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An Exchange

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Nina Zarachnaya was twenty four and since being a little girl she had wanted more than anything to be an actress. She needed to move to Moscow from her town of Luknovo to fulfill this dream but it had still not happened.

Yet as she trudged home in the fading heat of a summer day she felt a burgeoning hope in her breast.

For the last two years she had been secretly scrimping and saving enough money to make the move to Moscow. She had to do it secretly because her boyfriend Konstantin Treplev was a useless, although talented, writer who wasted all their money. Time and again she had been forced to spend her savings to bail them both out of some financial difficulty he had embroiled them in but at last she had enough money saved up to fulfill her dream.

Konstantin was lazy and petulant. He hardly worked and Nina had to support him with the little money she earned as a waitress at a coffee shop and the weekend shifts she put in at a bottle factory. She loved Konstantin and he was gorgeous but Nina needed more than a pretty face or an exciting lover. She needed a man who would help out financially and support her emotionally.

Nina ignored the whistling and cat-calling men on the street trying to get her attention. As they called out to her about how beautiful she was she contemplated telling Konstantin to move out of their apartment. He had not contributed to paying rent in months.

Sorin their landlord liked Nina. He always flirted with her even though he was old enough to be her father. Maybe he would help her out somehow. Nina’s own father was no help. He had remarried and started a new family after her mother died. Since then he never called or written and she had given up trying. Essentially Nina was without family.

Nina’s anger toward Konstantin grew fierce as she walked on sore feet past the garage where her scooter sat waiting to be repaired. Konstantin had gotten drunk and crashed it and Nina had to choose either to pay for the repairs or postpone her journey. It sat forlorn in a locked compound behind the garage… fueling her frustration.

As she reached her block she saw reminders of all the money Konstantin owed.

There was Dr. Dorn the man who had given Konstantin antibiotics last winter and who had still not been paid for his medicine or time. Nina waved sheepishly and the older man nodded perfunctorily, clearly not happy with the debt still pending.

There was Ilya Shamrayev the building maintenance man who helped Nina fix an earlier breakdown of the scooter. She owed him money for the parts. He wasn’t upset at all though. Ilya had a crush on Nina and thought she was going to be famous one day. He had come to see her in an amateur production last year and raved about it.

Konstantin had missed the play. The whole week long run of it.

Nina gave Ilya a hug and the big man squeezed her hard and kissed both her cheeks. His warm lips lingered on her skin a bit too long for comfort but she pretended to like it and smiled sweetly at him.

Then just as she was saying goodbye to Ilya, Semyon Medvedenko came out of their building. Medvedenko was a teacher and Nina owed him money as well. He had helped her learn English, etiquette and poise in order to play a high class women in the play. He loved Nina but she abhorred his boring and constant complaints about his poverty. She owed him a lot of money from various lessons he had given her.

Medvedenko saw her being kissed by Ilya and his face lit up.

“Hello Nina!” He cried out in his false good cheer. “Not such a bad day huh?” He came down the steps of the building and wrapped himself around her in a hug that was more a dry hump. His mouth found hers and he kissed her deeply as she pressed her lips tightly together to resist his hesitantly invading tongue.

“Not a bad day. But I’m pretty beat.” She said as Medvedenko squeezed her. “They ran me ragged at work today.”

“I bet. It could be worse though. You could be as poor as me. Who respects a teacher? No-one? We don’t matter unless someone’s horrible kid flunks a class. Then we are the scourge of the land!”

“I bet none of your kids flunk Medvedenko. You’re too great a teacher.”

Momentarily stunning Medvedenko with her rare compliment Nina took the opportunity to wrench herself from his grasp and flee up the stairs. “I have to go in. Have a wonderful evening gentlemen.”

In the dark of the stairs she ran up the three flights to her own door and rushed inside to avoid any other debtors seeing her.

And she came face to face with Sorin the landlord.

“Hello Nina.” He said.

Anxiety bloomed in the pit of her stomach. Sorin never came inside the apartment. He looked nervous and guilty and so did Konstantin. Something bad was happening here.

“Hello Sorin, what a surprise.” Nina hugged him and kissed his cheeks but his hug back was less kindly than usual.

“I was just having a talk with Konstantin, but I must be off. I’ll see you later though, I hope. Shall we say eight Konstantin?”

“Yes, fine.” Konstantin was sulking and Nina grew worried.

Sorin left and Nina stared at her lover watching his behaviour and seeing shame and fear in every line of his body. Something very bad was happening.

“What?” Konstantin snarled when he noticed Nina staring at him.

“Was he here for this month’s rent?”

“Yes. And last months.”

“What? I left that on the mantel last month. It was right there. All of it! Why didn’t you give it to him?”

‘For Christ’s sake Nina I don’t know what happened to it. You should have given it to him personally.”

“So this is my fault? All that money disappears and I’m to blame? ”

Konstantin avoided her gaze.

“Look I know you took it. There are only two of us here. No-one visits because you are such a downer, so you tell me… who took it?’

“I did.” He mumbled.

“For what? We need a place to live!” she tried not to scream. Any time she got emotional Konstantin accused her of being a dramatic actress and refused to accept that she might just be a person entitled to be angry.

“I needed some supplies…” He murmured. “Look I found a way to pacify Sorin. He will make an exchange for the rent, both months.

“Really?” Is he going to buy your book when it comes out?” she didn’t add “Whenever that is.” It was too early to escalate things and she was tired of fighting day after day.

“Y’know he really likes you.”

“Sure, I’m nice to him and I pay my rent on time. Usually!”

