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Remote Love

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– 1 –

My husband Dan is an engineer—and, I strongly suspect, a sex addict. Until recently, these were separate parts of his life.

Not that I’m complaining, too much, about Dan’s strong libido. He’s always been faithful. And he’s also a willing student—and budding master—of my body. I may want sex less frequently than he, but I probably get more enjoyment from it than I deserve for my own efforts. Besides, Dan’s curiosity and drive definitely keeps things interesting in our bedroom—and sometimes outside of it too!

Perhaps there are other men in their 40s with an equally strong sex drive, but Dan’s creativity and persistence has made us over into an atypical married couple. From reading and watching porn together to role playing and experimenting with sex toys, Dan and I have sure been having a lot of fun the last few years. It’s kind of like we’ve regressed into adolescence: learning about our bodies through our play.

Dan also has an enviable body that makes me feel lucky to have him.

When my married girlfriends occasionally talk about their lackluster to non-existent sex lives, I mostly keep my mouth shut. It feels like my married sex life has a lot more in common with my divorced friends—with their occasional dates and periodic lovers—but I don’t say much about Dan’s attentions around them either.

– 2 –

Nikki and I have been married for nearly two decades. If it’s possible, I love her even more now than on our wedding day. And the sight of her dressed up for an evening out is still a huge turn-on. She has a great body and I crave making her feel good.

Nikki thinks I have an addiction to sex. But I don’t accept that my sex drive is any stronger than that of a typical man in his early 40s. I gather it’s not uncommon for some guys to masturbate every time they find themselves alone; even I’m not that bad. Plus I’ve read surveys that gay couples generally have sex several more times per month than the rest of us. I believe this increase in frequency is simply because gay men have more a willing partner—i.e., another man. Bottom line: men are men and sex is a high priority for us all. It’s not just me!

I think what Nikki really means is that I’ve kept doing the planning and taking the risks that are part and parcel of a proper seduction. Sometimes my attempts don’t work out; I try to find some humor in those. But the overall result is we try new things more frequently than most married couples.

I may love sex with her pretty much anytime Nikki’s in the mood, but I’m plenty happy enough having it only with her. If mine really is a sex addiction, at least it is an addiction to something healthy and fun for all involved!

When my married friends talk about sex, the theme is always that they aren’t getting any at all—or very nearly none—at home. I keep pretty quiet about Nikki and I.

If I were ever to talk, the advice I would give these guys would be to stop their whining and instead devote time to remembering or rediscovering how much work romance was when they were courting and newlyweds; then pull out all the stops necessary to get that kind of romance going again. I came to this approach myself after Rob, at work, told me about an affair he’d been having. I decided then and there I wanted to have an affair too—but an affair with my wife!

– 3 –

On weekday mornings Dan drives about twenty minutes, into the city, for his work. Fortunately for him, there’s not usually much traffic. He’s in the IT department at a law firm, where his job is to help keep the computers on. It’s a good job that suits Dan’s skills and personality; and it pays fairly well. Unfortunately, though, Dan does sometimes have to work late—so the big-shot partners and their younger associates don’t lose out on any billable hours as a result of computer failures.

My office is in our home, in the suburbs North of the city. It’s a pleasant area. Which is good, because most mornings and afternoons find me driving our kids to and from their schools, sports, and other activities. Especially this year, with each of them in a different school, this involves a bunch of short local drives and a large amount of waiting around. Fortunately, I can usually stay productive from my laptop or smartphone during lessons and practices. Sometimes my mom helps me out in the afternoon, when I have a work deadline or just need a day away from the routine.

Dan has a small engineering lab in our basement. Some people say it’s his man cave. But Dan’s engineering lab is more professionally equipped than some real labs I’ve seen. It’s where he creates his inventions.

In my opinion, at least, Dan has invented some valuable products over the years. Nothing has been financially successful—yet—but I am proud of him and try to support him in this hobby. There are even a few of his inventions that I regularly find useful. For example, he once made a kind of metal cage for a car’s passenger seat floor to prevent containers of food from spilling during turns.

Until recently, Dan was being rather secretive—even with me—about his next invention. I only knew what I could see with my own eyes: that he’d also dusted off my old sewing machine; that he was creating a smartphone app of some kind; and that he was making good use of the 3D printer I bought him for his last birthday.

