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Kara Plans Rod’s Surprise

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I thought about it all day long. It was as if there was nothing else I had to think about. It can be funny how anticipating something so daring and deviant can consume your time. I finally had called Bill, and told him what my boyfriend Rod had been dreaming of. Bill, my gay pal, was into it. He agreed to come over and let my boyfriend find what it was like to suck a cock.

There would be much more to it when it was said and done, of course, but that’s the way it was described to Bill at first. I had called him and told him my man wanted to taste something besides a woman in the bedroom. Rod had, in the heat of passion and outright lust, made it very clear he was through wondering what a cock would feel like, and he wanted to get hold of one. It was all very interestingly described to me, and Rod simply was ready to go for it. He had been brought to the point where he told me to arrange it.

Back a few weeks previous to my calling my friend, I was talking dirty to my boyfriend on the phone. Rod had told me he would be unable to resist playing with a man’s dick if it was anywhere nearby while he was fucking me. He displayed every nasty lust possible when we were fucking each other, and it seemed he wanted more. He got so worked up when I would ream his cute dark asshole; he started to regularly beg for a real cock. A strap on dick was not going to be enough for him. He wanted to feel a stiff hot dick in his mouth. He wanted to see what he could do to make the cock harder and he wanted to feel hot cum gush down his throat the way I feel it when he come in my mouth. He eventually realized he wanted to feel it in his ready asshole, as long as it was not too big. I assured him that Bill was about the same size as him, since we had spent a few weeks together in Hawaii, and shared a hotel room. Bill had a great cock, and I was always hot for it, but he was not interested. I began my plan to get Bill into the bed Rod and I shared occasionally.

It had started on a phone call, and grew from that. I had asked him how he would feel about being reamed or having his mouth fucked by a real cock, and he readily admitted that,

“If I was fucking you, all hot and nasty, and a stiff cock was there, I am sure I would want to reach out for that, too, and start sucking it. I don’t think I am gay, but I would really want to taste that stiff hot dick if one was available. I don’t see how I could resist it.”

Rod made it clear that he was not he type of guy who would go to a gay bar and pick up a guy, but rather, he would be ready for most anything if there were three of us on the bed, and I was the only woman. Of course, previous to this, he had been asking me if I knew any women who would like to fuck us both. He asked me if I ever fucked a woman, and he really wanted to hear that I had. He wanted me to find a friend for us both to fuck.

Better than I imagined, I turned it to something else when I suggested two men and me. I was really surprised when he agreed that would be fine, too, as long as he was not expected to get involved with my gay friend afterward. Rod made it clear it was only the physical attraction of a stiff cock that interested him. He had admitted, during intense sexual moments, that he wanted to do everything he could imagine with another man, but he did not consider it anything except hot sex. As long as I was participating, he considered it was also another way to get me hot, too. But I could see he really wanted to suck hard and long on another guys cock. Simple as that. I knew Rod was bi, but I did not bother to tell him exactly what I thought about his sexual appetite or orientation. It didn’t matter. All I knew was that is sounded hot, and I could hardly wait for it to come true.

I had been teasing him for a few weeks about another man, and during lovemaking, he would often talk nasty to me about it when he wanted to arouse himself or me. He could really become something almost uncontrollable in bed, and when he began to talk nasty, I could tell he was losing control.

Most women know how it is when men are fucking you so hard, so deep, and so mean that there is no way they can stop fucking you. They fuck you hard, hard so that you know you are being fucked. So hard and passionately that all niceties are long gone. The breathing is violent, the words are dirty, and the wetness and action is so incredible that there is nothing polite about it. That’s when fucking is really fucking. When the guy is just starting to tease your sweet tight little pussy, and is slowly opening you up more and more, when you are getting wetter and wetter, and he is slowly driving that wonderful prick deeper with each thrust and plunge into your hot, sweet, forbidden pussy, we all know that is only the beginning of the fuck. It is when he is plowing into you and wants it all, when he wants to rip deep into your pink wet cunt, it is then that you are really fucking. Everything else may have still been lovemaking, but the point is reached when it is more than that. It reaches the point when you have given yourself over to the lust, and you begin the moaning,

“Oh, God..god..yes yes…fuck me…fuck me, baby…that’s it…that’s it…oh, there…there…fuck me hard…oh…uhh…uhh…yes..fuck me…uh..uhh…”

It is THEN that you are just FUCKING your man. There is nothing else going on in the world. Just the fucking is going on. It is THEN that he is fucking you. That’s when each of you just wants to feel that cock deep in that pussy, over and over, ramming deeper and deeper..more and more. . It is the same for each. Women, you just want that dick in your pussy, deep, hard, strong. Men, you just want that cute babe you are deep into to want it, to admit she wants to fuck you as bad as you want to fuck her. Fuck her hard, baby. Fuck her deep. Fuck her . Fuck her. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck her. Mean. Do her. That’s right. Fuck her until she is sure you are fucking her as hard as you can, and she is fucking you back.

