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Two Virgins and a Girl

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My best friend Karl and I grew up together. We’ve known each other since we were babies. Our mothers were best friends and they got married about the same time and spent all their time together, so I think we were even changed on the same table and took baths together. We did everything together, we had all the same interests.

We discovered porn together (Karl’s father’s stash) and discovered we also like the same kinds of porn and found the same things attractive in women. We kept sending pictures and video links to each other of porn we found online. On the one occasion we even masturbated together so that we could compare our cocks and cum. He had a thicker cock, mine was a little bit longer and got much harder. I’ve got blonde hair, almost no chest hair, and almost straight pubic hair. Karl’s was dark and very curly, he had a shag carpet on his chest.


This one time, a couple months after our 18th birthdays, we were on holiday from school. We were in our final years, and the next year would mean college. There was so much we needed to do, and we wanted to make a little bit of money. It was difficult finding a job, none of the restaurants were looking for waiters, and other places we tried were the same. So we ended up doing oddjobs for people that we knew.

At the bottom of our road was a lady living on her own. She was 32 I think, I can’t really remember. She was an artist and worked from home. She was also very attractive but had never found anyone to marry, so she was living on her own. Her name was Susan. She had black short hair and a killer body. The long legged, slender, but strong variety. She always wore black leather. Boots, skirts, pants, jackets. Her tops were usually cotton and loose – we figured she didn’t want to attract attention to her petite breasts. But petite was exactly how Karl and me liked them.

Susan wanted to put up blinds all over the house. It meant drilling holes and screwing things into place. Easy enough to do it yourself, but she wanted a couple strong guys to help her, and she didn’t want to pay the price that the contractors were asking. What she was offering though was more than we had expected to make that week.

Karl and me showed up at her place and she greeted us with a smile unmarred by makeup which was complete uneccesary on her skin. She must have just bathed because her hair was wet and she smelled of lilacs. She was wearing her trademark black leather miniskirt and white cotton top.

She offered us a beer, which is legal at 18 in this country. And she drank one herself, she didn’t even bother with glasses. Susan asked us to carry the ladder and she led us to each room in turn where she wanted the blinds up and told us how she wanted them in place. Each time she had us put down the ladder and then she climbed up to point out exactly how she wanted the blinds to sit. I have to admit only half our attention was on what she was saying. Karl nudged me with his elbow and cocked his head in the direction of her bottom. I had to move a bit over and hoped she hadn’t noticed, but Karl had discovered that we could clearly see up her skirt and saw that she had red lacy panties on.

We manage to get through the ‘ordeal’. Apart from the porn, neither of us had had a chance with girls yet. I think a false rumour might have been going around regarding our orientation. We were both as straight as they came, we’d just learnt to be very comfortable in each other’s company.

We got to work drilling and screwing and putting the blinds into place. Susan watched us work the whole day, and made us a lovely lunch of sandwiches. By evening we’d covered about three quarters of the work and Susan was very impressed, telling us she never expected us to have gotten so much done so quickly. As she let us out she mentioned having to think of an extra reward to give us for our effort.


The next day we showed up at her door again and Susan greeted us much the same way. She wore a tighter top though, you could just about make out the line of her breasts. Again she offered us a beer each and then led us to the last room. It was her studio and it was at the end of the main passage and had windows on three walls.

Even though she had gone through the details yesterday, she decided to once again climb up the ladder to point out how she wanted the blinds. I saw a slight smirk on Karl’s face and I knew what he was looking forward to – because I was looking forward to it too. We move up behind her and as she was looking at the positions she was marking, we glanced up her skirt.

We both gasped this time, she had nothing on underneath! Being a studio there was a lot of light and while we could see everything, we could make out that she had a very cute butt and bare lips. Whether or not she had a ‘landing strip’ we couldn’t tell from behind.