“No. I mean he finds you attractive.”

“So what. Lots of men do. I can’t help it. So now you’re jealous of an old man?”

“So he’s old. He is pretty fit and has a nice beard. You like beards.”

“What are you talking about? I told you I don’t care if you can’t grow a beard. I love your pretty face.”

“I’m just saying that he isn’t too bad looking. He has probably had a few lovers in his day. I bet he knows how to please a woman.”

Something in the way Konstantin was talking set off alarm bells in Nina’s head.

“What the fuck is going on here?’

“We owe him a lot of money.”

“I have my half of this month’s rent. I’m guessing you don’t?”

Konstantin shook his head no.

“Fucking great! So now I’m supposed to come up with a month and half more rent? Where am I supposed to find that kind of money?” She had it stashed away for her acting career but she was loath to part with it. It was her future, her only hope to escape the drabness of her life.

“Wait, you don’t have to find the money. I found a solution. I worked it out.”


“I made him a deal. An exchange.”

“What kind of exchange?” Then she remembered what Sorin had said. “He said he is coming back tonight… at eight. Why?” Nina knew she wasn’t going to like it but Konstantin still stunned her with his answer.

“I told him he could fuck you.”

Konstantin said it matter-of-factually, flat and unemotionally so Nina didn’t actually comprehend what he had said at first. It might as well have been “I told him he could have a whale.” It just would not compute.

“Nina?” His voice penetrated the fog that blanketed her mind. Was this shock?

“Did you hear what I said?”

Then the anger began. He didn’t ask if she was alright, he didn’t apologize, or beg forgiveness, he asked about himself.

“Nina, answer me.”

“Say it again?” she whispered.

“Say what?”

“Tell me what you told Sorin.”

“Don’t be upset. This is the only way.”

“Say it again!” This time she did yell.

“I knew you were going to get all dramatic about it.”

“I am reacting the way any reasonable human being would react when informed that their lover has sold their body for RENT!”

“It’s the only way!”

“You suck the old pervert off then!”

“He doesn’t want me!”

“How very fucking convenient for you then isn’t it!” Her anger was clear and white hot. She spoke in a fierce but quiet tone, indignant to the very core of her being. “How could you do this to me? How?!”

“This is happening to both of us. Do you think I’m happy about this?

“Yes I do. I think you have found yet one more way to use me to cushion you from the reality of your actions. You stole our rent money last month and didn’t even bother to get this month’s rent. And now you think you can get out of it because I love you so much I’ll do anything for you? You’re insane.”

“I was writing…” He said so quietly she almost didn’t hear it.

“Your fucking writing.”

“I’m more of a writer than you are an actress.”

It felt as if he had slapped her. Nina actually stepped back. Then the fierce anger buoyed her up and she stepped two steps forward with a finger pointed at his face.

“I’ll show you how good an actress I am. I’ll fucking show you at eight tonight. Then you’ll fucking see. Oh man, will you.”

Then to give him a taste of her talents she tamped down her anger bit by bit, calming herself, lowering her heart rate and adopting a serene demeanor. Then she became sweet and happy. In seconds she went from more fiercely angry than Konstantin had ever seen her before to the happy pleasant person she used to be when she first fell in love with him.

“Do you have any more minutes on your phone?’ she asked calmly. “Mine’s out.”

She could see in his face how stunned Konstantin was. First his eyes went wide and then narrow as he processed what she had accomplished with her talent. His hand went into his pocket and handed her the phone while his face was a mask of horrified wonderment.

Nina left him like that and went into the bathroom, the only private space in the one room apartment.

In the small bathroom Nina stared at herself in the mirror wondering who the woman looking back at her was. She examined the face she saw while that stranger made a series of phone calls from contacts in Konstantin’s phone.

Some part of her mind saw a resemblance between the woman in the mirror and Milla Jovovich the Russian born actress who became a model, musician and film star in America. Nina would love to have that life.

The fierce green eyes were wide, the pupils small. Those eyes darted all over the place as Nina examined the long, silky brown hair, the high wide forehead, sharply arched ,thin eyebrows, long thin nose, plump lips, dimpled cheeks and angular jaw of the beautiful woman.

Like Milla the woman in the mirror was tall, lean and fine boned. This woman was less muscular, more like Milla was when she was twenty four.

The woman in the mirror spoke bravely, seductively and insistently to the people she called, feelings that Nina herself didn’t have at all. In her heart she felt betrayal, hurt and apprehension. But over all that there was a blanket of determination and indignity.

When the phone calls were done Nina became herself again. The face in the mirror became less hauntingly beautiful and once more became her own pretty, but gentle face.

Nina tore her gaze from herself now that her face was more recognizable. Then the tears came.

As she wept her mind floated from thought to thought. How did she find herself here in this situation? Why hadn’t she noticed Konstantin’s total lack of empathy for her before this? Her lover of two years had sold her body for money and not a lot of money in the long run. Not so much that she couldn’t pay it back at the annihilation of her dreams.

Then she considered the phone calls she had just made.

Nina felt her resolve harden. She would do whatever it took to get out of Luknovo and flee to Moscow where she could start over. But first she had to deal with her debts.

Nina stripped off her clothes and looked once more in the mirror.

The woman she saw was tiny and delicate, her body tight and toned. She worked a lot and ate little so she was probably too thin for most men but Nina thought there was an inherent sexiness to her small firm breasts, flat tummy and thin limbs.

Nina climbed into the shower and scrubbed off the smell of work. She shaved her pubic hair, legs and arm pits and washed her hair. Something about the familiar ritual calmed her and soon she began to feel as if she were going on date. She wanted to look her very best.