Of course, it could also be your ass that is getting fucked hard. Whatever it is, it is the feeling of fierce sex, nasty contact, complete control of each other’s lust. You know…. sweaty, nasty, give it to me baby, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck me hard, sex.

I love it when it becomes a near violent fucking and my man is so focused on his cock and the feeling of it going into me, deep and hard, that he really does not care what it is doing to me. It’s tough if it hurts because he is so rough. As long as I am wet, he will keep the pile driver ramming deep into me. All he knows is how much he wants to plunge it into my sweet, wet, nasty little pussy, and nothing else matters. That’s what the dinner and lingerie and flowers are all leading up to. Otherwise, those things are worthless.

It’s the lust, babe. It’s the kink, bitch. It is the nastiest lingerie you have, and it’s the stuff you bought just because it is so damn slutty. It’s when a woman might want to pull her breasts one at a time to her mouth and suck on her own nipples if she has breasts that will give her this possible lustful kinky pleasure.. It’s when she wants to feel her nipples stiffen between her red lips. She wants to feel the drops of milk start to trickle out of her breasts if she has played with them enough for the warm milk to seep out of her pink nipples and she will consider licking it up just for the nasty act itself, and she wants to be the one to taste her milk before she gives to a man for her first time, to know what it tastes like, and to know how creamy and hot it is, not something a man can give her. It’s when the guy wants to feel a cock in his mouth, when he will desire that his asshole becomes another man or woman’s plaything.

It’s all about my perfumed, trimmed, ready, pussy, or my moist, wet, creamy lipstick decorated mouth, or my so, so, private, cleaned out and oiled asshole that feels so, so, good to him, and there is nowhere else he wants his stiff prick to be…It’s about when you are really into it and ready to take all his hot cum.

It’s then that he might, if you are lucky, start to, one by one, tell you his secret nasty lusts, thinking this will get you bucking and riding his cock even more wantonly. It always does, with me.. His kinky, forbidden, dreams build in his mind and come spurting out of him the same way his cum is driving it’s way into his cock to come spurting out and exploding into your most recently violated and totally forbidden private entryway into your hot body.

If I am describing well what has gone on, you should by now have your fist around your cock, pumping it up getting ready to come all over yourself, or you women have your fingers inside your pants and into your panties, on your hot pussy, running circles around and around your pink little straining clit while the wetness builds beneath it readying your sexy little pussy to clench up in orgasm. Maybe two of you are reading this, each in the other’s panties… Perhaps, all you are thinking about are the wonderful nasty noises of fucking, the panting breaths and moans, the;

“Oh god”,

the pleadings, the

“yes…please, please… there…do it there, baby…”

The silent thoughts….

“Fuck me hard… harder…. Give me all it, baby… Is that everything you have? I want it all. All of it, give me your full, stiff, wonderful, hard, cock… Don’t get soft, you fucker, fuck me hard. Don’t stop. Don’t come yet, you son of a bitch. Fuck me, baby. I want it…I want it…I waited all week for this. Don’t leave me hanging, fucker…..fuck me….fuck…fuck fuck me…That’s it…fuck me hard. Make me feel it deep….Do it to me, baby. Fuck the shit out of my pussy. Fuck me harder. Harder.. More, baby. More…….”

These are the things you don’t want to say aloud, but sometimes they slip out, and your lover fucks you harder, breathes shorter breaths, inhales more gasping pants of breath while he continues to drive deep into your snatch, to pump and pump and circle and swirl his dick into your pussy, loving the feel of your eager reception of his strong cock into your ever soft pussy. It is made for cock, and it is cock it needs. All it can get. Your pussy is running it now… It is insatiable, it seems. My pussy is always ready, and I love it that way. It seems always wet, and can only get wetter. Always hot, and can only be hotter.

