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Intimate Internet Encounter

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‘Take your hand and lift your skirt just a little higher, there’s a good girl.’ Megan sat back to watch me, smiling when she saw me hesitate and blush. ‘You told me you wanted to be controlled, made to do things, just surrender to me and do what I tell you, Josie.’

I took a deep breath feeling tingles of anticipation, lust and embarrassment running through me. This was exactly what I wanted, but the old feelings of wickedness and embarrassment battled with me to stop and leave. I lifted my skirt just a little higher, watching Megan as her eyes were drawn to my tiny lace knickers. ‘Yes Megan, this is … ‘ but I was interrupted.

‘Yes, Mistress Megan, Josie. Play the game like a good girl and call me Mistress Megan.’ Megan crossed her legs, allowing her black dress to slide down her legs to reveal the tops of her sheer black stockings. I felt my pussy getting wet and the blush came back as I stood in front of my beautiful mistress, ready to pose for her however she wished.

I had met Megan over the Internet at a lesbian chat site earlier that day. It was the first time I had been to a site like that, the first time I had admitted to myself that I was really a lesbian. I had started off chatting to a couple of girls, one in America and the other in the UK when Megan came onto the site saying she had seen my profile and saw I was living in Amsterdam the same as her. We chatted privately for a while and of course the conversation got around to sex. I admitted that I fantasised a lot about being controled by a kind but firm mistress who would make me do all kinds of things.

I would have to dress just as she told me and do whatever she told me. I was getting very turned on chatting like this over the computer, admitting my deepest secrets to a stranger, and Megan said she was also getting excited and suggested we ‘play’ a little more over the net. I was confused until she told me she would tell me what to do and I would just have to do it.

‘Alright Josie?’

‘Ok,’ I replied. It sounded strange, but fun, especially as I was feeling so horny. Her next question surprised me.

‘Do you have any short skirts? I mean the type a schoolgirl might wear – Ideally a little plaid skirt. My fantasy would be you dressed as my very naughty schoolgirl.’

I thought about it for a moment. She wasn’t actually going to see me but I wanted to play along properly. I had a navy blue hockey skirt from my schooldays, which would be smaller on me now. Not that I was big, far from it, but I left school ten years ago and well, a girl grows up. My bum was a little rounder and my breasts were now a C cup rather than the B cup that they once were. I began typing back.

‘Sure I have a skirt. It’s navy blue and pleated. Do you really want me to dress as a schoolgirl? (giggles) what else a white blouse and little white socks? I feel silly but, ok, I’m also feeling really turned on!’ A few moments later ‘…. Are you there? Josie? … hellooooo Josie? …’ Megan was getting anxious waiting for me, but I was looking through my drawers and wardrobe, I wanted to get this right. I took out the hockey skirt and blouse and put them on the desk. I was then looking for a little pair of white socks when I noticed the computer screen.

‘…Josie, I want black stockings and a suspender belt, not socks …. Hello? Josie? …

I sat down and typed back. ‘You want me to wear black stockings, Megan? Ok and black knickers and bra as well, Yes?’

‘Oh yes, that sounds delicious and Josie, please call me Mistress Megan, just so we know who’s boss ok?’

I smiled as I saw this, my hand reaching up to brush and pinch an already erect nipple through the long T-shirt I was wearing. ‘Yes Mistress Megan,’ I typed back. I pulled off my T-shirt, I was naked underneath. I stood up looked at myself in the long mirror of my dressing room door and felt myself get even wetter, you naughty girl, I though as I gazed at my reflection. I pulled out a pair of my sexiest black lace knickers and put them on, pulling them high on my thigh and enjoying the feel as the g-string parted the cheeks of my bottom. I followed with the matching bra then started searching for my stockings. I knew I had some, but I didn’t wear stockings very often and it took me a little time to find them and put them on, enjoying the feel as I pulled the sheer material up my legs clipping the tops to my suspender belt.