– 4 –

In addition to being a great wife and mother, Nikki is incredibly supportive of my hobby of inventing things.

In college, I earned a degree in electrical engineering but also picked up a bunch of mechanical know-how while hanging out with my buddies—who were more interested in racing solar cars and building robots than vying for the attention of girls. Most of the programming skills I have were acquired on the job.

My latest invention has required me to use and improve my skills in all of these—and other—areas. I call it “eTouch”, though it’s really more of a product line than a single product. There are “heTouch” and “sheTouch” versions, plus a related smartphone app I call “weTouch”. In a nutshell, I’ve invented a kind of fun-to-wear underwear (maybe I should call it “Funderwear” instead?) that you or your lover can remotely control from a smartphone.

The “heTouch” model has a number of interesting features. I modeled their basic shape on a specific brand of boxer briefs I find exceedingly comfortable. The fabric is a breathable man-made poly-blend that is incredibly soft. The overall fit is intentionally close, with a form-fitting pouch, specifically to hug the wearer’s balls, as well as a tube/sleeve fabric up the front that comfortably holds the penis against the torso, from flaccid to erect.

Into various areas of the fabric I have woven a barely noticeable battery pack that’s good for a full day’s wear, a small motor capable of moving a fluid up and down the penile sleeve, a pair of vibrators, a bunch of pads for electrical stimulation, and an accelerometer and pressure sensors for feedback to the user of the app. A Bluetooth antenna in the waistband communicates with the wearer’s smartphone, which he can connect with the app on his lover’s phone over the Internet.

To control the heTouch, you simply enter a private passcode in the app and then interact with an on-screen image based on the wearer’s current state of arousal. I have already dedicated several hours to testing these features. And the sensations that can be created are truly amazing. After all, there’s no technological progress in this world unless someone makes sacrifices!

Using only one or more fingertips on the smartphone screen it is possible to tickle or electrically tingle anywhere from the head of the wearer’s penis to his perineum and the insides of his thighs; turn on and off several vibration modes at the base of his balls and along the underside of his penis; and—when the wearer is erect—even pump fluid up and down his shaft—to give him a squeeze. In response to other on-screen gestures of the fingers, the wearer can even be made to feel the difference between a light swat and a soft caress of his butt cheeks.

– 5 –

It’s a good thing no one else was around last Saturday afternoon when Dan first showed me his prototype—because I couldn’t stop laughing out loud. It was the first time I’ve truly understood what youngsters mean when they text “ROFL”.

“Seriously, Dan? THIS is what you’ve been working on for more than six months? Underwear?,” I finally said.

His face fell. Clearly, neither the laughter nor this was the reaction he had hoped for. Looking at his face closely, I realized I had wounded his pride.

I wanted to be supportive—but, seriously, remote controlled underwear? Brought to you by “Dan the Sex Addict”—from his basement lab.

In a moment of love, I agreed I would try his weird panties on later—after we went for the dinner and movie we had already planned. I calculated to myself I would need at least two drinks before I could try them. Probably three drinks would be better, though I wasn’t confident any blood alcohol level would prevent me from laughing out loud again.

But by later that night the only word I had left for my Dan was “genius”! By then my laughter and apprehension had been washed away in a sea of orgasms. Had Dan been ready for a back-of-the-box testimonial, I’d have happily gushed—maybe even letting him use my real name.

Two days later, during our lunchtime walk around the block, I surprised myself by discussing Dan’s invention with one of my younger and less inhibited female co-workers. Though I didn’t admit to having tried them on myself, she actually asked if she could take a pair home and help with “beta testing”.

I wondered if maybe Dan wasn’t on to something big this time.

– 6 –

The “sheTouch” is more than just a soft, comfortable panty. The first and most obvious difference is that there is a rotating-tip g-spot vibrator of several inches in length that you insert before you put the panties on. Depending on the circumstances, a small amount of lube could be helpful. For convenience, this vibrator is optional and the necessary interface between it and the panties is accomplished with a simple snap connector. The app knows when this is present and, if so, enables the additional controls.