And you think of the, oh.., so wet….., so naughty unladylike slurping sounds from your cunt when that cock makes your juices audible on its way in and out of it. You are not a lady now. You are a whore for it. You’re a slutty, fuck-me-hard-baby, fuck bitch, and you are so grateful for the chance to be one. You are grateful for, and admiring of, that delicious, nasty, sweaty, musky, wonderful, perfectly formed cock that is central to your lust. It feels so good going deep in and it takes such a wonderful time for it to pull out because it has gone so far into your pussy……And you love it going in and going out, as long as it goes back in again and keeps doing it…….

“Please, please keep fucking me….Please don’t stop….don’t stop…fuck me…fuck meee…fuck..fuck…fuck me…Fuck me good and hard, baby…fuck me…Don’t stop…Ohhh…that’s it…Fuck me baby…”

You are afraid he might stop…you need more cock, and you need more now….You are so, so afraid he will simply pull that wonderful cock out of your pussy, leaving you with an empty, cock craved cunt. Empty, and unable to be filled by anything nearly as wonderful and as so desperately wanted. You want that cock in your pussy, and that is the center of your pleasure….You need it…You have it, and you don’t want to let it out of you, unless it is going right back in, fiercer than before, deeper than before, at a different angle perhaps, a different depth, a different place than the last thrust, where it is more needed, a different level of need defined by your feelings inside. You want to be filled up, and you do you best to be sure he keeps fucking you….You listen for any orders expressed by your fuck master…….you don’t want to disappoint him, for he may take it away, and you need it so, so bad. You have been such a good girl…You always do everything a decent, nice woman does. Enough of that… Now you want to be serviced by a man-stallion servicing a woman in heat like the fuck bitch you are..

You have a cock ramming into you so that you are able to be a nasty slut. You love to be one……..He stops…you gasp…what is next?…you wait a moment to see what he wants, what you should do….

He pulls it out. He positions himself higher…He pushes your head over his cock…He demands to be serviced by your sweet, waxy, red lipped mouth. He wants your mouth on his cock. He wants to feel the wet heat of your mouth, and he wants you to taste your own pussy. You let it sink deep into you. You really have no choice, do you? It is going in, and it is going in now…You love it…You love being fucked like a whore now…You taste your sweet, dirty cunt juices as you have a split second to think before he starts to fuck your mouth. His hand is knotted up in your hair. He is fucking your mouth, and his hand on the back of your head make it clear you have no say at this moment. Not until he lets go, and you are able to suck it the way YOU want. Now you are just being fucked in the mouth, for his pleasure….You listen to his noises. He is softly moaning, approving of the softness of your mouth, the wetness and warmth of your tongue. You better be working it, baby, don’t stop now. If he wants to ram it deep, he will…You had best enjoy it…..

Before he gets it too deep, you are thinking, “Ummm…that tastes so delicious…is that me? Ummm. I love the taste of pussy mixed with his musky cock…the juices are so, so decadent. I love to taste this hot flesh that is still hard…Don’t come, baby…I have so much more in mind for this dick….”

It’s now that your wet mouth is sloshing saliva all over that dick to keep it wet and ramming into your ready mouth, and you hear the urgent, nasty, wet noises of his dick going wildly into places that were or were not intended to receive them.

I love the noises of my man’s open mouth kisses on my wet pussy, knowing he tastes all of me, perfumes and body fluids, when he is eating me out and playing with my clit. I love all the nasty, forbidden things he does. He loves every taste, because there is nowhere else he can get that menu item. If you want the taste of my snatch, you have to eat my pussy. I love the sounds of wet cunts and dicks sliding into or over one another, over and over, wet and wetter. Slapping wet noises generated by sex being committed right in front of one another. This is not masturbation, alone in a hotel room. This is fucking, loud, deliberate nasty fucking, right there for each other to see. No secrets here.

(Once, Rod followed me into the bathroom after sex, and while I pissed a good steam into the toilet, he knelt before me, forced his hand between my thighs, and let the piss flow over his hands and reveled in it. He found my piss stream erotic, he said, and told me how hot my piss was, and licked it off his fingers. Why not? He and I had shared all our juices moments before, I had no secrets and if he wanted to feel me piss, I loved it.)

I once had a man propose marriage to me while I was giving him a blowjob on the closed toilet seat, because that was the only private place at the party. Paris, his name was…He came in my mouth while he begged me to marry him.