After the shower she dried herself and then began to do her hair. When the steam had dispersed she did her make-up and then, wrapped in a towel, she opened the door and went into the other room.

Konstantin was there and sitting at his computer staring at the blank screen.

“Can we talk?” He asked.

“No, I have to get ready.”

“Ready for what?” He asked real fear in his voice.” Are you leaving?”

“No idiot. I have to fuck the landlord, remember?”


“Don’t talk to me you whoremonger.” She rummaged through her clothes looking for something to wear.

“You aren’t a whore.” He cajoled getting up to come over to her.

“Oh yes I am. You have made me one. So I’ll be your whore. Just wait and see.” She found the dress she was looking for and walked to the bathroom.

“Nina wait. Come talk to me.”

She turned to look at him. He was very good looking, thin and naturally muscular. His face still made her belly flip but now he just looked evil to her.

“I’m busy. Fuck off.” She closed the door in his face and dressed.

Using his phone once more she made some other phone calls for a while. These ones felt far less humiliating and more empowering.

Time crept on as she hid in the bathroom. At one point Konstantin knocked asking to use the toilet. She told him to go piss someplace else. And after a time she heard him leave.

In the moments she knew he would be gone she ran out into the living area and tidied up the bed and floor. Then when she heard him on the stairs ran back to the bathroom before he re-entered.

After an eternity she heard a knock at the apartment door. Konstantin answered and Nina heard Sorin’s voice.

Nina pulled up her dress and began to finger her pussy, trying to get herself aroused for what was going to happen. Bit by bit she put on a character, that of a sexually charged, licentious woman.

When Konstantin knocked on the bathroom door she had her character in place. Unlocking the door she stepped into the living area. She wore her hair long and brushed to a luxurious shine. Her makeup was shadowy and sultry like she were going to a formal event. She wore a tight black dress of stretchy materiel that clung to ever tight curve of her delicate frame.

“Hello Sorin.” She smiled. “I’m so glad you came.”

Nina went to the man, who was in his fifties with a thick beard trimmed to a point far from his chin. She hugged him and kissed him deeply on the lips enjoying the feel of his soft, dense beard.

“Um, thank you.” He stuttered. “Konstantin told you about the rent?”

“He did. I apologize. You know I had nothing to do with it. He is a loser who can’t write, keep a job or even take care of his pathetic self. You shouldn’t have to feel awkward because he is a child who knows nothing.”

Konstantin flinched but said nothing.

“Listen if this is a problem…”

“No. Its fine Sorin. I want to do this.” Deep in character, acting for only Sorin she continued. “I want to have you. I have lusted after you for ages. I haven’t been close to satisfied sexually by that eunuch. His tiny cock can’t reach the places I need.” Nina looked deep into Sorin’s eyes letting her words be for him, ignoring Konstantin swearing under his breath.

“But Sorin, I’m so horny that I asked some others to join us, I hope you don’t mind.” The men exchanged a look between them but Nina just went to the door and opened it to the hallway, leaving it wide.

“What are you doing Nina?” Konstantin asked.

“I’m clearing all your debts for you baby.” Nina called out into the hall. “Medvedenko, Ilya Dr. Dorn please here.” The sound of feet in the hall answered her and she stepped back allowing them to enter filling the tiny living room.

Closing the door Nina addressed the assemblage.

“My friends I am so glad you came. I apologize for how strange this is but I find that my boyfriend is too pathetic to be able to pay his debts and has offered my body as payment.” Ignoring the baffled looks toward Konstantin Nina went to the men and began to run her hands over their bodies feeling muscles and stroking faces.

“I will therefore fuck each of you until you feel the debt to be paid off.” She grabbed Medvedenko by the cock as she passed and felt him stiffening. “This one night only I am his whore. You may do to me anything you would do to a whore. I can deny you nothing. I am yours to use because he is too selfish to pay bills.” She was now beside Dorn who looked unimpressed but Nina kissed his neck and fondled his cock and he didn’t protest.

“Also he is such a useless lover I am actually excited to feel a real man fuck me. It’s been too long.” Nina stood in the centre of the men and did a pirouette for them. “Is it a deal gentlemen? Will you fuck me to erase our debt to you?”

Konstantin stepped forward. “Stop. This wasn’t what I had in mind.”

“Ignore him. He is embarrassed by how much of a slut I am.” She giggled a little girl laugh. “I never told him I am a nymphomaniac. I can’t get enough cock. His is so small I couldn’t bring myself to tell him.” She groped Ilya’s already hard and impressive cock through his overalls and he groaned happily.

“Do we have a deal guys?” she asked once more.

They all nodded, even Dr. Dorn.

“Great. So all that remains is for Konstantin to leave.”

“What?” He gaped.

“You will never see me naked again. I’m never going to be with you again. In this life or any other. You sold me. I’m not your anymore.”

“No. Nina I’m sorry. I’ll change. I won’t let you do this.”

“Hey guys. He is trying to stop us. He doesn’t want me to fuck you anymore. But I am wet for you. Will someone please make him leave so we can get on with the orgy?”

Immediately Sorin and Ilya went to Konstantin and grabbed his arms.

“Get out.” Sorin gritted.

Ilya was by far the biggest man in the room and his grip was tight on Konstantin’s arm. “You will leave. Now.” He pushed Konstantin to the door and out into the hall. The last thing Konstantin saw was Nina going to her knees on the floor in front of Dr. Dorn as she unzipped his fly.

When the men closed and locked the door they turned and Nina told them to pull out their cocks.