A second vibrator is woven into the fabric of the panty, positioning it over the general vicinity of the wearer’s clit. In addition, a series of electrical stimulating pads runs from that area down, in approximately the shape of a feminine hygiene pad “with wings”. An inner “thong-like” strip of fabric within the panty’s otherwise-standard rear fabric holds the tail end of these stimulating pads up against other sensitive areas. And there are, of course, pads also to provide various sensations at each cheek.

As in the men’s model, an accelerometer and a set of pressure sensors provide the app user feedback about the wearer’s reactions.

Another obvious difference between the sheTouch and standard underwear for women is that the shape is closer to a men’s boxer brief. Though a bit unorthodox, as I told Nikki, this allows sensations to be felt in and along the inner thighs. I noted that she rather enjoyed those sensations upon her first wearing, actually.

I’ve sketched up some preliminary thoughts for an accessory bra that allows the needs of the breasts and nipples to be, ahem “attended to”—also from the app. But making a prototype for that is a project for a later month.

– 7 –

I don’t know how Dan did it, frankly. But he played my body like an orchestra that night. He knows how I like to be touched with his hands, of course, but here he was pleasing me while seated in a chair on the other side of our bedroom. I’d say I just laid on the bed wearing his pleasure panties and a silk blouse, but there was rather a lot more writhing in pleasure than “just laying there” ordinarily includes.

There was one series of sensations, in particular, that I had never felt before and just kept begging Dan to create for me over and over again. This began as a slow caress of both of my butt cheeks and both of my inner thighs all at the same time—a feeling that my imagination started to translate into an image of me standing, naked, spread-eagle with my limbs tied above and below, while I was caressed by four gentle strong men standing astride one corner of my body.

Later, each time those caresses simultaneously approached my center, Dan would shift the sensations to that of a single finger gliding forward starting almost at my butt, then widening as if it were three fingers caressing my labia, then narrowing again, and ending with a brief buzz of the vibrator at my clit.

As the two sequences replayed over and over my nipples began to draw my attention to their untouched plight just as the four strong hands began again. I wished so much for the imaginary stud on each side to pinch and tug them! I was left with no choice but to man-handle them myself. This sequence brought me right up close to the edge time after time—each time leaving me eager for the cycle to start anew.

Finally, after what seemed like half an hour of this amazing experience, Dan turned on the vibrator inside me and used it to remotely stimulate my pussy while he was repeating the same external sensations. This resulted in a series of several spine-tingling explosions of pleasure unlike anything in my previous experience.

– 8 –

A late-added feature of the app that I am proud of is called the “pattern” control. This gives the user a way to memorize a sequence of stimulations. In addition to the things you can do one finger at time on the screen, these saved patterns can be selected from a menu for ease of replay. I’ve named the two patterns that Nikki liked best that first night “Four Hands” and “Slow Lick”. She made me promise to use them both on her again.

I realized the need for this feature when I was experimenting with using the app to pleasure myself. I simply wasn’t able to manage the on-screen stimulations as well as I neared my climax—which seems to be precisely when the body most wants to feel repetitions of the same touches over and over.

Based on Nikki’s reactions last weekend, I truly believe the world is going to want this product in a big way. I hope it might even make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. But I’ve got to do more testing and refinement before I can show this to others. And I have some patent applications to get filed.

– 9 –

When Dan asked me if I’d wear the prototype panties for a full day and link them to his phone, I initially said ‘no’. I had a lot of work to do that day, which was why I’d asked my mom to help me after school.

But then Dan stepped in close to my towel-wrapped body, put his fingers in my hair, and pulled my mouth to his. My heart skipped a beat from the kiss and my head—remembering the pleasure of the first wearing—surprised me by nodding ‘okay’. Well, I wasn’t dressed for the day yet anyway. So Dan and I donned our matching undies.

We linked our apps to our respective clothing and swapped their controls over coffee. Following breakfast, Dan headed off to work. I got down to my work and, frankly, the panties were comfortable enough that I, mostly, forgot I had them on.

Until around lunchtime, that is. It was then I felt a hand gently caressing the right cheek of my ass! I almost jumped out of my chair. But remembering the app, I opened my phone and gave Dan a playful swat on his rear with my fingertips. It was then I spotted the private chat feature.

“stop that, dan! u naughty boy. :)” then “how’s work 2day?,” I sent.

“Server trouble!,” he replied. Then, “Have you been productive so far?”