“God, god…Ohhhh….Ummmmm…..Ahhh…ah….umm…oh.. baby…ahhh……………Kara, baby, please…Please, Marry me, please, Kara, marry me. I love you…I need you…. Be my wife, please.”

These last few words as the last bit of cum was still oozing from his dick onto my tongue…

Meaning, ” ahhh…baby….You give the best blowjob I ever had from anyone. You are the best fucking whore I ever had suck my dick…, Oh, man, you are the best fuck ever…I need it…I need you to fuck me…I want your lips sucking me off forever….”

This said as I am letting his cum drip back onto his cock, and swirling it all over the quickly softening tool…I put my fingers to his lips, and he licked them up….tasting his own cum….

That was a memorable blowjob. He begged me to marry him. I responded by telling him to get up, and I bent him over the toilet seat, and quickly, in control totally, removed his pants, briefs, shoes and socks. He was still in the post cum mode, where he was depleted and pretty worthless to me. I made him keep his nice clean white shirt on. I wanted to soil it for him so he would have a momento. I washed his balls, his ass, and cleaned his asshole with steaming hot water and a thick lather of shave cream all over in the dim light really, really well, and started toying with his ass for the first time ever. He was shocked and totally erect again. He was bucking and thrusting and fucking the air in front of his dick while I diddled his ass. It was a bit tough, since he was bucking like a stallion fucking a mare. I pushed him against the wall to steady my target, and I gave him a slow, deep, wet, probing rim job and finally fucked his asshole with two fingers and some Vaseline form the Medicine chest, and turned him sideways and jerked him off again with the other hand while telling him how much I loved him, too. He nearly collapsed with it all. I then ran more lather into his ass, rinsed him all out with a steaming washcloth, and finished him up with a deep tongue fuck of his hole, and worked his cock with my right hand until he bucked and thrashed himself to another cum shot all over my hand, the wall, and himself.. I used his shirt to wipe myself and the wall clean, even though there were plenty of towels right there. I made him wear his juices for the rest of the party.

It had nothing to do with love. It had to do with what I wanted.. Doing it to others and myself. That’s what I wanted.. Fucking…. I love it. He never proposed marriage to me again, curiously….I guess I was too much for him. He did get to taste pussy juice on several more occasions, however. I would bet he remembers me. Especially when he jerks himself off all alone and wishes he could have me do it again…..

Soooo, anyway, that is the kind of moment Rod was experiencing told me what he really wanted to suck off a man, and really feel a cock fuck his mouth and hold a man’s hips while he fucked him back and forth in the mouth. While he let the cock slide in and out of his fist and into his mouth and ran his tongue all over the unknown taste of a cock and feel the cum build to an explosion into his throat. I was listening…It really made me hotter hearing how he was as nasty and fuck crazy as was I. So I resolved to make his dream come true even if he never really wanted it to. Maybe he just wanted to think about it. I wanted more. I wanted to see my man swallow cum from a stiff cock. Maybe Rod did not know if he really wanted it or not, but I did.

I thought about it for about a half hour, and made the call to my longtime friend Bill. Bill is about 34, fit, and good looking. He is has a tomboy’s slender body, and dark skin. He is firm, but not girly. He is smart, and knows me well. After talking to me previously, he know exactly what the situation was, and he was really looking forward to being the first man to sink his cock into Rod’s wet mouth. He really thought it would be wild and really sexy.

“Hello”, he said when he picked up. I simply told him I figured out what would work for us, and wanted to check with him, to see when we could make the date. It was easy, since Bill found this to be his top priority. He told me he had been thinking about it, and could not keep his hands off of himself for the last few days. I remembered his dick…I had seen it when he left the shower a few times. It was not erect, but it hung down nicely…A pretty thing…I felt it was wasted on men, but now I could get some appreciation of that application. I imagined his hands working his dick until he came, and realized I had had several chances in the past to try it myself, if I had only got past my political correctness and went over the edge and grabbed a gay dick. I never did. Somehow, I think it could have been quite enlightening for both of us. But it never happened back then…Back when we were taking trips together to Hawaiian Resorts, and playing the game of gays and women could share a locker room with impunity.