“Enjoying the view, boys?” she said to us, and we realized she was looking down at us. We were stunned and speechless. She stepped off the ladder and said “Come now, you don’t think I could have missed the way you two were undressing me all day yesterday?” We mumbled and stammered and coughed. “Don’t fret about it.” she said, “I’m flattered. If you do as good a job as yesterday I might consider letting you boys see more…”

Needless to say we did the job as quick as possible, and with luck it turned out great. All the blinds were in place and it wasn’t even lunch yet. She invited us to the lounge to sit on the couch and went to the kitchen to make us lunch again. When she came back with the lunch she sat down on the chair opposite us. We ate in shy silence while she was going on about how glad she is the blinds were in place and how she appreciated us for doing such a great job. When we put the plates aside she said “And its still so early, I wonder what we can do with the time? Any ideas, boys?”

Neither of us had the balls to ask her what was really on our minds, and the beer hadn’t given us enough of that dutch courage. “Well maybe I can give you an idea?” she said. Now the blinds we had put in the lounge were behind us, and all the blinds were electronic. She had the clicker in her hand and pressed the button for the blinds to open all the way. The room was north-facing, so the sun was on that side and shined right in – seemingly illuminating Susan as if she was an angel. But what we saw right then was definitely no angel.

She spread her legs and hoisted the one over the arm rest. Her bare pussy was perfectly visible to us, and so was the landing strip shaped like an arrow pointing downwards. One hand had moved under her top and seemed to be carressing her breasts, which the other moved south and she started rubbing her pussy and moaning.

I saw Karl had put his hand in his pocket and was no doubt doing the same thing that I was with my hand in my pocket, repositioning our cocks that were beginning to harden. Susan dropped her leg down again and licked her finger. She didn’t stick her finger into her mouth, she stuck her tongue out and it was long and sensual.

She then wiggled her finger with a ‘come hither’ motion at Karl. He got up and walked over to her. She pulled him close with her hands on his backside and then started undoing his buckle and pulling his pants halfway down. His cock sprang up hard and ready and pointing right at her face as if accusing her (and rightly so) for being in its current state. She gave a sigh when looking at its thickness and said “I’m going to enjoy having that in me, but first things first, is this your first time?” And Karl nodded an affirmative. She smiled at that and said “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

She took his cock in her hand and gentle stroked it, she then tugged on it gently to pull Karl nearer and took him into her mouth. He gasped at that and he looked at me and I could see his eyes rolling from the extreme stimulation that a blowjob can feel to a virgin. I couldn’t help myself, my cock ached to be touched. I opened my pants to let it out and started jerking it while I watched my friend get sucked. Susan noticed what I was doing and looked at me and smiled, nodding gently to confirm that she liked what she was seeing. She went back to fingering her pussy and sucking on Karl’s cock and it didn’t take long for him to cum in her mouth.

Susan swallowed his cum and said “Very delicious, and now that you’ve cum already you’ll be able to last a bit longer.” She got up and motioned him to sit down and told him to enjoy himself. She then got on her hands and knees on the shag rug and crawled over to me. She crawled between my legs and put her hands on my knees to push them open. “I’m going to give you the same treatment now.” she said as she took my cock into her hands and put her mouth over it. I could feel her tongue moving over my cock as she sucked on it. Every now and then she lick the underside, or stroke her hands over the head and then resume with the sucking. It felt almost like the way I used my hands to jerk off, the same motions. The familiarity of it made my cum rise quickly, and I spewed the thick sticky liquid into her mouth.

I had been so focused on the sight of my cock entering and leaving her mouth that only now I noticed Karl masturbating on the chair. I also noticed she’d hiked her skirt up, so he must have a glorious view of her ass and pussy.

She got up and headed to the kitchen saying she was getting us more beers. Karl was still stroking his cock and smiled at me and mouthed the word “wow”. I nodded in agreement and looked down at my semi-hardon glistening with Susan’s saliva.

“You think she’ll fuck us now?” Karl asked.

“I hope so.” I said with a shrug. “She’s so beautiful.”

My cock hardened again at the thought, and Karl smirked at me at the sight of it.