‘…are you ready yet?….Josie?…’ Megan, oops I mean Mistress Megan was getting impatient again.

‘Nearly,’ I typed back. I pulled on the blouse and had trouble with a tie I had found. It had diagonal stripes and I wondered for a moment just where I had got it from, It looked the part for this outfit anyhow. I smiled as I pulled on the skirt and rearranged myself before slipping on a pair of black heals I rarely wore.

I quickly found some deep red lipstick and spent some time on my make-up then, I grabbed some red nail varnish, walked back to my desk and sat down at the computer again. I was feeling really naughty and sexy as I started to type. ‘Ready Mistress Megan!’ I started to paint my nails.

She responded immediately, ‘what are you wearing? Describe yourself starting from your age and hair. I am going to play with my pussy while you’re doing it so please be as sexy as possible.

‘Yes Mistress,’ Sexy? Ok I can do sexy, I thought. ‘I’m 28 and have long curly chestnut brown hair and green eyes. I’m 179cm tall which is about 5’10 if you prefer those measurements, but I’m taller in the heals I’m wearing (giggle)’

‘You’re wearing heals? Hmmm sexy girl, I wish I could see you.’

‘Yes of course I’m wearing heals Mistress, I just want to please you as much as possible.’ I was starting to get into this. ‘My measurements are 35C – 26 – 36 and have long sexy legs that look great in the stockings I’m wearing for you.’

‘Go on …’

‘I have a crisp white blouse on buttoned at the neck and cuffs, and a very short blue pleated skirt that comes to my stocking tops when I stand up.’ I stood and looked at my reflection in the mirror, I really did look sexy. I had folded the top of the skirt over to make it shorter and I felt my pussy dampen even more as I looked at myself. I blushed. ‘Slut,’ I told my reflection then turned my attention back to the screen.

‘Put your hair in plaits. Do you have any makeup on?’

‘Red lipstick, and more make-up than I would normally wear. I’m painting my nails with red nail varnish between typing to you, Mistress.’

‘Plait your hair, make sure you really are wearing more makeup than any good schoolgirl should wear, then come and see me.’

I looked at the screen. ‘Come and see you? Really?’

‘Yes really, come to my apartment and we can have so much fun. We both live in Amsterdam so just get a taxi.’ Megan gave typed out an address and I stood staring at the screen. This was just a game on the Internet right? All of a sudden it was getting much more serious and I didn’t even know her.

I typed franticly, telling her this, then following her instructions called the number she gave me. A warm sexy female voice answered and asked me if I had wet knickers yet, then giggled. We talked for a little while and she didn’t have to try too hard to convince me so I phoned for a taxi, put on a long coat, so I didn’t give the taxi driver a thrill, and went down the stairs to wait. The Taxi drove for a while through the streets of Amsterdam, a thousand feelings running through me. I put my hand under my coat to feel how wet my knickers were … well they were wet but not too bad. The Taxi stopped outside a modern block in the north of Amsterdam and I paid and got out, clutching my coat around me.

As the taxi drove off I could hear my heart beating loud in my ears. What was I doing here? I was dressed under my coat as a slutty schoolgirl, and was going to meet a girl I had never seen, calling herself Mistress Megan!

A woman on a bike rode past breaking me out of my reverie and I felt my feet take me to the door with its row of buttons. I pushed 2A and hearing it buzz inside the building.

‘Hello?’ I listened to the voice from the speaker but couldn’t answer, I pulled on one of my plaits and considered walking away. ‘Hello … Josie? Is that you?’

Oh dear, it’s now or never. ‘Yes, it … it’s me Josie.’ There was a click and the front door opened onto a communal hallway. My heels sounded loud on the tiled floor as I walked to the little lift and I was feeling almost faint as the doors closed on me. When they opened again it was to the smiling face of a very attractive girl, about the same age as me, wearing a very gothic looking black dress. She had long blond hair and very blue eyes and a very nice smile that started to put me at ease immediately. Without saying anything she reached in and took my hand and drew me towards the door to her apartment.