Bill was wondering what exactly I had in mind. I had told him how Rod was interested in sucking a cock, and eager to experiment with another man in the bedroom. I was not sure how to best make this happen in a surprising way, so Bill offered a few ideas. He talked about perhaps a blindfold, binding Rod’s wrists and disabling him so Bill would have full control, or simply surprising him with a raging hard on appearing before him during his nasty sex with me. We talked about turning the lights out and the music up, so that Bill could sneak up on him. I, of course, imagined fucking him in the ass with a dildo and it being replaced suddenly with a hot raw man cock. That seemed good, but Rod seemed to express a desire to suck it first, so I thought the ass reaming should wait to see if Rod really wanted it. I had a pretty good idea that there would be three asses used as pussys that night, but had to let that play out naturally. Or unnaturally, I guess.

I knew it was impossible to control everything, but I wanted it to be as stimulating as possible, so that my boyfriend would really go completely out of control when Bill presented himself for the taking. That was the way I wanted it. I wanted Rod to lose it with nasty lust and slutty behavior. I would have a great memory of this night. I wanted my man to be offered a dick, and be desperate to gulp down a man’s full, waiting, erection.

So a straightforward approach, rather than ropes or blindfolds seemed the best way for me to enjoy the whole scene. I wanted to see Rod gasp at the appearance of it, and I wanted to see him swallow it whole like a hungry slut. I wanted to see him so eager to lick and suck a real that he lost all pretenses of dignity, and simply submerge himself in the act of fornication with a man. I, really, wanted to be, for a time, cast aside in favor of man-sex. Man on man, watching him slurp up cock and beg for more. Watch him test the feeling of it in him, watch him reach into forbidden anal openings, and have the greatest experiment in sex for himself. I wanted to know if he really would fuck a man like he fucks me. I had little doubt about that point. Rod would just totally let himself go when it came to that. The sounds, the words, the erotic motions he would exhibit with me would certainly show up in a dirty situation like I was planning.

I figured if I got Rod really hot, and kept his dick untouched for a while so that he was really eager, and then Bill entered the room and opened a robe revealing a beautiful stiff one right in front of him, what would transpire would be the fantasy Rod had been contemplating for a month or two. An erect cock for him to reach out and grab. Bill would be ready to work his dick any way Rod liked. So I decided on the details.

I gave Bill the address, and told him to show up outside at ten thirty, and wait for me. I told him which windows were the living room and the bedroom, and that I would be sure the front door was unlocked. It is a great neighborhood, and there is practically always a place to park in front or very near the house. It is also a detached house, so we could grunt and moan as loud as we liked, and did not have to worry about any noises going through the walls to disturb or stimulate neighbors. It is really a nice place to enjoy the bedroom. I told Bill to wear something easy to get out of. He did not have to be coached. He has quite a nice selection of clothing for hotels and so on. I have seen his suitcases full of thongs and robes. I told him to watch the bedroom lights, and when it dimmed, to wait about ten more minutes, toot your car horn once, so I know you are on your way, and then to quietly let yourself in the front door. I would leave music on in the living room, to mask any sounds he might make there, and I would keep Rod busy in the bedroom so he did not want to get up if he heard any sounds. Just shutting the two doors between the living room and us would do it, anyway.

Then Bill was to slowly make his way to the bedroom, listening for fuck sounds, which, I assured him, would be coming from the bed. When you get just outside the door, just wait. I teased him about how he could be sure to be aroused by then. He assured me he would “handle” it. I laughed. “I am sure you will.” I told him that waiting outside the bedroom door would be the best thing. Then, when I had Rod just the way I wanted him, I would start to talk about another man’s dick.

“Listen for it. It may take a while until you hear me talking this way, but I will know you are there…Listen for me to say something like, ‘I know you would really like a cock right now, wouldn’t you, slut?”

“I will have the door ajar a bit, and the hallway lights off. Start to come in then. I will have Bill on his stomach and will be playing with him from behind. I will make enough noise to distract any sounds you may make. You know, I will keep the bed moving and keep his head buried in a pillow while I start to fuck around with his ass. I might have a dong working his ass, or maybe just be oiling him up when I say the word…”

So I thought I had a plan. I knew it might work perfectly, but even if Rod simply saw Bill walk in, with a good stiff erection, I knew his eyes would widen and he would know his time had come. So that was the plan. As it turned out, things went a little differently. But they certainly went ahead. The deflowering of my boyfriend was in progress when I got off the phone with Bill. The next Saturday night would be interesting.