“Lets get undressed.” I said.

We quickly stripped off our clothes and sat again on the opposite sides of the couch we’d started on. Susan came back in with the beer and it looked like she’d just freshened herself. She looked at us naked on the couch stroking our cocks and smiled.

“Thats the spirit!” she said. “You guys less nervous now?” We nodded at her and she handed us the beer. “Drink up, it’ll help.” She said, sitting down between us. We drank from the beer and she put her hands on our legs and asked “Are you ready for phase two? Cause your cocks say yes.”

We nodded quickly, and she invited us to feel her up. Karl started by placing his hand on her left breast and squeezing slightly. Susan sighed at that and it prompted me to go for her right breast. I then leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, putting one hand behind her neck to cradle it. I tasted peppermint, she must have chewed a mint while she was freshening up. I started making out with her and I could feel Karl reach in and start playing with both breasts. With my free hand I lifted her top and pulled it up over her head, stopping kissing her only while the top was passing her lips. Her mouth was parted gently, and our tongues met in the middle.

Susan wasn’t wearing a bra, and her breasts were perfect. Karl suckled at her nipples, alternating between them. As I was leaning over her – firstly to make room for Karl, and secondly to most comfortably make out with her – I could feel her hand grasp my cock again and jerk it. I could see her other hand on Karl’s cock stroking it as well. I moved my free hand down to her skirt, wanting to feel her pussy and met Karl’s hand. We’d both had the same idea at the same time. We made eye contact and urged each other to go for it, and then decided we both would. We started feeling her thighs and her pubic hair and than her lips. We rubbed around the outside and tentively went for the middle. We both poked our fingers into her, and hunted for her clit with out thumbs. We might have been virgins, be we’d seen enough porn to know whats what.

She was moaning into my mouth, and quivered between us. I think she’d orgasmed, and I think it must have been the sensation of two independent hands going at her center acting in different manners. Our fingers were slick with her juices, and we both licked them off.

She looked at us and said that had felt much better than she could have expected. She also told us she wanted us to fuck her now. And since she had given Karl the first blowjob, she said I could have first go at her cunt. Thats the word she used, I prefer pussy.

Susan stood up and pushed the lounge table out the way. She then gave us a little striptease as she dropped her skirt while we were stroking our cocks. She lay down on the carpet on her back, feet facing us. She grabbed a pillow off the chair to support her head. Susan then spread her legs, opening her pussy to us. She did the ‘come hither’ motion again with her finger, this time pointed at me.

I got on my hands and knees and crawled next to her. I drapped my leg over her as I touched her breast, fingering her nipple. I moved my knee between her leg and started rubbing against her groin, causing my cock to rub against her thigh, and she sighed at me and her eyes glazed slightly. We kissed, and as I whispered a thank you to her, she looked into my eyes and said “Go for it, hot stuff.”

I moved myself on top of her and reached between her legs, fingering her pussy while I moved my cock into place. I used my hand to help guide it into her folds, and once it started going in I pushed down. I stayed motionless for a short while, enjoying the nice warm enveloping feeling around my cock. I kissed her again and put my head down next to her with my face into the pillow as I started grinding my hips and moving my cock in and out of her. I’d practiced the motion often enough with condoms and pillows, but it felt nothing like what this did. The feeling of being with another person, of sharing the intimacy, was amazing. I kissed her neck and ear while with my other hand I cradled her head and stroked her hair. My cock was going in and out of her, it was feeling slippery, allowing it to go faster. Soon I was pistoning and Susan was moaning into my ear. I could imagine Karl watching my cock going in and out of her pussy and stroking himself. I wondered if he could hold off cumming so that he could also enjoy this feeling.

It became too much and I could feel my orgasm coming. I remembered all those porn films – creampies and facials and cumming on breasts. I slowed down and looked into her eyes, her face turned to me. “Where do you want me to cum?” I asked.

“You don’t want poor Karl to have sloppy seconds, do you” she said. “Cum in my mouth.”

