralysis and he stammered something incoherent before almost sprinting off to make out their bill.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

Though it went against everything she had been taught all her life, Janine had to admit that she really had enjoyed that. Her eyes slowly wandered around the restaurant and she noticed that everyone was very carefully looking everywhere but back at their corner booth. By the time the waiter returned with their bill, Fiona was holding Janine’s hand in both of her own and carefully licking up every last trace of the younger woman’s juices from her fingers.


Dawn on Christmas Day found them at Janine’s home, where they had been ever since they left the restaurant, happily occupying the bed the young housewife had before only shared with her husband.

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