It was Wednesday, and I could not focus on work at all during the day. I work as a radio engineer at a talk radio station, and have to keep on top of the board and be alert. It was a struggle. My mind kept drifting to an imagined scenario. You know how this is. You think about all the things you want to do and feel, and simply thinking about them is somehow distracting and confusing. Anyway, to make it short, Saturday arrived. I called Rod and told him I wanted to have a late dinner, and told him not to eat anything all day. I am sure those of us experienced in such things know why. Rod picked me up at work and took me to a Thai Restaurant, and I focused on the food, trying not to be too distracted by the idea of Bill showing up. During dinner, I went to the ladies room and called Bill to make sure he would be there. He said he would be outside watching for the lights to dim in the bedroom, and he would not be there before ten thirty so he did not have to wait too long. I figured that would be fine, since Rod really liked to start in early when he wanted to fuck. He liked to be home by ten, and in the bedroom before eleven.

I had a light meal, and not much wine. I let Rod have mine, but we only had one bottle of wine, and nothing else to drink. He really behaves himself in public and rarely touches me sexually under the table or walking down the street. This night was no exception. I think he likes to keep his kinky lusts private. I sometimes like to play with him a bit. Reaching under the table and feeling his dick to see which side it is on is a fun one for me. This, of course, only works when we are sitting side by side, which is not too often. I kept my hands to myself this night, I wanted things to go slowly.

We got to the house, and had stopped off and picked up a movie, and some more wine. We settled down, started the movie, Casino Royale, but I was totally uninterested. Obviously, I was distracted. It is interesting how this goes…we both know we will end up fucking, but there is an ever so slight hesitation to start the kissing and tongue play. When that starts, the movie is over, and the wine is in the way. But we both sipped some more very nice Zinfandel, and kept watching the flick. It was about 10 o’clock, and I excused myself to the bathroom. There, I called Bill.

“Still feel like doing this, babe?” I asked him… “I sure do. I just got out of the shower, sweetheart. I am just now putting on my clothes. What time is good?” “Well, at least another hour or more…I think.. Why don’t you take your time, and be outside about 11:30?” “I’ll be outside. I am REALLY up for this, honey, even now…if you get my drift.” “I can imagine.”

Well, totally disregarding Rod watching his movie, I took a shower and got ready to fuck. I was going to say, “make love”, but that is not really the right way to describe it. Love has nothing to do with it. I could say, “make out”, or “screw”, but really, I got ready to fuck. That’s clear, isn’t it? This was going to be interesting.

I always have a silky robe in his bathroom, and put it on. I went into his bedroom, and opened one of the lingerie drawers. Usually, he picks out the things, but tonight, I poked around in the top drawer, and picked out a pair of black stockings with a string of tiny pink bows up the back of each one. These were very nice…I thought. Then I picked out a blue lace thong, and a matching top. There was a separate box of garter belts, and I got a black one. The shoes were in his closet, and I found a new box, with blue patent leather pumps with 5-inch heels. I put on my robe, which was black, over these things, and went back into the living room.

Rod was watching the movie, but as soon as he saw me, turned the sound off.

“Ummmmm, baby. Very nice,” was all he said.

He pulled me next to him on the couch, and began to massage my neck through the satin robe.

“It has begun,” I thought.

Well, it is only a matter of seconds before my juices start to flow when I am dressed like this, and frankly, I was hot just looking at my shoes and stockings as I put them on. They say, in so clear a manner,

“I am ready to fuck, baby, enjoy all of this, and give it to me hard.”

I pretended to want to watch the movie, and asked him to turn the sound up. He did, and continued to rub my neck, but of course his hands began to trace patterns in other places. He sort of watched the movie with me, sipped some wine once or twice, and kept working his hands over my neck, and eventually they were slipping down and near my breasts. As the movie was playing, he pretended like there was nothing going on, watched the movie, and simply began to massage the sides of my breasts and leaned down and started licking my right ear. I love that. I can hear his breath, and feel his wet tongue in a very sensitive opening.

“Stop that! I can’t hear the movie,” I pretended.

“Ummm,” he softly moaned to himself. Of course we know at these times we will not have to stop like a couple of naughty school kids. We both know we don’t have to stop until we are exhausted. It is fun to start, knowing you can do whatever it leads to, and not knowing exactly what will happen. This night, of course, I was controlling the show, and he did not even know. I wanted to really slow it all down, since I was saving the best for much later.