“mostly but still counting on my mom’s help. what time u home 2 nite?”

“Probably late. We need to get all of the computers working before I can leave.”

– 10 –

The server issues were rather serious. The firm’s internal mail server and one other had been infiltrated by hackers overnight and both were still down. The e-mail outage was causing no end of problems for our 18 attorneys and their support staffs.

A couple of us in IT were restoring server images from backups while my boss looked into which client files the hackers could have accessed. Meanwhile, the managing partner was screaming about a critical document that was eagerly awaited by a judge; that needed to be electronically filed with his office by midnight.

All in all, a rather stressful start to my day.

I had hoped to do more beta testing today, but was happy at least that Nikki had agreed to assist. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Alexander Graham Bell famously saying to Watson, “come here—I want to see you” on the first-ever telephone call. Touching my wife’s ass from 20 miles away for the first time felt like that. Maybe it would even change the world as much as older technologies—yet another “giant leap” for mankind!

– 11 –

It was around 6 o’clock that I finally put my work down for the day. I had been very productive and was ready to relax. I didn’t have to get to my mom’s until 7.

As I sat with a glass of Chardonnay we’d picked up on a trip to Seattle, I watched the last rays of the sun set behind the trees in our yard. I decided I’d have a little fun with Dan.

I opened his app and then, ever so gently, slid my fingers around in the area of his balls. The image in the app showed his penis was soft when I started, but the feedback from the sensors in his briefs soon caused a change in the imagery.

Pleased to see Dan reacting so quickly, I cupped his balls more fully while also stroking lightly up the length of the underside of his shaft. If it worked like the panties, he would be feeling a tingling wherever I touched, with the intensity of the tingle based on the amount of my fingertip that was touching the screen.

The imagery in the app updated again, showing me he was now fully erect! This game was fun; I was having a blast teasing him.

This was the first time I’d really played with Dan’s invention myself for any length of time, so I started experimenting with the various controls in the app. I turned the vibrator at his balls on and set it at its lowest setting. I found there was a feature to record and playback a sequence of touches, then made a pattern to repeat my stroking the underside of his penis from base to tip.

I tried caressing his ass too, both cheeks at once like he’d done to me.

The visual feedback of Dan’s reactions was puzzling. He’d mentioned there was an accelerometer—like the one in a smartphone—that could indicate if the wearer was sitting, standing, or lying down—and/or thrusting! But the image on the screen was telling me that Dan was standing very, very still—despite my ongoing attentions.

Next I thought I would experiment with the second vibrator near the tip of his penis, then the pushing of fluid up and down the fabric sleeve that held his erection.

– 12 –

Oh my god! The sensations were too much. Nikki had been cupping and vibrating my balls, caressing my ass, and repeatedly stroking the length of my cock for several minutes now. It was more than I could take. I tried as hard as I could to pretend I wasn’t about to come. I tried focusing even more on the decidedly unsexy task of computer repair at hand.

I was standing in the office of Lisa Willis, leaning over the computer on her desk. A single woman still in her 30s, Lisa is already a partner in the firm and used to having her way about everything. And here I was unable to get her e-mail to reconnect to the server. For an as yet unknown reason, hers was the last computer at the firm left to fix. And boy was she ever complaining about not having e-mail access all day as she paced back and forth barking orders to unseen others via her office phone.

I couldn’t control myself any longer. Nikki’s attentions felt so good. A moan escaped from my reptile brain, then into the room. At about the same time I started to lose control of my body. My hips bucked once, my knees felt like they would give completely, and I had a sudden urge to sit down. Fortunately, Lisa’s chair was nearby. I collapsed into it—approximately sideways.

Needing to get Nikki to stop, I sat up properly, pulled my phone from my pocket, launched the app, and managed to feed it my passcode. But my hands were unsteady and as I struggled to text her, “Stop! Please!,” the phone fumbled loudly onto Lisa’s keyboard. And I moaned again.

Lisa was hanging up her desk phone just then and had seen everything from my collapse forward. She had a stunned but curious look on her face. She grabbed my iPhone from the desk before I could get back to it, then looked at the screen.

“What’s gotten into you, Dan?”

“What is this app? And who are you texting when you should be fixing my e-mail?”