My heart was pounding and I felt flushed and thirsty as I took in my surroundings. It was small and nicely decorated, not cluttered like many apartments seam to be these days. Sitting on a leather couch was another girl and my heart missed a beat. I turned and looked nervously at Megan.

‘This is Gillian, I hope you don’t mind if she plays as well … she likes to watch, can I take your coat?’ I hugged my coat tighter around me and shook my head looking from one girl to the other. Megan laughed. ‘Don’t worry we wont bite you, relax Josie. Your in the middle of your fantasy, just enjoy yourself.’ She smiled and handed me a glass of white wine that I accepted gratefully, drinking half down in one go.

Gillian looked shocked and Megan giggled. ‘Hey slow down, sweetie. Come and sit down.’ Gillian patted the couch next to her and I walked over and sat down, perched on the edge, still clutching my coat but feeling the wine loosen the knot in my stomach a little.

Gillian smiled again, ‘Megan told me of your little chat this morning, she says you want to be told what to do, that you fantasise about it, do you?’ I nodded my head, unable to say anything as Megan walked back in and refilled our glasses.

‘Josie we wont hurt you, we all just want to have fun.’ She leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips. ‘Ok?’

‘I looked into her blue eyes and sighed. ‘Alright …’ I couldn’t say anything else I was so nervous. Megan took my glass from me and sat down next to Gillian.

‘Now stand up and be a good girl Josie, just do as your told and live your fantasy, ok?

I stood up and shaking legs and felt myself nod.’

‘Can’t hear you Josie, will you be a good girl for us?

‘Yes Mistress Megan,’ I stammered, and she giggled.

She reached over to Gillian and they shuffled closer to each other. I watched as they kissed and Megan fondled Gillian’s small breasts. ‘I was still as nervous as hell, but I was starting to get a big thrill out of standing in front of these two very sexy women, dressed the way I was. I was also enjoying the way they kept looking up at me, the anticipation of them playing with me creating a sexual static energy between us.

‘Take your coat off Josie I want to see if you really did dress as I asked.’

Well this was it, I thought and felt my hands come up to start opening the buttons. I was nervous and it wasn’t easy. I could feel the girls watching me and saw them touching each other. Gillian was sliding her hand over Megan’s leg and Megan kept kissing Josie while she fondled her breasts. It was so sexy and I found I couldn’t get my coat off fast enough. At last I managed the last button and the coat slid from my shoulders. I tossed it onto a chair and stood feeling both very sexy and very silly at the same time as both girls looked me over. I tugged at a pigtail, the blue ribbon bow I had tied in the end still in place.

‘Turn your back to us,’ I complied and slowly turned around.

‘Straighten your stockings,’ I looked down and adjusted the tops of my stockings. Then looked back at the two smiling girls, I smiled back at them.

‘Are you having fun, Josie?’ Asked Megan with a smile.

‘Yes Mistress,’ I said still keeping my back to them, ‘I’m a bit nervous but … yes I think I’m having fun.’ I giggled nervously.

‘You’re very beautiful, Josie. You have very sexy legs, they look wonderful in those heals and stockings, and It looks like you have really nice breasts as well, but they’re hiding in your blouse at the moment, we’ll just let them hide until later.’ Megan smiled as I blushed, not used to hearing someone talk about me like that. I turned away from her again.

‘Slowly lift your skirt so we can see your knickers.’

I reached down to the hem of my skirt and lifted it a little as I leaned forward, then let it drop feeling silly.

‘Josie … I didn’t tell you to drop it. Now take your hand and lift your skirt a little higher this time.’ I sensed Megan had edged forward as she said this and glancing back I saw Gillian was now touching her own breasts, she looked up at me smiling. I reached down again and lifted my skirt higher, bending forward a little to offer a better view.