His hands found their way to the front of my breasts, and through the robe and bra, my nipples were treated to the sensation of urgent need. Still we watched the movie. Rod kept teasing my nipples, and he was squeezing them between his thumb and forefinger, harder and harder. It began to hurt so good.

Now it was me… “Ummmmmmm…..Rod…baby, do me a favor.”


“Get me another glass of wine.”

He did not want to take his fingertips away from my cute little nipples, which were feeling so nice to him, I am sure. But he did, and when he got up, he had to arrange his dick in his pants. I said,

“Go put something else on. You look too dressed up for a quiet night at home.”

He brought me my glass, and went to his room. I called to him to take a shower, too. He knew all that implied, and he should. I love the muskiness of a sweaty cock and the scent of him when he is worked up, and can eat it all up. Mixed with his cum, the whole thing is delicious. I always appreciate the clean, hormone-filled sweaty scent of a man. For me to play with his so private, dark little asshole, however, he has to be ready for me. I want him sweet, soft, and lubricated. He has told me that he now uses a finger on himself in the shower when he is going to be with me. He says he will soap up a baby finger and gently put it in. In and out it goes, a few times…He essentially soaps himself up, feels himself up, and then it is squeaky clean. He once said it feels a bit like a pussy. It is not, however, quite slick enough for me to enter after this. He has a good time getting his ass ready, and out of the shower, he will put a dab of cream or oil on the fingertip, and slip it in there to be sure I am invited in for any purpose I may think of. He says doing this is very provocative for him, especially since it took him a while to find that I love it in the ass, and for him to let me know he does too. Past that point, we became free to explore each other there any time we wanted, knowing we each loved it. Every time I have gone into his asshole with finger, tongue, or device, it has always been a bit lubed and scented in a wonderful way. He might need more, but it is wonderfully inviting when he steps from the bath. It is made ready for me this way, and I very much appreciate it.

I heard the shower water running, and I gave Bill a quick call to be sure he knew the address and the way. He did, and was driving over right then. I asked him if there was anything I forgot.

“Be sure he is really clean, I want it to taste good.”

I quickly hung up.

That kind of gave me a reminder of the picture I would be seeing tonight. Up to that point, it was all just kind of a fantasy being discussed. Now I knew I would be seeing things too unpredictable to plan. Things I would, however, always remember. I was really getting hot thinking about it, now.

Rod came into the living room wearing one of his robes. This one was heavy gray flannel. Very thick. I did not know what else he was wearing besides the robe, but I figured it did not much matter.

He sat next to me, and by now the movie was way, way past interesting. We each took our sips of wine, and turned the sound on the TV way down. The lights were all on, and the window shades were up. I never cared about it. I figured if anyone were watching us, they would just be jealous. I kind of liked the idea of the windows being uncovered. Rod began to rub my back, and play with my hair. He then undid my ponytail, and ran his fingers through the blonde strands. I felt his hands move to my sides, and then he slipped them up behind my bra strap. It was only a moment, and he had one hand inside my bra, squeezing my left nipple, and cupping my right breast through the lace, squeezing and pulling it around and around in a circular pattern.




“You look delicious… I want to eat you up right now.”

“Uh huh…”

“Could you do me a favor?”

These ‘favors’ usually meant some new kinky idea he wanted to try out.

“Probably, what?”

“Could you get a few different things from the dresser drawer and change into them one at a time and keep looking right at me as you do?”

“Ummm…I could…I guess…why would you want me to do that?”

“I don’t know, I just thought I would like to see it”

“Will you stay on the couch?”


“Will you promise not to rape me?….you know I hate being attacked.” (NOT)

“I promise. I will be a good boy”

“Will you promise not to touch yourself there while I do it? I don’t want you useless.”

“Ummm…I don’t know. Maybe. Probably. Do you want me to slow down? Or do you want me to maybe have my hands tied up? That would be funny. Yea, do you want me tied up?

Hmmmm. That was it. That’s what he wanted. This could be good…I thought.

“I might have to, if you don’t behave….Ok…let me get some things, and pull down the shades, and why don’t you open another bottle of wine?” “Another bottle? Do we need any more?…I think……”

I cut him off – “I do!”

I was thinking of my friend on his way over. After all, this was going to be a party, too bad Rod did not know it yet…


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