At once she began to suck the closest erection. One by one she took their hard-ons into her mouth and sucked them deeply into her throat.

Spending a few moments on each man she worked them over and got herself more and more aroused. Nina had always enjoyed sucking a lover’s cock and she found this wasn’t too bad either. There was something fascinating about the feel of a boner humping into her mouth.

Delving into the character of this woman who loved sex, this nymphomaniac she had created, Nina sucked faster and faster moving from cock to cock in an increasingly frantic state. The men that she wasn’t sucking used her hands to stroke their cocks and waited to be sucked.

Each cock was different. Dorn was thick and long, around six or seven inches. He was uncircumcised and his balls were huge. Medvedenko was tiny, around four inches. Sorin was long and thin, maybe a bit longer than Dorn but thinner. Lean like his body.

Soon all thoughts of why she was doing this and whose fault it was left her. All she could think about was the feeling of cocks touching her mouth, face, filling her hands and how horny this made her.

The men began to grope her body and immediately she needed to be naked. Lifting her arms she let them peel the dress from her body exposing her total nudity underneath. Ilya, with his pants still done up, groaned and dropped to his knees to suck on her breast. As he took her nipple in Nina whimpered from a sudden, deep yearning to be taken, used and defiled by these men.

Dr. Dorn began to grope her other breast making her groan with desire. Grabbing Medvedenko’s tiny cock she took him into her mouth greedy for the feel of manhood.

Even as she ran her tongue all over his shaft and kissed his knob she realized why he was so bitter. His cock was short and not that plump. He easily had the smallest cock here. He was probably angry about that.

So in the spirit of giving total pleasure to her lovers Nina lavished him with affection.

Licking his balls she moaned and squirmed as the other men kneaded and suckled her breasts. Stroking Medvedenko with her hands she bathed his balls adoringly, her character a woman who worshiped men’s cocks more than anything else in the world. A woman born to please.

Is this who you want me to be Konstantin? Is this how you see women? Abject, on their knees? Serving whomever desires her? Does it please you to see me so humiliated? Because I am fucking loving this you asshole.

Someone started fingering her pussy and Nina grunted her pleasure. Sudden sparks of painful delight ignited along her nerves where a finger rubbed her clitoris. She sucked harder and faster on Medvedenko to distract herself from the intensity of the bliss in her clit.

Needing more diversion Nina switched to sucking Sorin who stood beside her. He was stroking his cock with her hand until she took over and sucked him deep into her mouth. With her other hand she continued to jerk Medvedenko while moving her hips as she humped them seeking to control the stimulation she was getting on her clit.

Ilya left her breast and stopped his delightful diddling of her pussy. He dropped to the floor to begin sucking on her pussy. His big hands pulled her hips down until her thighs slid wider and her pussy dropped fully onto his mouth.

The pleasure from before intensified and Nina gasped pitifully as a sharp spike of extreme longing stabbed into her pussy. Opening wide her vagina begged to be filled. The void inside begged to be crammed full of any one of these cocks.

With a mouthful of manhood she still wanted more. Was this the character or was this really Nina desperately craving more and more cock? Nina had never been so aroused, had never felt so desired nor so stimulated. This was already the best sexual experience of her life.

Dr. Dorn stood, abandoning her breasts, aiming his cock at her face. Stroking her cheek with his erection he said “My turn.”

Nina switched to sucking Dorn, his long cock pushing deep into her mouth to the back of her throat. Sorin rubbed his dripping wet cock over her face smearing her own saliva on her skin. On the other side Medvedenko began to do the same. Her hand, no longer able to stroke him, groped underneath to fondle his balls.

Dorn took her head in his hands as he stood in the middle of the pack. He used his grip to guide Nina urging her to suck one cock after another. His grip pushed her head to Medvedenko, then himself, then to Sorin and back to Medvedenko.

Over and over she took all their cocks one by one into her mouth and slavered over them greedily until Dorn made her switch to another. Nina loved the helplessness of it. She was merely a vessel for them to insert their cocks into for pleasuring. She had never been so depraved and it felt amazing emotionally and physically.

Still Ilya lapped at her sex hungrily. He was good and his intensity and thoroughness were making her approach orgasm. Her pussy felt like a faucet wide open and running.

Drool fell from her mouth each time Dorn moved her head from one cock to another. Her entire front became spattered with spittle and she relished the head to toe wetness. It felt salacious and sensual to be spilling everywhere heedlessly.

Medvedenko took control of her head from Dorn and he began to grind his whole length along her cheek, pressing his shaft and balls along her slippery skin. For a few moments he fucked up and down long her face then he shuddered a few times and spilled his sperm down her cheek coating it in his hot cum.

Immediately Nina climaxed. The intensity of Medvedenko’s orgasm as he fucked her face spurred her on. The sordid thrill of this unconventional method of getting off induced ecstasy.

As Ilya fucked her with his mouth she twitched and shook from pure delight. Sperm trickled down her face and Medvedenko still humped her cheek as they both climaxed.

The other two men jerked off with their knobs so close to her that they bumped her with their tips. Her orgasm went on and on.

When Medvedenko was finished he stepped back and Dorn crammed himself into her mouth, once more holding her head. He drove into her face hard, hurting her throat a bit until she opened and relaxed so he could slip deep. She gagged and he pulled out. When she gasped in some air he then drove back into her. Ready this time she didn’t get hurt, but having him so deep made her gag once more and tears leaked form her eyes.

Nina would never let a lover do this to her but in this character’s reality these men were her tricks. She was a whore and she owed them money. They could do anything they wanted to do to her, she was helpless to resist.