‘Turn back around and hold your skirt Higher Josie, right up … that’s right … and just hold it there.’ I lifted my skirt right up holding the hem with it flared right out and looked down at both girls as they stared at my exposed knickers and stocking tops. ‘Hold still,’ Megan reached out and ran a nail over my suspender, following the line of the silken fabric down to my stocking, then up towards my black lace knickers. The nail slid over the fabric and I gasped as it followed the line of my pussy. She looked up into my eyes. ‘Are you enjoying this Josie?’

‘Yes Mistress Megan,’ I replied softly.

‘Do you feel … naughty?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Do you feel slutty?’

‘Yes Mistress Megan, I do.’ Her fingernail was tracing up and down my pussy. I shave most of my pubic hair away so the touch was very intimate through the thin fabric.

‘Will you do anything I ask, Josie? Are you my slutty schoolgirl plaything?’ her voice was soft and warm and I could tell she was as turned on as I was. Gillian certainly was. Her hand was now in her knickers, her skirt pulled up and her legs spread wide. It made it easier for me when Marion gave me my next command.

‘Turn your back to us again, Josie and bend over. Let me see your bottom.’ I turned around and being sure to keep my legs straight I bent over putting my hands on my knees.

‘A little lower, Josie. Push your bottom out for us … that’s it … now lift your skirt out for us.’ I lifted my skirt and heard Gillian sigh happily. I imagined the site I was presenting to them and felt my pussy moisten more. I felt a light tap on my bottom followed by another on the other side. I had never been spanked before but thought I would probably enjoy it so pushed my bottom out even further holding the skirt as flared as possible. I felt such a slut, I wished she would spank harder which she suddenly did making me gasp.

‘Pull your knickers down to your knees, Josie.’

I didn’t have to think twice, I knew now that I wanted to do anything they asked of me, I wanted Megan to ask me to do the dirtiest things I had ever fantasised over. I pulled my skirt up and onto my back, then felt for the edges of my knickers and slid them down slowly I felt them hold for a moment in the crease of my bottom before they slid past my stocking tops to my knees. I had to spread my legs wider to stop them falling around my ankles which I’m sure was appreciated by my audience. As I resumed my position, pushing out my naked bottom and pussy for their entertainment, I could feel their eyes on me gliding over my wet pussy and anus. I flinched at Megan’s touch, her hand sliding over my bottom then a fingernail slid from the top of my bottom, over my anus, which I felt contract, then down to my wet pussy. I swayed on my feet as the feelings ran through me. I felt a finger toy with my pussy lips then slip into me making me rock on my feet again, I determined to stay where I was until told differently. The finger slid in several times then she withdrew it making me desperate for its return.

‘Stand up and turn around,’ I did as I was told and my knickers slid down around my ankles. Marion was sucking the finger that had been in my pussy and she smiled up at me. ‘Pull your knickers back to your knees and spread your legs until they are held there.

I did as I was told and glanced over at Gillian who had a hand in her knickers and was stroking Megan’s back.

‘Now unbutton your blouse … good girl, you’re doing so well, Josie … keep your tie on. That’s it … now open your blouse … just put the tie over your shoulder for now so we can see you … good girl, Josie. You are so sexy. Now I want you to lift your breasts out of your bra so they are still supported … mmmmm’

I reached in and pinched my left nipple to pull my breast clear of the bra cup, then folded the cup down to support it, repeating the action on my right breast. ‘Mmmm, Play with your nipples, Josie. I want them very hard for me.’ I tweaked my nipples, pulling on them and rolling them between my fingers. I was glad I had painted my nails, I was sure the red would look good against my pale breast. Seeing my abandoned wineglass on the table, I reached for it and ran the still chilled glass over each nipple making them stand erect and puckered. The girls were silent and for once Gillian’s hand was still in her knickers as they both watched my show. I felt so horny and could feel my juices starting to run down my leg. I drank the wine and put the glass back down, then with a last pinch on each nipple I pushed my breasts out and lifted my skirt without needing to be told and watched as the girls admired me. Megan handed me a thin glass dildo.