– 13 –

The screen switched to showing that Dan was seated now; but also thrusting his hips a bit.

I loved having this kind of power over his body. Without having to give my own body to him. What a fun way to work through your grievances with your spouse! A lot of women are going to like giving this kind of sex, I think.

“More! Please!,” Dan begged me from afar.

Not sure how he could take so much sensation and still want more, I turned on all of the patterns I’d created so far. Then I started using my fingertips to repeatedly pulse the fluid up and down the sleeve that held his dick in place inside his pants.

– 14 –

Lisa was still looking at my iPhone but I was helpless to stop her. The pleasures from my groin were becoming synchronized and shutting down the higher capacities of my brain. My hips started to buck up and down wildly in the chair. In a minute, I came in a heap of emotion and sweat.

Lisa had a lot of questions. She went to her office door and closed it shut. She came back and sat on the side of her desk, facing where I lay—crumpled—in her chair.

“Explain yourself,” she began.

I took a deep breath and sat up straight. “Uh. well. Nikki, my wife—you’ve met her—and I. We’re testing out an invention I made today. It’s. um. a sex toy underwear with built in vibrators and things that can be remotely controlled. She must’ve assumed I’d be in my office. I was trying to text her to stop when you grabbed my phone.”

“Interesting. Show me how it works.”

I started to stand and reach for my phone, to show her the app, but she stood and moved her hand away out of my reach.

“I meant: Show me the underwear.”

“Take off your pants. They’re a mess anyway.”

Still standing, I considered my options: Walking out of her office would leave her still angry and in possession of my phone. I’m quite a bit taller and stronger than Lisa, but forcefully taking the phone back from her was neither my style nor likely to make for good office politics. Lacking an obvious alternative I decided to cooperate with her request for a demo and hope for leniency.

Unbuckling my pants and kicking off my shoes didn’t seem like that big of a deal. But something about the sound the zipper made as it went down felt very wrong. I realized I was about to take off my pants, at work, in front of a female co-worker—a woman who could have had me fired even if I hadn’t just ejaculated in my pants in her office.

“If I show you the underwear will you keep this all private? Just between us? I have a family and can’t afford to lose my job right now.”

“I’m not planning to get you fired, Dan. And if you do exactly as I say I won’t tell a soul.”

Hesitantly, I let my pants drop and stepped out of them. I had already decided I would let my inner inventor make the best pitch I could, as if Lisa were a potential investor; maybe she even was.

After I finished pointing out the features, Lisa looked again at the screen’s female imagery and asked if Nikki had on the panties.

“I think so. I know she had them on at lunch.”

– 15 –

After the screen showed Dan was having spasms of the “happy-ending” type, I checked the time on my phone and saw it was 6:43. My how time does fly when you’re having fun! I needed to leave right away.

As I was driving downhill on the dark, woodsy two-lane road into the river valley to cross the state line, my phone chimed. Despite knowing better, I kept my left hand on the wheel and reached for the phone—in my purse—with my right.

It was Dan’s app that wanted my attention. I entered my passcode one-handed while staying on the road; my former teenage self would’ve so proud!

“Your turn now!”

Uh. Oh. Dan didn’t know I was driving.

And just that quickly I felt the hands of my four strong lovers caressing my inner thighs and bum. Oh, wow. That feels sooooo good!

But I needed Dan to stop. I was trying to text him when blue lights caught the corner of my eye. Oh crap!

– 16 –

Lisa was very interested in my invention. But she was also eager to get back into her e-mail from her computer.

“You can have your phone—and your pants—back as soon as my computer is fixed. So you had better get back to that.”

Looking every bit the fool, if not the pervert, I stood hunched over Lisa’s computer in my underwear, polo shirt—and business socks. She rolled her chair back away from the desk and sat, waiting, looking at her phone.

– 17 –

I couldn’t believe I was being pulled over by a cop right now. I didn’t think I was speeding, but weaving maybe? Or, probably, he saw me using my phone? The light from that damn screen is so bright in a car at night.

It was tough finding a spot to pull over on the two-lane road, so I made a right turn onto another road as soon as I could. This road didn’t even have a center line and wanting to avoid getting hit, I drove slowly for another two tenths of a mile or so before I found a good place to pull off. The police car pulled in behind me.