Ilya continued to make her cum as she gagged on Dorn. Then the Doctor abruptly shot his load into her mouth almost making her choke on his thick spunk. The flavor of sperm filled her senses as she swallowed the viscous deposit.

This intensified her own climax and Nina felt weak and scattered by the amount of pleasure her body was experiencing. Her mind was swirling with sensation as cum dribbled down her cheek and filled her mouth. Her body quivered with an endless orgasmic assault.

Nina had never enjoyed the taste of sperm more. She could take or leave it usually but right now, perhaps because of her character, she devoured it happily, savouring the pungent flavor like it was ambrosia.

When Dorn could take no more of her writhing tongue lashing him, urging him to give her more jism, he pulled away. Immediately her open mouth was filled by Sorin. His grip on her head was insistent.

“Go on hands and knees.” He hissed as he pulled her head toward him until he could kneel down, pulling her forward until she was in the position he wanted..

Ilya scrambled out from under her as Sorin began to fuck her mouth earnestly, his hands wrapped around her throat gently but insistently. Nina loved the lewd position she was in; ass out, her slit exposed and sopping, her face being crammed full of cock.

In a moment she felt Ilya move up close behind her and his fingers spread her pussy wide. At last she was going to be fucked. The anticipation was nearly unbearable she want so badly to have a cock inside.

“Would you look at that?” Medvedenko said his voice holding a mix of awe and disgust that made Nina want to turn and look. Sorin held her throat so she didn’t look but she felt Ilya pressing his cock to her pussy lips.

The pressure was nice and she opened herself to him but he was having trouble. Nina relaxed her insides as she felt herself stretched wide by his knob. Then she felt uncomfortable as her little inner ring was forced to stretch for him.

The pleasure of being entered was becoming the pain of being stretched too wide. Pulling back her head she stopped sucking Sorin and turned to look at Ilya’s prick. Over her smooth little bum she saw the big man holding himself and aiming it at her opening.

Reaching back she grabbed him and felt the fattest cock she had ever encountered. Her fingers didn’t come close to wrapping around him. Moving, she pulled away and revealed his cock to her eyes.

Nina was looking at a member around eight inches long, but thicker than her forearm. It was fatter than any cock she had ever seen even on the internet. It immediately made her salivate. Crawling over she took it between her lips and forced the huge head past her teeth and into her mouth. It barely fit and she could only suck on the knob, it was too big to get into the back of her mouth.

As she tried to work it deeper someone, presumable Sorin who would have been closest, began to push his cock into her pussy. As she drooled over Ilya Nina began to cum once more as she was finally filled with hard cock.

Nina was so ready to be fucked that Sorin was able to shove all of his length as deeply into her as he could. Taking him deep she exploded, gasping her delight over the huge knob in her mouth.

With cum staining her face and on all fours shamelessly Nina grunted as two men fucked her from either end. Nina felt utterly fulfilled being stuffed with so much cock. She was gratified to have her appetite so well catered to.

For a deliciously long time the two men fucked her like that. In the helpless throes of a powerful orgasm, her jaw was slack and hanging, her lips lightly caressing Ilya while her tongue held still as he slid his knob in and out of her wet grip. Sorin gripped her ass and fucked her long and deep, his stokes slow and achingly arousing.

Nina trembled as her body sought both release and reprieve. Her nerves were jittery and she periodically spasmed as her body shorted out with delight. The orgasm went on and on.

Then Sorin began to shudder and his stoked shortened and became irregular. Desperate for his cum Nina took over the pace and depth of their fucking. Some primal animal in her powered through the debilitating orgasm and humped back over Sorin’s cock pounding herself with his erection.

Sorin’s hands tightened on her ass hurting in a keen, enticing way. Then with a low growl in his throat Sorin began to shove himself into her, pounding his cock up against her cervix making her climax harder still.

Sorin began jetting his jism deeply inside her, the warmth invading her body and making her core clench with fervid hunger. Over and over her body squeezed his cock milking him for his cum.

Her lips hollowed into a tube as she fought for air around the pole in her mouth. The assault of her orgasm took her breath away and Nina moaned a long series of “Oooh” sounds as each spasm of her core forced air from her lungs.

This was barely pleasure. The extremity of her orgasm was so great every muscle on her body stood out with the strain. Her entire being was clenching and squeezing trying to prolong this moment and wring every sperm from the very depths of Sorin’s balls.

When his orgasm finished Sorin wrenched out of her clasp and moved away while her orgasm still pulsed throughout her frame. Nina fell to the floor letting the mammoth schlong fall from between her lips as she collapsed with fatigue. This climax shook her as she flopped deliriously on to her back, her limbs akimbo displaying everything to the assembled men.

After a time her body stopped throbbing with rapture and Nina opened her eyes and looked around. Ilya was positioned between her legs, which he had wrapped around his hips. His enormous pecker was in hand and aimed at her glistening wet pussy.

Not sure if she could take it she mewled feebly in her throat. She didn’t know if she could accommodate that much manhood inside her tiny hole. Nor did she know if she could withstand the power of the orgasms she thought she would have if he did actually get it in her.

But Nina was too weak to protest, too groggy from the mix of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins her brain was swimming in. Ilya leaned forward and began to force his mighty tool between her gaping lips.

The copious fluids seeping out of her helped immeasurably to ease Ilya inside. Having already been fucked was a factor as well as her languid, pliable state. Ilya stretched her wide open with his knob and then popped through her entrance making her gasp and begin to cum once more.