I got up, and was sad to feel my cock leaving the place it was meant to be. I sat on her chest and pointed my cock into her mouth. The chair was right there, and this let me rest against it. I stroked my cock while she licked the head, building up the cum again, and then I could feel myself releasing my cum into her mouth for the second time that day. I looked down at her and she had her mouth open, playing with the cum, showing it to me and then swallowing it. I leaned in and kissed her again, tongues meeting again. “Mmm” she said. “Don’t ever loose that habit, lover boy. Guys don’t usually kiss a girl shortly after cumming in her mouth.”

“It was amazing!” I said to Susan, “Thank you.” I got up and moved back to the couch.

Susan grabbed another mint from her skirt, and looked at Karl. “Your turn now, stud.” she said.

Karl moved over to her and didn’t waste any time penetrating her… he’d gotten so horny waiting and watching us. Susan gasped at the quick penetration of his thicker cock, and giggled. “Mmm, I like that… but slow down if you want to enjoy it.” she said.

I had a great vantage point to watch Karl’s cock pistoning in and out. I could see her lips stretching around his cock and moving out as it did, as if they didn’t want to let him go. I could hear the squelching everytime he pistoned in again. Its nice being young, because I quickly got hard again for the third time. It wasn’t unusual for me to jerk off multiple times in quick succession when I was very horny. My record was four times, but I felt the punishment the next day with a swollen cock. But for this, I figured a sore cock would be worth it. How often am I going to get the chance to have this kind of fun with a lady who seems to enjoy sex so much.

Karl got close and as he seemed close to the brink of an orgasm, he looked into Susan’s eyes. But before he could say anything, she gave him a kiss and said “Mmm, cum in my pussy. I’m on the pill.” Karl began to grunt, and I saw his pistoning become erratic, and then he pushed deep as he orgasmed.

“Drat, I’m so close to cumming again.” Susan said, and then she saw my stroking my cock. “Ah, young men and their stamina.” She got on her knees and leaned forward, putting her face in the pillow. Her moist pussy, red and swollen from fucking, looked at me. “Make me cum again, and I might consider a repeat of this another day.”

I didn’t hesitate, I quickly got on my knees and started kissing her pussy. I could taste her juices (I remembered the taste from my finger earlier), and I could taste Karl’s cum (It was kinda the same as mine, and mine I had tasted plenty times while masturbating). She moaned at the sensation of my tongue on her swollen clit. I stroked my cock hard while I licked, and when it was hard, I pressed it into her pussy. I fucked her from behind, doggy style, hands on her hips, pistoning forwards and backwards with all the energy I had left. I felt the cum that Karl had left squelch around my cock. The depositor was watching from the side, stroking his cock, and it was also hard again.

I came, feeling it fill her pussy. Susan then started orgasming, I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I quickly pulled out and motioned Karl to finish. He got behind her and pressed his cock into her and came as well – he had to the brink while stroking. Susan was moaning and sighing and still carrying on.

When Karl got up, the support of her backside vanished, and she collapsed on the ground. I was worried for a second, I looked at her face and asked if she was ok. She smiled at that, “Mmm, I’m perfect, that was the best orgasm I ever had.” She said softly. “If you don’t mind I’m just going to lie here, please see yourselves out, the money is on the dining table.”

Karl and me got up and got dressed. We stood a moment and looked at the stunning raven-haired beauty we’d ravished. She looked like she had fallen asleep, and she turned slightly on her side. Her breasts rising and dropping with her breaths. A big smile on her face.

We found the envelope of money on the dining table. It felt like last year that we had put up the blinds. There was a note inside, it said “Thanks for the great job. I hope you guys enjoyed the something extra?”

I went back to where Susan lay and I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. “We sure did.” I whispered. I heard her sigh and she turned in her sleep, opening her pussy at us inviting us for more. Karl and me smiled at each other and we left out the front door, closing it behind us. We waited till we were a distance from the house and then we high-fived each other.

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