The four studs continued to work their body magic even as I rolled down the window. I had the sudden idea that if I could just power down my phone I could stop the sensations.

“License and registration, ma’am.”

The vibrator at my g-spot turned on, low, just as I unbuckled and leaned over to reach into the glove compartment for the registration card. I gathered my purse up onto my lap to look for my license. I handed both to the handsome young cop in my window. Then shuddered.

I glanced down at the cup holder; looking for my phone.

“Ma’am, I saw you using your phone while driving. Are you aware of the new distracted driving law?”

Shit. I was aware of the new rules, though it hadn’t had much impact on my texting. Fortunately, I remembered one of the lawyers in Dan’s firm telling a couple of us at a party that there would have to be an exception for looking at a map application—because looking at a GPS while driving is well established practice.

“It is very dangerous to drive while distracted. I saw you cross the yellow line twice before I put on my lights. You’re very lucky that no one was coming the other way.”

“I’m sorry, officer … Freeman. I, uh, was just looking at Google Maps to see where I was going. I should have been more careful. I’m sorry.”

“Excuse me, ma’am. Please step out of the car.”

“Huh, why?”

“I smell alcohol on your breath.”

– 18 –

“You’ve got really nice legs, Dan.”

It was already pressure enough trying to fix Lisa’s computer in this situation without her commenting on my half-dressed body. Now she was harassing me too? She had been sitting behind me for the about fifteen minutes I’d been at this. But until that comment I had assumed she was still using her phone.

“I think I’ve figured out what’s gone wrong in the registry. If so, I should be done in just a few more minutes.”

“You’d better be done soon! I’ve got a lot of documents to get out tonight by e-mail.”

– 19 –

There was no way I was drunk. I’d only had the one small glass of Chardonnay.

But I couldn’t walk a straight line to save my life. That god-damned vibrator was now running faster. And I was suddenly really, really horny. I was gonna come soon and there was no stopping it; I could feel a familiar sensation building. But my phone was stuck in my car.

“I’m afraid I’m gonna have to take you to the station. Please turn and face your car and put your hands on the trunk. I need to pat you down.”

A pat down? Oh, Christ! Now?

I had a small orgasm from the mere act of bending forward for this man. Thankfully, I didn’t make any noise and it released much of the tension that had built in my body.

As Officer Freeman started rubbing his large hands along my left arm and then my right, I considered leveling with him about what was really going on. I shouldn’t have to go to jail for either drinking a glass of wine or using my phone. Maybe he would let me go if I told him about the underwear? But I couldn’t be sure.

The feel of his hands rubbing down along the sides of my breasts stalled my thinking. And when he pushed his hands up along my rib cage and felt up along the wire in my bra, I decided to wait and let him finish. I knew my legs would be the next target of his search. My judgment was shaky.

After moving his hands up and down each leg, all the way from the ankle to the maximum height my pants would allow, he seemed to pause.

“Ma’am, do you have something in your pockets?”

“No, sir.”

He patted his hands along from my lower back down my butt. Then reached his hand all the way down into my left front pocket, felt around a bit, then pulled the pocket inside out. Finally, he did the same on the right.

Throughout the body search, Dan was making those long slow caresses along the full length of my erogenous area. If I hadn’t known better I’d have sworn it was the cop touching me there too.

“You’re gonna need to wait in my car,” he said as he handcuffed my arms behind my back and stood me up. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Walking to his car was pure torture. I was on the edge and about to come again. It was definitely going to be bigger, and harder to hide, this time.

– 20 –

“Take off your shirt.”

“Wait, what did you say?”

“I said: Take off your shirt.”

“You’re slowing me down, here. I’m close to having your computer fixed.”

“That’s okay. Do it. I want to look at your ass while you finish.”

– 21 –

“Officer, there’s something I need to tell you,” I almost gasped as he opened the door for me. “I need to get my kids in a few minutes. I’m not drunk. But, uh, this is harder to say than I thought: um, there’s a vibrator in my vagina and it’s driving me crazy! That’s why I couldn’t pass your test.”

“Lady, are you serious? I knew there was something odd about the shape of your panties and plan to call for a female assist once we get in the car.”