This climax was feeble, more a shiver for a few seconds, then it abated. When Ilya thrust further in another shiver quaked along her limbs and clenched her tummy. Then he pressed deeper and she began to cum in earnest. Her body writhed with euphoria as she was opened wider than she had ever been.

Ilya began to fuck her rhythmically, easing the first few inches of his huge member in and out of Nina’s grasping cunt.

Howling one continuous wail Nina froze; every muscle ridged and immobile as a climax of stunning proportions paralyzed her. Ilya continued to fuck her with no more than half his cock but it was more than she could take.

Intense heat flared from her clit ravishing her nervous system with more purely erotic sensation than her brain could process. Like a deluge total carnal bliss washed away her identity, her sense of self or place in the cosmos. Nina was a small point of awareness in the middle of an exploding star. Light, heat and energy powerful enough to warp time and space ravished her body and annihilated ever atom.

Then she gasped a lungful of air and was pulled back into her body abruptly. Terrifyingly disoriented she looked down and saw all but two inches of Ilya’s fabulous cock wedged between her thinly stretched labia.

He pulled back, hollowing her out and she gasped in another lungful of air as she felt scrapped clean by the passing of his knob out of her flesh. Devoid of him she sighed as her overwrought nerves had a moment of reprieve.

Then once more he invaded her and she again exploded in a soul shattering orgasm.

This time she remained in the room and not spread throughout the galaxy. She watched through weeping eyes as her tummy distended from his cock displacing her insides. The electric burn of her vagina being stretched more than ever in her life flipped between intense pain and the glowing heat of pleasure.

It was a relief when Ilya started to fuck her more shallowly and quickly. The heat of friction made her pussy tingle and she shook with rapid multiple orgasms.

Then Ilya pulled out shocking her and he lunged to her face beginning to spray sperm all over her features. Nina opened her mouth and closed her eyes with shock as Ilya painted her face with his hot spunk.

Nina had always denied Konstantin this smutty finish to sex even though he had often begged her to let him cum on her face. Nina had always felt that it was humiliating. It was symbolic of his disregard for her. She was a tissue to be spilled on and thrown away. She had always said “No.”

Now with a load already staining her cheek she relished being defiled by the abundant, wet load of Ilya’s huge balls. It seared her flesh like a perverted benediction. It bathed her in its repugnant glory. Baptized in a debasing rain she writhed with delight to be exploited thoroughly by this perfect cock.

His load spattered across her forehead, nose, lips, cheeks, neck and chest. Tiny droplets cascaded everywhere as he violently masturbated over her. Nina rubbed both hands on her pussy prolonging her orgasm as she was showered in sperm.

When Ilya finished Nina collapsed on the floor utterly spent.

But the men weren’t done with her. They talked among themselves, their words too indistinct to pierce the fog of delight enveloping her mind. Manipulating her limp form they positioned her like a rag doll, lifting limbs here and rolling her there while she flopped weakly unable to help or hinder.

They put her on top of Medvedenko, facing up, and he shoved his tiny cock into her tight sphincter. Nina whimpered with pain and denial as her anus was assaulted for the first time.

Then she reminded her character. She was a whore with no say in what happened to her. She had told them that. So she gave herself to them fully, relaxing and allowing her asshole to be pierced with cock for the very first time.

Once the thick bulb of his cockhead was past her tight ring Nina felt growing pleasure as heat burned in her stretching flesh. Gasping she accepted his insertion and soon he was crammed all the way inside.

Nina was surprised at how good it felt to have her bum filled. It seemed lewd and filthy. There was a fear of pooping as Medvedenko pulled out. It felt as if she were shitting a huge turd but then he reversed direction and the invasion felt strange and wonderful.

Even as she was beginning to like having her ass fucked Dr. Dorn knelt over her face, legs straddling her head, and he pushed his semi-erect cock between her lips. Immediately Nina began to suck on his prick happy to be of service.

As the men moved in and out of her Nina regained some energy as lust began to bring her back from the dozy post-orgasmic state she had been in. Then she gasped as she felt someone else moving between her legs.

As this new penis pressed into her tender pussy Nina recognized that it couldn’t be Ilya because of the size. Which left Sorin. She was now being fucked by three men. Three men she never would have thought to have sex with before this evening.

Lost in the overwhelming sensation of three different cocks sliding in and out of her Nina felt yet another orgasm building in her trembling body. Was it possible that she was being fucked by three different men at the same time?

Nina felt utterly crammed full with cock. She was too weak to keep her weight off Medvedenko and she was being pressed down by Sorin so the little teacher couldn’t move much inside her ass. The rocking motion Sorin and Dorn were providing as they fucked her was more than enough to ensure she slide up and down that tiny cock at least a little.

Something instinctive began to happen. The men all began to synch up their movements. Before long all three were shoving into her at the same time. In a pounding rhythm Nina found herself packed with penis.

Each of her holes was stuffed with cock. The pressure in her body felt enormous and the humiliating spectacle she knew she presented was no match for the profound eroticism of this moment. Nina was the star of her own porn, an actress with an audience. Part of her gave over all her talent and desire to please to the role of a total slut. And it felt wonderful.

Her climax began then. One among many. It started in her ass of all places but it quickly spread to her clit, g-spot and then outward along ever limb. Gasping and moaning around Dorn’s knob she came in waves. Ripples of pleasure washed over her in arrhythmic spasms.

The men felt her clench and swallow hard as her body was wracked by utter delight. The powerful force of sensual assault left her vibrating. As they continued to exploit her body Nina quaked with multiple orgasms that robbed her of the power to participate in her ravishment.