Fuck yourself with this while I rearrange Gillian will you. I’m going to put it in your ass in a moment but you can lubricate it first for me. She smiled at me as I took it then pulled Gillian onto the floor in front of her, lifted her dress and pushed her friend’s face into her crutch. Gillian lapped happily at Megan’s pussy. Watching this I held up my skirt with one hand and slid the thin dildo into my own wet pussy and sighed as I felt it glide in. My other hand reached down and played with my clitoris.

I watched as Megan pulled up Gillian’s skirt to give me a view of her friend’s bottom. She reached over whispered something then Gillian pulled her knickers down. I looked at these two wonderful women, one of whom was going to slide his glass dildo into my ass soon and thought I had found heaven. After a while they both stood up and came over, running their hands over me, cupping my breasts, feeling my bottom as I continued to fuck myself with the dildo.

‘What did I promise I would do with that dildo?’ Whispered Megan in my ear, gently nibbling at the lobe before kissing my neck.

‘You … you said you were going to put it in my ass, Mistress.’

She smiled then kissed me, her tongue diving deeply into my mouth. As she broke away she turned me away from her. I turned for her and stepped out of my knickers as they came to the floor thenking they were no longer needed.

Whack! A sting came to my bottom as Megan spanked me much harder than before. Whack Whack Whack! ‘Put them back on and keep them around your knees, Josie. I didn’t tell you to step out of them did I? I want them on, understand?’

‘Yes Mistress I mumbled, reaching down and slipping them on and back up to my knees. I felt her hand on the small of my back.

‘Bend over and hold that chair.’ Gillian pulled a chair over and gave me a big grin. As I bent over it was Gillian’s turn to Kiss me, her tongue dashed around my mouth and I could smell her perfume. She kept kissing me as I flinched – The dildo was touching my ass, I felt it pushing insistently and tried to relax and let it enter. It slowly slid into me and I sighed. Gillian broke the kiss and crouched down underneath me to lick and pull on my nipples. I looked down between my outstretched arms, saw my stockinged legs and this beautiful girl licking my nipples, hmmmmm!

The dildo was being withdrawn only to be pushed in again, it began to slide a little easier as Megan was using the juices from my wet pussy to lubricate it, it felt wonderful. I glanced back down as I felt pain and saw Gillian pulling hard on my nipple then putting a tiny clip with a chain on. It pinched and hurt but not enough for me to stop her, she repeated this in the other nipple and smiled up at me pulling on the two chains. They joined into one chain so she could control me easily wit one hand. I felt my legs buckle and straightened them again, determined to do as these girls, my mistresses wanted me to do, I was, after all, loving every moment.

As the dildo slid in and out of my ass I could also feel Megan’s hands gliding over me, exploring my bottom my legs and my pussy. Eventually the travelling fingers returned to my pussy and two fingers slid into me. A moment later something bigger was pushed into me and I heard the sounds of a vibrator. I had a dildo in my ass, a vibrator in my pussy and clips on my nipple. Oh god! This was all of my fantasies happening at once.

Megan started to slap my bottom and Gillian slapped at my breast making them swing. Hurting as the clips pulled at my nipples she pulled them off then sucked my nipples into her mouth to soften the fire.

I came with a long drawn out wail and collapsed onto the floor to be licked and kissed by both girls, deliriously happy.

‘My turn,’ said Megan sitting back on the couch opening her legs and Gillian and I started to do everything we could to make her come. I was in heaven and hoped I would never have to leave.


I hope that made you as wet to read it, as it did me to write it!

This was not a true story, rather a collection of incidents that have happened to me. A story I posted earlier, ‘The Park’ is however, true.

I would love to hear what you think of my stories, and would love to swap emails.

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