“Couldn’t we,” I asked breathlessly, “make some kind of a …”

“Hold on; hold me up—I’m gonna CUMMM!” And then I did. And there was nothing quiet about it. My whole body shuddered in the flashing lights.

“Can we make a deal? I’ll suck your cock if you’ll let me go.”

But he simply sat me in the backseat of his car, closed the door, walked around to the driver’s seat and got in. As he picked up the radio I started to sob. There was no getting out of this now. And my lousy attempt at a bribe probably made things worse.

How had my day ended up like this? I needed to at least call my mom and tell her I was delayed. And then Dan so he could get the kids. I can’t go to jail! I’m a mom!

“Unit 183 checking in. I’ve got a Code 7 here.”

“Unit 183. Code 7 confirmed.”

Then Officer Freeman turned off the flashing lights, got out of the car, slipped into the back seat beside me, and unzipped his pants.

“You’ve got a deal,” he said. “I’m officially on my dinner break.”

– 22 –

“How much longer, Dan?”

“I’m not sure. I thought I had figured it out, but that didn’t work. I’m rebooting again now.”

“Turn around and face me.”

I complied, but kept my hands covering my crotch.

“You’ve got a great looking body, Dan. I’d never really noticed that about you before. Nikki is a lucky woman.”

As embarrassed as I was to be standing in her office in my underwear, what Lisa said was flattering to hear. She was attractive too, though I’d been trying to ignore that aspect of my predicament. I smiled, thanked her for the compliment, and let my hands drop to my sides.

Hearing the Windows’ welcome theme behind me, I turned my attention back to her computer.

– 23 –

“The handcuffs are making this difficult,” I said after removing my mouth from his penis. I was leaned over into his lap with the back of my head in his chest; trying to look up at him.

“Girl, I’m not releasing those cuffs unless you do a good job.” And, with that, he pushed my head back down onto his cock.

I wanted a release too. Fortunately, Dan was still keeping up his remote assault on my privates. The vibrator inside me was going full blast. The simultaneous feeling of fullness there and in my mouth was a huge turn-on for me; something I already knew from playing games with Dan. In addition, there was an on-off-on strobing at the other vibe. Leaned over on my side as I was, I pushed my upper thigh down into and across my left thigh to keep that pressure in the sweet spot.

I was about to come. And so was the cock in my mouth. The cop’s ass was lifted up off the seat. His hips were thrusting up and down to meet my throat. I gagged, momentarily. I felt his body tensing. His left hand was in my hair, still pushing my head down. With his right hand he had pulled up my shirt, pushed my bra up above one breast, and was alternately grabbing my whole tit and twisting on the nipple.

Suddenly, my whole body erupted with sensation. A moment later he came hard in my mouth. His ass fell onto the worn vinyl seat. I felt his come hit the back of my throat and swallowed hard. I kept my mouth around him for another minute or two as he softened. His hand on my breast felt nice.

– 24 –

The long awaited chime of incoming an e-mail had finally arrived. “Aha. I’ve fixed it,” I told Lisa.

Keeping up her end of her terms, she immediately handed me back my phone and let me have my clothes. However, she stayed in her chair to watch me dress.

I left Lisa’s office, found the hallway and other offices deserted, checked my e-mail, and then called Nikki.

Getting only her voicemail, I sent a text instead: “I’ll be home in about 20 minutes.”

– 25 –

As soon as the policeman let me go, I got into my car, powered down my phone and then grabbed the kids from my parent’s house. I excused myself to the powder room upon my arrival. Fortunately, I was only about 25 minutes late when it was all said and done; mom didn’t even ask why.

At home, I found Dan eating leftovers in the kitchen. I sent the kids up to brush their teeth and get changed, then read in their bedrooms. And I went upstairs myself to change. It was a relief to finally take off those panties.

When it was time for bed, Dan leaned over and kissed me, sweetly. It had been a long day. I had no doubt that keeping what had happened to myself would be best. We fell asleep under the glow of the TV on the far wall, with his arm across my shoulder.

– 26 –

I couldn’t bring myself to tell Nikki what had happened in Lisa’s office. So I simply whispered that I had enjoyed what she had done to me with the app.

Her quick reply of “me too” left me wondering if she enjoyed doing that to me or the little bit I had done to her at lunch. Probably she meant both, I figured.

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