Bliss cloaked her mind with a blanket. Relaxed and loose she was open to even deeper penetration by all three cocks. Dorn pressed down deep into her throat and back out, letting her breathe. Sorin shoved himself deep into her pussy bumping her cervix and jolting her with even more intense pleasure. Medvedenko took the suddenly relaxation as his cue to thrust up and in, pushing his entire four inches as far into her bum as he could.

This went on for a few more moments and then Nina’s climax changed yet again. Once more she tensed up tight as the pleasure she felt reached a point past which her body felt too much to sit still for. She clenched and twitched seeking release from the white hot intensity of her climax.

Her release came in the oddest of ways. Dorn began to cum in her mouth. He was far back and she choked, spitting him violently out and his ejaculation began to spurt all over her face and neck as she lay helplessly on top of Medvedenko.

Medvedenko cried out as spit and sperm landed on his face below her. Dorn began to jack off over her face and spill himself onto her forehead and cheeks. Nina caught her breath just as Dorn was finishing his orgasm. Medvedenko was furious, violent after his embarrassment he tried to get up.

“Let me up. Move off me.” He exclaimed and Sorin pulled out of Nina shocking her.

Medvedenko rolled her off his belly and she spilled weakly to the floor on unsteady limbs. Pushing herself up on all floors Nina tried to remember how to move when Medvedenko lifted her head by her hair and shoved his stained cock into her mouth.

Gagging on the filthy taste of his cock with faeces on it, Nina tried to get away while he gripped her tight, pulling her hair and fucking her face. It didn’t last long, thankfully. Medvedenko pulled out and furiously pounded his pecker.

As Nina spat out the foul taste in her mouth Medvedenko pulled her hair tilting her face up so he could cum on her.

“There it is you slut. There it is. This is what you deserve.” He spurted his load across her face and into her hair. “You slut. You fucking whore.” Over and over he cursed at her, his words married to the jets of his sperm landing on her beautiful face

Then he forced his cock back into her mouth and Nina, having heard the magic word Whore, returned to her role and cleaned his stained member with her obliging mouth. Lapping at him she bathed his short length with her reluctant tongue.

Immersed in the role Nina debased herself happily. Knowing that she was in part doing this to hurt Konstantin she was more willing to engage in this repellent act. It made it more sexually charged somehow.

It gave her permission to be as perverted as she could. Her conscience simply blamed Konstantin for the degenerate things she actually wanted to do deep inside.

Lowering her mouth from Medvedenko’s knob she lapped his balls lewdly looking him right in the eye letting him see her acceptance of his abuse. Showing him she was willing to be spoken to like a whore she licked lower and began to clean his asshole with her worthless tongue.

The nerdy teacher squatted over her face giving her more access to his bung hole. Nina licked him clean as cum dribbled down her face and his balls pressed down onto her nose.

This was the most mortifying experience of her life. On all fours she licked a man’s ass, a man she had always felt to be her inferior, while his jism drizzled down her face.

Then to make it more vulgar Sorin once more fitted his manhood into her slit and began to fuck her upturned, eager pussy.

Medvedenko staggered away, finished with her. Sorin hammered into her making her whimper with pain filled pleasure. Nina spat out lint and other matter she didn’t care to think about as she winced from how hard Sorin was driving himself into her tender little pussy.

Before it got too bad Sorin pulled out and moved to her face. Kneeling, ready to receive another disgrace Nina tilted back her face and held out her tongue for his load. Sorin jerked off while pressing his knob on her outstretched tongue.

When he erupted his cum went right across her tongue and into her mouth. Then he began to aim his spurts around her face, making sure to spray all over her visage. Accepting her befoulment with humility Nina knelt before him patiently as Sorin squeezed every drop of his seed onto her skin.

When Sorin drifted away Nina felt fatigue settle into her body. Feeling faint from her ordeal she scrambled to the bed and flopped down on it spread eagle on her back. Not caring if the men stared at her nudity she felt utterly bare before them having allowed them to taint her totally with their defilement.

But she had forgotten something. Someone.

Nina saw a shadow block the light and opened her eyes.

Ilya was standing over her with his huge erection in his hand.

“I’m not finished Nina.”

Stunned she lay unmoving as he crawled up onto the bed between her legs and proceeded to aim his enormous cock at her abused slot once more. Nina lay passively, too tired to protest, trembling with the afterglow of more orgasms than she had ever had in such a short amount of time.

Ilya pressed his hot knob to her slick opening and eased the tip between her swollen lips. His cock looked to be the size of her calf. Sprawled weakly on the bed she tried to relax and accept him inside once more.

As his massive member pried her open Nina felt the pleasure of being opened, the heat of being stretched wide, then the searing intensity of his huge knob opening her raw pussy as wide as possible.

Fascinated, she saw her tiny lips spread endlessly around him and her petite body accepting that mammoth tube of meat. When his cockhead popped past her outer ring of muscle Nina felt relief. When she saw his pole disappear inside and her flat tummy bulge where he filled her she began to climax.

More and more Ilya fed his mighty tool into her churning insides. Nina’s climax was powerful but her body was too weak to be tense. Feebly she lay supine, panting, as she allowed him to stuff as much of himself into her tiny body as he could.

When he felt resistance and saw her wincing with pain Ilya pulled out. His knob scraped the sensitive skin of her vagina driving her wild with stimulation. It hurt but it was the best kind of hurt imaginable.

This was the hurt of total satisfaction.

When Ilya pressed back into her Nina found herself trembling with lust. Her orgasm intensified and she reached up for his arms as an anchor to keep her from passing out.

Then he pulled back and she enjoyed feeling hollow and desolate because she knew soon he would fill her up once more. When he did Nina felt a spasm of sharp hunger. Nina wanted all of Ilya, not just the meagre amount of him she took earlier in the evening. Nina needed to be filled by him… all of him.

Spreading her legs wider she held herself open for him.

“Come on fuck me. Fill me up big man. I want it all.” she urged. “Do it. Fuck me hard.”

Ilya grunted and thrust deeper making her gasp as places inside were expanded wider than ever before. Clenching shut her eyes Nina focused on opening herself for him. Sweating and moaning she held her legs open with her hands and bent her will to relaxing her pussy for him.

Over and over Ilya shoved himself deep into Nina and she whined and mewled her need, begging him to fill her with all of himself.

“More. I want it all. Please!”

Nina’s firm flat tummy was distended with the amount of cock crammed inside. Whimpering she shook from head to toe with spasms of orgasmic anguish. With each of Ilya’s lunges into her Nina pried open her eyes to see how much of him remained outside her clasping pussy.

Inch after inch she accommodating more of his girth inside her overtaxed vagina but he still had two inches of mammoth shaft left to cram inside. Tears seeped from her eyes as frustration and discomfort mixed with the overwhelming tension of her continuous climax.

“Don’t stop Ilya. Do not stop until it’s all inside me.” She hissed.

Obediently Ilya shoved forward deeper into her tightness and Nina lost herself in merciless bliss. Falling back on the bed she began to quake with the most violent orgasm yet. Her exhausted body vibrated violently from head to toe as Nina lost herself in exquisite torment.

Painfully aware of what Ilya was doing Nina was helpless to pull her mind form the lacerating loop of pain/pleasure she was on. Her body converted the sting of being stretched into the lash of delight as fast as it could but periodically her brain couldn’t make the switch fast enough and pain flared in her core making her cry out with distress.

Then eventually the obsession to take satisfaction from her abuse would take over and transform what seemed unbearable and exploitative into something ecstatic and amazing. When this happened her mind would thrill with the delight she achieved bliss in the midst of defilement.

Prying open her eyes once more she saw that all of Ilya’s cock was now wedged inside her tiny body. In the brief glimpse she took of his belly pressed to her shaved mound, her lips stretched wide, her belly bulging with his girth Nina gasped and exploded in profound rapture.

Darkness enveloped her mind and Nina saw nothing. Feeling only tingling needles of ecstasy stabbing into her body from every nerve in her overwrought sex she blindly fell into the deepest layers of pleasure.

Time was meaningless and the world a distant memory as her cunt was pierced exquisitely with throbbing delight. Hands groped her breasts enriching her orgasm with more stimulation. This goaded her further. Nina followed the pleasure and chased the nightmare of hedonistic gratification down into the darkest part of her soul.

Deep inside where she had never looked Nina found a part of herself she hadn’t known existed. This vile part of her reveled in her repugnant behaviour. It had long wanted her to explore this side of herself. The darkness relished being the plaything of these men. The grasping, insatiable demon inside wanted more depravity, more humiliation.

Nina looked deep inside herself at this creature she found and chose then to reject it. There was no love here, no compassion. Nina was a being of light and love which was why Konstantin’s betrayal had hurt so much. It was his actions that had driven her to this sordid place.

In the midst of the most powerful orgasm of her live Nina faced her darkest self and shunned it. This one night she would indulge it and take pleasure from her abuse, urging it on, but after this there was no more need to challenge her sanity with self-abuse.

Nina found she was stronger than she thought and that she was not broken by her humiliation. Rather she found it liberating to know she could defile herself utterly and come out of it stronger for having done so.

Opening her eyes she was just in time to witness the next part of her journey.

Ilya wrenched himself from her gaping slot and spilled a huge load of sperm onto her heaving stomach. Gouts of thick jism spilled onto her soft skin, pooling in her tiny belly button and splashing over her abdominals.

Quaking with the aftershocks of euphoria Nina watched dispassionately as the big man sully her beautiful body with his seed. After her own climax and the discovery of her inner demon she no longer cared about what these men thought or did.

Stained from top to bottom in sperm Nina lay back on the bed contentedly. They had given her everything they had and she was whole and safe in the end. They had tried to take everything from her pillaging the beauty of her form but never touching the steel of her being.

Smiling contentedly Nina watched them dress as she sprawled uncaring. They looked at her, besmirched and soiled. Whatever they thought of her matter no more than the passing of the wind. Nina was free. She had saved her travel money and taken more abuse than she imagined she would have to face in a strange, scary, new city.

The men all took a moment to study her one last time as they passed out the door. In the hall Konstantin peered passed them as they left trying to see her on the bed.

Nina forced her fatigued body to rise and go to the door as Ilya, the last to leave, reached the exit. Damp and glistening from sweat and sperm Nina pushed the door closed behind Ilya not giving Konstantin the satisfaction of seeing her so utterly desecrated.

His eyes tried to find hers to beseech her forgiveness but that door, as well as the physical one to their apartment, was closed to him forever.

Nina locked it and went to the shower to wash off her humiliation but her soul was already becoming clean. By the time she was finished scrubbing the taint from her skin Nina felt happy and sleepy.

She went to bed and dreamed of the other phone calls she had made with Konstantin’s phone. Her trip to Moscow was booked for three days from now. Soon she would be where she was meant to be.

That had been the best and worse experience of her life and she would never forget being so wonderfully, satisfyingly fucked.

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